Monday, June 29, 2009



If you've recently been dumped or fired, then your self-esteem probably took a serious hit. Self-worth is a fragile thing, but repairing it can be easier than you think. Here are four ways to boost your self-esteem . . .

#1.) DO A GOOD DEED. It can be something big like helping a friend move, or something small like giving directions to someone who looks lost. The more you help out, the more helpful you'll feel.

#2.) MAKE A RESOLUTION . . . AND KEEP IT. If you resolve to clean out the bedroom closet, you'll get organized . . . which will boost your self-esteem . . . AND you'll get a boost just from making a commitment and sticking to it.
-But make sure you resolve to do something that's realistic. If you end up starting something you can't finish, it won't do your self-esteem ANY good.

#3.) BECOME AN EXPERT. Pick something you're interested in . . . it can literally be ANYTHING . . . then dig in. Whether you read up on cooking, Photoshop, or the American Revolution, becoming an "expert" on something will really boost your ego.

#4.) GET PHYSICAL. It's not for everyone, but some people get a real boost in self-esteem by doing things that are physically challenging . . . like training for a 10K or going white-water rafting. If you're less daring, try a bike ride or a brisk walk instead. (


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