Friday, October 7, 2011


You Can Tell Justin Bieber is Trying to Control Selena Gomez . . . Because He Walks in Front of Her:

The website says that whenever you see JUSTIN BIEBER and SELENA GOMEZ walking together, he's always a step ahead of her. So they asked a body language expert what that means. --And she said, quote, "Walking ahead of her says 'power' and that he has to be in charge." --But Selena has her own hang-ups because she accepts it. The expert says, quote, "Selena is happily taking a subservient role in the relationship and it says she's insecure about the relationship too." --But since they're both on board, it's not totally a bad thing . . . quote, "It's good that they walk in step. It shows they are like-minded and both on the same page. --"There's also a lot of passion between them, but she just needs to step up and take charge in the relationship." (--Here are some pics of Justin and Selena walking together . . . with Justin in front. We've also thrown in some pics of Selena in Rio Wednesday night.) (--In the first two, they're in the backseat of a vehicle, and Selena is going in for a KISS. In the third pic, they're walking together . . . and guess who's in front?) (Hollywood Life, Daily Mail)

Vivid Entertainment Has Offered Amanda Knox a Job . . . But She Doesn't Have to Do Porno:

The smut company Vivid Entertainment has offered FORMER convicted murderer AMANDA KNOX a job. But she doesn't have to do any porno. They would just like her to rep them at trade shows and other events. --Of course, if she WANTED to do nudity or sex, the company would, quote, "welcome talking to her" about it. There's no word how much they're offering, or if Amanda has shown any interest. (--We're going to go ahead and assume NOT.)

Salma Hayek Can Take Care of Herself . . . But She Doesn't Mind Being Married to a Billionaire, Either:

SALMA HAYEK is proud that she can take care of herself . . . but at the same time, being married to a BILLIONAIRE is nice, too. --She says, quote, "I work hard, I make my own living and I love it. I like having financial independence. I don't ever want to have to depend on anyone completely. --"[But] when I have troubles sometimes, it's nice to have someone there to help." --Salma's husband is Francois-Henri Pinault . . . the 49-year-old CEO of his family's business, Pinault-Printemps-Redoute. --It's a French holding company whose subsidiaries include Gucci, Yves Saint Lauren, Balenciaga, Puma and Stella McCartney, just to name a few. The Pinault family is worth about $11.5 billion. --Selma and Francois have a 4-year-old daughter named Valentina. --And even though her husband's company is in charge of some of the most important fashion companies in the world, she maintains her own style. --She says, quote, "I'm still a Mexican. I like to play fashion with him, but I'm nobody's Barbie."

Demi Moore Says She Sent Ashton Kutcher an Orchid When He Took Over for Charlie Sheen on "Two and a Half Men":

DEMI MOORE was on "Good Morning America" yesterday along with JENNIFER ANISTON and ALICIA KEYS. They were promoting their upcoming breast cancer movie "Five", which will air on Lifetime. --And all references to ASHTON KUTCHER were POSITIVE. Demi didn't address his alleged cheating . . . but she revealed that the two of them recently exchanged flowers. --Demi said Ashton sent her a bouquet and a note that read, "I believe in you" to celebrate "Five" . . . and she sent him an orchid to mark his debut on "Two and a Half Men". (--Here's video.) (--By the way . . . Demi, Jennifer and Alicia aren't IN "Five". They each directed segments of it. It airs this coming Monday.)

Billy Bob Thornton's Daughter Was Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for the Death of a Baby:

BILLY BOB THORNTON'S estranged daughter was sentenced to 20 years in prison yesterday, for the death of a 1-year-old child three years ago. --32-year-old Amanda Brumfield was initially charged with MURDER . . . but was found guilty of manslaughter back in June. -The victim was Brumfield's goddaughter, Olivia Madison Garcia. She died of a head injury during an overnight stay at Brumfield's house. --Brumfield had told authorities Olivia fell out of a playpen and hit her head, but prosecutors argued that her injuries were too severe to have been caused by a minor fall like that. --In addition to her prison sentence, Brumfield was ordered to pay $10,000 for investigative and prosecution costs. --Brumfield is the daughter of Billy Bob and his first wife, Melissa Gatlin. They've had very little contact since Billy Bob left her mom in 1980.

Tim Robbins and "Gossip Girl" Star Penn Badgley Were Among the "Occupy Wall Street" Protesters on Wednesday:

Those "Occupy Wall Street" protesters in New York City can't seem to figure out exactly what they're protesting . . . but that hasn't stopped Hollywood from taking up their cause. --On Wednesday, TIM ROBBINS and "Gossip Girl" star PENN BADGLEY were walking among them. --Robbins said, quote, "This is what an actual grassroots movement looks like. It's a bit sloppy and disorganized but full of passion." -And Badgley said, quote, "It's cheesy, but I want to do whatever I can. Let's be honest: I'm on [effing] 'Gossip Girl' . . . It's absurd that celebrity power is what it is, but, like, use any tool you have, you know?" --Other celebrities who've been spotted joining the cause include Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore, Russell Simmons and Mark Ruffalo.

