Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Lindsay Lohan Feels "Kind of Numb" Since Being Sentenced to Jail and Community Service:


In her interview with JAY LENO, LINDSAY LOHAN said that it was, quote, "shocking" to be sentenced to jail and community service . . . and that she feels, quote, "kind of numb." --But she really didn't try to dodge the blame. She said, quote, "I think that when, you know, being young and being in the position I was in, you don't really take the time to appreciate what you have and it's all kind of a whirlwind, and people make decisions for you." --"But I'm not a kid anymore. I'm 24. I've made a lot of mistakes. I recognize that, but I'm in the clear now and I feel that as long as I stay focused, then I will achieve what I want to achieve." --Lindsay also told Jay that she's still confirmed for her role as JOHN GOTTI'S daughter-in-law in "Gotti: Three Generations". In fact, the producer was reportedly in the audience to show his support. --One last note: The crowd gave Lindsay a standing ovation when she walked onstage. (--Watch a clip from the interview . . . which taped Monday afternoon and aired last night . . . here.) --Sources say Leno got Lindsay's first interview because, quote, "He has been nothing but good to her and her family over the years, and has always been protective of her."



The New Voice of the Aflac Duck Has Been Found . . . And He's a Radio Sales Manager from Minnesota:


The new voice of the Aflac Duck has been found. The guy's name is DANIEL MCKEAGUE, and he's a radio sales manager for KQRS in Minneapolis. (--Check out a video of Daniel getting the job here. And watch video of Daniel announcing himself as the new Aflac duck here.) --GILBERT GOTTFRIED
lost the gig earlier this year after Tweeting a dozen insensitive earthquake (slash) tsunami jokes about Japan. He'd been doing the voice for over a decade.



Check Out Jake Gyllenhaal . . . Bald:


JAKE GYLLENHAAL goes BALD for his next movie . . . a police drama called "End of Watch". (--Check out a photo here.) (Us Weekly)



Alicia Silverstone and Michael Vick Are Speaking Out Against a New Dogfighting Android App:


ALICIA SILVERSTONE is freaking out about a new Android app called "Dog Wars", which allows you to raise dogs and then FIGHT them. And MICHAEL VICK has her back. --Alicia wrote a letter to the CEO of Google . . . which owns Android . . . saying, quote, "When I read about the new game 'Dog Wars', I couldn't believe my eyes. --"As a mom-to-be and someone who has adopted and loved rescued pit bulls. I join PETA's millions of members in imploring you to cancel this game immediately. If one dog dies as a result of this game, you will not forgive yourself." --Vick released a statement saying, quote, "I've come to learn the hard way that dogfighting is a dead-end street. --"Now, I am on the right side of this issue, and I think it's important to send the smart message to kids, and not glorify this form of animal cruelty, even in an Android app." --A rep for Kage Games . . . which produced "Dog Wars" . . . tried to stand up to the criticism. -He said, quote, "What makes the Google Android platform special is it gives the freedom and responsibility to the individual users to decide what to put on their phones as opposed to Apple making value judgments on our behalf." --He also said critics should, quote, "go slingshot some virtual birds to kill some virtual pigs" . . . which is a reference to the mega-popular game "Angry Birds". --Google must think differently though. According to an Android fan site called Phandroid, you can't get "Dog Wars" anymore. --There's no word who yanked it or if it's coming back.



Is Megan Fox Getting Her Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Removed?


MEGAN FOX appears to be getting that MARILYN MONROE tattoo on her right forearm removed. She showed up at an event the other day with it looking a lot more faded than usual. (--Check out the difference here.) (Gawker) --Megan has said she got the tattoo to remind herself not to let the film industry treat her as badly as it did Marilyn. There's no word why she's getting it removed. (--IF she is. She could have just done a crappy job of covering it with makeup.)



