Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Miley Cyrus Started Celebrating Her Birthday Sunday Night . . . In a Slutty Outfit, Of Course:

MILEY CYRUS turns 18 TODAY. But she started celebrating her birthday Sunday night after the "American Music Awards" . . . with a party at a nightclub called Trousdale. --Not surprisingly, she wore a slutty outfit . . . tight leather pants and a leather top that was basically a bra. --She was also spotted at one point making out with AVAN JOGIA . . . that guy she's been kind of seeing from the Nickelodeon show "Victorious". --Celebrity guests included Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and Rumer Willis . . . Kelly Osbourne, Kyle Massey from "Dancing with the Stars", Mark Salling and Chord Overstreet from "Glee", Kesha and . . . get this . . . --JOHN MAYER. A source says, quote, "John's presence was the buzz of the party, and he wished Miley a happy birthday." --Miley's mom, TISH CYRUS was there. But BILLY RAY was not . . . supposedly because he was working in Nashville. --It sounds like we can expect more reports like this, because Miley isn't done celebrating. She says, quote, "I have a birthday month. I do the whole month of November. Thanksgiving, cake, it's all about me on Thanksgiving!"

Jessica Simpson is Not Pregnant:

JESSICA SIMPSON admitted on the "The Early Show" yesterday morning that she'd been throwing up. She blamed it on the flu . . . but of course, that didn't stop the rumor from spreading that she's PREGNANT. --But multiple sources say she's NOT. She was just sick, like she said. (--Jessica's out-of-nowhere engagement to former NFL player Eric Johnson kind of had people talking already. But so far, there's no real evidence that she's pregnant.)

Capri Anderson is Threatening to Sue Charlie Sheen . . . So Charlie Sued Her for Extortion:

CAPRI ANDERSON . . . the escort who locked herself in the bathroom during CHARLIE SHEEN'S New York City hotel rampage last month . . . plans to sue him. --But Charlie isn't waiting around to play defense. He went ahead and sued HER for extortion. --Capri met with the NYPD yesterday and filed a criminal complaint against Charlie, claiming second-degree assault. They're currently investigating. --And she says she's taking him to civil court for abuse, assault and false imprisonment. --Charlie's attorney vowed to fight any lawsuit, saying, quote, "These allegations against Mr. Sheen are completely false, and are a blatant attempt to cash in on his celebrity." --Then, Charlie's legal team went ahead and filed the extortion suit, calling Anderson, quote, "an opportunistic pornographic film star and publicity hungry scam artist." --Charlie wants compensation for the $165,000, diamond-encrusted watch she allegedly stole from him that night, as well as attorney fees and enough money in damages to, quote, "punish and deter Defendant." --In the interview that aired on "Good Morning America" yesterday, Capri said Charlie grabbed her by the throat, threw a lamp at her and then threatened her when she locked herself in the bathroom. --She also claims that he SNORTED SOMETHING when they first got to the room. --Capri claims she was hired for $3,500 to hang with Charlie at dinner, but denies being paid to have sex with him. --And Capri says that two days later, Charlie texted her and offered her $20,000 in hush money. (--Here's some of Capri's ABC interview . . .)

Kourtney Kardashian's Son Was Hospitalized Due to a Peanut Allergy:

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN'S 11-month-old son Mason had to be rushed to the hospital on Friday night due to a PEANUT ALLERGY. --Kourtney says, quote, "Friday night Mason ate some peanut butter and had a little allergic reaction to it. He threw up within minutes of tasting it and got hives on his face. I called 911 and the fire department came immediately. --"They suggested that we take him to the hospital, so we did." --Everything turned out fine, though . . . quote, "He was in good spirits the whole time and didn't even know anything was wrong. He even enjoyed riding in the ambulance. He's such a good boy!!"

Did Fantasia Abort Her Married Boyfriend's Baby?

RadarOnline.com says that FANTASIA was impregnated by her married boyfriend, ANTWAUN COOK . . . but she aborted the child. --This happened right around the time of her failed suicide attempt back in August. --Fantasia reportedly admitted this in court, during divorce proceedings for Antwaun and his estranged with Paula. --According to Radar Online, there were no reporters in the courtroom, and witnesses were asked to leave when Fantasia took the stand. But they got their info from, quote, "multiple sources, including a Cook family source."

Will Ferrell Enjoys Being Hollywood's Most Overpaid Actor:

"Forbes" magazine recently named WILL FERRELL the Most Overpaid Actor in Hollywood. And Will has come back with perhaps the greatest response EVER. --He tells "People" magazine, quote, "Isn't that the whole point? I mean, aren't we all striving to be overpaid? Apparently I'm living the American dream without even trying." (--NICE. And here's the thing: Will Ferrell IS kind of spinning his wheels creatively these days. But we forget that he truly is a comedic GENIUS.) (--For years, he was one of the only reasons to tune into "Saturday Night Live", and "Anchorman" will surely go down in history as one of the most brilliant comedies of all time.)

