Monday, June 22, 2009



Guys usually prefer the HIGH-FIVE to the HUG, and in general, women are more affectionate than men. Most women wish their husbands and boyfriends would be MORE touchy-feely. Here are five reasons they AREN'T . . .

#1.) HE'S NOT SURE HOW HE FEELS ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP. Don't jump to any conclusions, but some men find it hard to talk about relationship problems, and they end up expressing it physically.

-In other words, they're not showing more affection because they're not sure they WANT to.

#2.) HE'S WORRIED ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK. Men don't like things that make them look weak, and for whatever reason, a lot of guys think that public displays of affection do exactly that.

#3.) HE JUST LIKES HIS SPACE. Some guys just feel claustrophobic when they're touched too much or too often. Here's a test: if he can't sleep while you're touching him, he might just need a little more space than most people.

#4.) HE FEELS PRESSURED TO BE AFFECTIONATE. Guys can be VERY stubborn, and sometimes, women put SO much pressure on them that guys simply feel the need to stand their ground.

#5.) HIS FAMILY WASN'T AFFECTIONATE. It really does make a difference. Before jumping to conclusions and assuming he doesn't like being affectionate with YOU, take a look at how much he hugs his mother, father, siblings, and friends. (Glamour Magazine)


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