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Most of us hate going to the doctor, but it turns out that DOCTORS might hate seeing US even more . . . at least SOME of us. Here are six things you do that drive your doctor crazy . . .

#1.) BRINGING SOMEONE ELSE INTO THE EXAM ROOM. A lot of you bring a friend or family member to your doctor's appointments for moral support. Which is fine . . . as long as they stay in the waiting room.
-Some doctors find it hard to treat patients if someone else is there. It can be distracting, and people aren't always honest when someone else is in the room.

#2.) NEGLECTING TO MENTION THE SUPPLEMENTS YOU'RE TAKING. Maybe you think you don't need to tell your doctor about the herbs and supplements you're taking because they're ALL-NATURAL.
-But your doctor DOES need to know, because some supplements CAN interact with medication.

#3.) GOING OFF MEDICATION WITHOUT MENTIONING IT. Sometimes, you HAVE to go off medication because of side effects, money problems, or other reasons.
-But if you don't tell your doctor, and then you show up six months later with the same health issues . . . don't expect much sympathy.

#4.) REFUSING TO LOSE WEIGHT. We all love a quick cure . . . especially if it comes in a pill. But a lot of health problems . . . like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, sleep apnea, and chronic fatigue . . . can be traced back to overeating.

-Your doctor will get frustrated with you if you refuse to change your lifestyle . . . especially if it's the main thing that's making you miserable.

#5.) DIAGNOSING YOURSELF. America is one of the only countries in the world that lets drug companies advertise on TV. In 1997, the FDA decided it was okay, and now, it seems like every other commercial is for some new miracle drug.

-The result is . . . instead of walking into the doctor's office with a list of SYMPTOMS, now a lot of you walk in with a SHOPPING LIST.

#6.) DEMANDING TESTS YOU DON'T NEED. Some of you have great insurance plans . . . and you end up wanting to be OVER-treated . . . just to be safe. But what you don't understand is . . . unnecessary tests can lead to complications.

-And COMPLICATIONS can lead to more unnecessary tests. (


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