Actor Charles Napier . . . the Leader of The Good Ole Boys in "The Blues Brothers" . . . Has Died:

One of Hollywood's greatest character actors, CHARLES NAPIER, died Wednesday after collapsing at his California home. He was 75 years old. There's no word on the cause of death, but last year, he was hospitalized for blood clots. --Napier is probably best known as Tucker McElroy, the leader of the country band The Good Ole Boys, in "The Blues Brothers". (--His classic line from that movie: "You're gonna look pretty funny trying to eat corn on the cob with no (effin') teeth.") --He also played one of the cops Hannibal Lecter kills when he escapes from his jail cell in "Silence of the Lambs". --Napier's other credits include "Rambo: First Blood Part 2", "Philadelphia", "Married to the Mob" and the trashtastic classic "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls". He's also done tons of TV guest spots over the years. --More recently, he was in the JEREMY PIVEN bomb "The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard" . . . and he was brutally killed by RON JEREMY'S PENIS in the direct-to-video "horror" flick "One Eyed Monster".

Kristen Stewart Says All Her Teachers Failed Her:

For a while there, KRISTEN STEWART seemed happy. She was even SMILING a little, and posing for magazines in bikinis. --But TRUE Kristen Stewart fans will be happy to know that she's back to complaining and being sullen. Today, she's railing against her seventh grade teachers. All of them. --She says, quote, "School became genuinely uncomfortable. I was feeling a little self-conscious about the acting thing with my peers, but also my teachers became a problem. --"They didn't want to do the extra work or put packages together so I could keep up while away. --"They failed me. My teachers failed me. Not one, but all of them. I'm always slightly ashamed in a way, about what I do. --"I'm slightly embarrassed as I had such serious ambitions when I was younger, I just never imagined that I would ever have a reason not go to school. But then this happened."

Michael Jackson's Fingerprints Were Not Found on Any Propofol Bottles:

The big news yesterday in the manslaughter trial of DR. CONRAD MURRAY is that MICHAEL JACKSON'S fingerprints were NOT found on any of the bottles of propofol or other medical evidence collected from Michael's bedroom after his death. --But prosecutors noted that a print from one of Dr. Murray's index fingers was found on a vial of propofol next to Michael's bed. --Now the defense actually AGREES with prosecutors on that point. But that doesn't mean they're happy about it. --They claim Michael administered the deadly dose of propofol to HIMSELF . . . so obviously, this fingerprint evidence is something they're going to have to get around to make people believe them. --Also yesterday, Elissa Fleak . . . an investigator with the L.A. County Coroner's Office . . . admitted under cross-examination that mistakes were made in the evidence-collection phase of the investigation. --But when Dr. Murray's attorney asked her if a, quote, "substantial number of mistakes" were made, she said NO.


What Will You Go See This Weekend? Hugh Jackman's "Real Steel" or George Clooney's "The Ides of March":

#1.) "Real Steel" (PG-13)

This is like "Rocky" . . . but for robots. Hugh Jackman plays a former boxer who lost his shot at the title when human boxing died out and was replaced with robot fighters. Now he barely gets by, promoting underground fights with bots he's cobbled together. --But after his son convinces him to teach a sparring bot all his moves they get a real shot at a championship fight. "Lost's" Evangeline Lilly plays Jackman's ex-girlfriend. (Trailer)

#2.) "The Ides of March" (R)

Ryan Gosling plays a staffer on George Clooney's presidential campaign, whose loyalties are tested when he gets involved in some sort of scandal. The movie was directed by Clooney, and the rest of the cast includes Philip Seymour Hoffman, Marisa Tomei, Paul Giamatti, and Evan Rachel Wood. (Trailer)

Republicans Like "Narnia", Democrats Like "Madea" . . . And Other Results of a Poll on Politics and Box Office Choice:

The "Hollywood Reporter" just released the results of a poll on Democrats, Republicans and their box office choices. And here's a huge surprise: Republicans like family movies more than Democrats. --The poll found that of recent movies, Republicans were a lot more likely to prefer flicks like "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", "Thor", "Soul Surfer", "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" and "Secretariat". --And Democrats preferred stuff that's a little edgier, like "Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family", "Bad Teacher", "Easy A", "The Social Network" and "Rise of the Planet of the Apes". --Meanwhile, movies like "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps", "Midnight in Paris", "The Lincoln Lawyer", "Rio", and "Limitless" crossed party lines. --52% of Republicans say they've avoided a movie because of the star's politics. 36% of Democrats have done the same. --62% of Democrats say Hollywood portrays America in a positive light. Not surprisingly, only 39% of Republicans agree. --Meanwhile, 44% of Republicans think Hollywood portrays the military in a negative light, and only 21% of Democrats agree. --The poll also figured out which stars are the MOST HATED by both sides . . . although the results were pretty obvious. Stars the Republicans Avoid: --60% of Republicans will reject basically anything MICHAEL MOORE is involved in. Although 21% of Democrats will, too. So not everybody on the left is spellbound by him. --48% of Republicans said they're likely to avoid a JANE FONDA flick . . . 47% aren't WHOOPI GOLDBERG fans . . . 46% of Republicans aren't into OPRAH WINFREY'S politics . . . and oddly, SEAN PENN only turns off 40% of Republicans. Stars Democrats Avoid: --MEL GIBSON tops this list. But his disapproval rating is only 36%. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is frowned upon by 30% of Democrats. --I'm not sure I understand this one, but TOM CRUISE is next, with 27% of Dems saying they won't patronize his movies. (--Maybe it's his opposition to psychiatry and antidepressants? Or perhaps his disregard for living room furniture . . . ?) --14% would boycott the movies of KELSEY GRAMMER because of his right-leaning views. (--The other 86% boycott Kelsey's movies because THEY BLOW.) --And 13% are turned off by JON VOIGHT . . . who's a very vocal Republican.

