Wednesday, December 8, 2010


"Fitness" Magazine Selects the Best Bodies of the Year:

"Fitness" magazine has selected the Best Celebrity Bodies of the Year. Here they are . . .

--Best Slim-Down: (tie) Kelly Osbourne and Jennifer Hudson

--Best Body After Baby: Bethenny Frankel from "The Real Housewives of New York City" and "Skating with the Stars"

--Best Age Defiers: (tie) 46-year-old Courteney Cox and 50-year-old Kathy Griffin

--Best Bridal Bod: Carrie Underwood

--Best Bride-to-Be: Kate Middleton (--She's Prince William's fiancée.)

--Best Curves: Christina Hendricks (--The busty redhead from "Mad Men".)

--Best Mom Abs: Kate Gosselin

--Hottest Morning Show Host: (tie) Kelly Ripa and Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubry Have Broken Up:

KIM KARDASHIAN has broken up with GABRIEL AUBRY. She now she's reportedly dating KRIS HUMPHRIES . . . a member of the NBA's New Jersey Nets. He's 25 . . . Kim is 30. --Aubry . . . the lucky man who got HALLE BERRY pregnant. . . is 34, and a source says he's, quote, "older than Kim is looking for." --The source adds, quote, "Kim feels like Gabriel was just using her for her fame." --There might have been more to it, though. E! Online says Halle didn't like the idea of her baby-daddy hooking up with Kim, and she let him know it. In the end, quote, "It was just too much for Kim to handle." --As for Humphries, the source says, quote, "She likes him much more than Gabriel. He's normal, so much fun and cute. He's perfect for what Kim wants right now, which is some fun dates and some fun times. --"There's a real spark between them."

Salma Hayek Came to America as an Illegal Alien:

If not for illegal immigration, we might never have heard of SALMA HAYEK. --That's right . . . Salma initially came to this country the not-so-legal way. She says, quote, "I was an illegal immigrant in the United States. It was for a small period of time, but I still did it."

Jessica Simpson's Clothing Line Has Made $750 Million This Year:

JESSICA SIMPSON'S album sales and reality show ratings may be on the decline . . . but there's no need to feel sorry for her. --According to "Women's Wear Daily", Jessica's clothing line has made $750 MILLION in sales this year. And they're predicting that any day now, it'll become the first celebrity clothing line to break the $1 BILLION barrier.

Mel Gibson Took His Baby Daughter to Church on Sunday:

MEL GIBSON spent some quality time with his 13-month-old daughter Lucia on Sunday, when he took her to church. HIS church, of course. (--TMZ got some pics. Check 'em out here . . .)
(--Mel's church is pretty private. It makes me wonder if Mel didn't LET TMZ get these pics. Maybe he's launching a new CHARM OFFENSIVE to get his career back on track.)

Wesley Snipes Isn't Convinced Yet That He's Going to Prison Tomorrow:

WESLEY SNIPES is supposed to turn himself in to start serving his three-year sentence TOMORROW. But on "Larry King Live" last night, he still wasn't resigned to that fate. --Larry asked Wesley why he's going to prison . . . and Wesley said, quote, "We still have prayers out there, Larry, and we still believe in miracles. Don't send me up the river just yet."
(--Here's video of that . . .)
--Wesley is still denying he's a tax dodger. He told Larry, quote, "I've been a law-abiding citizen ever since I grew up in the Bronx, New York . . . We all have a right to be considered innocent until proven guilty. --"I'm more upset and disappointed that the system seems to not be working for me in this situation."

Elizabeth Edwards Died Yesterday:

One day after announcing that her cancer had spread to her liver and she was giving up treatment, ELIZABETH EDWARDS died yesterday. She was 61 years old. --The family released a statement saying, quote, "Today we have lost the comfort of Elizabeth's presence but she remains the heart of this family. We love her and will never know anyone more inspiring or full of life." --Elizabeth was the wife . . . well, the estranged wife . . . of former North Carolina Senator and presidential candidate JOHN EDWARDS. --He was with her when she died, even though he CHEATED on her and fathered a baby with his crazy-eyed mistress, Rielle Hunter. --Elizabeth was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. Last week, doctors told her it had spread to her liver, and there was nothing more they could do for her. --She is survived by her cheating, A-hole husband who made her final years that much more miserable, and three of their children, who range in age from 10 to 28. (--Elizabeth and John had FOUR kids, but their eldest . . . a boy named Wade . . . was killed in a car accident in 1996, when he was 16 years old. There's no word what God had against this poor woman.)

