Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Seth Rogen Says That George Lucas Actually Believes the World Will End Next Year:

You know those loony 2012 nutjobs who think the world is coming to an end next year? GEORGE LUCAS is one of them. --That's according to SETH ROGEN, who recently heard George's theories during a meeting between the two of them and STEVEN SPIELBERG. --Seth says, quote, "George Lucas sits down and seriously proceeds to talk for around 25 minutes about how he thinks the world is gonna end in the year 2012, like, for real. He thinks it. --"He's going on about the tectonic plates and all the time Spielberg is, like, rolling his eyes, like, 'My nerdy friend won't shut up, I'm sorry . . .' --"I first thought [Lucas] was joking . . . and then I totally realized he was serious and then I started thinking, 'If you're George Lucas and you actually think the world is gonna end in a year, there's no way you haven't built a spaceship for yourself.' --"So I asked him... 'Can I have a seat on it?' He claimed he didn't have a spaceship, but there's no doubt there's a Millennium Falcon in a garage somewhere with a pilot just waiting to go. --"It's gonna be him and Steven Spielberg and I'll be blown up like the rest of us." (--You can watch a video montage of various "Star Wars" characters saying the line, "I've got a bad feeling about this," here. Enjoy.)

Lindsay Lohan Has Passed Around 10 Random Drug Tests Since Leaving Betty Ford:

It's about time for some GOOD news about LINDSAY LOHAN, don't you think? Well, here it is . . . --MICHAEL LOHAN says that Lindsay has passed up to 10 random drug tests since being released from Betty Ford a few weeks ago. --He says, quote, "Lindsay is doing four or five tests a week and she has passed all of them with flying colors. She's doing really great right now. She is serious about staying healthy and is avoiding all the old things she used to do."

Was Cheryl Burke Touched Inappropriately By a TSA Agent?

"Dancing with the Stars" CHERYL BURKE may have been touched inappropriately by a TSA screener. --Yesterday, Cheryl Tweeted that a certain part of the agent's anatomy may have made a bit too much progress into a certain part of hers. (--It's not clear how serious she was . . . but here's a screen cap of exactly what she said.)

Kristen Stewart Wants to Set Up a Charity for Sex Workers:

KRISTEN STEWART played a teen stripper (slash) prostitute last year in a movie you never saw called "Welcome to the Rileys". --Well, making that movie had such a profound effect on her that she wants to start a network of halfway houses for runaways who get caught up in the sex trade. --She says, quote, "That would be amazing. Right now, it's the thing I feel most connected to."

Jennifer Aniston Is "Fascinated" by "The Bachelor" . . . Even Though She Doesn't Understand It:

Like a lot of people, JENNIFER ANISTON is, quote, "fascinated" by "The Bachelor" . . . even though she can't understand it. --She says, quote, "I was mesmerized by how these girls, they meet this guy, they have three dates together or something, and they're weeping as though they've just lost the love of their life. I don't understand that." --Here's something else about Jennifer that you might find interesting: She went to high school with CHASTITY BONO in New York in the late 1980s . . . long before Chastity became A MAN NAMED CHAZ. --Jennifer says, quote, "Every day a group of us would go to Chaz's house after school. I haven't spoken to him in a while."

Check Out Some Pictures of Elton John's New Baby:

ELTON JOHN and DAVID FURNISH are introducing their new baby boy, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John, to the world on the cover of the new "Us Weekly". --Inside the magazine, Elton says that holding his son for the first time was an amazing experience . . . quote, "I've never felt anything like it in my life. You're so awestruck. What can you say? You take it in. --"The feeling, the joy, the warmth of his body, his breathing . . . I will never forget that experience ever." --Furnish adds, quote, "He's a content little guy. He's very peaceful . . . He just loves to be nurtured, cuddled, and sung to." (--Zachary was born on Christmas Day . . . just like the kid in Elton's song "Levon". The mother has not been identified. Elton is reportedly Zachary's biological father.) --Elton and David also say they haven't given up on Lev, the 2-year-old Ukranian orphan they once tried to adopt . . . or Lev's 4-year-old brother, who's HIV-positive. (--By the way . . . Elton and David are donating all the money from "Us Weekly" to various charities.)
Dr. Drew Spent Monday Night in the Hospital with Leptospirosis:

DR. DREW spent Monday night in the hospital with LEPTOSPIROSIS . . . which is an infectious disease that causes flu-like symptoms including jaundice, muscle pain and fever. --He Tweeted, quote, "Spent the night as a patient in the hospital. Seems I may have picked up Leptospirosis in the West Indies. This is just brutal." --Dr. Drew and his wife left for a second honeymoon on January 8th, and had just returned home Monday morning. (--Leptospirosis is commonly contracted through contact with contaminated animal urine. Which makes one wonder: Just exactly how were Dr. Drew and his wife celebrating their second Honeymoon?)

Charlie Sheen Tried to Pick Up a Chick Online During His Vegas Bender Last Week:

During CHARLIE SHEEN'S infamous Vegas bender earlier this month, his hotel room was described as a "revolving door" of mattress actresses. But even THAT wasn't enough for Charlie. --He was trying to pick up chicks online, too. He went on a website called CityVibe and found the profile of a girl named "Ginger". He tried to hit her digits, but her phone was dead. --So he e-mailed her, saying, quote, "I'm an A-list actor you mite like to meet." (--Here's the e-mail.)

Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez Are Doing a Book Together:

MARTIN SHEEN and EMILIO ESTEVEZ are working on a book called "Along the Way". It'll be about the, quote, "professional and spiritual journey" they took while making a movie called "The Way". (--Emilio directed it, and he and Martin star.) --This is NOT a family tell-all, so don't expect any dirt on CHARLIE SHEEN. Or any input from him. Emilio says, quote, "Charlie will be mentioned, of course, but not given a voice."

Jake Gyllenhaal Was Flirting All Over the Place Over the Weekend . . . While Taylor Swift Can't Even Think About Dating Yet:

JAKE GYLLENHAAL is definitely over TAYLOR SWIFT. But the feeling might not be mutual. --According to various reports, Jake was flirting all over the place over "Golden Globes" weekend. --Interestingly enough, one of the chicks Jake was mackin' was another one of JOE JONAS' exes, just like Taylor. On Saturday night, Jake and CAMILLA BELLE were enjoying each other's company at a party. --A witness says, quote, "They hung out together the entire night. They were talking intimately, and laughing. There really seemed to be chemistry, a connection. --"Jake and Camilla were flirting all night. And before he left, I saw him very affectionately touching her arm. She is definitely his type." --After the "Globes", Jake reportedly took a shot at both MARIA MENOUNOS and SCARLETT JOHANSSON at a party. But he ended up spending most of the night with MILA KUNIS. --A witness says, quote, "They ended up talking in a corner practically the entire party. They were laughing and smiling a lot. It was really flirty and they both looked like they were having a lot of fun." --For the record, Jake and Mila did NOT go home together. -Instead, he went to the Chateau Marmont, where he met up with his "Brokeback Mountain" co-star MICHELLE WILLIAMS. A witness says he had his hand on her knee while he was talking to her. (--I have a hard time believing he'd hook up with Michelle, given that he was pretty tight with HEATH LEDGER. I could be totally wrong, but I'd like to think they have more of a brother-sister thing going on.) --Jake might be living it up, but his ex-girlfriend TAYLOR SWIFT isn't. A friend says she still hasn't recovered from the breakup. --But Taylor's anonymous friend adds, quote, "Taylor is not exactly a loner, but she fares well on her own and will be fine if she doesn't hook up with a guy immediately."

Tammy Lynn Michaels Is Blogging About Melissa Etheridge's New Girlfriend:

To paraphrase an old bit of wisdom: Hell hath no fury like a hot lesbian scorned. --TAMMY LYNN MICHAELS hit up her very angry blog to write another very angry diatribe outlining her very angry feelings toward ex-wife MELISSA ETHERIDGE. --As you may have heard, Melissa is now dating a woman named Linda Wallem. She created EDIE FALCO'S new show, "Nurse Jackie". And she was also very good friends with Melissa and Tammy when they were a couple. --She was even Melissa's "best man" at the wedding. --Anyway . . . Tammy lays the scorn . . . and the accusations . . . on pretty hard in her new blog. First, she accuses Melissa of having her replacement ready before they had even broken up. --She says, quote, "I moved out November 23rd, 2009. She said it would help. I was convinced it would too and I trusted there was no one else. --"I didn't know. There was someone moving in as I was moving out. --"People" magazine says that Melissa and Linda didn't become a couple until several months after Melissa and Tammy broke up. Tammy disputes that timeline. --She writes, quote, "One of my little sweet peas told me otherwise much earlier than that, Pooper magazine. They should have shut the bedroom door." (--Here, Tammy is probably referring to one of the TWINS she bore for Melissa back in October of 2006.) --Oh, and then there's this: Tammy says that after she moved into a rented house, Melissa's assistant accidentally delivered a box of ADULT LOVE TOYS to her new place. --She says, quote, "Three weeks later a box of new toys was delivered and her assistant brought it to my rental house as a mistake. I opened it and that's when I felt something was up. --"I called her [and said] 'I have your new (penises) on my kitchen counter?'" (--You can read the entire post here.)

Did Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson Have Dinner Together Over the Weekend?

SANDRA BULLOCK told AL ROKER this week that she's not dating RYAN REYNOLDS. And here's more evidence to back it up . . . --A so-called "source" says that Sandra and Ryan's soon-to-be ex-wife SCARLETT JOHANSSON actually had dinner together this past weekend . . . quote, "They've always gotten along so Sandra explained exactly how she felt about the whole Ryan situation. --"She didn't want anything to get in the way of their friendship. There is no awkwardness between Sandra and Scarlett."

Check Out a Picture of Miranda Kerr Breastfeeding Her New Baby:

It's confirmed: MIRANDA KERR and ORLANDO BLOOM are the proud parents of a baby BOY. And his name is Flynn. --Miranda says it was a natural childbirth, with no pain meds . . . and it was, quote, "a long, arduous and difficult labor." (--Flynn was born on January 6th.) --More importantly, Miranda has already Tweeted the first of what will hopefully be MANY pictures of her BREASTFEEDING. (--Check it out here.)