Random Sheen-Anigans:


#1.) CHARLIE SHEEN had a great show in Houston last night. A reviewer for the "Houston Chronicle" said, quote, "He was self-effacing, outrageous, filthy dirty and hilarious . . . -"Whatever you've heard about half-filled audiences walking out on Sheen in other cities, it didn't happen in Houston. He had the wild crowd in his palms . . . they loved him." (Full Story)


#2.) This is the kind of thing that would make life worth living: Charlie's "Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour hits Vancouver, Canada on Monday . . . and there's a rumor going around that RANDY QUAID is in talks to join him onstage. (Full Story)



#3.) BREE OLSON . . . the "goddess" who allegedly dumped Charlie via text last week . . . has a new man. And she's been exchanging romantic texts with him since before she left Charlie. -She even admitted during a recent radio interview that she has, quote, "strong feelings" for someone. But this time, she's not going to rush into living with the guy. (--There's no word who he is, by the way.)



Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Trying to Get a New "Terminator" Movie Off the Ground:


I was hoping that when ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER got back into acting, he wouldn't do something this predictable, but . . . --Arnold's talent agency is going around to the major studios, shopping a "package" that includes the rights to produce a new "Terminator" movie starring Arnold, and directed by Justin Lin . . . who just did "Fast Five".



The "Lord of the Rings" Movies Are Hitting Theaters Again This Summer:


Extended versions of the "Lord of the Rings" movies will play in AMC theaters over three successive weeks this summer.


--A 3-hour and 28-minute version of "The Fellowship of the Ring" hits theaters on June 14th.

--A 3-hour and 43-minute cut of "The Two Towers" follows on June 21st.

--And then comes "The Return of the King" on June 28th. That one will have a butt-numbing running time of 4 hours and 11 minutes.



Jennifer Lopez and Jeremy Renner are Joining the Cast of "Ice Age 4":


JENNIFER LOPEZ and "Hurt Locker" star JEREMY RENNER have joined the cast of "Ice Age 4". Yes, they're making another one. --Which isn't such a bad thing, because these are among the more entertaining kids movies . . . not to mention the fact that the first three have made a combined $2 billion at the worldwide box office. --Also providing voices are Wanda Sykes, Keke Palmer, Drake and Aziz Ansari. --Ray Romano, Denis Leary, John Leguizamo and Queen Latifah are all returning, not surprisingly. The movie is due out in July of 2012.



"American Reunion" Is Coming Out Next April:


"American Reunion" . . . the "American Pie" sequel that reunites most of the original cast for the first time since "American Wedding" in 2003 . . . has a release date. It's coming out next April.



It's Official: Katie Couric *Is* Leaving "CBS Evening News":


Prepare yourself: What I'm about to say is going to FLOOR you. Ready? --KATIE COURIC has announced . . . you're never going to believe this . . . that she's leaving the "CBS Evening News". I know it sounds crazy, but stick with me. --Katie tells "People" magazine, quote, "I have decided to step down from the 'CBS Evening News'. I'm really proud of the talented team on the 'CBS Evening News' and the award-winning work we've been able to do in the past five years. --"In making the decision to move on, I know the [show] will be in great hands . . . but I'm excited about the future." --So what IS next for Katie? Well, she isn't revealing much. She says, quote, "I am looking at a format that will allow me to engage in more multi-dimensional storytelling. I have a lot of areas of interest and I want to be able to fulfill all of that." --There's been a lot of speculation that Katie wants to launch a daytime talk show sometime next year. And there has also been talk that MATT LAUER would leave the "Today" show to join her . . . but that's still a rumor at this point.--CBS News responded to Katie's stunning, truly out-of-nowhere announcement by saying, quote, "There is a lot to be proud of during her time [here]. CBS News, like Katie herself, is looking forward to the next chapter." --They didn't say anything about Katie's replacement, but we've heard that announcement could come next week. Everyone is saying it's "60 Minutes" correspondent SCOTT PELLEY, but other names have been rumored. --Katie is expected to continue anchoring the "CBS Evening News" until her contract is up on June 4th.
(--And thus ends one of the wildest media frenzies ever associated with the arrival and departure of an evening news anchor.)