Wesley Snipes Isn't In Custody Yet After All:

WESLEY SNIPES isn't in custody yet after all. And it sounds like he's not ready to give himself up, either. --One of his attorneys had this to say . . . quote, "Mr. Snipes is not in custody and at this point we have not received a self-surrender date or facility. --"However, we are working hard so that there is never a surrender date or facility for Mr. Snipes to report to other than his house or any other place that he chooses to visit. --"In other words we as his lawyers are concentrating more on freeing Mr. Snipes than we are the facility of incarceration. If it comes to that we will deal with it at that time." --Snipes was ordered this past Friday to turn himself in ASAP and begin serving his three-year sentence for tax evasion. --He was convicted and sentenced two years ago, but up until now, the judge had let him remain free while he appealed.

Christian Bale Thinks He'll Only Play Batman One More Time:

CHRISTIAN BALE will play Batman for a third time in "The Dark Knight Rises". And as far as he knows, that'll be the LAST time he does it. --He says, quote, "This will be, I believe, unless [director Christopher Nolan] says different, this will be the last time I'm playing Batman." (--Just so we're clear, Bale isn't saying he WON'T play Batman again. What he's saying is that he thinks Nolan is going to call it after the next one.) (--And here's video . . .)

A New "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Movie Is in the Works . . . But Without the Guy Who Created the Show:

If you're a "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" fan, this news will probably evoke mixed emotions: There's a new movie version in the works . . . but JOSS WHEDON has no part in it. --As every "Buffy" fan knows, Whedon wrote the original, 1992 movie that starred KRISTY SWANSON . . . and went on to create the TV series starring SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR. --One of the producers of the new movie says, quote, "There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character's return to the big screen. --"Details of the film are being kept under wraps, but I can say while this is not your high-school Buffy, she'll be just as witty, tough, and sexy as we all remember her to be." --There's no word if any of the original actors are coming back . . . but this might be an encouraging sign: A couple of the producers previously worked with Sarah Michelle Gellar on "The Grudge". --As for Joss Whedon, he's NOT happy that they're making this movie . . . but since he has no legal grounds to stop them, he's taking it in stride. --He says, quote, "This is a sad, sad reflection on our times, when people must feed off the carcasses of beloved stories from their youths . . . just because they can't think of an original idea of their own, like I did with my 'Avengers' idea that I made up myself." --He adds, quote, "Obviously I have strong, mixed emotions about something like this . . . I always hoped that Buffy would live on even after my death. But, you know, AFTER."

"Jonah Hex" Was the Biggest Turkey of 2010:

Forbes.com has put together a list of Hollywood's Biggest Turkeys of 2010. Which is just a timely way of saying the biggest BOX OFFICE BOMBS of the year. --The top spot went to "Jonah Hex", which earned back a mere 24% of its $47 million production cost. Here's the Top 10 . . .

#1.) "Jonah Hex" . . . Made $11 million at the box office, which is only 24% of its $47 million budget

#2.) "Extraordinary Measures" . . . Made $15 million on a budget of $31 million . . . So it only made 48% of its money back

#3.) "Repo Men" . . . Made $18 million . . . Cost $32 million . . . 56%
(--Forbes incorrectly said this movie earned $32 million, but that's what it cost to make.)

#4.) "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" . . . Made $46 million . . . Cost $60 million . . . 77%
(--Forbes incorrectly said this movie earned $60 million, but that's what it cost to make.)

#5.) "Let Me In" . . . Made $16.9 million . . . Cost $20 million . . . 85%
(--Forbes incorrectly said this movie earned $20 million, but that's what it cost to make.)

#6.) "Splice" . . . Made $25 million . . . Cost $30 million . . . 85%

#7.) "MacGruber" . . . Made $9.3 million . . . Cost $10 million . . . 93%

#8.) "Green Zone" . . . Made $95 million . . . Cost $100 million . . . 95%

#9.) "Furry Vengeance" . . . Made $35 million . . . Cost $35 million . . . 100%

#10.) "From Paris with Love" . . . Made $52 million . . . Cost $52 million . . . 100%

Mike "The Situation" Complains About the Difficulties of Having Sex with the Cameras on Him All the Time:

Generally, it's annoying when "celebrities" whine about the downside to fame. They complain about the hardships of being in the public eye . . . as if being the center of attention somehow isn't an inherent part of all the BENEFITS of fame. --The stars of "Jersey Shore" aren't any different. In fact, because they lack any legitimate talent, their stardom is ONLY a product of being "caught" doing ridiculous things on camera. --And amazingly, MIKE "THE SITUATION" seems to "get" that . . . although he does wish he could escape from the cameras from time to time . . . to have sex. --He tells "GQ", quote, "It's not easy or comfortable, knowing that people are watching you have sex. Even though you're under the covers . . . it's still uncomfortable. And it's uncomfortable for the girl. --"You have to be so on point with your game to even get with a girl on-camera, let alone have sex. It's very hard. I tried to get away from [the cameras] at times, but they catch up with you." --He adds, quote, "The scrutiny, and the microscope . . . obviously it's a blessing . . . the women and the money and the fame, but at the same time it's . . . it's actually very lonely. Very lonely. --"When you're doing so well, when you have the year that I had, it's hard to talk to people about it, because they think you're being cocky. --"Plus, when it comes to women, y'know, obviously, they're throwing themselves at you . . . but for what reasons, you know what I mean?" --The Situation also says he realizes "Jersey Shore" has a, quote, "shelf life," and would like to transition into being a movie star. However, he isn't delusional. He tells MTV News, quote, "I love being an entertainer . . . hopefully it works out."

