Tuesday, June 21, 2011


"Jackass" Star Ryan Dunn Was Killed in a Car Crash Yesterday:

"Jackass" star RYAN DUNN was killed yesterday when he crashed his Porsche 911 GT3 in Chester County, Pennsylvania . . . which is outside Philadelphia. He was 34. --The crash occurred a little before 3:00 A.M. yesterday morning. And it was bad. --Here's how bad: The car crashed through a guardrail and into the woods, then caught fire. --It was smashed into pieces and completely burned, to the point where the only way police were able to identify it was from a door that was thrown off and not incinerated. --Oh, and there was a passenger whose body hasn't even been identified yet because it was in such horrid condition. Ryan was only identified by his tattoos and his hair. (--Here's video from the site of the crash the next day. It doesn't show the wreckage, or anything graphic.) -Police think the car was speeding, but nobody knows yet if alcohol was involved . . . but it sounds like a distinct possibility. --According to TMZ, Dunn and some friends were drinking earlier that night at a bar called Barnaby's of America in West Chester, Pennsylvania. -A source says Dunn had at least three beers and three shots between 10:30 P.M. and 2:10 A.M., and he was, quote, "wasted." --He even Tweeted a picture of himself at the bar drinking. (--You can check out the pic, along with a shot of some of the wreckage, here. If you're not familiar with Ryan Dunn, he's the guy on the left with the beard.) (TMZ) --An employee at Barnaby's says Dunn only had a few beers, and "didn't seem intoxicated." (--Of course, he could be just covering his ass. Bars can be sued in situations like this.) --For those of you who aren't familiar with the "Jackass" cast, Ryan Dunn is the one who looks kind of like ZACH GALIFIANAKIS from the "Hangover" movies. (--MTV rounded up some of Ryan's best "Jackass" clips . . . including that one. Check 'em out here.)

Bam Margera and Roger Ebert Go At It Over Ryan Dunn's Death:

Not long after news of RYAN DUNN'S death broke, film critic ROGER EBERT ruffled some feathers by Tweeting, quote, "Friends don't let Jackasses drink and drive." --Blogger Perez Hilton tried to call Ebert out on his insensitivity, but most of the people who commented on the story agreed with Ebert. --So then, he Tweeted, quote, "Perez Hilton's readers agree with me and not with Perez about my tweet on Ryan Dunn. He drank, he drove, 2 people died. http://bit.ly/k6Uh9Y." --That's when Ryan's "Jackass" co-star, BAM MARGERA, chimed in. --Bam hadn't spoken out about Ryan's death up to that point, because he was traveling. But his mother said he'd heard the news and was, quote, "devastated." --But once he had a chance to Tweet, he unloaded on Ebert. He said, quote, "I just lost my best friend, I have been crying hysterical for a full day and piece of [crap] roger ebert has the gall to put in his 2 cents . . . --"[Eff] you! Millions of people are crying right now, shut your fat [effing] mouth." (--No word yet back from Ebert.)

Ryan Dunn's Co-Stars React to His Passing:

Many of RYAN DUNN'S "Jackass" co-stars hit the web to post their reactions to his death. Here they are . . .

--JOHNNY KNOXVILLE: "Today I lost my brother Ryan Dunn. My heart goes out to his family and his beloved Angie. RIP Ryan, I love you buddy."

--JASON "WEE MAN" ACUNA: "I miss you, bud. You were always a happy kick-ass dude!"

--DAVE ENGLAND: "I Love you Ryan. I'm gonna miss you bad."

--JEFF TREMAINE: "I feel like I lost a brother. Ryan Dunn was family and we are all deeply devastated."

--STEVE-O: "I don't know what to say, except I love Ryan Dunn and I'm really going to miss him."

(--As for BAM MARGERA'S comments, those were an angry response to something Roger Ebert Tweeted. You can read more about that here.)
51-Year-Old Doug Hutchison from "The Green Mile" Has Married a 16-Year-Old Girl:

51-year-old actor DOUG HUTCHISON got married back on May 20th. To a 16-YEAR-OLD GIRL. That's a 35-year age difference. (!!!) --I doubt you'd recognize Doug by name, but you've seen his face. He's one of those character actors who's in a bunch of movies and TV shows. --He's probably most famous for playing the A-hole prison guard Percy Wetmore in "The Green Mile". More recently, he was Horace Goodspeed on "Lost" and Davros on "24". --Doug's new bride is an aspiring singer by the name of Courtney Alexis Stodden. They got married in Las Vegas, where the age of consent is 18. But it's all completely legal because Courtney's parents signed off on it. --Courtney's mom says, quote, "They are very much in love and we are so supportive of this." --And her dad says, quote, "Every father can only pray to have such a man behind their daughter. Courtney is one of the most level headed girls out there and I'm not just saying that because she's my daughter. Doug is the nicest man I've ever met in my life." -Courtney's mom also added that Courtney is a "good Christian girl" and was a virgin when she married Doug. She also has, quote, "real breasts, real lips, she's not plastic." (--Here's Courtney's website. You can see why people might wonder if her breasts are real.) (--The music that assaults you when you try to navigate this site is ATROCIOUS. But I have a feeling this woman is destined for some kind of stardom, because she's GORGEOUS.) (--Check out the photo gallery. I'm having a hard time believing she's really only 16 ) --The newlyweds issued a statement saying, quote, "We're aware that our vast age difference is extremely controversial. But we're very much in love and want to get the message out there that true love can be ageless." --And on his website, Doug says, quote, "Mr. and Mrs. Hutchison live together happily ensconced in their Hollywood Hills home with their lil' pups Everette and Tuna!"

