Friday, October 28, 2011


Nicole Richie Is Asking Ladies NOT To Slut It Up This Year:

Maybe having young children has had a profound effect on NICOLE RICHIE. Because on her Facebook page yesterday, she posted this .
--"Girls, can we all pledge that we will not dress slutty for this Halloween? The jig is up." (--In past years, Nicole Richie didn't need Halloween to dress slutty. But she's 30 years old and has two kids . . . 3-year-old Harlow and 2-year-old Sparrow. And her Halloweens have been pretty conservative over the last few years.) (--Last year she rocked two costumes. She was Gwyneth Paltrow's character Margot from "The Royal Tenenbaums" and Jessie the Cowgirl from the "Toy Story" movies. Here's her Jessie outfit.) (Perez Hilton)

Check Out Some Celebrity Halloween Costumes:

Some talk shows have already taped their Halloween episodes . . . and here's what they wore . . . --On "Fashion Police", JOAN RIVERS dressed up as Suri Cruise . . . the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. --Meanwhile, KELLY OSBOURNE was Jennifer Lopez, GIULIANA RANCIC was Victoria Beckham and GEORGE KOTSIOPOULOS was Marc Anthony. --RACHAEL RAY was Little Red Riding Hood for her show . . . and she was joined by JERRY SPRINGER as a Lady Gaga that managed to be even freakier than the real thing. --And the cast of "The Talk" did a "Wizard of Oz" theme. (--Check out the pics here.) (Source 1, Source 2, Source 3)

Okay, These Pictures PROVE Jessica Simpson is Pregnant:

Okay, I'm officially calling it: JESSICA SIMPSON is pregnant. (--Here's the proof.) (Radar Online) --An OB-GYN who is NOT treating Jessica says she looks about SIX MONTHS along. (--Still no official word from Jessica or her fiancé, ERIC JOHNSON.)

"Dancing With the Stars" Judge Carrie Ann Inaba Met Her Fiancé on eHarmony:

Even famous people use online dating services. Like "Dancing With the Stars" judge CARRIE ANN INABA, who met her fiancé . . . an accountant named Jesse Sloan . . . on eHarmony. --She says, quote, "I was dating all these younger guys, and [thought] I had to change it up." --And while she didn't post a photo with her questionnaire, she got pretty specific . . . quote, "I said 'You need to be sexy' [and] 'I love cats.' He was the one they sent me, and it just felt familiar. [Looking at] his picture, I felt like I already knew him."

Is Frances Bean Cobain Engaged?

FRANCES BEAN COBAIN . . . the 19-year-old daughter of COURTNEY LOVE and KURT COBAIN . . . is reportedly engaged. Her fiancé is Isaiah Silva . . . who's in a band you've never heard of called THE RAMBLES. --Frances and Isaiah both reportedly changed their Facebook statuses to "engaged" a few weeks ago . . . but have since changed them back. (--Some people are calling Isaiah Silva a "Kurt Cobain look-alike" . . . but I think that's a TOTAL STRETCH. Here's what cannot be argued, however: This dude is HOT. Check out a picture of him with Frances here.) (People)

AnnaLynne McCord Says She Was a Victim of Childhood Abuse:

"90210" actress ANNALYNNE MCCORD has revealed that she was a victim of childhood abuse. But she didn't elaborate. --AnnaLynne was speaking about her work with the Somaly Mam Foundation, which fights human trafficking and sexual slavery around the world. --She said, quote, "I'm a victim of abuse. We have a connection to these girls. The innocence of my mind was stolen as a child. --"I'm not sorry, because I wouldn't speak with the fervor that I speak with about these girls had I not known what it feels like."

Justin Bieber Was Pulled Over for Cutting Off a Motorcycle Cop in His Batman-Themed Cadillac:

JUSTIN BIEBER got pulled over in Los Angeles the other day for accidentally cutting off a motorcycle cop in his Batman-themed Cadillac. He got off with just a warning. --But you have to see this car. It's got Batman symbols on the front and back, as well as the word "Batmobile" on the trunk. It also has a custom "JB" logo on the side. (--Check out some pics here.) (TMZ)
Marilyn Manson Beat Out Casey Anthony to Be Named the Creepiest Celebrity:

Several years after anyone I know was creeped out by him, MARILYN MANSON has been voted the Creepiest Celebrity. --1,100 people were surveyed, and asked to rank various celebrities' creepiness on a scale of 1 to 100. Here are the Top 10, along with their percentage of creepiness:

#1.) Marilyn Manson, 69%

#2.) Casey Anthony, 57%

#3.) O.J. Simpson, 56%

#4.) Spencer Pratt, 49%

#5.) "Octomom" Nadya Suleman, 41%

#6.) (tie) Charlie Sheen and Eliot Spitzer, 34%

#8.) (tie) Woody Allen and Tim Burton, 31%

#10.) Jesse James, 30%

Showbiz Photo of the Day: Check Out the Look on Elton John's Kid's Face:

ELTON JOHN and DAVID FURNISH hit the streets of New York City yesterday with their son Zachary . . . and the paparazzi caught him with one of those priceless expressions kids sometimes make. (--Check it out here.) (D-Listed) (--The kid looks nervous. I don't know why . . . he's already a freakin' multi-millionaire.) (--Elton and David have never revealed which one of them is Zachary's biological father. He was conceived via a surrogate mother who Fed-Exes BREAST MILK to them.) (--But I think it's obvious from this picture that Elton . . . You ARE the father!)