A Man Opened Fire on the Crew of the New Show "Repo Games", and He Wasn't Even the Guy Having His Car Repossessed:


A Las Vegas man named Carlos Barron was arrested on Monday night after he allegedly OPENED FIRE on the crew of a new Spike TV show called "Repo Games". (--It just debuted last night.) --The show has an interesting premise: It follows two actual repo guys who go to people's houses to repossess their vehicles. But there's a twist: The guys give the owners a chance to save their vehicle by answering random trivia questions. (--If they answer three out of five correctly, they not only keep their vehicle . . . but the show also pays off the whole thing, not just what they owe. But, if they don't, the vehicle is repossessed.) --Anyway, Barron was actually NOT having anything repossessed. --He was just a neighbor who lived "a few doors down" from someone who was. Apparently, he became FURIOUS with the crew for invading his neighborhood . . . and didn't like that they'd parked an equipment van in front of his house. --Fortunately, no one was hurt in the shooting. Barron was booked on charges of attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and obstructing a police officer. --According to reports, the crew DID get footage of all this going down. No one has said whether they intend on airing it on a future episode . . . but you have to think that they WILL. (--TMZ posted Barron's mug shot. Here it is.)



"American Idol" and "Dancing with the Stars" Took the Top Four Spots in the Ratings:


I don't know about you, but I think it will be interesting to see the TV ratings next week and find out how well "American Idol" was able to compete against last night's series premiere of "The Voice". --But until then, you know the drill . . . "Idol" once again topped last week's ratings. 22.5 million people watched on Wednesday and 20.3 million tuned in Thursday. --The "Dancing with the Stars" performance show was right behind "Idol" with 20 million viewers. Only 16 million people watched as supermodel PETRA NEMCOVA and her partner DMITRY CHAPLIN were eliminated.



Wednesday TV Reminders: (--Check your local listings.)


--"NBA Playoffs: Heat vs. 76ers" . . . 7:00 to 9:30 P.M. Eastern on TNT. (--The Miami Heat host the Philadelphia 76ers.)


--"NBA Playoffs: Thunder vs. Nuggets" . . . 9:30 P.M. to Midnight Eastern on TNT. (--The Oklahoma City Thunder host the Denver Nuggets.)


--"Hole in the Wall" . . . 7:30 to 8:00 P.M. on Cartoon Network. (--NFL star DeSean Jackson goes up against NBA star Chris Webber in that game where contestants try to fit through a cutout shape in a foam wall.)


--"American Idol" [Performance Show] . . . 8:00 to 9:30 P.M. on Fox. (--The six finalists perform Carole King songs.)


--"Survivor: Redemption Island" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on CBS.


--"Inside the Royal Wedding" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on NBC. (--Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira look behind-the-scenes at preparations for the royal wedding.)


--"South Park" [15th Season Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. on Comedy Central. (--South Park unveils the latest in technology, The Human CentiPad . . . which is a morphing of the "Human Centipede" with an iPad. And poor Kyle is in the middle.) (???)


--"Fact or Faked" [2nd Season Finale] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on Syfy.


--"Biography: Kate Middleton" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on Biography.



New Kids on the Block's Donnie Wahlberg Found a Kidney for a Sick Fan . . . On Twitter:


Timeless NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK sensation DONNIE WAHLBERG is our MUSICAL HERO OF THE DAY . . . and it doesn't involve his music, naturally. --Donnie came to the aid of a very sick fan named Bobbette Miller, who was in desperate need of a kidney. Back in December, one of Bobbette's friends Tweeted about her condition, and Donnie saw it. --He re-Tweeted the friend's message, and appealed to his 183,000-plus followers . . . asking them for help. --According to the "Boston Herald", this prompted a flurry of people being tested . . . and six people were deemed matches for Bobbette. One of them, whose identity was not released, will be donating their kidney to her in June. --Donnie says, quote, "It's a testament to the value of Twitter when used for more than telling people what one is eating for dinner or using it to sell products." (--Here's a picture of Donnie with Bobbette.)



