Thursday, October 13, 2011


The FBI Arrested a Guy for Posting Those Scarlett Johansson Nude Pics:

The FBI has arrested a Jacksonville, Florida man they believe was behind the massive celebrity hacking scandal that led to the posting of those SCARLETT JOHANSSON nude pics. --35-year-old Christopher Chaney has been charged with 26 counts of computer hacking, aggravated identity theft and wiretapping. He faces up to 121 years in federal prison. (--And a hug from me. KIDDING!) (???) --Chaney was released on $10,000 bond and banned from using any computer device that can access the Internet. He was also ordered to live with "third-party custodians". In this case, his PARENTS. --Authorities say Chaney hacked the stars' Google, Apple and Yahoo e-mail accounts, and set them up so that every e-mail sent or received would automatically forward to him. --In doing so, he was able to gain access to financial information, movie scripts, private e-mails, photos and contact lists that led him to other potential targets. --There were more than 50 victims in all, including Christina Aguilera, Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Busy Philipps, Ali Larter and Mila Kunis. --And check out how SIMPLE it was for Chaney to hack these people: The Feds say he combed through PUBLICLY AVAILABLE DATA in order to figure out the celebrities' passwords and security question answers. --The Feds didn't say how they caught Chaney, but they believe he was working alone. They also said he seemed to be doing this, quote, "just for kicks." There's no evidence he profited from it. --They called their investigation "Operation Hackerazzi". --This isn't Chaney's first brush with the law, by the way. In 1998, he pleaded guilty to defrauding Prudential life insurance customers. He got four years of probation and had to refund the THOUSANDS of dollars he stole.

Rashida Jones Is Up for Some Public Nudity:

In a new "Playboy" interview, "Parks & Recreation" minx RASHIDA JONES was asked what she would do if she could be anonymous for the day. And her answer involved PUBLIC NUDITY. --She said, quote, "Probably do something naked somewhere. Streaking through a large crowd has always been a secret fantasy of mine. Disneyland would be fun. --"Or maybe just showing up at the Apple Store naked and picking up an iPod Shuffle and pretending nothing was wrong or different." (--The entire interview is pretty amusing. You can check it out at

Ashton Kutcher May Have Tweeted Some Kind of Veiled Message About His Marriage:

Early yesterday morning, ASHTON KUTCHER posted a couple Tweets that MIGHT have been veiled messages about his sex scandal and the state of his marriage to DEMI MOORE. --One was a link to a picture of a set of cuff links with the computer keyboard abbreviations "Ctrl" and "Esc" on them. (--For the computer-illiterate among you, that stands for "Control" and "Escape".) --It was accompanied by the message, quote, "If we are not looking for one we are looking for the other." --The other interesting Tweet was a link to a picture of a girl with her hand in front of her mouth, palm facing out. Drawn on her palm is a picture of a mouth screaming. (--You can see the photos here.) (Source 1, Source 2) --As of last night, Demi's last Tweet was from Monday . . . and it was about the premiere of her Lifetime movie "Five". --Meanwhile, reports that Ashton is expecting Demi to file for divorce. A source says, quote, "Ashton is asking Demi not to file for divorce, but there is nothing he can do to stop her. --"Ashton was hoping that Sara wouldn't give any interviews about their sexual encounter, but now she's spilling all the seedy details and it doesn't help matters at all."

Donald Trump and Mattress Actress Stormy Daniels Are Denying a Rumor That They Slept Together:

A gossip website reported that DONALD TRUMP cheated on his wife MELANIA with mattress actress STORMY DANIELS. It supposedly happened in 2005 or early 2006, when Melania was pregnant with Donald's son Barron. --But both Donald and Stormy are denying it. Donald's rep calls the report, quote, "totally untrue and ridiculous." And Stormy says it's, quote, "Bull[crap]." --It's probably telling that the website that originally reported this has already taken the article down. --Trump's camp is now threatening to sue "Life & Style" magazine for picking up the story and running with it . . . even though they were warned not to. (--Even if you're not a porno fan, you may recognize Stormy as the chick in the X-rated flick that's playing on a TV in the background in "The 40-Year-Old Virgin". Here are some fully-clothed pics of Stormy.)

Check Out Two of the New "Charlie's Angels" Making Out:

MINKA KELLY and RACHAEL TAYLOR . . . two of the three stars of the new "Charlie's Angels" TV series . . . were photographed MAKING OUT earlier this month in Miami. (--Here's the photo.) (E! Online) (--It's not clear if this was extracurricular action, or if they were filming a scene for the show.)

