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Maria Shriver Has Wanted to Leave Arnold for Years:

We're learning more about the ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER / MARIA SHRIVER situation. Unfortunately, it's all from anonymous sources. Here's what they're saying: --Maria has apparently wanted out of this marriage for years now, due to Arnold's womanizing, inattentiveness and, quote, "out of control ego." (--In 2003, when allegations of sexual misconduct threatened to derail Arnold's political career, Maria publicly defended him.) --Also, ever since Arnold left the governor's mansion, he's become more erratic and unstable. Sources describe Maria as a "lost soul" and a "shell of a woman." And they say she's terrified of Arnold . . . but in, quote, "an emotional, not a physical way." --Maria stayed a lot longer than she wanted to because of her religious faith . . . not to mention several family tragedies. She lost both her mother and her uncle TED KENNEDY in 2009 . . . and her father died this past January. --Interestingly enough, it was Arnold and Maria's kids . . . who are 13, 17, 19 and 21 . . . who convinced their mom she should leave. But another source says Arnold has pulled a complete 180 since Maria left, and he's been doing everything he can to win her back. (--TMZ has some pictures of Arnold on Monday without his wedding ring . . . as well as a video Maria posted online back in March, in which she talks ambiguously about being in a "transitional" phase of her life.)

Is Miley Cyrus After Patrick Schwarzenegger?

In a recent interview with "Details" magazine, 17-year-old PATRICK SCHWARZENEGGER revealed that he had his eye on MILEY CYRUS. (--Patrick is the 17-year-old son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver.) --And in doing so, he may have made his wish come true. The not-always-reliable "National Enquirer" says that Miley heard about that and went after him. They were set up by mutual friend SELENA GOMEZ, and they've been on several dates. --A source says, quote, "Miley is looking to rope Patrick into a full fledged romance." --But while Miley's parents think Patrick is the kind of stable guy she needs, Patrick's parents are worried that she might, quote, "lure Patrick into the Hollywood party scene."

Check Out Video of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Kissing:

If you value your 12-year-old daughter's sanity, you might not want her to see this: It's video of JUSTIN BIEBER planting one on SELENA GOMEZ'S lips. It happened during a recent press conference in Indonesia. (--Check it out here.) --Justin might have caught something from that kiss . . . because during a gig Monday night in the Philippines, Justin reportedly had to run backstage numerous times to VOMIT. --He was suffering from some kind of chest infection. Before the show, he even Tweeted, quote, "Sick as a dog ... But the show must go on."

Was Bristol Palin Unfairly Accused of Having Plastic Surgery?

A so-called "source" says BRISTOL PALIN did NOT have plastic surgery . . . and adds that those before-and-after photos everybody was using as supposed proof were unfair. --The source says, quote, "In one picture, Bristol's 18 years old and postpartum [she's now 20], and in the other she's lost 15 pounds and is wearing professional makeup that was airbrushed on. She also has extensions." (--For the record, the plastic surgery expert who examined the photos did note the different hairstyle and obvious weight loss . . . but still said he believes she's had work done.)

Is Paul McCartney Foregoing a Prenup Again?

PAUL MCCARTNEY didn't make HEATHER MILLS sign a prenuptial agreement and he paid for it. Literally. But sources say he's not going to make his next wife, Nancy Shevell, sign one, either. --All he did was have her sign a document promising that if they split up, she won't go after his kids' trust funds. A source says, quote, "Paul is insisting Nancy is no Heather. There's no need to make marriage a business arrangement." (--In Paul's defense, Nancy is already a successful businesswoman, and her dad is loaded. So she doesn't NEED his money. Which could be part of what attracted him to her.)
Betty White is the Most Appealing Celebrity . . . Spencer Pratt is the Least:

BETTY WHITE is the most appealing celebrity, and SPENCER PRATT is the least. That's according to the latest rundown by E-Poll Market Research. --That's the company that polls Americans every year to determine which celebrities are the most likeable and the most recognizable. --Then they give each celebrity a score that's supposed to help casting directors and the like decide who to hire for their commercials, movies, TV shows, etc. --Second to Betty White on the plus side was SANDRA BULLOCK . . . followed by WILL SMITH. --On the other end of the spectrum, Spencer beat out O.J. SIMPSON for the bottom spot. ROD BLAGOJEVICH finished third.

