Thursday, July 14, 2011


Is Ryan Reynolds Dating Charlize Theron . . . His Ex-Wife Scarlett Johansson . . . Or Both?

RYAN REYNOLDS is apparently juggling two chicks at once. And not just any two chicks: We're talkin' CHARLIZE THERON and his ex-wife, SCARLETT JOHANSSON. --Ryan and Scarlett's divorce was finalized less than two weeks ago . . . but Saturday night, they were spotted at a restaurant in Los Angeles called Little Dom's. --A source says, quote, "Scarlett was being very flirty with him. The way Ryan looked at her, you could tell he still has feelings. --"Scarlett kept pinching Ryan's cheeks and caressing his face, and . . . Ryan would rub her back periodically. Something's definitely up." --But "Us Weekly" says Ryan and Charlize have been dating for several months now. A source says, quote, "They're exclusive, and it's very hush-hush."

Renee Zellweger: Is John Stamos Dattin' That?

JOHN STAMOS may be enjoying RENEE ZELLWEGER. Two people reported seeing them at Disneyland on Monday. --One says, quote, "They were having a great time laughing and dancing as they walked from one ride to another. They looked really close and both very happy." --The funny thing is, both witnesses say they initially didn't recognize Renee. She and John were trying NOT to be noticed, but John was apparently less successful at it. --Both people asked Renee to take a picture of them with John . . . and only realized who she was AFTER the fact. --One of them says, quote, "We actually didn't recognize her until they were leaving, and she handed my phone back to us!" --John seems to have a thing for Disneyland. It's where he took ex-wife REBECCA ROMIJN on their first date . . . and where they first had sex. They always made it a point to spend a week there every year.

And Now . . . A Female Marine Has Asked Justin Timberlake to Go to Her Marine Corps Ball . . . While Mila Kunis May Not Be Able to Make It:

In a display of perfect timing, a female Marine posted a YouTube video asking JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE to attend HER Marine Corps Ball in Washington, D.C. --Corporal Kelsey De Santis says, quote, "So, Justin, want to call out my girl Mila? Well, I'm gonna call you out and ask you to come to the Marine Corps ball with me on November 12. --"And if you can't go, all I have to say is, 'cry me a river'. Hit me up." (--Here's the video. Massive props to Corporal De Santis for being the first woman to jump on this opportunity. Justin pretty much HAS TO say yes, doesn't he?) --Marine Sergeant Scott Moore started all this chaos when he posted a YouTube video asking MILA KUNIS to the Marine Corps Ball in North Carolina on November 18th. --In an interview with Fox News earlier this week, Justin told Mila she HAD TO accept, so she did. But now there's a possible hitch. --Yesterday, "Access Hollywood" reported that Mila will be filming two movies at that time, so she actually might not be able to make it. Instead, she'll meet with Scott personally some time after he returns from Afghanistan. --But this may not even be worth talking about . . . because Mila's people are supposedly working to make sure she CAN fit the ball into her schedule.

Olivia Wilde Says Divorce Has Made Her a Better Actress:

Divorce can have many unintended consequences . . . not all of them bad. OLIVIA WILDE says it has made her a better actress. --She tells "Marie Claire" magazine, quote, "It makes you a more empathetic person, and I think it's made me a better actress. --"Weakness is something we don't like to admit we have. We hold it against people, until we experience it, and then we feel more compassion for it." --Olivia says that even the creator of her Fox show "House", has noticed . . . quote, "He said, 'You should get divorced every year; your acting's never been better."

Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Getting Married Soon?

This is nothing but a completely baseless rumor at this point, but we might as well throw it out there: "Us Weekly" says BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE are going to get married sometime within the next few months.
John Mayer Quit Twitter Because It Made His Mind Smaller:

During a recent clinic at Boston's Berklee College of Music, JOHN MAYER told students why he quit Twitter. --He said, quote, "I realized about a year ago that I couldn't have a complete thought anymore, and I was a tweetaholic. I had four million Twitter followers, and I was always writing on it. --"And I stopped using Twitter as an outlet and I started using Twitter as the instrument to riff on, and it started to make my mind smaller and smaller and smaller. And I couldn't write a song."

Oprah Is Learning How to Swim:

Apparently OPRAH WINFREY is working on her bucket list . . . or should I say her VISION BOARD . . . now that she doesn't do her show anymore. First up: Learning how to swim. --She recently Tweeted, quote, "Started out the week taking swimming lessons. Moving beyond my amateur doggy paddle. Learned the breast stroke today." --She added, quote, "Over a year ago I pulled a picture from O mag of a woman gliding through water. It was such a striking image of freedom and possibility I put it on my vision board (which I've still not completed). --"Today when I finished my swimming lesson I passed the vision board lying on the table where it's been since 2009. I had an aha moment. I had just become that woman, gliding through the water!"

Charlie Sheen is Not Dead . . . Yet:

I'm surprised at the scarcity of "CHARLIE SHEEN is dead" rumors this year. I expected way more. --Well, we do have one at the moment. It's been circulating the Internet since yesterday . . . and needless to say, it's not true. --Charlie's rep said, quote, "Reports of Mr. Sheen's demise have been greatly exaggerated." --And Charlie himself Tweeted, quote, "Warlock: long nap…very much alive."

