Monday, October 31, 2011



Here's a Massive Gallery of Celebrities in Their Halloween Costumes:

The stars were out in costume over the weekend. And we have a massive picture gallery for you. We've got . . .

--Snooki as a cat. Probably a cat with herpes.

--Paris Hilton as He-Man's girlfriend She-Ra.

--Alessandra Ambrosio as Natalie Portman from "Black Swan".

--Ali Larter and husband Hayes MacArthur as bumblebees.

--Gwen Stefani as Cinderella

--Rashida Jones as a Blow Pop. (--Mega props for choosing FUNNY OVER SEXY . . . which I happen to find SEXIER.)

--Jessica Alba as a witch.

--Jamie Lee Curtis as Little Red Riding Hood.

--Bethenny Frankel in schoolgirl Hello Kitty garb.

--Nicole Richie as Jennifer Lopez . . . but NOT a sexy J-Lo. (--Remember, Nicole took to her Facebook page last week to implore women not to slut it up this year. Nicole was a really SPOT-ON J-Lo. Check out a closer pic here.)

--Rose McGowan in some kind of Three Musketeers-type outfit. (--But if she's a Musketeer, she's a SLUTTY musketeer. Sorry, Nicole.)

--Alan Cumming as a Monkey.

--Debra Messing and her husband with corpse-like makeup.

--Jerry Ferrara from "Entourage" as Robin Hood

--Holly Madison as . . . we think . . . Rapunzel from "Tangled".

--Judd Apatow and wife Leslie Mann doing the '80s thing.

--Lance Bass as some kind of weird clown-thing.

--Carmelo Anthony as a gangster.

--Kim Kardashian as the Batman villain Poison Ivy.

--Nicky Hilton as a cat.

--Zooey Deschanel as Adele.

--David Arquette possibly as a pimp. Not completely sure.

--Stevie Wonder as a skeleton and Bette Midler in just some ambiguous Halloween-ish garb.

--Chef Sandra Lee as a princess.

--AnnaLynne McCord and her two sisters as what look like Victorian-era sluts.

--Heidi Klum went absolutely ALL-OUT with a skinless, "Visible Woman" costume. (--Check out more pics of this costume here.)

--Katie Couric as an Indian woman. (--Dots, not feathers.)

--Camille Grammer as an irritably-boweled pirate.

--Emma Roberts went as a Playboy Bunny, but the only pic we have of her is seated in a car still wearing her coat.

--David Arquette AGAIN . . . this time as Elvis, hanging out with Chaz Bono dressed as . . . CHAZ BONO!

--Nicky Hilton again . . . this time as Little Red Riding Hood.

--Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend Scott Disick as a priest.

--Cameron Diaz as a STRIPPER. Not showing much, though. Maybe she took more off once she got to her destination.

--Ice-T as a convict and his wife Coco as something slutty.

--J-Woww as a slutty gangster.

--Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon and the twins as The Incredibles

--Katy Perry as a skeleton.

--Harrison Ford as a NUN and Calista Flockhart as a pig.

--Matthew Morrison as Richard Simmons.

(--Morrison also hosted his own party, where he dressed as Roger Rabbit. A bunch of "Glee" stars were there, including Chris Colfer, who was a Sea Monkey, and Mark Salling, who looked like he was dressed as Tyrone Biggums, the crackhead from "Chappelle's Show".)

(--You can see pictures from that party here.)

--Kate Walsh as Morticia Addams

--Newly-out Zachary Quinto in an outfit he described as, quote, "Fireworks on the Fourth of July."

--Brooke Shields and her kids did the Addams Family thing, too.

--Lea Michele was Natalie Portman's WHITE Swan from "Black Swan".

--Lindsay Lohan as a French maid.

--Jennifer Love Hewitt and some dude apparently being Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie . . . based on all the multi-colored baby dolls they carried around with them.

Elisabetta Canalis Says She and George Clooney Had a Father-Daughter Relationship:

ELISABETTA CANALIS had nothing but good things to say about her ex GEORGE CLOONEY in a new interview. --She called him, quote, "The person who valued my feminine side the most . . . [and] . . . also one of the best people I have met from a charitable point of view." --She added, quote, "He has been special for me, and very important, just as a father would be." --Asked to clarify that statement, Elisabetta said, quote, "Between us there was more of a father-daughter relationship. I was unable to clarify this up 'til now." (--George is 50, and Elisabetta is 33 . . . so technically he was old enough to be her dad.) --Obviously there was more going on there than there is in MOST father-daughter relationships. But Elisabetta would like you to know that she and George did NOT break up over arguments about marriage or kids. --She said, quote, "George and I never spoke of marriage nor of having kids . . . neither George nor I had ever envisaged having kids together. --"The end of the relationship was not caused by a marriage issue, but instead by our personal needs." --She added, quote, "George is a real gentleman even in his private life. I was very much respected both as a woman and partner." (--Elisabetta is still nailing Mehcad Brooks from "True Blood" and "Necessary Roughness". Here are some recent shots of them in Berlin.) (Celebitchy)

Lindsay Lohan Got Her Teeth Fixed:

LINDSAY LOHAN got her stanky, rotting teeth fixed . . . and she's so happy with her new look she posted a picture of it on Twitter, along with the message, "Thanks, Dr. Dorfman for the zoom . . . My gums are so sore though!" (--Check out the before-and-after here.) (--Dr. Bill Dorfman is a dentist to the stars in L.A. He was also on "Extreme Makeover" and "The Doctors".) (--Lindsay could be taking those new choppers with her to JAIL. She has a hearing on Wednesday to address her probation violation.) (--Speaking of the Lohans . . . Lindsay's dad MICHAEL was denied bail over the weekend . . . which means he's still behind bars for harassing ex-girlfriend Kate Major.) (--Here's courtroom video. Michael's in a wheelchair because of that three-story fall he took while trying to get away from the cops.)

