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Selena Gomez Has a Mole on Her Chest That Can Help You Tell When Nude Pictures of Her Are Fake:

There's a supposed "nude" picture of SELENA GOMEZ floating around the World Wide Web of Celebrity Smut. But her people say it's a Photoshop job. --Here's a statement from her rep . . . quote, "The alleged photo of Selena Gomez is absolutely not her. Selena's family is pursuing all available remedies to deal with the offender." --Anyway, we thought this would be a good time to alert you to the fact that Selena has a very obvious marker that can often be used to identify FAKE nudes. --It's a mole on her right breast. --So if you see an alleged "nude" pic of Selena WITHOUT this mole, you know you're looking at a phony. --Of course, anyone with half a brain can just insert the mole onto a Photoshopped picture. And if they start doing that, we can't help you, Cowboy.

Is Justin Timberlake Texting Olivia Munn?

Last year, "Us Weekly" claimed that JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE cheated on JESSICA BIEL during a steamy, three-day affair with OLIVIA MUNN. Everybody denied it, of course. --But now "Life & Style" is picking up where they left off . . . saying that Justin is trying to rekindle things with Olivia. --A so-called "friend" says that Olivia has several texts from Justin on her phone . . . all of which were sent in the last few weeks of December. --One said, quote, "My relationship is basically over" . . . and another said, quote, "I'm thinking about you." --The friend saw PART of a third text, but not the whole thing. What she saw was, quote, "You don't know how hard it is . . ." --And how is Olivia reacting to this? Apparently with guarded enthusiasm. The source says, quote, "She's super flattered, but she's not stupid. She's not expecting it to go anywhere . . . but she'd love it if it did!"

Hugh Hefner Says "Playboy" Is Coming to the iPad . . . Uncensored:

Sexual content on your iPad? There's about to be an app for that. --Up to now, Apple has been very careful to keep images that are even remotely racy off the iPad. But apparently, they're loosening things up. --HUGH HEFNER says that "Playboy" magazine is coming to the iPad in March . . . in its natural state. --Answering questions from fans on Twitter, Hugh said, quote, "'Playboy' on iPad will be uncensored." (--Last year, Apple boss Steve Jobs spoke about the "freedoms" offered to users of the iPad and iPhone.)

Antonio Sabato Jr. Is Expecting a Son . . . Whose Middle Name Will Be Kamakanaalohamaikalani:

"Actor" ANTONIO SABATO JR. is expecting a baby boy this spring with his girlfriend, singer Cheryl Moana Marie. --They're naming him Antonio Sabato the Third, but they're also giving him two unique middle names. --One is Kamakanaalohamaikalani. It means "a beloved gift from the heavens." (--"Ka Makana" is gift, "Maikalani" is "from the heavens," and "aloha" isn't just a Hawaiian greeting, it also means affectionate and love.) Cheryl is Hawaiian, which kind of explains that. (--And there are 22 letters in that name, by the way.) --The boy's other middle name? Harvey.

Owen Wilson Named His Baby Robert Ford Wilson:

If it matters to you, we've got the name of OWEN WILSON'S baby boy. It's Robert Ford Wilson. --Some of you might recognize Robert Ford as the name of the guy who shot JESSE JAMES. (--The Old West outlaw, not Sandra Bullock's cheating a-hole ex-husband.) --Apparently, the "Robert" comes from Owen's dad, Robert Wilson.

Jon Gosselin Got a Real Job:

Millions of people in this country can't find work. But guess who can? JON GOSSELIN. --"Life & Style" magazine says that Jon is working for a place called Global Green Property Services . . . a company that helps properties and other companies become more environmentally friendly. --Jon is in sales. He basically cold-calls people and tries to sell them Global Green's services. (--Here's Global Green's website.) --A so-called "source" says, quote, "It's a modest job. He doesn't get a huge salary. Jon doesn't long for fame at all. He's much more content blending in and being able to live his life without the world watching."
25 Things You Don't Know About Pauly D:

"Us Weekly" is serving up 25 Things You Don't Know About PAULY D. from "Jersey Shore". Here are the highlights . . .

