Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Might Get Married After All:

BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE might end up getting married soon after all. --In a new interview with "USA Weekend", Brad says, quote, "The kids ask about marriage. It's meaning more and more to them. So it's something we've got to look at." --Brad and Angelina have previously used the excuse that they're waiting until gay marriage is legal before they make that level of commitment themselves. --Elsewhere in the interview, Brad says that the family is pretty nomadic . . . but he adds, quote, "Angie and I do everything we can to carve out some semblance of normalcy for [the kids], to re-create the kinds of moments that were special for us. --"It's not unusual for the kids to be covered in paint. We have mud fights. It's chaos from morning until the lights go out, and sometimes after that." --But they also take time for themselves . . . quote, "There are no secrets at our house. We tell the kids, 'Mom and Dad are going off to kiss.' They go, 'Eww, gross!' But we demand it."

Marriage and Divorce - #1: Tony Romo:

TONY ROMO and CANDICE CRAWFORD . . . the sister of "Gossip Girl" star CHACE CRAWFORD . . . got married in Dallas on Saturday. --Among the 600 or so guests were past and present Cowboys Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, Dez Bryant and Miles Austin . . . plus team owner Jerry Jones. Candice's brother was there, too, but there's no word on any other celebrities. (--Here's a picture of Tony and Candice at the altar reciting their vows.) (TMZ)

Marriage and Divorce - #2: Niecy Nash:

NIECY NASH . . . from "Reno 911" and "Clean House" . . . got married Saturday in Malibu. Her new husband is an electrical engineer by the name of Jay Tucker. --Niecy's wedding party included actresses Holly Robinson-Peete, Wendy Raquel Robinson, and Sheryl Lee Ralph, who was matron of honor. --Also on hand were Niecy's fellow "Dancing with the Stars" contestants Evan Lysacek and Erin Andrews, plus her "Reno 911" co-stars. (--Here's a picture of Niecy with the "Reno" gang on her wedding day.) (E! Online)

Marriage and Divorce - #3: Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry Are Getting Divorced:

ADRIANNE CURRY put her hooks in CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT . . . a.k.a. Peter Brady . . . the second they met on the set of VH1's "The Surreal Life" in 2004. --Nobody expected it to last, and it didn't. But it lasted a lot longer than anyone predicted. Adrianne and Christopher announced over the weekend that they're separating after five years of marriage. (--And seven years as a couple.) -They made the announcement Sunday, which was their 5th anniversary. Here's a statement from their publicist . . . --"After starting a relationship with what seemed to be irreconcilable differences, the couple has reached a period where those differences are no longer appreciated. --"The decision was mutually reached after it became clear to both that some perspective was needed in order to assess their unique union." --Adrianne is 28 . . . Christopher is 53. (--I think the perception is that Adrianne . . . who became a "celebrity" by winning Season One of "America's Next Top Model" . . . is a little too wild for Christopher.)

Does Alex Rodriguez Want Cameron Diaz to Get Breast Implants?

If CAMERON DIAZ shows up someplace with noticeably bigger cans, THIS is why: "In Touch Weekly" says that ALEX RODRIGUEZ is putting some pressure on Cameron to get implants. --A so-called "source" says, quote, "Alex told Cameron she should consider implants. She's ready to do it now." (--A-Rod allegedly gave KATE HUDSON the same pitch when they dated. People started noticing in April of last year that Kate had suspiciously larger breasts, but she's never confirmed they're fake.) (--Also, she had broken up with A-Rod the previous December. So we don't know if she was still with him when she got them.)

Would You Like to Watch Khloe Kardashian Have Her Ovaries Checked?

Just when you thought the KARDASHIAN sisters couldn't go any further over the line, we get this: --On last night's season finale of "Khloe & Lamar", KHLOE went to the "DOWN THERE" DOCTOR to find out why she's having trouble getting pregnant. --And as usual, the segment was a tad too graphic. (--Check out the video here.)
Helen Mirren Tops a "Hottest Women Over 50" List:

Some British home shopping company held a survey to determine the Hottest Women Over 50. And 65-year-old HELEN MIRREN tops it. --Since it's a U.K. list, there are a few British birds on there you're probably not familiar with. But that doesn't mean Helen Mirren doesn't belong at the top. --For some reason, we could only find the Top Nine. Here they are . . .

#1.) Helen Mirren, 65

#2.) Twiggy, 61 (--She's an old-school British supermodel.)

#3.) Joanna Lumley, 65 (--She's one of the chicks from that British show "Absolutely Fabulous", but she's also a Bond Girl. She was in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", the 1969 film that starred George Lazenby as Bond.)

#4.) Lulu, 62 (--She's a Scottish singer known for the themes to the movie "To Sir with Love" and the Bond flick "The Man with the Golden Gun".)