Teri Hatcher Is NOT Quitting "Desperate Housewives":

TERI HATCHER is calling B.S. on a story published Sunday in Britain's "Daily Mail", claiming that she was planning on quitting "Desperate Housewives". (--And I think it's safe to assume FELICITY HUFFMAN isn't leaving either.) --In a series of Facebook posts, Teri said, quote, "There are not enough adjectives to describe how stupid, off base, and ridiculously untrue this is. 'Newspapers' should be accountable for this kind of irresponsible journalism and reckless fabrication. --"What disturbs me the most is that one fan would consider for one second that I would 'quit' what has been one of the highlights of my career, for which I am grateful on a daily basis. I have never said nor inferred otherwise." --She added, quote, "They made no effort to contact me or my representatives or the network to fact check. I am awaiting a retraction and apology at the least for mucking up everyone's Sunday with this huge, hurtful lie. --"I will say it again, I love ['Desperate Housewives'], the cast and crew are like family and I am with it [until] it's canceled." (--At least one fan DID think she was leaving. Some dude named Kenyatta, who calls himself "The Gossip Girl", bought it hook, line and sinker. Check out his video "report" here. Skip to the 1:50 mark, after he finishes promoting himself.)

Are Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas Getting DEATH THREATS???

TMZ is still running with their claim that the threatening package sent to "Dancing with the Stars" was targeted at BRISTOL PALIN, and now they're saying that she and her partner, MARK BALLAS have received DEATH THREATS. (--Last Friday, the FBI was called in when a "staffer" discovered an envelope containing "a white powder." But it ended up just being TALCUM POWDER. And there's still no official confirmation that it was intended for Bristol.) --Supposedly, the show has responded by beefing up security. And so-called "sources" say the show has asked Mark to stop Tweeting . . . because they were worried he was, quote, "inciting people." (--And he has complied. Last week he Tweeted, quote, "Taking a break from Twitter till the season's over . . . Thank you to all the supporters and fans. We love u. I'll be back soon." Here's the link.) --They will also do all their interviews with Bristol and Mark privately, in the studio, "where it's more secure." One source says, quote, "Everyone is genuinely worried. This is a dance competition, and it's just gotten crazy." --Meanwhile, a so-called "Palin family friend" says, quote, "There was an implied threat to Bristol. It's being investigated. Bristol is fine. She is naturally optimistic and happy."

Tuesday TV Reminders: (--Check your local listings.)

--"Glee" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on Fox. (--Carol Burnett guest stars. She'll play the mom of cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester. The two of them will sing "Ohio" from the 1953 musical "Wonderful Town".)

--"Weird, True & Freaky" [3rd Season Finale] . . . 8:00 to 8:30 P.M. on Animal Planet.

--"Dancing with the Stars" [11th Season Finale] . . . 9:00 to 11:00 P.M. on ABC.
(--Bristol Palin, Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey each get to perform their favorite dance from the season. Christina Aguilera is the music guest.)

--"The Bad Girls Club: Reunion, Part 2" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Oxygen.

--"360 Sessions" . . . 9:30 to 10:00 P.M. on IFC. (--Craig David performs.)

--"Nick Swardson's Pretend Time" [1st Season Finale] . . . 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. on Comedy Central. (--The sketches include a couple's ill-fated role-playing effort.)

--"Parking Wars" [4th Season Finale] . . . 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. on A&E.

--"Running Russell Simmons" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on Oxygen. (--Courtney Love stops in for a visit after Russell's 4th of July party.) (--Hopefully by then I'll no longer have these disturbing images stuck in my mind.)


--"The Expendables" - Sylvester Stallone leads a team of mercenaries to overthrow a ruthless dictator. His crew of ASS-KICKERS is made up of Jet Li, Jason Statham, Terry Crews, UFC legend Randy Couture, Mickey Rourke, and Dolph Lundgren.
Stone Cold Steve Austin and Eric Roberts are among the bad guys, and the movie also includes cameos from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis.

--"I'm Still Here" - The documentary about Joaquin Phoenix's supposed attempt to "find himself" and become a rapper. It was filmed by his brother-in-law Casey Affleck.

--"Eat Pray Love" - Julia Roberts plays a divorced woman who spends a year in three other countries . . . and learning something new about herself in each place.

--"The Winning Season" - A comedy starring Sam Rockwell as a loser who takes a job coaching high school girls basketball. Emma Roberts is his star player.

--"Flipped" - Rob Reiner directed this coming-of-age story about first love between two kids who have feelings for each other . . . but not at the same time. The boy's family is played by Rebecca De Mornay, Anthony Edwards and "Frasier's" John Mahoney.