Steelers Linebacker James Harrison Rips NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a New One:

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker JAMES HARRISON lit into NFL Commissioner ROGER GOODELL in the new issue of "Men's Journal". But it's got nothing to do with the NFL lockout. --Harrison is jacked about all the new fines for questionable hits . . . because he's had to pay quite a few of them himself. --He says, quote, "Up until last year, there was no word of me being dirty . . . till Roger Goodell, who's a crook and a puppet, said I was the dirtiest player in the league. (--CAREFUL!) --"If that man was on fire and I had to piss to put him out, I wouldn't do it. I hate him and will never respect him." (--Harrison also referred to Goodell as a DEVIL and a DICTATOR.) --Harrison is also still steaming over the Patriots knocking the Steelers out of the playoffs in 2004 . . . the year they got caught stealing other teams' signals. And he used that as another excuse to pile on Goodell. --He said, quote, "I should have another ring. We were the best team in football in 2004, but the Patriots, who we beat during the regular season, stole our signals and picked up 90% of our blitzes. --"They got busted for it later, but, hey, they're Goodell's boys, so he slapped 'em $500,000 and burned the tapes. Was he going to rescind their Super Bowls? Man, hell no!" --Harrison also had some harsh word for his own teammates. --He called RASHARD MENDENHALL a "fumble machine" . . . and blasted BEN ROETHLISBERGER for throwing two interceptions in the Steelers' loss to the Packers in this year's Super Bowl. --He said, quote, "Hey, at least throw a pick on their side of the field instead of asking the D to bail you out again. Or hand the ball off and stop trying to act like PEYTON MANNING. --"You ain't that and you know it, man; you just get paid like he does." --But Harrison held up fellow Steelers defender TROY POLAMALU as, quote, "the one guy in football I respect absolutely, 'cause he's spiritual and he lives it like he talks it."


The Final Harry Potter Movie Hits Theaters Tomorrow:

#1.) "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2" (PG-13) (Trailer 1) (Trailer 2)

The final "Harry Potter" is a lot more action-packed than "Deathly Hallows Part 1". Dumbledore is dead, the Ministry of Magic has fallen, Voldemort is about to lay siege to Hogwarts, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione are still running for their lives. --This is the only "Harry Potter" to be filmed in 3D. (--Here's a video recap of the last movie.) And you should probably also familiarize yourself with these magical terms:

Horcrux: In the "Harry Potter" books, it's an object of dark magic where someone conceals a piece of their soul. And that's how Voldemort keeps coming back to life.

Voldemort split HIS soul into seven pieces. By the end of the last movie Harry had succeeded in destroying three of them, which leaves four more to find and destroy before Voldemort can be killed once and for all. (Horcruxes)

Deathly Hallows: These are three extremely powerful items that allow the bearer to conquer death. They are . . . the Resurrection Stone, Harry's Cloak of Invisibility, and the Elder Wand that Voldemort acquired at the end of the last film.

#2.) "Winnie the Pooh" (G)

John Cleese is the narrator, and you'll recognize Craig Ferguson as the voice of Owl. You'll want to pay attention to Rabbit's voice too. He's played by Tom Kenny, the guy who's the voice of "Spongebob Squarepants". --Pooh and Tigger are both done by a gentleman named Jim Cummings, who's been doing them for over 20 years. As a sidenote, he was also the voice of Darkwing Duck back in the '90s. --That's Keane's "Somewhere Only We Know" in the trailer, but the "Winnie the Pooh" theme song is performed by Zooey Deschanel. She has a total of three songs in the movie that she performs along with her She & Him partner M. Ward. (Trailer)


In honor of the final "Harry Potter" movie, we try to sort through the jumbled Latin nonsense the characters use to make magic, and the mottos of our nation's best universities. Here we go:

#1.) Expecto Patronum. (ex-PECK-to puh-TROH-num)
Harry Potter Spell: A protective spell that conjures up a Patronus (spirit animal) to scare away Dementors.

#2.) Meliora. (mel-e-OR-uh) . . .
College Motto: It means "ever better" and is the motto of the University of Rochester.

#3.) Lumos. (LOU mohs)
Harry Potter Spell: It lights up the end of your wand so you can see in a dark room.

#4.) Lux Libertas (LUCKS LIB-er-tahs)
College Motto: The motto of the University of North Carolina, it means "Light, liberty".

#5.) Oculus Reparo. (OCK-u-liss ree-PARE-oh)
Harry Potter Spell: Hermione uses it to fix Harry's glasses.

#6.) Expelliarmus. (ecks-PELL-ee-arm-us)
Harry Potter Spell: It knocks another wizard's wand out of his hand.

#7.) In deo speramus (in DAY-o spare-AH-mis)
College motto: Brown University's motto. "In God we hope".

#8.) Vox clamantis (vocks clam-AN-tis)
College motto: The first half of Dartmouth's motto "vox clamantis in deserto" which means "A voice crying in the wilderness".

#9.) Liberacorpus. (LIB-ur-uh-COR-pis)
Harry Potter Spell: It's the antidote to a spell that causes a person to hang upside down in midair.