Michael Lohan Was Arrested Again Yesterday . . . This Time for Calling Kate Major:

MICHAEL LOHAN was arrested YET AGAIN yesterday. This time, it was because he tried to call ex-girlfriend KATE MAJOR . . . the one he allegedly beat up earlier this week. --Kate already had a restraining order against Michael . . . and it was extended after that latest incident. --And here's the kicker: When police showed up at Michael's motel to arrest him, he tried to jump from his third-story balcony to get away. It didn't go as planned. Michael hurt his foot during the jump, and it might be broken. --Here's the police description of what happened . . . quote, "The def apparently leaped up from his balcony and grabbed a hold of the roof. He then must have scurried across the roof (about 30 feet) until he thought he was hanging over top of the next balcony. The def then let go but missed this balcony. --"He came crashing down on top of wooden high chairs that were laying on the ground. This fall was 34 feet (measured with laser). The def then hid in some trees directly below where he was apprehended." --Police say Michael was under the influence of alcohol and drugs. (--Here's video of Michael being hauled back into custody. Michael claims Kate BAITED him into calling her by calling him first and saying she needed help because she was going to be evicted from her apartment.) (--And here's video of Michael doing some really bad Karaoke in a bar several hours before this all went down.)


Justin Timberlake's Sci-Fi Thriller is Up Against "Puss in Boots" This Weekend:

#1.) "In Time" (PG-13) (Trailer)

A sci-fi thriller set in a future where the aging gene has been turned off: People stop aging when they turn 25. But to control overpopulation, they're only engineered to live until they're 26 . . . unless they're rich enough to purchase more time. Justin Timberlake is accused of murdering a stranger who added over 100 years to his clock . . . and Amanda Seyfried plays a girl he takes hostage when he tries to bring down the entire system.

#2.) "Puss in Boots" (PG) (Final Trailer) (Official Trailer)

Antonio Banderas returns as Puss in Boots, who's on a quest to keep the murderous outlaws Jack and Jill from getting their hands on the goose that lays the golden eggs. --Salma Hayek is a master thief named Kitty Softpaws, Billy Bob Thornton and Amy Sedaris are Jack and Jill, and Zach Galifianakis plays Humpty Dumpty.

#3.) "Anonymous" (PG-13) (Trailer)

For centuries, scholars have debated whether Shakespeare actually wrote the plays credited to him. One possible alternative is the Earl of Oxford . . . who was banished from court after an illicit affair with the queen's chambermaid. -Rhys Ifans plays Oxford, Vanessa Redgrave plays Queen Elizabeth, and "Shaun of the Dead's" Rafe Spall plays Shakespeare. You know Rhys Ifans as Luna Lovegood's dad in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I".

#4.) "The Rum Diary" (R) (Limited) (Trailer)

Johnny Depp takes a job writing for a newspaper in Puerto Rico, where he indulges in frequent rum-filled binges and obsesses after the incredibly sexy Amber Heard. Aaron Eckhart plays her fiancé, a shady businessman who Johnny decides to expose. --It's based on a novel by Hunter S. Thompson, who wrote "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". (--He and Johnny became friends during the "Fear and Loathing" movie. When Hunter killed himself in 2005, Johnny fired his ashes out of a giant cannon.)

Here's Your First Official Picture of the New "Three Stooges":

Here's the first official picture of the new "Three Stooges". (--Check it out.) (Coming Soon) --That's WILL SASSO from "Mad TV" as Curly, SEAN HAYES from "Will and Grace" as Larry . . . and some guy you've never heard of named CHRIS DIAMANTOPOULOS as Moe. (--He played Rob Weiss on 12 episodes of "24" last year, if that helps.) --The movie, directed by the Farrelly Brothers, comes out April 4th. It also includes appearances by Jane Lynch, Larry David, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Hudson and the idiots from the "Jersey Shore".

Two "Independence Day" Sequels Are in the Works:

Fox is planning two sequels to the 1996 alien invasion blockbuster "Independence Day". It's not clear yet whether star WILL SMITH will be back. --Negotiations are underway, but Will reportedly came in with an asking price of $50 million to shoot both movies back-to-back . . . and that's more than Fox wants to pay. (--"Independence Day" had a huge ensemble cast, but it's not clear if anyone else . . . like Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, Judd Hirsch or Vivica Fox . . . are coming back.)
Check Out the Trailer for "The Lorax":

The trailer for "The Lorax" hit the web yesterday. (--You can check it out here.) --As you probably already knew, it's based on the DR. SEUSS book of the same name. It features the voices of Danny DeVito, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, Ed Helms and Betty White.

The "Harry Potter" Movies Will Start to Disappear from Store Shelves Next Year . . . But They Won't Be Gone For Long:

On December 29th, Warner Brothers is going to stop shipping the "Harry Potter" movies to stores. An exec says consumers can expect product to start getting hard to find sometime between April and July. --But they won't be gone too long. He adds, quote, "There is discussion internally about aggregating assets from all of these films over the last decade and adding some new things. --"We've never done an Ultimate Edition on the final two films . . . and doing some grand kind of piece. It could be the end of 2012 or the beginning of '13." (--The complete collection of all eight movies hits DVD and Blu-ray on November 11th. Amazon has the DVD edition for $60 and the Blu-ray for 98 bucks. Given what's going to happen on the 29th, you might want to pick it up before too long.)