Emma Watson Was Dumped Because She's Too Famous:

EMMA WATSON'S ex-boyfriend . . . some unknown actor named Francis Boulle . . . says he dumped Emma because of her fame. --He tells "Heat" magazine, quote, "I have always been an ambitious person and I want to achieve my own notoriety for what I've done. That's why I chose not to pursue it any longer, because I didn't want to be the boyfriend of some child actress." --Yeah, that sounds pretty jerky. But he adds, quote, "I actually really like Emma. She's a really cool person. She's a very different person to who she is in the media. That's what I liked about her . . . she's very interesting."

The Guy Who Threw the Hot Dog at Tiger Woods Was Inspired by the Movie "Drive":

The guy who threw the hot dog at TIGER WOODS during a tournament this past Sunday claims he was inspired to do so by the RYAN GOSLING movie "Drive". (???) --31-year-old Brandon Kelly says, quote, "As soon as the movie ended, I thought to myself, 'I have to do something courageous and epic. I have to throw a hot dog on the green in front of Tiger.'" (???)

Will Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding Box?

There's no way this'll happen, but we can dream, can't we? Some rich British dude is offering NANCY KERRIGAN and TONYA HARDING $100,000 each to slug it out in a boxing ring. --Apparently Tonya is down, but Nancy hasn't responded yet . . . and she probably won't. Not only is Tonya BAD-ASS, but she's done some professional boxing over the years. --Nancy Kerrigan's leg was bashed with a police baton in the run-up to the 1994 World Figure Skating Championships . . . in a plot orchestrated by Tonya's then-husband. Tonya was hit with obstruction, but was never charged for the actual attack.

Is "Teen Bride" Courtney Stodden Being Kicked Off Facebook Because Women Are Jealous of Her?

Remember COURTNEY STODDEN . . . the 16-year-old chick who looks like she's 35, and made headlines over the summer by marrying 51-year-old actor DOUG HUTCHISON? --Well, Courtney is 17 now . . . and she's basically marketing herself like a PORNO STAR. Her Tweets . . . though ridiculously un-erotic . . . are hyper-sexual. --Here's an example for you: "Wildly wiggling & jauntily jiggling myself to jolting jams as I friskily flaunt a flirty outfit completed w/sexy white 7in. go-go boots! ;-)" (--For similar insanity, check out her Twitter page.) --And she's CONSTANTLY flaunting her body in bikinis and whatnot. And that's gotten her into some trouble. Apparently, she's had more than one Facebook page yanked because of sexy photos. --But her mom . . . an enabler named Krista Keller . . . claims the real reason this is happening is because women are JEALOUS of her daughter. --Krista says, quote, "A lot of men and young girls love her page, but when the wives see their husbands on her page, they team up to get Courtney kicked off! When Facebook gets enough reports on one page, it locks her out." --And Krista thinks this is unfair . . . quote, "She has never done any nudity. Not a breast, not even a butt cheek. It's just her in a bathing suit!" --Krista says this has happened, quote, "Eight or 10 times."

Gwyneth Paltrow Tried to Run Down the Paparazzi on a Bike While Filming a Movie:

GWYNETH PALTROW is currently filming a movie in New York. On Tuesday, a scene required her to be on a bike . . . and she noticed the paparazzi trying to take pictures. --So she tried to RAM THEM. (???) (--Check out some pics here.) (The Superficial)

Conrad Murray's Defense Team Has Dropped Its Claim that Michael Jackson Killed Himself by Drinking Propofol:

In DR. CONRAD MURRAY'S manslaughter trial yesterday, the defense dropped its claim that MICHAEL JACKSON killed himself by drinking propofol. --They did so after an independent study they commissioned showed that drinking propofol would not have been fatal. --Technically, they can still claim Michael administered the fatal dose . . . but they'd have to say he hooked himself up to the IV drip. --Meanwhile, an expert cardiologist ripped Dr. Murray a new one on the witness stand. Dr. Alon Steinberg accused Dr. Murray of "gross negligence" and "extreme deviations" from accepted medical practices. --Among those deviations . . . --Propofol should NEVER have been administered outside a hospital. --Dr. Murray lacked the proper equipment to keep Michael alive in case of an emergency. --He should have had an assistant at all times. --He should have called 911 immediately. --Dr. Steinberg said there was NO DOUBT Michael would be alive today if Murray had called 911 the second he realized Michael was in distress. (--You can find a quick rundown of all the ways Steinberg claims Dr. Murray messed up here.) (--Here's video of some of Steinberg's testimony.) (--Another medical expert backed up much of what Dr. Steinberg was saying. You can read more about that here.)