Johnny Depp Wants to Do a Cameo in the "21 Jump Street" Movie:

JONAH HILL is doing a movie version of "21 Jump Street" . . . the '80s TV cop series that helped launch the career of JOHNNY DEPP. --Jonah was smart enough to write a cameo for Johnny . . . in the hopes that he might agree to do it. And it looks like it was worth the effort, because Johnny is totally down. --He told MTV News, quote, "I've said I'm into it, but no one's actually approached me. Call him. I'm in. I'm in. I think it'd be pretty easy."


We finally have some definitive news about a cast member from the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy returning for "The Hobbit". It's CATE BLANCHETT . . . who's coming back to play Galadriel, the Lady of Lothlorien. --Director PETER JACKSON says, quote, "Cate is one of my favorite actors to work with and I couldn't be more thrilled to have her reprise the role she so beautifully brought to life in the earlier films."

The FCC Received Some Ridiculous Complaints Regarding Bristol Palin's "Dancing with the Stars" Run:

BRISTOL PALIN'S run on "Dancing with the Stars" went on a lot longer than it should've . . . and I can understand why that was frustrating for the show's "purists," specifically the ones who weren't drinking the Palin Kool-Aid. --But it's just a silly reality show . . . so there shouldn't be "purists" in the first place. --Unfortunately for society, there ARE crazy "Dancing with the Stars" zealots. And some of the more extreme ones actually took the time and effort to send complaints to the Federal Communications Commission over Bristol being voted into the Finals. --They accused the show of doing everything from, quote, "running a payola-type program" to "encouraging and promoting teen pregnancy." --But there were people who took things to another level of paranoia by complaining that Bristol's appearance on the show was RIGHT-WING POLITICAL PROPAGANDA. --Here are a few highlights from the complaints, which were obtained by --A viewer from Pittsburgh claimed that the show's voting system had been, quote, "fixed by extreme supporters of the Tea Party and Radical Right-Wing. --"I find that it has become a political platform for Sarah Palin to improve her image and ooze her political slime." --The viewer added, quote, "Bristol is not a star, what did she do? She had sex and got pregnant. Let's reward her . . . I made several call to ABC's complaint line and I hope that their phone lines melt. --"It has become a political movement, with Tea Party websites instructing on how to vote for Bristol. Ridiculousness!" --And then there's "the hug." Judge CARRIE ANN INABA hugged Bristol at some point, and that inspired some wild conspiracy theories . . . naturally. --A viewer from California told the FCC, quote, "[The] physical contact sets the contestant up for thinking the judge will favor them. She was impartial to one and partial to the others." --Another viewer told the FCC, quote, "No other dancer was called over for a hug . . . [the hug was a] signal for the GOP / Tea Party supporters of Sarah Palin to 'stuff' the vote for Bristol Palin, who on both dates had to be dragged over the dance floor. --"My 96-year-old mother-in-law can dance better than Ms. Palin . . . I want my Government to protect me the viewer from deceptive practices." (--To see some of the complaints yourself, hit up The Smoking Gun, here.)

Charlie Sheen Will NOT Appear on "The Walking Dead" . . . Probably:

There was a rumor making the rounds online yesterday, claiming that CHARLIE SHEEN would be making a cameo appearance on the second season of AMC's "The Walking Dead" . . . as a zombie. --Supposedly, Charlie's "reps" confirmed this . . . but it's probably BOGUS. --A rep from AMC told E! Online that there's NO TRUTH to this . . . and called the entire story, quote, "crazy." It is, but Charlie Sheen IS also pretty crazy. For what it's worth, E! didn't get a response from Charlie's reps. (--Even if this isn't true . . . now that it's out there, it CAN be. Wouldn't that be cool? I doubt that we'll start seeing celebrity zombie cameos, though. "The Walking Dead" takes itself pretty seriously. I can't see them stunt-casting like that.)