The 10 Most Appealing Celebrities:

#1.) Betty White
#2.) Sandra Bullock
#3.) Will Smith
#4.) Pauley Perrette (--She's the cute, pigtailed goth chick from "NCIS".)
#5.) Michael J. Fox
#6.) Morgan Freeman
#7.) Robin Williams
#8.) Tom Hanks
#9.) Clint Eastwood
#10.) Cote de Pablo (--She's also on "NCIS". She plays Special Agent Ziva David. Don't look at me. "NCIS" is a popular show.)

The 10 Least Appealing Celebrities:

#1.) Spencer Pratt
#2.) O.J. Simpson
#3.) Rod Blagojevich
#4.) Nadya "Octomom" Suleman
#5.) Jon Gosselin (--Kate also made the list, at #20.)
#6.) Heidi Montag
#7.) Perez Hilton
#8.) Eliot Spitzer
#9.) Howard Stern
#10.) Paris Hilton

(--You can see the Top 20 of both lists by scrolling down here. I'll let you guess which list Lindsay Lohan is on. You can also see lists detailing who's gained the most since last year's poll . . . and who has dropped the furthest.)

Watch Video of Mike Epps Being Served with a Lawsuit While Doing Standup:

MIKE EPPS was served with a lawsuit while onstage doing standup in Texas recently. (--Mike played Doug, the drug dealer who couldn't tell roofies from Ecstasy in "The Hangover".) --Right in the middle of his set, a woman walked up and threw the papers on the stage. And Mike let her have it. --He said, quote, "White [B-word] just threw some papers up on the mother[effing] stage . . . [B-word], [eff] you." --Then he added, quote, "This is from when I whooped that [N-word's] ass in Detroit." --Then he went back after the server, saying, quote, "[B-word], I don't give a [eff]" . . . then he invited her to provide him with some oral pleasure, if you know what I mean and I'm pretty sure you do. (--Here's video. WARNING!!! This thing is loaded with poorly bleeped profanity. Several B-words and at least one F-bomb were missed in the edit.) (--Epps is accused of attacking a photographer at a Detroit club last November. It happened during a party for Mike's wife . . . and Mike claimed the photographer was harassing them. Here's video of the brawl.)
A Radio Host Told Hilary Swank She's Not "The Pretty Girl":

HILARY SWANK is one of Hollywood's great actresses . . . but not everyone considers her one of Hollywood's great beauties. Still, is that something you should say to her face? --Some radio host . . . (--on KCRW out of Santa Monica) . . . did just that the other day. --They were talking about whether Hilary was having trouble finding good roles as she gets older. Hilary pointed out that MERYL STREEP still has a great career. --That's when the hostess said, quote, "But she's the exception . . . she's not like the pretty girl . . . and you're not either." --Believe it or not, Hilary wasn't bothered by this. At first she PRETENDED to be hurt, saying, quote, "Hey, what are you trying to say?" --Then she added, quote, "I completely know what you're saying. I mean, I play characters. I don't play a movie star-looking type of person, which I prefer. I mean, who walks around looking like that anyway?" (--You can listen to the audio here.)

Penelope Cruz Won't Work With [A-holes] Anymore:

PENELOPE CRUZ figures she's been in the business long enough to have earned a certain perk. That perk is . . . Not working with [A-holes] anymore. --She tells "GQ" magazine, quote, "When I started, when I was 16 or 17, I never even considered not doing a project. I just wanted to work. --"I knew who some of those I would work with would be pleasant, and others would be these huge [A-holes]. --"But now, if there's one thing I can afford to do, having worked so hard for all of these years, it's that if I go into a meeting with someone that is offering me a movie and I can clearly see they are going to be an [A-hole], I will not do the movie. --"No matter what it is."

Donald Trump's Poll Numbers Have Come Crashing Down:

It's probably too early to pronounce DONALD TRUMP'S presidential campaign over . . . but then again, I expect the long-form death certificate to pop up any day now. --At this time last month, the folks at Public Policy Polling had Trump leading all prospective Republican candidates with 26%. He was NINE POINTS ahead of his closest competitor. --Then PRESIDENT OBAMA released his birth certificate . . . roasted Trump at the White House Correspondents' Dinner . . . and sent OSAMA BIN LADEN to Hades. --And thanks to that little burst of activity, Trump has dropped all the way down to 8%. That ties him for FIFTH PLACE with RON PAUL . . . a man Donald has branded unelectable. --MIKE HUCKABEE is now the frontrunner with 19%, followed by MITT ROMNEY with 18%, Newt Gingrich with 13% and Sarah Palin with 12%. -Trump will announce his intentions sometime after the May 22nd finale of "Celebrity Apprentice". (--I'm calling it now: He's bowing out. He's too much of an egomaniac to run when there's even the slightest chance he'll lose. The only question is, who will he blame? Because he sure as hell won't blame himself.) (--My guess is that he'll whine about how the media destroyed him or some such garbage.)

