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Kelly Osbourne and Mark Ronson Attended Amy Winehouse's Funeral:

KELLY OSBOURNE and "Back to Black" producer MARK RONSON were among about 150 people who attended the funeral of AMY WINEHOUSE at a Synagogue in North London yesterday. -Kelly wore kind of a mini-beehive . . . which we assume was a tribute to Amy's trademark hairstyle. (--You can see some video of mourners walking into the funeral . . . as well as fans still gathered outside Amy's house, here.) --Amy's dad Mitch spoke at the funeral. Amy's rep says his eulogy was actually FUNNY, as he reminisced about her childhood . . . quote, "It was emotional, it was happy and it was sad. It was everything really." --He concluded by saying, quote, "Goodnight my angel. Sleep tight. Mommy and Daddy love you ever so much." --The ceremony ended with the CAROLE KING song "So Far Away". It was one of Amy's favorites, and a song she and her dad once performed together. Mitch encouraged everyone to sing along. --After the ceremony, Amy was cremated. (--Cremation is actually a violation of Jewish law . . . and Amy WAS given a Jewish funeral. It was conducted by a rabbi, and part of it was in Hebrew. Not sure how they pulled that off.)

Mitch Winehouse Says Amy Died Happy . . . And He Doesn't Believe She Was Doing Drugs:

AMY WINEHOUSE'S father Mitch says that Amy wasn't depressed when she died Saturday. --After Amy's funeral yesterday, he issued a statement saying, quote, "She was the happiest she has been for years. She was not depressed. She saw [her mom] Janis and [her boyfriend] Reg [Traviss] on Friday and was in good spirits. --"That night, she was in her room, playing drums and singing. As it was late, her security guard said to keep it quiet and she did. He heard her walking around for a while and when he went to check on her in the morning he thought she was asleep. --"He went back a few hours later, that was when he realized she was not breathing and called for help. --"But knowing that she wasn't depressed, knowing that she passed away happy . . . it makes us all feel better." --Mitch also said he doesn't believe drugs killed Amy . . . because she's been off them for THREE YEARS. She was still drinking . . . but he said she'd just completed, quote, "three weeks of abstinence." --Traviss . . . her most recent boyfriend . . . added, quote, "She has been full of life and so upbeat recently, exercising everyday and doing yoga. This terrible thing that happened is like an accident." (--Mitch's statement makes it sound like Amy and Reg Traviss were still together when she died. But we've been hearing that he dumped her last month.)

Amy Winehouse Made Sure to Cut Her Ex-Husband Out of Her Will:

AMY WINEHOUSE left behind a fortune of about $16 million. And her ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, gets NONE OF IT. --Sources say that when Amy and Blake split in 2009, she made sure to get her financial affairs in order so he wouldn't be able to get his hands on any of it. (--Which is ironic, given that he was pretty much the inspiration behind Amy's "Back to Black" album . . . which is responsible for most of her fortune.) --Amy's money will be divided among her immediate family, which includes her parents, Mitch and Janis, and an old brother named Alex.

Lady Gaga on Amy Winehouse: "Don't Kill the Superstar"?

LADY GAGA talked about the death of AMY WINEHOUSE in a radio interview this week. (--On Channel 94.1, KQCH in Omaha.) And she asked us all to do something very important: DON'T KILL THE SUPERSTAR. --No, I don't know what that means, either. But here's the context: --She said, quote, "It's a lesson to the world. Don't kill the superstar, take care of her soul." -Then she said that she didn't know Amy, but she used to be mistaken for her: Quote, "I was nobody when she was first coming out. I would be on the street and people would go 'Amy'." --"I just remember feeling like I wasn't alone because she was so different." --In her Twitter tribute to Amy, Gaga said, quote, "Amy changed pop music forever, I remember knowing there was hope, and feeling not alone because of her. She lived jazz, she lived the blues."

