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Hugh Hefner Has Moved the Shannon Twins Back Into the Playboy Mansion . . . But He May Be Nuzzling Up to Another Playmate Altogether:

HUGH HEFNER has four new shoulders . . . and breasts . . . to cry on. Actually, they're not technically new. --Hef has moved the 21-year-old SHANNON TWINS . . . KARISSA and KRISTINA . . . back into the Playboy Mansion. --And they were actually back in BEFORE Saturday . . . the day Hugh was supposed to marry CRYSTAL HARRIS. --Karissa and Kristina first moved into the Mansion back in 2008 . . . but they moved out about a year and a half ago, after Crystal became his #1 skank. (--The Shannon twins were Miss July and Miss August 2009 . . . the same year that Crystal Harris was Miss December.) --But it's not clear whether the Twins are going to officially be branded Hugh's "girlfriends" again . . . because he's reportedly cozying up to another Playmate. --Her name is ANNA SOPHIA BERGLUND, who you may know better as Miss January 2011. And while the Shannon Twins are back in the Mansion, Anna Sophia has reportedly moved into Hef's BEDROOM. --A source says, quote, "It's clear Hef has moved on to Anna."

Karissa Shannon Made Her Boyfriend Help Her Pack Her Stuff . . . Then Broke Up with Him to Move Back into the Playboy Mansion:

This is just straight-up COLD: As you may know, KARISSA SHANNON has been dating actor SAM JONES THE THIRD . . . who's probably best known for being on the first few seasons of "Smallville". --They even made a SEX TAPE together, which is reportedly pretty hardcore. (--They say it includes WHIPS AND CHAINS and things of that nature.) --Anyway, when Karissa and her sister KRISTINA got the call to move back into the mansion, she pulled a pretty dirty trick. She told Sam she was moving back there for professional reasons, and made him help her pack. --But once they were done packing, she DUMPED HIM. (--On a related note, Karissa also reportedly made a sex tape with HEIDI MONTAG . . . although no one's seen it yet. SPENCER PRATT claimed he was trying to sell it at one point. But as usual, he didn't deliver.)

Crystal Harris Spent Her Aborted Wedding Day at a Pool Party in Las Vegas:

On Saturday . . . the day she was supposed to marry HUGH HEFNER . . . CRYSTAL HARRIS was at some kind of pool party event in Las Vegas. --She told reporters, quote, "I'm doing okay. I just had to get away. Today is the day and I just had to get away. I'm going back tonight so I just wanted to get away for the day." --As for her decision to dump Hugh, she said, quote, "It doesn't make sense to have so many women around but still have a marriage. --"It doesn't make sense, so it was the right thing. I wasn't the only woman in Hef's life and it wasn't going to stay that way after the marriage." --When another of Hef's exes, HOLLY MADISON, found out how Crystal was spending Saturday, she Tweeted that it was, quote, "a new low." --But on Sunday, Hef himself Tweeted, quote, "Crystal came by to see how I've been doing. We remain close friends."

Clarence Clemons Has Died:

CLARENCE CLEMONS . . . the longtime sax player for BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN'S E STREET BAND . . . died Saturday from complications of the stroke he'd suffered the previous weekend. He was 69 years old. --The 6-foot-4-inch Clemons played with Bruce for 40 years. They first jammed together at a bar in Asbury Park, New Jersey in 1971. So Bruce is obviously feeling that loss. --He said on his website, quote, "Clarence lived a wonderful life. He carried within him a love of people that made them love him. He created a wondrous and extended family. --"His loss is immeasurable and we are honored and thankful to have known him and had the opportunity to stand beside him for nearly forty years." (--Saying "Clarence lived a wonderful life" is an odd choice of words, since Clarence is also the name of the angel from the movie "It's a Wonderful Life". Did Bruce do that on purpose?) --He added, quote, "He was my great friend, my partner, and with Clarence at my side, my band and I were able to tell a story far deeper than those simply contained in our music. -"His life, his memory, and his love will live on in that story and in our band." --Not that his prior accomplishments didn't mean anything, but Clemons got a chance to go out on top, so to speak, by playing on a few songs on LADY GAGA'S chart-topping album "Born This Way". --He performed one of those songs, "Edge of Glory", with Gaga on the "American Idol" finale last month. He also appears with her in the video. --Outside of the band, Clarence did a little bit of acting . . . like playing Roman on two episodes of HBO's "The Wire" in 2004. --Back in the '80s, he did a guest spot on "Diff'rent Strokes" and appeared in the movie "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure". --Clemons is the second member of the E Street Band to kick off in recent years. Organ player DANNY FEDERICI died of skin cancer in 2008. -Clarence was married five times and is survived by four sons.

Bristol Palin Says She Was Drunk When She Lost Her Virginity to Levi Johnston:

LEVI JOHNSTON may have a Palin-bashing book coming out this September . . . but BRISTOL PALIN is beating him to the punch. Her book, "I'm Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far", comes out next week. --And not surprisingly, she takes a few shots at Levi. Like when she talks about losing her virginity to him at the age of 17. Not exactly a fairy tale moment. --She was actually drunk on wine coolers. It was her first time hitting the sauce, too. It was in a tent, during a camping trip . . . and when Bristol woke up the next morning she didn't even remember it. --After that, she and Levi vowed not to have sex again until they were married. Obviously, they caved. Bristol says that she was taking birth control pills to ease her menstrual cramps when she got pregnant. --What was Levi's reaction? He said, quote, "Better be a [effing] boy." --Bristol also refers to Levi as, quote, "The gnat . . . [who's] constantly spreading false accusations against our family." She adds that he, quote, "cheated on me about as frequently as he sharpened his hockey skates." --And finally, Bristol reveals her reaction when she first heard Levi was going to pose for "Playgirl" . . . "Puke!"

