Thursday, June 25, 2009


What you watch on TV says a lot about you. And paying attention to the types of shows your SPOUSE watches can even help your marriage.
Here are five types of TV shows and what it means if you watch them . . .

#1.) COMEDY. People who watch a lot of sitcoms and other comedy shows are ultimately trying to stay positive. They'll respond to humor in almost any situation, so try disarming them with a joke the next time you're in the middle of a heated argument.

#2.) SPORTS. People who mainly watch sports are usually goal-oriented. And they'll respond better if you talk to them about important issues while they're doing something physical . . . like jogging, biking, or painting a room.

#3.) REALITY SHOWS. People who love reality shows don't just love observing other people . . . they also tend to be competitive, they crave validation, and they probably enjoy special rituals that involve just the two of you.

#4.) NEWS. Avid news-watchers are straightforward, and like to read the fine print. They appreciate directness, so say what you MEAN when you're talking to a news-watcher. And while they might not like surprises, they DO enjoy spontaneity.

#5.) DRAMAS. People who watch TV dramas are romantics at heart, but they sometimes have trouble controlling their emotions. You don't have to be as direct with them to get your point across . . . and actually, they prefer it that way. (


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