#5.) Kim Cattrall, 54

#6.) Michelle Pfeiffer, 53

#7.) Emma Thompson, 52

#8.) Sophia Loren, 76

#9.) Judi Dench, 76

Jeff Conaway Died Friday:

"Grease" and "Taxi" star JEFF CONAWAY died Friday, after his family took him off life support the previous day. He was 60 years old. His rep said he was surrounded by his sisters, nieces and nephews. --The cause of death will not be revealed until the results of the toxicology tests come back. --Conaway starred as Danny Zucko in the Broadway production of "Grease" . . . but when it came time to film the 1978 movie version, JOHN TRAVOLTA got the part . . . and Conaway got the role of his best friend, Kenickie. --Later that year, he was cast as Bobby Wheeler in the sitcom "Taxi". But he broke a four-year contract to leave the show in 1981. And that's basically when his career started going downhill. --Conaway had been battling drugs and alcohol for years, and became one of DR. DREW'S "Celebrity Rehab" zombies in recent years. --Last year, he fell down some stairs and broke a hip and an arm, fractured his neck and suffered a brain hemorrhage. --Despite so much talk that Jeff had been hospitalized from a drug overdose, Dr. Drew says that's not what killed him. He claims it was prescription drug use. --He says, quote, "Jeff is another pharmaceutical death from the overutilization of prescription drugs. Please continue to pray for friends and family. They appreciate your support."

Jeff Conaway: The Tributes:

JEFF CONAWAY'S "Grease" co-star, JOHN TRAVOLTA, was among those paying tribute to him after his death Friday.

--Travolta said, quote, "Jeff Conaway was a wonderful and decent man and we will miss him. My heartfelt thoughts are with his family and loved ones at this very difficult time."

--OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN said, quote, "Jeff had a good heart and was so very talented. He was a big part of our family for many years and he will be missed." (--Jeff was married to Olivia's sister Rona from 1980 to 1985.)

--"Taxi" costar MARILU HENNER said, quote, "He was such a sweetheart. I've known him since Nov. 28, 1972! . . . [He was] the nicest person. --"He was such a sweetheart. You know, a character . . . he had this wicked sense of humor but he was so sweet, so sweet, in a way that I think a lot of people don't realize . . . He was just a doll. Oh, we always talked on the holidays and stuff."

--DANNY DEVITO had this to say, quote, "Jeff was a good man. I will always think of him fondly and of our days together with the Taxi family. Finally he's at peace."
--Fellow "Celebrity Rehab" participant DANIEL BALDWIN said, quote, "I'm sad that Jeff is gone. In some ways his death evokes feelings of relief, as it appeared that he had been suffering for a long time. --"My prayers go out to his family and friends, to those who knew him in sobriety especially. Rest in peace Jeff."

Rap Pioneer Gil Scott-Heron Has Died:

GIL SCOTT-HERON . . . one of the true pioneers of rap . . . died Friday. He was 62. There's no word yet on the cause of death . . . but Scott-Heron was HIV-positive and a longtime drug addict. --Scott-Heron wasn't actually a rapper . . . but he's widely credited with starting the movement by setting his poetry to music in the 1970s, as he did with his most famous composition, "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised". (--You can listen to that classic here.) --Tons of rappers and R&B artists paid tribute to Scott-Heron on Twitter. --They include Eminem, Diddy, Usher, Snoop Dogg, Ghostface Killah, Talib Kweli, Q-Tip, Lupe Fiasco, ?uestlove and . . . SARAH SILVERMAN. --CHUCK D from PUBLIC ENEMY summed it up best with this Tweet . . . quote, "RIP GSH . . . and we do what we do and how we do because of you. And to those that don't know tip your hat with a hand over your heart & recognize." (--You can read what everybody else had to say here.)

Sean Kingston Is in Critical But Stable Condition After a Jet Ski Accident:

Singer SEAN KINGSTON was severely injured in a jet ski accident Sunday in Miami Beach. --As of last night, he remained in CRITICAL CONDITION, although he's now stable . . . and was moved from the trauma center to the intensive care unit, which is a good sign. --A female who was riding with him was also hospitalized. There's no word on her condition. --Officials say Kingston crashed his jet ski into a bridge. Police do NOT believe alcohol was involved. Kingston and his passenger were rescued by some people who were on a boat nearby. --One of the men said Kingston was convulsing and throwing up blood, but he was conscious. (--You can watch video of one of the guys explaining the situation here.) --Kingston . . . who's 21 . . . is best known for his hit "Beautiful Girls". But he also collaborated with JUSTIN BIEBER on "Eenie Meenie". --Bieber Tweeted, quote, "Got my friend @seankingston in my prayers tonight. A true friend and big bro. Please keep him in your prayers tonight as well."

Lindsay Lohan is Hanging Out on Her Roof:

One of the conditions of LINDSAY LOHAN'S house arrest is that she's not supposed to leave her house. But she has found a way of doing so without setting off her electronic ankle bracelet: --She hangs out ON THE ROOF. She allowed herself to be photographed up there reading a script and smoking a brand of electronic cigarette she's apparently pimping now. --TMZ also posted some pics of Lindsay on the roof showing off the ankle bracelet. (--You can see the photos here.) (The source links are here and here.)

Amy Winehouse Is Back In Rehab:

AMY WINEHOUSE checked back into rehab last week for a little refresher. --Her rep says, quote, "She wants to be ready for performances in Europe this summer and decided to seek an assessment. She will remain [in rehab] on doctors' advice." --A source says her dad convinced her to go because she'd started drinking too much again. (--Amy reportedly downed a miniature bottle of Smirnoff vodka on her way to the clinic.)

