Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Goldie Hawn Has a Casting Couch Story:

GOLDIE HAWN has been in control of her own destiny for so long, it's hard to imagine she was once young, inexperienced and trying to get her foot in the showbiz door. --Back in the mid-1960s, when she was just 19 years old, Goldie Hawn ended up on some sleazebag's casting couch. But you'll be happy to know she did NOT give in to his advances. --The man in question was AL CAPP . . . the guy who wrote the "Lil' Abner" comics. He was preparing some TV show and he brought Goldie to his office to "audition". --On the show "Oprah's Master Class", Goldie said he gave her the classic "I'm gonna slip into something more comfortable" line . . . and came back out in a DRESSING GOWN. She says, quote, "He sits down on the couch and I'm thinking, 'This isn't looking too good.'" --He asked to see Goldie's legs, so she showed him. Then things really went south. She said, quote, "He opened up his dressing gown and I looked at it . . . It was scary. --"I said, 'Mr. Capp I will never get a job like this.' And he said to me, 'Oh, I've had them all.' And I said, 'Well it doesn't matter, but I'll never do this,' and he said, 'Well, you're never going to get anywhere in this business, you should go home and marry a Jewish dentist.' And I started to cry and I said, 'Well maybe I will.'" (--Obviously, Goldie DID get somewhere in the business. Al Capp died in 1979, at the age of 70. Here's video of Goldie telling her story.)

Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner May Have Split:

AVRIL LAVIGNE and BRODY JENNER may have split . . . supposedly because Brody wasn't ready to settle down.
-A source says, quote, "She wanted to settle down, but he wasn't exactly ready. They had been having problems starting in the summer with her tour because she was on the road all the time. --"It put a strain on their relationship." (--Avril and Brody have been together about two years. He's 28 . . . she's 27.)

Rihanna Smoked a Funny Cigarette and Tweeted Pot Lyrics from a Drake Song:

RIHANNA was photographed smoking a funny-looking cigarette during a Hawaiian vacation on Sunday. --And maybe it wasn't marijuana. But if it wasn't, then why did Rihanna then Tweet pot lyrics from the DRAKE song "Up All Night"? --She said, quote, "Kush rolled, glass full . . . I prefer the better things." Kush, for those of you who don't know, is quality weed. (--Check out the pics here.) (Egotastic)

Justin Bieber Is Now a Brunette:

Your 13-year-old daughter may want to be sitting down for this one. Is she strapped in? No sharp objects nearby? Okay, here we go . . . JUSTIN BIEBER IS A BRUNETTE. --He was spotted over the weekend with dark brown hair. (--Check out some pics here.) (Us Weekly, E! Online)

Ashton Kutcher's Twitter and Foursquare Accounts Were Hacked:

ASHTON KUTCHER'S Twitter and Foursquare accounts were hacked recently. --The hacker posted as Ashton, claiming that he was having his first sleepover with his new girlfriend . . . a screenwriter named LORENE SCAFARIA. (--She wrote "Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist". Ashton's rep says they're "just friends.") --The hacker also posted a Foursquare link pointing out Lorene's house on a map. --Well, since the hacker went on Foursquare, Ashton says he now knows where the guy lives. He Tweeted, quote, "So apparently someone thinks they are clever hacking my account. #lame. --"OK mr. hacker, you only made one mistake. You hacked my Foursquare and I now know your address. Whoops... This is gonna be fun." --Then he posted the guy's supposed location and said, quote, "I'm coming for you my friend." (--Ashton is an investor in Foursquare, by the way.)

Megan Fox May Compete Against Lindsay Lohan for the Part of Elizabeth Taylor:

LINDSAY LOHAN isn't the only actress being considered for that upcoming Lifetime movie about ELIZABETH TAYLOR. MEGAN FOX is in the running, too. --One of the producers says, quote, "I've been talking to Lindsay Lohan directly, and with her reps, and have been in conversations with other actresses, including Megan Fox. --"It's a very serious selection. It's like casting for Hollywood royalty." (--Who would YOU rather see in the role? Yeah, Lindsay Lohan is a train wreck, but when her stuff is together, she's a fantastic actress. You really can't say that about Megan Fox, can you?)