Gene Simmons Actually Proposed to Shannon Tweed Months Ago . . . And Things Haven't Been Very Good Between Them Since:

Don't buy GENE SIMMONS and SHANNON TWEED a wedding gift just yet. --That proposal that aired on "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" last night was taped MONTHS ago . . . and sources say things between them haven't been too hot since. --So anything you've heard Gene and Shannon say in promotional appearances over the last few months may have happened AFTER the proposal. --And that includes Shannon recently telling "People" magazine that she'd moved out of their home, and there was a, quote, "slim chance" of them getting back together. --She added, quote, "You're seeing this happy family, but in my heart, I am dying. I need some sort of commitment. Something has to give." --For what it's worth, Shannon Tweeted on Monday that Gene's proposal was the most shocking moment of her life.
Heather Matarazzo Is Going to Marry Her Girlfriend:

Now that gay marriage is legal in New York, HEATHER MATARAZZO and her girlfriend, Caroline Murphy, are getting hitched. But they're not rushing things. -Heather says, quote, "I always wanted a wedding, not a trip to City Hall." They plan on doing it in the fall or spring.
-Heather is 28. She and Caroline got engaged three years ago. They were going to get married in California a while back, but Proposition 8 passed and put an end to those plans. (--You'd know Heather as Lilly Moscovitz in the "Princess Diaries" movies . . . and as Jamie Kennedy's sister, Martha Meeks, in "Scream 3".)

Is Jennifer Garner Pregnant?

There have been rumors lately that JENNIFER GARNER is pregnant again . . . and she's been denying them. But some pictures popped up yesterday that make it look like she MIGHT have a little extra around her middle. (--Check 'em out here.) (Radar Online) --Jennifer and Ben Affleck have two daughters . . . 5-year-old Violet and 2-year-old Seraphina.

Ben Affleck's Justin Bieber Haircut Is For a Movie:

The debate has been settled. BEN AFFLECK'S Justin Bieber haircut is for a MOVIE. --It's called "Argo", and it's based on the true story of how the CIA used a fake sci-fi movie to rescue Americans during the Iran hostage crisis in 1981. Ben is both directing and starring. GEORGE CLOONEY is producing. (--The CIA actually used footage from an unfinished film called "Lord of Light". You can read a brief description of how the operation went down here. Scroll down to the section titled "Film Version".)

Denise Richards Says Charlie Sheen is No Longer the Man She Fell In Love With:

DENISE RICHARDS has a new book out called "Real Girl Next Door" . . . and yesterday, she was pimping it everywhere she could. --While she pretty much REFUSES to dish any dirt on CHARLIE SHEEN in the book, she did tell MATT LAUER on the "Today" show that the man she fell in love with and married did NOT have tiger blood or Adonis DNA. --She said, quote, "The man I fell in love with is very compassionate, humble, has a wonderful heart. And the behavior that a lot of us saw in the last six months is not the person that I met and fell in love with." --But she added, quote, "He's the father of our daughters and I still care for him very much and want him well . . . he's a survivor and if anyone can pull themselves together, it's Charlie." (--Here's video.) --Denise was also on "The View" yesterday, and she said she hasn't officially been asked to take part in Comedy Central's Charlie Sheen roast . . . but she probably wouldn't be comfortable doing it, since their daughters would eventually see it. --She also discussed the current state of her relationship with Charlie . . . quote, "Today, we're good. We have a very . . . sometimes up-and-down [relationship], but at the end of the day, I'll always be there for him and we have kids together, and it's important for us to maintain a good relationship." (--Here's video from "The View". --One Last Note before we abandon this subject: In her book, Denise reveals that when she first moved into Charlie's place, she discovered that his home was equipped with a safe room, a bulletproof bedroom door . . . --And a FIRE POLE hidden in his closet to get him to the ground floor, in case he had to make a quick escape for some reason.


Red Hot Chili Peppers Singer Anthony Kiedis Cried While Watching Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never":