#10.) Numen Lumen (NEW-min LEW-min)
College motto: The University of Wisconsin's motto. "God, our light"

In honor of the final "Harry Potter" movie, we try to sort through the jumbled Latin nonsense the characters use to make magic, and legal terms that form the backbone of our judicial system. Here we go:

#1.) Corpus delicti (COR-pis duh-LIC-tee)
Legal term: The principle that the prosecution must prove a crime has been committed before someone can be convicted of the crime.

#2.) Meteolojinx Recanto (MEE-tee-OL-uh-jinks re-CAN-toh)
Harry Potter spell: Antidote to spells that change the weather.

#3.) Avizandum (av-viz-ZAN-dum)
Legal term: Used in Scotland, it gives a judge some time to think about the arguments before making a decision. We usually call it "deliberation".

#4.) Morsmorde (morz-MOR-druh).
Harry Potter spell: It conjures up the dark mark of Voldemort.

#5.) Evanesco (EV-uh-NES-co)
Harry Potter Spell: A vanishing spell.

#6.) Densaugeo (den-SAW-jee-oh)
Harry Potter Spell: Causes the victim's teeth to grow at an alarming rate.

#7.) Deodand (DAY-oh-dand)
Legal term: An object that must be forfeited, because it caused someone's death.

#8.) Functus officio (FUNK-tis oh-FISH-e-oh)
Legal term: Someone who no longer has any authority, because they've completed their service to the court, like a lower court after an appeals court takes the case.

#9.) Diffindo (di-FIN-doh)
Harry Potter Spell: Cuts or rips objects. Usually used when one of the main characters are tied up.

#10.) Seriatim (sare-ee-AH-tim)
Legal term: Indicates that a court is addressing several issues, in order.


This one is from our friends at "Mental Floss". In honor of the final "Harry Potter" movie, we try to sort through the jumbled Latin nonsense the characters use to make magic, and medical terms for body parts. Here we go:

#1.) Torus Levatorius (TORE-is lev-i-TOR-e-us)
Body part: The bulge behind your nasal cavity.

#2.) Infundibulum. (in-fun-DIB-u-lim)
Body part: A funnel shaped tube in the body, like the fallopian tubes.

#3.) Salvio Hexia (SAL-vee-o HEX-e-uh)
Harry Potter Spell: Protects an area from hexes.

#4.) Furnunculus (fur-NONE-cue-lis)
Harry Potter Spell: Causes someone to break out in boils.

#5.) Piertotum Locomotor (peer-TOTE-im lo-co-MO-tor)
Harry Potter Spell: Makes statues and suits of armor move like people.

#6.) Cauda Equina (COW-da eh-KWE-nuh)
Body part: Bundle of spinal nerves near the bottom.

#7.) Levicorpus (leh-vee-COR-pis)
Harry Potter spell: Causes a person to dangle in the air upside down.

#8.) Sella Turcica (SELL-uh TER-see-cuh)
Body part: Saddle-shaped depression at the base of the skull.

#9.) Incarcerous (in-CAR-sir-us)
Harry Potter Spell: Causes ropes to come to life and tie up a victim.

#10.) Conus Medullaris (CONE-is meh-dull-AR-iss)
Body part: Tapering at the bottom of the spine.


This one is from our friends at "Mental Floss". In honor of the final "Harry Potter" movie, we try to sort through which odd sounding name is of a minor character from the series and which are hideous skin conditions. Here we go:

#1.) Marvolo Gaunt
Harry Potter character: Voldemort's grandfather.

#2.) Muckle Wells
Skin disease: A genetic disease causing hives that can lead to hearing loss and kidney damage.

#3.) Venous Lakes
Skin disease: Blue-green patches around the lips, ears and face, caused by sun exposure.

#4.) Marasmus
Skin disease: Dry skin and loose skin folds, caused by protein deficiency.

#5.) Bole
Harry Potter character: One of the beaters on the Slytherin Quidditch team.

#6.) Cutis Laxa
Skin disease: Causes patches of skin to hang in loose folds.

#7.) Andromeda Tonks
Harry Potter character: A witch who married a Muggle and got disowned from her magical family. Muggles are people with no magic ability, as if you didn't know.

#8.) Aurora Sinistra
Harry Potter character: Astronomy teacher at Hogwarts.

#9.) Eccrine Nevus
Skin disease: Causes increase in size and number of one type of secretion gland.

#10.) Flavius Belby
Harry Potter character: Famous wizard who invented the spell to defeat creatures called lethifolds. That spell is better known as the Patronus charm.
Tom Felton Tried Out for the Parts of Both Harry Potter and Ron Weasley:

Before snagging the role of Draco Malfoy in the "Harry Potter" movies, TOM FELTON actually tried out for Harry. Then, he auditioned to play Ron Weasley. But he's glad everything worked out the way it did. --He says, quote, "I'm very grateful I am in the film at all, but even more grateful that I got the character of Draco. --"I think Rupert Grint and Dan Radcliffe, there's no question in my mind, there's no one else in the world that, A) could have played the character better, but B) could have handled the behind-the-scenes pressure those guys have dealt with over the last decade." --He adds, quote, "There was a great sense of kind of being on a team, and Daniel kind of flew that flag from day one." --Speaking of "Harry Potter" . . . the final installment has already reached $32 million in advance ticket sales . . . which is more than any other movie ever. --It opens tomorrow. Of course, the HARDCORE fans will be lining up TONIGHT for a shot at a midnight screening.