Tim Tebow Is Still the Broncos' Starting Quarterback . . . For Now:

We all saw the Denver Broncos get blown out by the New England Patriots on Saturday night. --But JOHN ELWAY and the rest of the Broncos higher-ups have enough faith in TIM TEBOW that they've decided to stick with him as their starting quarterback . . . for now. --Elway . . . a Hall of Fame QB for Denver back in the day, is going to personally work with Tebow during the off-season. He says, quote, "Well, I think Tim's earned the right to be the starting quarterback going into training camp next year. --"I think he made some good strides this year. He obviously played very well against Pittsburgh and played very well in a lot of football games." --Now, this doesn't mean the Broncos won't draft quarterbacks or pick any up through free agency. And it also doesn't mean Tebow will be taking the snaps when the season starts next fall. --If another quarterback does better during training camp, that could be the end of the Tim Tebow miracle. (--Meanwhile, Tebow's season might not be totally over. CBS has asked him to do some in-studio analysis during the AFC Championship game between the Pats and the Ravens on Sunday. They haven't heard back from him yet.)

Ravens Linebacker Terrell Suggs Is in a Copyright Battle . . . Over the Phrase "Ball So Hard University":

Baltimore Ravens linebacker TERRELL SUGGS is involved in a copyright battle over the phrase "Ball So Hard University". (???) Yeah, there's an explanation: --In the early moments of NFL games, they always show videos of the starting players introducing themselves by saying their names and the colleges they attended. --Well, during a November 6th game between the Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers, Suggs introduced himself as "Sizzle", and identified his college as "Ball So Hard University". (--Here's video. Suggs actually borrowed the phrase "ball so hard" from "Watch the Throne" . . . the joint album released by Jay-Z and Kanye West last year. It's in the lyrics to the song "[N-words] in Paris".) --Within days, a man named Brian Brussells applied for a TRADEMARK on Ball So Hard University so he could use it on T-shirts and other clothing. Ten days later, Suggs tried to trademark it and found out he was too late. --So Suggs' attorney filed a cease-and-desist order, saying Brussells' use of the phrase is false, misleading, creates confusion and interferes with Suggs' "rights of publicity." (--Here's video of Suggs talking about Ball So Hard University.)

Check Out an Animated Version of the Opening Scene from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" Done with Action Figures:

Somebody used action figures and stop-motion animation to remake the opening scene of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and it's great. --It appears to be shot-for-shot, because they even used the original audio from the movie, and it fits perfectly. (--Check it out here.)

Here Are Some Plot Details from the Upcoming James Bond Movie:

Sony has released a brief plot summary for "Skyfall" . . . the new James Bond movie. It's not much, but it's better than nothing. --Here it is . . . quote, "Bond's loyalty to M . . . (--Played by Judi Dench) . . . is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost." --And that's all you get for now. "Skyfall" doesn't hit theaters until next November.


Ricky Gervais Enjoyed Hosting the "Golden Globes" This Year . . . But He Doesn't Want to Do It Again:

RICKY GERVAIS has hosted the "Golden Globes" three straight times . . . and although he was not as controversial this year as he's been in the past, he says he enjoyed it MORE. --Ricky wrote on his blog, quote, "I had a blast actually. It was by far my favorite of the three hosting stints." --But he added, quote, "I've told my agent to never let me be persuaded to do it again though. It's like a parachute jump. You can only really enjoy it in retrospect when you realize you didn't die and it was quite an amazing thing to do." --And on his performance, Ricky had this to say: Quote, "The crowd were great this year too. I think they finally worked out that my gags only seemed rude and nasty but were actually not too scary at all. Or they were just drunker." --By the way, about 16.8 million people tuned in for the "Golden Globes". That was down slightly from the 17 million that watched last year's ceremony. --NBC probably isn't splitting hairs though. This year's 16.8 million viewers was their biggest non-sports audience in that timeslot since last year's "Golden Globes".
The Elton John / Madonna Beef Heats Up: Elton's Husband Ranted About Madonna's "Golden Globe" Win on Facebook:

MADONNA has had an eventful 2012 so far. First, she took a few shots at LADY GAGA . . . and now, her on and off beef with ELTON JOHN and his husband DAVID FURNISH is heating up again. --David unleashed a rant on Facebook after Madonna beat Elton in the Best Original Song category at the "Golden Globes" on Sunday night. --He wrote, quote, "Madonna. Best song???? [Eff] off!!!" --And after Madonna's acceptance speech, David added, quote, "Madonna winning Best Original Song truly shows how these awards have nothing to do with merit. --"Her acceptance speech was embarrassing in its narcissism. And her criticism of Gaga shows how desperate she really is." (--Here's video of her acceptance speech. Elton's reaction is shown at the 1:06 mark. He looks unimpressed.) (--David has since removed the posts . . . but there's a screen-capture of them at Towleroad.com. By the way, David was AT the "Golden Globes" when he wrote the posts.) --Elton and Lady Gaga are good friends, but Madonna and Elton have had a much rockier relationship. --Before the show, Elton told CARSON DALY on the red carpet that he didn't think Madonna had, quote, "any [effing] chance" of beating him. When Carson said "those are fighting words," Elton responded, quote, "They're accurate words." --But of course, she did end up winning. --And in a backstage interview after the fact, Madonna said she hoped Elton wasn't upset. She said, quote, "I hope he speaks to me for the next couple of years. He's been known to get mad at me so I don't know. --"He's brilliant and I adore him so he'll win another award. I don't feel bad!" (--Here's video of Elton and David from the red carpet. The dis happens 50 seconds in. Carson's interview with Madonna follows. Elton said he believed MARY J. BLIGE would win the category for her song from "The Help".) (--By the way, the original source of the Elton / Madonna feud is unclear, but back in 2004, Elton slammed Madonna at Britain's Q Awards. He made fun of her for lip-synching at her shows after she won a Best Live Act award.) (--Meanwhile, Madonna almost ticked off someone else at the "Golden Globes": JESSICA BIEL. Madonna accidentally stepped on Jessica's dress. Here are some pictures. But it's all good. You can see that Jessica is smiling.) (TMZ)

Kim Kardashian Thought Ricky Gervais' Joke About Her Was Funny:

KIM KARDASHIAN was one of the few people RICKY GERVAIS slammed at the "Golden Globes". Kim wasn't there, but she HAS heard the joke, and she's OK with it. Or at least, that's the word from Kim's so-called friends. --During his monologue, Ricky joked, quote, "The 'Golden Globes' are to the 'Oscars' what Kim Kardashian is to KATE MIDDLETON . . . a bit louder, a bit trashier, a bit drunker and more easily bought, allegedly." (--Here's video.) --TMZ reports that Kim's friends told them that she gets the joke . . . she has a sense of humor . . . and she, quote, "thought it was funny." However, she did point out that the "drunker" part is inaccurate, because she "hardly drinks." (--Yeah, but Ricky just said that Kim is "drunker" than Kate Middleton. Is Kim really claiming that she drinks LESS than Kate? I'd find that hard to believe.)

"Glee" Is Doing a "Saturday Night Fever" Themed Episode:

"Glee" is working with BARRY GIBB on a tribute episode for the BEE GEES' "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack. It'll air sometime in April. --And "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy hints that JOHN TRAVOLTA may make a guest appearance on the episode. --He says, quote, "Travolta and Cory Monteith became close friends at a party when Cory told him he'd seen 'Broken Arrow' 20 times . . . so maybe we'll have them dance in a Finn dream sequence." There's no word if Travolta is interested.

Check Out the Opening Sequence from Betty White's Birthday Special:

Betty White's 90th birthday special "A Tribute to America's Golden Girl" aired last night on NBC. It featured Betty's "Hot in Cleveland" co-stars, plus MARY TYLER MOORE, CAROL BURNETT, AMY POEHLER, and others. --Video of the opening dance number is up at HollywoodLife.com . . . and there's another clip available on NBC.com, in which ZACHARY LEVI proposes to Betty. They also share a KISS.

Tuesday TV Reminders:

--"Glee" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on Fox. NeNe Leakes from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" guest stars as the coach of the synchronized swimming team.

--"Celebrity Wife Swap" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on ABC. Niecy Nash from "Reno 911" swaps families with "Family Ties" superstar Tina Yothers for a week.

--"Remodeled" [Series Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on the CW. A modeling agency veteran helps small agency owners get their businesses back on track.

--"Texas Multi Mamas" [1st Season Finale] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on WE.

--"I Hate My Kitchen" [3rd Season Finale] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on DIY.

--"Body of Proof" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on ABC. Marcia Gay Harden and Tom Hanks' wife Rita Wilson guest star in this Casey Anthony inspired episode.

--"Justified" [3rd Season Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on FX.

--"Ragin' Cajuns" [Series Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on Discovery. Shrimp fishermen from Venice, Louisiana are profiled in this new reality series.

--"Ink Master" [Series Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on Spike TV. Dave Navarro hosts as ten tattoo artists compete for the chance at winning $100,000.

--"Southland" [4th Season Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on TNT. Lou Diamond Phillips guest stars and Lucy Liu joins the cast.


--"The Ides of March" - Ryan Gosling plays a staffer on George Clooney's presidential campaign, whose loyalties are tested when he gets involved in a scandal. The movie was directed by Clooney, and the rest of the cast includes Philip Seymour Hoffman, Marisa Tomei, Paul Giamatti, and Evan Rachel Wood.

