Tuesday, October 27, 2009



We can explain a lot of weird stuff with the help of science . . . but not everything.

Here are six things your body does that science STILL can't explain . . .
#1.) YAWNING. It's baffling to scientists for two reasons. One, it doesn't seem to serve any
purpose. Two, it's amazingly contagious. And not just with humans. Try yawning while you stare at your dog or your cat. I'm serious. It works.

In fact, it's SO contagious, that even just reading or hearing the word yawn . . . might make you actually yawn.

#2.) ADOLESCENCE. A lot of teenage boys are greasy, clumsy, and awkward. Basically, adolescence stinks. But did you realize we're the only members of the animal kingdom who go through it?

Some scientists think it's so we'll develop traits to attract women, like a sense of humor. But others say it doesn't really make sense from an evolutionary standpoint. Because guys who DON'T go through an awkward phase aren't really at a disadvantage.

#3.) THE PLACEBO EFFECT. That's when medicine works even though you're not taking real medicine. It's obvious why SOME placebos work. Like, if your doctor gives you a sugar pill and says it'll help your stomach: You stop worrying, and your stomach calms down.

But the placebo effect goes WAY beyond that. Fake drugs have been found to help everything from warts, to heart disease, to asthma. Doctors have even conducted fake KNEE SURGERIES that were almost as effective as the real thing.

#4.) DREAMING. People are obsessed with what their dreams mean, but no one knows for sure. In fact, we don't even know WHY we dream. Freud said it was the expression of our unconscious desires. But that was a hundred years ago.

Some psychologists today think dreams are just a way for your brain to fit random thoughts into a pattern that resembles real life. Others think it's your brain getting rid of useless "junk thoughts." But both are just theories.

#5.) BLUSHING. Charles Darwin couldn't figure out why our faces turn red when we're embarrassed, and more than a century later, we still haven't figured it out. Some scientists think it's a sign of submission. Others think it's actually a sign of anger.

But both theories are a little hard to believe because most people don't feel submissive OR angry when they're blushing.

#6.) HAIR "DOWN THERE." Our bodies are mostly bare except, for a few 'choice' areas. But if you look at most apes, they're the exact opposite. Their bodies are furry, and their monkey privates flies free.

People used to think we have hair down there for warmth. But now scientists think it developed as a sort of sexual ornament for attracting a mate . . . like the gross equivalent of a peacock's tail. (Cracked.com)


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