Holly Madison Met Her New Man On Twitter:

People have been meeting and starting relationships online for longer than you'd probably think . . . in chat rooms, on dating websites and on Facebook, just to name a few places. --But something about meeting over Twitter feels even less personal than these other options. --But that's how former "Playboy" model HOLLY MADISON met the guy she's currently dating. . . one Jack Barakat. --She says, quote, "We met through a mutual friend and then somehow somebody retweeted something funny he said on Twitter. --"So I started following him, and then we started Tweeting each other back and forth! --"So then we started direct messaging each other and then exchanged numbers. --"We were texting for months, and finally when I had my vacation, I was like, 'Do you wanna come hang out with me?' and he did and we hit it off right away."

Lamar Odom Says Khloe Kardashian Is Not Small:

We've all thought it at one point or another, but maybe only her husband can say it: --In the new issue of "Playboy" magazine, LAMAR ODOM admitted that his wife, KHLOE KARDASHIAN, isn't exactly petite. --He was asked if there's a possibility that a tape of their taboo, interracial lovemaking might ever hit the streets. And he said, quote, "When people see us in person, they see Khloe's not small. I'm not small. --"People see us and are probably like, 'Damn, I wonder how that looks.' We wouldn't have anything to be ashamed about, but no, that's not going down."

Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Be Back . . . On The Big Screen:

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER will be back . . . on the big screen. He told an Austrian newspaper that he's reading various scripts. --He said, quote, "One script, which I considered a long time ago before governor, is delighting me particularly. --"I would play an older [German] soldier, who gets the order at the end of the war to kill a bunch of kids. But he doesn't do it and gets them to safety at the risk of his life. It has all kinds of adventure. The script is based on a true story." (--We're not sure, but this script MIGHT be based on the book "Ostermann's War", by James J. Cullen.) --But Arnold thinks that his days as a big-budget action star are behind him, and he wants to dial his career down a little, like CLINT EASTWOOD. --He says, quote, "Throwing myself around the room and shooting people is no longer in there. [But] I'm like a sponge that soaks up knowledge and is constantly willing to learn new things." (--It's sort of an interesting time for Arnold to come to that conclusion, though . . . because turning old people into action stars has never been cooler. In fact, there were two high-profile examples of it just last year.) (--Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren did it in "The Expendables". And then there was Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich and Morgan Freeman in "Red".)

Kevin Smith Says Bruce Willis Was a Jerk on the Set of "Cop Out":

KEVIN SMITH directed BRUCE WILLIS and TRACY MORGAN in last year's "Cop Out". The movie flopped, both critically and commercially. But at least it was fun to make, right? --Wrong. --Kevin was on some comedy podcast recently, and he revealed that working with Bruce Willis was a pretty difficult experience. --First, he mentioned that one of his stars, quote, "wouldn't even sit for a (effin') poster shoot." -When asked who he was talking about, Kevin replied, quote, "Everyone knows who it is. Put it this way, remember the really funny guy in the movie? It ain't him. --"He's a (effing) dream. Tracy Morgan, I would lay down in traffic for. Were it not for Tracy, I might've killed myself or someone else in the making of that movie." --As for working with Bruce, he said, quote, "It was difficult. I've never been involved in a situation like that where, one component is not in the box at all. It was (effin') soul crushing. --"I mean, a lot of people are gonna be like, 'Oh, you're just trying to blame the movie on him.' No, but I had no (effing) help from this dude whatsoever."

Regis Philbin Is Leaving "Live! with Regis and Kelly":

79-year-old REGIS PHILBIN is RETIRING from "Live! with Regis and Kelly". He made the announcement on yesterday's show. --Regis said, quote, "Well, I've got one of those announcements to make today . . . I don't want to alarm anybody, but I have to tell you this because it's going to happen: --"This will be my last year on the show. It's been a long time, it's been 28 years. --"It was the biggest thrill of my life to come back to New York, where I grew up as a kid watching TV in the early days, you know, never even dreaming that I would one day have the ability, or whatever it takes, to get in front of the camera and talk to it." --Then, he joked, quote, "There is a time that everything must come to an end for certain people on camera . . . especially certain old people!" (--You can watch video of his announcement, here.) --Regis' departure date hasn't been determined yet. He said, quote, "this is going to happen at the end of the summer, the fall, whatever it is, we don't know that yet." --Kelly responded by saying, quote, "I think I can only speak for America, and all of us here, when I say it has been a pleasure and a privilege and a dream come true [working with you]. And I wish I could do something to change your mind." (--For what it's worth, TMZ claims Kelly didn't get much of a heads-up that this was happening. They say he told her 15 minutes before the show began.) --Kathie Lee also chimed in, but she doesn't think Regis is retiring all together. She said, quote, "He'll never retire. I think his most enjoyable days are ahead of him and I hope to be a part of them." (--Regis didn't discuss any future plans.) --Producers have announced that "Live!" will continue with KELLY RIPA, but they haven't figured out who will replace Regis yet. --It's unclear whether a permanent replacement will be named before Regis leaves. --When KATHIE LEE GIFFORD left in 2000, the show went through a one-year transitional period, when it was just called "Live! with Regis". In 2001, Kelly became the permanent co-host, and it was renamed "Live! with Regis and Kelly". (--The show started as a local New York City broadcast called "The Morning Show" in 1983. Regis co-hosted with CYNDY GARVEY . . . the first wife of baseball star STEVE GARVEY.) (--Kathie Lee took over for Cyndy in 1985, and it was re-named "Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee". The show went into national syndication in 1988.)