Why Were Paris Hilton's Parents at the Conrad Murray Manslaughter Trial on Friday?

There were a couple of interesting spectators Friday at DR. CONRAD MURRAY'S manslaughter trial. --RICK and KATHY HILTON . . . the parents of PARIS and NICKY . . . were sitting in the courtroom with MICHAEL JACKSON'S family. Why? --It turns out Kathy and Michael are about the same age, and she's known him since they were kids. The families often spent time together. --Outside the courthouse, Kathy said, quote, "I love [Michael] and I miss him. This is a shame. I can't believe what we're going through." (--Here's video. And here's a wrap-up of Friday's court action.)

A Woman Tried to Attack Usher for Parking in a Handicap Spot:

Here's a crazy video for you: A woman flipped out and tried to PHYSICALLY go after USHER for parking in a handicap spot. (--Check it out here. WARNING!!! This clip contains bleeped profanity.)
Check Out Video of a 12-Year-Old Jessica Biel . . . Painted Blue:

In 1994, when she was only 12 years old, JESSICA BIEL appeared in some kind of short movie called "It's a Digital World". She was painted blue . . . and singing. (--Check it out here. The short is split between two separate video clips. Jessica's first appearance is at the 7:17 mark of the first clip.)

Demi Moore Got Annoyed With the Paparazzi After a Nail Appointment:

The paparazzi hounded DEMI MOORE after she left a nail appointment in West Hollywood the other day. --A witness says Demi, quote, "lashed out and screamed obscenities at them as she pushed through the group on the way to her car." --Another witness says one of the photographers goaded her into it by blocking her path, shoving his camera in her face and being verbally abusive. (--No video has popped up online yet, but we do have a picture. Check it out here.) (E! Online)


There Will Be No Basketball in November:

Negotiations between NBA players and owners broke down again last week . . . and on Friday, Commissioner DAVID STERN announced that the lockout will continue through the entire month of November. --He said, quote, "We held out that joint hope together, but in light of the breakdown of talks, there will not be a full NBA season under any circumstances. It's not practical, possible or prudent to have a full season now." --The sticking point remains how to split the league's revenues. Owners are demanding a 50-50 split . . . while the players union wants no less than 52%. Players were guaranteed 57% under the previous collective bargaining agreement. --No further talks are scheduled at this point. (--If you're interested in a much more detailed analysis of this situation, check out

"Puss in Boots" Broke the Halloween Weekend Box Office Record:

"Puss in Boots" made $34 million this weekend, which is the biggest total for a Halloween weekend ever. (--The previous record was held by "Saw 3", which made $33.6 million when it came out in 2006.) --"Paranormal Activity 3" lost a little steam, but still made another $18.5 million in 2nd place. The JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE sci-fi thriller "In Time" came in third with $12 million, while JOHNNY DEPP'S "The Rum Diary" made $5 million in 5th place.

1.) NEW: "Puss in Boots", $34 million

2.) "Paranormal Activity 3", $18.5 million. Up to $81.3 million in its 2nd week.

3.) NEW: "In Time", $12 million

A Stuntman Was Killed on the Set of "The Expendables 2":

One stuntman was killed and another suffered critical injuries in an accident on the set of "The Expendables 2" in Bulgaria. --It has something to do with an explosion on a rubber boat that was out on a lake, but that's all we know about it right now.

Check Out Two New Ads for "Twilight":

Two new TV promos for "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1" are out. One is 30 seconds and the other is only 15. But if you're a fan, I'm sure you'll want to see them anyway. (--The movie comes out November 18th. Check 'em out here.)

The 10 Most Evil Kids in Horror:

Just in time for Halloween, a website you've never heard of called has come up with a list of the 10 Most Evil Kids in Horror. LINDA BLAIR from "The Exorcist" tops it. (--Check out the complete list here.)

An Editor for "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" and Other Shows with Kids Was Arrested for Having Child Pornography:

This is pretty creepy. A 56-year-old man named William Blankinship has been arrested for possessing child pornography. But check out what he did for a living: --Blankinship served as an editor for "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" and "Kate Plus Eight" . . . as well as a few other TLC reality shows involving a lot of kids, including "Table for 12" and "17 and Counting". (--That's the show that follows the child-hoarding Duggar family. It's since become "19 and Counting".) --He was charged with 10 counts of sex exploit of a minor . . . meaning he possessed a lot of "photos and / or video of a minor engaged in sexual activity." --Blankenship never had any contact with the kids on those shows . . . but obviously, he spent countless hours watching and reviewing footage of them to do his job. --He worked for a company that was subcontracted by TLC. It's unclear how much of a choice he had to take on those shows in particular . . . but it's really hard to believe it was a complete coincidence.) --Ironically, after JON GOSSELIN split from the show . . . and suddenly decided he didn't want his kids on TV . . . he said, quote, "I put my kids out there to every pedophile on the planet and they never got paid for it.") --By the way, here's the latest on KATE GOSSELIN'S crusade to save her kids from having "mediocre" lives like the rest of us. --An "insider" tells the "National Enquirer", quote, "Kate's ultimate goal is to get her kids into the entertainment business and manage their careers. She's looking into acting, singing and dancing classes. She wants to get the kids started in commercials by next year."