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS singer ANTHONY KIEDIS has something in common with your 13-year-old daughter . . . and obviously, an awareness of the existence of the Red Hot Chili Peppers isn't it. --Anthony has not only admitted to seeing JUSTIN BIEBER'S "Never Say Never" movie . . . he says it brought TEARS TO HIS EYES. --He tells "Q" magazine, quote, "I [was] on an airplane recently . . . watching 'Never Say Never'. I cried twice during that film and I want the world to know that. --"They were doing this very cheesy giveaway of concert tickets to 16-year-old girls. The cheesiness didn't matter . . . it was the reaction of the kids. When you saw those little girls crying deliriously, I lost it." --Anthony was with producer Rick Rubin at the time . . . and he wasn't immune to Justin's charm either. Anthony explains, quote, "I decided to tell Rick afterwards and he said, 'I was also sobbing during that point in the movie.' There you have it." --Anthony and Rick aren't alone. Back in March, JASON BATEMAN admitted the same thing on "Live! with Regis and Kelly". He said, quote, "[It was] very touching. About midway through the movie, I [was] bawling like a little schoolgirl." --Male or female, we've all teared-up during an embarrassing movie like "Never Say Never". It's always one of those movies that you don't expect to get caught up in, but before you know it, you're wiping away tears . . . covertly, of course.

Scientists Once Claimed that the Saddest Movie in the World Was: "The Champ":

In a study from 16 years ago, researchers said that the saddest movie of all time was "The Champ" . . . the 1979 boxing movie with JON VOIGHT, FAYE DUNAWAY and a then-nine-year-old RICKY SCHRODER. --Specifically, they meant the climax. (SPOILER) That's when the Voight dies in front of his son . . . Schroder, and the kid sobs "Champ, wake up!" (--Here's a clip of that scene.) --"The Champ" was found to "produce more sadness" than "Bambi", which seems to have come in second. (--That's for the death of Bambi's mother, of course.) (--Since this study came out when Justin Bieber was just a toddler, and couldn't include modern tear-jerkers like "The Notebook", "Titanic", and "Marley and Me", we can't really call it legit. But if you're interested in more of the results, you can download the full 22-page .PDF, here.)

The 10 Least Realistic Cowboy Movies of All Time:

With "Cowboys & Aliens" opening on Friday, decided to put together a list of the 10 Least Realistic Cowboy Movies of All Time. "Cowboys & Aliens" clocked in at #7. --This doesn't necessarily mean BAD, just unrealistic. And really, their #1 pic, the 1970 midnight movie classic "El Topo", is a MASTERPIECE of insanity. Anyway, here's the list . . .

#1.) "El Topo", 1970 (--The spiritual journey of a gunfighter. Or something like that. This one truly defies description. You have to see it to understand why.)

#2.) "Billy the Kid vs. Dracula", 1966 (--Yes, this movie was actually made . . . as was a companion piece called "Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter". It's not clear how that one escaped this list.)

#3.) "The White Buffalo", 1977 (--Charles Bronson, as Wild Bill Hickok, teams up with Crazy Horse to hunt down a white buffalo.)

#4.) "Back to the Future Part 3", 1990

#5.) "Westworld", 1973 (--A cowboy robot at an adult fantasy theme park goes haywire and starts killing. It's sort of a precursor to "Jurassic Park", which is no surprise, since Michael Crichton wrote and directed it.) (--"The Simpson" did a parody of it where the robots at Itchy and Scratchy Land malfunction.)

#6.) "Wild Wild West", 1999 (--Definitely one of Will Smith's biggest bombs.)

#7.) "Cowboys & Aliens", 2011

#8.) "Undead or Alive: A Zombedy", 2007 (--The title . . . along with the fact that Chris Kattan is in it . . . says it all.)

#9.) "Shanghai Noon", 2000 (--Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan fight bad guys in the Old West.)

#10.) "The Terror of Tiny Town", 1939. (--This one is played straight, but the cast is made entirely of LITTLE PEOPLE. Except technically, they're not Little People . . . because "big people" don't exist in this universe.) (--It probably inspired "Bugsy Malone" . . . the 1976 gangster movie with an all-kid cast that included Jodie Foster and Scott Baio.) (--Anyway, you'll find the list, along with write-ups and video clips for each movie, here.)

There's a Movie About ESPN in the Works:

There's a movie in the works about ESPN. --It's based on the book "Those Guys Have All the Fun" . . . which is basically a complete history of the network, told by past and present personalities and producers . . . (--sorry about all the "p" words.) (???) --There's no word yet how they plan on turning it into a movie. Some people are suggesting something like "The Social Network" . . . and as it turns out, a few of the same producers are involved.