--"I don't eat any fish."

--"I wash my hair every day."

--"I'm a Belieber."

--"I fly home once a week for a haircut . . . same guy for 14 years!"

--"I say a prayer every night before I go to bed."

--"I get a manicure every other week. A DJ's hands have to look good."

--"I eat three to four apples a day."

--"The most important woman in my life is my mom."
(--You can check out the rest of the list here.)

Is Bristol Palin Giving Her Son Her Own Last Name?

It sounds like BRISTOL PALIN is trying to nudge LEVI JOHNSTON out of their son Tripp's life. And Levi seems okay with it. --According to the "National Enquirer", she just changed Tripp's last name from Johnston to PALIN. --And a so-called "source" says that Levi agreed to the name change on one condition: That he doesn't have to pay child support. --The source says, quote, "Levi is so cheap and will do anything to get out of paying any money for Tripp. He doesn't care about spending much time with Tripp. --"Bristol does everything and her boyfriend Gino has been more of a father figure to Tripp over the past couple of months than Levi. --"Bristol wants to fully eliminate Levi from her life and Levi is making it easier than ever for her."

Khloe Kardashian Is Taking a Twitter Break So She Can Remain Positive:

KHLOE KARDASHIAN announced yesterday that she's taking a Twitter break because of recent, negative comments aimed at her and husband LAMAR ODOM. --She said, quote, "The negativity that I see, hear, or read today is out of control. I'm signing off Twitter for a little so I can remain my positive self." --There's no word how long the break will last, or what specifically caused it. But if I had to guess, I'd say it was Lamar's interview with "Playboy" in which he said, quote, "When people see us in person, they see Khloe's not small. I'm not small."

Betty White Survives on Licorice, Hot Dogs, French Fries and Diet Coke:

BETTY WHITE turned 89 this week. What's her secret? Licorice, hot dogs, French fries and Diet Coke. At least that's according to her co-stars on "Hot In Cleveland". --JANE LEEVES says, quote, "She eats crap. She eats Red Vines, hot dogs, French fries and Diet Coke. If that's key, maybe she's preserved because of all the preservatives." --WENDIE MALICK adds, quote, "She eats red licorice, like, ridiculously a lot. She seems to exist on hot dogs and French fries."
Denise Richards Is Learning How to Deal With Charlie Sheen:

DENISE RICHARDS has two young daughters with CHARLIE SHEEN. That's gotta suck. But she's learning to live with it . . . and learning how to keep Charlie's behavior from affecting their kids. --She told "Access Hollywood" yesterday, quote, "I think a lot of people are concerned about Charlie . . . what becomes difficult is things become so public. --"I try my best to keep that quiet from our daughters because, you know, this is something I've never dealt with in my life until this situation. --"I'm learning how to deal with it. Just keeping a lid on it for our kids has been my main priority. It does become difficult." --Meanwhile . . . claims that Charlie spent $26,000 on THREE HOOKERS during his recent bender in Las Vegas. --One girl got $10,000 for four hours of "work" . . . and he paid the other two 8-grand apiece. (--The $10,000 girl was "Ginger" . . . the girl we heard about yesterday that he'd found online.)

Anne Hathaway Will Play Catwoman in the new Batman Movie:

ANNE HATHAWAY will play Catwoman in the third Batman movie, "The Dark Knight Rises". --Well, technically, it was announced that she's playing Selina Kyle. But since Selina Kyle IS Catwoman, the assumption is pretty safe. --Seeing as how this is the last Batman movie CHRISTOPHER NOLAN is writing and directing, it seems ridiculous that he would introduce the Selina Kyle character and NOT have her be Catwoman. --She's also kind of a love interest for Bruce Wayne (slash) Batman, even though they're not always on the same page. -Anne reportedly beat out Keira Knightley, Rachel Weisz, Blake Lively and Natalie Portman for the role. --We already heard that Nolan was bringing TOM HARDY over from "Inception". And now we know his character. -He's playing a villain called Bane . . . which is odd. Because Tom is a pretty normal-sized guy, while Bane is, like, a massive ball of muscle. (--In the comics, Bane is infamous as the guy who BROKE BATMAN'S BACK.) Nolan says this will be, quote, "a new interpretation" of the character. --Bane appeared in the 1997 flick "Batman and Robin", starring GEORGE CLOONEY as Batman, and ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER as Mr. Freeze. Bane was played by some huge, unknown pro wrestler named Jeep Swenson. --Catwoman (slash) Selina Kyle was played by MICHELLE PFEIFFER in "Batman Returns" back in 1992. In 2004, HALLE BERRY played a DIFFERENT Catwoman in the AWFUL stand-alone flick "Catwoman". (--"The Dark Knight Rises" hits theaters in July of 2012.)

Robert Downey Jr. Is Out of "Oz" . . . And Johnny Depp Might Take His Place:

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. has dropped out of Disney's "Oz, The Great and Powerful" . . . which is kind of a prequel to "The Wizard of Oz" focusing on how the Wizard BECAME the Wizard. --There's no word why he backed out, but JOHNNY DEPP is in talks to replace him.

Regis Philbin Is Not Retiring for Health Reasons:

On Tuesday, REGIS PHILBIN suddenly announced that he'd be leaving "Live! with Regis and Kelly" later this year . . . and on yesterday's show, he clarified a few things about his intentions. -First, he's NOT quitting for health reasons. --Regis said, quote, "No, I'm not sick. I'm fine." After showing some newspaper clippings . . . he added, quote, "I don't want to get morbid about this, but I almost felt like I was looking at my obituary." (--It's unclear if the "he's sick" rumor was rooted in anything other than an educated guess. Regis will turn 80 years old in August.) (--In 2007, he had triple bypass surgery, and this past December, he had hip-replacement surgery. He took a month off the show, and returned January 4th.) --Regis also confirmed that he's NOT retiring from TV altogether. He said, quote, "I wasn't clear about that. I'm not retiring from television . . . I'm just leaving this show." He still hasn't discussed any specific future plans. --But he isn't upset about all the rumors. He added that he's "moved" with all the "sentimental" discussion and press over his announcement. (--You can watch this clip from the show, here.)

Was Joan Rivers Dropped from Fox News Because of Some Negative Comments She Made About Sarah Palin?

JOAN RIVERS and her daughter MELISSA were scheduled to be on the Fox News show "Fox & Friends" today, but yesterday they dropped her. --Joan believes she was cut over some negative comments she recently made about SARAH PALIN. But Fox insists that's NOT the case. --Over the weekend, Joan told TMZ that she wanted Sarah to go to "another planet [and] get out of our faces." --Then she was asked if she thought Sarah should be blamed for the massacre in Arizona earlier this month. Joan responded, quote, "[People] are right to blame Sarah for the shootings. […] This woman is just stupid and a threat." (--You can watch the clip at TMZ, here.) --Joan claims a "Fox & Friends" producer TOLD her she was being dropped over the comments . . . but publicly, Fox is saying that the show was over-booked, and that the producer "mistakenly canceled" the appearance instead of rescheduling it. --The Fox rep claims they're, quote, "in the process of booking her" on a future show, but Joan may not be interested. She said Fox can, quote, "go (eff) themselves."
TV's Perviest Characters: has put out a list of TV's Perviest Characters. --The site defines "pervy" as people who seem to obsessively think about sex . . . but, quote, "rarely get any (at least with other people . . . on purpose)." Here's the list, along with some of their rationale:

--"CSI Miami's" Horatio Caine . . . played by David Caruso.

--"He's just so leathery and acts as though he's perpetually sneaking up-skirts through the shades he refuses to remove. There has never been another character on television that made me feel violated just by crouching down at a crime scene."

--"The Suite Life of Zack & Cody's" Zack Martin . . . played by Dylan Sprouse.