The "Footloose" Remake Goes Up Against "The Thing" Prequel This Weekend:

#1.) "Footloose" (PG-13)

The remake stars Julianne Hough from "Dancing with the Stars", Dennis Quaid as her dance-hating father, and an unknown kid named Kenny Wormald as Ren MacCormack, the character IMMORTALIZED by Kevin Bacon in the 1984 original. --Sadly, Kevin turned down a cameo, because he didn't want to be a distraction. (--I think they blew it doing a remake without Kevin Bacon. They should have cast him as the dance-hating dad. How awesome would THAT have been?) --As for the music, Blake Shelton sings the title track, and you get a pretty good feel for the dancing in the video for it. Obviously Kenny Loggins did the original "Footloose" song and he was kind enough to give Blake's version his seal of approval. (Trailer)

#2.) "The Thing" (R)

Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays a scientist recruited by a Norwegian team that discovers a creature buried in the Antarctic. But once they free it from the ice, it starts killing them off, and passing itself off as human by imitating each of its victims. --It's actually a prequel to John Carpenter's 1982 classic of the same name, which starred Kurt Russell as a badass at an American research station in the Antarctic. That one opened with a chopper crew trying to kill a dog that wasn't what it seemed. --The new movie's set a few days before that . . . and the helicopter pilots for the Norwegians are played by Joel Edgerton from the MMA movie "Warrior", and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, a.k.a. Mr. Eko from "Lost". --"NCIS Los Angeles" fans will also get a kick out of seeing Eric Christian Olsen in it as a research assistant. He plays Deeks on the show. (Trailer)

#3.) "The Big Year" (PG)

A comedy with Jack Black, Steve Martin, and Owen Wilson as three rivals who spend a year traveling together and competing in a bird-watching competition. The rest of the cast includes Rashida Jones, Brian Dennehy, and Anjelica Houston. (Trailer)

"Die Hard 5" Will Be Called "A Good Day to Die Hard":

The new "Die Hard" movie has a name. It's "A Good Day to Die Hard". It's the fifth in the series, and it comes out on Valentine's Day of 2013. --This time, BRUCE WILLIS' John McClane travels to Russia to rescue his son, who's been imprisoned for, quote, "something he did." There's no word yet on any casting . . . except for Bruce, of course.

Jim Carrey and Steve Carell Are Teaming Up Again:

JIM CARREY and STEVE CARELL will co-star in a comedy called "Burt Wonderstone". Carell plays the title character, a Vegas magician whose partner dies in a stunt. --He ends up in a rivalry with a, quote, "hip street magician" played by Carrey. --Carrey and Carell previously starred together in the 2003 comedy "Bruce Almighty" . . . and they both did voices in "Horton Hears a Who" in 1998. Carrey also appeared in an episode of "The Office" earlier this year.
"Avatar" is the Most Pirated Movie of All Time:

"Avatar" is the most pirated movie of all time. It's been illegally downloaded 21 million times since it was released in 2009.

--Here are the Top 10 most pirated movies of all time . . .

#1.) "Avatar", 21 million downloads

#2.) (tie) "The Dark Knight" and "Transformers", 19 million downloads

#4.) "Inception", 18 million downloads

#5.) "The Hangover", 17 million downloads

#6.) "Star Trek", 16 million downloads

#7.) "Kick-Ass", 15 million downloads

#8.) (tie) "The Departed", "The Incredible Hulk" and "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End", 14 million downloads

(--All of these movies were box office hits. "Kick-Ass" is the only one that didn't break the $100 million mark. But it came close, earning $96 million.)

25 Things You Don't Know About "Jersey Shore's" Vinny Guadagnino . . . Specifically, He Does Smart-People Stuff:

If you watch "Jersey Shore" casually, no one in the cast seems to have a trace of intelligence. But if you're a DIE HARD fan, you know that Vinny Guadagnino is the smartest one . . . and it isn't even close. --For the skeptics, check this out: Vinny just filled out one of "Us" magazine's "25 Things You Don't Know About Me" surveys . . . and in the process, he showed how much he enjoys doing, well, SMART-PEOPLE STUFF.

--Here are the highlights:

--"I graduated from CUNY College of Staten Island with a 3.9 GPA in three-and-a-half years." (--CUNY is City University of New York.)

--"I first started acting by performing Shakespearean monologues in drama class in high school."

--"I enjoy painting and can copy almost anything."

--"I am fascinated by quantum physics."

--"I write music, poetry and stories -- read my work at"

--"I read two books a month, and right now I'm reading "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes: Harnessing Our Power to Change the World" by Deepak Chopra."