You Can Buy the Dude's Home from "The Big Lebowski" . . . For $2.3 Million:

If you're a huge "Big Lebowski" fan, the ultimate piece of memorabilia is up for sale: The house in Venice, California that JEFF BRIDGES' character, The Dude, lived in is up for sale. Here's the downside: It'll cost you $2.3 MILLION. --That's because it's actually one of SIX one-room bungalows that sit on 10,000 square feet of land . . . and they're all being sold together. --Here's another downside: They've been renovated, so you probably wouldn't recognize any of them as THE DUDE'S ABODE anymore. (--And yes, I realize that was a HORRIBLE joke. But all the blogs are making it.) (--Here are some pics.) (Huffington Post)

"Teen Choice Awards" Update: Kaley Cuoco Is Hosting, Selena Gomez Is Performing:

Fox has announced that KALEY CUOCO will host the "Teen Choice Awards", which will air live on August 7th. (--Kaley plays Penny on "The Big Bang Theory" . . . and she was Bridget on "8 Simple Rules".) --A few performers were also announced: SELENA GOMEZ & THE SCENE, ONEREPUBLIC and JASON DERULO. --Voting is open through Friday, August 5th at

Wednesday TV Reminders: (--Check your local listings.)

--"So You Think You Can Dance" [Performance Show] . . . 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Fox.

--"Big Brother 13" [Power of Veto competition] . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on CBS.

--"America's Got Talent" [Performance Show] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on NBC.

--"Franklin & Bash" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on TNT. (--James Van Der Beek guest stars as Janie's fiancé who turns to Peter for legal help.)

--"Hot in Cleveland" . . . 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. on TV Land. (--Jennifer Love Hewitt guest stars as Wendie Malick's daughter.)

--"True Hollywood Story" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on E! (--Snooki from "Jersey Shore" is profiled.)

--"Primetime Nightline: Celebrity Secrets" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on ABC. (--Hollywood moms are profiled.)

--"Cee-Lo Green: Talking to Strangers" . . . 11:00 to 11:30 P.M. on Fuse. (--Kelly Rowland performs in this first of a two-part interview with Cee-Lo.)

Linkin Park Is Planning on Putting Out a New Album Next Year:

LINKIN PARK is currently working on material for their next album, and CHESTER BENNINGTON says he'd be "shocked" if it isn't released sometime next year. --Chester wouldn't give any details . . . he just said, quote, "I can tell you that we have a lot of good music, a lot of quality songs." (--Their last album "A Thousand Suns" has sold almost 800,000 copies since coming out last September.)

Former America Singer Dan Peek Has Died:

One of AMERICA'S founders has died. America the band, that is. DAN PEEK died on Sunday. He was 60 years old. There's no word on a cause of death. --Dan quit America . . . the band . . . in 1977 after becoming a Born-Again Christian. He then became a somewhat reclusive Christian pop artist.

Nicki Minaj Has Been Fined $11 for Being Offensive in Jamaica:

NICKI MINAJ performed at something called the Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica last weekend . . . and apparently she was a little TOO R-rated for the locals. --Nicki's "controversial" performance included "foul language," "explicit lyrics" and "sexual dance moves." Jamaica has laws that prohibit performers from doing stuff like that . . . so she was penalized. --A local lawyer "pleaded guilty" to the charges on Nicki's behalf, and she was subsequently fined 1,000 Jamaican dollars. That translates to $11 in U.S. currency. Yeah. $11. (--That's two sandwiches at Subway . . . or one at Quizno's.) --Nicki hasn't commented on the exorbitant fine . . . but she seemed to enjoy her performance. After the show, she Tweeted, quote, "OMG!!! I swear I just had the TIME of my LIFE @ReggaeSumFest in JAMAICA!!!!! --"Jamaica I fell in love tonite! WOWWW!!!!" --Of course, Nicki has been known to use hyperbole on Twitter. --Just last night, she Tweeted, quote, "Cleveland, Ohio u were my favorite city [and] state of the ENTIRE FEMME FATALE TOUR thus Far!!! YES!!! I said it!!!!!! :p SO LIVE!!! WHOA!!!" (--If you're from Cleveland, take comfort in the fact that Nicki didn't have as high praise for Miami, where LEBRON JAMES is now. She merely mentioned the weather . . . and after the show said she, quote, "shut Miami down." That's it.)

