Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 7, 2010


On Tuesday night, MARIAH CAREY won the Breakout Actress award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival . . . for her role in the movie "Precious". --Personally, I don't know how well she did in that movie, but it had to have paled in comparison with the performance she gave when she accepted the award. --Mariah was a little bit more than just her typically loopy self. In fact, she looked pretty INEBRIATED. --She rambled, she stumbled and she slurred through the entire speech, which was almost five minutes long. It was pretty amusing. (--Check out the full video here . . .)'s a SHORTENED version that's under two minutes . . .), there's a reason why Mariah looked drunk at Palm Springs. It's because she WAS. --Last night, Mariah won Favorite R&B Artist at the "People's Choice Awards". And her speech was a lot more coherent. --But later, she told reporters backstage that the champagne had been flowing at Palm Springs the previous night . . . and she and LEE DANIELS, the director of "Precious", partook without eating much beforehand. --She said, quote, "We had splashes of Champagne, and I love Lee, but he's a bad influence. Everybody in the club [was] getting tipsy!"


It was only a matter of time before TIGER'S ANGELS started cashing in. JAIMEE GRUBBS got the ball rolling by doing a sexy spread for "Maxim" magazine. --Jaimee tells "Maxim" . . . apparently without a trace of irony . . . that she feels hurt and betrayed by the fact that Tiger had other mistresses. --She says, quote, "My relationship with Tiger was something that was very intimate with me and very close. I have not [spoken] with Tiger or anybody since the whole car crash and everything happened. --"If I were to say anything to Tiger now it would probably just be he hurt me and makes me question the character he is, with everything that has happened and all these women that are coming out."


There appears to be a pattern building here: MILEY CYRUS has supposedly moved her latest boyfriend, LIAM HEMSWORTH, into the family home . . . even though her parents didn't want her to. --But even though they bowed to Miley's demands, they DID insist on separate rooms. --A so-called "source" says, quote, "In the end, Billy Ray and Miley's mom, Tish, decided they'd rather have Miley under their roof with Liam than not knowing where she is at night. --"Billy Ray believes it's better to keep Miley on a short leash and to monitor her, rather than alienating her and risking a rebellion. --"Whatever happens in her relationship with Liam, her parents want Miley with them for as long as possible." (--When Miley was 15, her parents let her 20-year-old underwear model-boyfriend move in with her. Miley is 17 now . . . so, you know, she's still kinda young to be living with a dude, parents or no parents.) (--But hey . . . she's a role model.)

PARIS HILTON is getting serious about her boyfriend, DOUG REINHARDT. She says, quote, "We've been together a year now and never spend a night apart. He's truly become my best friend. He makes me feel like a princess every day. --"I wouldn't rule out a wedding in 2010. With how amazing everything is going between us, I see a very bright and happy future."


GARY COLEMAN got an ambulance ride to a Los Angeles-area hospital yesterday morning, because he wasn't feeling well. But apparently, it wasn't anything serious. --Gary's rep said, quote, "He seems to be doing fine. They've found nothing wrong with him so far. They're just testing to make sure everything's OK." --He added that Gary was going to be released after some routine dialysis. (--Gary . . . who's 41 years old . . . has had two kidney transplants.) --It wouldn't be surprising to learn that Gary's problems were stress-related . . . because he was in Los Angeles to settle a thorny issue with the producers of his latest movie, "Midgets vs. Mascots". --Gary's agent says, quote, "There's a shot of a penis in the film. Supposedly it's his, and he's not happy with it." (--Yes, "Midgets vs. Mascots" is a real movie. We heard about it last year. Here's the trailer again . . .)


CHARLIE SHEEN is getting the TIGER WOODS treatment: Hanes is yanking those TV commercials with Charlie in them. Permanently. (--You know the commercials . . . they're the ones where Charlie is always pestering MICHAEL JORDAN.) --Hanes said there are still a few print ads that are scheduled to run . . . which they didn't have time to pull. The company calls this, quote, "unfortunate." (--Wow. They're really not making any bones about cutting ties. Not that I blame them.)

