Monday, November 30, 2009



Even if you've been with someone for a while, you might still be wondering if they're "THE ONE." It's hard to know for sure, but here are ten signs that you might be meant for each other . . .

#1.) YOU TELL EACH OTHER SECRETS. Sharing intimate details about yourself is a big part of a successful relationship. And being able to truly trust someone else with those details is even more important.

#2.) YOU CAN BE VULNERABLE AROUND EACH OTHER. If something's going to go long-term, then you're going to be together on the good days AND the bad days. And if someone can make your bad days better, that's a good sign.

#3.) YOU RESPECT EACH OTHER. If you spend enough time with someone, eventually they're going to irritate you. But when you respect someone, you won't want to change who they are. And they'll have qualities that you wish YOU had too.

#4.) YOU BOTH WANT TO MEET THE PARENTS. This one's obvious. If you're excited to show someone off, it means you think your parents will like them too.

#5.) YOU'RE NOT AFRAID TO DISAGREE. When you can disagree without getting in an argument, it shows that you're comfortable being yourself. And that you know the other person will take your opinions seriously.

#6.) YOU MAKE EACH OTHER LAUGH. If you can crack each other up every now and then, it will REALLY help you through tough times.

#7.) SILENCE ISN'T AWKWARD. If the TV's off, there's no music on, and there's really nothing to talk about . . . it STILL shouldn't be awkward. You should feel completely comfortable no matter what.

#8.) YOU'RE STILL ATTRACTED TO EACH OTHER. If you've been together with someone a while and you still catch yourself staring, it means there's a genuine physical chemistry.

#9.) YOU'RE NOT TOO JEALOUS. Let's be clear. A LITTLE jealousy can be a good thing. But not too much. If you trust someone else enough to let them have a sense of independence, staying together for a long time won't be so difficult.

#10.) YOU FEEL LIKE YOU MAKE EACH OTHER BETTER PEOPLE. It might be true, it might not be. But just FEELING that way is important. --If being with someone else makes you feel like a smarter, funnier, more-attractive version of yourself, why would you ever leave? (


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