Wednesday, June 17, 2009



If you're thinking of running off to Vegas this weekend for a spur-of-the-moment wedding . . . you should probably reconsider.

A lot of couples elope because of difficult family relationships, pregnancy, or because they just think weddings are meaningless.

And, while it's true that most people don't have money for a big wedding right now, here are five reasons why you SHOULDN'T elope . . .

#1.) PLANNING A WEDDING IS GOOD PRACTICE. It helps a couple learn how to make big decisions together, handle arguments, and decide how much pull your parents will have in your life. All of those things will come up again and again during marriage.

#2.) YOU DESERVE TO BE THE STAR FOR A DAY. For some people, being the center of attention is a scary idea. But everyone deserves to receive the star treatment a few times in their life. And a wedding is the perfect time to play the "princess card".

#3.) IT'S GOOD FOR YOUR MARRIAGE. Some people get so hung up on the wedding, they forget that the MARRIAGE is what's really important. Agreeing to marry someone is a life-changing event. And you should treat it that way.

#4.) YOUR WEDDING DAY IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU. Marriage might be between two PEOPLE, but it's also about the joining of two FAMILIES. Your family and friends have been there for you on your bad days, and they'll want to CELEBRATE the good ones.

#5.) IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BREAK THE BANK. SOME weddings are expensive, but others are very modest. Whether you have your wedding at the Ritz or in someone's backyard, it can still be a beautiful, special day. And it will be much more meaningful than hitting up a drive-thru chapel or taking a trip to the courthouse. (I know a great DJ/ Event planner who won't break the bank!!- Wink Wink) (


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