--"I was the lead in the play "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" in high school, and the girls gave me more attention because I had a shirtless scene."

--"I was a political science major and interned for a New York State assemblyman."

--"I took the LSAT the day 'Jersey Shore' premiered, and after that I was too busy to go to law school."

(--You can find Vinny's complete list . . . with all the not-so-smart stuff . . . at

--By the way, Vinny is also HUMBLE about his law school prospects.

--A while back, he told "Us" magazine, quote, "My [LSAT] score was decent. I had a plan that if my score was really [good], then I might of just went to Yale or Harvard . . . but it was just mediocre."

--And in another interview he added, quote, "I think I could get into a good amount of law schools. Not the best ones, but a good amount."

Is Debbie Gibson Doing "Celebrity Apprentice"?

The next cast of "Celebrity Apprentice" has yet to be confirmed, but the list of rumored participants is growing. --A so-called "source" tells "People" that the cast will include '80s pop superstar DEBBIE GIBSON . . . TERESA GIUDICE from "Real Housewives of New Jersey" . . . and former "American Idol" twink CLAY AIKEN. --"Entertainment Weekly" says VICTORIA GOTTI is doing it. She's the 48-year-old daughter of mafia boss John Gotti, who died in 2002. previously claimed model Cheryl Tiegs and racecar driver Marco Andretti were onboard. Marco is the 24-year-old grandson of racing legend Mario Andretti. Aubrey O'day and Adam Carolla have also been rumored. --"Celebrity Apprentice" will premiere in January.

Ben Stiller May Star in a TV Series Called "RentaGhost":

There's some talk that BEN STILLER may star in an American version of the British show "RentaGhost". The original series aired on the BBC from 1976 to 1984. It was about a company that "rented out ghosts and ghouls to perform various tasks." --The new version is being developed for Fox, but there's no additional info.

Thursday TV Reminders: (--Check your local listings.)

--"The Big Bang Theory" . . . 8:00 to 8:30 P.M. on CBS. (--Wil Wheaton guest stars as Sheldon's nemesis when he and Leonard attending a party at his house. His "Star Trek" co-star Brent Spiner also has a cameo.)

--"The X Factor" . . . 8:00 to 9:30 P.M. on Fox. (--The Top 32 visit the homes of the judges for mentoring with a celebrity guest. And next week they're cut down to 16.)

--"Charlie's Angels" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on ABC. (--Erica Durance from "Smallville" guest stars in an episode loosely based on the 1976 caged heat episode "Angels in Chains". She's plays Bosley's ex-girlfriend, a CIA operative who helps free the girls from a women's prison in Cuba.)

--"The Office" . . . 9:00 to 9:30 P.M. on NBC. (--Josh Groban guest stars as Andy's brother when Andy throws a party to impress James Spader's character.)

--"Grey's Anatomy" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on ABC. (--Debbie Allen guest stars as Jackson's mother, a surgeon scheduled to perform a groundbreaking transplant.)

--"Project Runway" . . . 9:00 to 10:30 P.M. on Lifetime. (--"Avatar's" Zoe Saldana is a guest judge.)

--"FM" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 9:30 P.M. on DirecTV. (--A British sitcom about two DJs on an indie music show for radio station Skin FM.)

--"Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution" . . . 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. on Comedy Central. (--Dillon Garcia, Paul Varghese and Rudy Moreno perform.)

--"Bordertown: Laredo" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on A&E. (--A narcotics unit is the focus of this series as the Laredo police department attempts to capture drug dealers and locate local stash houses.)


The Best Songs of the Past 15 Years . . . According to "NME" Magazine:

The British music magazine "NME" has put together a list of The 150 Best Songs of the Past 15 Years . . . or since 1996. --Coming in at #1 was RADIOHEAD'S "Paranoid Android" off their "OK Computer" album. The ARCADE FIRE song "Rebellion (Lies)" was second. --Even though this is a British list, it actually isn't as annoyingly British as you might expect. That being said, there are definitely songs on here that wouldn't make the cut if this were an American list.

