Thursday, November 10, 2011


A Dakota Fanning Perfume Ad Has Been Banned in England Because It's Too "Sexually Provocative":

A perfume ad featuring 17-year-old DAKOTA FANNING has been banned in the U.K. because the country's advertising censors declared it too "sexually provocative." --The ad, which has been appearing in British magazines and newspapers since June, features Dakota in a girlish-looking dress with a bottle of Oh, Lola! perfume between her legs. (--Here's the ad.) (E! Online) --Censors received only FOUR complaints about the ad, but that was enough. --Apparently, 17 is not a taboo age over there like it is in the U.S. But the British censors were concerned because the ad makes Dakota look YOUNGER. --They said, quote, "We considered that the length of her dress, her leg and position of the perfume bottle drew attention to her sexuality. --"We understood the model was 17 years old, but we considered she looked under the age of 16 . . . Because of that, along with her appearance, we considered the ad could be seen to sexualize a child. --"We therefore concluded that the ad was irresponsible and was likely to cause serious offense." --Coty, the company that makes the perfume, argued that the ad is, quote, "provoking, but not indecent".

David Arquette Told Courteney Cox He's In Love With His Girlfriend . . . And She Cried:

Bad news if you've been rooting for DAVID ARQUETTE and COURTENEY COX to get back together. It's not happening. --Yesterday on "The Howard Stern Show", David was asked if a reconciliation was possible. He said, quote, "No . . . that window is closed." --Then he revealed that he's IN LOVE with his current girlfriend Christina McLarty from "Entertainment Tonight". --He recently revealed this to Courteney . . . and it caused them both to react pretty strongly. He said, quote, "She was sad, we were both sad. We both cried." (--Check out video here.)

David Hasselhoff Is Older Than His Girlfriend's Mother:

It's still good to be the Hoff. DAVID HASSELHOFF is 59 years old, and his girlfriend, Hayley Roberts, is 29. Not only is she almost half his age, but David is older than her mother. --Mom says, quote, "At first I found the age difference difficult. He's older than me but when you see them together they just get on really well so I don't worry so much now." (--Here's a picture of David and Hayley.) (Times Square Gossip)

Are Kim and Khloe Kardashian Feuding Over Kim's Divorce?

The website claims that KIM KARDASHIAN'S divorce is creating a rift within the family. --Things are especially bad between Kim and KHLOE . . . although just about everybody is mad at her. Kim does have one supporter: Her mom, KRIS JENNER. --A source says, quote, "The family has split into two camps since the divorce . . . Kim and her mom versus the rest of the family, who are really angry at her. --"Encouraged by her mom, Kim has become a fame-addicted, money-hungry monster. She has lost touch with reality." --Kim and Khloe really got into it during their recent trip to Australia. The source says, quote, "Khloe was mad because Kim was trying to look sad [about her divorce]. --"She was telling Kim that people would see right through it, and Kim was only making things worse." --Kris Jenner's mom is urging Kim to take a TWO-YEAR BREAK from reality TV. The source says, quote, "She has been urging Kim to do this ever since she filed for divorce from Kris. She thinks reality TV is destroying her life!"

Did Mariah Carey Dis Kim Kardashian?

MARIAH CAREY tossed a little jab at KIM KARDASHIAN during a press conference for Jenny Craig the other day. (--Mariah is their newest spokesperson.) --Speaking about her marriage to NICK CANNON, Mariah said, quote, "I'm a real person, I'm not going to put on a fake face for Hollywood. Sometimes we make each other mad, that's why we aren't divorced after four months." --Then she added, quote, "I'm sorry, I'm just saying."

Is Kim Kardashian After One of Her Co-Stars from "The Marriage Counselor"?

KIM KARDASHIAN is over KRIS HUMPHRIES enough to have her sights set on a new guy. His name is LANCE GROSS . . . and he'll be co-starring with Kim in the new TYLER PERRY movie, "The Marriage Counselor". --Kim has already started sending Lance flirty texts. A so-called "source" says, quote, "He's Kim's type brown, and built . . . They'll probably be dating before the filming is over. (--Lance is also on "Tyler Perry's House of Payne". And he's GORGEOUS. Check out some pics here.) (Most Beautiful Man)

Conrad Murray Does Not Believe He Caused Michael Jackson's Death:

Before a jury found him guilty of killing MICHAEL JACKSON, CONRAD MURRAY sat down for an interview with the "Today" show. --It airs in two parts: Today and tomorrow. And it'll be followed tomorrow night by an MSNBC documentary about Murray's manslaughter trial. --Not surprisingly, Murray didn't cop to any wrongdoing in Michael's death. Asked by Savannah Guthrie of NBC News if he thought Michael self-administered a fatal dose of propofol, Murray replied, quote, "What do you think?" --Then he added, quote, "Something happened when I was not in that room. Nothing that I gave Michael should have ended his life." --Then she asked him if he was distracted by his cell phone when he should have been monitoring Michael, he said, quote, "No, I was not." --He added, quote, "When I looked at a man who was all night deprived of sleep, who was desperate for sleep, and finally is getting some sleep, am I gonna sit over him, sit around him, tug on his feet, do anything unusual to wake him up? No." --And although he admits he left the room to make a phone call, he said, quote, "I would think if he got up and he called to me, I would hear him. --"But he was not on an infusion that would cause him to stop breathing, and that's the reason they talk about I was not supposed to be monitoring him at that time, because there was no need for monitoring." (--Really? REALLY???) --Guthrie also asked Murray why he withheld information about Michael's propofol use to paramedics. He said, quote, "Because it was inconsequential. --"Twenty five milligrams and the effect's gone. Means nothing . . . It had no effect. It was not an issue." --As for why he would even give Michael propofol in the first place, Murray pretty much said he didn't want Michael using it on his own. He also claimed Michael was ADDICTED, but that he had weaned Michael off of it just days before his death. (--You can see a preview clip here.) --The executors of Michael Jackson's estate are NOT happy that NBC gave Murray this platform to bash his so-called "friend" . . . especially when he didn't even bother to testify on his own behalf in his manslaughter trial. --They even wrote a letter bashing them for it. (--You can read it here.) --Meanwhile, JERMAINE JACKSON Tweeted that he was "sickened" by Dr. Murray getting all this airtime on NBC and MSNBC. --But he added, quote, "We've bigger battles to fight than against the meaningless words of a liar whose version of events was unanimously rejected by a jury."

Did NBC Pay $300,000 for the Conrad Murray Documentary?

Radar Online says that NBC paid $300,000 to the production company that made the documentary MSNBC is airing tomorrow night. --A so-called "insider" says most of that money will go to CONRAD MURRAY'S lawyers. Anything that's left over will go to Murray's girlfriend and baby-mama, Nicole Alvarez. --Murray will not directly profit. (--Although if he and Alvarez stay together, we would assume that what's hers is his.)

The Bed Michael Jackson Died On Will Be Auctioned Off Next Month:

Next month, several items from the Los Angeles home where MICHAEL JACKSON died are going to be auctioned off. --And they include his DEATH BED. Darren Julien of Julien's Auctions says bidding for the bed will start at somewhere between $3,000 and $5,000 . . . but, quote, "we let the market dictate its final price." --Other items include a kitchen chalkboard with the following note written on it: "I [heart] Daddy. SMILE, it's for free." (--There's no word which one of Michael's kids wrote it.) --There's also an antique armoire with a message written on the mirror by Michael himself about the London concert series he was preparing for. It reads, quote, "TRAIN, perfection, March April. FULL OUT May." --The auction goes down December 17th in Los Angeles. (--You can check out a picture of the bed here.) (E! Online)

Eddie Murphy Has Quit the Oscars:

A day after "Tower Heist" director BRETT RATNER quit as the producer of the 2012 Oscar ceremony, EDDIE MURPHY announced he's no longer hosting the show. --He issued a statement yesterday saying, quote, "First and foremost I want to say that I completely understand and support each party's decision with regard to a change of producers for this year's Academy Awards ceremony. --"I was truly looking forward to being a part of the show that our production team and writers were just starting to develop, but I'm sure that the new production team and host will do an equally great job." --And here's a statement from the president of the Academy . . . quote, "I appreciate how Eddie feels about losing his creative partner, Brett Ratner, and we all wish him well." --There's no word yet on a replacement host . . . but BILLY CRYSTAL'S name keeps popping up. Billy is easily the most popular Oscar host of the modern era, and earlier this year, he suggested that he wouldn't mind returning. --The Oscars air live February 26th on ABC. --Ratner stepped down as Oscar producer on Tuesday, after being criticized for using a gay slur during a movie screening over the weekend. (--Ratner has made NUMEROUS asinine comments over the past week or so. And some people are suggesting he was actually FORCED out of the gig because of them. You can read several of his dumb statements here.) (--What are the stars Tweeting? Check out The Hollywood Reporter to find out.)

Andy Rooney's College Roommate Had a Heart Attack at Andy's Memorial Service . . . and Almost Died:

This could have been the Feel-Bad Story of the Day: An afternoon memorial service was held Tuesday for "60 Minutes" legend ANDY ROONEY. --One of the attendees was Bob Ruthman, Rooney's college roommate from Colgate University. --Ruthman . . . who was in a wheelchair . . . went to use the bathroom at one point, and HAD A HEART ATTACK. Some media outlets reported him dead, but it turns out paramedics were able to revive him. He's currently in intensive care.