TV Series on DVD:

--"The Tudors: The Complete Series" . . . a 15-disc set. (--It ran four seasons.)
--"7th Heaven: The Final (Eleventh) Season" . . . a five-disc DVD set.
--"Murder She Wrote: Complete Twelfth Season" . . . a five-disc DVD set. (--It ran for 12 seasons.)

--"My Worlds Acoustic", Justin Bieber . . . a Wal-Mart exclusive acoustic disc that will drop on Black Friday at a price of $10. It includes his new song "Pray". --It costs an extra five bucks to pre-order it from his site, but then you'll get a vinyl copy of "Pray", with his Jaden Smith duet "Never Say Never" on the B-side. (--And you haven't heard Justin Bieber until you've heard him on vinyl.)

--"Libra Scale", Ne-Yo (--With the singles "Beautiful Monster", "Champagne Life" and "One in a Million" . . . plus the track "Crazy Love", which features Fabolous.)

--"Cannibal", Ke$ha (--An EP with eight new tracks and a remix of "Animal".)

--"Pilot Talk 2", Curren$y (--The second album from the Louisiana rapper.)

--"Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys", My Chemical Romance (--It includes the single "Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)".)

--"Body Talk", Robyn (--This is the third and final part of her "Body Talk" series. It contains five songs from each of the previous two "Body Talk" albums, with five new songs. The first two "Body Talk" albums came out in June and September.)

--"Teargarden By Kaleidyscope, Volume 2", Smashing Pumpkins (--The latest four tracks from what will end up being a 44-song project. It also includes a bonus song.)

--The "Burlesque" soundtrack, featuring Christina Aguilera and Cher.

--"Happy Christmas", Jessica Simpson (--This is her second Christmas album. It includes traditional holiday classics like the "Carol of the Bells", "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas", and "I'll Be Home for Christmas".)

Urban Releases:

--"My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy", Kanye West (--His guests include: John Legend, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, Raekwon, RZA, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver.) (--Say what you want about Kanye . . . but he puts out GAME-CHANGING music. Seriously, I've listened to this album a few times today, and it's innovative . . . and it's brilliant. You really should hear it.)

--"Pink Friday", Nicki Minaj (--This is her debut album. Nicki's impressive guest list includes: Rihanna, Drake, Will.I.Am, Kanye West, Eminem and Natasha Bedingfield.)

--"H.F.M.2 (Hunger for More 2)", Lloyd Banks (--His guests include 50 Cent, Akon, Tony Yayo, Styles P, Pusha T, Juelz Santana, Jeremih, and Raekwon.)

--"The Hits Collection Volume 1", Jay-Z (--His first hits album. It has 14 tracks.)

Country Releases:

--"34 Number Ones", Alan Jackson (--It has all 34 of his Number One hits plus three bonus tracks. It includes an unreleased cover of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" . . . and Alan's hit with the Zac Brown Band, "As She's Walking Away".)

"Grand Turismo 5" Is Finally Hitting Stores This Week:

--"Gran Turismo 5" (E) . . . The best selling racing game of all time returns to the PS3. The game hits stores tomorrow and, for the first time, weather will play a factor in how you race. You can also race against up to 15 other people while earning credits to upgrade your ride in GT Career Mode. Check out the release trailer here.

--"Michael Jackson: The Experience" (E10+). . . on Wii, DS and PSP. Break out all of Michael's signature moves as you dance to his biggest hits like "Bad", "Beat It", "Smooth Criminal", and "Billie Jean". You can also practice your moves at "Michael's School" before the curtain goes up. Here's a trailer. (--If you own an Xbox or a PS3, you're going to have to wait awhile. The game won't be ready for their motion technology until early next year. The Kinect game is out in February and the Move version hits stores in March.)

--"Donkey Kong Country Returns" (E) . . . Donkey Kong finally makes his debut on the Wii. His side kick, Diddy Kong, accompanies DK on his adventure to retrieve his stolen bananas. If you happen to be playing with someone less skilled at grabbing bananas, Diddy can always jump on DK's back and let him do all the work.

--"Splatterhouse" (M) . . . on Xbox360 and PS3. A remake of a 1988 survival horror game in which a guy fights off hordes of monsters while trying to rescue his girlfriend before she's turned into one of them. This one pushes the envelope of animated gore in video games by using physics-driven fluids and organs. Check out the official site here.

--"Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom" (T) . . . on Xbox360 and PS3. A thief goes on a quest to find a mythical beast to help him rescue the land from darkness. Or something like that. You'll find the trailer here.

ESRB Game Ratings: (E) for Everyone; (T) for Teen; (M) for Mature (18+)

Quincy Jones Is NOT a Kanye West Fan:

"Us" magazine recently talked with QUINCY JONES, and during the interview, they suggested that KANYE WEST was "similar" to him . . . because he also started out as a producer, and now "everybody wants to work with" him. --Well, Quincy was NOT down with that. --He said, quote, "No way. Did he write for a symphony orchestra? Does he write for a jazz orchestra? Come on, man. He's just a rapper. There's no comparison." --When asked what he thought of Kanye, Quincy said, quote, "I don't think about him much. He's a great rapper, but there are a lot of good rappers. --"I just did 'The View' with Ludacris, who's one of my favorites. He's a beautiful human being and college educated. I joke with him and say, 'How did "Move (B-word) (Get Out the Way)" come out of you?' --"But I was raised around the Mafia when I was a kid in Chicago in the '30s. Chicago's rough. I'm from the streets, I know what's up!" (???) (--Quincy also said that Lady Gaga . . . who he referred to as "Madonna Jr." . . . is, quote, "great." And just so you know, Ludacris' college education featured ONE year studying music at Georgia State University in the late '90s.)