J.K. Rowling Is Doing Something New on the "Harry Potter" Front . . . But It's Not a New Book:

J.K. ROWLING is doing something new and "Harry Potter"-related, but we don't know what it is. We've heard that it's NOT a new book, though. -All we know so far is that there's a website called It's got a picture of two owls on it, plus the words "Coming soon" followed by Rowling's signature. --If you click on the owls, it takes you to a YouTube site where there's a countdown to Rowling's announcement . . . whatever it's going to be. According to the clock, the announcement will be made this Thursday. --It also says, quote, "The owls are gathering . . . find out why soon." --Rowling's rep says this project is not, quote, "directly related" to the last "Harry Potter" movie . . . which comes out next month . . . and it's not a new book. (--People are speculating that it could be a new social network . . . or an online, multiplayer game. But again, that's just pure speculation, by people who have NO IDEA what it actually is.)

Someone Bought Marilyn Monroe's Dress from "The Seven Year Itch" for $5.6 Million:

Somebody bought the dress that MARILYN MONROE wore in the 1955 film "The Seven Year Itch" for $5.6 MILLION. --It's the dress from the famous scene in which Marilyn stands over a grate in the sidewalk and lets the wind from the subway trains passing beneath blow up her skirt. (--You can watch the scene here.) --It was "only" expected to go for $2 million. --The previous record for a Monroe dress was $1.26 million . . . which somebody paid in 1999 for the dress she wore when she sang "Happy Birthday" to PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY in 1962. --Actress DEBBIE REYNOLDS owned the dress. She has a HUGE collection of Hollywood memorabilia, but she's selling all of it off. --Marilyn's showgirl outfit from "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" sold for $1.47 million . . . and two of her other movie dresses went for a combined $1.2 million. --A dress and ruby slippers worn by JUDY GARLAND in screen tests for "The Wizard of Oz" went for $1.75 million. (--They weren't the ones she actually wore in the film.) --And CHARLIE CHAPLIN'S bowler hat sold for $135,000. (--You can see pictures of many of the items here.)

Tracy Morgan Visited a Shelter for Homeless LGBT Kids on Friday:

TRACY MORGAN began his official Apology Tour right to the heart of the matter on Friday, visiting the Ali Forney Center in New York City. The Center is a shelter for homeless LGBT(Q?) youth. --The head of the Forney Center says, quote, "Initially, he seemed very nervous, I think he seemed kind of frightened when he got there. I don't think he knew what to expect from us." --But he adds that Tracy, quote, "just wanted to make it really clear that he was there to apologize, that he hadn't meant to do this, that he was hurt by what he had done. He was repeatedly apologetic." --One of the people Tracy met with was a woman whose 20-year-old gay son was killed in a hate crime. --She says Tracy got choked up when he heard her story, and he told her, quote, "You know, that should never happen. That's why my comments, the ones I made, are not going to be made again." --She added, quote, "I feel like he made a commitment during this meeting to make a difference. He said that he was going to use his talent as a comedian to be an advocate for the LGBT community." (--Here's video of their comments. So far, no word from Tracy.)

Is Cee-Lo Green a Homophobe?

CEE-LO GREEN is battling accusations of homophobia, after a Tweet he posted last week. --Cee-Lo opened for RIHANNA in Minneapolis on Thursday night . . . and a music journalist gave him poor marks for his set. --The journalist was a woman, but Cee-Lo didn't know that. So he Tweeted, quote, "I respect your criticism, but be fair! People enjoyed last night! I'm guessing you're gay? And my masculinity offended you? Well [eff] you!" --After taking some flak for it, Cee-Lo went to "Us Weekly" to explain his actions. He said he meant it, quote, "all in good fun," adding, quote, "I always expect people to assume that everything I do is part of my character and sense of humor." --He also denied being a bigot . . . quote, "I'm one of the most liberal artists that I think you will ever meet, and I pride myself on that. Two of the remaining members that I have on my team on 'The Voice' are proud and outspokenly gay." --And while he did say he regrets his choice of words and wishes he could take them back, he added, quote, "[I shouldn't] have to apologize for speaking my mind or defending my performance." --Even though it sounds like Cee-Lo's not apologizing, he kind of DID apologize on Twitter Friday. He said, quote, "Apologies gay community! What was homophobic about that? I said I was guessing he [was] gay which is fine but its nice to [know] what u think of me."

Seattle Seahawk Raheem Brock Was Arrested for Skipping Out on a $27 Bar Tab:

RAHEEM BROCK . . . a defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks . . . was arrested in Philadelphia the other night for skipping out on a $27 bar tab. Although he didn't get physical with the cops, they say he wasn't very cooperative. -And by the way . . . Raheem recently signed a 5-year contract worth $23.6 million.