--Also, it has a bias toward indie music, at least at the top. Here's the Top 20:

1.) "Paranoid Android", Radiohead (1997)

2.) "Rebellion (Lies)", Arcade Fire (2005)

3.) "Hey Ya!", Outkast (2003)

4.) "Last Nite", The Strokes (2001)

5.) "Mr. Brightside", The Killers (2004)

6.) "Fell in Love with a Girl", The White Stripes (2002)

7.) "Over and Over", Hot Chip (2006)

8.) "Rehab", Amy Winehouse (2007)

9.) "Bittersweet Symphony", The Verve (1998)

10.) "Time for Heroes", The Libertines (2003)

11.) "I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor", Arctic Monkeys (2005)

12.) "Time to Pretend", MGMT (2008)

13.) "Empire State of Mind", Jay-Z and Alicia Keys (2009)

14.) "Spanish Sahara", Foals (2010)

15.) "Paper Planes", MIA (2008)

16.) "Crazy in Love", Beyoncé (2003)

17.) "Get Ur Freak On", Missy Elliott (2001)

18.) "No One Knows", Queens of the Stone Age (2002)

19.) "We Are Your Friends", Justice Vs. Simian (2006)

20.) "Banquet", Bloc Party (2005)

(--You can find the complete list, including audio and mini-write-ups on each track at

Britney Spears Has Joined Twitter's 10 Million Followers Club:

In the least important news of the day, BRITNEY SPEARS has become the SIXTH person to attract 10 million followers on Twitter. She currently has over 10.1 million. --If this is a bandwagon you're interested in joining, Britney's Twitter handle is: @BritneySpears. But be warned: Not only is her feed boring . . . it's WAY too coherent to actually be run by Britney. So, it's likely one of Britney's handlers. --The five people that beat Britney to the 10 million follower mark are: Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, President Obama and Kim Kardashian.

--Here are the 10 most-followed Twitter users, according to . . . along with the number of followers they have. (--Again, as of late last night.)

1.) Lady Gaga, 14.4 million followers

2.) Justin Bieber, 13.4 million followers

3.) Katy Perry, 10.7 million followers

4.) President Obama, 10.5 million followers

5.) Kim Kardashian, 10.3 million followers

6.) Britney Spears, 10.1 million followers

7.) Shakira, 9.1 million followers

8.) Taylor Swift, 8.5 million followers

9.) Rihanna, 8.3 million followers

10.) Ashton Kutcher, 7.9 million followers. (--Remember: Ashton was the first person to reach 1 million followers, back in April of 2009.)

Snoop Dogg's 12-Year-Old Daughter Has Released Her First Music Video:

SNOOP DOGG'S 12-year-old daughter CORI B has released her first music video . . . and it features a cameo by her dad. --The song is called "Do My Thang" . . . and it's all right. (--It's hard to bust on a 12-year-old. But I guess we did have some fun with REBECCA BLACK. On a scale of Rebecca to WILLOW SMITH . . . the song is closer to Willow, but the video is closer to Rebecca. Or something that would've been on "Saved By the Bell".) (--You can find the video on YouTube. The song begins at the 1:12 mark.)

Betty White's Full Rap Video Has Hit the Streetz:

BETTY WHITE recently recorded some rap vocals for a remix of "I'm Still Hot" by LUCIANA, who's a British techno artist. And now, the full video has hit the Internet. --Even though it's basically a glorified commercial, it's pretty amusing. Betty sits on a throne among several topless male studs, she does some groovin' with Luciana, and a fake Betty does some crazy acrobatics. (--You can find it on YouTube. Betty did the video with the Lifeline Program. Proceeds from sales of the remix will benefit the Greater L.A. Zoo Association.)

"American Idol" Winner Scotty McCreery Makes "Billboard" History with His Debut Album:

"American Idol" winner SCOTTY MCCREERY made "Billboard" history this week as his first album, "Clear as Day", debuted at #1 with 197,000 copies sold. --McCreery just turned 18 on Sunday, and that makes him the youngest guy EVER to debut at the top of the chart with his first album. (--The previous record holder was OMARION, who was 20 when he debuted at #1 with "O" in 2005.)
--He's also the first country act to open at #1 with a debut album. And he's the first "Idol" winner to hit #1 with a debut studio album since KELLY CLARKSON and RUBEN STUDDARD did it back in 2003.

Watch Game Propose to His Baby Mama:

Yesterday, GAME proposed to his baby mama Tiffney, who he's been dating for the past seven years. But if this was the real moment . . . and not a dramatization after the fact . . . his choice of venue was interesting. --He popped the question in front of the paparazzi . . . inside the back door of the elementary school where Tiffney teaches. She said YES . . . while holding one kid, and being surrounded by two more. (--You can find the video, here.) --Game and Tiffney have two kids together . . . a son named King Justice and a daughter named Cali. Game also has another son from a previous relationship.