Fox Is Bringing Back "In Living Color" with Keenen Ivory Wayans:

Yet another old TV show is coming back. Fox is reviving "In Living Color" with KEENEN IVORY WAYANS, who created the show over 20 years ago. --"In Living Color" originally aired on Fox from 1990 to 1994 . . . and launched the careers of JAMIE FOXX, DAVID ALAN GRIER, and a then-unknown comedian named JIM CARREY. It also made the Wayans family household names. --Fox will test the waters by airing two half-hour "In Living Color" specials sometime next spring. If they're successful, it'll become a full-blown series next fall. Keenen will host the specials, with a new cast of, quote, "fresh, young talent." --Some of you may remember that "In Living Color" was also JENNIFER LOPEZ'S first big break. The dancers on the show were called The Fly Girls . . . and the last two seasons included a then-unknown J-Lo as part of the dance troupe.

The St. Louis Cardinals' Huge Win on Friday Night Was the Most-Watched World Series Game in Seven Years:

The St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series with a 6-to-2 victory over the Texas Rangers in Game Seven on Friday night. --An average of 25.4 million people tuned in, which was enough to make it the most-watched World Series game since the clincher in 2004. --That was the year that the Boston Red Sox broke the "curse," and earned their first title in 86 years. That game attracted 28.8 million viewers. --Overall, this year's World Series averaged 16.6 million viewers. That's up 19% from last year's average of 14.5 million.

Conan Is Celebrating His One-Year Anniversary on TBS By Officiating a Gay Wedding:

CONAN O'BRIEN is celebrating his one-year anniversary on TBS by officiating a real-life gay wedding for a male staffer and his partner. --Naturally, he'll do this on his show. It'll air sometime this week . . . but a specific airdate hasn't been announced yet. The wedding will take place in New York, which legalized gay marriage back in June. (--You can check Conan's website for updates.)


Monday TV Reminders: (--Check your local listings.)

--"Monday Night Football" . . . 8:30 to 11:30 P.M. Eastern on ESPN. The Kansas City Chiefs host the San Diego Chargers at Arrowhead Stadium.

--"How I Met Your Mother" . . . 8:00 to 8:30 P.M. on CBS. Katie Holmes guests as the Slutty Pumpkin who Ted met at a rooftop Halloween bash in Season 1.

--"The Sing-Off" . . . 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. on NBC. The seven remaining groups perform a Halloween medley and songs from popular musicians.

--"Dancing with the Stars" [Performance Show] . . . 8:30 to 10:00 P.M. on ABC. Nancy Grace, Ricki Lake, Hope Solo, J.R. Martinez, David Arquette, and Rob Kardashian perform Halloween themed routines and team dances.

--"American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior" . . . 9:00 to 11:00 P.M. on Discovery. The show salutes the top ten bikes.

--"Will Ferrell: The Mark Twain Prize" . . . 9:00 to 10:30 P.M. on PBS. You can watch video of Will Ferrell dropping the prize here.

--"The Bad Girls Club" [7th Season Finale] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Oxygen.

--"La La's Full Court Life" [2nd Season Finale] . . . 9:00 to 9:30 P.M. on VH1.

--"The T.O. Show" [3rd Season Finale] . . . 9:30 to 10:00 P.M. on VH1.

--"Hawaii Five-0" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on CBS. "Nightmare on Elm Street's" Robert Englund guest stars as a drifter when a couple is murdered while making a film about a traditional Hawaiian burial site.

--"Rock Center with Brian Williams" [Series Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on NBC. Brian Williams hosts the latest addition to newsmagazine shows.


Ten New Games Are Out This Week . . . Including "NCIS", "Lord of the Rings" and "Uncharted 3":

--"Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception" (T) . . . on PS3. For the third game in the "Uncharted" series, Nathan Drake travels to the sand dunes of the Rub' al Khali in search of the "Atlantis of the Sand" using clues from his distant relative Sir Francis Drake, as well as 1900's archeologist T.E. Laurence's research into the Arab world.