Christina Aguilera Botched the National Anthem at the Super Bowl Because She Was So Caught Up in . . . Her Own Success?


On yesterday's "Ellen", CHRISTINA AGUILERA talked about her botched performance of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl back in February. (--Here's video of her screw-up.) --And she's blaming the slip on being too caught up in the moment. But NOT the magnitude of the Super Bowl, necessarily . . . the magnitude of her own success.
--She said, quote, "I had been singing that song my entire life. I was known as the youngest Anthem singer in my hometown of Pittsburgh. I sang for the Steelers when I was . . . I think 7 or 8 years old.
--"I think had a moment where I was at the Super Bowl at 30 years old, and I took in the moment a little bit too much. Shoot me for appreciating the moment, but I was like here I am at the Super Bowl . . . singing for a team and in front of the world.
--"And remembering what it was like to be that young, and look where I made it now."
--She added, quote, "That night I knew, I just made myself a Trivial Pursuit question: 'In 2011 what female singer, ya know, flubbed the lyrics.' It's just insane. But I have a really good laugh about it and you get over things." (--Here's that clip from "Ellen".)



Lady Gaga's "Judas" Video Will Celebrate Faith . . . Not Challenge It:


Before you let yourself get too worked up over the fact that "American Idol" is premiering LADY GAGA'S
"Judas" video next week . . . consider this: --Lady Gaga says the video is, quote, "meant more to celebrate faith than it is to challenge it." --She adds, quote, "'Judas' is a metaphor and an analogy about forgiveness and betrayal and things that haunt you in your life, and how I believe that it's the darkness in your life that ultimately shines and illuminates the greater light that you have upon you. --"Someone once said to me, 'If you have no shadows then you're not standing in the light.' So the song is about washing the feet of both good and evil, and understanding and forgiving the demons from your past in order to move into the greatness of your future." --Lady Gaga plays Mary Magdalene in the video . . . but she says that in general, she's more interested in faith, independent of religion. (--We first heard that she plays the Virgin Mary, but the washing of the feet indicates a different Mary entirely. Mary Magdalene was the sinner who washed Jesus' feet with her hair.) --She explains, quote, "[The album is] about faith and hope, but not in the religious sense. It's about faith and hope in culture . . . --"Especially in a time all over the world where many are in need of hope, in need of understanding, in need of love, in need of lack of prejudice, in need of no judgment, in need of acceptance. How can we look to culture for faith? (--Speaking of Lady Gaga, HBO has released another teaser clip from their upcoming Lady Gaga concert special, which premieres on May 7th. Here's the link. ***WARNING***: It includes UNCENSORED F-BOMBS.) (--In this one, she talks about how she won't forget where she came from.)



Beyoncé Is Being Sued for Being "Morally Reprehensible":


A video game company called Gate Five is taking legal action against BEYONCÉ . . . who it describes as "morally reprehensible." Here's what she did to deserve that: -The company claims they had a deal with Beyoncé to create a videogame called "Starpower: Beyoncé" . . . but she backed out at the last minute, because she wanted more money. --The company claims this, quote, "drove 70 people into unemployment, the week before Christmas." They're going after her for the $6.7 million they invested in the game . . . plus $100 million in profits they believe they would've earned.



The Official Lollapalooza Lineup Is Out:


The official Lollapalooza lineup has been released . . . and as expected, the headliners will be Eminem, Coldplay, Muse and the Foo Fighters. Other acts include: The Cars, DeadMau5, A Perfect Circle, Cee Lo Green and Bright Eyes. --This year's Lollapalooza will be held the weekend of August 5th, in Chicago's Grant Park. You can find the entire bill at




Showbiz Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:



IAN ZIERING and his wife Erin have a new baby. Erin gave birth to a girl Monday night. (Full Story)




GWYNETH PALTROW admitted on "Chelsea Lately" Monday night that her German grandmother was a C-WORD. (???) (Video) (--Scroll forward to the 3:50 mark. WARNING!!! This clip contains a bleeped C-word and an unbleeped B-word.)