Charlie Sheen's "Anger Management" Sitcom Will Air on FX:

Well, it's official: CHARLIE SHEEN will return to TV next year. His new sitcom, "Anger Management" has been picked up by cable's FX network. They've ordered 10 episodes, which will air next summer. --The details of the deal were revealed last night. Here's what you need to know: --"Anger Management" is loosely based on the ADAM SANDLER / JACK NICHOLSON movie of the same name that came out in 2003. Charlie's character will be sort of like Nicholson's character. --According to the press release, his character is, quote, "an anger management therapist, who may need more counseling than his patients, and wreaks havoc on the lives of his patients through his unconventional methods." --The "Hollywood Reporter" says that "at least three cable networks bid" on the show. It's unclear if there was any interest from the broadcast networks, but Charlie may have wanted to go to cable so he could have more control. --That's what he got. The press release says Charlie will, quote, "retain a significant ownership stake in the series" . . . meaning he could make BANK if it's successful. It's unclear if he'll also get a traditional salary like he did on "Two and a Half Men". --So why was FX so interested in "Anger Management"? --Well, check this out: FX owns the syndication rights to "Two and a Half Men". In other words, they will be able to pair "Anger Management" with re-runs of "Two and a Half Men" . . . including the ones with ASHTON KUTCHER. (--So FX is in a sweet spot. After all the dust settled in this Charlie Sheen fiasco, CBS and "Two and a Half Men" are without Charlie . . . and Charlie is without "Two and a Half Men" . . . but FX, they have it ALL.) (--Of course by next summer, America may not want ANY OF IT.) (--One more note: The deal is what entertainment industry types call a "10-90." That means: If the first 10 episodes are successful, the network will immediately order 90 more.) (--Yeah, 90 . . . or 100 total. That's a lot. Let's put that in context: HBO's "Entourage", which ended its run last month, only made 96 episodes . . . and it ran for a little over seven years.) (--Charlie hasn't said much about the deal. Although last night he Tweeted, quote, "#AngerManagement Summer 2012 . . . FX here we come!!")

This is Awesome: Kim Kardashian Tricked People Into Voting for Her Brother on "Dancing with the Stars", By Making People Think They Were Calling Justin Bieber:

Say what you want about KIM KARDASHIAN, but she pulled an awesome prank on her Twitter followers earlier this week. --Kim was trying to get people to vote for her brother ROB KARDASHIAN after his performance on "Dancing with the Stars", and this is how she did it: --She Tweeted, quote, "OMG I have @JustinBieber's phone #!!!! 1-800-868-3402! CALL HIM! He's taking calls for the next hour!!!!" But that wasn't Justin's number, it was the number to vote for Rob. --She later cleared it up by Tweeting quote, "OK guys . . . obviously I'm joking, that's not Justin's #! But seriously call & vote for @RobKardashian & @CherylBurke 1-800 868-3402!!! Xoxo." --Now, if you were paying attention to Kim's Tweets, you wouldn't have been fooled. This was the fourth straight Tweet that had that number . . . and in the others she said that it was the number to vote. --Also, it's a 1-800 number, which . . . you know . . . probably wouldn't have fooled anyone who took a moment to think about it. But then again, there were probably a few teenage girls that did NOT spare that moment. claims the other dancers were NOT amused. A so-called "insider" says, quote, "It is totally unfair that Kim did that. The other celebrities on the show don't send out fake information to trick people into voting.--"Some of the contestants think that Rob should be disqualified for having his family cheat like that for him." --Justin has been too busy hyping his Christmas album to comment on this. (--There's no way to know how much this helped Rob . . . if at all . . . but you really have to give Kim some props for this. It's a victimless crime! Just some fun airhead on airhead trickery.) (--By the way, CHAZ BONO was not a victim here. It was his time to go. The DREAM WILL GO ON somewhere down the line . . . in a forum that can truly appreciate his grace, elegance and overall sexiness.)

Friday TV Reminders:

--"World Series: Game 7" . . . 8:00 to 11:00 P.M. Eastern on Fox. The Cardinals tied it up last night, so they'll host the Rangers for the final game in St. Louis tonight.

--"Chuck" [5th Season Premiere] . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on NBC. Morgan adapts to his new skills as an intersect. Plus Mark Hamill guests as a wealthy thief and Craig Kilborn plays an investor in Chuck's new spy-for-hire-business.

--"Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns" [5th Season Premiere] . . . 8:00 to 8:30 P.M. on TBS.

--"Grimm" [Series Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on NBC. David Giuntoli plays a homicide detective who learns that, as a descendant of the Brothers Grimm, he's responsible for keeping the balance between humanity and supernatural monsters.

--"Gold Rush: Alaska" [2nd Season Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Discovery.

--"Flying Wild Alaska" [2nd Season Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on Discovery.

--"Brides of Beverly Hills" [Series Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on TLC. Brides search for a wedding gowns at an A-list bridal salon in Beverly Hills.

--"Twisted" [3rd Season Finale] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on ID.

Saturday TV Reminders:

--"Grand Ole Opry Live" . . . 7:00 to 9:00 P.M. on GAC. Charlie Daniels Band, The Grascals, Gretchen Wilson and Clint Black perform.

--"From the Sky Down" . . . 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Showtime. U2 looks back on the recording and release of their 1991 album "Achtung Baby".

--"America's Most Wanted: 50 Fugitives 50 States" . . . 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Fox. John Walsh profiles fifty fugitives, one from each of the fifty states.

--"Possessing Piper Rose" . . . 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Lifetime. Rebecca Romijn and David Cubitt adopt a little girl and then start getting threats from her dead birth mother. You know Cubitt as Detective Scanlon on "Medium". (Trailer)

--"Austin City Limits" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on PBS. The Steve Miller Band and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band perform.

--"Celebrity Ghost Stories" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Bio. Alan Thicke, Fairuza Balk, Kevin Pollak and Laila Ali share their ghostly encounters.

--"Zombie Apocalypse" . . . 9:00 to 11:00 P.M. on Syfy. Ving Rhames, Taryn Manning and Lesley-Ann Brandt star as a small band of survivors seeking refuge on Catalina Island after a zombie plague takes out most of the American population.

--"Puppies vs. Babies" [1st Season Finale] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on Animal Planet.