The First Three "Twilight" Movies Will Hit Theaters Again for One Night Only in November:

To celebrate the release of "Breaking Dawn - Part 1", the first three "Twilight" movies are going to hit theaters again in November . . . but each one will play for just one night. And they're all playing on Tuesdays. --"Twilight" will play on November 1st . . . "New Moon" follows November 8th . . . and "Eclipse" opens November 15th. (--"Breaking Dawn - Part 1" opens three days later, on Friday, November 18th.) --Each showing will take place at 7:30 P.M., and will include cast introductions, interviews and behind-the-scenes content. (--For a list of participating theaters, check out

Check Out Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen in "Snow White":

Some new pictures from the LILY COLLINS "Snow White" movie have been released . . . and they include your first shots of JULIA ROBERTS as the Evil Queen. (--Check 'em out here.) (D-Listed) (--This one doesn't have an official title yet, but it's scheduled to come out in March. That OTHER "Snow White" movie, "Snow White and the Huntsman", will be out next June.) (--That one stars KRISTEN STEWART as Snow White and CHARLIZE THERON as the Evil Queen . . . not to mention Thor himself, CHRIS HEMSWORTH . . . as the VERY SEXY Huntsman.)

Check Out Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe in "My Week With Marilyn":

MICHELLE WILLIAMS plays MARILYN MONROE in "My Week With Marilyn" . . . which hits theaters on November 4th. It also stars Kenneth Branagh, Emma Watson and Judi Dench. (--Check out the trailer here. By the way, Emma Watson has a really hot younger brother who's a model. Check out some pics here.) (E! Online)

Will the New James Bond Movie Be Called "Skyfall"?

There's word that the next James Bond movie will be called "Skyfall". Apparently, somebody found out that Sony Pictures has secured several domain names including and

"Friday Night Lights" Will Be a Movie . . . Again:

CONNIE BRITTON says there's a movie version in the works of "Friday Night Lights" . . . which is funny, because the TV series was based on a movie in the first place. (--You can read more about this here.)

Is "The Simpsons" on Its Way Out Even If the Actors Agree to a Pay Cut?

Earlier this week, the studio that produces "The Simpsons", 20th Century Fox, informed the cast that they'll be forced to cancel the show after this season if they don't accept a MASSIVE pay cut. --Well, now we're hearing that the show may be on its way out even if the cast agrees to the proposed 45% salary hit. --A so-called "executive close to the show" tells that Fox is only interested in doing ONE more season after the current one . . . and they'll only do that season if everyone connected to "The Simpsons" takes a pay cut. --So far, the show's producers have agreed to reduce their salaries, but there's no update on what the cast is thinking. They're supposed to decide by today. --Here are some specific numbers from --The six principal voice actors currently make $440,000 per episode. With over 20 episodes per season, they each rake in around $9 million a season. --The proposed pay cut would reduce their salaries to $250,000 per episode, which comes out to over $5 million a season. --The cast has counter-proposed a pay cut to $300,000 per episode . . . or over $6 million per season . . . but WITH a cut of the show's "back end," which is money from syndication, merchandising and DVD sales. --20th Century Fox has already declined that offer. --By the way, the cast commissioned a study into how much 20th Century Fox is making off the show . . . to see if the show is as unprofitable as they say it is. --Here's what they found: "The Simpsons" has earned $3.95 billion in revenue . . . including "network advertising, syndication payments, international airings, merchandising, and home video". . . and it has cost about $3.07 billion to produce. --So, "The Simpsons" has made nearly $1 billion in profits. The study also claims it stands to earn another $2 billion in profits AFTER they stop producing new episodes. (--This would suggest there IS money, but these numbers are unofficial.)

"Simpsons" Star Hank Azaria Has Lost His New Sitcom:

HANK AZARIA may be losing his longtime gig on "The Simpsons" . . . but he's already lost his new NBC sitcom, "Free Agents". --NBC canceled "Free Agents" because of low ratings. It premiered to 6.1 million viewers last month, but the following three episodes averaged just 3.4 million viewers. There are no plans yet to air the remaining episodes. --After the news broke, Hank Tweeted, quote, "Thanks to NBC for giving us a shot, thanks to all who watched 'Free Agents', and thanks to all who worked on the show. We had so much fun!!" (--Earlier in the week, Hank had urged his Twitter followers to watch "Free Agents", but it wasn't enough. This is the second new show to be canceled this season. NBC also dumped "The Playboy Club".)

Sharon Osbourne's Break from "The Talk" Was to Have Her Leaking Breast Implants Removed:

We'd heard that SHARON OSBOURNE was taking a break from "The Talk" to spend time with OZZY OSBOURNE . . . but on yesterday's show, she explained that she also used her time off to have her leaking breast implants removed. --She said, quote, "One of my boobies was kind of much longer than the other. I'm thinking, this isn't right." Sharon says that a doctor told her that one of her implants was leaking, and that it had, quote, "leaked into the wall of her stomach." (--You can find video on

Friday TV Reminders:

--"Phineas and Ferb" . . . 7:00 to 7:30 P.M. on Disney Channel. (--Michael Douglas, Michael J. Fox, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer do guest voices when Candace believes she is becoming a vampire after being bitten by a bat.)

--"A Gifted Man" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on CBS. (--"Twilight's" Rachelle Lefevre (a.k.a. the first Victoria) joins the cast as a doctor running Anna's family-clinic.)

--"Say Yes To the Dress" [7th Season Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 9:30 P.M. on TLC. (--Kelly Ripa tries her hand at being a bridal-gown consultant for a day.)