JODIE FOSTER is going to bat for MEL GIBSON again. She says, quote, "I'm not defending his behavior. I'm defending the man that I know. And I know he's kind and loyal and is an incredible professional. He's probably the most beloved actor of anybody I've ever worked with in the film business. And I don't say that lightly." (Full Story)




Now, DONALD TRUMP claims PRESIDENT OBAMA'S birth certificate is, quote, "missing". But he still won't offer any proof. (Full Story)




REESE WITHERSPOON denies reports that an elephant passed gas in her face during the filming of "Water for Elephants" . . . although she loves the story. (Full Story)




Next year's Oscars have been scheduled for Sunday, February 26th . . . just in case you wanted to get your party planning done early. (???) (Full Story)




KIRSTIE ALLEY is taking advantage of her exposure on "Dancing With the Stars". She says that a comedy series is being developed for her at TV Land. But someone is also writing a potential series for her on HBO . . . and she wants to get back into movies. (Full Story)




KEITH OLBERMANN'S new show for Al Gore's Current TV will be called "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" . . . just like his old MSNBC show. And it'll debut on June 20th. (Full Story)




In case you missed it, PAUL REISER took shots at NBC on "Leno" Monday night, for canceling his new comedy after just two episodes. He told Jay, quote, "NBC, to my knowledge, they don't traditionally make bad decisions. Have you heard that? I don't know what your experience is." (Video)




Singer PHOEBE SNOW . . . perhaps best known for her '70s hit "Poetry Man" . . . died Tuesday of complications from a brain hemorrhage she suffered last January. She was 60 years old. (Full Story)




The new BEASTIE BOYS album, "Hot Sauce Committee Part Two", is streaming online in its entirety. (Full Story)



Over the next three years, the SMASHING PUMPKINS back catalog is going to be reissued . . . and the band will drop a new album called "Oceania" in September. (Full Story)





Here Are the Three Things Your Mom Wants For Mother's Day . . . And the One Thing She Doesn't Want:


Mother's Day is less than two weeks away. And for the lifetime of sacrifices she's made for you . . . you could at least drop a few bucks on something she actually wants. --According to a new survey of moms by, here are the top three gifts that mothers want . . .


#1.) A day at the spa

#2.) A gift card

#3.) Something homemade


--As for the gift that they DON'T want . . . the number one answer was "flowers." --Now, beyond the gift: 32% of moms said the way they most want to spend Mother's Day is by having a nice family meal out. 30% want to spend time with the family at home. --Of the non-mothers in the survey, only 22% say they plan to spend at least $25 more on a Mother's Day gift this year. (PR Newswire)



It's True . . . PC Users Are Boring and Predictable, Mac Users are Annoyingly Hip:


It's been a while since Apple started its "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" commercials. But that doesn't mean people have stopped fighting one of the nerdiest gang wars of all time. --A website called just finished a survey of more than 388,000 people to figure out the big differences between Mac people and PC people. Here's what they found . . . --PC people tend to be older, and centered in the 35-to-49 range. Mac people are younger, and tend to be in the 18-to-34 range. --PC people are 23% more likely to say they never throw parties. Mac people are 50% more likely to say they frequently throw parties. --69% of PC people would rather drive a Harley than a Vespa. 52% of Mac people would pick a Vespa over a Harley. --Mac people are 80% more likely to be vegetarians. --The three most popular sandwiches for PC people are tuna fish, hero, and patty melt. For Mac people, the most popular sandwiches are hummus, banh mi, and shawarma. --The three most popular cable networks for PC people are SyFy, History, and USA. For Mac people, the most popular networks are Bravo, Showtime, and HBO. (Hunch) (--You can see a lot more breakdowns between Mac and PC people here. But basically, they all keep following this same "completely generic American" versus "insufferable hipster" split.)