Showbiz Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

Did MELANIE GRIFFITH and BARBARA WALTERS get bad plastic surgery? (Full Story)

HUGH JACKMAN claims he once wet himself onstage. (Full Story)

"Harry Potter" actor JAMIE WAYLETT . . . who played Draco Malfoy's chubby sidekick Crabbe . . . is facing several charges for participating in the recent London riots with a MOLOTOV COCKTAIL. He was also caught growing pot in his bedroom again . . . just like he was back in 2009. That 2009 incident led to Waylett being written out of the last "Potter" flick. (Full Story)

"Rush Hour" star CHRIS TUCKER'S mansion in Central Florida is facing foreclosure. It has a basement that's done up like a pirate ship. (Full Story)

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN bought a snake. (Full Story)

HOWARD STERN'S sidekick ROBIN QUIVERS says she's turned down "Dancing with the Stars" three times . . . because there's no way she could dance in L.A., and still do her show with Howard in New York City. (Full Story)

"WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC has also said "no" to "Dancing with the Stars". He explains, quote, "It's not my thing, you know? It wouldn't be a pleasant experience for me . . . it would probably be 'good for my career,' but I don't know, it's just not my thing." (Full Story)

JALEEL WHITE . . . a.k.a. Steve Urkel . . . will host a game show on Syfy called "Total Blackout". It isn't a race thing . . . (???) . . . it's about contestants doing all kinds of stuff in complete darkness. It'll premiere sometime next year. (Full Story, with video)

"Family Guy" creator SETH MACFARLANE says he doesn't expect there to be a "Simpsons"-like contract showdown on any of his shows . . . because his actors know he "has their backs." (Full Story)

One of the motorcycles that was used by "The Fonz" on "Happy Days" will be auctioned off in Los Angeles on November 12th. (Full Story)


18% of People Have Used a Coupon on a First Date . . . and 73% of People Say That's Not Really a Turn-Off:

One of the unofficial rules of dating is that you NEVER use a coupon on a date. At least we THOUGHT that was one of the rules. This economy is throwing everything out of whack, man. --In a new survey by the website, 18% of people say they've used a coupon on a first date. --And believe it or not, it didn't sink most of them. The survey found that 73% of people say it's not really a turn-off if someone uses a coupon on a date . . . and 26% say they'd actually be IMPRESSED if someone had a coupon ready to use. --Only 4% of the people surveyed said it's NEVER acceptable to use a coupon on a date . . . not even when you're having "date night" with your husband or wife. --But if you're on a date and not sure whether it'll ruin things to use a coupon, you can always try this trick . . . --Go to the bathroom, find your server, and let them know you'll leave a good tip if they apply the coupon off discreetly. (--We've mentioned this technique before.) (CouponCabin)

29% of People Have Started Their Holiday Shopping Already:

It's about two-and-a-half weeks until Halloween, so if you haven't started shopping for your costume yet . . . DON'T. It's WAY too late for that. Time to scrap it altogether and get going on your CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. --According to a new survey, 29% of people say they've already started buying their holiday gifts. Women are almost twice as likely as men to have to have gotten started. --But if you want to hang with the slackers, 11% of people with kids and 23% of people without kids say they're going to wait until December to start their shopping. --The survey also found that 65% of men and 56% of women plan to spend more than $1,000 this Christmas. --And 40% of people are going to buy ALL their gifts online. (PR Newswire)

One-in-Three Women Secretly Bring a Comfortable Pair of Shoes When Out Wearing Heels:

Some people might call this lame or weak . . . I call it INTELLIGENCE.

--According to a new survey, one-in-three women admit that sometimes when they're wearing heels on a night out, they secretly bring along a pair of more comfortable shoes.

--81% of women say they usually experience PAIN on a night when they wear heels.

--34% experience pain within the first hour.

--Only 10% say they have a pair of heels they'd describe as "comfortable."

--The survey also found 33% of women have bought new shoes when they were out because they were having foot pain.


The Most Dangerous Airport in the U.S. is Chicago's O'Hare:

No one likes to think about it when they fly, but runways are more dangerous than you think: Planes taking off and landing have near-misses with other planes, vehicles, and people on the runway on an almost daily basis at American airports. --"Travel and Leisure Magazine" ranked the busiest U.S. airports based on how dangerous they are, and the most dangerous airport in America is . . . Chicago's O'Hare. They had 75 runway incidents in the last five years. --In second place was Cleveland's Hopkins Airport, with 45 near-misses. Other airports actually had more misses, but "Travel and Leisure's" ranking combines both the number of incidents and the severity of them. --In third place is Los Angeles International Airport. San Francisco and Honolulu round out the top five. --Two thirds of the time, the near-misses are caused by "pilot deviation," which means the pilot did something they weren't supposed to. Four out of five pilot mistakes are from people flying small planes, not commercial jets. --Obviously airports with a lot of traffic and a large number of new pilots training there have more near-misses. --But some of the busiest airports did well on safety. Atlanta has the most traffic, but only ranked 19th in runway incidents, just ahead of New York's JFK. LaGuardia wasn't in the top 20. (Time)