--"There's something deeply disturbing about a sex-obsessed 12-year-old. I get it, you're supposed to be starting to think about girls at that age, but I would hope you're not chasing tail like the Tasmanian Devil."

--"Hot in Cleveland's" Elka Ostrovsky . . . played by Betty White.

--"Watching Elka deliver stiff lines of hackneyed innuendo every week, out-dueling legitimately attractive women for local dudes makes me regurgitate things I ate a month ago. Elka wanting sex is perverted enough, but bragging about wanting it is the stuff of legends."

--"Family Guy's" Glen Quagmire . . . voiced by Seth MacFarlane.

--"His entire identity is based on having lots of sex, but there's something sleazy about his dedication to luring women back to his den of questionable judgment. There's an element of trickery and deception that the perv must rely on to score."

--"The Office's" Michael Scott . . . played by Steve Carell.

--"Michael has so little knowledge about women and sex that he is arguably more naturally perverted than anyone else on TV."

--"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's" Charlie Kelly . . . played by Charlie Day.

"I'll be honest, Charlie made the list for his stalking skills. Stalking is a huge contributor to perviness. Just ask Duane Chapman [of] 'Dog the Bounty Hunter'!"

--"Boy Meets World's" Mr. Feeny . . . played by William Daniels.

--"He's got it all. Working closely with the kids for all those years, unable to let go, following them all the way through college. He's an older, distinguished single gentleman, and the mustache . . . ahhhh, the mustache!" (--The full commentary can be found at TVSquad, here.)

"Survivor" Winner Fabio Has Been Arrested:

JUDSON BIRZA . . . who you may know as "Fabio," the winner of the most recent season of "Survivor" . . . was arrested yesterday afternoon. --Cops in Santa Monica, California, saw Fabio skateboarding in the street, which is illegal. But according to TMZ, they also noticed that he was "acting strangely." --He was eventually booked for "suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance," but there's no word yet on what that substance was. --He was also booked for an unrelated DUI warrant and a probation violation. As of late last night, he was being held on $37,000 bail.
Thursday TV Reminders: (--Check your local listings.)

--"American Idol" [New Orleans Auditions] . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on Fox.

--"The Big Bang Theory" . . . 8:00 to 8:30 P.M. on CBS. (--Rick Fox guest stars as Bernadette's ex-boyfriend.)

--"Community" . . . 8:00 to 8:30 P.M. on NBC. (--Malcolm-Jamal Warner guest stars as Shirley's ex-husband.)

--"Perfect Couples" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 8:30 to 9:00 P.M. on NBC. (--A sitcom about three couples in various stages of their relationships. It stars Olivia Munn.)

--"The Office" . . . 9:00 to 9:30 P.M. on NBC. (--Michael anxiously waits for Holly's answer about their relationship, while the staff shares their New Year's resolutions.)

--"Parks & Recreation" [3rd Season Premiere] . . . 9:30 to 10:00 P.M. on NBC.

--"CSI" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on CBS. (--Burlesque performer Dita Von Teese guest stars as a schoolteacher with a naughty nightclub alter ego who woos Greg.)

--"Masters of Survival" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Discovery Channel. (--Survival experts Les Stroud, Bear Grylls, Cody Lundin, Dave Canterbury, Myke Hawke and Ruth England offer tips for survival scenarios.)

--"Royal Pains" [2nd Season Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on USA.

--"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" [1st Season Finale] . . . 9:00 to 10:15 P.M. on Bravo.

--"Fairly Legal" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:15 P.M. on USA. (--"The L Word's" Sarah Shahi stars as a mediator trying to save her late father's law firm.)

Panic! At the Disco Have a Release Date for Their Next Album:

The next PANIC! AT THE DISCO album "Vices & Virtues" will come out on March 29th. The first single "The Ballad of Mona Lisa" will be out February 1st. This is the band's first album since 2008's "Pretty. Odd.". --Since then, Panic! At the Disco has gone through a lot of changes. It lost its exclamation point . . . regained it . . . and lost half of its band members. (--It didn't regain them.) --The band is currently just two people: Singer (slash) "multi-instrumentalist" BRENDON URIE and drummer SPENCER SMITH. (--Guitarist RYAN ROSS and bassist JON WALKER left the band in 2009.)