Jason Aldean Doesn't Care If People Hate His "Dirt Road Anthem" Raps:

JASON ALDEAN knew he was going to offend at least a few country purists by inserting some hip-hop rhymes into his song "Dirt Road Anthem". But his message to those people is: It's STILL country. --He says, quote, "The song is a country song, I don't care how you slice it. The basis of the song is the exact same thing I talk about in a lot of my songs, it's just a different way of delivering it. --"For a one time deal for me, it's different, cool and unlike anything we've put out." --Jason's instincts are pretty solid because "Dirt Road Anthem" is currently Number One on the "Billboard" Top Country Songs chart. --Jason's bigger point is that he's doing things his way, regardless of what other people say. He continues, quote, "I think from day one I brought my flair to what I do and my version is what I think country music is. --"What I think country music is may not be what everyone else thinks it is."


Showbiz Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

You know those DirecTV commercials with the rich Russian guy who has a tiny pet giraffe? (Video) Well, the dude who plays the Russian, Timothy V. Murphy, is being sued for allegedly assaulting another guy at an L.A. hotel. (Full Story)

Former "American Idol" contestant CASEY ABRAMS . . . the guy who played the upright bass . . . has launched an awareness campaign for IBD, a.k.a. Irritable Bowel Syndrome. (Full Story)

MAROON 5 singer ADAM LEVINE is apparently a huge STEVIE NICKS fan, and on Monday night, she joined him on stage during his show in Hollywood. They performed Stevie's song "Leather and Lace". (Video)

(--Stevie originally sang the song with DON HENLEY. Here's that version.)

SELMA BLAIR gave birth to a baby boy on Monday. She named him Arthur Saint. (Full Story)

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER'S 13-year-old son Christopher was released from the hospital on Monday night . . . after being injured in a boogie board accident last week. Arnold Tweeted, quote, "I knew Christopher couldn't be stopped!" (Full Story)

MORGAN FREEMAN would like you to know that he did not narrate an ad that attacks a Democrat in Wisconsin . . . even though it sounds like him. (Full Story)

29-year-old former Olympian Jeret "Speedy" Peterson has committed suicide. Officials say he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Jeret won a silver medal in freestyle skiing for the U.S. in 2010. He also competed in 2002 and 2006. There was a suicide note, but no one has revealed what it said. (Full Story)

Wax figures of BRAD PITT and GEORGE CLOONEY have been unveiled in Paris. They're pretty horrid . . . even if you like this sort of thing. (Pictures)


Here's What Men Think About Dating, Prenups, Cheating, Romance, and More: just released the results of their fourth-annual 'Great Male' Survey. More than 70,000 men responded to the survey. Check out some of the highlights when it comes to dating and sex . . .

--It's okay to be dumb if you're loyal. A sense of loyalty is the main thing men look for in deciding whether a woman is relationship material. Loyalty got 35% of the vote. Intelligence came in as the LEAST important trait, at 19%.

--Most guys don't care about prenups, even though they're afraid of losing everything in a divorce. 68% of guys say having their future wife sign a prenup isn't important . . . but 79% say the courts are unfair to men in a divorce.

--At least in survey responses, men won't cheat. 72% say that if they could cheat with no chance of their partner finding out, they wouldn't do it . . . either out of respect, love, morality, or all three. 2% of the men say they already DO cheat.

--Guys are stupidly shallow about weight. A surprisingly high and surprisingly ignorant 47% of the men surveyed say they'd dump a girlfriend if she got too chubby.

--Chivalry isn't dead when it comes to the check. 44% of guys say the guy should pay for the majority of dates until the relationship is established, 21% say he should pay for the majority forever, and 13% say he should pay for ALL of them.

--Women should be careful about Facebook friending their exes. 29% of guys say they're not comfortable with a woman friending her exes. And another 27% say they're only comfortable if they've met the guy before.

--Women with money don't intimidate men anymore. Only 7% of guys say they'd be uncomfortable dating a woman who makes more money.