--"Abduction" - Taylor Lautner learns he was abducted as a child and that his dad's some kind of spy. Lily Collins plays the sexy neighbor who goes on the run with him after people start trying to kill him. Sigourney Weaver and Alfred Molina are also in it.

--"Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star" - Comedian Nick Swardson finds out his conservative parents used to be porn stars. So despite his buck-teeth, small package, and lack of sexual experience, he decides that's HIS destiny too. Don Johnson is the porn director who breaks him into the business, and Christina Ricci is in it too.

--"Dirty Girl" - Juno Temple convinces her closeted gay friend to steal his dad's car and drive her across the country to find the father she's never met. It's set in the '80s, with Milla Jovovich and Mary Steenburgen as their conservative moms. The cast also includes Tim McGraw, Dwight Yoakam, and William H. Macy.

TV Series On DVD:

--"Merlin: The Complete Third Season" . . . a five-disc DVD set.

--"Sliders: The Fifth and Final Season" . . . a four-disc DVD set.

--"Waking the Dead: The Complete Season Six" . . . a three-disc DVD set.

--"Kevin Hart: Laugh At My Pain" . . . a single-disc DVD set.


This Week's CD Releases:

--"Which Side Are You On?", Ani Difranco . . . The title track is a revised version of the 1931 Florence Reece song. Pete Seeger, who popularized the song in the '60s, sings and plays banjo on Ani's version.

--"Kidz Bop 21", Kidz Bop Kids . . . The latest batch includes the juvenile covers of "Party Rock Anthem", "Moves Like Jagger", "The Edge of Glory", and "Stereo Hearts".

--"Speak Now: Deluxe Edition", Taylor Swift . . . This deluxe edition of Taylor's "Speak Now" album, includes six bonus tracks plus a bonus DVD. It was originally sold as a Target exclusive, but it's available everywhere now.

--"Hits and More", Martina McBride . . . A 20-song hits collection that includes three new tracks, "Surrender", "Straight to the Bone" and "Being Myself".

Kid Rock Got Drunk at a Travis Tritt Concert and Lit Up a Cigar in Front of an Asthmatic Man:

KID ROCK went to see TRAVIS TRITT in Michigan over the weekend. --He threw back a few drinks, and lit up a cigar during the show. But like a lot of venues, this place was a NONSMOKING establishment, and Kid's smoke irritated a 58-year-old asthmatic man, who says he's filing a report with the health department. --That man, Randy Snell, says, quote, "It's a violation of a state law, and people paid good money to come to a nonsmoking venue, but they were not treated to a nonsmoking venue. Special privileges were extended in disregarding the law." (--Smoking in public venues, restaurants and bars has been illegal in Michigan since May of 2010.) --But Kid says he's SORRY, and didn't mean to intentionally thumb his nose at the rules. However, he seems more dismissive than sincere. --He says, quote, "It should be no secret that I do receive special treatment. I worked very hard for it, and without it my life would be a series of nonstop cell phone pictures." --Kid says that people were buying him drinks, and he drank them . . . because he didn't want to turn them down and "waste alcohol." --He adds, quote, "I doubt I'm the first one to ever make a bad decision while being intoxicated, so he without fault please cast the first stone. My most sincere apologies to the patrons I may have offended . . . --"And a big middle finger in advance to all the haters and attorneys who will somehow try to find an easy paycheck in all this."

Was Beyoncé's Skin Tone Lightened for a New Album Promotion?

There's talk that BEYONCÉ'S skin tone was intentionally lightened for some photos to promote her latest album, "4". She's also sporting platinum blonde hair. --This isn't the first time Beyoncé has been accused of lightening her skin tone. In 2008, a L'Oreal advertisement prompted a similar complaint . . . and in her video for "Countdown", she looks almost Caucasian. --For what it's worth, Beyoncé's father is African American, and her mother is mixed race. (--What do you think? You can find the new images promoting "4", here . . . along with the L'Oreal ad, and a couple recent pictures of her. Is it just an effect of lighting and makeup, or is Beyoncé trying to look whiter?) (Daily Mail)
And Now, Beyoncé Has a Horsefly Named After Her:

A researcher in Australia has named a species of horsefly after BEYONCÉ. This particular fly is now called: "Scaptia (Plinthina) beyonceae." -He did this for a few reasons:

1.) It was first captured in 1981 . . . the year Beyoncé was born.