Movies That Should Not Be Made: The "Evil Dead" Remake:

I was perfectly willing to give the "Evil Dead" remake a chance. --I mean, SAM RAIMI, BRUCE CAMPBELL and producer ROB TAPERT are all overseeing it to make sure it gets done right. I really expected it to have a shot at being better than the average Hollywood horror remake. --But then, the "Hollywood Reporter" said this . . . quote, "Director Fede Alvarez wrote the script with Rodo Sayagues and now DIABLO CODY is revising it." --Game FRICKIN' Over, man. The "Evil Dead" remake has officially become a MOVIE THAT SHOULD NOT BE MADE.

--Here are the three reasons why:

#1.) Diablo Cody is revising the script.
#2.) Diablo Cody is revising the script.
#3.) Diablo Cody is revising the script.

(--Yeah, Diablo Cody won an Oscar. But for what? For crafting the character of a pregnant teenage girl who acts and talks just like . . . A 30-YEAR-OLD WRITER. Wow, brilliant. And don't even get me started on "Jennifer's Body".) (--It's still too early to judge, but this movie might already be dead to me.)

Natasha Lyonne Has Joined the Cast of "American Reunion":

Here's something I just learned today: NATASHA LYONNE is still alive. And she just joined the cast of the "American Pie" sequel, "American Reunion". (--She's the chick who played Tara Reid's friend Jessica . . . the one who taught her how to pleasure herself.) --That means pretty much the entire main cast from the original will be back. -We haven't heard anything official about SHANNON ELIZABETH, but she's on the cast list at the Internet Movie Database ( (--One guy who's not listed . . . and this is kinda sad . . . is JOHN CHO. In the original "American Pie", he taught us what a MILF is. But he was only a minor character, so it wouldn't be surprising if he didn't come back.)

Clint Eastwood's Son Has Joined the Cast of the New "Texas Chainsaw Massacre":

CLINT EASTWOOD'S 25-year-old son SCOTT has joined the cast of the 3D reboot of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". He actually has the lead role, and the plan is to make a trilogy. --Scott has already appeared in several movies, including his dad's flicks "Flags of Our Fathers", "Gran Torino" and "Invictus". (--Hey, there's no shame in getting your feet wet in horror flicks. In fact, Clint's very first role was a bit part in the "Creature from the Black Lagoon" sequel, "Revenge of the Creature" in 1955. Check out video here.) (--That same year, he appeared as a fighter pilot in another monster classic, "Tarantula". Here's video. Clint has an oxygen mask on, but when he speaks, you'll recognize his voice. Fast-forward to about 2:50.)

Arnold Schwarzenegger Did a Western Back in 1979 . . . Check Out the Trailer:

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER'S next movie is going to be a Western. That may seem like an odd fit, but believe it or not, this won't be Arnold's first cowboy movie. In 1979, he did one called "The Villain" with KIRK DOUGLAS. --It was basically a live-action "Roadrunner" cartoon, with Douglas . . . playing the bad guy . . . spending most of the movie on the receiving end of Wile E. Coyote-style slapstick abuse. --Nobody really knew who Arnold was at the time. This was still three years before "Conan the Barbarian". (--Check out a trailer here.)

Chris Colfer, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith Are Definitely Leaving "Glee" After This Season:

"Glee" creator Ryan Murphy wasn't bluffing about letting his cast graduate off the show naturally. Yesterday, he announced that this would be the last season for three stars: Chris Colfer, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith. --Regardless of how "shocking" this may be, they weren't going to play high school kids forever. Chris is 21 . . . Lea will be 25 next month . . . and Cory is 29. --Murphy said, quote, "You can keep them on the show for six years and people will criticize you for not being realistic, or you can be really true to life . . . that was more real, I felt it was more responsible and true to the fans." --More characters will also be graduating after this season. They'll be revealed on the season premiere September 20th. Murphy wouldn't reveal any more names . . . he just said, quote, "More characters are leaving than are staying." --By the way, Murphy also said that he's meeting CHORD OVERSTREET soon to discuss a return to the show. Some fans freaked out when the news broke that his option wasn't picked up . . . but Murphy said they always intended for him to return. --He added that the writers HAVE been writing him in to upcoming episodes.

Thursday TV Reminders: (--Check your local listings.)

--"So You Think You Can Dance" [Results Show] . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on Fox. (--Nicole Scherzinger and Jason Samuels Smith perform.)

--"Big Brother 13" [Eviction Night] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on CBS.

--"Burn Notice" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on USA. (--WWE star The Big Show guest stars as himself.)

--"Sweet Home Alabama" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on CMT. (--A country version of "The Bachelorette", with a Southern belle trying to find the man of her dreams by choosing between 10 city guys and 10 country studs.)

--"4th & Forever" [1st Season Finale] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Current TV.

--"Texas Women" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on CMT. (--A "Real Housewives" rip-off set in the Lone Star state of Texas.)

--"Louie" . . . 10:30 to 11:00 P.M. on FX. (--Joan Rivers guests as herself and gives Louie some words of wisdom after he bombs at an Atlantic City performance.)

--"The Green Room with Paul Provenza" [2nd Season Premiere] . . . 11:00 to 11:30 P.M. on Showtime. (--Ray Romano, Garry Shandling, Judd Apatow, Bo Burnham and Marc Maron guest.)