NBA Commissioner DAVID STERN has suspended Washington Wizards guard GILBERT ARENAS indefinitely . . . and without pay. --Arenas is under investigation for bringing four unloaded firearms into the Wizards locker room at the Verizon Center. --He got caught on Christmas Eve, after he and teammate JAVARIS CRITTENTON allegedly pulled guns on EACH OTHER during an argument over a gambling debt. --The NBA was initially going to let Arenas play until it finished its investigation, but Stern pulled the trigger . . . pardon the pun . . . yesterday, due to Arenas' behavior since the incident. --In addition to making light of the situation on Twitter, Arenas was photographed before a game in Philadelphia on Tuesday making his fingers into guns and pointing them at teammates. --In a statement released yesterday, Stern said, quote, "His ongoing conduct has led me to conclude that he is not currently fit to take the court in an NBA game." --For every game he misses, Arenas will lose $147,200. He was due to pull down $16.2 million this season. -Arenas issued his own statement yesterday, and he was nothing but contrite. He said, quote, "I feel very badly that my actions have caused the NBA to suspend me, but I understand why the league took this action. --"I put the NBA in a negative light and let down my teammates and our fans. I am very sorry for doing that. --"While I never intended any harm or disrespect to the NBA or anyone else, my gun possession at the Verizon Center and my attempts at humor showed terrible judgment. I take full responsibility for my conduct."


The fiancée of Cincinnati Bengals receiver CHRIS HENRY will NOT face criminal charges over the accident that took Henry's life last month. --Police determined there was no evidence that Loleini Tonga was speeding or driving her pickup truck recklessly when Henry fell out of the back to his death. (--Tonga was trying to leave her family's residence after an argument with Henry, but he jumped in the back as she was fleeing.)


JOHNNY DEPP closed out last night's "People's Choice Awards" by accepting a trophy for Actor of the Decade. (--He also won Favorite Movie Actor.) --But the big winner, as usual, was the "Twilight" franchise. It won a total of FOUR awards, including Favorite Movie, Favorite Franchise, Favorite On-Screen Team . . . (--for the entire cast) . . . and Favorite Breakout Actor . . . TAYLOR LAUTNER. --Also riding the vampire wave was HBO's "True Blood" . . . which won Favorite TV Obsession . . . and the CW's "The Vampire Diaries" . . . which took home the trophy for Favorite New TV Drama. --SANDRA BULLOCK had a good night. She won Favorite Movie Actress . . . (--for the FIFTH time, by the way) . . . while "The Proposal" won Favorite Comedy Movie. --MARIAH CAREY won her second award in two days. She got Favorite R&B Artist. And her speech was a lot more contained and a lot less loopy than the one she gave at the Palm Springs International Film Festival on Tuesday night. --QUEEN LATIFAH returned as your chubby, cocolicious host for the FOURTH consecutive year. And she did a HI-larious, pre-recorded sketch busting on the movie "Paranormal Activity" . . . --. . . which featured the actual stars of the movie, plus CLORIS LEACHMAN IN BONDAGE GEAR!!!