--"Saturday Night Live" . . . 11:30 P.M. to 1:00 A.M. on NBC. Ben Stiller guest hosts and Foster the People is the musical guest. (REPEAT)

Sunday TV Reminders:

--"Sunday Night Football" . . . 8:15 to 11:15 P.M. Eastern on NBC. The Philadelphia Eagles host the Dallas Cowboys at Lincoln Financial Field.

--"Majors & Minors" . . . 7:00 to 8:00 P.M. on HUB. Avril Lavigne performs.

--"Once Upon A Time" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on ABC. "True Blood's" Kristin Bauer guest stars as Maleficent, the wicked fairy from the "Sleeping Beauty" story.

--"The Simpsons" . . . 8:00 to 8:30 P.M. on Fox. The 22nd "Treehouse of Horror" spoofs include "Dexter", "Avatar" and "127 Hours". Aron Ralston voices himself.

--"Allen Gregory" [Series Premiere] . . . 8:30 to 9:00 P.M. on Fox. The latest addition to Fox's animated lineup stars Jonah Hill as the voice of a snooty 7-year-old who's forced into public school by his family's financial troubles. He's also the show's creator.

--"Family Guy" . . . 9:00 to 9:30 P.M. on Fox. Kaitlin Olson from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" guest stars as the voice of Quagmire's sister.

--"Desperate Housewives" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on ABC. Gaby, Bree and Lynette are forced to dig up Alejandro's body and relocate it.

--"The Good Wife" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on CBS. Parker Posey guests as Eli's ex-wife who approaches him about vetting her for a possible political campaign.

--"Day Jobs" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on GAC. Darryl Worley, David Nail and Aaron Tippin are reunited with their pre-fame jobs.

--"The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs" [4th Season Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:30 P.M. on Food Network.

--"On the Case with Paula Zahn" [5th Season Premiere]. . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on ID.

Steven Tyler Says He Did *Not* Relapse:

STEVEN TYLER called MATT LAUER on the "Today" show from Buenos Aires yesterday morning . . . to say that his shower fall was NOT caused by a relapse. --Steven said that he got food poisoning . . . suffered from, quote, "Montezuma's revenge" . . . and was dehydrated. He says, quote, "I was in the shower and I got nauseous and I started to get sick and I just fell on my face . . . --"I just passed out and woke up with the water on." --But Steven understands that some people might THINK he relapsed. --He explained, quote, "Being in the program that I'm in, it's something we have to accept. People thinking that is natural and normal . . . it still bothers me a little, but it's something I have to deal with for the rest of my life. --"We flew last night from Paraguay after that incident and we're in Argentina for two hours. And anyone who knows anyone who uses substances . . . they wouldn't be up at this hour having a talk with Matt Lauer and the rest of America." --Steven finished the interview saying, "You can't handle the TOOTH!" (???) AEROSMITH did perform on Wednesday night, a day after the fall. Steven was sporting a black eye. (--Here's video of him performing with a black eye.) (--There's video of the interview on the "Today" show website. They repeatedly show a ROUGH picture of Steven after the fall. He has a cut above his right eye, a bruise beneath it. He's also got a busted lip, and is missing a tooth.) (--Steven really does look terrible. If you didn't know what he'd been through, it'd be almost more believable to assume that Steven was just dressed up for Halloween . . . as AMY WINEHOUSE'S corpse. It would be convincing.)

Paul Stanley of Kiss Is Recovering from Vocal Cord Surgery:

JOHN MAYER isn't the only singer recovering from vocal chord surgery . . . PAUL STANLEY of KISS is, too. --Paul says that he had to deal with, quote, "recurring vocal chord issues." --He adds that it wasn't anything TOO serious . . . quote, "I hold myself to a higher standard than others do. With that in mind, I wanted to remedy a few minor issues that come with 40 years of preaching rock n' roll." --Paul is expected to make a "swift and complete recovery."

Check Out Coldplay Performing Rihanna's New Song "We Found Love":

The guys in COLDPLAY dig RIHANNA. --She's on the song "Princess of China" off their new album, and now they're performing a "stripped down" version of her new single "We Found Love". (--That's the song that had Rihanna running topless through an Irish farm.) --Coldplay performed the cover on BBC Radio. (--You can find it on YouTube.)

One of the Videos for R.E.M.'s Last Song Stars Kirsten Dunst:

R.E.M. has released two videos for their final song "We All Go Back to Where We Belong". One of them stars a performance artist named John Giorno, and the other stars KIRSTEN DUNST. (--OK. R.E.M. has officially stopped caring.) --The videos are simple: They're both three-minute, static back-and-white shots of the actors making facial expressions . . . ending in a smile. (--Both of them are available on YouTube. Here's the John Giorno video, and here's the Kirsten Dunst version. John is the hardest to watch. There's just too little expression on his face for most of the song. It's a full minute before his mouth moves, and another 30 seconds before he cracks his first smile.)

Carrie Underwood Was Named the "Hottest Celebrity Blonde for 2011":

No list ever gets it totally right . . . but I'm down with the top four selections on this one. A website named New York Blondes picked the "100 Hottest Celebrity Blondes for 2011" . . . and CARRIE UNDERWOOD came in first. --According to the site, the list features the "best known women in the world and (is) made up of actresses, singers, athletes, TV hosts, models, socialites and reality TV stars." --Here's how they describe Carrie, quote, "Beautiful and wholesome, Carrie Underwood is the All-American girl and our pick for Hottest Blonde of 2011." --As I said, I like four of the top five finishers. You can't argue with CHARLIZE THERON at #2. (--Especially when she's wet and naked.) --And BROOKLYN DECKER at #3 is an awesome selection too. (--Enjoy photos of Brooklyn wearing pantyhose, and not much else.) --And I'm totally cool with HEIDI KLUM coming in 4th. (--Remember her frolicking topless on the beach?) But it all falls apart with PARIS HILTON in 5th place. Come on, I wouldn't even put her in the Top 100. --Sadly, there were only three other country singers on the list. TAYLOR SWIFT was at #15 . . . FAITH HILL was at #21 . . . and LEANN RIMES at #79. I expect MIRANDA LAMBERT to eventually make this list. She's famous to us . . . but probably not enough for these people.(--You can check out the ENTIRE list on their website, here. Click on the name and you'll get a photo, plus a brief bio.)