Hero of the Day: Dave Grohl Sees a Man Fighting at a Foo Fighters Show . . . Gives Him a Piece of His Mind . . . and Kicks Him Out:

It sucks when you're trying to enjoy a concert and some jackasses start fighting in the crowd. It's annoying, it's distracting, and it can take the fun out of the show. Unfortunately, a lot of time nobody does anything about it. --Well, DAVE GROHL did something about it the other night . . . and he went all out. --Someone started brawling while the FOO FIGHTERS were performing "Skin and Bones" in London on Monday night. When Dave saw the commotion, he stopped the band . . . and called the guy out. --He shouted, quote, "Hey, mother[effers] . . . stop, stop . . . no, no, no, no, no . . . You don't [effing] fight at my show, you [A-hole]. Who's that right there? Let me see him, who's fightin' right now? Let me see him. --"It's that [effing] guy in the striped shirt right there . . . hey . . . look at me right here mother[effer], look at me, look at me. Get the [eff] out of my show right now! Get the [eff] out!" --As the crowd cheered him on, Dave dropped this classic line: Quote, "You don't come to my show and fight, you come to my show and [effin'] dance, you [A-hole]!" --He added, quote, "I don't put up with that [B.S.]. You people come here to have a good time and that guy can [eff] off!" Then the band started playing again, while the crowd chanted Dave's name. (--Here's video. WARNING: There's a TON of UNCENSORED PROFANITY.)
Former Queens of the Stone Age Bassist Nick Oliveri Was Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence After a Five-Hour Standoff with Police:

Former QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE bassist NICK OLIVERI was arrested late Tuesday night . . . after a five-hour standoff with the police. --Here's what went down: The cops were called to Nick's home in Hollywood on a disturbance complaint. When they arrived, Nick would not let them in . . . and he was holding his estranged girlfriend against her will inside. --The woman claims Nick had struck her during an argument the night before . . . and she was just coming back to collect her things. They got into it again, and that's when Nick locked her inside. --A S.W.A.T. team was called, and two-and-a-half hours later, Nick finally released the girl unharmed. After another two-and-a-half hours, he surrendered. --He was booked on felony domestic violence, and his bail was set at $100,000. As far as we know, he's still in custody. --For what it's worth, TMZ claims cops found a "high-powered loaded rifle" when they entered Nick's house after he gave himself up. But that hasn't been confirmed by the police. --Nick was fired from Queens of the Stone Age in 2004.

People Are Mad That Lady Gaga Performed in a Wheelchair in Sydney . . . and Somebody Even Tried to Egg Her After the Show:

LADY GAGA had a gig in Sydney, Australia, on Wednesday night . . . and at some point during the show, she wheeled onstage in a wheelchair. (--Here's some camera phone footage of it.) --Naturally, there are people who are TOTALLY up in arms about this . . . like everything else Lady Gaga does for attention and / or art. --The founder of the Rolls On Foundation . . . a disability advocacy group . . . said, quote, "I haven't seen Lady Gaga's performance, but respect her artistic expression as an artist . . . --"[But] I invite her to learn more about the 5.6 million Americans who live with paralysis. They, like me, unfortunately, don't use a wheelchair for shock value." --People who DID see the show were also upset. According to the British tabloids, some "fans" who attended the show were so offended, that they tracked Lady Gaga down at a club after the show, and EGGED her. (???) --She wasn't hit by any of the eggs, but some members of her entourage were. (--Here's a picture of Lady Gaga performing in a wheelchair, plus a random shot of an unknown person with egg on them.)

Beyoncé's "4" is #1 for a Second Week:

BEYONCÉ didn't have any significant competition on the "Billboard" album chart this week. She held onto the #1 spot by selling another 115,000 copies of her fourth album, "4". --In fact, there was only one new album that debuted in the Top 40 this week. LLOYD'S "King of Hearts" hit #10, with a mere 26,000 copies.

1.) "4", Beyoncé (115,000 copies)

2.) "21", Adele (79,000 copies)

3.) "When the Sun Goes Down", Selena Gomez & the Scene (44,000 copies)

Nicki Minaj Denies That She Was Assaulted:

Yesterday, we heard that a man "struck" NICKI MINAJ her during a fight at a Dallas hotel on Monday . . . but that Nicki declined to press charges. Now, Nicki is denying the whole thing. --She Tweeted, quote, "The fact that u believe a man either slapped or punched me in the face & didn't leave on a stretcher with his [privates] hangin off? Get [an effin'] life. --"The media could pee on ur leg and tell u it's raining. You'd believe it. You'd believe u were an adopted martian if TMZ told u so. Stop it." --TMZ claimed that Nicki was in an extended "heated argument" with the unidentified man before he allegedly hit her in the lip. --And apparently, Nicki WAS hit in the lip . . . but it was an accident. --A police spokesperson said, quote, "We responded to her and a friend arguing over a suitcase, and one of them let go and it hit her in the lip." --TMZ says the cops told them that the alleged "attacker" was her assistant.