(Film Winners)--Favorite Movie: "Twilight"--Favorite Movie

(Comedy): "The Proposal"--Favorite Family Movie: "Up"--Favorite Franchise: "The Twilight Saga"--Favorite Independent Movie: "Inglourious Basterds"--Favorite Female Movie Star: SANDRA BULLOCK--Favorite Male Movie Star: JOHNNY DEPP--Favorite Action Star: HUGH JACKMAN--Favorite Comedic Star: JIM CARREY--Favorite Breakout Actress: MILEY CYRUS--Favorite Breakout Actor: TAYLOR LAUTNER--Favorite Onscreen Team: ROBERT PATTINSON, KRISTEN STEWART & TAYLOR LAUTNER ("The Twilight Saga")
(TV Winners)--Favorite TV Drama: "House"--Favorite TV Comedy: "The Big Bang Theory"--Favorite Animal Show: (???) "Dog Whisperer"--Favorite New TV Drama: "The Vampire Diaries"--Favorite New TV Comedy: "Glee"--Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy Show: "Supernatural"--Favorite Competition / Reality Show: "American Idol"--Favorite Talk-Show: "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"--Favorite Obsession: "True Blood"--Favorite Drama Actor: HUGH LAURIE--Favorite Drama Actress: KATHERINE HEIGL--Favorite Comedy Actor: STEVE CARELL --Favorite Comedy Actress: ALYSON HANNIGAN

(Miscellaneous)--Favorite "Web Celeb": ASHTON KUTCHER

(Music Winners)--Favorite Male Artist: KEITH URBAN--Favorite Female Artist: TAYLOR SWIFT--Favorite Country Artist: CARRIE UNDERWOOD--Favorite Breakout Music Artist: LADY GAGA--Favorite Hip-Hop Artist: EMINEM--Favorite Rock Band: PARAMORE --Favorite Music Collaboration: JAY-Z, RIHANNA & KANYE WEST, "Run This Town"--Favorite R&B Artist: MARIAH CAREY--Favorite Pop Artist: LADY GAGA


"Avatar" is now the third highest-grossing movie of all time. And it's not done raking in the dough by a long shot. --"Avatar" has grossed $1.1 BILLION worldwide so far . . . $367.5 million of that in the U.S. alone. --That puts it ahead of the former #3, "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" . . . which made $1.07 billion.--"Avatar" doesn't have far to go to reach #2. That position is currently held by "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" . . . which has a box office gross of $1.12 billion. --That should be an easy goal. But it's going to be a lot more difficult to take the #1 spot. --In order to do that, "Avatar" will have to best the $1.84 million earned by "Titanic" . . . which, in case you didn't know, is another James Cameron movie.


Yesterday, DAVID HASSELHOFF announced that he will not return as a judge on "America's Got Talent" next season . . . because he has his own show on the way. --He told "People" magazine, quote, "I am proud that I was part of making 'America's Got Talent' the Number One rated show for the past four summers. --"It's been a rewarding experience . . . and now I'm thrilled to be able to follow my dream to do my own TV show, which will be announced very shortly." --Officially, there aren't any details on this show yet . . . but back in October, A&E confirmed that they were in talks with The Hoff to do a, quote, "documentary series with David and his kids." --And earlier that month, David's daughter Hayley posted a Twitter message saying, quote, "The Hasselhoffs signed the deal with A&E . . . get readdyy for it." --In a statement, NBC said, quote, "David's been an integral part of the success of 'America's Got Talent' and we are sad to see him go. We wish him all the best with his new show." --NBC sources say they will replace The Hoff . . . but there aren't any names being thrown around yet. (--Well, I'll start it: How about PAULA ABDUL???)


A website called has published some of the viewer complaints that the FCC received regarding ADAM LAMBERT'S super-sexualized performance at the "American Music Awards" back in November. --According to the site, the complaints were, quote, "obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. All grammar and spelling errors are in the original complaints." --Here are a few excerpts of the complaints: "My family and I were extremely offended by [it]. . . . the entire show pushed the limits of good taste, especially since this program was billed as a 'family show.' There was nothing 'family' about it. As a Senior Pastor, I will lead my church in a boycot of ABC." (--I can't speak for the whole show, but Adam's risqué performance aired at about 11:00 P.M. And that was on a Sunday night . . . a school night.) "I could not beleive what I had to watch with my 11, 13, and 16 year old. We had to send my son to bed who actually opted to goto bed because he was disturbed, my 16 year old who was disgusted, and my 13 year old who really does not like Adam Lambert. This writer will NEVER watch ABC again." "Dear friends, I want to join the ranks of the millions who are filing complaints against ABC for the Adam Lambert 'performance' (if one could call it that). Someone should have warned the public in advance that this performance would be inappropriate for younger viewers. Many of us feel assaulted. I hope you will join us in taking action." "It was a porno with clothes on. I was watching with my child and I cannot believe that he was allowed to do that on tv. He had men and women sticking theeir faces in his crotch and at one point rubbed a girls crotch. It was very inappropriate for prime time network television and I am truely disguisted!!" "A lewd bisexual performance."(--For the record, it hasn't been confirmed that these complaints are legit. But if you want to see more of them, here's the link . . .)