NBA Start John Wall Can't Throw a Baseball:

JOHN WALL from the Washington Wizards threw out the first pitch at a Washington Nationals game Friday night. Or should I say, he TRIED to throw out the first pitch. (--His sauce was quite weak. Check out the video here.)

"Green Lantern" Came In #1 . . . But Fell Short of Financial Expectations:

"Green Lantern" is the new #1 movie in the country after earning $52.7 million this weekend. That's a strong opening but is still lower than any other superhero movie this year . . . which also saw a $55 million debut from "X-Men: First Class" and a $65 million opening weekend for "Thor". --That's also less than what the studio was hoping for. Especially since "Green Lantern" cost about $200 million to make.

1.) (NEW) "Green Lantern", $52.7 million.

2.) "Super 8", $21.3 million. Up to $72.8 million in its 2nd week.

3.) (NEW) "Mr. Popper's Penguins", $18.2 million.

Is This a Teaser for "The Dark Knight Rises"?

There was some talk last week that movie theaters in other countries were going to show a teaser for the new Batman movie, "The Dark Knight Rises", before "Green Lantern". --Well, the supposed teaser hit the Internet over the weekend. It's a bootleg . . . somebody recorded it from their seat in a movie theater. --And it doesn't show much . . . just some bats flying and lightning flashing, along with text that reads, "The storm is coming to Gotham." --And we should reiterate that we don't know for sure that it's real. (--You can check it out here.)

Here's a New "Muppets" Trailer:

There's a new trailer for "The Muppets". (--To me, it looks like this movie will be full of CLASSIC MUPPET HILARITY. Tentative props to JASON SEGEL for what will hopefully be another awesome Muppet flick. Check out the trailer here.)
The Worst Trailers of the Summer:

E! Online has put together a list of the Five Worst Summer Movie Trailers. And for the most part, it seems like they hit the nail on the head. The trailers are:

--"The Smurfs"

--"Rise of the Planet of the Apes"

--"Final Destination 5"

--"Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World"

--"Conan the Barbarian"

(--Check out all the trailers here.)

Check Out a Picture of Tom Cruise Acting Like a Rock Star in "Rock of Ages":

TOM CRUISE gets his rock star on . . . and seriously sells it . . . in a new promo picture for the upcoming movie "Rock of Ages". (--Check it out here.) (PopEater) --Tom sings BON JOVI'S "Wanted Dead or Alive" in the movie, which is due out next summer.

The Guy Mark Wahlberg Played in "The Fighter" Was Hospitalized After Being Attacked by a Stray Dog:

MICKEY WARD . . . the boxer MARK WAHLBERG played in "The Fighter" . . . was hospitalized in Massachusetts last Wednesday when he was attacked by a stray dog. --Mickey was walking his own dog when the stray approached them. The two dogs started fighting, and Mickey had to break it up. --He was bitten several times on the arms, and literally almost lost his right index finger. He was expected to remain in the hospital until yesterday. (--Oh, and his dog is okay, in case you were wondering.)

Lance Bass Has Created a Singing Competition Show to Find America's Next Boy Band:

So what do you bring to a tired genre like reality TV that already has more than enough of everything? How about yet ANOTHER singing competition show? Sounds good, book it. --LANCE BASS is developing a show for VH1 where he pledges to find the next BOY BAND. It's unclear if it'll have the same tired formula as all the other singing competition shows . . . with judges and weekly eliminations . . . but it sounds like it will. --Lance says, quote, "It's a really great music show, starring [singers from] all your favorite boy bands . . . I got a member from Backstreet Boys, A.J. McLean, a member from 'N SYNC, Joey Fatone . . . --"A member from New Kids on the Block, Joe McIntyre, and a member from New Edition, Bobby Brown." Technically, he doesn't "have" Bobby yet, but Lance is optimistic. He says, quote, "I think Bobby will do it. I think he'd love it." --The show seems to draw comparisons to the "coaching" that the musicians do on "The Voice". Lance explains, quote, "They're all going to form a boy band, each, from the most talented guys in America that I've scouted . . . --"And then they'll go head-to-head in a competition to see who the best boy band is, so it's bragging rights for the guy in the group, for sure." There aren't any other details yet, including the show's title and premiere date. --Lance has actually sold SIX reality shows to various networks recently . . . but this is the only one he elaborated on. (--In other words, we don't know if the other five are also singing competition shows. So at this point we can only hope.)

The Audition Dates for the Next Season of "American Idol":

"American Idol" has announced the audition dates for Season 11. Here they are:

--St. Louis, Missouri . . . Tuesday, June 28th at Scottrade Center
--Portland, Oregon . . . Saturday, July 2nd at Rose Garden
--San Diego, California . . . Friday, July 8th at Petco Park
--Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania . . . Friday, July 15th at Heinz Field
--Charleston, South Carolina . . . Friday, July 22nd at North Charleston Coliseum
--Denver, Colorado . . . Friday, July 29th at INVESCO Field at Mile High
--Houston, Texas . . . Friday, Aug. 26th at Reliant Park

A Brief, Semi-Interesting "Daytime Emmys" Rundown:

The 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards went down last night on CBS. --If you didn't watch it, chances are you couldn't care less what happened . . . but if you're in the minority, here's a quick, semi-interesting recap: --"The Bold & the Beautiful" won the Best Drama Series award for the third-straight year. Although that dominance is getting less and less impressive with each passing year, as soap operas continue to drop like flies. --"The Ellen DeGeneres Show" won Best Entertainment Talk Show for the second year in a row, and REGIS PHILBIN and KELLY RIPA shared the Best Talk Show Host award with MEHMET OZ. And that wasn't the only TIE. --"Jeopardy!" and "Wheel of Fortune" tied for Best Game Show . . . beating "Cash Cab" which had won three straight years. That was convenient, because hosts ALEX TREBEK and PAT SAJAK also received lifetime achievement awards. --But "Cash Cab" host BEN BAILEY took home his second straight Emmy for Best Game Show Host. (--You can find a complete winners list at the Daytime Emmys website. Or, here.)