Multiplayer features a new Buddy System that lets you join up with a friend to perform duel taunts after killing another player, spawn directly on your buddy after you die, and collect each other's treasures for knocking off other players. (Trailer)

--"The Lord of the Rings: War in the North" (M) . . . on Xbox360, PS3, and PC. Build your own co-op fellowship to fight for Middle Earth in a stand-alone story set during the events of the "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. The three heroes you have to choose from are a human ranger, an elf wizard, and a dwarf warrior. (Trailer)

--"NCIS: The Game" (T) . . . on Xbox360, PS3, and Wii. If you've ever wanted to be on the NCIS team, now you get to play as McGee, Gibbs, and Abby to solve crimes in four game episodes that were created by writers of the show. (Trailer)

--"GoldenEye 007: Reloaded" (T) . . . on Xbox360 and PS3. The classic Nintendo 64 shooter has been remade again. One of the new features you get this time around is an Escalation mode in multiplayer, where each time you get a kill your gun changes, and the first person to go through all the guns on the list win. (Trailer)

--"Jimmie Johnson's Anything With An Engine" (E) . . . on Xbox360, PS3, and Wii. This cart-style racing game lets you race just about anything, including dumpsters, coffins, nuclear bombs, and recliners. Jimmy Fallon will be the first racer you can download, and the proceeds from those sales go to The Red Cross. (Trailer)

--"NASCAR Unleashed" (E) . . . on Xbox360, PS3, and Wii. This game has all of the famous NASCAR drivers and tracks . . . plus you can hit massive ramps, and take race off the tracks. (Trailer)

--"Sonic Generations" (E) . . . on Xbox360 and PS3. Thanks to the Time Eater, Sonic and his friends have been scattered throughout the entire 20 year history of his existence. Classic levels like the Green Hill Zone and the Chemical Plant have been re-imagined, so you can play using both Classic and Modern Sonic styles. (Trailer) (--You can grab the 3DS version of this game on November 22nd.)

--"MotionSports Adrenaline" (E) . . . on Xbox360 and PS3. If you like extreme sports and motion controlled games this one is for you. Use the Xbox 360's Kinect or the PS3's Move motion controls to master sky diving with a wingsuit, kite surfing, kayaking, rock climbing, skiing, and mountain biking. (Trailer)

--"Cabela's Adventure Camp" (E) . . . on Xbox360 and Wii. Part summer camp, part theme park, you use motion controls to bike, kayak, and target shoot your way through head-to-head competition for a week at camp. (Trailer)

--"Hasbro Family Game Night 4: The Game Show" (E) . . . on Wii. Hasbro has given some of their most popular board games a sports twist in this one. You'll play Connect 4 basketball, Yahtzee! bowling, Sorry! shuffleboard, and many others.

ESRB Game Ratings: (E) for Everyone; (T) for Teen; (M) for Mature (18+)

Video Game Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

#1.) "Grand Theft Auto V" has been officially announced. It will feature multiple playable characters, and take place in Los Angeles.

#2.) If you haven't seen it yet, here's a trailer for the new Weapon Proficiency feature "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3". As part of standard weapon upgrades, they've integrated perks directly into the weapon itself, meaning you can earn additional perks like reduced recoil, deeper impact and quicker melee for your favorite gun. (Trailer)

(--"MW3" hits stores next week, on November 8th.)

#3.) "DC Universe" will officially be free to play on November 1st. (Full Story)

#4.) If you pre-order the PlayStation Vita's First Edition bundle you will get it a week earlier than everybody else. The bundle includes the 3G Vita, a limited edition case, a memory card, and the game "Little Deviants". (Full Story)


--"Cars 2" - Lightning goes overseas to compete in a set of races to determine the world's fastest car. His best friend Mater goes with him, and Mater's recruited by a British agent for a top secret mission after being mistaken for an undercover spy.

Owen Wilson is still the voice of Lightning McQueen, Larry the Cable Guy returns as Mater, and that's Michael Caine doing the voice of British spy car Finn McMissile.

--"An Invisible Sign" - Jessica Alba plays a shy math teacher who comes out of her shell when she falls for another teacher at her school. They try to make her look as nerdy and awkward as possible in the trailer . . . but it's still Jessica Alba.

--"Crazy, Stupid, Love" - Steve Carell gets dumped by his cheating wife, and starts taking dating lessons from a guy he meets at a bar, played by Ryan Gosling. The rest of the cast includes Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Marisa Tomei, and Kevin Bacon.

--"Water for Elephants" - Robert Pattinson joins the circus and falls in love with Reese Witherspoon. She rides horses, he cares for the elephants. Too bad she's married to somebody else.

--"Trespass" - Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman fight back when they're taken hostage during a home invasion robbery by a guy she had an affair with.

TV Series On DVD:

--"Californication: The Fourth Season" . . . a two-disc DVD set.

--"Deadliest Catch: Season 7" . . . a four-disc DVD set.

--"Victorious: Season 1, Volume 2" . . . a two-disc DVD set.

--"Rawhide: The Fourth Season, Volume 2" . . . a four-disc set of the classic Clint Eastwood western. It ran for eight seasons.


This Week's CD Releases:

--"Under the Mistletoe", the Justin Bieber Christmas album!!! It features his duet with Mariah Carey on "All I Want for Christmas", plus Usher on "The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)", Busta Rhymes on "Drummer Boy", The Band Perry on "Home This Christmas", and Boyz II Men on "Fa La La".

--"Lulu", Metallica & Lou Reed . . . It's streaming at --Metallica and Lou Reed came up with the idea to collaborate at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 25th Anniversary Concert in 2009.)

--"Th1rt3en", Megadeth . . . It's the first Megadeth album to feature original bassist Dave Ellefson in a decade, since 2001's "The World Needs a Hero".)

--"Ceremonials", the second album by Florence + The Machine

--"Someone to Watch Over Me", the third album by the gorgeous Susan Boyle

--"The Sing-Off: Sounds of the Season" . . . A holiday album by the top a-cappella groups from the NBC show.