--A healthy sex life means regular sex. 78% of the guys surveyed said that a healthy sex life means having sex with a partner multiple times a week. 0% said it's healthy to have sex less than once a month.

--The majority of guys have fantasized about their partner's friends. 37% have fantasized about their wife or girlfriend's friends in the past, and 28% more do it regularly. 11% don't do it . . . but say it's a struggle not to.

--Threesomes are the fantasy that guys want the most. 37% say having a threesome is their biggest fantasy.

--Guys think they know when a woman's faking her climax. 55% say they THINK they can tell if a woman is faking, and another 23% say they can DEFINITELY tell if a woman is faking. And 81% are offended by women faking.

--Half of men wouldn't change the size of their junk. 50% say nope, they'd keep it the same size. 31% would make it bigger to feel better about themselves, 19% would make it bigger to satisfy their partner. 0% would make it smaller.

--What makes a woman promiscuous? 34% say it's 10 sexual partners . . . 32% say it's 20 partners . . . 15% say it's 50 partners . . . and 3% say it's 100 partners. 16% say NO number of partners makes a woman promiscuous.

--When do women start losing their looks? 40% say age 40 . . . 23% say age 50 . . . 16% say age 30 . . . 7% say age 60 . . . 1% say age 20 . . . and 15% say never.

--Most guys break up in person. In their last breakup, 55% did it in person. 13% did it on the phone. And then there's THESE guys: 8% shot off a text . . . and 2% used a Facebook message. (AskMen)

A Dog Successfully Stopped a Guy From Sexually Assaulting His Owner:

Here's your HERO OF THE DAY. And it's a DOG. Take a lesson from him, humans. --Around 12:57 A.M. yesterday, a 36-year-old woman in Madison, Wisconsin took her golden retriever for a late-night walk to the dog park. When they got there, she let him off his leash. -The next thing she knew, a man came up behind her, wrapped his arms around her, and started grabbing at her chest. He reeked of alcohol. --The woman screamed, but there was no one around. Her dog heard the scream, though . . . and came running. -The dog instantly sensed his owner was in trouble and started growling, barking, and showing its teeth to the attacker. --The guy ended up running away before the dog could attack. -The woman was shaken up, but otherwise she's okay. -And the police commended the dog for stopping the sexual assault before it escalated. (Madison Capital Times)

Over Half of Diets Fail Within a Week . . . Here are the Top Five Reasons Why:

If you haven't QUITE followed your New Year's resolution to go on a diet, maybe this will make you feel better: If you'd made that same resolution last Wednesday, odds are you'd be back on the French fries and ice cream by today. --According to a new survey, 54% of people say they usually fail on their attempts to diet in less than ONE WEEK. -These are the five main reasons people gave for why their diets fail, in order . . .

#1.) They don't have the willpower to stick with it.

#2.) They don't see any immediate change in their weight or body.

#3.) Diet food is so much more boring than regular food.

#4.) They don't feel supported by others.

#5.) It gets in the way of their social lives too much.

McDonald's Makes Their Happy Meals Healthier . . . Fewer Fries and Mandatory Apples:

If you won't force your kids to eat apples, then dammit, someone's going to. And that someone is now . . . believe it or not . . . McDonald's. Yesterday, McDonald's announced some MAJOR changes to their Happy Meals.

#1.) MANDATORY FRUIT. Before, kids could choose between fries or apples. And, shocker . . . kids almost universally chose fries. Or, we assume their parents forced them to choose apples so the kids chose option three: Tantrum. --Now, every Happy Meal automatically comes with BOTH fries and a fruit or vegetable. It'll usually be apples but it could also be oranges, raisins, pineapple, or baby carrots.

#2.) FEWER FRIES. Before, Happy Meals came with 2.4 ounces of fries. That's been cut by more than HALF, down to 1.1 ounces of fries.