Vin Diesel Says "Fast Five" Has a Shot at an Oscar?

"Fast Five" is doing great at the box office. But its success has given VIN DIESEL a slightly inflated opinion about just how good it is. --He says, quote, "I wouldn't be surprised if there is some Oscar talk around this . . . sooner or later, people are gonna say, 'Wait a minute, just because they are for the working class doesn't mean they're not great.'" (--Unfortunately, Vin did not elaborate on which category or categories he thinks "Fast Five" has a shot at.)

Check Out a Trailer for Hugh Jackman's "Real Steel":

The trailer for HUGH JACKMAN'S "Real Steel" hit the web yesterday. It's a boxing movie . . . but it takes place in the not-too-distant future, where the boxers are big robots that look kind of like Transformers. --Perhaps most importantly, it features the super-sexy EVANGELINE LILLY in her first role since "Lost". (--The movie hits theaters in October. You can watch the trailer here.)

Casting Quickies: "Gotti", "American Reunion", and "The Hunger Games":

#1.) AL PACINO has joined the cast of "Gotti: Three Generations". He'll play Gambino crime family underboss Neil Dellacroce. JOHN TRAVOLTA and KELLY PRESTON star as John Gotti Sr. and his wife. --JOE PESCI, LINDSAY LOHAN and the Travoltas' daughter Ella Bleu are also in the cast.

#2.) THOMAS IAN NICHOLAS has officially signed on to the "American Pie" sequel, "American Wedding". (--He plays Kevin Myers . . . who was Tara Reid's boyfriend in the original. But to me he'll always be the kid from "Rookie of the Year".) --According to the "Hollywood Reporter", just about everyone is on board now, including Tara Reid, Mena Suvari and Eddie Kaye Thomas. At this point, Shannon Elizabeth and Natasha Lyonne seem to be the only originals not coming back.

#3.) WOODY HARRELSON has joined the cast of "The Hunger Games". He'll play a character named Haymitch Abernathy. (--If you're a fan of the books, you don't need me to explain who that is. If you're not, you don't care.) (???)

The Situation's Dad Made A Couple Video Rants Blasting Him for Abandoning the Family After Getting Famous:

THE SITUATION is making a KILLING from his "Jersey Shore" fame. --The "Hollywood Reporter" estimated that he raked in $5 MILLION last year, and he received a huge pay raise since then that should bump his income this year. --But apparently, The Situation isn't sending any of that to his folks back home. --His father Frank Sorrentino lashed out at him in a couple profanity-laced rants . . . basically for abandoning the family after he got famous, and not appreciating the things he did to help him get his feet on the ground a few years back. (--Here's the first video, which is titled "[Eff] the Little [Eff]". In this one, Frank introduces himself and the "situation" with his son.) (--And in the second video, Frank says he got The Situation a construction job, but he ended up enjoying some ORAL FAVORS from a cougar co-worker. Then, The Situation went after the company for sexual harassment.) (--WARNING: The first video includes a lot of bleeped profanity. And obviously there's some sexual language in the second one. The naughty words are bleeped, but in some cases they're not bleeped very well.)

The Best Lines from The Situation's Dad's Rants:

Here are a few highlights from Frank Sorrentino's video rants. --"I was born in Staten Island, New York. At an early age, I got married. I had three kids. Life started early for me at 19. Didn't have no childhood. And as a young child, I had a bad childhood." --"I solved problems the way we learned to solve problems . . . I solved problems with my hands and with my friends. And that's who we are." --"One of my boys is Michael Sorrentino, also known as The Situation. He created more situations for me in my life, than the name he gave himself. He put me in more confrontations, than any boy I ever had. (--Careful!) --"I'm telling you you're full of [crap]. I know you. I stood up for you. I put my [effing] balls on the line for you a hundred [effing] times . . . a hundred [effing] times. When you couldn't. --"I ask you one [effing] favor, you tell me to go [effing] be like [an effing] Joe Blow and go on Welfare? No, my friend. I don't do that."

Warren Buffett, the Rich Guy, Will Be on the "Office" Season Finale:

WARREN BUFFETT . . . the third-wealthiest person in the world . . . will make a cameo on the season finale of "The Office". (--Seems random . . . but hey, in this economy, you don't turn down a job . . . no matter who you are.) --He'll play a guy who's interviewing for STEVE CARELL'S old job. --The season finale will also feature Will Ferrell, Ricky Gervais, Will Arnett, Jim Carrey, Ray Romano and James Spader. It airs on May 19th.