Jane Seymour Has Apologized for Attacking Arnold Schwarzenegger:

When the ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER scandal broke, JANE SEYMOUR attacked him pretty hard. --She said she wasn't even remotely surprised about it, then added, quote, "From what I gather, I think there will be lots of information coming people's way. --"I heard about two more [children] somebody else knows about. I even met someone who knows him well." --On "The View" Friday, Jane backtracked BIG TIME. She said, quote, "I am so beyond sorry and appalled that I found myself even talking on the subject at all. --"You have to understand I didn't go out of my way to have this conversation. It was the premiere of my movie which had a very similar theme and that's why they asked me about it." --She added, quote, "I do not know anything about any love children. Anything I said was stupidly listening to some stuff in the media that day, I don't even know where I heard it. --"And I didn't know anything about anything. And unfortunately the way it all got put together, it is beyond embarrassing." (--Here's video.)
The "Hangover" Sequel Made $137 Million In Its First Five Days of Release . . . And Contributed to the Best Memorial Day Weekend Box Office of All Time:

"The Hangover Part 2" owned the Memorial Day weekend box office, pulling in $137 million in its first five days of release. It's the best opening ever for an R-rated movie. The weekend's other major debut, "Kung Fu Panda 2", made $68 million in that time. --Overall, it was the best Memorial Day weekend box office of all time. Added up, Americans spent $280 million at the box office this weekend . . . beating the 2007 Friday-through-Monday record of $255 million.

--Here are this week's Top 5 movies . . .

1.) (NEW) "The Hangover Part 2", $106 million. Up to $137 million since Thursday.

2.) (NEW) "Kung Fu Panda 2", $62.2 million. Up to $68 million since Thursday.

3.) "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides", $50.4 million. Up to $164 million in its 2nd week.

4.) "Bridesmaids", $21 million. Up to $89.6 million in its 3rd week.

5.) "Thor", $12 million. Up to $162 million in its 4th week.

Orlando Bloom Will Be in the "Hobbit" Movies . . . Which Now Have Names and Release Dates:

ORLANDO BLOOM has joined the cast of the "Hobbit" movies . . . which might upset some hardcore J.R.R. TOLKIEN fans, because his "Lord of the Rings" character Legolas isn't in the book version at all. --Other returnees include Cate Blanchett, Elijah Wood, Ian McKellan, Christopher Lee, Hugo Weaving, Ian Holm and Andy Serkis as Gollum. --Meanwhile, the two films now have names and release dates. -The first one is called "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" . . . and it comes out December 14th, 2012. --"The Hobbit: There and Back Again" follows on December 13th, 2013.


There's Been Some Drama Between Lee DeWyze and "American Idol" Producer Nigel Lythgoe Regarding the "Idol" Finale:

There's been some drama online between LEE DEWYZE . . . who won "American Idol" last year . . . and "Idol" executive producer NIGEL LYTHGOE regarding Lee's participation in the finale. --It boils down to this: There's been an unofficial tradition on "Idol" in which the finale includes a performance by the winner of the previous season. Lee was NOT asked to perform . . . and he wasn't thrilled about that. --Lee attended the finale and was invited to be onstage when the winner was announced . . . but he declined. And Nigel was disappointed about that. --Here's the blow-by-blow: --Nigel Tweeted, quote, "I was so upset Lee DeWyze wouldn't present the winners trophy to Scotty [MCCREERY], especially as he'd been on the show this season. I guess he was shy." (--Lee performed "Beautiful Like You" earlier this season.) --Lee says he was slammed with comments on Twitter about why he wasn't onstage, so he decided to clear the air. Here's his version of the story: --Quote, "For the record, I was not asked to be involved in the finale. It wasn't until about two minutes before they announced that Nigel had approached me and asked if he could 'borrow' me for a second. --"I didn't feel a last second jump on stage was appropriate. It was Scotty's moment. I'm not angry, or bitter. It was an amazing finale, and I would have loved to be a part of it. I just wasn't asked." --After this "controversy" heated up online, Nigel Tweeted, quote, "I don't wish to continue the Lee Dewyze story. True, he wasn't asked to sing but Lee knows he was asked to present the trophy a week before." --It's unclear if Lee disputes that timetable. In an interview with the "Hollywood Reporter", he said, quote, "A last-second scramble . . . whether it was a week, a minute or a month . . . seemed inappropriate and kind of ridiculous. --"I didn't want them to throw me a bone because I didn't perform, but besides that, in my mind, there was no reason for a past contestant to be onstage as the new Idol is crowned. It's not the passing of the torch. I just didn't feel it was appropriate." --Lee added that he doesn't hold any grudges, but he did have this to say about Nigel: Quote, "Clearly he's a very vocal person, and I can respect that part, but other than that, I can't say there's anything that's made me want to go have a drink with the guy. --"But who knows? Maybe I'll run into him sometime and it will be a handshake and a hello. But I'm over it. It's not a big deal to me. I'm not offended I wasn't asked [to perform], but all I can do is accept it and move on." (--As a side note, Nigel was NOT working on "Idol" last season . . . so they only know each other from their brief interactions this season.)
Snooki Was Taken Into Custody After Crashing Into a Cop Car in Italy:

SNOOKI ran into a problem with the cops in Florence, Italy, yesterday . . . literally . . . when she got into a car accident with a police car. --TMZ says that Snooki rammed her car into the back of the cop car, with DEENA riding shotgun. A member of the "Jersey Shore" production crew was also in the car. --Fortunately, the accident wasn't serious, but the two officers that were in the police car went to the hospital with minor injuries like "whiplash, bruises and cuts." Snooki and Deena refused medical treatment. No one else was hurt. --Interestingly enough, it wasn't a coincidence that there was a police car in front of them. "People" magazine says the cruiser was an ESCORT that had been provided for their safety. --Contrary to misleading reports online, Snooki was NOT arrested or "taken into custody." She just went to the police station to fill out an accident report. --"Sources" say, quote, "zero alcohol was involved." (--As hard as it is to believe, Snooki does experience moments of sobriety when the cameras aren't rolling. By the way, it's unclear if MTV was filming at the time of the accident.) (--Here are some pictures.)