Ricky Gervais Is Annoyed with All the Speculation Out There, and Says He'll Never Host the "Golden Globes" Again:

RICKY GERVAIS responded to all the MADNESS over his "Golden Globes" performance on his blog . . . and it sounds like he's pretty ANNOYED with it all. --Ricky said, quote, "All the same conspiracy theories as last year too: 'So and so was offended' . . . 'hasn't been invited back yet' . . . exactly the same as last time . . . --"'Paul McCartney was furious' . . . no he wasn't. And nor was Tim Allen and Tom Hanks. I was drinking with them after. --"Why do people have to embellish? They're allowed to say they hated it. They're allowed to say they didn't find it funny, that it was tasteless, over the top, or whatever. But why do they speculate and make stuff up?" --He added, quote, "Don't worry, I know the answer. Because it's more interesting than 'it went fine and some people won some awards and then went to a party.' But that's all that happened." --You can read the entire post . . . and see a picture of him posing on a balcony in nothing other than a pair of gold boxers, here.) --Ricky also denied talk that producers scolded him in the middle of the show, when he seemed to have disappeared for about an hour. --Meanwhile . . . Ricky was stopped by the paparazzi yesterday, and he informed them that he doesn't plan on hosting the show next year, even if he's asked. --He said, quote, "It doesn't really matter [if they want me back], because I'm not going to do it again anyway . . . I think twice is enough." (--You can watch video of Ricky saying this, here.)

Simon Cowell Turned Down $130 Million-a-Year to Do Both "American Idol" and the American "X Factor":

A new book called "American Idol: The Untold Story" . . . which just came out . . . claims SIMON COWELL turned down a $130 MILLION-a-year salary from Fox to do the American version of "X Factor" AND re-up with "Idol". --Supposedly, he initially agreed to the deal, but then decided against it, possibly because he no longer wanted to work with his former partner, "Idol" creator Simon Fuller. (--They haven't been on good terms for years now.) --Fox did end up landing "X Factor" anyway, and it'll premiere in September. There's no word how much Simon ended up getting for just doing that.

Mark Harmon Is America's Favorite TV Personality:

Last month, the market research company Harris Interactive conducted their annual survey to determine America's Favorite TV Personality. They polled 2,331 adults, and now they've released the results. --This year, "NCIS" star MARK HARMON surged to #1 after being #8 last year. He was followed by last year's #1 OPRAH WINFREY and "House" star HUGH LAURIE. Here's the Top 10:

#1.) Mark Harmon. He was #8 last year.

#2.) Oprah Winfrey tied with "House" star Hugh Laurie. She was #1 last year . . . he was tied for fourth.

#4.) Conan O'Brien. He wasn't in the Top 10 last year, but has been before.

#5.) Jon Stewart tied with Charlie Sheen. Last year Jon was came in sixth, and Charlie followed at #7.

#7.) Ellen DeGeneres. Last year, she tied for fourth with Hugh Laurie.

#8.) Bill O'Reilly. He was #10 last year.

#9.) David Letterman. Same as last year.

#10.) Steve Carell. He wasn't in the Top 10 last year, but has been before.

--Two people fell out of the Top 10 this year . . . and for what it's worth, both of them were ranked pretty high. Last year, GLENN BECK was #2, and JAY LENO was #3. (--And the year before that Jay was #1. Since last year's poll was conducted in December of 2009 . . . anyone have any idea what might have happened in 2010 to completely SINK America's beloved Jay Leno???)--Among men, Mark Harmon ranked #1 . . . while women went with Oprah Winfrey. Oprah was also #1 with people from the East Coast, while the West Coast went with Harmon. The Midwest loves Conan, and the South enjoys Charlie Sheen's antics. --Political parties aside, "conservatives" went with Harmon and Bill O'Reilly. "Moderates" went with Oprah . . . and not surprisingly, those crazy "liberals" were all about Jon Stewart. --People 46 and older tended to go with Harmon, O'Reilly and Sheen, while the youngest demographic, 18- to 33-year-olds chose Conan. Hugh Laurie was biggest among 34- to 45-year-olds. (--For an even broader breakdown of this poll . . . including previous years' results . . . hit up Harris Interactive at this link.)

"Skins" Delivered Great Premiere Numbers for MTV:

3.3 million people watched the series premiere of MTV's super-sexed new show "Skins" on Monday night. That's a pretty strong number . . . even though MTV did help it out by airing a special Monday episode of "Jersey Shore" just before it. --It also became a Top Two trending topic on Twitter. --So, it looks like "Skins" will be sticking around, which can't make the Parents Television Council happy. Last week, they said "Skins", quote, "may well be the most dangerous show for children that we have ever seen." (--"Skins" is a remake of a popular British series of the same name. And as usual, if you're a fan of the original British version, you were probably disappointed by the American one.)

Wednesday TV Reminders: (--Check your local listings.)

--"American Idol" [10th Season Premiere] . . . 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Fox.