A Year Later, Most of the Chilean Miners Are Unemployed and Depressed:

A year ago today, those 33 Chilean miners were rescued after spending 69 days trapped underground. --"The New York Times" caught up with the miners . . . and found that most of them aren't doing well. --They were showered with gifts and trips right afterward, but now most of them are unemployed and suffering from post-traumatic stress. --Edison Pena is the one who appeared on "Letterman" and ran the New York Marathon. And the combination of PTSD and sudden fame drove him to alcohol and drugs. --Only four of the 33 men went back to their mining jobs. Another tried to go back, but he suffered a panic attack as he started to descend. --Two are selling fruits and vegetables, one from a roadside stand, and one out of the back of his truck. Most of the others are unemployed. Companies in Chile are reluctant to hire them because of their emotional scars. --Many of the miners are getting treatment and using antidepressants. And one guy started getting treatment after he caught his fiancée with another man. --Most of them are also counting on a financial windfall when Hollywood makes a movie about their ordeal . . . but the project hasn't even started yet. (NY Times)

A Restaurant in Vancouver Banned Men From Standing Up to Pee in the Unisex Bathroom . . . Because They Can't Aim:

Anyone who's had to clean a bathroom knows that men have trouble with their aim. --For a restaurant in Vancouver called Edible Canada, it was an even bigger problem, because they had unisex bathrooms that only had toilets . . . no urinals. --So to keep men from leaving the restroom unusable for female customers, they BANNED men from STANDING UP to PEE. --On the wall above each of their six toilets . . . at about the height where a guy standing in front of the toilet would see it, is a sign informing men of the rule. --It has a figure of a man standing in front of a toilet, with little dots showing him peeing. There's no stick-figure nudity, because the big slash signifying "not allowed" covers it up. (Vancouver Sun)


A Woman is Arrested for Stalking After Calling Her Ex 1,001 Times in Three Months, Egging His House, and Starting a Blog About How He Hurt Her:

Back in June, a leather artist named Peter Main in Houston, Texas broke up with a 49-year-old woman named Toni Jo Silvey. And I think it's safe to say things were NOT MUTUAL. Here's a rundown of what Toni has done since then . . .

--She called Peter 1,001 TIMES and sent 712 emails in three months. She made 146 of those calls on one day in August.

--She EGGED his house several times.

--She destroyed a window in his house with a tire iron and a FIVE-FOOT SWORD.

--She rammed her car into his car and his garage.

--And finally, she started a BLOG, called "The Real Peter Main Leather Artist Beyond Artist the Man" where she alternates between writing about how he hurt her, how awful a person he is, and how she thinks he cheated on her.

(--Here it is:

--He went to the police several times to complain, but she just kept coming back. --Finally, after she ignored EVERY police warning, she was arrested on Tuesday and charged with felony stalking. She's still in jail. (Houston Chronicle)

A Woman Steals a Truck . . . and Ends Up Getting Busted for Having Two Husbands?

Last week, 48-year-old Diane Tucker of Powder Springs, Georgia stole a truck. She had no idea that when she got busted for that, it would ALSO lead to her getting busted for something MUCH stranger. --Last Wednesday, Diane wrote a $49,484 check to a Chevy dealer to buy a 2011 Chevrolet Silverado. Then after she drove off, she stopped payment on the check. --The cops tracked her down within a day. And as they checked into her background, they found a red flag that made them investigate further. Passing a bad check wasn't Diane's only scam. --Nope . . . turned out she's also a marriage scammer, and actually had TWO HUSBANDS. --She married her first husband, a guy named Edwin Windelberg, in 2004. Then, without divorcing him, she married another guy three years later named Alexandro Saldivar. --Alexandro eventually realized his wife had another husband and got her to finish off the divorce in 2009. The cops most likely never would've found out if Diane hadn't stolen the truck. --She's been charged with both theft by deception AND with bigamy. (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

A Couple on a First Date Winds Up In Jail When They Dine-and-Dash From T.G.I. Friday's:

On October 5th, 18-year-old Devin Norling and 19-year-old Sydney Sanders from Vero Beach, Florida went on their first date. --And Devin went with my favorite first date spot . . . T.G.I. Friday's. --Unfortunately, he didn't have any money. So after the waitress brought their bill for $25.16 . . . the couple pulled the old DINE-AND-DASH move. --A manager spotted them running through the parking lot toward a Wendy's, and called the cops. --The cops easily tracked them down, and both Devin and Sydney were charged with obtaining food with intent to defraud, which is a misdemeanor. --The cops also found a marijuana pipe in Sydney's purse, so she was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia too. (Treasure Coast Palm)