Showbiz Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

Here's what happened yesterday in DR. CONRAD MURRAY'S manslaughter trial. (Full Story)

There's a real-life "Slumdog Millionaire". A government clerk named Sushil Kumar has become the first person to win the $1 million grand prize on India's version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" (Full Story)

ROB MCELHENNEY and KAITLIN OLSON from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" are expecting their second child this spring. They're married in real life. (Full Story)

Is RACHEL UCHITEL pregnant? "Life & Style" magazine claims that she found out when she and her new husband tried out for "The Amazing Race". During her physical, her blood test showed she was knocked up. (Full Story)

KATE MIDDLETON has a scar on her left temple. Her rep says it's from a childhood operation . . . but won't say what the surgery was for. (Daily Mail)

MARIE OSMOND was hospitalized in Las Vegas Wednesday night due to vocal and respiratory concerns. But it appears that she's fine. (Full Story)

Comedian ORLANDO JONES has apologized for Tweeting that liberals should kill SARAH PALIN. (Full Story)

Check out some pictures of LEONARDO DICAPRIO as an old J. Edgar Hoover in "J. Edgar". (Photos)

SEAN PENN will direct ROBERT DE NIRO as an over-the-hill comic in "The Comedian". KRISTEN WIIG also stars. (Full Story)

St. Louis Cardinals manager TONY LA RUSSA finally got around to seeing "Moneyball". He didn't like it. He says they got a lot of the facts wrong. (Full Story)

Tonya Cooley from "The Real World / Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins" has sued MTV . . . claiming that male cast members "raped her with a toothbrush" while she was passed out. She says the producers knew about it . . . and they were even FILMING at the time. She's seeking unspecified damages. (Full Story)

This year's "VH1 Divas" will feature Mary J. Blige, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Jill Scott, Florence and the Machine and Jessie J. (Full Story)

KALEY CUOCO from "The Big Bang Theory" will host the "People's Choice Awards" in January. (Full Story)


If You Want to Pick Someone Up on Halloween, Go With a Sexy or Funny Costume . . . Not a Scary One:

If you're single, Halloween is a GOLD MINE for meeting people. Costumes just make EVERYTHING easier. --The people at the social dating site just released the results of their survey on Halloween and pick-ups . . . here's what they found, and the advice you should follow . . .

--Men most prefer women in SEXY costumes. 71% of men said that's their favorite.

--Women most prefer men in FUNNY costumes, although it's not as overwhelming. 51% said funny is the best.

--Only 5% of men and 12% of women say they'd be attracted to someone in a SCARY costume.

--Group costumes with your friends aren't the way to go if you're looking to hook-up. 47% of both men and women say they would be reluctant to approach someone in a group costume, mostly because they seem "taken."

--44% of men and 42% of women say they'd be willing to go out on a date on Halloween night. (Toronto Sun)

Half of Parents Admit to Stealing From Their Kids' Halloween Candy:

Are you willing to potentially violate your child's trust forever over two bite-size Milky Way bars? Half of parents in this country say . . . ABSOLUTELY. --In a new survey by LivingSocial, 50% of parents admit that, yeah, they sometimes steal from their kids' Halloween candy. -The survey also found that . . .

--Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are the candy they're most likely to steal. Those are followed by Snickers, M&Ms, Kit Kats, Twix, Milky Way, Butterfingers, candy corn, Three Musketeers, and Skittles.

--65% of parents are STILL worried about the urban legend where people put razor blades and hypodermic needles in their kids' candy . . . and they check their kids' stash to make sure it hasn't been tampered with.

--27% of parents admit they TP'd someone's house when they were younger.

--78% of parents say they go trick-or-treating as a family, and 71% carve pumpkins as a family.

--Only 5% say they don't celebrate Halloween. (PR Newswire)

Most Dentists Give Out Candy for Halloween . . . and They Prefer to Give Out Chocolate:

Delta Dental asked dentists the questions we've all wondered at some point: What do they give trick-or-treaters on Halloween? --It turns out, three out of five dentists get into the Halloween spirit and give out candy. 40% defend their decision by saying it's only once a year, and you should teach your kids good habits the rest of the year. --One in four dentists don't give out any treats for Halloween, but that's probably better than the lame treats some of them DO give out. Check this out . . . --One in 12 dentists give out toys and trinkets . . . one in 20 hand out toothbrushes . . . and one in 50 give fruit. --For the dentists that do choose to give out candy, chocolate was the overwhelming favorite. Four out of five candy-giving dentists choose chocolate, because it dissolves in your mouth instead of sticking to teeth. --One in three dentists give out sweet candy, like Skittles . . . they could choose more than one candy, so the percentages are way more than 100%. --Then there are the dentists clearly looking to drum up business by ripping out a filling. 17% give caramel, 13% give chewy candy like Laffy Taffy, and 7% give gum. (DentistryIQ)


The Scariest Jobs in America are Bomb Squad Technician and High-Rise Window Washer:

For Halloween, Harris Interactive and CareerBuilder did a survey of what Americans think are the scariest jobs. --And it turns out, we're NOT afraid of death-related horror-movie jobs like mortician, which finished seventh . . . and cemetery worker, which was tenth. --People are most afraid of the jobs that have the potential to actually KILL them. Bomb squad technician finished first, followed by high-rise window washer. --Service in the armed forces finished third, followed by miner and police officer. --Finishing surprisingly low were Alaskan crab fishermen, which finished sixth despite "Deadliest Catch" . . . and firefighter, which only finished eighth --As for their own job, people are most afraid of pay cuts, heavy workloads, and presenting in front of other people. -That fear of public speaking is also why high-school teacher was the ninth most-feared job, and comedian was twelfth. (PR Newswire)

There are Seven Billion People in the World . . . What Number are You?