2.) It has a gold-colored backside, which the researcher describes as, quote, "pretty bootylicious." (--Clearly, this dude isn't your run of the mill researcher.)

3.) To help draw attention to his research. Seriously, he's outright admitting this. However, it isn't totally self-serving.

--He hopes the attention can shed light on the importance of having researchers cataloging and studying insects so that, quote, "we can measure our human impact on the environment and protect it for future generations to enjoy." --The researcher says he hasn't heard from Beyoncé. (--And the hope of that happening may have been the FOURTH reason why he named it after her.) (--Here's a picture of the bootylicious Beyoncé horsefly.) (Huffington Post)

Tony Iommi Says the New Black Sabbath Album is Coming Along Well . . . Despite His Cancer Diagnosis:

Guitarist TONY IOMMI says work on the next BLACK SABBATH album is coming along well . . . despite the fact that he was recently diagnosed with lymphoma, which is cancer of the immune cells. --He says, quote, "It's really good that the guys are coming over so that we can continue working on the album as things are going great in the studio." --Tony says the diagnosis was, quote, "not what I wanted for Christmas," but he says he can't wait to "get going with the treatment." (--It's still unclear how the diagnosis will affect Sabbath's plans to tour.)

Check Out Some Videos of Kanye West When He Was Younger:

Some old, "never before seen footage" footage of KANYE WEST has surfaced online. --The first one is of Kanye in 1990 . . . when he was probably around 12 years old . . . reading a poem he wrote for Martin Luther King Jr. called "His Name Means Love." (--You can find the video on DDotOmen.com.)

--Here's the poem:

"A man who fought for freedom, a man who fought for equality
Those who were against him, were too blind to see, what this man was fighting for
So Blacks, Hispanics, Jews and Asians could put their foot in the door
Yes, we know that this man is great, that's why today we celebrate
And everyone lifts their voice and sing, for a man who wanted freedom to ring
Martin Luther King is who I'm speaking of
A man whose name means love."

--There's also a clip of Kanye rapping in Chicago in 1996 . . . when he was 18 or 19 years old. (--You can find two versions of the video at DDotOmen.com. WARNING: They contain UNCENSORED PROFANITY.)

(--Kanye didn't release his debut, "The College Dropout", until 2004. But in the late '90s, shortly after this video was filmed, he began producing for well known artists like Jermaine Dupri, Foxy Brown and Goodie Mob.) (--In 2000, he got his big break, and began to produce for artists on Roc-a-Fella Records . . . including JAY-Z.)

Showbiz Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

You know the guy who cheated on his wife with FANTASIA? Well, he may have cheated on Fantasia, too. A source says he was cheating on her even before she got pregnant . . . and the baby she had last month was her attempt to keep him honest. (Full Story)

KRIS HUMPHRIES is supposedly telling friends that KIM KARDASHIAN planned her own proposal to the letter. (Full Story)

Despite what you've read online, CHRIS DAUGHTRY is not dead. (Full Story)

SEAN PENN has been named an ambassador to Haiti. No, not the official U.S. ambassador to Haiti. It's a title he got from the Haitian foreign minister. (Full Story)

SNOOKI wishes DONALD TRUMP was still running for president . . . because she would endorse and vote for him. (Full Story)

Saucy British minx EMMA THOMPSON went skinny-dipping in a river on her property in Scotland . . . and a neighbor called police to report a NAKED MAN trespassing on her property. (Full Story)

For just $2,100 a night . . . or $13,225 for a week . . . you can stay at Vineyard Knoll, the Sonoma County mansion where the girls are staying on the current season of "The Bachelor". (Full Story)

T.I. might have become a big movie star in 2012 . . . if he didn't violate his probation and spend most of last year in prison. He says he could've been in "Tower Heist", "G.I. Joe: Retaliation", "World War Z" and the upcoming SYLVESTER STALLONE movie "Bullet to the Head". (Full Story)

DR. DREW is launching a new rehab show . . . but this one won't star celebrities. Instead, it'll feature "young adults struggling with addiction." It will premiere this summer. (Full Story)


For the First Time Ever, More Than Half the Meals We Eat Outside the House are Fast Food:

It's official: When you decide not to cook dinner at home, an hour later, you're probably going to find yourself face down in a bucket of KFC. --According to a new study out of England . . . but one that probably applies here too . . . more than half of the meals we eat outside the home are fast food. --When we go out to eat, 50.4% of the time we go for fast food. The other 49.6% are at regular restaurants. --It used to be the other way around. In 2008, about 52% of meals were at full-service, sit-down restaurants, and 48% were fast food. --Everything these days either gets blamed on the economy or our growing chubbiness . . . so this is a story where BOTH of those things can share the blame. --The researchers behind the study say that because families have less money and larger appetites, quote, "[They're] driven from independent restaurants to fast food chains [where] they know what they're getting and know it's a good value." (The Telegraph) --On a related note, a survey last year found that Americans eat out 4.8 times a week, or 249 times a year. That includes sit-down restaurants and fast food.)
Here's How Much of Our Food Gets Imported From Overseas:

The FDA announced last week that they were testing orange juice imported from Brazil, to see if it contained an anti-fungus drug that's illegal in the States. --We've all heard plenty of food recall stories, but the real surprise here is that we have to import orange juice at all, with all the orange groves in Florida and California. --It turns out we import a LOT of our food. And the amount is increasing, mainly because it's cheaper to make it overseas. Here are some figures from the Department of Agriculture. --The USDA says that a quarter of our orange juice is imported, and more than 40% of our imported orange juice comes from Brazil. -Half of our fresh fruit comes from overseas, and that amount has doubled in the last 35 years. Only 7% of our apples are imported, but 85% of our apple JUICE is.--Most of our seafood is imported. 86% of shrimp, salmon, and tilapia comes from overseas. That's up 30% from 20 years ago.--Overall, 16.8% of our food is imported, which is up about 5% from 20 years ago. --If you want to get all patriotic about it, drink GRAPEFRUIT juice. 99% of the grapefruit juice sold in America is grown right here at home. You can also eat cranberries and sweet potatoes, which are almost all grown here. (Yahoo)

Wikipedia is Shutting Down for the Entire Day Tomorrow to Protest Congress's "Stop Online Piracy Act":

If you need to get semi-credible information online tomorrow, you're going to have to dig a little deeper than usual. Because Wikipedia is shutting down for the entire day. It's going dark to protest Congress's "Stop Online Piracy Act", or 'SOPA.' --If you haven't been following SOPA, it's legislation working its way through Congress that's designed to crack down on people sharing links to pirated music and movies. But there's a huge problem with it. --The language in the bill is EXTREMELY vague, and could basically turn into a witch hunt where websites get shut down without due process just because someone filed a complaint. --That means, in theory, if someone posts a tweet to pirated content, Twitter could be shut down and would need to take legal action to get back up. If even one pirated link showed up on Google, it could theoretically be shut down too. --Wikipedia is one of several sites going dark tomorrow to protest SOPA, but it's the most high-profile. Wikipedia gets more than half a billion views every month. --Instead of articles, when you go to Wikipedia starting at midnight Eastern Time tonight, every page will have a message about the blackout and will encourage you to call or write your member of Congress. --Jimmy Wales is the co-founder of Wikipedia. He says, quote, "I hope Wikipedia will melt phone systems in Washington on Wednesday." (Financial Times)

Congress Passed Fewer Bills Last Year Than Any Other Congress on Record:

It's not just your imagination . . . the government really IS doing less than ever before. --According to the final numbers, last year, Congress only passed 80 bills. That's the fewest ever since records started in 1947. --And apparently, most of the ones that did pass were basic housekeeping kinds of bills . . . like naming post offices or extending current laws.--The House of Representatives has a Republican majority . . . the Senate has a Democratic one. With that difference . . . and with the partisan divide in the country getting bigger and bigger . . . getting a significant bill through is REALLY tough. --Now . . . there is a difference between "progress" and "passing bills." Some bills SHOULDN'T be passed. --But a study also found that this Congress has basically been spinning its wheels. It had the fewest bills signed into laws by the president than any Congress ever . . . and also spent more time in session than almost any other Congress. --And naturally, both parties have blamed each other for the lack of progress. A spokesman for HARRY REID, the Democratic Senate Majority Leader, said the Republicans in the Senate are engaging in, quote, "obstructionism on steroids." --A spokesman for JOHN BOEHNER, the Republican Speaker of the House, says quote, "We hope the Democrats who run Washington will change course and join us" in passing bills, specifically to create jobs. (Washington Times)

One-in-Three People Pretend They Don't Know Much About Computers . . . So They Don't Have to Do Tech Support for Their Parents:

If you know anything about computers . . . or you don't refer to "Google" as "The Google" . . . you're probably the go-to tech support person for your parents. And sometimes, you really don't want that job. --According to a new survey, HALF of people age 18 to 34 say they're regularly asked for tech help by friends and family. So ONE-IN-THREE pretend NOT to have as much knowledge as they do . . . so they don't have to help. --And that's not just a "selfish generation" thing. 26% of people age 35 to 49 also pretend they don't have the tech skills to help their family and friends sometimes. (PR Wire)