Gwyneth Paltrow Made a Surprise Live Performance on the "Glee" Tour . . . And She Wasn't Bad:

GWYNETH PALTROW made a surprise appearance on the "Glee" tour in East Rutherford, New Jersey, last Thursday night . . . and yes, she sang "Forget You", the censored version of CEE LO GREEN'S "[Eff] You". --Of course, Gwyneth did that song on one of her "Glee" guest appearances. --For those who are cringing at the thought of Gwyneth performing live, she actually sounded OK. (--Here's video of her performance.) --By the way, her cameo may have been a "surprise" for the crowd, but it wasn't completely random. That concert was being filmed for the upcoming "'Glee' Live! 3D!" movie, which will hit theaters for a limited run on August 12th. --Gwyneth was dressed in-character, and even ended the performance by saying, quote, "let's go get some tacos," which was one of her lines from "Glee".

Monday TV Reminders: (--Check your local listings.)

--"Single Ladies" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on VH1. (--Isaiah Washington guest stars and helps Keisha get over Malcolm.)

--"Hoarders" [4th Season Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on A&E.

--"Rupaul's Drag U" [2nd Season Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Logo.

--"Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on ABC. (--A 25-year-old ex-football player gets some help with his weight-loss regimen from former Dallas Cowboys Nate Newton and Michael Irvin.)

--"Sanctuary" [3rd Season Finale] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on Syfy.

--"Nurse Jackie" [3rd Season Finale] . . . 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. on Showtime.

--"United States of Tara" [SERIES Finale] . . . 10:30 to 11:00 P.M. on Showtime.

--"Intervention" [11th Season Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on A&E.


--"The Eagle" - Channing Tatum is a Roman soldier hoping to restore his father's honor by recovering the eagle standard of the missing Ninth Legion . . . which was lost when the legion was destroyed by 2nd century British tribes. Jamie Bell plays a British slave who guides him into the Scottish highlands. (Trailer)

--"The Adjustment Bureau" - Matt Damon learns that fate is controlled by menacing "agents" in fedoras, who guide events to keep everyone on some sort of master plan. But when they try to keep him apart from Emily Blunt, he risks both their futures to stay together. (Trailer)

--"Unknown" - When Liam Neeson comes out of a four-day coma, his wife acts like she doesn't know him and introduces him to some other dude who's pretending to be him. He starts to think he's crazy . . . until someone tries to kill him. (Trailer)

--"Electra Luxx" - Carla Gugino plays a porn star pregnant by a dead rock star. Joseph Gordon Levitt is a sex blogger, and the eye candy includes Marley Shelton, Malin Akerman, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and new Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki. (Trailer)

--"Ceremony" - "Sky High's" Michael Angarano plays a younger man who crashes Uma Thurman's wedding in a desperate effort to try to win her back. (Trailer)

--"Cedar Rapids" - A comedy starring Ed Helms as a naïve insurance agent who has a wild weekend at an Iowa convention with John C. Reilly and Anne Heche. You'd know Ed Helms from the "The Hangover", "The Office", and "The Daily Show". (Trailer)

--"HappyThankYouMorePlease" - Josh Radnor from "How I Met Your Mother" befriends a kid who got separated from his mom on the subway. When the kid refuses to stay with social services, he agrees to take him in for a few days. Josh also wrote and directed the movie. (Trailer)

--"Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules" - Wimpy Kid Greg is forced by his parents to "bond" with his older brother, Roderick . . . who threatens to reveal the diary if Greg doesn't keep a secret from their parents. (Trailer)

--"Big Time Rush: Season One, Volume Two" . . . a single-disc DVD set.

TV Series On DVD:

--"Medium: The Seventh and Final Season" . . . a four-disc DVD set.

--"The Closer: The Complete Sixth Season" . . . a three-disc DVD set.

--"Louie: Season 1" . . . a two-disc DVD set.


This Week's Games Range from "Cars 2" to the Horror Games "F.E.A.R. 3" and "Shadows of the Damned":

--"Cars 2" (E) . . . on Xbox360, PS3, DS, PC and Wii. This game will also be able to connect to the browser-based World of Cars Online, where you can unlock rewards in the video game. Two players can race with more than 20 different characters. (Trailer) The new "Cars" movie comes out this Friday.