There's a New Line of Colognes Based on Dungeons & Dragons:


Maybe you think you're too cool to play Dungeons & Dragons, and that's fine: Deprive yourself of magic and wonderment just because you're insecure. --But thanks to a company called the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, even if you won't play D&D, at least you can SMELL like you do. And that doesn't mean a mix of Cheetos, Mountain Dew Code Red, and Head and Shoulders. --Black Phoenix has released a new line of Dungeons & Dragons-inspired COLOGNES and PERFUMES. --For example, their cologne called Elf combines a pale golden musk, honeycomb, amber, violet, hawthorn bark, aspen leaf, forest lily, white moss, and a hint of wild berries. --The cologne called Fighter is scented like leather, musk, blood, and steel. The cologne called Halfling smells like porridge, kukui nuts, and PASTRY CRUMBS. --They even have colognes based on GOOD and EVIL. Good is a, quote, "shimmering celestial musk with vanilla, white honey, acacia, and sugar cane" . . . evil includes, quote, "smoldering opium tar, tobacco, green tea, and black plum." --A five-milliliter bottle goes for $17.50. (cnet)
(--You can buy the fragrances here.)



Cupcake-Flavored Vodka: Intriguing or Disgusting?


I've gone back and forth about 15 times on whether this sounds INTRIGUING or DISGUSTING. A company called Underdog Wine and Spirits has just announced that they're rolling out CUPCAKE-FLAVORED VODKA. --It will come in four flavors: original, lemon chiffon, devil's food cake, and FROSTING. --In their press release, they say the vodka, quote, "is six-times distilled to remove impurities while delivering a mouth-feel reminiscent of an indulgent delicious treat." --The original flavor is 80 proof and the other three are 70 proof. If you're interested, we're not quite sure where you'd buy it . . . their website doesn't seem to feature a list of places carrying the vodka. (Village Voice)

Cool Photo Gallery: Crime Artist Sketches of Criminals Next to Their Actual Mugshots:


Paul Moody is a sketch artist with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department, and he put together a comparison of actual mugshots to the sketches he did based on witness descriptions. Let's just say he knows what he's doing. (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)
(--Just Google "Close calls: Crime artist's sketches." Check out some of the side-by-side comparisons here.)



Want To Spot a Terrorist? Look For a Cheap Digital Watch:


Here's a new way to join the home front effort to spot terrorists in our midst: Just keep an eye out for someone wearing a CHEAP digital CASIO watch, straight out of the '80s. --According to a leaked file from Guantanamo Bay, interrogators were told to look out for people wearing the Casio F-91W digital watch . . . because that was standard issue for Al-Qaeda bombers-in-training. --The government found that more than one out of three Guantanamo prisoners who had those watches, quote, "have known connections to explosives." (BBC)
(--Here's a picture of the Casio F-91 W, so you know what to watch for.)



The Data Doesn't Lie . . . Men Just Aren't Handy Anymore:


Our grandfathers would whip us raw if they knew how many of us have plumbers, electricians, and semi-legal immigrant handymen on speed dial. --The data doesn't lie: A new study has found that today's men aren't even CLOSE to being as handy as men were 40 years ago. --In 1970, 71% of men said they could handle any do-it-yourself project. Today, only 44% of men have that kind of confidence. --There are two main reasons that our handiness is going down. One, as fathers become less handy, the skills aren't getting passed down. And two, over the past few decades, learning technology skills has become far more valuable. --The survey also predicts that at this rate, by 2048, men who can handle any home do-it-yourself project will be EXTINCT. (--If this sounds familiar, it's probably because of a story we told you about last month that said 61% of women have NO FAITH in their husband's home repair abilities.)
(DIY Life)



The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Child's Future Career Is . . . Force Them To Read:


According to a new study, none of the following activities have any impact on your child's future career prospects: Sports, socializing, going to museums, going to the theater, playing an instrument, cooking, sewing, or video games.--Nope. If you want to help your kid's future job prospects, the best thing you can do is . . . force them to read. --A sociologist at Oxford University in England studied more than 20,000 people who were born in 1970. The people were quizzed about their extracurricular activities at age 16 and their careers at age 33. --The result: Females who read as teenagers had a 39% chance of holding a professional or managerial job, versus a 25% chance for women who didn't read. --Males who read as teenagers had a 58% chance of holding a professional or managerial job, versus a 48% chance for men who didn't read. --The theory here is that reading helps you learn how to sound eloquent and knowledgeable, which impresses employers. --The one teenage habit that seemed to harm kids' future job prospects the most was playing video games. For males, that dropped your chance at a managerial job from 24% to 19% . . . for females, it dropped from 20% to 14%. (The Telegraph)



Gun Ownership In the U.S. Has Hit an All-Time Low:


For a country that's supposed to be GUN CRAZY, we sure have a funny way of showing it. According to a new report, gun ownership in the U.S. is at an ALL-TIME LOW. --At least they think it's an all-time low. No one started keeping personal gun ownership statistics until the early 1970s. --Gun ownership peaked in 1977, when 54% of American households had a gun. By 2010, that had dropped to the all-time low point of 32.3%. That's right . . . less than one in three homes now owns a gun. --Male gun ownership peaked in 1990, at 52.4%. Now, only 33.2% of men personally report owning a gun. --Female ownership peaked in 1982, when 14.3% of women reported personally owning a gun. Now it's down to 9.9%. --There are several theories why gun ownership is so far down. The biggest one is that the gun-owning population is getting older and younger generations just aren't as interested in owning one. --Other theories: Hunting has become less popular . . . new environmental and zoning issues are making it harder for gun ranges to open . . . and more single-parent households are headed up by women, who are less likely to own guns. (Violence Policy Center)



A Guy Was Busted For Using His License To Try to Break Into a Store . . . Because He Left the License Behind:


Usually I like mocking stupid criminals who make it easy for the police . . . but not this time. Because this is TOO easy. I don't want the cops to be bored. --On April 13th, 26-year-old Jeremiah Cunningham of Woodland, Washington, got drunk and tried to break into a store. First he threw golf balls at the window, then he tried to jimmy the lock open with his driver's license. But it didn't work, so he took off. --And yeah, he left his driver's license jammed in the door. The cops headed over to his address on the license and arrested him for burglary, attempted burglary, and malicious mischief. (Columbia Daily News) (--Here's a picture of his license.)



A Man Tells the Cops His Laptop was Stolen While He Was at Church . . . Turns Out It Was Actually Stolen By Two Prostitutes He Wouldn't Pay:


On Sunday, the police in Glendale, California got a call from a man staying at a local motel called the Glen Capri Inn. He told them that while he was at church that day, his MacBook laptop had been stolen from his motel room. --The police investigated, and after getting a tip from an employee at the motel, they figured out what had REALLY happened. --The man hadn't been at church . . . he'd had two PROSTITUTES over to his motel room. But when they wanted $200 more than he was expecting, he said no. --So they broke into his motel room and stole the computer. --The police found it on them. 21-year-old Sauceray Boyd and 19-year-old Kandalaria Freeman were both arrested for burglary and grand theft. So far, there haven't been any prostitution charges added on. --Apparently, the Glen Capri Inn in Glendale is kind of a magnet for trouble. A few days before the whole prostitute-laptop incident, police busted a couple there running a major identity and credit card theft operation. --The police found more than 200 blank credit cards in their room and forged credit paperwork for some celebrities . . . including TOMMY LEE JONES and TIM BURTON. (Glendale News Press)






. . Random Links to Additional Stories:


Hubert Schlafly, the inventor of the teleprompter, is dead at age 91. (Full Story)



There have been more tornadoes this month than any month since April of 1974. Usually May has more tornadoes. (Full Story)