Here's the Scientific Reason Behind Being a Hipster:

Good to see the brilliant minds at Harvard working on the important issues facing our country. Today, we've got the results of a sociology study at Harvard that figured out one scientific reason for why people are HIPSTERS. --The study found that when you like something that's UNDERGROUND and UNKNOWN . . . like, say, an obscure rock band . . . you subconsciously believe that exclusive knowledge makes you HIPPER than other people around you. --And when your friends start liking the same thing, the most common reaction is . . . you STOP liking it so much. To keep your "hip" identity, you have to keep constantly searching for the newest thing. (MSNBC)

The Number of Accidents Involving People Wearing Headphones Has Tripled Since 2004:

According to a new study, the number of injuries and deaths involving vehicles hitting pedestrians wearing headphones has TRIPLED since 2004. --Now . . . the numbers are still SMALL. But it looks like a growing trend, and that's worth getting a little bit worried about. --In 2004, there were 16 cases where pedestrians wearing headphones were hit by cars or trains and injured or killed. Last year, there were 47. --This only counted cases where people were listening to music through headphones, not cases where people were talking on their phones. --Overall, 68% of the victims were male, 67% were under 30, and 70% died. In 29% of the cases, reports said that the victim didn't hear horns or sirens before the crash. --So look. Not THAT many pedestrians have been hurt or killed because they're wearing headphones and blasting music. But the numbers are going up, and these are truly AVOIDABLE injuries and deaths. So let's be safe out there, okay? (Los Angeles Times)

60% of Us Let Our Dogs Lick Our Face . . . and It's Really Unhealthy:

Apparently it's NOT a good idea to let your dog lick your face.--According to a survey by Greenies . . . a company that makes dental chews for dogs . . . more than 60% of us let our dogs lick our face. --Which isn't a good idea . . . because that old saying that a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's mouth is a myth. --Your dog licks the ground AND his own genitals. His mouth ISN'T clean . . . and when he licks your face, he can transfer bacteria that could potentially make you sick. (PR Newswire)

The New Powerball Lottery Has Begun . . . Double the Price, Slightly Better Odds:

It just got twice as expensive to become a multimillionaire overnight. --As of this week, it now costs $2 for a single Powerball lottery ticket. They used to cost $1. --And no, for double the price, you WON'T get double the odds of winning. You'll get SLIGHTLY better odds at winning a prize . . . from one-in-35 before, to one-in-32 now. --Of course, that includes ALL prizes . . . even the couple of bucks you get for just getting the Powerball number right. --The big jackpot will now start at $40 MILLION instead of $20 MILLION. Your odds of taking down the full jackpot . . . getting all five numbers correct and the Powerball correct too . . . are about one in 195 million. --At this point, 42 states, Washington D.C. and the U.S. Virgin Islands all participate in the Powerball lottery. (NBC 3 - Chattanooga)

An 85-Year-Old Woman Was Critically Injured By a Falling Cat . . . Thrown By an Arguing Couple:

Here's a helpful relationship tip: No matter how angry your wife makes you, don't throw the family pet at her. --A married couple in Buenos Aires, Argentina got into a heated argument on Saturday. (--They weren't named, and we're not sure what caused their fight.) --At one point, the husband grabbed the family cat and threw it at his wife. -She was able to dodge the flying cat . . . but unfortunately she was standing in front of an open window at the time. --The cat flew out the window of their fourth floor apartment, fell to the street below . . . and LANDED on the HEAD of their 85-year-old neighbor, a former opera singer named Betty. (--Her last name wasn't released.) --Betty suffered a fractured skull. She was taken to the hospital, and is on a ventilator in critical condition. --The cat didn't survive the fall, and so far, it doesn't look like the couple's been charged with anything. (The Mirror)

A Guy is Repairing His 1979 GMC Pickup . . . So His Newborn Grandson Comes Home in the Same Truck His Kids Did:

Well, we've told you about all of today's nonsense, chaos, and stupidity. Now here's "The Good News." --Jerry Black lives in Shelby, North Carolina, and like any good Southerner, he has an old pickup truck. (--Shelby is 40 miles west of Charlotte.)
--His 1979 GMC pickup has been in the family since it was new, although he doesn't drive it anymore. Jerry's daughter, Jennifer Heavner, remembers the family taking the truck on trips to Lake Norman and Myrtle Beach when she was a kid. --But the truck has another special memory for Jerry: It's what he drove Jennifer home from the hospital in when she was born in 1983. It also carried his newborn son home in 1985. --Jennifer's all grown up and married now, and she's expecting her first son any day now. --So Jerry's been busy fixing the truck's brakes and getting it road ready . . . so his grandson can ride home from the hospital in the same truck his mom did. --Jennifer is on board with the new family tradition. She said, quote, "I'm really excited we're able to do this. He brought both of his children home in it and now, a grandchild." (Gaston Gazette) (--Here's a picture of Jerry, a very pregnant Jennifer, and her husband Jeff, in front of the truck.)