Check Out a New Original "Glee" Song, Which Will Air on the Finale:

A new, original "Glee" song called "Light Up the World" premiered on RYAN SEACREST'S radio show yesterday. (--You can check it out, here.) --The song will be featured on the season finale, which is set for May 24th.

Wednesday TV Reminders: (--Check your local listings.)

--"NBA Playoffs: Heat vs. Celtics" [Eastern Conference Semifinals] . . . 7:00 to 9:30 P.M. Eastern on TNT. (--The Miami Heat host the Boston Celtics.)

--"NBA Playoffs: Thunder vs. Grizzlies" [Western Conference Semifinals] . . . 9:30 P.M. to Midnight Eastern on TNT. (--The Oklahoma City Thunder host the Memphis Grizzlies.)

--"American Idol" [Performance Show] . . . 8:00 to 9:30 P.M. on Fox. (--Lady Gaga serves as a mentor for the remaining four singers.)

--"Survivor: Redemption Island" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on CBS. (--There are four people on Redemption Island and the loser of the next duel will be the 4th member of the jury. Meanwhile, Boston Rob is still among the five people in the main tribe.)

--"Better With You" [1st Season Finale] . . . 8:30 to 9:00 P.M. on ABC.

--"Cougar Town" . . . 9:30 to 10:00 P.M. on ABC. (--Nia Vardalos guest stars as Andy's flirtatious sister-in-law.)

--"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on NBC. (--The kid who played the young Ben Linus on "Lost" guest stars as a teen psychopath.)

--"South Park" . . . 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. on Comedy Central. (--Thousands gather to see CANADA'S Royal Wedding.)

Kirk Hammett Isn't Gay . . . But He Is an "Experimental Kind of Guy":

There's been a lot of talk about METALLICA guitarist KIRK HAMMETT'S sexual orientation over the years . . . and now, rock biographer Mick Wall is insinuating . . . without really saying it outright . . . that Kirk is BISEXUAL. --In a radio interview . . . (--with Mattman from "The Rise Guys Show" out of South Carolina) . . . Wall said, quote, "I couldn't tell you definitively what the total culmination of Kirk's sexual experiences are, because he's an experimental kind of guy. --"I would say, predominantly, he likes the ladies. --"If you talk to psychologists, they'll tell you that sexuality is a spectrum, it's not just you're either this or you're that, you're somewhere on that radar . . . and where Kirk is, you could say he's more comfortable with his sexuality than a lot of guys." (--Sure, this is not coming from someone within the Metallica circle, per se . . . but Wall isn't just some random rock journalist. He wrote the new Metallica biography "Enter Night", which came out yesterday.) (--He's also written tons of other rock books, including authorized biographies of OZZY OSBOURNE and IRON MAIDEN.) (--For what it's worth, Kirk has been married twice . . . to WOMEN. He's been with his current wife Lani for 13 years. They have two young sons.)

Brian Wilson Is Retiring from Touring . . . Because of His Age, Stress, and Hallucinations:

68-year-old BRIAN WILSON . . . of the BEACH BOYS, kids . . . is thinking about retiring from performing live, because of his age, his anxiety and yes, his CRAZY. --When asked if he thought of packing it in, Brian told the "London Evening Standard", "Oh God yes. Another year, maybe. This could be the last time I play [in London]. I'm going to miss it but I'm getting a little bit old for touring." --He added, quote, "I'm always afraid just before I go on stage because I'm not sure how the concert's going to work. As I get older it gets harder for me. But when I'm sitting down at the keyboard and my band's behind me, I can do it." --Oh, and just in case you're wondering, Brian is STILL pretty crazy. He says he hallucinates . . . and "always" hears voices that say bad things like "You're going to die" and "You better watch out." (--Brian is touring the U.S. this summer . . . after hitting Canada, and before heading to Europe. His last scheduled show is September 26th in Norway.) (--Brian has struggled with various mental issues for the past 40 years. The voices in his head are caused by a condition called "schizoaffective disorder.")

Prescription Medication Took Away Eight Years of Stevie Nicks' Life:

STEVIE NICKS says prescription medication, quote, "ruined my life for eight years." --It began in 1986, when Stevie sought treatment for cocaine addiction . . . and was prescribed Klonopin, a seizure medication. --She says, quote, "That was just a stupid doctor making a groupie mistake and just wanting me to come in there, tell him about all my music friends and young Hollywood and that nearly ruined my life and nearly killed me."