Tuesday TV Reminders: (--Check your local listings.)

--"The NBA Finals" [Game 1] . . . 9:00 to 11:30 P.M. Eastern on ABC. (--The Miami Heat host the Dallas Mavericks for the first game of the NBA championship.)

--"Jimmy Kimmel Game Night" . . . 8:00 to 8:30 P.M. on ABC. (--It airs before the finals on the east coast . . . and after the game on the west coast.)

--"America's Got Talent" [6th Season Premiere] . . . 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. on NBC.

--"20/20" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on ABC. (--Reality TV in America is examined.)

--"Traffic Light" [1st Season Finale] . . . 9:30 to 10:00 P.M. on Fox.

--"The Voice" [Battle Round 4 of 4] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on NBC (--Reba, Sia, Monica, and producer Adam Blackstone return to advise the coaches.)

--"Deception with Keith Barry" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on Discovery Channel. (--A reality series starring Irish mentalist Keith Barry as he examines the world of spies and the art of deception.)

--"The Little Couple" [4th Season Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. on TLC.

--"Love Handles" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on Lifetime. (--A reality show about overweight couples, from the creator of "Jersey Shore".)

--"Million Dollar Decorators" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on Bravo. (--A reality show about five Los Angeles-based interior designers.)


--"Drive Angry" - Nicolas Cage escapes from Hell to go after the cult that killed his daughter and kidnapped her baby. Sexy lesbian Amber Heard is the waitress who teams up with him to kick some ass. (--Without even seeing it yet, I'd say it belongs in the upper right quadrant of the Nicolas Cage Matrix. It's also in 3D, if that matters to you.)

--"Biutiful" - Javier Bardem plays a guy with cancer, dealing with the guilt of putting himself at risk in the underworld of Barcelona while raising his kids as a single father. He was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar, but he lost to the guy from "King's Speech". --"Passion Play" - Mickey Rourke plays a small time jazz musician trying to help Megan Fox get away from a gangster, who's played by Bill Murray.

TV Series On DVD:

--"True Blood: The Complete Third Season" . . . a five-disc DVD set.
--"SGU: Stargate Universe - Complete Final Season" . . . a five-disc set. It ran for two seasons and leaves the door open for a third season if it's ever renewed.
--"Psych: The Complete Fifth Season" . . . a four-disc DVD set.
--"Rookie Blue: The Complete First Season" . . . a four-disc DVD set.


"Hunted: The Demon Forge" is Today's Only Major Console Release:

--"Hunted: The Demon's Forge" (M) . . . on Xbox360, PS3, and PC. A hack and slash adventure game that lets you fight as one of two mercenaries on a quest into a monster-infested underworld to discover where the townsfolk have disappeared. You can play with an online friend or do your co-op locally on a split screen. Check out the creatures you'll be fighting at the online beastiary. Crucible mode allows you to create your own dungeons that you can share online with other players. You can tweak everything from the number and strength of monsters you fight to what kind of weapon your character can use. (Trailer)

--"BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II" (T) . . . on 3DS and PSP. This handheld 2D fighting game features 18 fighters and an individual story for each character. You can fight other players locally via the ad hoc networks on the 3DS and the PSP or take the fight to anybody who crosses your path online. (Trailer)

ESRB Game Ratings: (E) for Everyone; (T) for Teen; (M) for Mature (18+)


--"Codes And Keys", Death Cab For Cutie (--NPR is streaming the album, here.)

--"Director's Cut", Kate Bush (--It includes the single "Deeper Understanding".)

--"Unfinished", Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block (--It includes the single "Let's Go Higher", which you can listen to on his MySpace page, here.)

--"Circuital", My Morning Jacket (--Check it out at their MySpace page, here.)

--"Ukulele Songs", Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder (--This is his first solo album . . . unless you count his "Into the Wild" soundtrack.)

Update: Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" May Have Hit 1 Million in Sales:

Billboard.com estimates that LADY GAGA'S "Born This Way" sold "at least a million" copies in its first week. That's up from last week, when it was projected to move between 800,000 and 850,000 copies. --The sales week actually ended on Sunday, but the official sales number won't be announced until tomorrow. --Only two albums in the past three years have sold one million copies in one week. The other two were TAYLOR SWIFT'S "Speak Now", which did it in October of last year . . . and LIL WAYNE'S "Tha Carter 3", which did it in June of 2008. --If Lady Gaga does it, she has Amazon.com to thank. Amazon made "Born This Way" available as a 99-cent download twice last week, on Monday and Thursday. --Word has it that Amazon sold 330,000 album downloads on Monday, and another 150,000 copies on Thursday. That's almost half-a-million copies right there.