CBS has announced the cast of the upcoming, 20th season of "Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains". (--What an epic battle of good and evil!!! Although, if you're like me . . . you don't have any idea who most of them are.) --Perhaps the most notorious cast member NOT to be involved is first season winner RICHARD HATCH. Supposedly, he was invited . . . but he's still serving home confinement on tax evasion charges, and his judge barred him from participating. --A few of the other names you may know are: "Boston Rob" Mariano, Rupert Boneham, Colby Donaldson, Stephenie LaGrossa, Tom Westman, and whiney baby Russell Hantz, who just came in second this past season, and can't stop crying about it. --It'll premiere on February 11th. (--For more information than you could ever want to know about "Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains", click here . . .)


Nielsen Soundscan released the final music sales numbers for 2009 . . . and not surprisingly, it was all about Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Susan Boyle. --Michael was the top selling artist of the year. He moved 8.2 million albums . . . most of them after his death last June.

(--Here's the Top 10 . . .)
--2009 Top-Selling Artists:#1.) MICHAEL JACKSON, 8.2 million#2.) TAYLOR SWIFT, 4.6 million#3.) THE BEATLES, 3.2 million#4.) SUSAN BOYLE, 3.1 million#5.) LADY GAGA, 2.8 million#6.) ANDREA BOCELLI, 2.6 million#7.) MICHAEL BUBLÉ, 2.2 million#8.) EMINEM, 2.1 million#9.) CARRIE UNDERWOOD, 1.8 million#10.) BLACK EYED PEAS, 1.8 million
--Overall album sales were down 12% last year, which obviously isn't a good thing . . . but you can't fault Taylor Swift. Her disc, "Fearless", was the top-selling album of the year . . . with 3.2 million in sales.

(--Here's the Top 10 . . .)
--2009 Top-Selling Albums:#1.) "Fearless", TAYLOR SWIFT, 3.2 million (--That's JUST for last year. It's actually sold a total of 5.3 million copies since its November 2008 release.)#2.) "I Dreamed a Dream", SUSAN BOYLE, 3.1 million#3.) "Number Ones", MICHAEL JACKSON, 2.3 million#4.) "The Fame", LADY GAGA, 2.2 million#5.) "My Christmas", ANDREA BOCELLI, 2.2 million#6.) The soundtrack to "Hannah Montana: The Movie", 1.8 million#7.) "E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies)", BLACK EYED PEAS, 1.7 million#8.) "Relapse", EMINEM, 1.7 million#9.) "Blueprint 3", JAY-Z, 1.5 million#10.) "Only by the Night", KINGS OF LEON, 1.3 million

--In total album sales over the entire decade, Eminem topped the chart, selling about 2 million more albums than the Beatles. (--Here's the Top 10 . . .)
--Top Artists of the 2000s:#1.) EMINEM, 32.2 million#2.) THE BEATLES, 30.2 million#3.) TIM MCGRAW, 24.8 million#4.) TOBY KEITH, 24.5 million#5.) BRITNEY SPEARS, 23 million#6.) KENNY CHESNEY, 22 million#7.) LINKIN PARK, 21.4 million#8.) NELLY, 21.3 million#9.) CREED, 20.6 million#10.) JAY-Z, 20.4 million

--And the Beatles' compilation album, "1", was the top-selling album of the decade. It sold around 11.6 million copies. (--Here's the Top 10 . . .)