Bruce Springsteen Appears on a Song About the War in Afghanistan:

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN appears on a song about the War in Afghanistan called "Summer Soldier (Holler If Ya Hear Me)" by musician Stewart Francke. (--You can listen to the song, here.) --The song is on Stewart's new album, "Heartless World", which comes out next Tuesday. (--Stewart is touring with BOB SEGER and EARTH WIND AND FIRE this summer.)

The Charges Have Been Dropped Against the Men Who Allegedly Shot Up Waka Flocka Flame's Tour Bus:

Prosecutors have dropped the charges against the six men who were arrested for opening fire on WAKA FLOCKA FLAME'S tour bus back in February. --The shooting happened during the day, outside a car stereo shop. --Supposedly, it was a botched robbery attempt, with the target being a $1.2 million necklace. But there wasn't enough evidence to back up the robbery theory, and none of the witnesses identified any of the defendants as the shooters. (--It's a little unclear if they really COULDN'T identify the men . . . or if they WOULDN'T identify them.) --Some of the defendants DID admit to being at the scene . . . but they insist they weren't there to cause any trouble. They just wanted to, quote, "chill [and] holler at" Waka Flocka. --But even though they were there for innocent reasons, they didn't have any information to share on the shooting . . . --Other than to say that if anyone in their crew DID fire a gun, it would've been in response to shots fired by one of Waka Flocka's guys. (--Sure.)

Showbiz Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

Check out some video of LINDSAY LOHAN'S recent vampire photo shoot. It kind of reminds you just how sexy this girl can be when she's not a total mess. (Video)

COURTNEY LOVE might be dating MICHAEL PITT . . . who played a fictionalized version of KURT COBAIN in the movie "Last Days". (Full Story)

FERGIE . . . the Duchess of York, not the chick from the BLACK EYED PEAS . . . says it was hurtful to not be invited to the Royal Wedding, but she understands the decision. (Full Story)

Here's the no-brainer of the day . . . if not the YEAR: NEIL PATRICK HARRIS will host this year's Tonys. It'll be his second time. He also did it in 2009. SEAN HAYES hosted last year. (Full Story)

Here's a movie premise so crazy it might just be brilliant: Aliens land on Earth with plans to take over, and engage in a life-or-death struggle with . . . DINOSAURS. (!!!) Yes, it's a prehistoric alien invasion flick. It's called "Dominion: Dinosaurs vs. Aliens". It's being developed by director Barry Sonnenfeld, who does the "Men In Black" movies. (Full Story)

KANYE WEST has released a free "mixtape" of his live performance at the Coachella music festival last month. It's his full set. (Download)

Former 2 LIVE CREW star LUTHER CAMPBELL has come up with a SWEET campaign slogan for his mayoral run in Miami. He told CNN, quote, "I'm dead serious. I mean, that's my campaign slogan." (Full Story)

DIDDY came down with a fever yesterday and had to cancel last night's show in Phoenix. He apologized on Twitter, and added, quote, "I guess I pushed it too far, because I literally can't get outta bed." (Full Story)

Fox News criticized the White House for inviting COMMON to a Poetry Night on Wednesday night . . . and described Common as a, quote, "vile rapper." But in 2009, Fox News described him as a "very positive . . . conscious rapper." (Full Story)

ROD STEWART is the latest artist to sign up for a long-term residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Rod is locked in for two years . . . and will be performing, quote, "90% songs that people know." (--The other 10% will be deep cuts from PAT BENATAR'S catalogue. Just kidding.) (Full Story)

The Average Person Breaks the Law 21 Times a Year, and Going Over the Speed Limit Is the Most Common Crime:

We've got a survey today that found the average person breaks the law 21 times a year. And I'm not sure what it says about me that my first thought was: Per year? I'm pretty sure I do that per week. --The survey came out of England, but we're thinking it probably applies over here too. It found that the average person breaks the law 21 times in the average year, or about once every two weeks. --The most common way we break the law is by speeding . . . 79% of people say they've broken the speed limit. --Eating or drinking while driving is second. Riding a bike illegally on the sidewalk is third, driving without a seatbelt is fourth, and downloading pirated music or files is fifth. --Believe it or not, sex in a public place came in sixth. --Driving through a red light was seventh, parking in an illegal place was eighth, texting while driving was ninth, and drugs were tenth. --The people who ran the survey believe that 21 times per year is LOW, and that people, quote, "are becoming so used to breaking the law on a daily basis that they aren't even fazed by their actions." (Daily Mail)