Showbiz Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

Score! PAULA ABDUL'S current boyfriend is a recovering heroin addict with a long rap sheet. His mother even wrote and published a book about it. (Full Story)

DANIEL BALDWIN filed for divorce yesterday, saying his wife is an abusive alcoholic who threatened to kill him. (Full Story) Later in the day, she was picked up for a parole violation. (Full Story)

Is JENNIFER ANISTON'S new boyfriend seeing his ex-girlfriend behind her back? (Full Story)

LEVI JOHNSTON'S 18-year-old sister MERCEDE . . . (--there's no "s" on the end) . . . did a four-page NUDE pictorial for the September issue of "Playboy". (Full Story)

A gay rights group is slamming CHRIS BROWN for allegedly slinging gay slurs during a pickup basketball game a few weeks ago. It should be noted, however, that there's no video of the alleged offense. The info comes from the "Star" tabloid . . . who, of course, got it from an anonymous source. (Full Story)

Ho-hum. Some reporter who tried to interview LINDSAY LOHAN says she acted like a diva. (Full Story)

Check out the new trailer for "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows".

KAL PENN is leaving his post at the White House's Office of Public Engagement to take a recurring role on "How I Met Your Mother". This reunites him with NEIL PATRICK HARRIS, who appeared in both "Harold and Kumar" movies.

A judge has ruled that "South Park" did not infringe on anyone's copyright when it made fun of the "What What (In the Butt)" YouTube phenomenon. (Full Story) (--Here's the "South Park" version, featuring Butters.)

LIL WAYNE has been nominated for induction into the International Bowling Hall of Fame. (???) Other celebrities have been too, including Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Michael Jordan and Justin Bieber. All they had to do to qualify is "help popularize the sport of bowling." (Full Story)

KID ROCK is "not sure" if he'll back PRESIDENT OBAMA in 2012 like he did in 2008. He says, quote, "We don't need a bunch of pot-smoking hippies, and we don't need a bunch of Bible Belters [for leaders]." (Full Story)

RIHANNA covered LYNYRD SKYNYRD'S "Sweet Home Alabama" at a benefit concert in Birmingham on Monday night. (Video)

DAVID HASSELHOFF, Kathy Griffin, Mike Tyson, and New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush will appear on the upcoming reality series, "Same Name". It premieres on Sunday, July 24th. (Full Story, with video)

Now we have a trailer for the upcoming "Real Housewives of the Bible" DVD, and unlike Bravo's "Real Housewives" shows, this one is completely fictionalized. (Video)


American Women are Only the 11th Most Stressed in the World:

It's tough being a woman in America. Juggling a job, a family, AND having to orient your entire schedule around "The Bachelorette" would stress anyone out. --Well . . . at least you don't live in India. Right? --According to a global study by the Nielsen Company, women in India are the most stressed women in the world . . . BY FAR. --87% of Indian women say they feel stressed most of the time. Coming in second are the women of Mexico: 74% of them say they're stressed. --The rest of the top 10 are Russia, Brazil, Spain, France, South Africa, Italy, Nigeria, Turkey, and the U.K. That's actually 11 countries altogether, because South Africa and Italy are tied at 65%. --American women came in 11th. 53% say they're stressed most of the time. --The women of Sweden and Malaysia tied for the least-stressed in the world. Only 44% of the women in those countries say they're stressed most of the time. (Time)

North Dakota Just Found Out That It's Not Actually a State:

Two Dakotas was probably too much anyway. --82-year-old John Rolczynski lives in Grand Forks, North Dakota. For some reason, he was reading through the state constitution. And he found a pretty big twist: Based on how it's worded, North Dakota ISN'T ACTUALLY A STATE. --To be recognized as a state by the federal government, the constitution has to specifically establish that the state has a governor. North Dakota's constitution doesn't do that. It never mentions a governor. --That puts the state constitution in conflict with the U.S. Constitution. Technically, that makes it invalid. Without a state constitution, it's not a state. So really, North Dakota has just been a TERRITORY all this time. --Of course, this is all a technicality. And it's not like all the flags are going to get redone with 49 stars or anything like that. --Now that North Dakota has found out about the problem with their constitution, they're working to change it to make sure they're OFFICIALLY a state. (Gawker)

Coal Executives Say Mining Isn't to Blame For Birth Defects in West Virginia . . . Inbreeding Is:

A study came out last month that linked birth defects in West Virginia and the Appalachian region to the coal mining industry. Kids born in areas with heavy mining had disproportionately high birth defect rates. --The National Mining Association, which represents the biggest coal executives in the country, fired back. And by fired back, we mean . . . they played DIRTY. --In their response, their lawyers wrote, quote, "The study failed to account for consanguinity (--kon sang gwin uh tee), one of the most prominent sources of birth defects." What's consanguinity? That's a fancy word for INBREEDING. --In other words, the coal execs said their mining isn't causing birth defects in West Virginia . . . the fact that West Virginians reproduce with their FAMILY MEMBERS is the problem. --That line was up on the lawyers' website for over a week. After a reporter at the "Charleston Gazette" pointed it out, it was quickly removed. --And, for what it's worth, a study in 1980 proved that there's no more inbreeding in the Appalachian region than any other specific area of the U.S. (Mother Jones)

The Percentage of Children in the U.S. Population Has Hit an All-Time Low:

For the first time ever, fewer than one out of every four Americans is a child. --As of the 2010 Census, only 24% of the U.S. population is under 18. That's the lowest percentage ever, beating the previous low of 26% in 1990. --Of course, it's not because we're having fewer kids. Between 2000 and 2010, the number of children in the country grew at a 2.6% rate, meaning there are about 1.9 million more kids now than there were a decade ago. --No, the reason kids make up a smaller portion of the country is because we're doing such a damn good job of keeping adults alive. --The percentage of people age 65 and older is up to 13% today . . . and should get to 20% by 2050. One century ago, only 4% of the population was over 65. (Associated Press)

Website of the Day: Crazy Stories About Random Famous People Meeting Each Other:

This isn't that much of a pop culture website . . . it's really more in the "historical nerd" genre . . . but it's worth a look. The site's called Historical Meetups and features crazy stories about random meetings between famous people. --The best one's a story about ANDRE THE GIANT and the famous writer SAMUEL BECKETT. Apparently, Beckett used to give Andre rides to school in France, because Andre was too huge to fit in a school bus. Which is ridiculous, and awesome.

A 43-Year-Old Black Man in Pennsylvania is Being Harassed . . . Because His Name is "Casey Anthony":

Ain't this JUST like America, man. A 25-year-old white woman gets away with murder and people immediately start blaming it on the black man. --There's a 43-year-old black guy in Darby, Pennsylvania who's absorbing far, far more than his share of the grief targeted at CASEY ANTHONY. The reason? His name ALSO happens to be Casey Anthony. --According to this Casey, the day when the female Casey was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter, his life, quote, "went crazy." --Strangers flooded to his Facebook page. Hundreds of people posted furious messages on his wall. Quote, "They were making comments about the verdict, who am I to take a child's life?" --That's right. These people knew Casey Anthony was acquitted . . . but apparently, didn't realize she's a 25-year-old white woman in Florida and not a 43-year-old black man in Pennsylvania. So they just went OFF. --And, because male Casey hadn't set his Facebook page to private . . . and had his phone number on there . . . he was also flooded with furious calls. --He's also worried that the Casey Anthony verdict is going to haunt his family forever . . . because he's from the GEORGE FOREMAN school of child naming, and both of his sons are also named Casey Anthony. (NBC 10 - Philadelphia) (--Here's a news report about this Casey Anthony. Also, he'd be a perfect candidate for that show "Same Name" . . . as featured today in Showbiz.)

A Woman in Michigan is Suing a Man in Washington for Ending Their Facebook Romance:

Who would've guessed that a long-distance relationship entirely over Facebook could end so poorly? --Last September, 50-year-old Cheryl Gray of Livonia, Michigan was playing the Facebook game "Mafia Wars" and started talking with another player, a 35-year-old guy named Wylie Iwan in Kennewick, Washington. --They started talking over Facebook, and eventually started a Facebook romance. They talked for hours and hours a day, Cheryl sent Wylie gifts, and they would regularly say "I love you." --Finally, in March, Cheryl booked a flight to Washington to meet Wylie face-to-face. One week before the trip, he told her he'd met someone else in a bar . . . but she could still totally come visit as a, quote, "friend." --She was DEVASTATED. And now, she's SUING. --Cheryl wants $8,386.88. About $1,000 is from the gifts and the flight, the rest is for the damages caused by Wylie's misrepresentation and intentional infliction of emotional distress. --Wylie says it's ridiculous. He says that he never made Cheryl think they were in an exclusive relationship. Plus, after he told her about the other woman, she started a Facebook HATE GROUP to write nasty things about him. --He also says that Cheryl misrepresented herself: She told him she was 42, not 50. There's no word on if or when this could go to court. (Seattle Times) (--Try contacting Wylie at 509-783-3907. Check out photos of these two here.)

One in 10 Pets Now Has a Social Networking Profile:

Bad news here. If you get the genius idea to start a funny Facebook page or a Twitter feed for your dog . . . someone beat you to that idea. In fact, EVERYONE beat you to that idea. --According to a British survey . . . but one that we're pretty sure translates perfectly over here . . . one out of every ten pets now has a social networking profile. --It could be a Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, Flickr account, whatever . . . if it's a popular social networking site, people are putting their pets on there. (Daily Telegraph)

Listening to Certain Types of Music Can Help You Lose Weight?

According to a new study, one of the keys to losing weight is . . . to stop working out to amazing but slow and sad AIR SUPPLY songs. Sorry. --The study found there are two types of music you can listen to during your workout that actually help you lose weight. And they are songs with fast tempos . . . AND songs with lyrics that have motivational phrases like "work it," "stronger," or "I believe." (--In other words, MISSY ELLIOTT'S "Work It", KANYE WEST'S "Stronger", or any of the "American Idol" victory songs.) --When upbeat and motivational songs are playing people put more energy into their workouts, exercise for a longer amount of time, AND don't feel as tired. (ABC 7 - Los Angeles)

Rich People Are Just Like Us! They Pocket All the Soap at Luxury Hotels:

It turns out rich people ARE just like us. They may stay in better hotels than us, but when they're leaving their room . . . they steal the soap too. --The latest issue of "Town and Country" magazine reports that guests at luxury hotels regularly take the soap, despite the fact that the people staying there could easily afford to buy their own. --One possible reason is that the soap is way better in fancy hotels. While you're more than happy to steal the tiny grey bars of Motel 6 soap for your guest bathroom, expensive hotels offer name brands, like Acqua di Parma, Bulgari, Hermes, and L'Occitane. --Vanessa Friedman wrote the article for "Town and Country", and she says that rich guests justify the soap theft in two different ways. --Some guests say that since they're paying a lot to stay in the room, they deserve a few bars of free soap. --Other guests simply love being pampered so much, that they want to take away as much of the experience as possible . . . and, quote, "toiletries are the portable answer." (USA Today)

Bill Gates Invested $775,000 in Reproducing the Smell of Dirty Socks . . . Because it Can Fight Malaria?