Jane Lynch Is Ignoring Ed O'Neill:

JANE LYNCH is ignoring ED O'NEILL'S claim that she didn't deserve her Emmy for playing Sue Sylvester on "Glee", because her character is, quote, "one-note." --When E! Online asked Jane's people about it . . . a rep responded, quote, "Let it go, that's what we're doing."

WEDNESDAY TV REMINDERS: (--Check your local listings.)

--"The Middle" . . . 8:00 to 8:30 P.M. on ABC. (--Marsha Mason and Jerry Van Dyke guest star as Patricia Heaton's parents.)

--"The Sing-Off" . . . 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. on NBC. (--The remaining eight a cappella groups will sing Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody".)

--"Criminal Minds" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on CBS. (--Rachel Nichols joins the cast as an FBI trainee. Harry and Lloyd fought over her in "Dumb and Dumberer". She's also the chick who played "Scarlett" in the live-action "G.I. Joe" movie.)

--"Fashion Forward: Making It" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on the CW. (--"Twilight" minx Ashley Greene hosts a look at the latest up-and-coming fashion designers.)

--"MythBusters" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Discovery Channel. (--Barack Obama asks Adam and Jamie to revisit the myth of Archimedes' use of polished shields to burst an invading Roman ship into flames.)

--"Ghost Hunters" [6th Season Finale] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Syfy.

--"Dog the Bounty Hunter" . . . 9:30 to 10:00 P.M. on A&E.

--"Top Chef All-Stars" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on Bravo. (--Joe Jonas gives the contestants an "Elimination Challenge" inspired by a dinosaur's diet. And former host Katie Lee Joel returns as a guest judge.)

--"E! Investigates" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on E! (--The increase of teen suicides is examined.)

--"Hollywood Treasure" [1st Season Finale] . . . 10:30 to 11:00 P.M. on Syfy.

--"Manswers" [4th Season Premiere] . . . 10:30 to 11:00 P.M. on Spike TV.
"Rolling Stone's" Best Albums of 2010:

"Rolling Stone" has announced their Best Albums of 2010 list . . . and this year, KANYE WEST'S new disc, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" came in at #1. --It's a Top 30 list. Here's the Top 10:

1.) "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy", Kanye West

2.) "Brothers", The Black Keys

3.) "The Union", Elton John and Leon Russell

4.) "The Suburbs", Arcade Fire

5.) "The Guitar Song", Jamey Johnson

6.) "Contra", Vampire Weekend

7.) "Thank Me Later", Drake

8.) "Band of Joy", Robert Plant

9.) "Recovery", Eminem

10.) "This Is Happening", LCD Soundsystem

--Elsewhere on the list: Taylor Swift's album "Speak Now" is #13 . . . The National's "High Violet" is #15 . . . the new Kings of Leon, "Come Around Sundown" made the list at #18 . . . and Rick Ross' "Teflon Don" is #30. (--You can check out "Rolling Stone's" write-ups on each disc beginning here. Or you can review a quick rundown of the whole list on this page.)

"Rolling Stone's" Best Singles of 2010:

"Rolling Stone" has (also) put out their Best Singles of 2010 list . . . and it begins with KANYE WEST'S epic, nine-minute "Runaway" at #1. --It's a Top 50 list. Here's the Top 10:

1.) "Runaway", Kanye West featuring Pusha T

2.) "(Eff) You", Cee Lo Green

3.) "Soldier of Love", Sade

4.) "Teenage Dream", Katy Perry

5.) "We Used to Wait", Arcade Fire

6.) "You Are Not Alone", Mavis Staples

7.) "White Sky", Vampire Weekend

8.) "Tightrope", Janelle Monae featuring Big Boi

9.) "The Ghost Inside", Broken Bells

10.) "Monster", Kanye West with Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver

--Elsewhere on the list: Eminem's "Not Afraid" is #24 . . . the Gorillaz track "Stylo" is #34 . . . "Up All Night" by Drake featuring Nicki Minaj made the list at #36 . . . and "Nothing on You" by B.o.B and Bruno Mars is #43. (--This list goes to 50. Brief write-ups on each single begin here. Or you can check out a quick rundown of the whole list on this page.)
Celebrities' Favorite Songs of the Year:

MTV asked a bunch of celebrities for THEIR favorite songs of 2010. Here's a brief rundown of some of the responses they got:

--Katy Perry: Quote, "I love [Rihanna's] 'Only Girl (In the World)'. Of course I gotta give it up to my girl!" And Rihanna returned the love . . . quote, "My favorite song of the year has to be 'Teenage Dream'." --Snooki chose DJ Pauly D's "Beat the Beat" remix . . . and The Situation said, quote, "Definitely Drake. Maybe 'Forever' or one of his songs. I'm a big fan of Drake." --Paramore singer Hayley Williams said, quote, "I really love the Arcade Fire record, and I love [their] song 'Month of May'." --The band Muse gave a shout-out to the Black Eyed Peas' hit "I Gotta Feeling" and Phoenix's "1901". Michael Bublé said "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train. --"Community" star Joel McHale went with Kanye West's "Runaway" . . . Avril Lavigne liked "Airplanes" by B.o.B and Hayley Williams . . . and TLC's Chilli loved B.o.B's "Nothin' on You". --And Dane Cook chose Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" . . . quote, "It's the song that I put on the minute I wake up in the morning. I whip my hair back and forth."

Will.I.Am Is Suffering From "Tinnitus" . . . the Serious Hearing Condition That The Who's Pete Townshend Has:

WILL.I.AM of the BLACK EYED PEAS is suffering from severe "tinnitus," which is marked by a ringing or some other persistent sound in one or both ears. One of the common causes of it is NOISE-INDUCED HEARING LOSS. --He tells Britain's "Sun" tabloid, quote, "I can't be quiet, as that's when I notice the ringing in my ears. There's always a beep there every day, all day. Like now. I don't know exactly how long I've had this, but it's gradually got worse." --It's the same condition that PETE TOWNSHEND of THE WHO has had for many years. --In Pete's case, the condition is seriously threatening his future as a musician. But Will.I.Am says that his tinnitus is actually HELPING him stay productive. --He explains, quote, "I can't be still. Work calms me down. I don't know what silence sounds like anymore. Music is the only thing which eases my pain." --Neither Will.I.Am nor his reps have elaborated on his comments . . . so it's unclear whether his condition is as bad as Pete's. But it IS bothering him. --The "Sun" somewhat humorously reports, quote, "To prove the [severity of the tinnitus] . . . during our exclusive interview, Will.I.Am regularly waggles his finger in his ear and shakes his head to try and silence the din in his head." (???)

Judas Priest Have Announced a Farewell Tour:

There's good news and bad news for JUDAS PRIEST fans. The good news is the band is going on a massive, worldwide tour next year . . . the BAD news is that it'll be their FAREWELL TOUR. --The band announced, quote, "After storming the world for nearly 40 years and taking their very special brand of heavy metal to all four corners of the planet, Judas Priest . . . one of the most influential heavy metal bands of all time, have announced this will be their final world tour. --"With all guns blazing and amps cranked to 11, the band will be giving all their fans one last chance to witness the ultimate metal experience that is Judas Priest." --For now, only eight summer shows in Europe have been announced. (--More dates, obviously, will be forthcoming.)

T.I. Says the Longer He's in Prison . . . the Smarter He Becomes:

T.I. has written another letter from prison, which has been posted on his website, As usual, T.I. spends a lot of his time patting himself on the back for his perseverance despite all the bad stuff that is happening to him for no reason. (--Actually, it's happening for GOOD reason . . . as consequences of STUPID things that he's done . . . but T.I. hasn't completely wrapped his head around that idea yet. So until then, we're humoring him.) --T.I. says, quote, "I must admit it takes a lot to go through as much as I have and still keep the love in your heart and in your art. --"But at the end of the day, if that's what it takes to produce the music to keep the world of hip-hop evolving on its axis . . . then even the lowest of the lows of my life was all worth it. Thanks again for your prayers, your time, and attention." (--Yes, he actually said "evolving on its axis". Not revolving.) --Then, T.I. dropped this interesting comment: Quote, "And remember . . . it doesn't matter how long it'll be before the next time you see me. What matters is I'll be a better man before that time comes. The longer I sit, the smarter I get." (--T.I. has had two prior prison terms . . . and he didn't become smart enough during those incarcerations to keep himself out of prison. But this time, he has over nine more months to sit and get even smarter and / or better.)