"Family Circus" Cartoonist Bil Keane Has Died:

"Family Circus" cartoonist BIL KEANE died of congestive heart failure on Tuesday. He was 89. Keane started drawing "Family Circus" in 1960 . . . although in recent years, his son Jeff has taken over. --Jeff said Keane was visited by all of his five children, nine grandchildren and great-granddaughter in the last week of his life.


Your Movie Choices are . . . Leonardo DiCaprio Kissing Another Man, Adam Sandler in Drag, and Yet Another Movie About Greek Gods:

#1.) "J. Edgar" (R) (Opened Wednesday) (Trailer) Leonardo DiCaprio plays J. Edgar Hoover, the secretly-kinky first director of the FBI. Naomi Watts is his trusted secretary, and Armie Hammer from "The Social Network" is Clyde Tolson . . . Hoover's protégé at the FBI, and his alleged LOVER. --It's directed by Clint Eastwood. We'd already heard that Leo and Armie share a man-kiss in the movie, but Clint wants people to see past that because, quote, "It's not a movie about two gay guys."

#2.) "Immortals" (R) (Trailer) (Trailer 2)

Zeus chooses a hero named Theseus to fight an army led by Mickey Rourke. He's trying to bring down the gods by releasing their enemies, the immortal titans. If you liked "300", you'll probably dig this since it's made by the same people. --Theseus is played by Henry Cavill, and Freida Pinto from "Slumdog Millionaire" is the oracle guiding him with her visions of the future. Cavill is the guy they choose to reboot the Superman franchise with in the upcoming movie "Man of Steel". (--If you know your mythology, Theseus is the guy who killed the minotaur. But this movie has nothing to do with that story.) (--Here's something else you should know: Freida Pinto says she had a BUTT DOUBLE. So don't get too excited if you see her backside.)

#3.) "Jack and Jill" (PG) (Trailer)

Adam Sandler plays Jack, and his identical twin sister Jill, who visits for Thanksgiving and refuses to leave. Katie Holmes is Jack's wife, and Al Pacino has an amusing cameo as himself when he hits on Jill at a Lakers game.

"Glee's" Controversial Teen Sex Episode Was a Bust in the Ratings:

Tuesday night's controversial episode of "Glee" was a non-factor in the ratings. The episode featured two teen couples . . . one straight and one gay . . . having sex for the first time. --Only 6.9 million viewers tuned in, which made it the lowest-rated episode of "Glee" this season. The season premiere attracted 9.2 million viewers in September . . . but each of the four episodes since have declined in the ratings. --Last week's episode had 7.5 million viewers. --For what it's worth, "Glee" did win its timeslot among female viewers between the ages of 12 and 24. That SEEMS like something the Parents Television Council might flip out over . . . --However, even that doesn't mean much. "Glee's" competition on the broadcast networks . . . "NCIS", "The Biggest Loser", "Last Man Standing" and "90210" . . . don't exactly seem like huge draws for young female viewers. (--Remember: "90210" airs on the CW, which is NEVER a significant draw.)
(--On the other hand, Nielsen didn't release the number of gay teen viewers who were enlightened by the episode's positive depiction of young, gay love. So for now, this "controversy" seems to have been a complete waste of time.)

Nick Jonas Will Play a Deadbeat Dad on "Last Man Standing":

NICK JONAS will guest star on TIM ALLEN'S new sitcom "Last Man Standing" . . . but check this out: He's playing a DEADBEAT DAD. --Specifically, Nick is playing "Ryan" . . . the ex-boyfriend and baby-daddy of one of Tim's daughters. When "Ryan" shows up out of the blue, Tim's character struggles to deal with him being around. --There's no airdate yet, but says it's a "Christmas-themed" episode . . . so it'll probably air sometime next month. (--Although Nick still looks like he's 12 years old, he's actually 19 now, so he's definitely old enough to be playing a deadbeat dad. I mean, he's two years older than JUSTIN BIEBER. So, you know.)

Piers Morgan Is Done with "America's Got Talent":

Initially, PIERS MORGAN thought he could do both "Piers Morgan Tonight" and "America's Got Talent" . . . but now, he's realized it's too much. --Last night, he said, "I can exclusively reveal that I'm leaving 'America's Got Talent' . . . I've loved every single second but I've discovered that juggling, to my surprise, really is a bit more difficult than I thought. --"So, I'm going to focus on what's going to be a huge year here at CNN." (--There's video of his announcement at

Thursday TV Reminders:

--"The Vampire Diaries" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on the CW. My Morning Jacket performs at the Mystic Falls homecoming dance.

--"The X Factor" [Results Show] . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on Fox.

--"The Office" . . . 9:00 to 9:30 P.M. on NBC. Pam trains a new temp for her maternity leave but then worries about leaving Jim alone with her. The temp's played by "'Till Death's" Lindsey Broad.