--"Top Secret Recipe" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on CMT. (--A look at the secret ingredients behind popular food, like Cinnabons and KFC chicken.)

--"Sanctuary" [4th Season Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on Syfy.

--"Four Weddings" [3rd Season Finale] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on TLC.

Saturday TV Reminders:

--"Grand Ole Opry Live" . . . 7:00 to 9:00 P.M. on GAC. (--Rascal Flatts, Ronnie Dunn, Charley Pride and Craig Morgan perform.)

--"Rules of Engagement" [6th Season Premiere] . . . 8:00 to 8:30 P.M. on CBS.

--"Austin City Limits" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on PBS. (--Raphael Saadiq and Black Joe Lewis perform.)

--"The Adam Carolla Project" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. on DIY. (--Adam Carolla buys his childhood home and asks his friends to help him with his plans to turn it into a million-dollar estate. Carolla is a former construction worker himself.)

--"That Metal Show" . . . 11:00 P.M. to Midnight on VH1 Classic. (--Whitesnake guitarist John Sykes and Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy guest.)

--"Saturday Night Live" . . . 11:30 P.M. to 1:00 A.M. on NBC. (--Ben Stiller guest hosts and Foster the People is the musical guest.)

Sunday TV Reminders:

--"Sunday Night Football" . . . 8:20 to 11:20 P.M. Eastern on NBC. (--The Atlanta Falcons host the Green Bay Packers at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.)

--"So Random!" . . . 7:30 to 8:00 P.M. on Disney. (--Iyaz performs "Pretty Girls".)

--"Keeping Up With the Kardashians: Kim's Fairytale Wedding" [Part 1 of 2] . . . 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. on E! (--The Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wedding.)

--"Desperate Housewives" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on ABC. (--Mike begins to worry that Susan and Carlos are having an affair. Sarah Paulson guest stars as Lynette's sister, who stops by for a visit with her fiancé.)

--"The Good Wife" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on CBS. (--"House's" Lisa Edelstein begins a three-episode guest stint as Will's ex-wife, who's also an attorney.)

--"100 Moments That Changed TV" [Parts 3 of 5]. . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on TV Guide. (--This episode covers the impact of "The Cosby Show", "M*A*S*H", and Bill Clinton's saxophone-playing appearance on "The Arsenio Hall Show".)

--"Day Jobs" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on GAC. (--Chris Young, Kimberly Schlapman and Craig Morgan are reunited with their pre-fame jobs.)

--"Breaking Bad" [4th Season Finale] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on AMC.

--"South Park: Six Days to Air" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on Comedy Central. (--Series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone give a behind the scenes look at how a "South Park" episode is created.)

--"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" [3rd Season Finale] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on Bravo.

--"How To Make It In America" . . . 10:30 to 11:00 P.M. on HBO. (--Gina Gershon guest stars as a well-connected fashion representative.)

Brian May Says Queen Would Like to Collaborate with Lady Gaga:

There are some reports going around online claiming that guitarist BRIAN MAY has asked LADY GAGA to become the permanent new singer for QUEEN. As much as Brian might dig that . . . he can't actually think that could happen. --Brian tells Britain's "Daily Express" tabloid, quote, "We talk about going out on the road all the time but there's a bit of a singer problem to put it mildly. --"We get a lot of offers to work with other people. I worked with Lady Gaga . . . and she's very creative and is someone we've talked about singing, fronting the band with." --Brian performed with Gaga at the "MTV Video Music Awards" in August. (--You can find video, here. Brian shows up at the 6:23 mark.) --Clearly, Brian seems to want to collaborate with Lady Gaga in the future, and she might be down for that. After all, the inspiration for the name "Lady Gaga" came from the Queen song "Radio Ga Ga". --Queen's original singer FREDDIE MERCURY died in 1991. They worked with singer PAUL RODGERS from BAD COMPANY and FREE from 2004 to 2009, but since then they haven't had a set singer. --And they might not be in the market for something permanent. --Brian says, quote, "We have talked about doing duets with other people . . . and I almost pressed the 'yes' button. We were debating the idea of a TV show where we have all these guest stars. We didn't press it today, but we are still looking at it."
The 10 Worst Songs of the '80s . . . According to "Rolling Stone" Readers:

"Rolling Stone" recently polled their readers to come up with a list of The Worst Songs of the '80s. They released the results yesterday. Here's the list:

1.) "We Built This City", Starship (1985)

2.) "The Final Countdown", Europe (1986)

3.) "Lady in Red", Chris de Burgh (1986)

4.) "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go", Wham! (1984)

5.) "The Safety Dance", Men Without Hats (1982)

6.) "Rock Me Amadeus", Falco (1986)

7.) "Don't Worry, Be Happy", Bobby McFerrin (1988)

8.) "Mickey", Toni Basil (1982)

9.) "Puttin' on the Ritz", Taco (1983)

10.) "Never Gonna Give You Up", Rick Astley (1987)

(--You can find audio and mini write-ups for each one at

Lee DeWyze Has Lost His Record Deal:

Remember LEE DEWYZE? No? --He won the ninth season of "American Idol" by defeating his runner-up CRYSTAL BOWERSOX. (--That name isn't ringing a bell either, is it?) --Well . . . Lee has already been dropped from his label, RCA Records. His debut album, "Live It Up", has sold 168,000 copies since it came out last fall, but apparently that wasn't enough to hold RCA's interest. But don't worry about Lee. -His rep says he's, quote, "in a good place right now." (--I bet that's Grand Teton National Park. I hear it's absolutely beautiful in the fall!) (???)