You Spend More Than Five Years of Your Life Hungover:

Hangovers are no joke, man. Except when you sneak up behind someone who's hungover and blast the REBECCA BLACK song "Friday" in their ear. But beyond that, hangovers are no joke. --And according to a new survey, if you're an average drinker, you're going to have to suffer through hangovers for FIVE YEARS of your life. --The survey found that if you're a social or heavy drinker, you spend an average of 22.8 days per year hungover between ages 21 and 60. --As you get older and get more responsible, you drink less . . . but the hangovers are worse and last longer, so it evens out. --The average person between 21 and 38 spends 60 days a year hungover . . . from ages 38 to 46, it's 45 days per year . . . and from ages 46 to 60, it's 23 days per year hungover. --Overall, that comes out to 1,926 days hungover . . . or five years, three months, and nine days. (

Your Co-Workers Would Much Rather You Take Credit For Their Work, Than Do a Bad Job On Your Own Work:

Doing projects around the office is just like doing projects in high school: Try to contribute when you can, offer up your best assistance . . . then step out of the way and let the nerds handle it. Everyone's happier that way. --In a new survey by Accountemps, people were way more annoyed by co-workers who do sloppy or mediocre work, than co-workers who take credit for other people's ideas. --41% said that a lack of attention to detail and poor work is the number one most annoying co-worker behavior. Only 5% said that presenting other people's ideas as their own is annoying. --The second-most annoying behavior is gossiping and office politics, at 23%. --Missing deadlines came in third, at 18%. --And being late came in fourth, at 12%. (PR Newswire)

There's a One-In-Five Chance Your Parents Regret Sticking You With That Horrible Name:

Last week, the Social Security Administration released its annual list of the most popular baby names. And they were REGRETTABLE. (--Here's our coverage.). --The top names for each gender were inspired by "Twilight" . . . Jacob and Isabella . . . and the fastest gaining names for each gender came from MTV's horrible show "Teen Mom" . . . Bentley and Maci. --So if you gave your kid one of those names, or any other tragic name on the books . . . yeah, there's a decent chance you're going to regret it down the line. --According to a survey, one out of every five parents say they regret the name they picked for their kid. The most common reasons are that they realized the name was too STRANGE, or they figured out a perfect name when it was too late. (Today)

17 Out of 20 New College Graduates Move Back In With Their Parents:

I think it's now OFFICIALLY a MYTH to say that you should go to college so you can get a good job. Yeah, college might lead to a job down the road . . . but right now, college seems like just a direct path back to your childhood bedroom. --A consulting firm called Twentysomething Inc. just finished a poll that found that 85% of recent college graduates . . . or 17 out of 20 . . . move back in with their parents after school, at least for a little while. --In today's job climate . . . where people with years and even decades of experience are desperate for any jobs, even entry-level ones . . . less than half of college graduates have a job when they finish school. (New York Post)

Website of the Day: What's Osama Bin Watchin'?
Here's a stupid new website you can use to bug your friends at work. It's called "What's Osama Bin Watchin'?" It's just a static image of OSAMA BIN LADEN sitting on the floor of his compound, watching a crappy little TV. --You know the photo: It's from one of the videos they found during the raid, and released to the media last weekend. --But on the website, you type in the URL of whatever YouTube video you want to appear on the little screen Osama's bin watchin', and it appears on his TV. Just Google "What's Osama Bin Watchin'" or go to (--For example, here's Osama watching the classic "Dramatic Chipmunk" video.)

There Are More Than Five Million Kids Under Age 10 Who Are Illegally on Facebook:

According to Facebook's policies, no one under age 13 is allowed on the site. But . . . um . . . EVERYONE under age 13 seems to be on the site. --A study by "Consumer Reports" has found that there are more than FIVE MILLION kids under age 10 who have Facebook pages. They've all just signed up with fake birthdays . . . which is Facebook's only method of verifying your age. --As for whether their parents know they're on the site and are actively monitoring them . . . it doesn't look like it. Only 18% of the kids under 10 on Facebook are friends with their parents. (Consumer Reports)

Stink Bombs Work Like Viagra?