--Paula Abdul's "Live to Dance" [Performances] . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on CBS.

--"Dog the Bounty Hunter" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on A&E. (--As Dog tracks down a fugitive, viewers get a tour of the rarely seen tent cities of Oahu.)

--"Tyler Perry's House of Payne" [6th Season Finale] . . . 9:30 to 10:00 P.M. on TBS.

--"Hot in Cleveland" [2nd Season Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. on TV Land. (--Mary Tyler Moore guest stars as Betty White's cellmate after Elka spends a few hours behind bars until her friends can bail her out.)

--"Retired At 35" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 10:30 to 11:00 P.M. on TV Land. (--A sitcom about a guy who quits his job in New York to move into a retirement community with his parents, played by George Segal and Jessica Walter.)

--"Law & Order: SVU" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on NBC. (--"24's" minx Shohreh Aghdashloo guests as a shady detective complicating one of Olivia's investigation.)

--"James Ellroy's LA: City Of Demons" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on ID. (--Crime-fiction author James Ellroy examines historical crimes in L.A., from the Black Dahlia to the "Hillside Strangler".)

--"Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" [4th Season Finale] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on VH1.

--"Blue Mountain State" [2nd Season Finale] . . . 11:00 to 11:30 P.M. on Spike TV.

Aerosmith Will Start Recording Their Next Album This Weekend:

After everything that has happened with AEROSMITH over the past two years . . . --The tour canceling, the public bickering and fighting, the break-up, the reunion . . . and basically, all that happening again when STEVEN TYLER landed the "American Idol" gig . . . it looks like Aerosmith is finally ready to get down to business again. --That's because they're going to begin collectively working on their next album this weekend . . . or so says Steven Tyler. --While out promoting "Idol", which premieres TONIGHT, Steven said, quote, "We've certainly been writing. I know [guitarist] Joe [Perry]'s got some licks, and I got a bunch of songs that I've written for [myself] and / or Aerosmith. --"I will be flying out of New York and be back in L.A. [to] watch the premiere. I get Thursday off, and Friday I'm writing with [producer] Marti Frederiksen, and Saturday we're into a writing program with the band." --So it sounds like the plan is for them to be recording in L.A. while Steven is doing "Idol" . . . then hit the road during the show's off-season. --Steven explained, quote, "We're already booked for a tour for November [and] December, that should be South America and Japan . . . so what you hear in the press of Aerosmith getting in the way of 'American Idol', it just isn't so." --By the way, on "Letterman" Monday night, Steven finally admitted to NOT being sober when he fell off the stage and broke his shoulder in August of 2009. (--That was the incident that started what has been a virtually endless stream of bickering and controversy that surrounds Aerosmith to this day.) --Steven said, quote, "It's not any news here about my drug use and addictions in the past. A couple years ago, I was [using the sleeping pill] Lunesta because of some problems with my feet." --He began SNORTING it . . . and that's what he did before that show. --Steven added, quote, "That shows you what kind of a drug addict I was . . . I was looking for any excuse to get high . . . not anymore." (--You can find a clip of Steven explaining this at, here.)

Vince Neil Is Going to Prison for Driving Drunk:

MOTLEY CRUE singer VINCE NEIL will do two weeks in prison. --Vince is expected to accept a plea deal in his DUI case at a hearing next Wednesday. As part of the deal, he's agreeing to serve 15 days behind bars, and another 15 days under house arrest. He'll begin his term on or before February 15th. --Vince was arrested last June with a blood alcohol level that was nearly three times the legal limit. In a statement, he said, "I have recognized that you can't drink and drive at all. I take full responsibility for my actions and will learn from this experience." --But this is a lesson Vince should have learned 27 years ago, when his drunk driving KILLED A GUY. --Back in 1984, Vince got loaded, got behind the wheel and smashed his car into another vehicle. His passenger . . . HANOI ROCKS drummer NICHOLAS DINGLEY, a.k.a. RAZZLE . . . died. --And the two people in the other car were seriously hurt. He served 15 days of a 30-day sentence, and shelled out $2.5 million in restitution to the victims.

Kanye West Went on Another Media-Bashing Twitter Extravaganza:

KANYE WEST has unleashed yet another media-bashing Twitter frenzy . . . in which he addressed several rumors, and mocked the idea that they'd become "news." --The two main things he focused on were his supposed "Twitter war" with BRITNEY SPEARS and that watch with his face on it. --Here's some of his rant: Quote, "Just saw that MSNBC said I tried to start a Twitter war with Britney. This (crap) takes the air out [of] my lungs sometimes . . . from blogs to news reports . . . enough already!!! All I do is focus on my work. --"There's a new lie everyday . . . a new media spin . . . I never got a watch with my face on it!!! A company tried to give that to me 9 years ago! --"I'm one of the most considerate people in real life. Maybe over considerate. Over caring. Overly real. There is no astronaut training for celebrity . . . even though this whole life is so outer space! --"When I said the comment about Britney, I was giving her props for being #1 not dissing her at all! That was the whole joke!!! I know intelligent people know this so bear with me. --"But stop making it seem that my aim is to hurt or down people! That's just not my style! As pop stars we're all in this (crap) together! We on the inside of the TV!