Josh Homme Says He "Died" and Came Back to Life After Leg Surgery:

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE singer JOSH HOMME says he, quote, "died" while having leg surgery last year . . . but then came back to life. Or something like that. --He tells "NME" magazine, quote, "I had an operation and died and survived on the table. I had surgery on my leg and there were complications and I died on the table. I was in bed for three months." --Josh is back now, though. About a month ago, his doctors cleared him to go back to work. He's currently working on the next Queens of Stone Age album.

Lil Wayne Made a Killing Playing Uno in Prison:

LIL WAYNE talks about the eight months he spent at Rikers in the new issue of "Rolling Stone", which hits newsstands TOMORROW. --In the interview, Wayne says he made a KILLING off gambling on Uno with his cellmates. (--In his letters from prison, Wayne repeatedly talked about how he was "kicking ass in Uno." So, he was NOT joking. That's awesome.) --He tells "Rolling Stone", quote, "I'd bust a (N-word's) ass at Uno. We gamble for phone time. I'd take (N-word's) commissary: Lemme get them cookies, lemme get them chips, get that soup." --Wayne adds that he was so good that no one wanted to play with him anymore . . . quote, "They'd be like, 'Oh, we thought you were asleep.' Like you can't look inside my cell and see that I'm right there! We ain't got no doors!"


Nominees for the "22nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards" were announced yesterday. (Full Story)

Have you heard the rumor about HILARY DUFF being pregnant? It's not true.
(Full Story)

Did CHRISTINA AGUILERA go to a birthday party for "Hurt Locker" star JEREMY RENNER, get wasted and pass out in his bed? Probably not. (Full Story)

MATT DILLON came to the aid of a woman who collapsed and hit her head at Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday. (Full Story)

Here's a sure sign that the Apocalypse is near: SNOOKI is a "New York Times" best-selling author. (Full Story)

There's a movie being made about the British teacher whose students sang the chorus of the classic PINK FLOYD jam, "Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)". Not to spoil it for you, but he got FIRED for letting the kids do it. (Full Story)
RICKY GERVAIS . . . who starred on the British "Office" . . . is finally going to be appearing on the American version. It's a brief cameo, which will air at the beginning of next Thursday's episode. (Full Story)

CBS has announced the cast of the next "Amazing Race", which premieres on February 20th. It's an ALL-STAR season . . . and "School of Rock" screenwriter Mike White, and his dad, are onboard. (The Full Cast)

Not surprisingly, the ratings for "Piers Morgan Tonight" dropped significantly on Tuesday, its second night. It dropped from 2.1 million viewers to 1.3 million. (Full Story)

BRAD WOMACK . . . who's currently doing his second turn on "The Bachelor" . . . has a rap sheet. E! News says he was busted in 1993 for forging a driver's license, and that it was hidden under his birth name, Stephen Bradley Pickelsimer. (Full Story)

KATY PERRY has announced her summer tour dates. It begins in June. (Full Story)

People Whose Names Start With Letters at the End of the Alphabet Are More Likely To Make Impulse Purchases?

This is one of the stranger studies we've seen . . . and on the surface, it seems like it makes ZERO sense . . . but the theory behind it is actually solid. --Researchers at Georgetown University and Belmont University found that people whose last names start with letters at the end of the alphabet are more likely to make impulse purchases. --In other words, if your last name is Thomas or Young or Zimmerman, you're more likely to make an impulse buy than someone whose last name is Anderson or Branley or Davidson. --Now here's the theory. Schools often have children line up in alphabetical order, so kids with last names later in the alphabet are always at the end of the line. --That makes them develop a complex about being forced to wait at the back of the line . . . or to grab at whatever scraps are left behind by the kids at the front. --As adults, that makes them act quicker and leads them to impulse buys . . . because they're still conditioned to believe they have to grab the best things available when they have the chance. --People who were in the front of the line don't have that sense of urgency, because they're conditioned to believe they'll get the first crack at things. --The researchers backed up this theory when they found that married women make impulse buys based on their maiden names, not their married names . . . their buying is still tied to the name they had as a kid. (IO9)

