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Breaking up with someone is never easy. But some methods are worse than others. A website called came up with a list of the six worst ways to break up with someone. And you've probably done at least one of them . . .

#1.) OVER FACEBOOK. Yes, this really happens. Instead of breaking up face-to-face or picking up the phone, people just change their relationship status on Facebook. But what they don't realize is, sometimes a little confrontation is necessary.

#2.) IN PUBLIC. Have you ever broken up with someone at a restaurant? People do it because they think the other person won't make a scene in a public place. But that's NOT usually what happens . . . and when the person DOES start freaking out, you'll regret it.

#3.) IN A POST-IT NOTE. Writing something THAT important on a Post-It note or a piece of scrap paper is completely unacceptable. If you're a "Sex and the City" fan, then you might remember when Berger did it to Carrie . . . and it wasn't good.

#4.) EVAPORATING. Guys tend to do this more than women. They figure that if they cut off all contact and stop answering the phone, the problem will go away on its own. But even writing it on a Post-It note is more considerate.

#5.) MAKING THE OTHER PERSON MISERABLE. Some people get so nervous about breaking up, they don't do it at all. Instead, they complain, neglect, and cheat until the other person does it for them. -The sad thing is, it usually works. But a lot of pain and stress goes with it.

#6.) HAVING SOMEONE ELSE DO IT FOR YOU. Once you've graduated from middle school, you need to start dealing with your own problems. (


If you're consistently being rejected by women, it may be your approach . . . not you . . . that's the problem. Here are six tips to help you fine-tune your pickup technique:

#1.) PAY ATTENTION TO HER SIGNALS. Look for signals . . . like short, curt responses, arms crossed, lack of eye contact . . . to let you know whether she's interested. If she makes it clear she's NOT interested, no amount of attention will make her change her mind.

#2.) BOUNCE THE SITUATION OFF FRIENDS. The people who know you best will be the first to notice when you're sliding off the rails, and will have no problem being brutally honest with you. So if you're on the fence about whether a woman is into you, ask your friends.

#3.) BE PATIENT. Slow, gentle persistence over a matter of months . . . like sending a casual but funny email or text every couple of weeks . . . is always better than bombarding her with attention.

#4.) KEEP IT SIMPLE. If you must be persistent, do it in a tasteful, understated way . . . think a small bouquet of flowers rather than a shout-out on the Jumbotron at a game.

#5.) ASK YOURSELF WHAT YOU'RE REALLY AFTER. Are you pursuing her because you feel like you guys might have some genuine chemistry, or are you just piqued because she's playing hard-to-get?

#6.) BE PREPARED TO MOVE ON. If she's not feeling you . . . even after you've been out a few times . . . it's best to just cut your losses and move on. (Happen Magazine)


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