In the next few weeks, the world's population is going to hit SEVEN BILLION. That means it's doubled in the last 50 years. And now it's time to see where YOU fit in. --The BBC put together a website where you enter your birthdate and it tells you approximately where you fit in to the world's population.--For example, someone who was born on January 1st, 1982 is the four billionth, 572 millionth, 566 thousandth, 117th person. Check it out at (BBC)

57% of Men and 71% of Women Say Smoking is "Very Uncool":

Man, the people who used to smoke to look cool are going to roll over in their grave when they hear this.

--According to a new survey by Yahoo, the perception of smoking has done a full 180 in the past 40 or 50 years.

--Across all age groups, 57% of men and 71% of women say that smoking is, quote, "VERY UNCOOL."

--61% of people under 34 say they've NEVER smoked.

--58% of women and 49% of men say they would NOT date a smoker.

--As for the smokers surveyed . . .

--Only 28% admit they're addicted.

--72% say, quote, "I choose when I smoke and can go without at any time."


"Travel and Leisure" Released a Ranking of American Cities on Everything From Attractiveness to Hamburgers:

"Travel and Leisure" just put out their annual list of America's Favorite Cities, where readers rank 35 major U.S. cities on a ton of categories. Here are a few of the results.

--Most Attractive People: San Juan, Puerto Rico. If that doesn't really work for you, the top five actually in the U.S. were: San Diego, Miami, L.A., Denver, and Honolulu. Least Attractive: Anchorage, Alaska. Baltimore, Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Washington, D.C. round out the bottom five. (Full list)

--Best Drivers: Portland, Maine came in first, followed by Kansas City, Missouri, Savannah, Georgia, San Diego, and Santa Fe. Worst Drivers: Miami came in last, ahead of Atlanta, New York, Boston, and Washington, D.C. (Full list)

--Strangest People: New Orleans is first, ahead of Santa Fe, Austin, Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco. Least Strange People: Dallas/Fort Worth is least strange, ahead of Atlanta, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and Washington, D.C. (Full list)

--Best Nightlife: New Orleans beat out Las Vegas, New York City, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Chicago. Worst Nightlife: Salt Lake City finished just below Anchorage, Dallas/Fort Worth, Orlando, and Phoenix. (Full list)

--Best Culture: Philadelphia came in first, ahead of New York City, Washington, D.C., Boston, and Chicago. Worst Culture: Orlando finished last, just below Anchorage, Miami, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Phoenix. (Full list)

--Best Hamburgers: Providence, Rhode Island finished first, ahead of Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Worst Hamburgers: Anchorage came in last, below Miami, Honolulu, Atlanta, and Dallas/Fort Worth. (Full list)

(Travel + Leisure) (--You can see the results for a ton of other categories here.)

Our Top Concern About Winter Vacations is Not Getting a Tan? Here's the Full Top Ten:

This is when people really start planning their winter vacations, so a survey asked them about their biggest concerns. And for what it's worth, strangely, neither CRIME nor TERRORISM made the list . . .

#1.) Not getting a tan, 57%

#2.) Losing their passport, 55%

#3.) Losing luggage, 51%

#4.) Missing a flight, 48%

#5.) Unsatisfactory accommodations, 46%

#6.) Bad weather, 42%

#7.) Running out of money, 37%

#8.) Not liking the resort, 28%

#9.) Getting sick, 21%

#10.) Getting sunburned, 16%

Steve Jobs Hated License Plates . . . So This was His Expensive Solution to Avoid Putting Them on His Mercedes:

Now that the STEVE JOBS biography is out, we're hearing more and more anecdotes about how ECCENTRIC he was. We thought this was a really good one . . . one of the signs you've become rich enough to feed your craziest urges. --Apparently, Jobs hated license plates. He thought they violated his privacy. But he also wanted to drive his silver Mercedes SL55 AMG. So he came up with a solution. --Under California law, drivers have six months to get license plates after they take possession of a new car. Jobs knew that. --SO . . . he worked out a deal with a leasing company where he would drive a Mercedes for JUST under six months . . . and then he'd return it and swap it out for a new one. --You can imagine how much that cost . . . but, ya know, when you're an eccentric billionaire, you're an eccentric billionaire, and cost is no issue, right? (--So you know, a Mercedes SL55 AMG retails for somewhere between $100,000 and $200,000, depending on the options you want.) (Yahoo Autos)


A Sex Offender is Arrested for Kissing and Fondling a Cardboard Cutout of a Woman at a Rite Aid:

57-year-old Charlie Price of Pittsfield, Massachusetts is a convicted sex offender. And clearly, he's not REFORMED and ready to be part of society yet. --On Saturday, around 5:00 P.M., Price went into a Rite Aid in Pittsfield. He seemed drunk, and walked up to a sunglasses display that featured a life-size cardboard cutout of a woman. --Price hugged the cutout, then started LICKING and KISSING its face. He also apparently fondled the cutout . . . even though it's only two-dimensional. --After about a minute, the cops arrived, and Price was arrested for disturbing the peace. --Price is a high-risk sex offender. In 1991 he was arrested for sexual contact with a child under 14 . . . and last year he was convicted of gross lewdness and lascivious behavior as well. (Berkshire Eagle)