#3.) NO CARAMEL DIPPING SAUCE. Kids who did end up with apples before got a package of high-sugar caramel dipping sauce with them. That's been cut.
#4.) MILK IS THE DEFAULT DRINK. Before, a small soda was the default drink. Now 1% milk is what comes with the Happy Meal, unless a parent specifically requests soda. Fat-free chocolate milk is also a new option. --Overall, these changes make the Happy Meals an average of 20% lower in calories, 15% lower in sodium, and 20% lower in saturated fat. The changes will start rolling out in September. (Daily Finance)

A Skyscraper Was Evacuated for Two Days Because It Shook Violently For 10 Minutes . . . And it Turns Out it was Caused by a Tae-Bo Class:

Earlier this month in Seoul, South Korea, a 39-story skyscraper suddenly started SHAKING VIOLENTLY. It shook for 10 minutes. And the people inside freaked out. --The building was evacuated for TWO DAYS while experts tried to figure out the cause. Was it an earthquake? High winds? A crumbling foundation that was going to make the entire building collapse at any minute? --Nope. After their study, they determined the cause of the shaking was . . . a TAE-BO CLASS. --Apparently, there were 23 middle-aged people in a Tae-Bo class in the building. They were boxing and kicking in rhythm along to the song "The Power" by SNAP. --And, according to an architectural engineering expert, quote, "It just happens that the vibration set up by the Tae-Bo exercises coincided with the resonance frequency unique to the building. --"When a vibration hits the resonance frequency of a certain object, the vibration is amplified and causes excess shaking even from slight movement." --The Tae-Bo class had a new instructor that day who was working the people harder than usual, so that gets the blame. The architects certified that the building is totally safe. (Korea Times)

Get a Jump on Halloween by Buying this New Casey Anthony Mask:

Want to get an early jump on your offensive, topical Halloween costume for the year? --When everyone else dresses up as a zombie AMY WINEHOUSE or bullet-ridden OSAMA BIN LADEN, you'll be the only a-hole at the party wearing THIS CASEY ANTHONY mask. --The mask showed up on eBay with the headline "Casey Anthony latex rubber mask, [extremely] rare." The description says that only nine of these masks were made. --The auction ends today at 9:00 P.M. Eastern. And if you want the mask it's going to cost you . . . it's already over $2,000. (eBay)

A Family in South Carolina Has Won Nearly $16 Million in Three Lottery Jackpots Over the Past 20 Years:

This just seems unfair. How can one family POSSIBLY be this lucky --Back in 1991, Amy McCauley of Fort Mill, South Carolina won $15.5 MILLION in the New York lottery. And rather than just call it a day and retire from the lottery, she kept playing. --In 2007, almost 16 years later, Amy won AGAIN . . . she won a $161,172 jackpot in a drawing called the Carolinas Cash 5 game. --And now, earlier this month, her DAUGHTER, Kimberly McCauley, took over the lucky streak and won the family's THIRD big jackpot. --Kimberly took down a $100,000 jackpot in a scratch-off game called '10 Times the Money.' --Other than their jackpots, Amy also won a couple $1,000 prizes in other scratch-off games in 2009. --Added up, the family is close to $16 MILLION in lottery winnings. (Charlotte Observer)


Police in Denver Had to Break Up a Brawl Between a Brother and Sister . . . Because They Were Fighting Over the Bathroom:

Ever since indoor plumbing was invented, brothers and sisters have been fighting over the bathroom. It's an ancient tradition. And with that many fights . . . occasionally something's going to go bad. --Two weeks ago in Denver, a brother and a sister got into a fight over a clogged drain in the bathroom. Things escalated . . . the sister PUNCHED her brother . . . he put her in a headlock . . . and she BIT him. Their names and ages weren't released. --The police had to be called in to break it up. But neither one wanted to press charges, so no arrests were made. (Denver Post)

Random News Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

PayScale did a list of the 13 best-paying college careers, and they're ALL engineering . . . except for Physics, Math, Computer Science, and Economics.
(Full Story)

A guy in New York who loves "CSI" set up a complex plot of three fake crimes, and coached witnesses, all to frame his ex. And they actually arrested her. Now the truth is coming out. (Full Story)

Police in Iowa say a woman was assaulted with a bratwurst Monday night . . . because she refused to fight with a homeless woman? (Full Story)

On Sunday morning in New Hampshire, a 70-year-old grandmother found a guy in her house, naked and making a sandwich . . . so she fought him off with a baseball bat. (Full Story)

