Wednesday, October 28, 2009



My motto: "Think Positive & Positive Will Happen!" It's a way of life for me. I always try to stay upbeat & positive. People always ask me how I stay ‘up’ all the time; what my ’secret’ to staying focused, motivated, positive and productive is. (I get this a lot) Here goes:

1. GET EXCITED ABOUT POSSIBILITIES! Who knows. You might find that you like doing something & make a career out of it!

2. KEEP YOUR INNER DIALOG POSITIVE. Don't beat yourself up. (I don’t feel sorry for myself and I don’t indulge in ‘pity parties’.). It’s a waiste of time & as long as your still breathing, there will be another tomorrow!

3. LEARN FROM, AND GET INSPIRED BY, SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE. It goes back to what your mom tought you when you were a kid.. If you hang with the “trouble bunch”, chances are you will become trouble. But if you surround yourself with “positive, like – minded” people, the thought is they will rub off on you! Hang out with like-minded people who energize you and avoid the energy vampires.

4. DON’T FOCUS ON NEGATIVES. Some times you just can’t control the outcome. invest emotional energy where it will give the best return.

5. DEDICATE TIME EVERY DAY TO ’SWITCHING OFF’ AND HAVING FUN FOR FUN’S SAKE. Shut the phone off, ignore the email & texts for a little bit. They will be there waiting when your ready to re-connect. Plan some strategic silliness!

6. LET YOURSELF DREAM. (Sometimes my mind keeps me awake all nigh!) Even if you know it won’t come true, it’s very healthy for your mind to dream about the “What if” factor!

7. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. (Not trying to be preachy, but.. I don’t smoke, drink or use drugs and I never have. Ever. Being physically fit and healthy, helps me stay focused on a mental, emotional and creative level. If that is how you relax, you might want to look into another way. It’s very hard to be ‘up’ when you’re physically unwell.) (NAZZY)


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