Random News Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

Obviously Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak loves the iPhone . . . but he says the Google Android system is better in some ways. (Full Story)

On Saturday, three hours into a British Airways flight from Miami to London, the crew accidentally played a pre-recorded warning announcement that said, quote, "This is an emergency, we will shortly be making an emergency landing on water." (Full Story)

Check out 10 cars you should trade in NOW if you want to get the maximum value, including the Jeep Wrangler, Mini Cooper, and Toyota Tacoma. (Full Story)

The founder of the Cracker Barrel chain of restaurants has died, at age 76. (Full Story)


#1.) (NC-17) A "Jeopardy!" Contestant Guessed "Donkey Punch":

A contestant on last night's "Jeopardy!" gave a pretty dirty response, but you have to know obscure slang to get it. Here's the question Alex Trebek read: Quote, "A blow to the back of the neck is the punch named for this animal." --The correct answer was "rabbit," as in a "rabbit punch." But a contestant from Gainesville, Georgia named Mike Hatch decided to go with "DONKEY." You couldn't see Trebek's reaction, but it sounded like even HE wanted to laugh. (--CAREFUL: If you've never heard of it, "donkey punch" is a slang term for a sexual act that involves punching a woman in the back of the head during sex from behind.) (--Search for "Man Guesses Donkey Punch on Jeopardy.")

#2.) And Now . . . Movie Characters Edited Together to Sing Lionel Richie's "Hello":

This isn't as good as the video from last week of Obama singing Lady Gaga's "Born This Way", but someone took clips from different movies, and pieced together the lyrics to the LIONEL RICHIE song, "Hello". --They used clips from "E.T.", "Braveheart", "Back to the Future", "Schindler's List", "Avatar", "Borat", and about 30 other movies. (--Search for "Lionel Richie Hello Movie Montage.")

#3.) Check Out Two New Parodies of LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" . . . Starring He-Man and Elmo:

Apparently parodies of the LMFAO song "Sexy and I Know It" are the new "thing" on YouTube: There's one that uses clips from the '80s "He-Man" cartoon series . . . so it looks like He-Man is doing all the singing. --Then there's also a kid-friendly parody called "I'm Elmo and I Know It" that uses clips from "Sesame Street", and has all new lyrics about being a furry, red puppet that doesn't wear any clothes. (--Search for "LMFAO He-Man Mash-Up" and "I'm Elmo and I Know It.")

Four Ways to Feel Younger:

If you're starting to feel old, check out this list from Health.com. According to them, if you do the four things on this list you'll actually FEEL a lot younger than you are.

#1.) Go to Bed Earlier. Obviously, more sleep equals more energy. But you have to make it a habit. Getting eight hours of sleep doesn't make a huge difference if you go right back to getting SIX hours the next night. --And since you probably can't wake up any later than you already do, going to bed earlier is the only way to make sure you're always rested. --After six straight weeks of getting eight hours a night, you'll have more energy, and the dark circles under your eyes will start to fade.

#2.) When You Exercise, Focus More on Your Lower Body and Your Core. Men in particular tend to concentrate on upper-body workouts, which are fine --But if you're feeling old, try doing more lower-body exercises . . . like squats, lunges, calf-raises, or just plain old running. --Stronger legs and a stronger core will make you feel lighter on your feet.

#3.) Break Out of Your Routine. Even if you eat right and exercise every day, you'll start feeling old if you don't mix things up a little. --According to Caroline Adams Miller, author of the book "Creating Your Best Life", quote, "The brain craves novelty. To feel younger, you have to stimulate it with new associations and new things." --And those things can be small, like getting your morning cup of coffee from a different place than usual, or trying a new route to work.

#4.) Listen to an Album You Loved 20 Years Ago. Researchers at Harvard University found that when they exposed people to movies, music, and memorabilia from their youth, they were happier and experienced fewer health issues. --Some of them even saw improvements in their vision and memory. (Health.com)


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