--"If the media wants to make a story, just say I have atrocious spelling and terrible grammar . . . if you don't give 'em a story, they just make one up. I'm just trying to focus and stay creative! Keep bringing dope (stuff) to the world! --"I won't always say the right thing but my heart is always in the right place."


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CHER'S new song, "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me" . . . from the movie "Burlesque" . . . is #1 on "Billboard's" Dance / Club chart. That makes Cher the first female singer to have #1s in SIX consecutive decades. (Full Story)

Seven years after breaking up, 80% of O-TOWN is reuniting. But unfortunately for anyone who STILL may be a fan, the 20% that isn't coming back is the only one you probably remember: ASHLEY PARKER ANGEL. (Full Story)

Don Kirshner . . . the music executive who helped created THE MONKEES . . . passed away on Monday. He was 76. In the '70s, he produced the ABC series "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" . . . and was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. (Full Story)

The FOO FIGHTERS have posted a 30-second "tease" for one of the songs off their upcoming album, which is expected out sometime this spring. (--Here's the link.)

"Law and Order: Los Angeles" seems to be in trouble. It just had a major casting overhaul . . . and now, NBC will temporarily remove it from their schedule beginning in February. New episodes of "Parenthood" will take its place. (Full Story)

In a video that's been making the rounds, DR. DRE seemed to be announcing that "Detox" would finally be released on April 20th . . . or 4/20 . . . but a rep says he was talking about something else. (Full Story)

SNOOP DOGG'S 11th album, "Doggumentary", will drop March 29th. That is all.


Over the Past Few Decades, Violent Crime . . . Especially Against Children . . . Is Way, Way Down:

The point of this story isn't to say "Drop your guard, leave your doors unlocked at night, and let your kids take candy from strangers, because the world is safe again." If we start dropping our guard, we could undo all of these positives. --But as it stands, crime in this country . . . especially violent crimes against children . . . just keeps going down. Check out these statistics:

--Homicides of kids under 14 are down 36% from 1993.

--Homicides of kids 14 to 17 are down 60% from 1993.

--Overall, homicides in the U.S. are down 40% from 1992 and rape is down 28%.

--Child abuse is down 26% from 1993.

--And child sex abuse is down 38% from 1993.

--BUT, because there's 24-hour news . . . there are more crime shows on TV . . . and more horror stories about child abuse and abduction being spread online . . . most people think crime is going UP. --In a poll in 2009, 74% of Americans said they believe crime is going up . . . even though, across the board, it's going way, way down. --A lot of different things go into those drops in crime, but two of the biggest are police technology . . . and parents being smarter and more careful with their children. (Pasadena Star News)

The Age When Women Are Most Likely To Have Sex on the First Date Is . . . When They're in Their 40s:

We've always believed that when it comes to the ladies, the older the berry, the sweeter the juice. And according to a new survey . . . the older the berry, the quicker they'll let you squish that juice. --"Men's Health" found that if the chemistry is right, women in their 40s are the most likely to have sexual relations with you on the first date. --29% of women in their 40s regularly get-it-on on the first date. So do 28% of women in their 30s and only 17% of women in their 20s. --Women in their 40s also ENJOY sex the most . . . 86% say they reached their moment of climax the last time they had sex. Only 48% of women in their 30s and 38% of women in their 20s said that. (Asylum)

You Can Have Sex In Space . . . But Your Children Will Be Born With Serious Problems:

Good news and bad news here. The good news: If you ever find your way up into space . . . and ever find someone up there who wants to make the zero gravity beast with two backs with you . . . you can go for it. Everything works up there. --The bad news? If you do conceive a child . . . it WILL cause problems for them. Researchers at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Canada tested zero-gravity reproduction using zebrafish inside of a special bioreactor. --And they found that, in almost every case, the fish that were born had serious, debilitating, and usually fatal mental and physical deficiencies. (New Scientist)

A Man Is Woken Up When a Naked Woman Shows Up In His Bed . . . And for Some Reason, That's a Bad Thing:

--The Canadian in question is single, and on Saturday around 3:20 A.M., he was asleep in his apartment on Vancouver Island in Canada. --Suddenly he felt someone climb into bed with him. And it was a FULLY NAKED WOMAN. --And to him, this was a BAD THING. --So he called the police. When they got there they found the woman asleep in his bed, quote, "quite intoxicated." --They found her ID in her purse, and it turned out she lived in the same building, but on another floor . . . and for whatever reason, her key worked in the guy's lock. --The police took her into custody to sober up, but she wasn't charged with any crimes. (UPI)

One Out of Three Teenagers Ignores the Facebook Friend Requests From Their Parents:

It doesn't matter how universal Facebook gets . . . kids STILL don't want their parents coming anywhere near them online. --According to a new survey by Kaplan Test Prep, 35% of teenagers say they're NOT Facebook friends with their parents. Of that group, 38% say that their parents have tried friend requesting them, and they've just ignored it. --For the teenagers who ARE Facebook friends with their parents, 16% say their parents FORCED them to become friends as a condition of being allowed to use Facebook. (Parentdish)

College Kids Today Spend 51% of Their Time Socializing . . . And 7% Studying:

If you've got a kid in college or heading off to college, your worst fears are true: You really may be paying $120,000 for beer pong training. --According to a new study of more than 3,000 full-time college students at 29 schools nationwide, college kids spend more than HALF of their time socializing, at 51%. They only spend 9% in class and 7% studying. --The study also found that they're not even learning that much, especially for the first two years. After two years in college, 45% of students didn't have any significant gains in learning. After four years, 36%, or almost two out of four, didn't show any gains. --BUT . . . college has either gotten easier or kids have become geniuses at beating the system . . . because the average student surveyed had a GPA of 3.2. (USA Today)

Science Has Finally Figured Out the Undisputed Best Hangover Cure:

It's about GOTT-DAMM time. Science has FINALLY figured out the undisputed best way to cure a hangover. Although it's not exactly revolutionary. --Michael Oshinsky is a researcher at Thomas Jefferson University, and he tested different hangover cures on lab rats. And he found the best way to beat a hangover is . . . COFFEE and ASPIRIN. That's it. --Oshinsky found that you get a hangover because of a chemical that alcohol can produce. Caffeine and anti-inflammatory medicine block that chemical . . . so the combo of coffee and aspirin relieves hangover symptoms. --He also found that hangovers have nothing to do with being dehydrated . . . so you don't have to worry that drinking coffee is going to make things worse by dehydrating you even more. (The Telegraph)

Um . . . What? A Surf Shop In California Celebrated MLK Day By Offering 20% Off All Black Products:

It's hard to imagine how ANYONE with even half a brain could've let this idea become a reality: Thalia is a surf shop in Laguna Beach, California, and they've been getting a lot of heat for a Martin Luther King Day sale they ran. --On MLK Day, they advertised a sale of 20% off all BLACK PRODUCTS. And they Photoshopped King's head onto a photo of a surfer in a wetsuit. --Naturally, people flipped out over the ad. Yesterday, they posted an apology and said, quote, "In no way did we intend to hurt or offend anyone." (OC Weekly)
Does Steve Jobs Secretly Have Cancer?

No one from Apple has confirmed this rumor . . . at least no one who's alive . . . so take it for what it's worth. But according to "Fortune" magazine, they were told by a former Apple employee that STEVE JOBS has cancer. --That employee was Jerry York, who was a director at Apple. He died last March. He told the reporter about Jobs having cancer, off the record. Now that he's died, "Fortune" says it's fine for them to break that off-the-record agreement and report this. --According to York, Jobs had pancreatic cancer in 2004 and took a leave of absence. In 2009, the cancer came back and he went to Basel, Switzerland to have it treated. --On Monday, Jobs took another medical leave from Apple. There's no word when he'll be back. --The survival rate today on neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer is 55% to 57%. When Jobs first got cancer in 2004, it was only 20%. --Apple is keeping quiet about Jobs' condition. When they announced his leave yesterday, Apple's stock dropped 2%. It rebounded yesterday when they announced they made a record $6 BILLION profit last quarter. (Fortune)

A Man Is Arrested After He Fights His Sister . . . For Selling Drugs To His Girlfriend:

There's just CLASSINESS all around here. Earlier this month, 25-year-old Chad Chessher of Shalimar, Florida was at home with his girlfriend . . . and she told him she'd just bought some DRUGS. From his SISTER. --Chad was furious that his sister was enabling his girlfriend's drug problem, so he went over to his sister's house to confront her. They argued and then started physically fighting. --Their fight crossed the line, though, from "siblings scrapping" to "people beating each other" . . . he headbutted her and pushed her, and she punched him in the face. --He was arrested for battery. There's no word on whether the sister will be arrested for drug dealing. (Northwest Florida Daily News)


A Man Was Shot For Eating His Friend's Cake, Or His Friend's Fries . . . No One's Sure Which:

On Monday, in Philadelphia, a 31-year-old man was SHOT by a friend for eating his food. That we know for sure. Exactly what food led to the shooting . . . well that's a mystery. --The "Philadelphia Daily News" says the food was CAKE. They say the man was in the backseat of his friend's car and started eating some cake. They argued, got out of the car . . . and the driver shot his friend in the chest. --CBS 3 in Philadelphia has a different report. THEY say the man was in the backseat and started eating some of his friend's FRENCH FRIES. They argued, got out of the car . . . and the driver shot his friend in the chest. --The "Daily News" is taking a hard stance that their cake story is correct. They interviewed an investigator who said it was cake, not fries. BUT . . . that investigator wanted to stay anonymous, which hurts their credibility a little bit. --Whether it was a cake- or fry-induced shooting, it was bad . . . the man was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. --His friend is still on the run. (Philadelphia Daily News / CBS 3 - Philadelphia)

Two Men Ice Fishing In Michigan Are Attacked By "A Female Wielding a Fish":

If there was ever going to be an ICE-FISHING BRAWL, this is juuuuust about how I'd picture it going down. --On Saturday, two men in their early 20s were ice fishing at Black Lake, which is in Norton Shores, Michigan. (--If you don't know what ice fishing is, it's when you go out onto a frozen lake, make a little hole in the ice, and then fish through the hole.) --A 29-year-old woman from Fruitport, Michigan was also out ice fishing on the lake. (--Her name wasn't released.) And she was upset that the guys had set up their ice fishing shanty too close to her ice fishing shanty. --So she walked over to the guys, told them she needed to relieve her bladder and was going to do it on the ice . . . and she asked them to look away. When they turned their heads, she ATTACKED. --According to the police, the men were attacked by, quote, "a female wielding a fish." That's right. The woman had brought a fish with her and started smacking the men in the backs of their heads with it. --The police came to the scene, but the men decided not to press charges. (Muskegon Chronicle)