A week and a half ago in Pennsylvania, a guy tripped over his cat, stabbed himself in the chest with a steak knife, and had to go to the hospital. But now he's fine. (Full Story)

Want to give up cocaine? According to a new study . . . just start smoking weed. (Full Story)

Cops in Australia had to use pepper spray to subdue a rogue kangaroo that attacked an elderly human in the outback. (Full Story)


#1.) A Crazy Guy with a Screwdriver Tried to Hijack a Subway Train in New York . . . but the Passengers Stopped Him:

A crazy guy with a screwdriver tried to hijack a subway train in New York on Monday. The train was stopped when 42-year-old Richard Arrocho managed to climb in through the train conductor's window, and tried to stab him. -Then, apparently Arrocho actually managed to get the train going. But either he or the conductor stopped it at the next station. Then passengers helped the conductor keep him there until police arrived. No one was hurt. --The whole ordeal lasted about ten minutes, and the "New York Daily News" website has cell phone footage that shows about two minutes of it. --It shows passengers trying to get through a locked door to help the conductor. Then the conductor RUNS OUT and leaves the crazy guy alone at the controls. --But the passengers don't let Arrocho re-lock the door, and eventually he starts to calm down. But at the end of the video, they're still in the middle of a stand off. --Arrocho was arrested for felony attempted assault and three other charges. Police say he's been arrested at least 40 other times since 1985, and has a history of mental illness. (--Search for "Motorman on No. 5 Train Attacked by Screaming Man Wielding a Screwdriver." The passengers get in at :35, and the conductor runs out at :40. WARNING: This video includes the F-word and the S-word.)

#2.) Steve Carell is in a New "Crazy, Stupid Love" Promo Where He Yells at Executives for Not Making His Head Big Enough on the Poster:

STEVE CARELL'S new movie "Crazy, Stupid Love" comes out this Friday. And to promote it, there's a new parody on where he yells at the studio executives for not making his head big enough on the poster. --His agent says it's in his contract that Steve's head has to be at least 20% bigger than anyone else's. But he literally just wants his HEAD to be bigger . . . not the rest of his body. (--Search for "Steve Carell's Movie Poster Contract.")

#3.) A New Song That's Not as Bad as Rebecca Black . . . But Is Still Pretty Bad:

There's a new song called "Summertime" that's almost as lame as Rebecca Black's "Friday". Almost. It's by The Lady Tigra and my favorite line is, quote, "Moonlight, moonlight, animals and insects. Moonlight moonlight, riverbeds, planets. Moonlight, moonlight, stay up, go to bed. Moonlight moonlight, kissing, hot sex." (--Search for "Yeti Beats presents THE LADY TIGRA in "Summertime" featuring Fatlip.")
Six Outdated Resume Rules You Should Ignore:

Some of the tips that helped land job interviews ten years ago just don't work anymore. Here are six outdated resume rules you should ignore.

#1.) Your Resume Can Only Be One Page. Two-page resumes are common now. If you're young and don't have much experience, stick to one page. Otherwise, two's fine.

#2.) Your Resume Should List Every Job You've Had. Actually, this was NEVER a good tip. Your resume should make you look as qualified as possible. So if you dressed up as a toy soldier outside FAO Schwarz 10 years ago, and it has nothing to do with the job you're applying for, don't list it.

#3.) Putting "References Available Upon Request" at the Bottom. Hiring managers already assume that if they want a reference, you'll provide one. So writing it out just takes up an extra line and makes you look old.

#4.) You Should Have an "Objective" at the Top of Your Resume. Companies don't care about it anymore. And if it doesn't perfectly fit the position you're applying for, it might actually hurt your chances. Some people list their career highlights or skills where the objective used to go. Or you can just leave it out.

#5.) You Should Be More Formal When You Write Your Cover Letter. These days, the best resumes and cover letters are somewhat conversational. And if you're too formal, you either sound stiff or dishonest.

#6.) A Few Days After Submitting Your Resume, Make a Follow-Up Phone Call. A phone call used to be the only way to make sure your resume got there. But now, getting an extra phone call in the middle of work can be annoying. --So as long as you send it to the right email address and remember to attach the file, you're fine. And if you DO need to contact them again, do it over email. (U.S. News & World Report)


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