Tour Dates for Blink-182 . . . and New Kids on the Block / Backstreet Boys:

#1.) BLINK-182 will go out on their first tour in seven years next summer. --For now, there are only a handful of UK dates, but MARK HOPPUS posted a blog saying, "Yes indeed!!! Going back on tour this summer, after the release of the new album. Lots more dates to come, and not just in the UK. --"These are just the first we're announcing. Stoked!" (--If you know a Blink-182 fan who will be in the UK next summer . . . you can find the dates, here.)

#2.) Boy bands NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK and the BACKSTREET BOYS have announced more dates for their joint summer tour. --It'll now kick off on June 2nd in Uncasville, Connecticut. (--You can check out the latest itinerary, at NKOTB.com, here.)
When Jay-Z Was 12 Years Old, He Shot His Older Brother:

In an interview with Britain's "Guardian" newspaper, JAY-Z came clean about an incident that happened when he was just 12 years old: He SHOT his older brother, Eric, for stealing his ring. At the time, Eric was a crack addict. --Jay-Z, who grew up in Brooklyn's Marcy projects, said it was easy to find a gun . . . quote, "I went to someone's crib, someone's house, and got it. Guns were everywhere. You didn't have to go far to get one. Just everywhere." --He shot Eric in the shoulder . . . and it was NOT fatal. --But Jay-Z freaked after doing it. He explained, quote, "I thought my life was over. I thought I'd go to jail forever. It was terrible. I was a boy, a child. I was terrified." But his brother didn't press charges. --Jay-Z said that when he visited his brother in the hospital, Eric apologized for his crack addiction. And it must have made an impression, because Jay-Z says he's never done crack. Also, Eric is clean now . . . and he and Jay-Z get along. --That was the only time Jay-Z ever shot anyone. He said, quote, "There were shoot-outs, but I never shot anyone else. Most people in shoot-outs don't get shot." (???) He said he was shot at three times, but never hit. --He added, quote, "It's like there was some rogue angel watching over us." And for what it's worth, Jay-Z also said that he never carries a gun now.


The attempted destruction of 16-year-old WILLOW PALIN continues. One of her schoolmates says he watched Willow and a friend buy two grams of pot last year in a Target parking lot in Wasilla, Alaska at 1:00 A.M. Another schoolmate claims he saw her chug vodka from the bottle at a house party.


SARAH PALIN says she won't do another interview with KATIE COURIC . . . and she adds that she wants to, quote, "help clean up the state that is so sorry today of journalism." (???)


A British model by the name of Sophia Egeler claims that TONY PARKER was texting and sending half-naked pictures of himself to her . . . even though she did NOT return his advances.


LEONARDO DICAPRIO was on a Delta flight to Russia on Sunday for a summit on tiger conservation, when the plane lost one of its engines and had to make an emergency landing.


The newly-engaged PRINCE WILLIAM saved a man's life this past Thursday. William is part of the Royal Air Force's search-and-rescue team, and he flew a helicopter up a mountain in Wales to pick up a hiker who'd suffered a heart attack.


MARKY MARK WAHLBERG admits that "The Happening" . . . the movie he made with M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN . . . sucked. (!!!)


Sunday night's "American Music Awards" were the lowest-rated in the show's history . . . down 22% from last year.




Pumpkin Pie Is the Thanksgiving Scent That Turns Men On the Most . . . Cranberry Sauce Turns Men On the Least:

This should be helpful knowledge if you decide that this year, instead of EATING Thanksgiving dinner, you're going to RUB IT all over yourself. --Researchers at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Center in Chicago just finished a study of men ages 18 to 64, to find out which Thanksgiving scents turn them on the most. --And I'm not kidding when I say "turned them on" . . . for the study, the researchers had men smell different fragrances, then measured how much blood started heading down to their JUNK. --And the winner was . . . PUMPKIN PIE. According to Dr. Alan Hirsch, who led the study, quote, "The number one odor that enhanced penile blood flow was a combination of lavender and pumpkin pie." --Vanilla had the second-strongest effect on men. Strawberry-rhubarb pie came in third. --The scent that was least effective was CRANBERRY SAUCE . . . only 2% of men were turned on at all by its smell. (ABC 25 - West Palm Beach)
(--This isn't the first time we've told you about the EROTICALLY HYPNOTIC POWERS of pumpkin pie. Last Monday we told you about pumpkin pie-scented perfume available online . . .)