Lady Gaga Has Received a Marriage Proposal on Twitter from . . . Jose Canseco:

JOSE CANSECO was hanging out on Twitter on Friday . . . talking about how he wanted to find his next wife, and how he wished it could be LADY GAGA. (???)

--Here are a few of his Tweets:

--"I need a partner and companion."

--"Where is wonder woman?"

--"I am at Buffalo Wild Wings, still looking for the next Miss X Canseco."

--"If u can't have the one u love, love the one ur with."

--"If I had a child with Lady Gaga, what would he or she be called?"

--"I wish Lady Gaga would marry me. :D"

--"I want to get married and settle down, any crazy takers . . . u must be Christian."

--"Converting Canseco, what a show. Can any woman convert the most infamous athlete ever? Or will I take u on a hell ride? Can you tame a 6'4" 250-pound beast?"

--"I am looking for an exorcism from a Christian girl, can u handle it? Come into the dark side, I will be waiting for u."

--"I'm in Yuma, Arizona . . . Lady Gaga, come to Yuma, Arizona."

--Obviously, there's a decent chance Jose was knockin' a few back at Buffalo Wild Wings before and / or while Tweeting.

--Jose's infatuation with Lady Gaga has been an ongoing feature on his Twitter feed. Last week, he Tweeted, quote, "I love Lady Gaga. Wish I could meet her. [I'd] marry her in a second. Lady Gaga is the truth, get use to it. (--Yeah, that's USE.) --"Her song 'Judas' is what we fight with everyday since we are born evil . . . I am her night in baseball armor . . . she is the queen." (--And here's video of Jose talking about Gaga in some interview. Skip ahead to the 35-second mark.) --Jose has been married twice. His first marriage only lasted two years and ended in a domestic violence accusation. He met his second wife when she was working as a Hooters waitress. That lasted three years. They divorced in 1999.) --Jose briefly dated MADONNA back in the day. This happened in 1992 . . . between his two marriages. So if Lady Gaga DID decide to shack up with Jose, she'd once again be copying something Madonna did 20 years ago.)

Lady Gaga Was Late to Her Performance on "GMA" Friday . . . Because Her Zip-Line Malfunctioned:

LADY GAGA performed on "Good Morning America" Friday . . . but she was late because of a ZIP-LINE MALFUNCTION. She finally flew onto the stage two minutes into her performance of "Bad Romance". (--Here's video.) (--"Good Morning America" has more videos from the concert, here.)

Moby Doesn't Think Today's Pop Music Should Be Called "Music":

Say what you want about MOBY, but he has a pretty GREAT take on today's pop music . . . in that, well, he doesn't think it should be considered "music" at all. --He doesn't call out any pop artists in particular . . . but the article, from Spinner.com, says that he was talking about artists like Kesha, Rihanna, Britney Spears and the Black Eyed Peas. --Moby says, quote, "It's fun, but I don't think of it as music. It's manufactured. I appreciate it as pop culture phenomenon and some of the songs I like if I hear them in a shopping mall or something, but it doesn't function as music for me." --Now, Moby isn't really criticizing the electronic, computerized, club-friendly style of today's pop . . . because as an "electronic musician" that's also what HE does . . . he's commenting more on the SOULLESSNESS of it. --He explains, quote, "Music is something that communicates emotion and integrity in a really interesting, direct way. And when I listen to [that kind of] pop music, it's hyper-produced corporate product. --"That isn't really even a criticism, but I just think calling it music is a misnomer. It's advertising for ringtones." (--Exactly. Today's pop "music" feels like it's just an exercise in going through the motions . . . from when it's written to when it's performed onstage.) (--What do you think? Does today's pop seem more emotionally detached than it was two or three decades ago?)

Showbiz Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

Is ANDERSON COOPER'S mom, fashion designer GLORIA VANDERBILT, pushing her son to marry his boyfriend and give her a grandchild? (Full Story)

Earlier this month, ZSA ZSA GABOR was hospitalized after a feeding tube was dislodged from her stomach. Her husband's frantic 911 call hit the web over the weekend. (Audio)

Indy 500 winner DAN WHELDON was sponsored by JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE'S clothing line, William Rast. (Full Story)

The X-Rated website YouPorn.com has offered $4.5 million for CHARLIE SHEEN'S mansion . . . and they're willing to pay CASH. Charlie is asking $7.2 million for it. (Full Story)

JENNIFER LOPEZ'S first ex-husband OJANI NOA has apparently found a way to release that old footage of her that she's been trying to block. (Full Story)

Americans appear to be getting tired of 3D movies . . . but people in other countries aren't. (Full Story)

"Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" . . . the upcoming horror flick starring KATIE HOLMES . . . opens August 26th, and it looks pretty scary. (Trailer) It's actually a remake of a 1973 TV-movie of the same name starring KIM DARBY. (Trailer)

T.I. is doing good deeds from prison. He sponsored a bus trip that allowed family members of his fellow inmates to visit the prison. He said, quote, "There are a lot of good dudes in here that haven't been able to see their loved ones in years. Their families can't afford the trip so I wanted to help out." (Full Story)

ROGER WATERS says he has "no wish" to reunite PINK FLOYD. (Full Story)

RIHANNA performed on the "Today" show Friday. As she walked alongside the crowd, a fan GRABBED HER by the waist. Rihanna freed herself, and continued with the performance. (--Here's video. It happens at the 1:19 mark.)