When Walmart Comes To Town, Super Chubbiness Follows:

Add this to the list of societal ills we can blame on Walmart. According to a study by the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, when a Walmart opens in town . . . everyone in town gets CHUBBIER. --The researchers found that a new Walmart translated to an average weight gain of 1.5 pounds per person over the next decade. It also boosts the area's obesity rate by 2.3%. --They believe this is because food is cheaper at Walmart . . . and those cheap foods aren't usually the ones that are good for you. (Montreal Gazette)

Turns Out Those Twisty Light Bulbs Aren't the Miracle Everyone Thought:

Remember when those new, energy-efficient twisty light bulbs came out and people started instantly judging you for having regular old light bulbs? Yeah . . . turns out the twisty ones are good, but aren't QUITE as miraculous as advertised. --The light bulbs were originally estimated to last 9.4 years. Turns out, in reality, their lifespan is 6.3 years . . . making them a THIRD less effective than people thought. --And while that's still way better than the old kind . . . these bulbs just aren't exactly as great as predicted. (Wall Street Journal)

Those Tribute Coins They Sell On TV Aren't Very Good Investments . . . And They Aren't Even Coins:

Next time you're watching late-night cable and find yourself drawn in by an infomercial for special, American tribute coins . . . you might want to resist the urge to pick up the phone and dial. --They aren't good investments. They aren't even actual COINS. They're made by the National Collector's Mint, which is a private company, and not the government. And other than about 60 cents of gold plating, they don't have any actual value. --Robert Hoge is an American coin expert. He says, quote, "Those so-called Buffalo gold pieces are simply conniving promotions intended for marketing to unwary, uninformed would-be buyers." --The National Collector's Mint says that these kinds of reports, quote, "do not focus on the money we've donated to charities, or how creative our commemoratives are, or how beautiful and affordable our coin tributes are." (Walletpop)

Would You Hold Your Wedding at a Funeral Home?

There's something that just feels symbolic about standing at the altar, waiting for your bride to walk down the aisle . . . and knowing that you'll be cremated in the very same building someday. --According to the National Funeral Directors Association, that's a pretty common sight now. --Because more and more funeral homes nationwide are booking WEDDINGS, PROMS and PARTIES on days when they don't have funerals. --According to the NFDA, almost 10% of funeral homes have offered up their venues for special events. In almost all of the cases, these are funeral homes that have expanded and added a community center or party room to their property. --James Olson owns a funeral home in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. He's hosting his first wedding this year. He says, quote, "A lot of [wedding halls] are shutting down because of the economy, while we aren't going anywhere." --Paulita and Tony Flores of Indianapolis were married at a funeral home last month. Paulita says, quote, "At first, when I saw it was a funeral home, it did concern me. But when we walked in . . . I fell in love and thought it was perfect." --BUT, she says, she did choose to do the wedding indoors, not in their courtyard in the back. Quote, "I was worried that people would be creeped out . . . and that when taking pictures, the cemetery would be in the background." (USA Today)
You're Never Going To Believe This, But One Out of 12 People at Major Sporting Events is Drunk:

Here's some earth-shaking news, courtesy of some researchers who have apparently never left the house. Sports fans get drunk. --I know. I can't believe it either. --Researchers at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis ran a study at two stadiums . . . one Major League Baseball stadium and one NFL stadium . . . although they didn't release the names of the teams that play in those stadiums. --And they found that 8% of adult fans, or one out of 12, is legally drunk while they watch the game. --40% of adult fans, or two out of five, had at least some alcohol. --They say that TAILGATING is the main reason people get drunk. People who tailgate before a game are 1,400% more likely to be drunk than people who don't. (NPR)