--"Open Invitation", Tyrese . . . His guests include Ludacris, R. Kelly, Rick Ross, Candace, and Jay Rock. It includes the singles "Stay" and "Too Easy".

--"Four the Record", Miranda Lambert . . . Miranda's fourth album features Josh Kelley singing backup on the single "Baggage Claim". (--You may recall that she turned her album cover into a mosaic of people's Twitter photos, which you can see and download here.)

--"This Ole Boy", Craig Morgan . . . This is a digital-only release of his five song EP. The title track is Craig's current single.

Metallica Fans in India Started a Riot . . . When a Show Was Canceled at the Last Minute Over Security Concerns:

METALLICA was supposed to play their first gig ever in India on Friday, but it was canceled at the last minute due to "security concerns." Specifically, a barrier in front of the stage collapsed, and couldn't be repaired. --Around 25,000 fans were at the venue, but the band never took the stage. --The fans were NOT pleased . . . and "dozens" of them raided the stage and vandalized equipment. CHAOS ensued. The rioters trashed instruments and the sound system, and they threw bottles at the digital display screens. --Metallica initially planned on rescheduling the show for the next night, Saturday . . . but the concert organizers weren't able to get a permit in time. --Metallica issued this statement: Quote, "We [were] very excited and ready to play our first show ever in India . . .--"However, we were notified that there was a serious question as to whether the show could proceed with regard to the safety of the concert audience. Our first and foremost concern is always for the safety of you, the fans." --Metallica did finally give up their Indian virginity yesterday, at a separate, previously scheduled gig in a different city. (--That one happened in Bangalore. Friday's show was supposed to happen in Gurgaon.) --Four people from the promotion company have been arrested for fraud, cheating people and breach of trust. They also oversold the venue and didn't tell fans about the cancellation in a timely manner. (--There are some videos of the Indian fans trashing the stage on YouTube . . . and they're CRAZY. In this one, it feels like you're in the middle of a STREET RIOT. WARNING: It includes UNCENSORED AMERICAN PROFANITY.) (--There's additional footage and info in this very dramatic news report. It includes flashing graphics saying "Metallica Mayhem" and "Police Crack Whip", plus a reference to, quote, "Canadian rock star BRYAN ADAMS.") (???)

Adele Has Been Forced to Shut It Down for the Rest of 2011 . . . So She Can Have Throat Surgery:

ADELE is still rolling in some deep vocal chord issues . . . and now it's at the point where she has to have throat surgery. Not surprisingly, that will keep her sidelined through the rest of the year. -A message on her website says, quote, "She is to undergo surgery to alleviate the current issues with her throat and a full recovery is expected. --"As a result, doctors have ordered her to rest her voice and completely recuperate before looking to schedule any work commitments." Concert refunds will be available from the point of purchase. --It's unclear when she's having the surgery. For more information, hit up

(NC-17) Justin's Manager Compared Him to The Beatles . . . and Declared "Vocally, His Balls Have Dropped":

JUSTIN BIEBER'S fame whore manager Scooter Braun just gave a comprehensive interview to "Billboard". Here are two highlights: --First, he compares Justin to THE BEATLES. He says, quote, "All the hype and the kids running down the street screaming, you lose the chance to say that this started because of the music. --"I don't want to draw comparisons, but there was a band during the British Invasion that had girls screaming at them. I think you know who I'm talking about." (CAREFUL) --He also announces Justin's voice has officially MATURED . . . in the most awkward way possible. He says, quote, "Vocally, his balls have dropped." (???) (--You can find the whole interview at

Taylor Swift's Lawyers are Threatening to Sue Some Lame Website for Posting "False Pornographic Images" of Her:

Some totally unreliable website posted a topless photo of a girl who looks like TAYLOR SWIFT. The site, Celebrity Jihad, identified it as a "leaked" nude photo of Taylor Swift and laid out what they consider "evidence". --Here's how idiotic that evidence is. They point out that the girl in the photo has strawberries on her panties and since Taylor has been known to eat strawberries, it must be her. --Well, guess who doesn't believe the photo is Taylor? Besides you and me, of course. Taylor's lawyers . . . and they sent a letter accusing the site of containing "false pornographic images" and "false news" about Taylor. --They're demanding the images be taken down or they'll sue for trademark infringement. --Celebrity Jihad is supposedly "weighing its options" before it responds.


Showbiz Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

Openly-gay comedian MARIO CANTONE has announced that he married his partner of 20 years earlier this month. (Full Story)

EVA LONGORIA is denying rumors that she's nailing Lakers forward MATT BARNES. She says they're just doing charity work together. (Full Story)

Cops were called to DREW BARRYMORE'S house because her Halloween party was too loud. (Full Story)

KIM KARDASHIAN'S husband KRIS HUMPHRIES lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in a financial scheme. And the guy behind it was a guest at their wedding. (Full Story)

MADONNA and her daughter LOURDES are looking for the new face of their Material Girl clothing line. And to find her, they put out a corny video where they're pretending to have a completely unscripted conversation. (Video)

HILARY SWANK has reportedly fired her manager of eight years after the embarrassment of accepting a six-figure paycheck to appear at the birthday party of one of the world's worst human rights violators. (Full Story)