--"Braxton Family Values" [2nd Season Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on WE.

--"Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution" [1st Season Finale] . . . 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. on Comedy Central. Comedians Larry Omaha, Cristela Alonzo and Maz Jobrani perform.

--"Burn Notice" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on USA. Indigo from "Weeds" guest stars as a gun-toting woman who's a suspect in the murder of Mikey's childhood friend.

--"Storm Chasers" [5th Season Finale] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on Discovery.

--"Bordertown: Laredo" [1st Season Finale] . . . 10:30 to 11:00 P.M. on A&E.

Justin Bieber is Now the Youngest Solo Artist With Three #1s:

Justin Bieber has his third #1 album. His Christmas disc "Under the Mistletoe" sold 210,000 copies and topped the latest "Billboard" chart. At just 17 years old, he's the youngest solo artist ever to have three #1 albums. --Rapper Wale scored the runner-up slot with his second album "Ambition". And Miranda Lambert's new one, "Four the Record", rounds out the Top 3.

The Rolling Stones Are Getting Together to Jam . . . Is Something in the Works?

Are the ROLLING STONES gearing up for another tour? Possibly. --KEITH RICHARDS says he's going to meet up with Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts at a London studio sometime this month . . . and MICK JAGGER might show up, too. --Keith says, quote, "We're just going to play a little together, because we haven't played for three or four years. You don't necessarily want to rehearse or write anything, you just want to touch bases . . . we just want to get our chops down." --So it sounds like the Stones may very well be planning a 50th anniversary tour for next year. If it happens, it'd be their first shows in five years, since their Bigger Bang tour ended in 2007. Nothing is official yet, though. --Ronnie says, quote, "I just hope we can perform live. It'd be great to see if that old spark is there."

Madonna Is Ticked Off With Whoever Leaked Her Song:

MADONNA has confirmed that "Give Me All Your Love" is one of her new songs . . . but she's not happy it was leaked. (--You can find the song at, or just by Googling "Madonna Give Me All Your Love".) --Her manager Tweeted, quote, "The plan was for new music to come out in [2012] . . . and yet someone leaked a demo version. I'm very happy with the positive reaction to the demo, but we are very upset with whoever leaked the song!!!" --"Madonna told me this morning 'My true fans wouldn't do this' . . . whoever is responsible for this leak, we ask that you please stop!" (--Does this mean that perhaps the person who leaked this song has MORE? Or does Madonna just not understand how the Internet works? Because "Give Me All Your Love" can't be UN-leaked at this point.) --At any rate, her manager also said that Madonna's new album doesn't have a title, and isn't finished yet . . . although it should be done "in the next month or so." There's no release date yet.

Drake Has Shelved the Album He Was Going to Do with Lil Wayne:

Well over a year ago, DRAKE talked about doing a joint album with LIL WAYNE, but he says that isn't happening anymore. --He tells "XXL" magazine, quote, "We scrapped the idea of a collaboration album. We just agreed that it would be looked upon as . . . sort of this competition [with JAY-Z and KANYE WEST'S 'Watch the Throne']. --"We just said, 'If we do it, we'll do it down the line. But right now is not the time.'"


Showbiz Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

According to the "Star" tabloid, there's a 35-year-old woman who claims MEL GIBSON is the father of her unborn baby. (Full Story)

Actress NIA LONG gave birth to a baby boy. This is her second child, and her first with current boyfriend Ime Udoka. (Full Story)

MORGAN FREEMAN will receive the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes on January 15th. (Full Story)

ZSA ZSA GABOR was rushed to the hospital yet again yesterday with internal bleeding. (Full Story)

STEVE JOBS was the most-used name in the media in 2011. "Arab Spring" and "Royal Wedding" were the top phrases. (Full Story)

KATE and PIPPA MIDDLETON now have their own dolls. (Full Story)

"Slumdog Millionaire" game show host ANIL KAPOOR is starring in an Indian version of "24". It's being called . . . simply . . . "24: India". Anil also played Omar Hassan on the final season of the American "24". (Full Story)

An R. KELLY memoir is coming out next spring . . . and it's titled "Soula Coaster: The Diary of Me!". (???) (--There was some talk online yesterday that the book might be out NEXT WEEK, but that isn't the case. We'll have to wait at least a few more months to get our hands on this.) (Full Story)

Penn State Has Fired Football Coach Joe Paterno as a Result of the Child Sex Abuse Scandal Surrounding a Former Assistant:

Legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno was FIRED last night, as a result of the child sex abuse committed by a former assistant coach. Paterno's 84 years old and had been head coach for 46 years, and is basically the face of the school. --But the scandal over the school's lack of action has been rocking Penn State since the weekend, and it's finally claimed Paterno's job . . . as a lot of people suspected it would. --Here's the background you need to know . . . --Jerry Sandusky was an assistant coach for Penn State's football team for 30 years, and a PEDOPHILE and PREDATOR for at least 17 of them. --A Pennsylvania grand jury investigated Sandusky for two years and has filed FORTY counts against him for sexually abusing EIGHT young boys from 1994 to 2009. --It turns out Sandusky frequently brought young boys to Penn State's practices, and even on road trips. It didn't raise red flags at the time, because he founded a group home for troubled boys in 1977, and spent his free time working with them. --He was considered a successor to Paterno, but he retired suddenly in 1999, after he was caught by University police the year before with a young boy in a locker room shower. The boy's mother even CONFRONTED him, and he apologized. (--CAREFUL!)But he was STILL a regular on campus after he retired. He was seen with a young boy in 2000 . . . and in 2002, a graduate student walked into the locker room and caught Sandusky having SEX with a 10-year-old boy in the showers. --The graduate student . . . who's now an assistant coach at the school . . . told coach Paterno, who told Penn State's athletic director Tim Curley. --And here's all that happened: Sandusky was told NOT to bring children to campus again. (???) Penn State President Graham Spanier was informed, and approved of the ban. --But NONE of them ever told police, even though both the president and the athletic director were REQUIRED to do so by Pennsylvania law. --You could also argue that everyone involved had a DUTY to do something as human beings, and professionals entrusted with the education and well-being of young people. -Seven years later, Sandusky was caught AGAIN, in the weight room of a high school where he was a volunteer coach. This time the administrators of the high school did what they were supposed to, and reported it to police. --Back to this week . . . --On Tuesday, Penn State cancelled Paterno's weekly press conference when it became clear the media wouldn't limit their questions to Saturday's game against Nebraska. That did NOT go over well, and the backlash gained traction. --First, the athletic director and a vice president stepped down. Then, Penn State students demonstrated in SUPPORT of Paterno, and yesterday he announced he planned to retire at the end of the season. --He released a statement that said, quote, "I grieve for the children and their families, and I pray for their comfort and relief. With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more." --But last night, the University's trustees announced that both President Spanier and Paterno were out IMMEDIATELY. --Meanwhile, a local station has reported that the number of Sandusky's victims has DOUBLED in the past day, as more than 20 people have come forward. (Sporting News / CNN)

The Top Things That Annoy People About Christmas Include Crowded Stores, Early Hype, and Too Much Caroling:

I think November 10th is a little early to be annoyed with Christmas already . . . but it's not too early to start TALKING about being annoyed by Christmas. --A British website surveyed people to ask them what ANNOYS them most about Christmas and the holiday season. And here are the results, in order.

#1.) Overcrowded stores and malls

#2.) Early Christmas hype

#3.) Nothing . . . "I love Christmas"

#4.) The commercialization of the holiday

#5.) People forgetting the true meaning of Christmas


#7.) The cost

#8.) Too much caroling

#9.) Christmas TV

(PR Underground)

Six Etiquette Mistakes People Make Around the Holidays:

We're all busy around the holidays, which means there are plenty of ways to SCREW UP by FORGETTING to do something on our list. So the folks at Radio Shack came up with a list of six common holiday etiquette mistakes to look out for . . .

#1.) Forgetting to send thank-you notes. This was the most-common mistake people mentioned. Two in five people don't get around to writing thank-you notes, including more than half of people under age 35.

#2.) Not mailing holiday cards. More than one in three people say they don't get around to sending out holiday cards, including nearly half of people under age 35.

#3.) Giving electronic gifts without the batteries. Nothing is worse for a kid than not being able to use a new toy, because you forgot to buy four D-cells. And while three in four people over age 65 REMEMBER the batteries, half of people under 35 forget.

#4.) Forgetting to buy a gift for the host of a party. 29% of us are guilty of this one.

#5.) Giving fruitcake. This one is a bad-holiday-gift stereotype, but older people don't think there's anything wrong with it. Two in three people over 65 think it's fine as a gift gift, while only one in five younger people do.

