Wednesday, June 24, 2009



To lay the foundation for a healthy long-term relationship, you need to know what you want, and what you need. Does YOUR current boyfriend or girlfriend qualify? Here are five questions you should ask before committing yourself to a relationship . . .

#1.) WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM THE RELATIONSHIP? Make sure you're getting involved with someone for the right reasons. Your reasons and their reasons don't HAVE to be the same . . . but some of the big ones probably should be.

#2.) DO YOU HAVE THE SAME VALUES? Religion can be a major issue, but it's not the only issue. If you DO have the same values, great. If not, are you open to each other's differences?

#3.) DO YOU WANT KIDS? If you do, then how many do you want? And what kind of parent do you want to be . . . hands-on, or hands-off? Make sure you know what the other person expects before things get too serious.

#4.) HOW ARE YOUR FINANCES? Love is important, but so is money. If you or the person you're with is in debt, you need to talk about it. If one person plans on buying a house in the next few years, but the other has bad credit, then it should be discussed.

#5.) HOW'S YOUR SEX LIFE? Let's face it: an important part of any long-term relationship . . . is sex. You have to be really honest about what you want. Are both of your needs being met? If not, will you do what's necessary to fulfill those needs? (


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