Are you interested in the favorite movies of all the Republican presidential candidates? The people at the "Washington Times" were too. So they asked them. (Full Story)

One of the not-always-reliable British tabloids has a bunch of details about the upcoming AMY WINEHOUSE album . . . including a track listing. But since we're talking about a British tabloid here, you never know if the info is legit. (Full Story)

SNOOKI gets two hours of primetime on the Home Shopping Network on November 10th to sell her perfume and other garbage. (Full Story)

NANCY CARTWRIGHT . . . the chick who does Bart Simpson's voice . . . says the phrase "Eat my shorts" was just something she ad-libbed during a script reading. (Full Story)


Halloween is Now Our Second-Favorite Holiday . . . Behind Christmas, But Ahead of Birthdays:

It's amazing how much Halloween's popularity has SKYROCKETED in the past decade or so . . . it's hard to even remember back when it was still mostly just a kids' holiday. And here's more proof it's TAKING OVER. --In a new poll, Halloween was voted the SECOND most popular holiday . . . behind Christmas. It beat out Easter and our BIRTHDAYS. (Press and Journal)

More Americans Believe in Ghosts Than Ever Before:

You'd think in this day and age we'd be MORE skeptical than ever. But this is a direct contradiction to that. --According to a new nationwide survey by Rasmussen Reports, more Americans than EVER believe in GHOSTS. 31% of adults say they believe in ghosts . . . no other reputable poll has ever seen the percentage that high. --62% of Americans say they don't believe in ghosts. 7% aren't sure. (Rasmussen Reports)

And Now, Three More Things to Worry About on Halloween:

#1.) Your kids messing up their teeth. Halloween is the biggest candy-eating holiday of the year . . . and that leads to a huge rise in trips to the dentist and orthodontist.

--Some estimate that they see up to a 70% INCREASE in kids in the three weeks after Halloween. Taffy, gummy bears, jawbreakers, gumballs, and candy apples are the biggest causes of tooth problems. (Toronto Globe and Mail)

#2.) There's a big potential for property damage on Halloween. About 3% of people say they've suffered property damage from Halloween pranks. And 12% have had eggs thrown at their house or their car. --So 43% of people surveyed said they'd be okay if MASKS were banned on Halloween . . . and 22% think it might not be a bad idea to ban trick-or-treating altogether. (Hemel Today)

#3.) Just in time for Halloween, the price of peanut butter is going up. Because of a drought in the South, peanuts are in short supply and high demand. --So starting today, peanut butter is expected to SKYROCKET in price. Major brands could go up 40% today, and that would take a $3 jar up to $4.20. (--We've mentioned this before, but now it's happening.) --The average kid eats 1,500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before starting high school. (USA Today)


Steve Jobs' Sister Revealed His Final Words During Her Eulogy:

STEVE JOBS' biological sister is an author named Mona Simpson. She delivered the eulogy at his funeral on October 16th, and yesterday, it was published in the "New York Times". --In the eulogy, she revealed the final six words Jobs said to her, his wife, his children, and the rest of his family who was with him the day he died. --She says, quote, "Before embarking, he looked at his sister Patty, then for a long time at his children, then at his life's partner, Laurene, and then over their shoulders past them. Steve's final words were, 'Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.'" --She believed that showed that for all the innovating he did and for all that he brought to the world, he was still capable of being completely amazed by life . . . even in the end. --Simpson is an award-winning novelist who wrote the books "Off Keck Road" and "Anywhere But Here" . . . which was turned into a movie with Susan Sarandon and Natalie Portman. --Since Steve Jobs was adopted, she didn't meet him until he tracked down his biological mother in 1985. (New York Times) (--You can read her eulogy here.)

Your Sleep Problems are Costing You $2,280 a Year in Lost Productivity . . . and Costing the Country $63.2 Billion:

None of us get enough sleep. We know that. But did you know your sleep problems could be hurting AMERICA? --That's right. A new study in the journal "Sleep" calculated just how much our sleep problems are costing us . . . and it's a LOT. --They calculated that the average American loses about 11.3 days of productivity per year because of sleep issues. Converted to cash, based on the average salary, that's $2,280 in lost productivity every year. --Spread across the nationwide workforce, that adds up to $63.2 BILLION in lost American productivity. (ABC News)

Stupid Photo of the Day . . . A Three-Eyed Fish Turned Up Near a Nuclear Plant in Argentina:

Hey, REAL LIFE . . . try to be more original. "The Simpsons" did this like two decades ago. --In Argentina, in a reservoir lake near a nuclear power plant, a fisherman caught a THREE-EYED FISH. The same thing happened in a "Simpsons" episode in 1990, where a three-eyed mutated fish turned up outside the power plant. --Scientists are testing the fish to see if the nuclear plant was the cause of the mutation. (io9) (--Here's a photo of the fish, and the one from "The Simpsons".)

Do You Really Want to Know What's Inside of a McRib?

It's that time of year again: The McRib magically reappears at McDonald's for a few weeks . . . only to be snatched away before Thanksgiving. -So here's a dilemma. Do you want to enjoy your few weeks of eating McRibs in blissful ignorance . . . or do you want to go behind the curtain and hear what the actual ingredients are? --If you don't want to know, cover your ears for about 45 seconds . . . NOW.