--Top Albums of the 2000s:
#1.) "1", THE BEATLES, 11.6 million#2.) "No Strings Attached", 'N SYNC, 11.1 million#3.) "Come Away With Me", NORAH JONES, 10.6 million#4.) "Marshall Mathers LP", EMINEM, 10.2 million#5.) "Eminem Show", EMINEM, 9.8 million#6.) "Confessions", USHER, 9.73 million#7.) "Hybrid Theory", LINKIN PARK, 9.7 million#8.) "Human Clay", CREED, 9.5 million#9.) "Oops! . . . I Did It Again", BRITNEY SPEARS, 9.2 million#10.) "Country Grammar", NELLY, 8.5 million

--Lady Gaga was the top selling digital artist of the year. She sold over 15 million digital songs. The rest of the Top Five were: The Black Eyed Peas (just under 13 million), Michael Jackson (12.4 million), Taylor Swift (12.3 million) and Beyoncé. (--It's unclear what her total was.) --The Black Eyed Peas had the two top-selling individual digital songs. "Boom Boom Pow" came in at #1 with 4.7 million downloads . . . and "I Gotta Feeling" was second with 4.4 million downloads. --Here's the rest of the Top Five: Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" (4.3 million), Flo Rida's "Right Round" (4.1 million) and Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" (3.2 million).

FALL OUT BOY'S PETE WENTZ says he teamed up with BLINK-182'S MARK HOPPUS to record a song for "Alice in Wonderland". (--That's the JOHNNY DEPP / TIM BURTON movie. It hits theaters on March 5th.) --There aren't any details on the song yet . . . other than the fact that it doesn't sound like either of their bands. As for the collaboration, Pete says he might work with Mark on more stuff . . . but he says it's just something they're doing for fun.



The U.S. Census Bureau just released its new census form for 2010. You wouldn't think there'd be much to say about it. But there is. --That's because question number nine on the form asks about RACE. There's a box for "white" people to check, and another for "American Indians" and "Native Alaskans." --And then there's a third box for people who identify themselves as "black," "African American" or "NEGRO". You heard that correctly. Negro. --Now, you should know that census officials only included "Negro" on the form because black people ASKED them to. Or at least that's the story they're going with. --According to a department statement, quote, "Results from the census in 2000 showed that a number of respondents provided a write-in response of 'Negro' when answering the question on race." --Just so we're clear, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word "Negro" as, quote, "a member of a race of humankind native to Africa, and classified according to physical features [such] as dark skin pigmentation." --It also points out that the word is sometimes considered offensive. (WCBS New 2 - New York)


Let's face it . . . gym culture is pretty obnoxious. But it doesn't have to be. With that in mind, here are some New Year's resolutions for when you're at the gym. --Let's start with the guys, shall we?
#1.) Stop ogling all the women. Yes, they're sweaty and hot. But come on . . . show some respect.
#2.) Stop flexing in the mirror. We all know you're strong because every time we're at the gym, you're at the gym too. But, seriously, wait until you get home to admire your guns.
#3.) Never take off your shirt, or wear one that exposes your midriff. And maybe try washing your clothes every few days, too.
#4.) Stop staring people down and acting super "tough" after you lift a bunch of weight. We get it . . . you're buff . . . you're could pummel me with one arm tied behind your back . . . you're awesome. Enough already.
#5.) Stop giving unsolicited lifting advice. Chances are you're an idiot, and if I follow your advice I'm probably going to hurt myself. So please, cut it out.