#6.) Serving canned cranberries instead of homemade. Three in five women thought canned cranberries were an okay substitute. Fewer than half of men agreed. (--Fine . . . but are these guys going to be in the kitchen making it?) (PR Newswire)

No Recession Here . . . Two-Thirds of Americans Will Give Their Pet a Christmas Present:

Your dog doesn't know when it's Christmas. He also doesn't know we're in a recession. You, as a human, know both of those things. But it's not going to stop you from stretching your budget to take care of your dog next month. --According to a new poll by the Associated Press and, two-thirds of Americans say they plan on giving their pet a gift this Christmas. --Last year, the average person who bought their pet a gift spent $41. This year that's going up to $46. --A new toy is the most common gift. Food or a treat is number two . . . clothing is third . . . grooming products are fourth . . . bedding is fifth . . . and a new leash or collar is sixth. (

No, There Isn't Going to be a "Christmas Tree Tax":

The government knows we all love taxes, and earlier this week, there was talk that we were going to be lucky enough to pay a brand new one . . . this time, for Christmas. It was being called the CHRISTMAS TREE TAX, a 15-cent tax on every tree. --The tax was set to go into effect yesterday, and was supposed to fund a marketing program called the Christmas Tree Promotion Board. The tree retailers were supposed to pay the tax and NOT pass it on to you, but you know how that goes. -Well . . . yesterday, the OBAMA administration heard all the backlash on a Christmas tree tax and STOPPED IT. There's no word on whether it could come up again next year or in the future. (Fox News)
64% of Women Reject All Facebook Requests From Strangers, But Men are Much More Open . . . Especially if the Request Comes From a Hot Chick:

It's taken about eight billion horror stories to get us here, but people are FINALLY being more cautious about who they become friends with on Facebook. By "people" I mean "women." Men are still kinda stupid. --According to a new survey, 64.2% of women say they ALWAYS reject friend requests from people they don't know. For men, it's lower, at 55.4%. --BUT . . . it turns out the majority of men WILL make an exception and accept a friend request from a random stranger . . . if it's a HOT CHICK. Women don't fall for that . . . they won't even bend for a good-looking guy. (CBS News)

One in Four Women Have Shown Up to a Party and Seen Someone in the Same Dress:

Showing up to a party and seeing someone in the same outfit is one of those classic problems. It's right up there with breaking a nail or world poverty. --According to a new survey, almost one in four women say that, yes, it's happened to them. They've shown up at a party and someone else has been wearing the exact same dress. --80% said they were MORTIFIED when it happened. --16% tried to fix the situation by quickly throwing on some extra accessories to differentiate themselves. --39% said they went over and talked to the other woman . . . but ONLY if they thought they looked better than her in the dress. --And 18% said they were so jealous they actually tried to MESS UP the other girl's dress by doing something like spilling a drink on it. --A separate survey on a similar topic found that about 40% of 18-to-24-year-old women and 22% of 25-to-34-year-old women spend more than $1,600-a-year on dresses so they don't show up in the same dress in Facebook photos. (Deccan Herald / Metro)

There's a New "Husband Motivator" App That Helps Wives Get Husbands to Do Chores:

Ladies, do you want your husband to do more around the house? Now there's an app for that. --The Husband Motivator uses artificial intelligence to figure out the best way to get a husband to do household chores. --Shelle Rose Charvet is the president of Weongozi, who made the app. She said, quote, "The surprising thing is that most people don't know what motivates their soulmate." --The app gives a wife a four-question quiz about her husband, and that's enough information to unlock the, quote, "hidden triggers that motivate him." --Women are given short video tips and a word-for-word script they can read to their husband. The app is designed to be used repeatedly, so when your husband figures out what you're doing, the app is one step ahead.

--The Husband Motivator can get your husband to perform in any number of areas, including:


--Child care and family activities.

--Intimacy, from sex to talking about issues. (PR Newswire)

(--You can read more about the app at their website . . . and get in contact with Shelle at 905-639-6468.)

The Majority of People Would Stop to Help a Woman With a Broken Down Car . . . But Men Aren't So Lucky:

This isn't the '60s where we pick up hitchhikers or sleep with our doors unlocked, so people are a little paranoid when it comes to stopping their car to help a stranger. But not THAT paranoid. And a new poll tried to put that paranoia into numbers. --The survey asked more than 1,000 adults who they would and wouldn't pull over to help if their car had broken down. Here's what they found . . .

--57% of drivers would pull over to help a disabled driver who'd broken down on the side of the road.

--57% would pull over to help a family with children.

--More than half of men and one-third of women would pull over if a woman, by herself, had broken down on the side of the road.

--Two out of five men and one out of five women would pull over to help a group of women stranded.

--Only 23% of people would stop to help a solo male driver who'd broken down.

--And finally, only 17% would stop to help a group of males who'd broken down.

(Galway Independent)

If You Could Live in Any State, Which One Would You Choose?