More Than Half of Americans Say They're Going To Buy Toys This Holiday Season:

The economy may still be struggling . . . but, for some reason, that just ISN'T making the kids of America cool with getting savings bonds, hand-me-down clothes, or big hugs for Christmas. --According to a new Harris Poll, more than HALF of Americans say they're going to be buying toys this holiday season. 53% of adults will buy toys as gifts this year . . . that's up from 47% in 2008, right after the economy took its major dive. --But . . . only 15% of people say that they're going to spend more on toys than they did last year . . . and only 5% are going to spend much more than last year. --37% say they plan to spend less than last year . . . and 12% plan to spend much less than last year. --The most common toys that people plan to buy are children's books . . . which seems like a broad definition of "toys" to us . . . and probably will for your kids, too. Video games and board games are second-most common. Dolls came in fourth. --54% of people say they plan on buying toys at a large discount store like Walmart or Kmart. 23% will buy them online . . . 11% will buy them at a national toy store chain . . . and 5% plan on buying them at a local, privately owned toy store. (Harris Interactive)

Only 7% of Americans Think Their Sense of Humor Is Their Most Attractive Quality:

If you ever check out an online dating site, it's almost impossible to find ANYONE who isn't looking to meet somebody with a "great sense of humor" or who "makes me laugh." Well . . . it turns out that VERY FEW people think that describes them. --According to a new survey, only 7% of Americans say that their sense of humor is their most attractive quality. -The most common answer is "my personality or attitude" . . . 16% say that's their best attribute.

--Here's how the list breaks down . . .

--My personality or attitude, 16%

--I'm caring/nice/kind, 8%

--My eyes, 7%

--My smile, 7%

--My sense of humor, 7%

--My face, 4%

--My chest, 2%

--Nothing, 2%

--My backside, 1%

--My body in general, 1%

--Everything, 1%

--21% of people mentioned another personality trait that wasn't one of the choices . . . 5% mentioned a physical trait that wasn't one of the choices . . . and 15% refused to answer the question.

--Only 2% of people say that they are extremely physically attractive to others.

--18% say they're very attractive to others . . . 59% say they're moderately attractive . . . 16% say they're not too attractive . . . and 4% say they're completely and totally UNATTRACTIVE.

--Oh . . . and the survey also asked people about their last sexual partner and what his or her most attractive quality was. Less than 1% of people said "sense of humor." The most popular answer was eyes, at 11%. (LifeGoesStrong-AP)

More Than Half of Us Say We Know Everything There Is To Know About Sex:

I think this is pretty irrefutable truth that we're all WAY too cocky for our own good. --According to a new survey by the Associated Press, more than HALF of American adults say that they are such SEXUAL MASTERS that they have NOTHING left to learn in bed. Nothing. --The survey asked, quote, "Do you think you still have more to learn about sex, or do you think you've pretty much learned everything there is to know about sex?"

--52% of people said I've learned everything there is to know, 45% said I still have more to learn, and 3% didn't answer.

--Here's how it broke down by age group.

--18 to 29 years old. 59% say they have more to learn, 39% say they know it all.

--30 to 44 years old. 49% say they have more to learn, 50% say they know it all.

--45 to 65 years old. 43% say they have more to learn, 54% say they know it all.

--66 years old and up. 23% say they have more to learn, 69% say they know it all.


St. Louis Takes Over the Top Spot as America's Most Dangerous City:

Good news, New Jersey . . . the annual list of America's most dangerous cities just came out, and, in a rare twist, you're NOT on top! Nope, based on 2009 statistics, the new most dangerous city in the country is . . . St. Louis, Missouri. --That's right. Based on FBI violent crime statistics, St. Louis had 2,070.1 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. That's almost FIVE TIMES the national average. St. Louis just beat out Camden, New Jersey, which was number one last year. Camden was also number one in 2003 and 2004. --The rest of the top 10 most dangerous cities are: Detroit, Michigan; Flint, Michigan; Oakland, California; Richmond, California; Cleveland, Ohio; Compton, California; Gary, Indiana; and Birmingham, Alabama. --For the second year in a row, the safest city with a population over 75,000 was Colonie, New York. --The rest of the top 10 safest are: O'Fallon, Missouri; Ramapo, New York; Mission Viejo, California; Clarkstown, New York; Amherst, New York; Lake Forest, California; Cary, North Carolina; Newton, Massachusetts; and Irvine, California. (CQ Press)
(--You can check out the full rankings here . . .)

Check Out the 10 U.S. Cities with the Worst Rush Hours:

I'm not sure that it's breaking any ground to say that big, crowded cities have big, crowded rush hours . . . but we can't just make up news to keep things exciting. This isn't North Korea, ya know. --According to data from NAVTEQ, which is the company that supplies maps and real-time traffic data to a bunch of different GPS services, these are the cities that have the top 10 worst rush hours in the U.S. Check 'em out . . .

#1.) New York City

#2.) Washington, D.C.

#3.) San Francisco

#4.) Los Angeles

#5.) Philadelphia

#6.) Chicago

#7.) Dallas/Fort Worth

#8.) Atlanta

#9.) Houston

#10.) Denver

--They also named the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel as the freeway with the slowest rush hour in the country. (PR Newswire)

The Economy Has Led To a Major Decrease In . . . Pet Tigers?