--Now for the ladies . . .
#1.) Please stop wearing skimpy clothing and flirting with all the meatheads, and then getting upset when they stare at your backside. The average guy is only slightly more evolved than an orangutan . . . and it's even worse at the gym . . . so what do you expect?
#2.) Go easy on the makeup. And please, please don't wear perfume to the gym. It makes my eyes water, which is bad news when I'm attempting to life hundreds of pounds of weight over my head.
#3.) Don't wear open-toed shoes. Your feet are sweaty and smelly. Plus, you'll be in real trouble if someone drops a weight on your foot.
#4.) Wear appropriately-fitting clothing. And remember: Spandex is NOT for everyone.#5.) I'll say it again . . . Spandex is NOT for everyone. You know who you are. --One last resolution . . . and this one goes for everybody: If you sweat a lot, carry a towel and use it to wipe down the machines after you're finished with them. It's just good manners.(Joe the Peacock)


If you were one of those kids who hated going to Phys Ed because your gym teacher was a jerk, then I'm about to confirm something you've suspected all along . . . --A new study from the University of Alberta in Canada has found that having a mean gym teacher in school can turn people off of physical fitness FOR LIFE. --A guy named Billy Strean led the study. He says that sports have, quote, "so much potential for joy . . . Playing games and doing sports and all the energy that goes with it, it can really be one of life's culminations. --"And it also has the potential to be humiliating, horrific, hurtful. It has a very big impact on kids. It swings from one end to the other by the difference of a good teacher." (--So, what can you take from this? Well, you were right. Your gym teacher was an a-hole who did more harm than good. The downside is that now YOU'RE the one at risk of inactivity, obesity and, in extreme cases, death. Yep, screwed by the system again.) (Edmonton Journal / Eurek Alert)


--It's come to my attention that there's a new trend, crudely dubbed the 'Fat Acceptance Movement,' which preaches not only that it's okay to be deliciously chubby, but also that you can be healthy no matter how heavy you are. --Deb Lemire is the president of the Association for Size Diversity and Health. She says, quote, "Health at any size is helping people be as healthy as they choose to be, want to be, need to be, as healthy as they are. --"Everyone at any size can take care of the body they have and support their well-being . . . Most people find that when they are more physically active, it makes us feel better and makes the machine run better. But we shouldn't be promoting it just on the backs of fat people." --Now, that's all fine and good, and Deb makes some decent points. But, just to put things in perspective, experts couldn't disagree more with the Fat Acceptance Movement, pointing out that being overweight is still physically unhealthy. --Or, as an official with the Cleveland Clinic puts it, quote, "As a population, we have moved the yardstick ourselves as what we consider to be a problem and what we don't consider to be a problem . . . --"There is complacency about developing obesity, and it could suggest that we underestimate what its implications might be. Obesity is the single greatest public health problem we face in the U.S. today." (CNN)


This is one of the more ridiculous things I've ever heard. But I'm passing it along anyway because it's just that absurd. --There's a guy in northeastern China named Yu. A while back, Yu found a snake dying in his yard, so he took it inside and nursed it back to health. Then he released it back into the wild. --But the next day when he woke up, the snake had returned. Yu tried to release the snake two more times, but each time it came back. Finally, he decided to make the snake his pet, and named it Long Long. --Fast forward to a few weeks ago. Yu was asleep in bed when he woke up to find Long Long slithering across his face and smacking him with his tail. --Yu says, quote, "He had never woken me up before, but I was so sleepy I went back to sleep. But Long Long grabbed my clothes with his teeth and whipped the bed with his tail. --"Then he went to my mother's bed and whipped her bed with his tail. I woke up then and smelled something burning, and saw my mother's electric blanket was on fire. So I leapt up and turned it off." --Now, Yu's convinced that Long Long woke him up in order to save both his and his mother's lives. For the record, reptile experts say snakes don't have the brainpower to do what Yu swears Long Long did. Still, Yu's convinced Long Long knew what he was doing. (Mother Nature Network)