Harris Interactive just released the results of their annual survey that asks people: "If you could live in ANY state except the one you live in now, which state would you choose?" And, as always . . . people flock to good weather. --For the first time ever, HAWAII came in first place. But it's been in the top three every year since 2001. California came in second place, Florida came in third. In other words . . . America's three states with great weather are the top three. --After that things get a little more centered around personal interests. Texas is fourth . . . Colorado is fifth . . . North Carolina is sixth . . . Oregon is seventh . . . Arizona is eighth . . . Washington is ninth . . . and Virginia is tenth. --They didn't release which state got the fewest votes. (--So you dodged that bullet, Alaska, Wyoming, or North Dakota. It's got to be one of you three, right?) --The survey also asked people what city they'd most want to live in or near, other than the one they're in now. And people generally gravitated toward big cities rather than ones with good weather. --New York City came in first . . . it's been in first place for the past 11 years. --San Diego came in second . . . Seattle is third . . . Dallas is fourth . . . Las Vegas fifth . . . San Francisco sixth . . . Boston seventh . . . Chicago eighth . . . Honolulu ninth . . . and Denver tenth. --When people were asked what city they'd LEAST want to live in . . . New York came in first there too. Detroit was second, L.A. was third, D.C. was fourth, and Chicago was fifth. (Harris Interactive)

If You're Prejudiced . . . You Might Have Been Born That Way?

Every once in awhile, a study comes out with results that couldn't POSSIBLY be misinterpreted for political purposes. This isn't one of them. --Researchers from the University of the Basque Country in Northern Spain found that having generalized beliefs about certain groups could be a personality trait.--In other words, if you're prejudiced, it's not your fault. You were BORN that way.-The study DOESN'T say for sure that sexism and racism are inherited or genetic. They say it's possible that those attitudes become part of a person's personality as part of their upbringing. But you get them early in your childhood development. --The study DID find that sexism and racism are connected. People who are hostile toward women are more likely to be racist. But so are people who are extra nice to women . . . who believe women are the weaker sex. --Sexist people are also more likely to trust authority, and tend to believe that there are strict hierarchies in society. --The researchers hoped to find that people with low self-esteem are more likely to be prejudiced, but that doesn't seem to be the case. --Men who are hostile toward women usually feel pretty good about themselves. They're more likely to see themselves as strong, brave, and masculine. (Psych Central)

If You Quit Smoking You'll Save $2,500 to $3,300 Every Year:

We're not exactly breaking new ground by telling you that smoking's expensive . . . but it never hurts to put that expense in perspective. --According to a study out of Loyola University in Chicago, based on average cigarette prices, if you go from smoking a pack a day to quitting cold turkey, you'll save $2,500 to $3,300 a year. --After a decade of quitting, that means you'll have saved at least $25,000 by quitting. And that doesn't include the money you'll save from the significant improvement to your health. (UPI)

A Retired Dentist Invented Color-Changing Toothpaste . . . So Kids Will Want to Brush:

Dr. Howard Wright is a retired dentist in St. Louis who's spent years trying to find a way to get kids to brush their teeth more. --It took more than a decade, but Howard has invented a product he thinks will work: Color-changing toothpaste. --It's called Vortex Toothpaste, and the idea is that kids will keep brushing longer and harder to get the toothpaste to change colors. --Vortex has all natural ingredients and doesn't use chemicals to produce the color change. Instead, there are two separate pastes, one red and one blue. --The dispenser puts a stream of each color on your brush. They combine in your mouth to turn purple. (--Apparently this guy hadn't heard of Aquafresh?) --Vortex also doesn't produce as much foam as other toothpastes. Howard took out the foaming agent, because he said kids often panic with a mouth full of foam, because they're afraid they won't be able to breathe. --The toothpaste isn't Howard's first invention. 20 years ago, he came up with the Storm scuba-diving safety whistle, which is the loudest whistle in the world and can be heard up to 50 yards underwater. --Vortex sells for $6.95 a tube. (PR Newswire) (--You can pick up a tube of this stuff at Jessica Buha is the marketing director for Vortex. She's at 314-436-3332.)


A Man Tried to Rob a Burger King With a Sock Puppet Holding a Gun, and Got Nothing:

It's hard to be considered a serious threat when you're waving around a sock puppet. --On Sunday night, on Stock Island in the Florida Keys, a man walked into a Burger King with a T-shirt wrapped around his head . . . and a sock on his hand. --Yes, like a sock puppet. And his sock puppet was holding a GUN. --He walked up to the register, pointed the gun-toting sock puppet at the manager, and told him, quote, "open the register and give me the [effing] money . . . or I'll shoot you." --The manager told him he needed a key to open the register and he had to get it from the back. The robber . . . and I guess his sock puppet accomplice . . . were okay with that. So the manager walked into the back for safety. --Meanwhile, another employee who was working the drive-thru asked a customer to call 911 so the robber wouldn't see her using a phone. --The robber started putting everything together . . . and decided to just run for it, empty handed. Minus the sock on his hand, of course. One empty hand, one sock-covered hand. --On his way out, he tripped over a cardboard display . . . but still got away. Police are searching for him. (Keys News)


Random News Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

A drug dealer was running from the cops in Michigan last Friday, and hid in a pile of leaves. But they found him with a thermal imaging device. (Full Story)