Here Are AOL's Top 10 Country Albums of the Year: came out with their Top 10 Country Albums of the Year. They didn't make the picks based on sales, or airplay, or popularity on the Social Networks. These are the albums they believe made the biggest mark of the year. --That would explain why DIERKS BENTLEY'S bluegrass-themed "Up on the Ridge" was #1. It didn't set sales records but it's a great album. Here's the list:

1.) "Up on the Ridge", Dierks Bentley

2.) "Speak Now", Taylor Swift

3.) "You Get What You Give", Zac Brown Band

4.) "Charleston, SC 1966", Darius Rucker

5.) "Need You Now", Lady Antebellum

6.) "The Guitar Song", Jamey Johnson

7.) "The Band Perry", The Band Perry

8.) "Judge Jerrod and the Hung Jury", Jerrod Niemann

9.) "All About Tonight", Blake Shelton

10.) "Haywire", Josh Turner


Earlier this year, KEVIN SMITH was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight because he was too deliciously chubby to occupy just a single seat. Well, on Monday, they wouldn't let him board a Virgin Airways flight because he was late getting to the gate . . . even though he claims there was still plenty of time.

KHLOE KARDASHIAN compared TSA airport pat-downs to being raped. Not surprisingly, advocates for rape victims weren't cool with that.

Richard Finch . . . the former bassist for '70s pop group KC AND THE SUNSHINE BAND . . . was sentenced to seven years in prison for molesting several teenage boys.

61-year-old JEFF BRIDGES had to be digitally de-aged for "Tron 2". Here's how they did it.

On "Playboy's" satellite radio show, MICHAEL LOHAN described the circumstances under which he and DINA conceived their daughter LINDSAY.

JAMES HETFIELD says METALLICA shows are a lot more family-friendly now that he's a dad.

AVRIL LAVIGNE is dropping a new album called "Goodbye Lullaby" on March 8th.

The 3-month-old daughter of rapper GAME underwent some kind of surgical procedure on Monday. There's no word what the problem was, but it appears the surgery was successful.


64% Of People Will See Their Families This Holiday Season . . . But Two Out Of Five Of Them Aren't Happy About It:

TripAdvisor just released the results of its annual survey on holiday travel, and one thing is clear: You feel like you HAVE to spend time with your family over Christmas . . . but there's a decent chance you're REALLY not looking forward to it. --64% of people say they'll be spending the holidays with their extended family . . . but two out of five of them say they AREN'T looking forward to it. --22% of people said they feel PRESSURE to travel to see their families during the holidays, even though they don't want to. And 17% have cut a trip short at some point because they were "family-ed out." --Here's some more from the survey . . . --Overall, 42% of Americans plan to travel for the holidays. That's down from 45% last year. --Orlando is the most popular travel spot for the holidays. New York City is second, Boston is third, Chicago is fourth, and Las Vegas is fifth. --To avoid paying baggage fees when they travel, 31% of people say they're flying an airline that doesn't charge fees, like Southwest . . . 29% will only bring carry-ons . . . and 22% will ship gifts right to their destinations. --66% of people say the economy isn't affecting their holiday travel.--Of the 34% of people who ARE being affected by the economy, 19% aren't traveling at all, 6% are taking a shorter trip, 4% are driving instead of flying, and 4% are staying with friends or family instead of at a hotel. --24% of people say that airline delays are the biggest travel annoyance during the holidays. 21% said bad weather, and 13% said bad traffic. (PR Newswire)

Word of the Day: Flight De-laid:

flight de-laid (verb) /flyte dee layde/ - sex that occurs between two people, generally strangers, whose flight has been delayed and are looking for an activity to pass the time. --Example: Well, if I'm going to be stuck here at Newark Airport for three more hours, I'd better start trying to get myself flight de-laid. Time to search for a girl with a lot of tattoos.
A Macy's Santa Was Fired For Making Sexual Comments to the Adults on His Lap:

For the past 20 years, John Toomey has played Santa Claus at the Macy's in Union Square in San Francisco. He's 68 years old now, and he says for as long as he's been playing Santa, he's made the same two jokes to adults, and not kids. --When an adult woman sits on his lap, he asks her if she's been good. When she says "Yes," he responds, "Gee that's too bad." And if they ask why Santa's so jolly, he says, quote, "It's because I know where all the naughty boys and girls live." --Well . . . over the weekend, he used those standard jokes with an older woman who sat on his lap. And she was apparently GROSSLY OFFENDED by them. So she complained to Macy's management . . . and John was FIRED. --Those jokes don't SEEM too bad . . . especially since we're assuming that the "I know where naughty boys and girls live" joke refers to randy adults who want to get-it-on with Santa and not children. --But once one person complained, that was enough for Macy's, and they canned him. --John put in a request for reconsideration to try to get his job back . . . but for now, Macy's isn't commenting on the firing. John says, quote, "I've got my Social Security and some savings so I'll be okay. But I sure do miss being Santa." (San Francisco Chronicle)

Half Of Americans Have Avoided Visiting Someone's House Because The Person Had Two or More Cats:

Not to sound like some local news anchor . . . but your cats might be KILLING you. Not literally. But they might be killing your social life. --According to a survey by Purina, HALF of Americans say they've avoided visiting someone's house because that person had two or more cats. Now you know. (News Market)

Men Over 90 Really, Really Want More Sex:

Just because a man gets old, that doesn't mean he stops being a MAN. --Researchers at the University of Western Australia just released the results from a study of more than 2,700 elderly men, and they found that a surprisingly high number of men over 90 say they wish they were having more sex. --More than one out of every five men over 90 said that having regular sex was important to them . . . and they want more. That finding goes against an old belief and stereotype that people's sex drives fade as they get older. --Men in the survey who were 75 to 89 wanted more sex too . . . about HALF said that sex was important to them. (Reuters)

A Publisher in China Has To Recall a Book Of Grimm's Fairy Tales . . . After Using an Erotic Version Of the Stories By Mistake:

In China, companies pirate products constantly. And this week, that finally caught up with one publishing company. --The China Friendship Publishing Company and China Media Time had to recall a children's book of Grimm's Fairy Tales. --The reason: They'd taken a Japanese version of the fairy tales and just translated them word for word. They didn't get permission, they didn't give any credit . . . they just stole the other publisher's work. --But in the process, no one realized they were actually translating a Japanese version of EROTIC fairy tales. --They only gave one example, and it's a good one. --In the version of "Snow White" that went out to bookstores, Snow White has relations with her FATHER and the seven dwarfs. Then, after she dies, it turns out the prince is a NECROPHILIAC who falls in love with her body. --The Chinese version of the fairy tales was completely pirated . . . they didn't give any credit to the original, and just listed the Brothers Grimm as authors. --A representative said it's, quote, "complicated" how they ended up printing the erotic translations without anyone realizing it. (AFP)

A Middle School Principal Is Trying to Wipe Out Saggy Pants . . . By Making The Kids Who Do It Hike Their Pants Up Like Urkel:

This sounds like a BRILLIANT way for a middle school principal to get his students to stop wearing saggy pants. At least, until the inevitable lawsuit. --Bobby White is the principal at Westside Middle School in Memphis, Tennessee, and this is his new policy to get those punk kids to hike up their gott-damm pants. --If a student is caught wearing baggy pants that sag down below their waist, White and the other teachers use plastic zip-ties to tighten up the waist, get rid of the slack, and hike the kid's pants up. Just like STEVE URKEL on "Family Matters". --And once a kid is Urkeled, they take a photo and put it on a wall of shame. --One teacher says that they're now Urkeling kids 80% less than when they started . . . because the policy has really trained the kids to wear their pants right. --White says, quote, "There's something about looking right [that leads to] acting right [and] beginning to think right." (Huffington Post)
(--Here's a CNN report on the school's Urkeling policy . . .)

Eight of the Last Nine Presidents Are More Popular Now Than They Were As President . . . Especially JFK and Jimmy Carter:

You always hear people reminisce about how great things used to be under RONALD REAGAN or BILL CLINTON. It's like we've forgotten that one governed using his wife's astrology charts, and the other was a Hall-of-Fame pervert. --Gallup just released the results of a poll where they took approval ratings for the past nine presidents . . . and in eight of the nine cases, the presidents are more popular now than they were when they left office. --John F. Kennedy has the highest retro approval rating. His approval rating right before his assassination was 58%. Now, almost 40 years later, his approval rating is up to 85% . . . the highest of any modern ex-president.