--Chemicals. There are about 70 ingredients involved . . . 34 of which are in the bun. Most of those are chemicals used for who knows what. But one is azodicarbonamide, which bleaches flour and is also used to make gym mats.

--Pig scraps. The McRib is assembled from pieces of pig like the heart and stomach. Those are cooked together and blended into a substance that IS pig . . . at least technically.

--Lots of salt. Salt is used for flavoring . . . and to extract proteins from the meat which help basically GLUE the stray pig parts together.

--No bones at all. You'll never have to worry about finding a rib bone or any other bone in your McRib . . . just because it's pressed to LOOK like ribs doesn't mean there are actually any ribs inside. (The Week)

A Woman Marries a Man Twice Her Age . . . She's 60, He's 120:

A woman marrying a man twice her age isn't exactly groundbreaking news. Happens all the time. Especially if the guy is rich and the woman is patient. --But this is a new one. Last weekend, in Satghori, in northeast India, a SIXTY-YEAR-OLD WOMAN married a man twice her age. That's right: He's 120 YEARS OLD. --His name is Hazi Abdul Noor. And he married 60-year-old Samoi Bibi in a ceremony that had more than 500 guests. (--So . . . a small Indian wedding.) --More than 100 of the guests were Hazi's immediate family . . . his six children, their children, and their children's children. Hazi's first wife died six years ago. --Hazi could be the oldest man ever . . . but the people at the "Guinness Book of World Records" haven't verified his age. He says he's 120, but he's on the books in India as being a relatively-young 116. (--You can see a list of the verified oldest men ever here.) (CNews) (--Here are a few photos of the couple with some of their family members.)

A Woman Gets Her Boyfriend to Marry Her . . . By Ambushing Him With a Surprise Wedding:

I would SO, SO STRONGLY recommend you do NOT duplicate this. It worked for this woman . . . but has ENORMOUS potential to blow up in your face. --Cherie Butler of Blenheim, New Zealand, wanted to get married to her boyfriend, David Shoemark. (--Their ages weren't given, but they both look to be in their 20s.) --She knew he wanted to marry her too . . . but they could never pull the trigger. So she pulled JUST about the riskiest move you can do. --On Saturday, David went on a fishing trip in the morning, and Cherie asked him to meet her at a park afterward for a picnic. And when he got there . . . SHE AMBUSHED HIM with a WEDDING. --Cherie had been planning it in secret for a month. Forty family members and friends were there, and some of them had traveled from other parts of New Zealand. Cherie was wearing a wedding dress, and there was an official to oversee the wedding. --Amazingly for Cherie, David was totally cool with it and ready to marry her . . . so the ambush surprise wedding went off flawlessly. ( (--Will YOU have that same luck? Think REAL hard before you try to replicate this. Here's a photo of the couple at their wedding.)

Facebook Says That Hackers Try to Take Over 600,000 Accounts a Day:

Last week, Facebook introduced a new feature called "Trusted Friends." --It's not a way to separate your real friends from co-workers and former high-school classmates. It's an added security feature. If you're locked out of your account, a "trusted friend" is someone who can vouch for you and get you back in. --If you're wondering why Facebook needs something above and beyond your password, consider this: They say that hackers try to take over 600,000 accounts, every day. --They're not counting people who are guessing at passwords and getting it wrong, these are hackers who ALREADY have the account's log-on information. --There are about 300 million accounts, so that means that one out of every 500 accounts are compromised . . . EVERY DAY. --Facebook is able to identify and stop the attacks by asking additional security questions or asking the user to identify friends tagged in photos. --If they think an account has been compromised, they lock the user out until they can identify themselves. But in the future, users will be able to ask a Trusted Friend to confirm their identity for them. (MSNBC)

A Man's Brother is Busted for Running a Meth Lab . . . Because the Man was Barbecuing Raccoon Meat Outdoors:

If Memphis wants to avoid a redneck reputation . . . this is NOT good news. Last week, police in Memphis, Tennessee got a phone call about a guy BARBECUING A RACCOON in the parking lot of his apartment complex. --We're pretty sure that even though that's strange, it's legal . . . but apparently it was a slow day for the cops because they still swung by to check things out. --And when they did, they found a few buckets . . . containing residue from METH. Turns out, they belonged to the BROTHER of the guy who was roasting the raccoon. --The raccoon roaster's name wasn't released . . . but his brother is 26-year-old Adam Eubank. They share the same apartment . . . where apparently Adam cooked meth while his brother cooked roadkill. --Adam was arrested and charged with promoting the manufacture of meth . . . all because his brother was cooking raccoon in the parking lot. --The raccoon roasting brother wasn't arrested. (Gawker)

Police in Florida Catch a Woman Hiding Her Crack Pipe Inside Her Bible:

This is definitely NOT What Jesus Would Do. --Last week, police in Fort Pierce, Florida, saw 42-year-old Tonya Sutton walking down the street around 11:30 A.M., drinking out of an open container of Colt 45. For some strange reason it was a 16-ounce can . . . NOT a 40-ounce. --Anyway, they stopped her for the open container, and when they searched her, they found a Bible in her purse. --And when they cracked open the Bible they found . . . it was hollowed out so Tonya could store her CRACK PIPE in there. --Tonya was arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and having an open container. (--As for desecrating the Bible for the sake of hiding a crack pipe . . . she'll be facing those charges down the road.) (Treasure Coast Palm)