Check out the top four relationship milestones, including taking a trip together, and getting a pet. (Full Story)

According to a new analysis, companies have about ten seconds to get online shoppers to make a purchase. 45% of people will use a competitor if a website is slow, and 38% of people abandon smartphone apps that take too long to load. (Full Story)

Not-So-Stupid News: Veterans stay homeless longer than other homeless people. 62% of homeless vets have been homeless for two years, compared to 50% of non-vets. And the average homeless vet spends six years without a home compared to four years for non-vets. (Full story)

Two-thirds of Americans say it's important for the president to have strong religious faith. But one in five say they wouldn't vote for one with different beliefs. (Full story)

Dubai has a lot of skyscrapers, including the world's tallest building. What they DON'T have is a functioning sewer system. So in a lot of buildings, including the tallest one, your waste gets pumped into trucks that drive it to a treatment plant. (Full story)

According to a fantastic new study, when rats use meth, all they want to do is have sex and do more meth. (Full story)

Those latex gloves your doctor is wearing? They may be covered in germs. (Full story)

A 53-year-old protester at the Occupy New Orleans rally was found dead in his tent on Tuesday, and he'd been dead for two days. (Full story)


#1.) Watch a Surfer Ride a Record-Breaking 90-Foot Wave:

An extreme surfer named Garrett McNamara is the new owner of the world record for "Largest Wave Surfed." He caught a HUGE wave off the coast of Portugal that was 90 FEET TALL. --The video of it online includes a shot from a camera strapped to the front of his board. (--Search for "Garrett McNamara World Record Wave.")

#2.) A Reporter in Eureka, California Really Wants to Find Out Who Pooped on the Steps of a Local Bank:

A reporter at the Occupy protests in Eureka, California walked around interviewing random protesters, asking each of them if they were the ones who DEFECATED on the steps of a local bank. --And she used the words "poop" and "pee" more than anyone in the history of journalism. --Then someone got annoyed and pushed the camera out of the way, and the reporter flipped out and called the cops. (--Search for "Poop and Pee on the Bank in Eureka." The shove happens at 2:09.) (--WARNING: This video includes the S-word, and the words "poop" and "pee.")

#3.) Mike Tyson Plays Herman Cain in a FunnyOrDie Video . . . and Says He's Changing 'Taco Tuesday' to "Pizza Pthursday': posted two videos this week featuring MIKE TYSON as HERMAN CAIN. He had a small part in the first one. But the second one is a full campaign ad, and it's ridiculous and hilarious. And Tyson doesn't even try to do an imitation. --First he says he's planning to get even crazier than he has been. Then he talks about wearing oversized American flag lapel pins, making his running mate a computer programmed to think like Ronald Reagan, and changing 'Taco Tuesday' to, quote, "Pizza Pthursday"
--He also says he'll win the nomination because, quote, "The Tea Party loves crazy more than they hate black." And it ends with Tyson doing Cain's signature head-turn-and-smile. (--Search for "Herman Cain's Campaign Promises with Mike Tyson." WARNING: This video includes the S-word.)

#4.) A Deer Crashed Through a Window at a Taco Joint in Georgia:

A deer crashed through a plate-glass window at a Mexican restaurant in Alpharetta, Georgia the other day (--about 30 miles north of Atlanta.) Then it left though the back, took out some patio furniture, and ran off. Supposedly it lost an antler in the ordeal. (--Search for "Deer Crashes Into Atlanta Taco Mac." It crashes through the window at :08.)

Eight Weird Facts About Cat People and Dog People:

A website called polled over 200,000 pet owners to find out if they were cat people or dog people. And they also asked a bunch of weird questions to find out how they're different. --It turns out they have a few things in common: They both tend to talk to animals, including cats AND dogs. They're both just as likely to have a college degree. And they both hate shirts and sweaters that have pictures of animals on them.

--Now, here are eight weird ways they're different.

#1.) Dog People Like Paul McCartney. They're 18% more likely to say he's their favorite Beatle. While cat people are 25% more likely to pick George Harrison.

#2.) Cat People Like to Tweet. According to the poll, they're 10% more likely to use Twitter than dog people are.

#3.) Dog People Like Zoos. They're 9% more likely to think of them as "happy" places.

#4.) Dog People Are 30% More Likely to Enjoy Slapstick Comedy and Impressions. Cat people are 21% more likely to enjoy irony and puns.

#5.) Cat People Are More Introverted. They're 14% more likely to stay close to their friends at a party.

#6.) Dog People Are 11% More Likely to Support Cloning. But only for animals.

#7.) Cat People Are More Educated. They're 17% more likely to have a graduate degree.

#8.) Dog People Have Trendier Ringtones. They're 36% more likely to use a pop song.

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