Is a New Oil Drilling Technique the Key to Breaking Our Dependence On Foreign Oil . . . And Saving the Economy?

There's an interesting development going on in the oil industry . . . you know, besides the gold-plated private jets and Caribbean islands their executives are buying because we sheeple are so willing to pay high gas prices. --Over the past year or so, oil companies have developed a technique that lets them extract oil out of tightly-packed underground rocks. Until now, the technology wasn't ready to safely and efficiently extract it. --And there are PLENTY of fields of these rocks in the U.S. They're everywhere. In Texas, where companies are drilling them near the border, money is POURING into the area and oil production is already starting to skyrocket. --Some oil experts say that it could be one of the biggest developments in our lifetimes . . . it could pave the way to breaking our dependence on foreign oil AND save the economy. --BUT . . . there's a serious cost. The technique can BADLY pollute the local water supply and make it unsafe to drink. --It also requires a ton of water to perform the technique. So in areas that suffer from droughts there's a double problem . . . water being used to extract oil AND, in the process, local water becoming unsafe. --But the oil industry says that the benefits truly outweigh the costs . . . they believe it'll create TWO MILLION JOBS and bring billions of dollars to states all around the country. (New York Times)

The Average Man Spends Over $40,000 On a Woman From the Time He Meets Her Until They Get Married:

Here's an argument for jumping RIGHT into marriage. It could save you a FORTUNE. According to a new study out of England, a man spends an average of over $40,000 on a woman from the time he meets her until they get married. --The study found that it takes about three years and 10 months from a first meeting until a wedding. And during that time, the guy is just spending and spending and spending. --Every month, the average man in a relationship spends $338 on dinners and nights out, and $155 on other meals. Every year, he also spends $861 on flowers, chocolates, and other gifts, and $1,250 on vacations. --The study also found that more than 50% of married men say they spend less on their women now that they're married. And 18% wish they'd proposed earlier to start saving money. (Daily Mirror)

The Average Man Packs Three Pairs of Underwear For a Week-Long Trip . . . The Average Woman Packs 10:

It's not exactly groundbreaking to say that women over-pack for vacations and men under-pack. But at least now there are a few statistics to back it up. --According to a new survey by the British travel agency Sunshine, the average man packs three pairs of underwear for a seven-day trip. The average woman packs TEN pairs. --The survey also found that the average man says he wears 98% of the stuff he packs . . . and based on some simple math with his underwear supply, he must re-wear a few things too. The average woman wears 61% of what she packs. --And 7% of men say they usually buy clothes on vacation, versus 47% of women. (Joe.ie)

38% of Men Say That On a Road Trip, They Need Just as Many Bathroom Breaks as Women:

On a long car ride, women need to make more bathroom stops than men. It's a known fact. But according to a new survey, the genders aren't THAT far apart. --In the survey, 38% of men said that on a road trip, they need to make just as many bathroom stops as women. --The survey also found that 15% of men admit that there are women who are better drivers than they are, and men were twice as likely to admit they've used their knees to steer a car when their hands were full. (Newport News Daily Press)

A Man at a Memorial Day Party Is Injured In . . . a Snowmobile Crash?

This is ABOUT as unlikely of a Memorial Day accident as you can have. In Haverhill, Massachusetts on Sunday, a guy was injured at a Memorial Day party . . . in a SNOWMOBILE ACCIDENT. --And no, it wasn't snowing. 26-year-old Brandon Doyle had modified his snowmobile for the summer, by replacing the skis with wheels. And at the party on Sunday, he was showing it off. --But as he rode it down the street he lost control and it flipped over. He was taken to the hospital with unspecified but serious injuries . . . and police are trying to determine if he was drunk at the time of the accident. --After the crash his friends apparently tried to hide the snowmobile from the cops by putting it into a van . . . and left Brandon bleeding on the street. (ABC 5 - Boston) (--Here's a news video where you can see the modified snowmobile.)

Are We Putting Kids At Risk By Making Playground Equipment Too Safe?

Playgrounds today are a lot safer than when we were kids: We slid down rusty slides into piles of fiberglass and asbestos, and dammit, we liked it. Now they're all plastic, and there's no rusty metal or splintering wood. --Here's an interesting theory from an early childhood specialist in Melbourne, Australia named Prue Walsh. She thinks that by making playground equipment SO safe . . . it's actually MORE dangerous for kids in the long run. --According to Walsh, more kids ages two through seven are getting hurt in modern playgrounds than older ones. --And it's because the equipment is so safe, kids aren't learning how to calculate risks. In the long run, that's leading them to do dumber things . . . because they haven't learned their lessons from the smaller accidents. --Quote, "Children need to actively explore and discover the world around them, and to do that they need to learn to take calculated risks. I worry about children who don't run up slippery slides." --But, she says today's climate is probably going to make that impossible. Quote, "Parents are scared of their precious children getting injured and teachers are scared of getting sued." (News.com.au)


A Man Threatens To Blow Up a Local TV Station If They Keep Showing "Two and a Half Men" Reruns:

It's virtually impossible to watch the old reruns of "Two and a Half Men" without the CHARLIE SHEEN meltdown completely tainting them. Some people react to that by changing the channel. Other people react like this. --Last week, Freddy Caldwell of the Bronx, New York was arrested for making several calls to WPIX, the local CW affiliate that airs syndicated "Two and a Half Men" episodes . . . threatening to BLOW UP THE STATION unless they stopped airing them. --Cops traced the calls to Freddy's home. He was arrested with falsely reporting an incident and aggravated harassment. (New York Post)

Police in Florida Bust a Couple Having Relations On a 30-Foot Diving Board In a Public Park:

This is a whole different kind of unsafe sex than we're all used to. Last week, police in Gainesville, Florida busted a 24-year-old man and 21-year-old woman who had broken into a public park and were having sex . . . on a 30-FOOT-HIGH DIVING BOARD. --The police said it's not illegal to have relations in a public place . . . even a risky one like that . . . but the couple was busted for trespassing and for public exhibition of sex organs. --They also say the diving board was thoroughly bleached before the pool was opened the next day. (Gainesville Sun)

A Woman Is Arrested For Aggravated Buttering:

I'm not sure if I'm comfortable living in a society where getting some butter on your roommate's leg gets you thrown in jail. And that's exactly what it's come to. --Last week, 49-year-old Dawn Elizabeth Rhash of Collier County, Florida was drunk on vodka and got into an argument with her male roommate. Things escalated, and she ended up throwing a STICK OF BUTTER at him. --It hit him in the leg. When the police arrived, their report says they noticed the roommate, quote, "did have butter on his ankle." --So Dawn was arrested for misdemeanor battery . . . basically for aggravated buttering. She denies that she threw the butter. (Huffington Post) (--Here's her mugshot.)

A Drunk Driver Crashes Into a Family's House, Sends Their Two Young Children Flying . . . Then Asks For $1,000 to Help Search For the Kids:

This woman is a rare mix of stupid, selfish, reckless, AND greedy. None of which should serve her well when she's locked up. --Around 2:00 A.M. on Saturday, 32-year-old Crystal Leija was driving home drunk . . . and CRASHED her 1998 Honda Accord through the WALL of a family's home in Port Richey, Florida. --She went through their front wall, smashed through their living room, then the dining room, and finally into a bedroom that was shared by a 10-year-old boy and his four-year-old brother. And both of their beds went FLYING out of the house. --As their father, 30-year-old John Rauchbauer, ran downstairs to try to figure out what was going on, Leija got out of the car and told him she'd help find his kids . . . if he gave her $1,000. Seriously. --John told her to, quote, "Get back in the [effing] car." --He found his sons in the backyard under some debris . . . and amazingly, they were alright. In fact, other than some bleeding and minor injuries, no one in the house was hurt too badly. --Leija was arrested and charged with a DUI causing serious bodily injury, DUI causing personal injury, DUI causing damage to property or person, and leaving the scene. She had minor injuries. --But the Rauchbauer house is pretty much wrecked . . . the family is in a hotel while they wait for insurance to hopefully work things out. (St. Petersburg Times) (--Here's a photo of the house, smashed from front to back.)

RANDOM News Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

Moscow has passed New York as the city with the most billionaires: They have 79, which is up by 21 over last year. New York has 59, and London has 41. The rest of the top ten goes Hong Kong, Istanbul, Mumbai, Sao Paolo, Taipei, Los Angeles, and Beijing. (Full Story)

According to a new study . . . having lots of choices makes people act more selfishly? (Full Story)

Was it really worth it? A guy in Delaware shoplifted lotion and hand soap from a dollar store . . . took off running . . . and was hit and killed by a car. (Full Story)

We've all wondered whether it's possible: An ATM repairman in San Francisco was caught stealing $200,000 . . . by switching cash with photocopied bills. (Full Story)

Marlboro has created a new "Bum a Smoke" app. It lets you ask other smokers for virtual cigarettes by bumping phones. Then you can redeem your virtual cigs for real ones. (Full Story)


#1.) 5,000 People in Grand Rapids, Michigan Created the Longest, Most-Elaborate Lip Sync Video Ever Made:

In January, a website called MainStreet.com named Grand Rapids, Michigan one of the top ten "dying cities" in America. And in response, 5,000 residents helped make the longest, most elaborate lip sync video ever made. --It's done to a live version of the DON MCLEAN song "American Pie", and features fire trucks, a marching band, a wedding, a bridge with flames shooting off of it, and a helicopter ride. Most of the downtown area had to be blocked off so they could film it. (--Search for "The Grand Rapids LipDub." The pyrotechnics go off at 6:24, and the helicopter lifts off at 8:23.)

#2.) Check Out the First Ever BMX Triple Backflip Caught on Camera:

At a BMX event in New Zealand on Saturday, a guy named Jed Mildon pulled off the first triple backflip ever caught on camera. The YouTube video shows it from his helmet cam, then three different angles. (--Search for "World First BMX Triple Backflip.")

#3.) There's a Herpes Outbreak in American Horses . . . So the Organizers of a Kids Rodeo in Utah Had the Contestants Use Hobby Horses:

There's an outbreak of equine herpes going around the U.S. right now. People can't get it, but it can be deadly for horses. --And instead of cancelling a children's rodeo event in Utah last Thursday, the organizers came up with the worst idea ever: They had the girls compete by riding HOBBY horses instead. --A local news station did a lame report on it that showed the girls trotting around the arena on sticks, and explaining that it's a lot harder than riding a real horse. (--Search KSL.com for "Rodeo Queens Ride Stick Horses." They start riding at :36.)