Chris Martin Doesn't Force His Kids to Listen to Coldplay:

COLDPLAY singer CHRIS MARTIN says he doesn't FORCE his kids to listen to Coldplay . . . although he's writing music that he hopes they'll WANT to listen to at some point. (--He has a seven-year-old daughter and a five-year-old son.) --He explains, quote, "You don't want to spend months and months doing something and have it turn out terrible. You want your kids to be proud, basically. So it gives you extra drive . . . [but] I don't make them listen to it. No one in our family has to listen to it."
Top 15 Hip-Hop Songs That Name Check Steve Jobs:

In honor of Apple boss STEVE JOBS, who passed away on Wednesday . . . has put together a list of The Top 15 Hip-Hop Songs Referencing Steve Jobs or one of his inventions. Here's the list, which is in no particular order:

1.) Jay-Z, "The Prelude" . . . (CAREFUL) Quote, "Head and shoulders, my invisible neck / You see Hova, wasn't digital yet / Befo' Steve Jobs, made the iPod / Was getting head, jobs, we call that intimate."

2.) Diggy Simmons, "Made You Look" (Freestyle) . . . Quote, "I made you look / Y'all are slaves to a page in my MacBook / They didn't know I could rap / I had them all shook."

3.) Jamie Foxx featuring Kanye West and The-Dream, "Digital Girl" . . . Quote, "I want to see what's under there / There now put it in the air / Yeah load it on my MacBook Air / It's a new form of macking, don't be old fashioned."

4.) Rick Ross featuring Lil Wayne, "9 Piece" . . . Quote, "I'm smoking dope, I'm on my cell phone / I'm selling dope, straight off the iPhone."

5.) Fabolous featuring Paul Cain, "Steve Jobs" . . . Quote, "Getting mo' money it come with mo' problems, man/ I used to be Mac'ing but now I'm Steve Jobbin', man."

6.) Mindless Behavior featuring Diggy Simmons, "Mrs. Right" . . . Quote, "Let me kiss ya back / Open up your MacBook / Put me on your lap / Stay sending smiley faces on the chat."

7.) Common, "Southside" . . . Quote, "Back in '94 they call me Chi-town's Nas / Now them [N-words] know I'm one of Chi-town's gods / We eatin', yo, you still talking no carbs / A conscious [N-word] with mac like Steve Jobs."

8.) Chris Brown featuring Tyga and Kevin McCall, "Ballin'" . . . Quote, "Look, BBC hat clean diamond snap hook / Take a picture with it, like it's my last look / Gold MacBook, cost $100,000 Gs / I don't give a [eff] with rats, I throw away the cheese."

9.) Iyaz, "Replay" . . . Quote, "Shawty's like a melody in my head / That I can't keep out, got me singin' like / Na, na, na, na everyday / It's like my iPod's stuck on replay, replay."

10.) Kanye West featuring Swizz Beatz, Jay-Z, Pusha-T, CyHi The Prynce, RZA - "So Appalled" . . . CyHi raps, quote, "I am so outrageous / I wear my pride on my sleeve like a bracelet / If God had a iPod, I'd be on his playlist / My phrases amazing, the faces and places, the favorite."

11.) Shawn Chrystopher - "Ashes on My MacBook" . . . Quote, "Blunt ashes on my MacBook."

12.) Wiz Khalifa, "Ode to Naked Pop Stars" . . . Quote, "I don't know him, but whoever stole your Mac / When I see him, I'mma pat him on the back . . . Like a nerd with no MacBook, look how pretty that lil' cat look."

13.) Nicki Minaj featuring Lil Wayne, "I Get Crazy" . . . Quote, "I just came out of the mother[effin'] old school / Got my Mac notebook with the Pro tools."

14.) Swizz Beatz featuring Coldplay, "That Oprah" . . . Quote, "Bill Gates, Steve Jobs / iPhones, Microsoft / My paper is very long, your paper is very soft."

15.) B.o.B, "Don't Let Me Fall" . . . Quote, "Now I'm in your house / Now I'm in your stove / Now I'm everywhere that your iPod go / Everything I seen was a dream just a moment ago."

(--Find audio of each of these tracks at WARNING: These versions are UNCENSORED.)

Hank Williams Jr. and "Monday Night Football" Have Quit Each Other:

It's over for HANK WILLIAMS JR. and "Monday Night Football". Both Hank AND ESPN "parted ways" via statements on their websites. We don't know who fired the first shot. --Here's the ESPN post, quote, "We have decided to part ways with Hank Williams Jr. We appreciate his contributions over the past years. The success of 'Monday Night Football' has always been about the games and that will continue." --And here's what Hank wrote, quote, "After reading hundreds of e-mails, I have made MY decision. By pulling my opening October 3rd, You (ESPN) stepped on the Toes of The First Amendment Freedom of Speech, so therefore Me, My Song, and All My Rowdy Friends are OUT OF HERE. It's been a great run." (--This is no surprise. The writing was on the wall when ESPN pulled the plug on Monday. And we'd run out of breath arguing who's right or wrong.)