When will the economy stop ruining our basic standard of living? According to a report, the latest basic human need that's been taken away by the recession is . . . PET TIGERS.
-That's right. Back in the mid-2000s, people were buying all sorts of exotic big cats as pets . . . tigers, lions, cougars, bobcats, and leopards. (--And probably building them enclosures in the backyard of one of their three subprime mansions.) --But in the past few years, more and more of the owners have found they can't afford to raise those pets anymore . . . so they're trying desperately to find people to take them away. --Of course, that's easier said than done . . . animal sanctuaries are overpopulated, zoos don't exactly go out looking to get animals from the general public, and you can't take a lion to the pound. --And, unfortunately, that leads to a lot of animals being put down. (WKMG 6 - Orlando) (--So if you're in the market for a pet tiger, check Craigslist now . . . you can probably get one for pennies on the dollar.)

Word of the Day: Geriatric Bypass:

geriatric bypass (noun) /jair ee att rick buy pass/ - unnecessary cosmetic surgery that one has performed in a desperate effort to look younger. --Example: BRUCE JENNER is having geriatric bypass again . . . he's got to have filled up his entire buy-10-get-one-free punch card by now, huh?

Dimming the Lights Can Make You Depressed?

Time to take out your dimmer switches . . . even if you think that combining them with a little LIONEL RICHIE is the ultimate key to seduction. --According to a study at Ohio State University, if you spend every night exposed to DIM LIGHT it might be making you DEPRESSED. --The researchers tested this on hamsters by exposing them to dim light every night for eight weeks. They found that it actually led to changes in their brains . . . and they started showing symptoms of depression. --Hamsters who were either in light or dark . . . no middle stage . . . didn't have those changes or show the signs. --Dim light can include things like nightlights, computer screens, and bedside lamps. It can also include sleeping on a red-eye flight or in a hospital room. --The researchers believe that this could be connected to a hormone called melatonin, which is produced at night, when it's dark. Being in dim light slows down the production, and that can lead to depression. --The researchers haven't tested this on humans yet. (CNet)

An Election In Nevada Ends Up Tied, So It's Settled In Classic Nevada Style . . . By Drawing Cards:

You've got to respect Nevada. It knows exactly what it is and doesn't seem to have any shame . . . or any plans to change. --In Nevada, when a public election is tied, the tiebreaker involves the candidates each DRAWING A CARD . . . the person who pulls the higher card wins the election. Now THAT'S some high-stakes gambling. --And that came into play this year. A county board election ended up tied . . . so the two candidates drew cards. --Natalie Yanish and Robert McDowell each got 373 votes in the race for a seat on the Kingsbury Grade General Improvement District board. There were three seats available, and they tied for the last one. --After a recount, they were still tied. -So the county clerk shuffled a deck of cards and Natalie and Robert each drew one. Robert drew the eight of diamonds . . . and Natalie drew the ace of clubs. They were playing ace-high, so Natalie got the seat. (Gardnerville Record Courier)

A Man Steals a Car . . . Finds a Toddler Inside . . . Then Drives Back To Yell At the Parents For Leaving Their Child Unattended:

Here's a very unusual moral compass. For the thief in this story, stealing a car is fine . . . but being a bad parent is NOT. --Last week, a 22-year-old woman from Houston, Texas and her boyfriend were fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. No names have been released. --They had the woman's two-year-old son with them, but decided that it was too cold for him to be outside. --So the woman took him back to her Mitsubishi Eclipse, sat him inside, turned on the ignition, started the heater, than ran back to grab the fishing equipment. She was only gone for a few minutes to help pack up and carry the gear. --During those two minutes, a homeless man who'd been watching the couple saw an opportunity . . . and STOLE the car. He drove off . . . but before he was even out of sight, he did a U-turn and drove back to where the car had been parked. --He got out of the car and started YELLING at the woman and her boyfriend about being BAD PARENTS for leaving their kid in the car. They called the police, and the homeless guy took off. --The police spoke with the woman and ended up not giving her a citation for leaving her kid unattended for a few minutes in the car. (Galveston Daily News)

Tuesday's SILLY News Extras:

Not-So-Stupid News: North Korea fired onto a South Korean island, and South Korea reportedly fired back.


The turkey that the president pardons will NOT be going to Disneyland. They've brought the pardoned bird there for the Thanksgiving parade the last five years, but now they're ending the tradition.


A pilot accidentally locked himself out of cockpit, and the flight . . . which was on the ground at the time . . . was delayed three hours.


A 91-year-old Holocaust survivor is suffering from depression, so her grandson dresses her up as a superhero and drives her around town to "fight crime."


A clerk uses the Jedi Mind Trick on a robber? He entered her store and told her he was going to rob it. "The clerk said she told the subject he was not going to rob the store and so he left." He tried again later, but left again . . . and was arrested.


Not-So-Stupid News: Show this story to your daughters: A 16-year-old girl gets into hot tub with 18- and 19-year-old guys . . . and DIES. The police are still investigating why.



