Wednesday, October 28, 2009



Women want to feel sexy, appreciated, and needed . . . but so do GUYS. Here's what I mean. These are four phrases men like to hear women say . . .

#1.) "THAT WOMAN JUST CHECKED YOU OUT." Women don't always let their guy know when they see other women checking him out. Maybe because they're worried he'll suddenly think he can have ANY woman he wants.

But guys have issues with self-confidence too. So why not give his a boost? Just make sure the woman's at least SOMEWHAT attractive before you say anything. If you tell him an UGLY chick thinks he's hot, it's not really a compliment.

#2.) "I CAN'T GET THIS OPEN." It doesn't take much to make him feel manly. And helping you with simple tasks reinforces his fantasy of being your knight in shining armor. That doesn't mean you should ask him to do things you can easily do YOURSELF.

But if you DO need help with something that requires strength or even the least bit of danger . . . like using a ladder . . . he'll be happy to accept.

#3.) "YOU'RE NOT GOING BALD." One-quarter of men start losing their hair at age 25. And two-thirds are balding by the time they're 60. So even if he IS looking a little thinner up top, downplay it as much as you can.

So if he asks you what you think, remember, it's the male equivalent of the phrase, "Do these jeans make me look fat?" The only right answer is, "No honey, of course not."

#4.) "YOU'RE RIGHT." Sometimes he IS right. It's probably not as often as he THINKS, but when he's right about something, let him know. Especially when you're arguing. It makes you look like a reasonable person, and it'll pay off during future fights. (


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