--"F.E.A.R. 3" (M) . . . on Xbox360, PS3, and PC. Paxton Fettel was resurrected in the downloadable expansion to the second game. This one has a co-op mode where the Point Man can team up with his psychic brother Fettel on his mission to stop Alma. (Trailer)

--"Shadows of the Damned" (M) . . . on Xbox360 and PS3. You play a demon hunter trying to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend. You get help from Johnson, a former demon who can transform into various weapons. (Trailer) (Enlarge Your Johnson)

--"The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" (E10+) . . . on 3DS. The re-release of this Nintendo classic features a few new features in addition to 3D. You will be able to use touch screen interface to manage your inventory as well as use the motion control feature to aim certain weapons and look around. (Trailer)

--"Dungeon Siege III" (T) . . . on Xbox360, PS3, and PC. A role-playing game that includes an online co-op mode and support for up to four players to play at once so you can scour dungeons and search for loot with your friends. (Trailer)

ESRB Game Ratings: (E) for Everyone; (T) for Teen; (M) for Mature (18+)


--"Alpocalypse", Weird Al Yankovic (--It includes parodies of Taylor Swift's "You Belong with Me", Miley Cyrus' "Party in the U.S.A.", B.o.B and Bruno Mars' "Nothin' on You", T.I.'s "Whatever You Like" and Lady Gaga's "Born This Way". The complete album is streaming, here.)

--"180/365", OK Go [LIVE] (--The tracks were recorded on their tour last fall.)

--"Modern Love", Matt Nathanson (--Listen to the single "Faster" on MySpace.)

--"Gems: The Duets Collection", Michael Bolton (--Some of the duets include Rascal Flatts, Seal, and Australian singers Orianthi and Delta Goodrem.)

--"Planet Pit", Pitbull (--His guests include NeYo, T-Pain, Enrique Iglesias, Marc Anthony, Sean Paul, Kelly Rowland, and Chris Brown. It's streaming, here.)

--"The Remedy", Jagged Edge (--Rick Ross appears on a track called "Lipstick".)

Amy Winehouse Bombed Hard at a Concert in Serbia . . . and Her Latest Comeback Attempt Is in Doubt:

It's time to check in with AMY WINEHOUSE, who's attempted more comebacks in a shorter amount of time than anyone I've ever heard of. The status of her latest comeback attempt is: Dead in the water. And that's not surprising to anyone. --Amy, who recently spent a WEEK in rehab, performed in Belgrade, Serbia, on Saturday night . . . and here's how it went: A local newspaper called it, quote, "the worst [concert] in the history of Belgrade." --Amy arrived an hour late . . . stumbled around the stage . . . seemed as if she couldn't remember her lyrics . . . and occasionally "dropped her microphone and disappeared for periods of time." --One report said the 20,000 fans "could hardly tell which song she was singing." --In clips that have popped up online, Amy seems . . . well . . . mentally-distracted, if not outright trashed. Naturally, she was booed. (--Here's a video of Amy doing "Just Friends" . . . here's video of her "performance" of "Back to Black". In the second video, she throws the mic stand at the 1:25 mark, and she throws the mic itself at the 3:42 mark.) (--And here's another hard-to-sit-through video from the show.) --The Belgrade show was supposed to be the first stop in a 12-date European tour . . . but that won't be happening. Yesterday, Amy's camp said that she was canceling tonight's scheduled show in Turkey, and Wednesday's show in Greece. --The next show after that is scheduled for July 8th in Spain. That one's still a go . . . at least for now. Her rep issued a statement saying that the future of the tour will be, quote, "worked out as soon as possible." --It went on, quote, "[Amy feels] that she cannot perform to the best of her ability and will return home. She would like to apologize to fans . . . but feels that this is the right thing to do."

Lady Gaga Performed "Bald":

LADY GAGA performed her song "Hair" on Britain's "Paul O'Grady Show" . . . and she did it BALD. Technically, she did the first part of it bald . . . then put on a wig to finish the song. --To be clear, Lady Gaga didn't actually shave her head . . . although it probably wouldn't have been shocking if she did . . . she was wearing a bald cap. (--Here's video.)
Paul McCartney Says John Lennon Had the Final Word in The Beatles' Split:

Everyone says YOKO ONO broke up THE BEATLES . . . and in a recent interview, PAUL MCCARTNEY did, too. Sort of. --Paul said that when they were discussing breaking up over 40 YEARS ago, JOHN LENNON had the final word . . . and he closed the door on The Beatles. --Paul explained, quote, "Basically me, George [Harrison] and Ringo [STARR] said, 'Does this have to be final? Could we do a couple of gigs or can we think about this tomorrow?' --"But John was off with Yoko and he was saying 'No, no, it's great . . . I feel a release' and all that. So that was kind of final."

Check out Chris Brown and Justin Bieber's Video for "Next 2 You":

CHRIS BROWN'S video for "Next 2 You" has been released, and like the song, it features JUSTIN BIEBER. The first minute and 15 seconds is supposed to be intense . . . like an episode of "CSI" mixed with a post-apocalyptic after school special. --Then the song starts, and it reverts to a music video. (--Check it out, here.) (--Meanwhile, Chris is apparently engaged in a Twitter war with ODD FUTURE rapper FRANK OCEAN . . . not to be confused with BILLY OCEAN. If you care to follow the blow-by-blow, hit up this link.)


