Wednesday, June 17, 2009

American Idol Auditions!


This past weekend I braved the rain and the UNBELIEVEABLY loooonnnggg lines as I went to the American Idol auditions. I thought it would be a fun time and an unforgetable experience... well I was right! Even though I woke up at 3am and stood in the rain for over 5 hours just for a 20 second audition, it was worth it

To answer your question... NO I will not be your American Idol haha! BUT I will be your night DJ!! I wouldn't trade that for ANYTHING!!! Besides, I work with Ryan Seacrest everyday as it is lol

Here are just a few pictures from my day at Gillette Stadium, but you can view ALL of my photos at my MySpace page : AshleyATNight

I wasn't nervous lol

Singin in the rain :)

Ryan Arrives!

He strikes a pose for me but blinks when I snap it... figures lol

More photos posted on my MySpace page! AshleyATNight


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