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Last year on Black Friday, a Wal-Mart security guard in New York was trampled to death, and two shoppers in California were shot to death at a Toys "R" Us. Needless to say, people get a little crazy on Black Friday. --With that in mind, here are nine tips from a website called Holidash.com to help you survive the madness of Black Friday:

#1.) Dress appropriately: Most importantly, wear comfortable shoes. You'll be glad you did.

#2.) Be prepared: You've got your gift list . . . that's a good start. You might also want to bring along a few granola bars, antibacterial soap, baby wipes, Band Aids and whatever else you think might come in handy during your hectic day of shopping.

#3.) Do some recon: If you have the time before Thanksgiving, you might want to check out any stores you're unfamiliar with in order to get a lay of the land ahead of time.

#4.) Know your sales: Bring along any coupons and sales ads, in case you run into a store employee who isn't up to date on the store's sale items. Also, a lot of stores will honor another retailer's sale price, but you need to have the coupon or ad to get the deal.

#5.) Be fierce: Black Friday means serious shopping business. So you should leave your uninterested spouse or kids at home. But do NOT trample or shoot another shopper. I repeat: Do NOT trample or shoot another shopper . . . or anyone else, for that matter.

#6.) Just park: Don't waste time circling the parking lot for a spot near the entrance. In the long run, you'll save more time by parking in the first spot you see and walking a little further to the store.

#7.) Stay calm: I can't stress this one enough. There's no holiday gift worth risking a trip to the ER because you got into an argument with another equally-anxious-but-much-larger shopper.

#8.) Divide and conquer: If you have the luxury, bring a few friends along to help you with your shopping list. That way, you can each cover a different area of the store, and all meet back up at the register.

#9.) Focus: Know what you're looking for. Know the price you want. And go for it. (Holidash)


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