I'm not sure if kids today still use STINK BOMBS . . . in our zero-tolerance world, if you dropped a stink bomb in a movie theater they'd probably call in a SWAT team and you'd be questioned by the feds. --So here's a different use for stink bombs, for adults. Use 'em to get yourself READY FOR RELATIONS. --Researchers at the University Hospital of Singapore have found that the gas that makes stink bombs stink could actually work just like Viagra. --Stink bombs use a mild amount of liquefied hydrogen sulfide, which smells like rotten eggs. But for whatever reason, when you smell it, it helps boost blood flow. And that increased blood flow can get things moving down below. --Of course, you don't want to light a stink bomb in the bedroom. So the researchers say the next step is to test ways to get hydrogen sulfide to men WITHOUT having to fill the room with the smell of rotten eggs. (Daily Mail)


Police Catch an Assault Suspect When His Finger Gets Severed During the Fight and He Leaves It Behind At the Scene:

I can't believe this actually worked. --In Manchester, New Hampshire, police were able to catch an assault suspect because his FINGER was CHOPPED OFF during the fight . . . he left it behind at the scene . . . and they were able to use it to get his fingerprints. --The suspect was 30-year-old Miguel Ramirez. He started a fight at a bar over a woman, naturally, when he hit a guy in the face with a beer bottle. --The fight spilled into the street, knives came out, and both Miguel and the other man were cut. --After his finger got chopped off, Miguel left the scene. Police were able to positively identify him and he was arrested for three felonies . . . two counts of second-degree assault and one count of first-degree assault. --The man he fought was 36-year-old Hector Reyes-Quintanillia. He was charged with felony criminal trespassing. (

A Bank Robber Is Foiled Because He Didn't Bring a Bag To Carry the Cash:

If you're not going to even TRY, why bother becoming a bank robber? On Friday, 61-year-old Joseph Price of Okeechobee, Florida tried to rob a PNC Bank branch and gave up because of some of the WEAKEST resistance possible. --Joseph handed the teller a note demanding a bag of cash. The teller told him she didn't have a bag. And . . . THAT was enough to make Joseph throw in the towel. --The police tracked him down about seven minutes later riding his bicycle home. He was arrested for attempted bank robbery. (UPI)

A Man Dials 911 Because He Needed Someone To Buy Him Beer . . . And Be His Friend:

I almost don't want to rip on this guy because I feel so bad for him. Almost. --On Sunday, 65-year-old Raymond Roberge of Bridgeport, Connecticut called 911 three times. Finally, the third time, the police showed up at his house, and Raymond explained why he'd called. --His emergency was that he wanted someone to drive to the store and BUY HIM BEER. And also . . . and this is the part where we feel bad for him . . . he was lonely and wanted someone to hang out with him. --Those three calls made it 79 times that Raymond's called 911 this year . . . and he's never had an emergency. He's been charged with misusing the 911 system. (Connecticut Post)

Stupid News Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

A guy in Salt Lake City stole a pick-up truck from a Home Depot on Friday morning, but the company that owned the truck followed him, and shot out one of the tires. Police arrested the thief while he was trying to change the tire . . . and gave the shooter a summons for unlawful discharge of a handgun. (Full Story)

A newspaper in Pennsylvania was doing a story on Navy SEALs, looked into a local pastor who's been claiming for years that he was a SEAL in 'Nam . . . and found out that not only was he lying, but he took a lot of the details of his story from the movie "Under Siege". (Full Story)

A guy in Florida was busted making an illegal U-turn, booked for violation of probation, and got caught entering the jail with a marijuana pipe hidden up his no-go hole. (Full Story)

According to a new study by psychologists in the journal "Sex Roles", 30% of all young girls' clothing is sexualized. (Full Story)

Want to abandon your baby without the guilt? A community center in South Africa has installed a new 'Baby Safe.' If you don't want your baby, you can place it in the box, and an alarm is triggered to alert staff. It's basically a big movie rental return drawer, but with holes for the baby to breathe. (Full Story)

A recent study by Columbia University's School of Public Health has linked frequent business travel with poor health and obesity. People who travel two weeks or more every month for work report higher rates of obesity, higher blood pressure, and have a greater risk of cardiovascular disease. (Full Story)


#1.) A Crazy Guy on the New York Subway Took Off His Clothes, Yelled the N-Word, and Started Attacking Random People:

A lot of crazy things have happened on the New York City subway since it opened over 106 years ago . . . but this has to be one of the craziest: --A guy got naked, started shouting the N-word, and attacked random people. There are two great things about it: One, despite everything the guy did, probably the biggest reaction he got from the people around him was when he took off his boxers. --And two, a cop let him run around WAY too long before trying to subdue him. Then he had problems getting him to the ground, until a few bystanders chipped in. (--Search for "Berserk Naked Racist on NYC Subway." He takes his boxers off at :58, attacks people at 1:18, fights the cop at 1:45, and gets taken down at 1:58.) (--WARNING: This video includes full-frontal nudity, the N-word, the F-word, the S-word, and other profanity.)

