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It's true that men cheat more than women. But women cheat too. In fact, according to a 2006 survey by the National Opinion Research Center in Chicago, 20 percent of married men say they've been unfaithful. But so do 17 percent of married WOMEN.

--So don't wait until it's too late. Here are six ways to tell if they're going to cheat . . .

#1.) SHE'S MENTIONING ANOTHER GUY'S NAME WAY TOO OFTEN. Don't freak out if she casually drops a friend or co-worker's name every now and then.

But if EVERY conversation somehow comes back to her personal trainer, you should probably be a little concerned.

#2.) SHE'S GIVING YOU TOO MUCH SPACE. If she used to be clingy, then suddenly starts pressuring you to hang out with your friends more often, you might THINK you hit the jackpot. But it could actually be BAD news.

Time apart is important, but if she's practically pushing you out the door, she might have somewhere to be that she's not telling you about.

#3.) SHE FINDS RIDICULOUS REASONS TO FIGHT. If she's constantly screaming at you for insignificant things, like buying the wrong brand of toilet paper, it might REALLY mean she's not satisfied in the relationship.

And she's looking for a reason to cheat. Or, if she's ALREADY being unfaithful, she might be trying to make you out to be the bad guy so she doesn't feel so guilty.

--And here are three ways to tell if a GUY is going to cheat . . .

#1.) HE'S AVOIDING YOU. If he's always coming home late, or keeps coming up with reasons to be out of the house, there's a chance he's not satisfied. And he may be thinking of doing something scandalous . . . or he already is.

According to one poll, 61% of cheating men said they started spending more time away from home when the affair started. And 55% of men who were ABOUT to cheat did the same thing.

#2.) THE SEX IS BAD. Even if he's thinking of cheating, he still might want plenty of sex. Half of all cheating men say they kept having sex so their wife wouldn't get suspicious. The difference is, the sex usually isn't very intimate.

#3.) HE'S EASILY ANNOYED. Has he been making snide comments about everything you say, even though he's usually supportive? Most guys won't cheat just because they're BORED. Like women, they need an excuse.

So if it seems like he keeps insulting you even though you've done nothing wrong, he might be LOOKING for a reason to do something wrong. ( /


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