Showbiz Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

ELISABETTA CANALIS went on a sexy, interracial date with MEHCAD BROOKS from "True Blood" the other night. (Video)

GEORGE CLOONEY says it's a tradition for people to skinny-dip at his villa in Lake Como, Italy. Those who've done it include Marisa Tomei, Evan Rachel Wood, Charlie Rose and . . . Walter Cronkite. (???) (Full Story)

Idiot blogger Perez Hilton claims LINDSAY LOHAN is cutting herself. Her rep says she's not. (Full Story)

PATRICIA ARQUETTE has deactivated her Facebook account because one of her friends was stalking her. (Full Story)

WOODY ALLEN would like to cast MICHELLE OBAMA in a movie. As far-fetched as that sounds, Woody's last movie, "Midnight In Paris", features a performance by French first lady CARLA BRUNI. (Full Story)

JOHNNY DEPP is producing . . . and will probably star in . . . a movie about DR. SEUSS. (Full Story) He's also going to star in a new movie version of the Dashiell Hammett novel "The Thin Man". (Full Story)

GREEN DAY singer BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG will guest star on an episode of Showtime's "Nurse Jackie". There aren't many details yet . . . all we know is that he isn't playing himself. (Full Story) (--The fourth season of "Nurse Jackie" premieres next spring.)

Despite being a "favorite," BOB DYLAN did not win a Nobel Prize in literature this year. Some Swedish poet did. (Full Story)

Is another "Bachelor" / "Bachelorette" relationship ending? Possibly. Their "pals" tell "Us" magazine, quote, "They bring out the worst in each other . . . she's miserable in the relationship and he is too." (Full Story)

In case you missed it, CONAN O'BRIEN returned to NBC on Wednesday, when he surprised JIMMY FALLON on "Late Night", which of course is his old show. He said he came back because he forgot Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. (Video)

On the same episode, EVAN RACHEL WOOD sang JUSTIN BIEBER'S hit, "Baby". She claims she's a big fan. (Video)

The CW has canceled "H8R". (Full Story)


The Westboro Baptist Church Tweeted That They're Protesting Steve Jobs' Funeral . . . and the Tweet Came From an iPhone:

Normally we ignore the pigs at the Westboro Baptist Church, since their protests at funerals are just lame publicity stunts. But this time we can all laugh in their hypocritical faces. --After STEVE JOBS passed away on Wednesday, a tweet was posted by Margie Phelps, one of the leaders of the church. Her father is Fred Phelps, the group's leader. --Margie announced that, quote, "Westboro will picket [Steve Jobs'] funeral. He had a huge platform, gave God no glory and taught sin." --And now, for the irony . . . underneath her tweet, it shows that she posted it using TWITTER FOR iPHONE. --That's right. She's protesting Jobs' funeral even though she clearly uses his products. --Which just goes to show that these people don't REALLY care about anything other than getting attention. If they truly resented Jobs, they wouldn't buy Apple products. But they do. Because they're hypocrites . . . and morons. --After the Internet exploded yesterday, laughing at her, Margie tweeted that the iPhone wasn't created by Jobs . . . it was created by God. Which is a pretty stupid thing to say in its own right. (ABC News) (--Here's an image of her tweet.)

Steve Jobs' Signature Turtleneck Sees a Huge Boom in Sales . . . Does That Mean "Zombie Steve Jobs" is Going to be a Hot Halloween Costume?

St. Croix is the clothing company that makes the black turtlenecks that became part of STEVE JOBS' trademark look. And after he died on Wednesday . . . sales of them SKYROCKETED. --St. Croix says the sales went up almost 100% yesterday. The company says they're planning a memorial for Jobs, but haven't decided what they're going to do yet. --But when a prominent celebrity dies in October, shock-value Halloween costumes follow. So does the rush on Jobs' signature turtleneck mean we're going to see a ton of ZOMBIE STEVE JOBS costumes in a few weeks? --Answer: Almost definitely. (TMZ) (--Here's the St. Croix turtleneck, and Steve wearing it. You can pick one up for $175 here.)

The Publication Date for the Steve Jobs Biography Has Been Moved Up . . . and It's Selling Like Crazy:

STEVE JOBS' first authorized biography was set to be published on November 21st. But with his death on Wednesday, the demand for the biography has shot up . . . and the publisher, Simon & Schuster, has responded. --They've moved the publication date up to the 24th of this month. Ever since Jobs' death, the book, called "Steve Jobs", has been at or near the top of the sales charts on Amazon,, and Apple's iBooks. (Entertainment Weekly)


If You're Sexist Against Women, You Got Those Feelings From Your Mom?

Here's an interesting study out of the University of the Basque Country in Spain: They found that people develop sexist beliefs because of the sexism they learn from a parent. --But it's not dad, ranting about how women are too emotional, illogical, bad at driving, bad at math, and generally the weaker sex. No . . . it's because of your MOM ranting about all that. --The researchers found that children had their sexist beliefs passed along by their MOMS more than their DADS. Moms statistically spend more time with kids at impressionable ages than dads do, so their beliefs pass on more strongly. --And any mom who's a little self-loathing, or who butts heads with other women, or just generally talks negatively about other women can plant sexist thoughts against women in her kids' minds . . . without even realizing it. (The Frisky)
Here are Your Instructions for Carving a Pumpkin to Look Like the Death Star From "Star Wars":

Want to GUARANTEE that your pumpkin is NERDIER than any other pumpkin on the block? We've got you covered. --We found a website that gives you full instructions on how to carve your pumpkin to look like the DEATH STAR from "Star Wars". It's complicated . . . but no one said being a RAGING NERD was easy, right? --Just go to, or search for "Carving the Death Star." (--Here's a photo.)

A Politician in Florida is Trying to Get the State's Dwarf Tossing Ban Repealed . . . To Create Jobs?