--Ronald Reagan is up from 63% when he left office to 74%.

--Clinton is up from 66% to a more appropriate 69% today.

--George H.W. Bush is up from 56% to 64%.

--Gerald Ford is up from 53% to 61%.

--Jimmy Carter had the second-biggest jump, behind JFK's. He's up from 34% approval when he was voted out of office, to 52% today. Experts say it's because of the humanitarian and diplomatic work he's done since he left office.

--Lyndon Johnson held from 49% popularity to 49%. He's the only president whose popularity didn't go up.

--George W. Bush is up from 34% when he left office to 47% today.

--And finally, even Richard Nixon is up . . . he had a 24% approval rating when he was impeached and now has a 29%. (Politics Daily)

A Doctor Runs A Half-Marathon Dressed As Elvis . . . Then Has To Perform CPR After the Race, Still In Elvis Gear, To Save a Woman's Life:

Sunday has to have been THE most eventful day of this guy's life. He's 36-year-old Dr. Claudio Palma of San Francisco, and his Sunday was absolutely INSANE.

#1.) He was in Vegas to run a half-marathon at the Las Vegas Marathon.

#2.) He ran the 13 miles in a FULL ELVIS COSTUME.

#3.) On the second mile of the run, he and his fiancé Rhanee GOT MARRIED. Seriously. They stopped running, popped into a chapel, and got married.

#4.) After the race, they went to a burger restaurant on the Las Vegas strip. And while they were there, a 40-year-old woman fainted and hit her head.

--So Claudio ran over . . . still in full Elvis gear . . . performed CPR, got a pulse back, got her breathing again, and saved her life. --Rhanee says it took her four months to talk Claudio into running the marathon in an Elvis costume and getting married mid-race. Now she says they're taking this as a sign that it was really meant to be. (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

A Blind Guy Was Arrested for Driving Drunk:

We've found something more frightening than a drunk driver. It's a guy who's drunk driving . . . WHILE BLIND. --Early on Monday morning, police caught up with 41-year-old Mark Watson of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, a few minutes after he'd crashed his truck into another vehicle and fled the scene. --When they found him, his eyes were bloodshot and watery. They asked him what happened, and he told them, quote, "I'm [effing] drunk, I was driving but I did not run the stop sign. That [witch] hit me." --They wanted to give him a blood-alcohol test, but he refused, and said, quote, "I ain't taking no [effing] tests. I'm [effing] drunk. I'm blind anyways and I can't drive." --The police didn't confirm HOW blind he is . . . clearly he's not fully blind or he never would've made it to an intersection in the first place. --Mark was arrested for a DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, driving under suspension, and assault on a police officer. --And when he was arraigned on Monday, he fell down drunk in front of the judge, so they tacked on public intoxication. (CBS 6 - Tulsa)

A Daughter Crashes Her Car While High . . . Has Her Mother Switch Into the Driver's Seat . . . But Doesn't Realize Her Mom Is High Too:

This isn't exactly GOOD mother-daughter bonding, but I guess with teenage girls you take what you can get. --On Sunday, 18-year-old Hayley Powell of Gaston, North Carolina got into a minor accident with another vehicle. She was under the influence of prescription drugs at the time and didn't want a DWI . . . which would be her SECOND. --So she came up with a plan. Her mom, 45-year-old Robin Powell, was in the passenger seat. Hayley drove off from the scene of the accident and talked her mom into SWITCHING SEATS, so it would look like Robin caused the crash. --There was only one problem. Hayley didn't realize that her mom was ALSO on drugs at the time. Robin had taken prescription drugs AND some cocaine . . . and when the cops got there, Robin confessed she was high. --The officers quickly unraveled the entire master plan and BOTH of the Powell ladies were arrested. --Hayley was charged with driving while impaired, hit and run, and aiding and abetting driving while impaired. Robin was charged with driving while impaired, aiding and abetting a DWI charge, and driving with a revoked license. -This is Hayley's ELEVENTH trip to jail since October of last year. Besides the two DWIs, she's also been arrested for larceny, underage drinking, and having drug paraphernalia. Robin has been arrested eight times since May of 2008. (Gaston Gazette)

A Man Shoplifts About $4 Worth Of Lip Balm From a Walmart . . . Which He Needed To Help His "Fat Uncle Fit Through the Door":