A Man is Embarrassed About Drunkenly Passing Out and Hitting His Head on a Sink . . . So He Reports a Fake Robbery:

A few weeks ago, 23-year-old Reid Hilinski of North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania was out drinking at the bar at a motel called the Conley Inn. --He got drunk, went to the bathroom, ended up PASSING OUT . . . and hit his head on the sink on the way down. --The bartender found him there and he was embarrassed. So he panicked . . . and said two guys from the bar had beaten him up and robbed him. He actually described two guys who he'd seen at the bar that night. --The cops went and arrested them. They are 24-year-old Daniel Callahan of Bedford, Ohio and 24-year-old Charles Timbs of Cleveland, Ohio. --Eventually, the cops sorted things out and figured out Reid had LIED. He's facing two misdemeanor counts of false reporting. --But here's the REAL kick-in-the-nads to Daniel and Charles. Because Reid fingered them for the crime, the cops arrested them . . . and found out both of them were WANTED in Ohio for undisclosed crimes. --So now, even though they never touched Reid, both of them have been in jail ever since . . . and are getting extradited back to Ohio to face their charges. (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

A Woman is in Jail for Repeatedly Stabbing Her Boyfriend . . . Over a Game of Monopoly:

How many more families is Monopoly going to DESTROY? Parker Brothers has blood on their hands. --On Wednesday, 60-year-old Laura Chavez of Santa Fe, New Mexico and her 48-year-old boyfriend, Clyde Smith, were playing Monopoly. Laura's 10-year-old grandson was also playing. --Well, according to the grandson, Laura thought Clyde was CHEATING. He didn't elaborate on how Clyde was cheating. --But it ENRAGED Laura. She ended up hitting Clyde over the head with a glass bottle . . . then picked up a KITCHEN KNIFE and started STABBING HIM over and over. --When the cops got there, Clyde was bleeding heavily. He was rushed to the hospital, where he's in stable condition,-Laura was arrested and taken directly to jail . . . without passing GO or collecting $200 . . . and charged with aggravated battery on a household member with a deadly weapon and battery on a law enforcement officer. (The Smoking Gun)


Stupid News Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

One out of two pets will wear a costume this Halloween. (Full Story)

A couple in Massachusetts got lost in an apple orchard, and had to call 911. (Full Story)

Photo of the Day . . . a Swedish Elk Threesome. (Full Story)

Website of the Day Part One . . . 'Funny Tombstones.' Check out 25 amusing tombstones, including "I told you I was sick" . . . a guy with a picture of Yoda above his name . . . and a giant flip-phone. (Website)

Website of the Day Part Two . . . 'Watched by Steve.' The cover of the new STEVE JOBS biography features a pretty stern headshot of Jobs in his trademark turtleneck and round glasses . . . and it looks like he's WATCHING you. People noticed, and have been submitting photos where the Jobs cover is hiding in random places. (Website)

Check out the top ten travel destinations for Thanksgiving. New York is number one, and Chicago, Orlando, Denver, and L.A. round out the top five. (Full Story)

This is just nasty, and I hope they catch this dude: A guy is trying to pleasure himself in every Starbucks bathroom in New York City. He even has a Twitter account, and has been checking in when he does the deed. (Full Story)

A student who's legally a midget at 4'9" walked on to the Rice University football team. (Full Story)


#1.) Halloween Is Just Three Days Away . . . Time to Watch Pumpkins Being Smashed in Slow Motion:

If you're planning to go around smashing jack-o-lanterns on Monday, maybe this will help get that anti-social pumpkin hatred out of your system. Someone smashed a bunch of them, and filmed it in super slow-motion. --And here's a bonus: The YouTube video also shows each one in reverse. (--Search for "Smashing Pumpkins in Slow Motion.")

#2.) A Woman Lead Police on a High-Speed Chase in Ohio . . . Then Got Out of the Car Wearing Just a G-String and Sneakers:

A 28-year-old woman outside Cleveland was arrested after leading police on a high-speed chase that reached 128 miles an hour. Then after they laid down tire spikes to stop her, she got out of the car . . . wearing nothing but a G-string and sneakers. --This all happened back on October 11th, but police in Bainbridge, Ohio just released the dash cam video after she appeared in court this week. --Erin Holdsworth was charged with DUI, failure to comply, reckless operation of a vehicle, and several other charges. --The censored video shows her get out of the car and put her hands up. Then there's more footage of her flipping out in the back of the squad car. --Local Police Chief Jon Bokovitz told reporters, quote, "In 26 years [as] a police officer, I don't ever recall having a subject in such a state of undress [while] driving." (--Search for "High-Speed G-String Chase Ohio." She gets out at :33.)
#3.) Snooki Got Regis Philbin to Take His Shirt Off on Live TV:

SNOOKI was on "Regis and Kelly" yesterday promoting her new book, "Confessions of a Guidette". And while she was trying to "Snookify" Regis . . . who's 80 . . . she got him to take his SHIRT off. --It actually didn't really take much prodding. She gave him a tie as a present, then told him he had to wear it without a shirt. So he stood up, started unbuttoning, and 30 seconds later . . . he was bare-chested. (--Search for "Here's Regis Philbin's Hot, Sexy Body." He takes it off at 1:20.)