Well here's a first. In Florida, a politician is trying to stimulate the job market by . . . allowing people to LEGALLY THROW DWARFS. --Ritch Workman is a Republican representative in the Florida state legislature. And he's submitted a bill to repeal Florida's ban on DWARF TOSSING. --Back in the '80s, apparently tossing little people for sport was HUGE in Florida bars. But for some reason people found that offensive, so in 1989, the legislature banned it. Now, 22 years later, Workman thinks it's time to bring dwarf tossing back. --He says the ban serves no purpose other than, quote, "preventing some dwarfs from getting jobs they would be happy to get . . . in this economy, why would we want to prevent people from getting gainful employment?" --Now . . . Workman DID make it clear that he's not doing this just because he really wants to see people throwing little people around. He calls dwarf tossing, quote, "repulsive and stupid." --But he doesn't believe it's the state's job to tell dwarfs whether or not they can be tossed. --Workman didn't actually CONSULT with dwarfs before filing the bill, though. In fact, the Little People of America organization says they LOVE the ban. --Quote, "[Dwarf tossing] brings out the worst element in some people, and it's focused on people who are the most vulnerable. The people who were thrown [before] were alcoholics with low self-esteem." (Palm Beach Post)

Employers Say That Job Seekers Should Call Within Two Weeks After Sending Their Resume:

A recent rule of thumb for job seekers is that you shouldn't call a company after sending a resume. If they're interested, they'll call you. --That's changed. Now, job seekers are expected to follow up with a phone call soon after sending a resume. --A temp agency called Accountemps surveyed hiring managers, and only one in 100 said that you should never call to follow up. The rest thought it was a good idea. --Just over two in five managers said that a reasonable amount of time to wait before calling is one to two weeks. Slightly less than two in five said that you should follow up even sooner than that. --Employers place a value on initiative and enthusiasm, and taking the extra step of calling to touch base after sending a resume demonstrates that. --If you're old-school and still feel uncomfortable about calling, a follow-up email works just as well. In the email, you should quickly run through the reasons why you'd be great for the job. --But even though persistence is a valuable trait, you shouldn't follow up more than twice. (PR Newswire)

Three Out of Four New Doctors Got Over 50 Job Solicitations in Med School . . . and Half Got Over 100:

If you're unemployed and can't find work . . . don't look for any sympathy from your doctor. --Apparently, there's no unemployment problem in the field of medicine. Over the last 20 years, the general population has grown and gotten increasingly older, while the number of doctors has remained steady. --That means there's a shortage of doctors . . . and new doctors have their choice of job offers right out of medical school. --According to a study by physician search firm Merritt Hawkins, three out of four new doctors receive at least 50 job solicitations while still in training. --That doesn't mean they've gotten that many job offers. It refers to calls, e-mails, or letters from recruiters trying to find a pool of candidates to fill a job opening. --Almost half of new doctors had more than 100 solicitations by the time they finished their school and training. --Even though they have a strong job market, more than one in four new doctors say if they could do it over again, they'd choose a different field. That's a 10% increase from the last survey, three years ago. --One in three doctors want a job in a hospital. Only one in 100 say they'd want to operate their own practice. (Sacramento Bee)

A Couple Has Set the Guinness World Record for Most Marriage Vow Renewals . . . At 99:

I'm glad I'm not friends with this couple. Because I'd literally go broke buying stemware and toaster ovens off their registry. --60-year-old Lauren and 58-year-old David Blair of Henderson, Tennessee are the Guinness World Record holders for . . . most MARRIAGE VOW RENEWALS. --They got married in 1984 and have renewed their vows 99 TIMES . . . that's an average of almost four a year. So if you count their actual wedding, they've now gotten married 100 times. --They try to renew in a different place each time . . . earlier this week, they hit 99 when they renewed at a Hard Rock Café in Honolulu. --You might think that any couple that renews their vows that many times is insecure . . . and we're thinking that's accurate. --Lauren says, quote, "We were both in long-term relationships in the past that didn't work out. We knew we were meant for each other and wanted to continually share that vow experience." (Huffington Post)

A Cell Phone Thief Accidentally Posted His Photo on the Victim's Facebook Page:

It's always good to see a thief get exposed because he didn't understand the technology he was stealing. And that's exactly what happened in Henry, Georgia. --A few weeks ago, a man broke into a woman's car and stole her purse. Her cell phone was inside, and the thief took a self-portrait with it. But he didn't realize it was linked to AUTOMATICALLY post photos onto the victim's FACEBOOK. --She showed the cops . . . so now they have a perfect headshot of the thief. They've publicized it and say they're confident SOMEONE will recognize him and turn him in. (Atlanta Journal Constitution) (--Here's the photo.)

A Man is Facing Battery Charges for Attacking His Wife . . . Because She Didn't Click "Like" on His Facebook Status:

How many lives must Facebook ruin? There's blood on your hands, Zuckerberg. --On Monday, 36-year-old Benito Apolinar of Carlsbad, New Mexico posted a Facebook status update about the anniversary of his mother's death. And his wife, Dolores . . . who he just separated from after 15 years . . . didn't click "Like." --That sent Benito into a RAGE. He told his wife he couldn't believe so many other people "Liked" his status and she didn't. They argued, it escalated, and he ended up grabbing and pulling her hair. --She called the cops and he was arrested. He's now facing battery charges. (Carlsbad Current-Argus)


Random News Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

Pumpkin Wars? There's a race on to be the first 'competitive grower' to create a one-ton pumpkin. The record is 1,810 pounds . . . a smart car weighs 1,600 pounds . . . and a ton is 2,000 pounds. One grower uses 80 sprinklers and 27,000 gallons a month to water his. (Full Story)