#1.) A Local News Crew Got Really Excited About Covering a Bridge Implosion . . . Then Missed the Shot:

The local news crew on WGN 9 in Chicago was covering a story last week about a bridge being imploded. And they REALLY wanted to show it live. --They even talked about how they'd never shown a live implosion before, and they stayed on the shot for three or four minutes, just waiting. But then they cut away for ten seconds and missed it. --The best part was how the anchors reacted. All three of them yelled, "Are you kidding me!" (--Search for "WGN morning news bridge fail." It happens at :39.)

#2.) Someone Made an Epic Montage of Nicolas Cage Freak-Outs:

In just about every movie NICOLAS CAGE does, he has at least one scene where he loses his mind and starts screaming. If you need proof, someone on YouTube made the definitive montage of Nic Cage freak-outs. And it's epic.
(--Search for "Nicolas Cage loses his montage.")
(--WARNING: This video contains a lot of profanity, including the F-word.)

#3.) Here's a Trailer For "Harry Potter" . . . If There Was an X-Rated Version:

Someone took clips from the Harry Potter movies and made a trailer for an X-RATED version. It's mostly just innuendo about Harry hooking up with Dumbledore. (--Search for "Harry Potter and the X-Rated Trailer.")
(--WARNING: This video includes a lot of sexual innuendo.)

#4.) Is This the Most Active Fetus Ever?

There's a video online called "Creepy Alien Baby Stomach", and that's basically what it looks like. It's a pregnant woman with a fetus that must be trying to do jumping jacks. (--Search for "creepy alien baby stomach.")

#5.) And Now . . . When Athletes Attack:

On Sunday, Oakland Raiders lineman RICHARD SEYMOUR got ejected for pimp-slapping Steelers quarterback BEN ROETHLISBERGER. So TotalProSports.com made a video list of "Nine Unexpected Attacks From Angry Athletes". --It includes some you probably haven't seen, like the interview when former quarterback JIM EVERETT went after host JIM ROME for calling him "CHRIS Everett".
(--Search for "TotalProSports.com unexpected attacks from angry athletes.")

Thirteen Things Your Pilot Knows But You Don't:

If you're flying somewhere this holiday, you already know what you'll have to deal with getting through security. But "Reader's Digest" asked 17 pilots from around the country to list things the average passenger doesn't know . . .

#1.) Pilots Wish the Airlines Would Let Them Carry More Fuel. They basically only carry enough to get you wherever you're going. And even a strong headwind can force a pilot to land at a different airport to refuel.

#2.) Pilots Are Exhausted. Sometimes they have to work 16 hours without a break, which is even more than a truck driver. And unlike a trucker, a pilot can't pull over and take a nap.

#3.) Sometimes a Smooth Landing Isn't Possible. Especially if the airport has short runways. Some of the worst are at Chicago Midway, Reagan National, and John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. --But normally, how you land is a good indicator of a pilot's skill. So if you want to say something nice to them when you're getting off the plane, say, "Nice landing." Apparently they actually appreciate it.

#4.) There Really Is No Such Thing As a Water Landing. Unless your pilot is Sully Sullenberger, it really does mean "crashing into the ocean".

#5.) Turbulence Isn't What You Should Worry About. It shakes the plane around, but it can't really cause a crash. And the whole reason pilots avoid it is because it's annoying. --The REAL thing to worry about are massive air pockets. Pilots can't see them at night, and hitting one is like hitting a speed bump at 500 miles an hour. --If you've ever heard about turbulence that was so bad it threw people against the ceiling . . . it was actually an air pocket.

#6.) You Shouldn't Worry About Lightning Either. Most pilots have been in a plane when it was struck by lightning, and it's really not a big deal. Airplanes are built to take it. There's just a loud boom, a flash of light, and that's it.

#7.) There Is No "Safest Place to Sit". In some scenarios, it's safer to be in the front, and in others it's safer to be in the back. But honestly, your chances of surviving a crash are basically zero, no matter where you're sitting. --But the SMOOTHEST place to sit is near the wing, and it's bumpiest in the back.

#8.) If Flying Makes You Nervous, Book a Morning Flight. When the sun heats up the ground, it makes the air choppier. And you're much more likely to fly through a thunderstorm in the afternoon.

#9.) Using Your Cell Phone CAN Cause Problems. If one person makes a call, it probably won't do anything. --But if a DOZEN people make a phone call at the same time, it can screw with the instruments and make the pilot think the plane is at a higher altitude than it really is.

#10.) If It's Too Cold, You Should Say Something. Flight attendants always think it's warmer on the airplane than it actually is because they're constantly moving around. And they're the ones who tell the pilot whether it's too hot or too cold.

#11.) They Don't Use the Autopilot As Much As You Think. Planes can fly by themselves SOMETIMES, but pilots always have their hands on the controls. waiting for the plane to mess up . . . which happens all the time.

#12.) Pilots Don't Wear Their Hats In the Cockpit. They do in the movies, but in reality they have to take their hats off so they can put on their headsets.

#13.) Flight Attendants Have a Name For Making Sure You're Wearing Your Seat Belt. It's commonly referred to as the "groin scan" or the "crotch watch". (Reader's Digest)


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