--Last week, police were called to a Walmart in Fort Pierce, Florida after security guards there caught a man shoplifting. The man is 44-year-old Willie Jackson of Orlando, Florida. --He'd stolen four things: An USHER CD, a LIL WAYNE CD . . . a three-pack of ChapStick, and one tube of Carmex lip balm. --And he gave the officers an explanation of why he'd stolen about $4 worth of ChapStick and Carmex. Quote, "The reason I stole the lip balm is so my fat uncle can fit through the door." --He wouldn't elaborate, so it's really not clear what that means. Our first thought was that he planned on greasing up the door frame . . . or his chubby uncle . . . to help squeeze him through. But four little tubes of lip balm doesn't seem like enough. --Somehow, his humanitarian intentions weren't enough to get a pass from the cops, and he was arrested for shoplifting. (Treasure Coast Palm)


A new study says married men behave better than single men. Either that, or antisocial guys are just less likely to get married?

A new study says that taking an aspirin a day prevents cancer . . . taking it for five years causes a 10% to 60% drop, depending on the type of cancer:

Educated women are more likely to stay married, and less likely to have children outside of marriage:

Here's a look back at the hottest holiday gifts over the last 30 years, including the iPad, Xbox 360, Pokemon, Furbies, Tickle Me Elmo, Beanie Babies, GameBoy, and Care Bears:

Introducing the first armless pilot. She was born without arms, she steers with her feet, and she can type 25 words per minute:


#1.) Jack Black and Jason Segel Did a Cover of "The Little Drummer Boy":

David Bowie and Bing Crosby did a famous cover of "The Little Drummer Boy" in 1977, and now JACK BLACK has done a new version with JASON SEGEL. --It came out on iTunes yesterday, and it's much more rock 'n roll. The proceeds go to charity, but you can also listen to the song for free, because there's an animated music video for it on
(--Search for "Jack Black and Jason Segel Little Drummer Boy.")

#2.) A Woman in the Background Took a Major Spill During a Live News Report in New York:

During a recent live news report on Channel 7 in New York City, a woman walking in the background took a major spill. The reporter noticed, but he just kept talking. --And apparently the woman was fine, because she nonchalantly got up and walked off. (--Search for "woman trips and falls WABC news report.")

#3.) A Mother Duck and Her Ducklings Went Up Against a Strong Gust of Wind . . . and Lost:

There's a new must-see video on YouTube with almost three million views, showing a mother duck and her ducklings getting blown over by strong winds. --They get blown about 50 feet across the ground, but then they stand up and get back in line behind the mother. (--Search for "ducks blown off their feet by the wind.")

#4.) What if Super Mario Was Just Trying to Find Condoms and Get Some Tail?

A teen pregnancy group in England released a PSA that mimics the old Super Mario Brothers games for Nintendo. But in the new game, the main character is on a mission to get a condom so he can have sex with his girlfriend.
(--Search for "Super Mario Bros with a condom.")

#5.) Here's a Toddler Who Doesn't Know How to Drink From a Hose:

Here's something to remind you of the WARMER months of the year: It's a toddler trying to drink water out of a garden hose . . . but spraying himself in the chest every time he leans in to drink. (--Search for "kid drink water video.")

Three Tips to Help Avoid Holiday Charity Scams:

December is a big month for charities, partly because the holidays make people more generous, and partly because of tax reasons. --But not every charity is legit. And in the last year, complaints about scams have risen more than 8%. So here are three tips to help you be generous without getting ripped off . . .

#1.) Ask Them To Send Something in the Mail. If someone asks you to donate over the phone and you've never heard of the charity, tell them to send you a written request that explains what they do and where the money goes. --If it's a REAL charity, you'll get something in the mail. If it's not, you won't.

#2.) Don't Pay Cash. If they ask you to, it should be a warning sign that something's up. And according to the National Consumers League, you should always make donations by check or credit card. --That way, if the charity turns out to be fake, you'll actually have a chance of getting your money back. Although, giving your credit card to a fake charity probably isn't a good idea either.

#3.) Google It. Fake charities can put up fake websites to make themselves LOOK real. So you can't just rely on just their site. But a quick Google search should help you figure out whether you've being scammed or not --And most legitimate non-profits are listed on the website (


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