A 35-year-old in the Philippines got a bunch of plastic surgery to look like Superman, including a nose job, a chin augmentation, lip injections, and thigh implants. (Full Story)

This is how bad the economy sucks: Last month, thieves in a Pennsylvania town stole an entire 50-foot steel bridge to get the scrap metal. (Full Story)

A 32-year-old thief in Pennsylvania broke into a disabled woman's house and robbed her while she was in her wheelchair. When she started praying, he stopped, kneeled, prayed with her, didn't give back the money . . . and ran off. He was caught a short time later and arrested. (Full Story)


#1.) The Weird German Guy Who Hates Daddy Long Legs Also Hates the Phrase "Shooting Fish in a Barrel":

Remember the weird German guy who posted a video rant about how much he hates daddy long legs? Well, he's back. And he hates the phrase, "shooting fish in a barrel" just as much. --He says it's not really that easy to do, because it's 2011, and first you have to FIND a barrel. Then he makes a not-so-brilliant cake analogy near the end. (--Search for "Shooting the Fish in the Barrel, Why Is That?" The cake comment is at 1:41.)

#2.) Tom Cruise Got Into a Dance Off at a Wedding . . . and Did 'The Worm':

In case you missed it, TMZ has footage of TOM CRUISE in a DANCE OFF at a wedding in Palm Springs over the weekend. --It wasn't nearly as good as his Les Grossman dance with J.Lo at last year's MTV Music Awards. But it wasn't bad either. First he did 'the worm,' then a split. Then he let the other guy go. --In case you're wondering, the wedding was for David Ellison, the son of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison . . . who's the third richest man in America. David is also the executive producer on the new "Mission: Impossible" movie. (--Search for "Tom Cruise Wedding Dance Battle.")

#3.) A Little Girl Found Out She Was Going to Disneyland, and Got So Overwhelmed She Started Sobbing:

Some things never change . . . like how much little kids LOVE Disneyland. There's a new video on YouTube called "Lily's Disneyland Surprise", and the first two minutes aren't anything special. It's just a little girl getting a few early birthday presents. --But then her mom springs the BIG surprise on her, and tells her they're going to Disneyland THAT NIGHT. And the girl is so overcome with emotion . . . she breaks down and starts SOBBING. (--She finds out at 1:57, and starts crying at 2:06.)

#4.) A Cop at the Occupy Wall Street Protests Was Caught on Camera Saying, "My Little Nightstick's Gonna Get a Workout Tonight . . . Hopefully":

There's a lot of controversy over how the NYPD is handling the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. And this probably won't help their cause: --Way before things got out of hand on Wednesday night, a cop setting up barricades was caught on camera saying, quote, "My little nightstick's gonna get a workout tonight . . . hopefully." Then he smacked it against the ground for emphasis. (--Search for "My little nightstick's going to get a workout." He says it at :18.)

Three Online Dating Tips if You're Middle-Aged and Single:

Dating is even harder if you're middle aged . . . especially ONLINE dating. So here are three tips to help make sure your online dating profile paints you in the best light possible.

#1.) Choose a RECENT Photo. It sounds obvious, but a lot of people still use old pictures. It doesn't matter as much if you're 25 now, and 20 in the picture. --But aging becomes more noticeable as you get older. And if you're 45, you might look a lot different than when you were 40. The point is, you don't want the other person to be disappointed when you meet face-to-face. --So use a NEW photo, and follow these rules: Use one that shows you from the shoulders up, with a clear view of your face. And also upload at least one full-length photo that shows you doing something you enjoy, like cooking or walking your dog.

#2.) When You Describe Yourself, Don't Be Too Formal. Some people get way too poetic because they want to sound smart. But you're better off using your natural voice so it sounds like YOU. --The perfect description is relaxed, positive, and two or three paragraphs at the most. But "positive" is probably the most important one. Your online dating profile is not the place to complain about how bad your divorce was.

#3.) Be Clever with Your Headline. Don't be generic and say something like, "Looking for Love" or "Just Trying This Out." It's a waste of space. --Instead, use it to hint at what your personality is like. It could be a line from your favorite movie, or a few words that describe something you're passionate about. (

Here's What Your Drink Says About Your Personality:

The drink you order on a date supposedly reveals all kinds of stuff about your personality. So the website The Daily Meal came up with a list of drinks and what they say about you. Here you go . . .

--Martini. If you're a guy and you order a martini, you're trying to impress your date. If you're a girl drinking a DIRTY martini, you're a hot mess.

--Vodka on the Rocks. You're too self-conscious to actually order a martini.

--Bud Light. If you're a guy, you're laidback and probably most comfortable in a sports bar. If you're a girl, you know how to hang with the guys.

--Appletini or Cosmopolitan. You're using your drink as an accessory to your outfit.

--White Wine. You're definitely a woman, and possibly a little uptight.

--Whiskey, neat. You're hot . . . regardless of gender.

--Jager. You wish you were hanging out with your buddies instead of on a date.

--White Russian. You're a hipster who's obsessed with "The Big Lebowski".

--Old Fashioned. "Mad Men" is your favorite show and you either want to be Don Draper . . . or sleep with him.

--Vodka Gimlet. You're a nerd who's trying desperately to be cool.

--Margarita. It only works if you're actually at a Mexican restaurant. Otherwise you come off as dull, trying to live vicariously through your drink.

--Tequila Shots. You either want to get laid tonight, or forget this date ever happened.

--Long Island Iced Tea. You have a drinking problem. (The Daily Meal)


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