Every office has one . . . that clueless, annoying person who drives everyone else crazy. But have you ever thought about this? --Maybe YOU'RE the annoying co-worker in your office. Here are ten ways to tell:
#1.) You give advice to everyone: Unless your co-workers ask for your advice, butt out. Why? Because who are you to give them advice anyway? Get over yourself.
#2.) You're always talking about the good old days: Offices are constantly changing. Always focusing on how the office used to be isn't doing anything to make it better now.
#3.) You get colorful with your language: Some topics of conversation just aren't appropriate for the office. You need to know where to draw the line.
#4.) You're always asking for favors: At first, your co-workers will be happy to help out. But if you've been working in the office for two years, and you still don't know how to make copies or send a fax, that's just lazy.
#5.) You always have to top the next person's story: We get it . . . your life is extremely exciting and, compared to you, we're all uninteresting and bland. At least in YOUR head.
#6.) You wear too much cologne or perfume: Your co-workers have no choice but to be around you all day long. Think about that the next time you're bathing yourself in Drakkar Noir.
#7.) You put the entire email in the subject line: There's a reason your email has a subject line and a body. Learn those reasons.
#8.) You always respond "K": If someone writes you an email or an IM, and your only response is to write "K," just do us all a favor and not write back at all. We'll assume you got the message without your pointless response.
#9.) You can't wait to go home . . . every day: By the end of the day, everyone wants to go home. But if you feel the need to announce your desire to leave every day, it's just going to annoy your co-workers and make them hate you.
#10.) You're always throwing office parties: First off, office parties aren't REAL parties. They force you to have awkward chit-chat with people you probably wouldn't hang out with otherwise, and they're disruptive when they happen all the time. (CNN)


#1.) A woman in Kansas City, Missouri caused thousands of dollars worth of damage at a McDonald's because she didn't like her hamburger. Here's the surveillance video. (--She throws a bucket of water at :12 and knocks over a computer at :36.) Terms: Kansas City woman trashes McDonald's didn't like hamburger)
#2.) An Oregon man was wrestling with his friends on a subway platform when he fell onto the tracks, just as a train was arriving. It ran him over, but he escaped with minor injuries. (--He falls at :34, and his friends pull him from the tracks at 1:05.) Terms: man fell on tracks Oregon surveillance)
#3.) At a recent college football game, a sideline reporter said she was standing with a "crazy" fan . . . then a dork covered in white body paint proved she was right. (--He starts screaming at :07.) Terms: Georgia football body painter fan is insane)


The beginning of the year is a good time to re-examine things . . . including your relationship. Even if things are great, it'll help if you take a few minutes to get your relationship ready for 2010. Here are four ways to do it . . .
#1.) TALK ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS. Don't waste 2010 being angry about stuff that happened LAST year. Deal with your anger and frustration now, then leave it behind. Don't worry . . . you'll have plenty to fight about in 2010 too. --If 2009 was particularly rough on your relationship, don't feel like you have to rehash EVERYTHING. Chances are, you've already done that. If you HAVE, and you're STILL angry, try writing it all down. Sometimes just getting something on paper can help you move on.
#2.) TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT IN 2010. You don't have to make definite plans, but you SHOULD have an idea of where your relationship is headed. -If you can't think of stuff you DO want to happen, try talking about things you DON'T want to happen instead. In other words, go over some of the bad stuff that happened in 2009, and resolve to not let it happen again.
#3.) TAKE A DIFFERENT TONE. Criticism is only valuable if it's CONSTRUCTIVE. And accusations usually don't qualify. Keep in mind, a lot of fights start because of HOW someone says something, not WHAT they say.
#4.) KEEP TALKING. The basic idea here is to communicate. So don't abandon that approach along with your OTHER resolutions as the year goes on. You don't have to schedule a time each month to sit down and talk about how things are going. --Just make sure you keep talking about stuff. Some relationship experts suggest going on walks, since men tend to be more open about their emotions when they're not face-to-face with someone. (


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