Random News Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

A police clerk in Illinois sent a fax about a speeding ticket to the local newspaper instead of the court. It said to, quote, "dismiss the case" . . . because the kid caught speeding was a deputy's son. (Full Story)

Are black pets less likely to get adopted? Animal shelters say yes . . . partly because they're harder to photograph. (Full Story)

The U.S. cities where you can get the biggest discount on travel if you wait until the last minute? Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Dallas, and Phoenix. (Full Story)

60% of employees say they like their company more if they get a holiday gift. 75% say it improved morale, and 33% say it improved productivity. (Full Story)

A guy in the UK who finished third in a marathon was busted . . . for taking a bus to the finish line. (Full Story)

A Republican state representative in Tennessee sponsored a bill to allow handguns in bars . . . and was arrested for driving drunk with a gun. (Full Story)


#1.) Charles Barkley Said He Hates Facebook and Tivo . . . and "Tweet Is for Losers":

CHARLES BARKLEY is in the news because he says he might donate his salary to charity while the NBA is locked out. (--Barkley's a commentator for TNT.) --But he's also in the news because he posted a video on his website where he bashes Facebook and Tivo . . . and says Twitter is for LOSERS. --Actually, he says "TWEET is for losers." Then he adds, quote, "If you wake up in the morning, and you're worried about what I'm doing . . . you're a damn idiot." --He also says he doesn't have a Facebook page. And he hates Tivo because, quote, "That's what reruns are for!" (--Search for "Charles Barkley I Do Not Tweet or Tivo." WARNING: This video includes the word "damn.")

#2.) And Now . . . Watch a Guy Break the World Record for "Most Times to Pass Through a Toilet Seat in One Minute":

The people at the Guinness Book of World Records posted a new video yesterday . . . of a man from Turkey setting a new record for "most times to pass through a toilet seat in one minute." Obviously, he took the toilet seat OFF the toilet beforehand. --And in 60 seconds, he squeezed his whole body through the toilet seat nine times. (--But it might not be too long before someone breaks it again. Because the guy in the video is thin . . . but not THAT thin. Search for "Guinness Book Most Passes Through a Toilet Seat." He starts at :20.)
Five Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System Before Flu Season:

Flu season is right around the corner. And the magazine "Prevention" has a list of simple things you can do to strengthen your immune system . . . and hopefully stay healthy this year. Here are the top five.

#1.) Eat Protein with Every Meal. One reason it helps is, the antibodies that help fight off diseases are actually MADE of protein. Plus, foods that are high in protein usually have other nutrients that boost your immune system. --Beef, pork, beans, soy, and seafood all contain zinc, which helps your body make more white blood cells to fight off infections. --Almonds and cashews have protein too, as well as magnesium, which also helps boost your immune system.

#2.) Eat Five Cups of Fruits and Vegetables a Day. The ones that are high in vitamins A, C, and E are the best.

--Vitamin A . . . which is found in sweet potatoes, carrots, and leafy greens . . . helps fight infections.

--Vitamin C . . . which is in citrus fruit, bell peppers, and broccoli . . . helps your body absorb iron, which helps fight off diseases.

--And nuts and seeds contain high levels of vitamin E, which has been shown to help combat the flu and upper respiratory infections.

--But don't just take a bunch of supplements. Talk to your doctor first, because high doses of certain minerals can actually HURT your immune system.

#3.) Have Your Vitamin D Level Checked. Your skin absorbs it when you're out in the sun, so a lot of people don't get enough of it . . . especially during the winter. --And new research suggests that not getting enough vitamin D can make you more vulnerable to the flu, and the common cold.

#4.) Get 20 to 30 Minutes of Exercise a Day. Physical activity makes antibodies and white blood cells move through your body faster.

--And researchers think an increase in circulation might also trigger the release of certain hormones that warn your immune system when something's wrong. --Just don't overdo it, because intense activity . . . like training for a marathon . . . can DECREASE your white blood cell count.

#5.) Don't Get Drunk. One or two drinks is fine. But more than that can suppress your immune system.

--And a recent study from Brown University showed that too much alcohol is toxic to your "dendritic" cells . . . which help seek out and destroy bacteria. --According to "Prevention", if those cells aren't working right, it makes you more vulnerable to colds and the flu. And in some cases, it can lead to life-threatening infections. (Prevention)


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