Showbiz Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

Is CHRIS CROCKER . . . a.k.a. the "Leave Britney Alone" guy . . . getting into HARDCORE PORNO??? (Full Story)

ANGELINA JOLIE visited Syrian refugees in Turkey Friday. They welcomed her with a large banner that referred to her as the "Goodness Angel of the World". (Full Story)

An e-mail was sent out in KELSEY GRAMMER'S name saying that his ex-wife CAMILLE smells like beef jerky. (???) Kelsey swears it wasn't him. (Full Story)

Following her DUI arrest last month, ESTELLA WARREN has entered an alcohol treatment facility and is wearing a SCRAM bracelet to prove she's not drinking. (Full Story)

Former "Malcolm in the Middle" star FRANKIE MUNIZ says he's going to run for political office. He promised to offer more details "soon". (Full Story)

"The Hangover, Part 2" has surpassed "The Hangover" as the worlds highest-grossing R-rated comedy. (Full Story)

"Days of Our Lives" is about to launch its first gay storyline. The "groundwork" for it will be laid beginning this Thursday. (Full Story)

U2 guitarist THE EDGE wanted to build a five mansion "environmentally-friendly" compound near Malibu, California . . . but he was denied because it would be an eyesore. (Full Story)

A site called (???) has put together a list of The Actual Ages of Cartoon Characters. (Full Story)

TONE LOC spent Father's Day weekend in jail after being arrested on Saturday afternoon on a felony domestic violence rap. He allegedly got into an altercation with his baby mama. (Full Story)

Ark Music Factory claims it was "blindsided" by REBECCA BLACK'S copyright claim, which caused the "Friday" video to be pulled from YouTube. (Full Story)

Courteney Cox and her estranged husband David Arquette have sold a game show called "Identity Crisis" to CBS. On the show, contestants will have to "identify the names of famous people." CRAIG FERGUSON may host it. (Full Story)


Facebook is Actually Good For Your Real-Life Social Skills:

There have always been rumblings about Facebook ruining the way humans interact with each other . . . like we're going to become happier commenting on someone's status update than actually talking to them or seeing them. --Well . . . according to a new survey, you can drop that line of paranoia, grandpa. --In the study by the Pew Research Center, people who are active Facebook users actually had BETTER real-life social skills. They have more close friends, trust those friends more, and are more politically engaged. --47% of all the adults surveyed are on Facebook. That's up from 26% three years ago. --The researchers also found that active Facebook users report higher levels of emotional support and companionship than people who aren't on the site. --In fact, the amount of support came out to about 50% of what you'd get from a spouse or live-in partner. In other words, Facebook is the equivalent of having HALF A HUSBAND OR WIFE. (Yahoo News)

Deep-Fried Kool-Aid Has Arrived!

This is straight out of the "Why didn't anyone think of this before?" file. We Americans find a way to deep fry EVERYTHING. And now, one of our signature drinks can be added to that list. --DEEP FRIED KOOL-AID is hitting the county fair circuit this summer . . . and it's a monster hit. --"Chicken" Charlie Boghosian is a fried food innovator who sells his fried foods at county fairs around the country. He created deep-fried Kool-Aid this year . . . and it's quickly becoming his biggest item. --The deep-fried Kool-Aid balls involve flour, water, and cherry Kool-Aid. Charlie mixes up a batter, rolls them into balls, then deep fries them. They come out tasting like sweet donut holes. --There's no word on the nutritional information on one of these. --Charlie is at the San Diego County Fair right now and is selling at least 1,200 balls a day . . . which is double the amount of new items he usually sells. --He's also debuted things like deep-fried Klondike bars, Pop Tarts, and frog legs in the past few years. (San Diego Union-Tribune)

400 People Skinny Dipped Yesterday to Set a World Record:

In south Wales yesterday morning, 400 people SKINNY DIPPED together in the sea off Rhossili Beach. --And as a chubby chaser, I'm BEYOND disappointed I missed it . . . because looking at the photos, the dipping may've been skinny but the dippers were certainly NOT. --The previous world record for group skinny dipping was 250 people, so once the Guinness World Records officials get a chance to review the tapes and photos, the people in Wales should coast to the record. --The event raised more than $8,000 for the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity. (Daily Mail) (--Here are some photos from the event. WARNING: They're all taken from the back, but there are deliciously pale, flabby buttocks galore.)
All Charges Against Osama Bin Laden Have Been Dropped . . . Since It's Not Like He Can Appear In Court Anymore:

Last week, Federal prosecutors officially dropped all of the hundreds of charges against OSAMA BIN LADEN. --Not because we suddenly think he's innocent. But because, ya know, it's not like he can appear in court to face those charges anymore. So there's no use wasting any more time and resources on that a-hole. --Any lingering conspiracy theories that the U.S. didn't kill bin Laden back on May 1st have pretty much vanished. Even Al Qaeda has now acknowledged that Navy SEALs took him out. (ABC News)

Check Out This Software That Can Predict the Gender of the Writer:

When you're talking to someone on the Internet, you never REALLY know who's on the other end. And odds are, that sexy, naked 22-year-old woman you're chatting with is really a much less sexy, much more balding, but still naked 52-year-old man. --But this might help. Na Cheng of the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey has created software that analyzes writing and predicts whether the writer is male or female. --Both genders have signature clues in their writing . . . everything from punctuation style to word choice and sentence length . . . and the software is constantly adapting and learning them. You can use it free online. (--Note: When we tried it late last night, we couldn't get the site to work properly.) --Beyond helping you figure out if your online chat is for real, Cheng says he hopes that one day the software could be used to help combat online predators. (New Scientist)

A Snake Handler Who's Been Bitten 172 Times Died Last Week . . . At Age 100, From Natural Causes:

Bill Haast of Punta Gorda, Florida made his living for FORTY YEARS as a snake handler. He ran the Miami Serpentarium and would put on live performances with snakes. --In his career, he was bitten ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-TWO TIMES. --Sadly, last Wednesday, he died at age 100 from . . . natural causes. NOT from being loaded over and over with lethal snake venom. --Bill's body got so used to being filled with venom from poisonous snakes . . . including king cobras . . . that he developed a complete immunity to it. --That made his blood pretty valuable for transfusions for people who were bitten by snakes and weren't immune . . . and in his life, Bill saved TWENTY-ONE PEOPLE thanks to his venom-resistant blood. --Bill actually attributed his long life to all those snake bites . . . when he was 95 years old and long retired from snake handling, he would still INJECT VENOM into his veins, because he said it was keeping him young. (Miami Herald)

A Man Sets His House on Fire . . . While Cleaning His Feet?

Last week in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, a man was sitting on his bed, cleaning an infection on his foot. (--His name and age weren't released.) --He was using rubbing alcohol to clean the infection, just like his doctor ordered. That was the responsible part of his story. The irresponsible part? He was also SMOKING while he cleaned his foot. --At some point the guy's cigarette came into contact with the rubbing alcohol, and his sheets went up in FLAMES. He ran to get a fire extinguisher, but while he was gone the fire spread . . . and the house started burning down. --He and everyone else escaped . . . but the house was completely destroyed in the fire. (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)


A Man Escapes From Prison . . . Then Gets Caught When He Randomly Knocks on an Off-Duty Guard's Door:

Now THIS is some ridiculously bad luck. --39-year-old James Edward Russell was locked up in the Olympic Corrections Center in Forks, Washington, doing three years for forgery and theft. And last week, he managed to ESCAPE. The prison isn't releasing details on how he did it. --James took off from the prison and ran about 14 miles until he got to a campground. --He decided his best bet would be to call a friend to come get him. So, still in his full prison uniform, he picked a random cabin at the campground and knocked on their door to see if he could borrow their phone. --And the person who answered the door at that cabin was . . . an off-duty guard FROM THE PRISON. --That guard just happened to be staying there that night with his family . . . and of all the cabins on the campgrounds, that's the one James randomly picked. --When James saw the guard he took off instantly. But the guard caught up, tackled him, and held him there until the police came. --James is going to be looking at new charges for the escape. (Peninsula Daily News)
Two Burglars Are Busted When They're Spotted By a Pair of Door-to-Door Jehovah's Witnesses:

Sometimes Jehovah's Witnesses get a bad rap for their door-to-door recruiting strategies. So let's give them some credit where credit is due . . . --In Florida, two Jehovah's Witnesses FOUGHT CRIME thanks to their door-to-door prosthelytizing. --Last Wednesday, 31-year-old Emanuel Olvera and 41-year-old Eugene Chanquet, both from East Naples, Florida, robbed a house in Golden Gate, Florida. --They stole $16,000 worth of stuff, including jewelry and a giant flat screen TV. --As they carried the TV out of the house, two Jehovah's Witnesses happened to be walking by as part of their door-to-door mission work. They spotted the guys with the TV and knew something seemed off, so they called the police. --The police were able to bust both Emanuel and Eugene thanks to the hot tip from the Jehovah's Witnesses. --Both Emanuel and Eugene were charged with felony burglary and grand theft. (Naples News)

A Woman is Arrested After Booty Calling Her Ex and Ambushing Him With a Ninja Attack:

This sounds like it could've been a perfectly good booty call until a NINJA FIGHT broke out. --On Friday, a 44-year-old man in Joliet, Illinois got a text from his ex-girlfriend, 29-year-old Katherine Casarez. (--The guy's name wasn't released.) It was a booty call. She asked him to come over . . . and he was into it. --When he got there, he got another text from Katherine telling him to meet her in an ALLEY near her house to get-it-on. The man was clearly blinded by randiness and didn't see anything suspicious about that. --As soon as he walked into the alley he was attacked by NINJAS. They beat him with NUNCHUKS and left him badly bleeding. --The guy was able to call the police, and when they got there they found two ninja throwing stars, one of which was stuck in a telephone pole . . . and that corroborated the man's story. --The police quickly put it together: Katherine and her new boyfriend had dressed up as ninjas and attacked her ex. When they went to her house, she admitted to everything. --She was arrested for aggravated domestic battery, aggravated battery, unlawful use of a weapon, and armed violence. The cops are still trying to track down her boyfriend. (Chicago Sun-Times)

A Woman Finds a Lost Dog . . . And Is Then Arrested For Extorting Money From the Owners:

Oh this is just DIRTY. --57-year-old Elena Vatamaniuc of Hagerstown, Maryland found a one-year-old dog that had gotten away from its owners. And they'd posted signs around the neighborhood looking for the dog. --Elena saw the signs, called them, and asked if there was a REWARD for finding the dog. The owners offered her $50. --And that's when Elena decided to EXTORT THEM. She told them she had the dog and wouldn't give it back to them unless they gave her $200. No cash, no dog. -Instead of getting the cash out, the owners wisely called the police. --And rightfully, Elena was arrested for extortion. --Last week she pleaded guilty to extortion of less than $500 and ended up getting 10 DAYS IN JAIL and a $500 fine. --The owners were reunited with their dog after Elena was arrested. (Hagerstown Herald-Mail)