Here we go again. I think they do this every year, but Iran has banned the production of all Valentine's Day gifts or decorations, to stop the corrupting influence of Western culture. (Full Story)

Forget all the Snoop, Dre, and NWA you listened to during your rebellious, white, suburban adolescence: Compton is now a safe place to live! And by that we mean murders are down 75% over the last 20 years. (Full Story)

A man in Laos said he killed his pregnant wife with an axe . . . so he could use the fetus to make a lucky lottery charm? (Full Story)

A monk was stopped at an airport win Greece with the skeleton of a nun in his luggage. But don't worry . . . he says it's the remains of a saint. He's been arrested for theft and desecration. (Full Story)


#1.) Rob Lowe Drops F-Bombs and Punches People in the New Promo for "Parks and Recreation":

"Parks and Recreation" returns to NBC's line-up tomorrow night, and the new promo on is ridiculous . . . and also FILLED with profanity. --ROB LOWE joined the cast at the end of last season, and in the promo he starts dropping F-bombs and assaulting the other cast members when he finds out that he hasn't been on TV for five months.
(--WARNING: This video includes the F-word ten times and "a**hole".)
(--Search for "Rob Lowe goes nuts")

#2.) Here's A Ten-Foot-Tall Drunk Puppet at an Irish Street Festival:

The best thing about street fairs is that you can drink . . . outside . . . in the street. And in Ireland, nothing says 'street fair' like a scary ten-foot-tall puppet walking around acting hammered. --That's what a guy did recently in the Irish town of Dromore. If you don't believe me, check it out on YouTube. --The puppet looks like a taller version of Statler and Waldorf, the old hecklers from "The Muppet Show". Except with a severe drinking problem. (--Search for "Giant puppet Arthur")

#3.) A Singer Slapped His Guitarist For Playing a Horrible Guitar Solo:

There's a video on YouTube of a horrible foreign rock band performing at a low-rent concert, and after the guitarist plays an absolutely awful guitar solo, the lead singer SMACKS him.
(--Search for "singer slaps guitarist over solo")

#4.) Some Idiot Did a Backflip Off a Two-Story Building . . . And Contrary to What He Said Afterward, He Was NOT Okay:

There's a video on of some idiot who decided to do a backflip off the roof of a two story building. And right before he does it, everyone on the ground says it's a bad idea. --But he does it anyway and hits the ground HARD. Then he gets up and pretends he's okay . . . but he OBVIOUSLY isn't.
(--WARNING: This video includes the S-word the N-word.)
(--Search for "failed backflip off two-story roof". He jumps at 1:02.)
The Best Months to Buy Things in 2011:

You can save a lot of money if you buy things when they're off-season. So if you're planning a big purchase, you might want to hold off for a few months. Here are the best things to buy throughout the year . . .

This month Is a Good Time to Buy . . . Bikes and sporting goods because retailers have to bring in new inventory and slash prices on old stuff. --And it's also a good month to buy an air conditioner, because NO ONE is buying an air conditioner this month.

February Is a Good Month to Buy . . . Digital cameras, because most of the big electronics trade shows will be over by then. That means all the new models will be available in stores, and the old models will cost less. --Chocolate is also cheaper after February 14th . . . for obvious reasons.

March Is a Good Month to Buy . . . Winter clothing, because winter is almost over. And luggage, because it's not a popular time of year for traveling. --Boat show season also ends in March, so if you're in the market for a YACHT, wait a few months.

April is a Good Month to Buy . . . Car parts and sneakers. And vacuum cleaners go on sale because the new models arrive in June.

May is a Good Month to Buy . . . Patio furniture and party supplies. And cookware goes on sale because of all the upcoming graduations and weddings.

June is a Good Month to Buy . . . Gym memberships, because the weather is nice. It's also a good month to buy tools and men's suits, which both go on sale for Father's Day. --April, May, and June are also good months to find sale prices on TVs that are manufactured in Japan, because the fiscal year for most Japanese companies ends in March.

July Is a Good Month to Buy . . . Furniture, because stores start trying to push their old inventory.

August Is a Good Month to Buy . . . Camping equipment, because it takes up a lot of space, and stores won't have room for it during the holidays. --And laptops, which go on sale in August because that's when recent high school graduates are about to leave for college.

September Is a Good Month to Buy . . . Cars, because you can still find last year's model on the lot, but it'll be a lot cheaper than earlier in the year.

October Is a Good Month to Buy . . . Jeans, because there's always a lot of leftover inventory from the back-to-school sales.

November Is a Good Month to Buy . . . A new TV, because there are good sales leading up to Christmas, and the technology isn't outdated yet.

And December Is a Good Month to Buy . . . Anything wedding-related, which is convenient if you're going home for the holidays and want to do some wedding planning with your mom. (


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