The Governor of Hawaii Has Finally Tracked Down President Obama's Birth Certificate:

--Hawaii's new governor, Neil Abercrombie, has finally tracked down PRESIDENT OBAMA'S birth certificate. His legal, original, actual birth certificate that proves he was born in Hawaii. --Abercrombie says, quote, "Our investigation [found] it actually exists in the archives, written down." --Their next step is to actually get it out of the archives. Abercrombie didn't say when that was going to happen. --Conspiracy theorists called birthers have said Obama's birth certificate is fake, he was actually born in Kenya, or the U.K., or Indonesia . . . and that would make him ineligible to be president. To be president, you must be born in the U.S. --Abercrombie says that he wants to do whatever it takes to prove Obama was born in Hawaii, but as for the birthers, quote, "You're not going to convince those people because they have a political agenda. They're never going to be satisfied." (New York Daily News)


Police In Colombia Busted a Drug-Smuggling Pigeon Trying To Fly Reefer Into a Prison:

In Colombia, EVERYONE deals drugs. Men deal drugs. Women deal drugs. And today we have a story that shows . . . even the BIRDS deal drugs. --The police in Bucaramanga, Colombia recently arrested a PIGEON for trying to smuggle reefer into a prison. They caught the pigeon with 1.6 ounces of marijuana strapped to his body. --Turns out, that was just a little too much cargo for the pigeon, and he was struggling to fly over the prison wall. The police nabbed him. --Of course, the police don't believe that the pigeon was working on his own. A commander says, quote, "This is a new case of criminal ingenuity. They were trying to smuggle drugs into prison with messenger pigeons." (FOX News)

Police in Germany Bust a Drunken Owl Staggering Around In the Road:

In Germany, EVERYONE gets drunk. Men get drunk. Women get drunk. And today we have a story that shows . . . even the BIRDS get drunk. The police in Pforzheim, Germany recently busted an OWL for public intoxication. They caught the owl staggering around in the middle of a street, with drooping eyelids, and no care at all for the cars speeding around him. --They also found two small bottles of schnapps near him. He was taken to a local bird expert who hydrated him until he sobered up, then sent him on his way. There's no word on where he got the alcohol. (Huffington Post)


According to "Forbes", a bunch of big chains might not make it through the year, including Borders, Blockbuster, Quiznos, and FYE. (Full Story)

Grandfather of the Day: A guy in Florida got hammered and took his 18-month-old grandson out for a stroll . . . then passed out next to the stroller by a busy road. (Full Story)

Want to teach your kids where babies come from? Try the "MamAmour" birthing and breast-feeding doll, a realistic-looking pregnant doll, complete with umbilical cord and placenta. (Full Story)

A guy in Washington state went bird watching, and found his own stolen van, which had been missing for five weeks. (Full Story)

The list of gifts the Obamas have received from foreign leaders includes $132,000 in jewelry from the king of Saudi Arabia, $33,000 worth of silk ties from the Prime Minister of Italy, and a $20,000 silk embroidery of China's President Hu's first family. (Full Story)


#1.) Have You Seen the 'Swinging Baby' Video? It Looks Too Crazy to Be Real . . . But It Is:

There was a video going around called the "baby-swinging yoga" video, and it looks too crazy to be real. But it is. It shows a Russian woman swinging a baby around by its arms and legs, and she swears it helps babies the same way yoga helps adults. --And she even owns a legit baby-swinging business in Egypt. But experts say it's VERY dangerous, and it's not beneficial for babies at all --YouTube took the video down after they called it "shocking and disgusting", but you can still see it at, which labeled the video "Baby Nunchucks".

#2.) Someone Edited the Words Out of Sarah Palin's Recent Speech . . . So It Only Has Her Breathing:

This is just weird: Someone took SARAH PALIN'S recent video message about the Arizona shooting, edited out what she said, and just left all the times she was breathing or took a breath. --So yeah, the whole video is just Sarah Palin breathing. It's called "Palin's Breath," and somehow it has over a million views on YouTube.


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