A Man is Arrested After Drinking 48 Beers . . . And Admits to the Cops That It Was Probably "10 Too Many":

Back on Wednesday, James Taylor of Hudson, Florida turned 58. And we're not talking about the famous James Taylor. This James Taylor is a drifter and pretty creepy. The famous one isn't a drifter, though he IS also creepy. --To celebrate his 58th birthday, James drank some beers. FORTY-EIGHT BEERS. --After drinking 48 beers, James was as drunk as you'd expect . . . although not DEAD, like you might expect . . . and he started making a scene. --He was yelling at people on the street and relieved his bladder in the middle of a beach. --Someone finally called the cops on him, and when he was arrested he admitted he'd probably had too much to drink. In his words, it was probably, quote, "10 too many." At 38 beers he'd apparently be fully composed and professional. --He was taken to the hospital. --After he was medically cleared he was charged with disorderly intoxication and causing a disturbance. (St. Petersburg Times)

A model is suing Estee Lauder . . . because they DIDN'T photoshop her face. They took a test photo before she'd had her hair or makeup done, then used it as a 'before' photo in a skin-care ad. (Full Story)

The San Francisco Animal Control and Welfare Commission has proposed a bill that would ban goldfish as pets . . . because of their "inhumane suffering." (Full Story)

Meet 81-year-old Gudrun Burwitz. She's the daughter of Heinrich Himmler . . . the architect of the Nazi Final Solution . . . and she runs a group of women who provide financial assistance to elderly Nazis. (Full Story)

Fake controversy of the day: Should parents dress their toddlers in "babykinis" . . . string bikinis for young children? (Full Story)

If you think YOUR Father's Day present sucked, check out this stupid list of lame Father's Day gifts, including barbeque-scented cologne, a sweatshirt built for two, a visor with fake hair to cover your bald spot, and a golf club-shaped cooler you can hide in your bag on the course. (Full Story)

Jelly Belly is producing a line of jelly bean-scented smart phone cases. (Full Story)

Mexican authorities have arrested a notorious drug kingpin . . . who goes by the nickname ''El Brad Pitt." (Full Story)


#1.) A Guy Wrestled a Ball Away From a Woman at a Baseball Game:

Some guy in the stands at a baseball game between the Giants and the Diamondbacks wrestled away a baseball from a woman . . . even though someone in the dugout threw it to her specifically. --And she was already holding it when he yanked it away and wouldn't give it back. Eventually someone tossed her another ball. And the guy got ripped on by the announcers on national TV. (--Search for "Diamondbacks Fan Wrestles a Ball Away From a Lady." It happens at :14.)

#2.) A "Dingbat" Teenager Came Up With a Great Way to Stop Global Warming: Install Giant Outdoor Air Conditioners

There's a video from last year that's making the rounds online . . . maybe because of the recent heat. It's a blonde teenager explaining how we could cool down the earth . . . by installing huge air conditioners outside. The video is called "Dingbat Straight-A Honor Student Blonde." And the best part is, it's her dad holding the camera . . . showing how ditzy his own daughter is.
The Ten Most Annoying Driving Habits:

I don't know if you'll have more road rage because of this next story . . . or less. came up with a list of the ten most annoying driving habits. Let's see if you agree.

#1.) Driving and Talking on the Phone. Obviously, this one's on the list because it's so dangerous. But for some reason they didn't include TEXTING and driving . . . which is weird because it's even MORE dangerous.

#2.) Driving Too Fast in Bad Weather. You're supposed to drive UNDER the speed limit . . . but nobody does. In general, if the speed limit is 65, the MINIMUM speed limit is usually 45.

#3.) Not Cleaning Snow Off Your Car. The worst is when truckers drive around with snow on their trailers, because it has so far to fall. And sheets of icy snow can be heavy enough to shatter your windshield.

#4.) Not Using Your Blinker . . . or Leaving Your Blinker on. Using your blinker takes almost zero effort. And obviously it's much safer than darting around the road without warning anyone. --Leaving your blinker ON is mostly just annoying. But it's also dangerous because a car might pull out in front of you if they think you're about to turn.

#5.) Leaving Your High Beams On. It's dangerous for the other person because they're temporarily blinded. And it's dangerous for you because that blind person is driving straight at you.

#6.) Not Maintaining Your Car. If your tires are bald, you're more likely to get a flat and lose control. And things like bad shocks and wiper blades make driving more dangerous too.

#7.) Taking Two Spaces in a Parking Lot. If you're that worried about your paint job, just park farther away from the entrance where there aren't any cars. That way you inconvenience YOURSELF, not someone else.

#8.) Staying in the Far Left Lane. Just use it to pass people, then move back to the right. Some people think staying in the left lane is fine as long as they're going the speed limit or faster. --But it's much more dangerous when you pass people on the right, because they can't see you as easily.

#9.) Not Acknowledging a Mistake . . . or Overreacting When Someone Else Makes a Mistake. If you screw up, wave and take the blame. And if someone makes an honest mistake, don't give them the finger.

#10.) Not Tying Things Down Well Enough. Just about anything can be deadly if it falls out and lands on the road. And things with a lot of surface area . . . like mattresses . . . DEFINITELY need to be tied down well. (


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