Managers of a Florida Domino's Were Arrested for Torching a Papa John's:

If you want to win the pizza war, you can improve quality, lower prices . . . or burn the competition's place to the ground. -Two managers of a Domino's franchise in Lake City, Florida were arrested for torching a Papa John's in the area. (--Lake City is 65 miles west of Jacksonville.) --23-year-old Sean Everett Davidson and 22-year-old Bryan David Sullivan started a fire that gutted the place on October 20th. --They built a device out of a nine-volt battery, a golf-ball-sized amount of gunpowder, and a plastic bag, which they used to ignite the fire. --Both men are managers of the local Domino's. They both confessed to police, and Bryan admitted that he thought they'd get more customers if they got rid of their competition. --Police charged both of them with arson, and they're currently in Columbia County jail. (


Random News Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

If you have a gluten allergy, check out a list of gluten-free Halloween candy. (Full Story)

A guy in Washington state made a homemade guillotine, and cut off his own arm. (Full Story)

Check out a list of the World's 25 Best Multinational Workplaces . . . with Microsoft at the top. (Full Story)

A scientist skeptical of global warming was paid by an anti-global warming group to do a study . . . and found that temperatures are going up. (Full Story)

#1.) Best Costume Ever? Use Two iPads to Make It Look Like There's a Hole in Your Body:

Here's an awesome last-minute Halloween costume . . . if you happen to have two iPad 2's lying around, or $1,000 to burn: --A guy figured out that if you duct tape one to your chest, one to your back, and make them video chat with each other . . . it looks like there's a huge hole through your body. --They have to be iPad 2's so that they have the FaceTime feature. And you also have to have wireless Internet access wherever you go. (--Search for "iPad2 Halloween Costume - Gaping Hole in Torso.")

#2.) Here Are Seven "Screamer" Videos to Scare Your Friends With:

If you've ever been the victim of a "screamer" video, then you know what they are: They're normal videos, except something jumps up to scare you at the end . . . like a demon or the "Exorcist" girl. --Well, on any other day they're just annoying. But for Halloween, the website found seven of the best ones from YouTube. --They're definitely not as scary when you're EXPECTING something to happen. But they're fun videos to email your friends. (--Search for "Scary YouTube Screamers")

#3.) The Florida Highway Patrol Pulled Over a Miami Cop for Speeding . . . Then Ordered Him Out of His Car at Gunpoint:

A cop in Miami named Fausto Lopez was pulled over earlier this month, after a female Florida Highway Patrol officer caught him driving over 120 miles an hour on the highway. But it didn't make the news until they released the dash-cam footage. --At first he didn't pull over . . . because cops NEVER get pulled over. So for five minutes, the Highway Patrol officer assumed the squad car was STOLEN. And when he finally stopped, she ordered him out at GUNPOINT. --Then she handcuffed him, gave him a ticket, and yelled at him for putting other drivers at risk. Lopez said he was he was on his way to an off-duty job at a private school . . . and he was late. (--Search for "Florida Trooper Pulls Miami Officer Over.")

#4.) Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Did Another "History of Rap" Song:

On Friday's "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon", he and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE did part three of their 'History of Rap' series. This time they did a sampling of everyone from Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and Sir Mix-A-Lot, to Kanye West and Nicki Minaj. (--Search for "Jimmy Fallon History of Rap Part 3.")

#5.) And Now . . . "Bad Lip-Reading" with Herman Cain:

The guys who do the "Bad Lip-Reading" series on YouTube have a new one: This time, they go after HERMAN CAIN . . . and make it seem like he's been talking about spiders, tiger DNA, Asian Barbie Dolls, and White Castle. (--Search for "Herman Cain BLR Soundbite." WARNING: This video includes the word "pooping.")

Which Horror Movie Villain Best Describes Your Financial Situation?

The economy is still in rough shape, and according to an online survey of over 2,200 adults, 38% of Americans cut back on the amount of candy, costumes, and decorations they bought this year. --15% planned on making homemade costumes and homemade decorations. And 20% planned to celebrate Halloween without spending ANY money. --With that said, name brand candy is still the most popular thing to hand out on Halloween. Only 4% of people planned to hand out HOMEMADE treats. --The same survey also asked people to compare their current financial situation to a famous bad guy from a horror movie. Here are the five most popular answers:

#1.) Michael Myers from the "Halloween" Movies. 33% of people identified with Michael, because he always finds a way to survive, no matter how bad things get. If you've never seen the movies, he's impossible to kill.

#2.) Freddy Krueger from "Nightmare on Elm Street". 11% said Freddy because their financial situation haunts their dreams, and they lie awake at night thinking about it.

#3.) Ghostface from the "Scream" Movies. 11% chose this one because money problems always seem to pop up out of nowhere.

#4.) Jason from "Friday the 13th". 6% said Jason because they're, quote, "ashamed" of their finances, and feel like hiding behind a mask . . . a.k.a., Jason's HOCKEY mask.

#5.) Chucky from "Child's Play". 3% chose Chucky because they, quote, "need to grow up" when it comes to handling money. (


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