#4.) A Dust Storm Hit an Outdoor Wedding in Arizona . . . but They Went on with the Ceremony Anyway:

Earlier this month, an outdoor wedding in Arizona got hit by a huge sand storm . . . also known as a "haboob." And there's a great video of it on YouTube. It's just the bride, the groom, and the minister. And everything's fine at first. --But eventually, the whole video turns brown from all the sand. And you can hear people near the camera saying they can't even see them anymore. --But the couple went through with it anyway. Ironically, there were about to start a weird sand-swapping ceremony when storm hit. (--Search for "Haboob Dust Storm Attacks Arizona Wedding." It starts getting bad around :30, and they kiss at 1:45.)

#5.) A Fender Bender in the Background of a News Report Didn't Even Phase the Reporter:

An Australian news reporter named Alison Ariotti was filing a report from a graveyard in Perth the other day. And right at the beginning, a car in the background got rear ended. Despite the loud bang . . . she didn't even react. (--Search for "Car Crashes in Background During Nine News Live.")

#6.) The World Record Holder for Breaking Car Windows Tried to Break One on the Local News in Detroit . . . and Failed Miserably:

A guy named Kevin Taylor set a world record last year by smashing his fist through 20 car windows in two minutes. But he tried to break just ONE during a local news broadcast in Detroit yesterday . . . and couldn't do it. --He punched it eight times in a row with his right hand, then switched to his left, but it didn't make a difference. (--Search for "Karate Master Car Door Smash Fails." He starts punching it at :28.)

#7.) Here's Texas Ranger Mike Napoli's Gnarly Ankle Sprain in Slow Motion:

The Texas Rangers lost Game Six of the World Series last night, and in the fourth inning, Texas Rangers catcher Mike Napoli turned his ankle running in to second base. And it is NASTY, especially in slow motion. It's amazing he was okay. (--Search for "Here's Mike Napoli's Grotesque Ankle Injury, Slowed Down To A Ridiculous Speed And Set To Music".)

The Ten Worst Halloween Candies:

The website came up with a list of the worst candies you can give out on Halloween. But they're not the worst candies FOR you. They're the worst TASTING . . . according to them. Here are the top ten.

#10.) Candy Corn. They're a Halloween staple, but they're also always the last thing kids eat.

#9.) Jawbreakers. Halloween is about tearing through as much candy as you can. But with a jawbreaker, you end up sucking on a hard, sticky ball of sugar for five minutes. Then you throw it away.

#8.) Wax Coke Bottles. They're just too old school. The syrup inside is okay, but they're definitely no one's FAVORITE Halloween candy. And little kids who don't know better end up popping the whole thing in their mouth.

#7.) Black Licorice. It's an acquired taste, and most kids hate it.

#6.) Wax Lips. Personally, I think these should be higher on the list, since they're not even candy. If you've ever bitten into one, it's like eating chap stick.

#5.) Mallo Cups. They look just like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, but they're filled with whipped cream. So you're always disappointed when you bite into one.

#4.) Raisins. Obviously, they're healthier. But that's not really the point of Halloween. So if you hand out boxes of raisins, expect some disappointed kids.

#3.) Circus Peanuts. They're the big peanut-shaped marshmallow things nobody eats. And for some reason, they're still being made, even though most people agree they're disgusting. --But ironically, in the '60s they inspired one of the most-popular kids cereals of all time: Lucky Charms. It happened after the vice-president of General Mills grated up Circus Peanuts and put them in his Cheerios.

#2.) Razor Blades. Obviously, the idiots who made this list were just trying to be funny. But they put them at number two just to drive home how much they hate their number ONE pick.

#1.) Necco Wafers. This one's flawed though, because their biggest gripe is that the company started making them all-natural a few years back . . . using things like red beet juice and purple cabbage instead of artificial flavors. --But this week, the company announced they're going back to their original recipe. (

Three Tips for Hooking Up on Halloween:

Halloween's on Monday, so if you're looking to hook up at a Halloween party over the weekend, here are three things to keep in mind.

#1.) It's Easier to Hit on People When You're in Costume. Halloween is a great time to meet people because costumes are a natural ice-breaker, and they give you an extra layer to hide behind when you're worried about putting yourself out there. --And if your costume involves a joke, a catchphrase, or something to hand out at the party . . . even better.

#2.) Creativity is Hotter than Sluttiness. Ladies, this isn't a universal rule, but being creative with your costume can get you farther than just being slutty. --Yeah, slutty costumes are nice to LOOK AT, but when every girl at the party is in some skimpy getup, a funny costume is going to stand out . . . and guys will probably see you as more approachable too.

#3.) Some Costumes are Better than Others. Dressing up as something funny is great, but it's gotta be sensible too. --Like, if you want to go as the giant Kool-Aid mascot, yeah, you'll get a few laughs . . . but you'll also probably spend half the night apologizing to people after running into them with your huge getup. So just use some common sense. (Marie Claire)

Three Drawbacks of Hooking Up on Halloween:

If you're looking forward to hooking up with someone at a Halloween party this weekend, just know that it can have some serious drawbacks. Here are three of them . . .

#1.) Weirdoes Hitting on You. Halloween is basically a free-for-all when it comes to trying to hook-up. Since everyone is in costume, there are no ground rules for approaching people like when you're out at a bar. --And there's no way to know if the guy who's rocking a sweet Edward Cullen costume is ACTUALLY a pale, depressed freak.

#2.) "Costume Goggles". Let's be real here: some people are going to look better when they're decked out in full face paint and an elaborate costume than if you were just passing them on the street. --We're not saying you SHOULDN'T hook-up with Smurfette . . . just that you might not like what you see the next morning.

#3.) Doing the "Walk of Shame" in a Costume. The only thing worse than doing the "walk of shame" in your clothes from the night before . . . is doing it in a COSTUME. (


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