A woman held up a sign at a game proposing to Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun . . . and put all ten digits of her phone number on it. The sign got shown on TV, and her voicemail was full within a half inning . . . so when the player actually tried to call her after the game, he couldn't get through. (Full Story)




If you're into dog fighting . . . there's an app for that. Someone invented a dog fighting game for the Droid called "Dog Wars", where you feed, train, and fight your virtual dog against other players. And people are outraged. (Full Story)



A new web site called ScoreBig is trying to be the Priceline for live events. Because on average, 40% of tickets for concerts, games, and shows go unsold. (Full Story)




Friendster has announced they're deleting all user content on May 31st . . . and re-launching as an entertainment site focusing "mainly on Asian users." (Full Story)




A 48-year-old mother in Iowa took one course a semester for the last 19 years . . . and is finally ready to graduate with a degree in accounting. (Full Story)




Photo of the Day: A drunk driver in South Carolina drove his Subaru through a six-foot-tall chain link fence, through his neighbor's deck, down a hill, and into a backyard pool. (Full Story)





#1.) From The Guy Who Gave You "Double Dream Hands" Comes . . . "Double Dream Feet":


Last year, a choreographer with WAY too much flair posted a video online showing off a signature dance move called "Double Dream Hands". And now he's released the long-awaited sequel . . . "Double Dream FEET". --Sadly, it doesn't come close to double dream hands. He basically just slaps his thighs. (--He does it 29 seconds in.)



#2.) And Now . . . An Overweight White Woman Dancing to Hip Hop By a Pool, And Taking a Spill:


There's a new video on YouTube of an overweight white woman dancing by a pool while two guys rap. She's way too old to be there in the first place, she starts dancing around, then bends over to give everyone a good shot of her luscious booty. --But she loses her balance and falls hard on the pavement. (--Search for "Confusing Pool Party." She bends over at :17 and falls at :23.) (--WARNING: The lyrics include the P-word.)



#3.) A Fake Interview With the Writer of "The Fast and The Furious" Sequel . . . Who Turns Out to be a Five-Year-Old Kid:


The Onion News Network did one of their fake morning show interviews, and it's pretty funny. They're supposedly talking to the writer of "Fast Five", the new sequel to "The Fast and The Furious". But it turns out to be a five year old kid named Chris Morgan. --The kid's missing his front teeth, plays with matchbox cars, wrote the script with crayons, and talks just like a regular five-year-old would. --So when they ask him what elements he wanted to include in the new film, he says, quote, "I want the cars to drive fast, and then some of them explode." Then at the end of the interview, he takes a nap. (--Search for "Today Now! Interviews The 5-Year-Old Screenwriter Of "Fast Five".)



Four Ways to Lose Weight in Ten Seconds:


Dr. Travis Stork from the TV show "The Doctors" has a book out called "The Lean Belly Prescription", and it includes tips on how to lose weight in just ten seconds. --Obviously, you won't actually get THINNER in ten seconds. They're just weight-loss STRATEGIES that take ten seconds or less. Here are the top four.


#1.) Ruin Your Appetite. Drinking two glasses of water before a meal makes you feel full, and it can reduce the number of calories you eat by up to 20%. You don't have to chug, but unless you're a horse, you probably won't drink two glasses in ten seconds. --Actually, you can accomplish the same thing if you have just one glass of water, then start with a cup of broth-based soup, like miso, minestrone, or chicken noodle.


#2.) Sign Up for a 5K Race. According to a study at the University of Michigan, you're more likely to maintain an exercise program if you find more reasons to work out than just weight loss.


#3.) Eat Chile Peppers. Capsaicin is the stuff in chilies that makes them hot. And according to a recent study, it also increases your metabolism. --If you eat just one tablespoon of chopped red or green chilies, it can boost your metabolism by up to 23%.


#4.) Eliminate Added Sugar. According to a survey done by the USDA, the average American eats about 20 teaspoons of added sugar a day, which translates to about 320 empty calories. --Most of that sugar comes in the form of soda, baked goods, breakfast cereal, candy, and fruit drinks. (






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