#4.) Jay-Z Posted Cell Phone Footage Online of Beyoncé Warming Up Backstage at "American Idol" . . . And She Sounds Perfect:

Here's proof that Auto-Tune is just for hacks: JAY-Z posted cell phone footage online of BEYONCÉ warming up backstage before she performed "One Plus One" on the "American Idol" finale. And she sounds PERFECT. (--Search Complex.com for "Jay-Z Tapes Beyoncé's Rehearsal for American Idol.")
Five Surprising Things That Cause Heartburn:

If you had horrible heartburn yesterday, chances are it had something to do with all those hot dogs and hamburgers you ate at your Memorial Day barbecue. But a few other things that cause heartburn might surprise you. Here are five of them.

#1.) Smoking. It reduces saliva, weakens the valve between your stomach and your esophagus, and causes bile salts to migrate up from your small intestine. And all three of those things cause heartburn.

#2.) Pills. Ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory drugs can trigger heartburn if you use them too often. And so can some prescription drugs, including antibiotics, high blood pressure meds, osteoporosis drugs, sedatives, and asthma medications.

#3.) Fish Oil Supplements. A lot of doctors suggest them as a natural way to fight heart disease and depression. But the oil can also cause heartburn in some people.

#4.) Being Overweight. Researchers aren't sure why, but according to a study done in 2003, acid reflux symptoms increase when your body-mass goes up. Especially for young women.

#5.) Genetics. Studies have shown that 30 to 45% of your risk for having chronic heartburn comes from your parents. Sadly, you can't do anything about that. --But you CAN quit smoking, stop taking so many painkillers, and try to lose a few pounds. (Health.com)


2011 Hurricane Season

The north Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1st and lasts through November 30th. The U.S. Census Bureau has released some facts about hurricanes and how they’ve affected us:

36.8 million: As of April 1, 2010, the most threatened by Atlantic hurricanes include the coastal portion of states stretching from North Carolina to Texas. Approximately 12% of the nation’s population lives in these areas.

12: The number of hurricanes during the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season, five of which were major hurricanes, at Category 3 strength or higher. None of these storms made landfall in the U.S., though Alex made landfall just south of Texas in Mexico and Earl brushed the East Coast.

1950: The year the Weather Bureau officially began naming hurricanes.

Arlene: The name of the first Atlantic storm of 2011. Hurricane names rotate in a six-year cycle with the 2011 list being a repeat of the 2005 names. The World Meteorological Organization retired the names of four major hurricanes that made landfall in the United States during 2005: Dennis, Katrina, Rita and Wilma. Stan, a Category 1 storm, was also retired after causing extensive loss of life in Central America. They have been replaced by Cindy, Franklin, Irene, Katia and Sean.

2005: In one of the busiest Atlantic hurricane seasons on record, 28 named storms formed, forcing use of the alternate Greek alphabet for the first time. When the National Hurricane Center’s list of 21 approved names runs out for the year, hurricanes are named after Greek letters. Of the 28 named storms in 2005, 15 were hurricanes, with four storms reaching Category 5 status (Dennis, Katrina, Rita and Wilma) and three more being considered major.

Top Three States for Hurricane Impacts 1851 – 2010:

State Hurricanes Major Hurricanes
Florida 113 37
Texas 63 19
Louisiana 55 20


2011 Hurricane Names

With the 2011 hurricane season beginning tomorrow, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released its prediction of the season. NOAA said the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season will be an above normal season with about 12-18 named storms. There is a pre-approved list of tropical storm and hurricane names for every year. These lists have been generated by the National Hurricane Center since 1953. At first, the lists consisted of only female names; however, since 1979, the lists alternate between male and female. Hurricanes are named alphabetically from the list in chronological order. The first tropical storm or hurricane of the year has a name that begins with “A” and the second is given the name that begins with “B.” The lists contain hurricane names that begin from A to W, but exclude names that begin with a “Q” or “U.” There are six lists that continue to rotate. The lists only change when there is a hurricane that is so devastating, the name is retired. Here is a look at the list of names that will be used in 2011’s hurricane season:

Arlene Harvey Ophelia
Bret Irene Philippe
Cindy Jose Rina
Don Katia Sean
Emily Lee Tammy
Franklin Maria Vince
Gert Nate Whitney

The 10 Deadliest Hurricanes for the U.S. (From NOAA):

Rank/Name Year Category Deaths
1. Great Galveston Hurricane (TX) 1900 4 8000
2. FL (Lake Okeechobee) 1928 4 2500
3. Katrina (LA/MS/FL/GA/AL) 2005 3 1833
4. Cheniere Caminanda (LA) 1893 4 1100-1400
5. Sea Islands (SC/GA) 1893 3 1000-2000
6. GA/SC 1881 2 700
7. Great Labor Day Hurricane (FL Keys) 1935 5 408
7. Last Island (LA) 1856 4 400
9. Audrey (SW LA/N TX) 1957 4 390
10. LA (Grand Isle) 1909 4 350


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