#2.) A Soldier Danced 'The Carlton' . . . In Full-Gear, Standing on Top of a Tank, While Rockets Fired in the Background:

If you watched "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air", then you know how Carlton used to show off his ridiculous dance moves to the Tom Jones song "It's Not Unusual". And so The Carlton' was born. --And there's a great new video on YouTube where a U.S. soldier in full gear does 'The Carlton' on top of a tank, with rockets firing in the background. (--Search for "Soldier Dancing Like Carlton." The first rocket is fired at :11, and the second one is at :16.)
The Four Biggest Myths About Your Health:

A lot of people think the placebo effect isn't a big deal, because it doesn't ACTUALLY make you better . . . it just makes you THINK you're better. --But in reality, placebos are surprisingly effective for people with Parkinson's, depression, intestinal issues, and a variety of other things.--And up to one-third of people who are in pain feel better after taking a placebo, because when your brain thinks you're taking a pain reliever, your body automatically releases compounds called opioids, which are kind of like morphine. --Here are four more big misconceptions that most people have about their health.

Myth #1.) "Overweight" Equals "Unhealthy." In one study, more than 25,000 men were tracked for over 23 years, and researchers kept tabs on their health. --In the end, men who were overweight or obese, but exercised regularly, tended to live longer than men who were thin but DIDN'T exercise. --In general, doctors worry more about your body mass index, which is supposed to be below 25. But if you have a lot of muscle, it can be much higher.

Myth #2.) If You Have Bad Genes, You're Destined to Die Early. Scientists keep finding new things in our DNA, like the breast cancer gene, which significantly increases your chances of developing breast cancer at some point in your life. --60 to 80 percent of women who have the gene will develop breast cancer compared to 13 percent of women who don't. But it's not the same with other diseases, and if someone in your family died early, it doesn't necessarily mean you will too. --In fact, scientists think the majority of cancers are caused by things you can avoid, like smoking, sun exposure, and a poor diet. --And if there was a pie chart showing all the things that affect how long you live, your genes would only take up about one-third of it. The other two-thirds are things you can control.

Myth #3.) Prescription Drugs Are Guaranteed to Be Safe. People think that if the FDA approves a new drug, it means it's been thoroughly tested for side effects. --But about 10 percent of the drugs that are approved by the FDA are later discovered to have MAJOR side effects that didn't show up in clinical trials. --That's why you should stick with a medication if it's working for you, and not switch to some new drug just because you saw an ad for it on TV.

Myth #4.) Hospitals Are Sterile. The reality is, hospitals . . . and doctors . . . are often covered in nasty drug-resistant germs that could make you sicker or even kill you. --According to the CDC, each year 1.7 million people in the U.S. develop infections while staying at the hospital, or immediately after they're discharged. And almost 100,000 of them die. (Reader's Digest)

Traveling With Fido And Fluffy has announced the results of their second annual Summer Pet Travel Survey of more than 10,000 pet owners worldwide, finding that 60% traveled with pets during 2010. Summer pet travel trends remained steady from 2010’s survey, with 58% of people surveyed during the month of April indicating they planned to travel with their pets within the next three months, compared to 57% in 2010. The number of people who travel monthly fell from 38% in 2010 to 22% in 2011; 57% of respondents indicated they still travel at least once a year with pets. Other findings:

•48% of pet owners said they spend less than $500 annually on pet travel-related products and services; nearly 28% said they spend $1000 or more each year on products and services for pet travel.

•In 2010, 38% of respondents found airline pet travel fees to be prohibitively expensive. This year’s survey found only 18% view airline fees as too expensive. For 2011, the majority of respondents’ concerns (32%) cited an unsatisfactory selection of pet-friendly hotels.

•Those who chose to stay at hotels because they are pet-friendly jumped by 10% from 2010 to 2011, with 78% saying they had stayed at a hotel because it allowed pets or was considered to be “pet-friendly.”

•Pet-friendly airlines also grew in influence, with 58% of pet owners saying they had chosen to fly on an airline because it was “pet-friendly.”

•Dogs remained a popular pet travel companion, with 58% of respondents saying they travel with dogs; 22% will travel with cats, 8% with birds and 6% with horses.

•Safety remains the top priority for traveling pet owners, with 71% indicating their pet’s safety is the most important aspect when planning pet travel arrangements. Pricing and keeping costs down came in a distant second at 17%, followed by convenience to a pet owner’s own travel arrangements (12%).


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