The world's richest man just spent three-quarters of a million dollars to research traps that smell like sweaty feet. --BILL GATES and the Gates Foundation are spending a fortune fighting malaria in the third world. And one of the best ways is to keep people from getting bitten by the mosquitoes that transmit malaria in the first place. --And it turns out, mosquitoes LOVE the smell of dirty feet. Dirty socks, dirty shoes, whatever. They are uncontrollably drawn to foot odor. --So yesterday, the Gates Foundation donated $775,000 to a project in Tanzania that's using foot odor to fight malaria. -They're researching whether it's an intelligent, cost-effective solution to manufacture mosquito-catching traps using chemicals that smell like dirty feet. --Malaria rates are going down, but there are still more than 220 MILLION new cases every year. It's estimated that about 800,000 of those people die. The vast majority of the cases are in Africa. (San Francisco Chronicle)


News Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

The 39-year-old Chinese murder suspect in a 13-year-old stabbing was finally busted on Wednesday . . . by an anonymous tip from a viewer who saw him on a popular dating show. (Full Story)

People in Miami thought they heard a child crying inside a hot, parked van on Monday, so they called the cops. When the police got there . . . they busted two guys for having eight roosters, four guinea hens, four pigeons, four goats, and a duck inside. One of the goats died, but authorities rescued the rest of the animals. The guys were arrested for animal cruelty. (Full Story)

Check out a list of North America's 'greenest' cities. San Francisco is number one, followed by Vancouver, New York, Seattle, and Denver. The least green are Detroit, St. Louis, Cleveland, Phoenix, and Pittsburgh. (Full Story)

A contractor in Virginia tore the roof off a house a couple weeks ago . . . the WRONG house. (Full Story)

#1.) Another Elaborate Lip-Synch Video . . . This Time at an Old-Folks Home:

Back in May, the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan made an elaborate one-take lip-synch video to the Don McLean song, "American Pie". It was in response to a "Newsweek" article that listed Grand Rapids as one of America's "dying cities." --Well, apparently the idea caught on in Grand Rapids, because students at a local university just posted a new one on YouTube. And they did this one at a retirement community. --The song is "Feeling Good" by Michael Bublé, and the video shows senior citizens singing, dancing, exercising, synchronized swimming, and being served prune juice. --One guy even walks down the hall carrying Depends, then a lady on a motorized cart drives by and steals them. (--Search for "Clark Retirement Community Lip-Dub.")

#2.) Tom Green Claims He Invented Planking, and He Has the Video to Prove It:

TOM GREEN posted a message on Twitter Tuesday that said, quote, "Just found video of me planking in 1994. I will post it soon. Let people know." The two British guys who started the planking craze didn't start doing it in their living room until 1997. --Green posted the video on YouTube, and it's definitely fair to call it LOW-LEVEL planking. He did it on the ground in the middle of a farmers market, so people thought he was dead. (--Search for "Tom Green Created Planking 1994." He lies down at :25 and gets up at 1:19)

#3.) Here Are the Full Plotlines of the First Seven "Harry Potter" Movies . . . in Seven Minutes:

The guys who do the YouTube series called "Kids React" have a new video where the two of them run through the full plotlines of the first seven "Harry Potter" movies. And they do it in seven minutes. (--Search for "7 Harry Potter Movies in 7 Minutes.")

#4.) Want to Buy a House That's 100% Skateboard-Friendly?

There's a French guy who makes a brand of sneakers for skateboarders called Etnies, and he's designing a house for HARDCORE skateboarding fans that's 100% skateboard friendly . . . so you can skateboard in every single room. --He's making the walls shaped like skate ramps. And you'll be able to grind on everything . . . including the kitchen sink. TMZ has a video of a prototype room that's already finished. (--Search for "Shoe Mogul's Crazy House 100% Skateboardable.")

Four Things You Might Be Doing Wrong in the Bathroom:

If you think you know what you're doing in the bathroom, think again. Here are four things you might be doing wrong.

#1.) Don't Flush With the Lid Up. You might not see it, but it splashes tiny droplets of water all over the place. And that water is filled with germs and bacteria.

#2.) Don't Store Your Toothbrush on the Sink. Germs can still make it to your toothbrush from the shower or the toilet . . . even if you flush with the lid down. So you're better off storing it in the medicine cabinet.

#3.) Don't Drink Water From the Showerhead. The showerhead is a breeding ground for bacteria that can make you sick. And the water itself isn't safe, because bacteria can also grow in your hot water heater.

#4.) Don't Use the Same Contact Lens Case for More Than Three Months. You've probably heard this before, and you still don't do it. --But you should throw your case away every three months, because bacteria builds up on the plastic. And it can transfer to your lenses and cause eye infections. (


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