Hugh Hefner's New Girlfriend Was His Ex-Girlfriend's Best Friend:

It's starting to become clearer why CRYSTAL HARRIS didn't want to marry HUGH HEFNER. --It turns out Hugh's new girlfriend, ANNA SOPHIA BERGLUND, was Crystal's BEST FRIEND. And Hugh's been hittin' that for the duration of his engagement to Crystal.--A source ever-so-eloquently says, quote, "Hef was boning Anna the whole time." And Hugh wasn't even messing around behind Crystal's back. He was nailing Anna with Crystal's full knowledge. --Meanwhile, Hef dropped the following Tweet yesterday . . . quote, "After all is said and done, staying single is probably the best. I think I just missed a bullet." --By the way . . . we're also hearing that Hugh is letting Crystal keep her $90,000 engagement ring, plus a Bentley he gave her.

(NC-17) That Mysterious Herpes Lawsuit Has Been Settled for More Than $5 Million:

Last month, we heard about a lawsuit that was filed by someone who claimed a male, A-list celebrity had given them HERPES during a sexual encounter in Las Vegas. --Well, TMZ says the lawsuit has been settled . . . for more than $5 MILLION. We still don't know who the defendant was . . . and perhaps we never will. --And we also still don't know if the plaintiff was male or female. --But, as you may recall, this person claims to have gone to the celebrity's hotel room after being ASSURED that he was STD-free. (NC-17) --What ensued was, quote, "mutual oral copulation, mutual self-gratification, rubbing and massaging each other, play-wrestling, licking and [unprotected] intercourse." --The plaintiff claimed the celebrity knew all along he had herpes, but LIED about it. --And, of course, the sex was VIDEOTAPED.

Evangeline Lilly Has Joined the Cast of "The Hobbit" . . . But As a New Character Who's Not in the Book:

EVANGELINE LILLY from "Lost" has joined the cast of the "Hobbit" movies. But she's playing a character who's NOT in the books. She's a Woodland Elf named Tauriel. --Director PETER JACKSON said on his Facebook page, quote, "Her name means 'daughter of Mirkwood' and, beyond that, we must leave you guessing! (No, there is no romantic connection to Legolas.) --"We are thrilled and excited she will be the one to bring our first true Sylvan Elf to life." (--What's kind of funny here is that Evangeline used to nail her "Lost" co-star DOMINIC MONAGHAN.) (--Dominic is one of the few people from the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy who's NOT being brought back for at least a token appearance in the "Hobbit" flicks. At least he hasn't been added to the cast yet.) --Evangeline and her current boyfriend welcomed a baby boy last month. --In other "Hobbit" news, famous Australian CROSS-DRESSER BARRY HUMPHRIES . . . who's best known for playing the character Dame Edna Everage . . . has been cast as the Goblin King.

A New Pixar Movie Will Come Out in November of 2013:

Pixar announced that they're dropping a new movie in November of 2013. It'll be an original story, not a sequel . . . but that's all we know about it. --Meanwhile, a new "Toy Story" short called "Hawaiian Vacation" will run before "Cars 2". That hits theaters this Friday.

William Shatner Says He Will NOT Be in the "Star Trek" Sequel:

There was a huge controversy over whether WILLIAM SHATNER was going to be in the "Star Trek" reboot. Shatner was responsible for a lot of that controversy . . . and in the end, he wasn't in the film. -But there shouldn't be a similar controversy over the sequel . . . because Shatner is putting it to rest early. --Asked if he might be in the sequel, Shatner said, quote, "I've become an acquaintance of [director] J.J. ABRAMS of late . . . But I'm afraid no, no I will not be in 'Star Trek 2'." --Shatner is working on a documentary about himself called "The Captains" . . . which he claims will be his, quote, "final farewell to 'Star Trek'."

Is Ryan Seacrest a Finalist to Replace Regis Philbin on "Live with Regis and Kelly"?

REGIS PHILBIN is leaving "Live with Regis and Kelly" in November . . . and according to the "Wall Street Journal", the list of potential replacements has been narrowed to THREE names. Here they are:



--And ANDY COHEN, who hosts Bravo's "Watch What Happens: Live"

--ABC wouldn't confirm the report. A spokesperson said, quote, "It's ridiculous at this point to be speculating about who will replace him."

--Other unofficial reports insist that while these names may be high on ABC's list . . . other candidates are still being considered.

(--The common thread between Ryan, Mark and Andy is that they all have experience hosting a live show. Mark has frequently subbed for Regis, and obviously has chemistry with Kelly.) (--Andy is also tight with Kelly. She's made several appearances on his show, and the "Hollywood Reporter" says that "they're personal friends.") (--Also, this is just a guess . . . but I have a feeling Ryan is a DREAM candidate. He may be intrigued with the gig, but he'd almost surely have to give up his radio show to do it.) (--Even doing "Live" and "American Idol" would be tough . . . especially since "Live" has always filmed in New York City, and "Idol" is based in Los Angeles.) (--Out of these candidates, I personally see them handing the job to Mark.)

Tuesday TV Reminders: (--Check your local listings.)

--"America's Got Talent" [Auditions] . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on NBC.

--"Wipeout: Sneak Peek" [4th Season Premiere] . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on ABC.

--"The Voice" [Semi-Finals] . . . 9:00 to 11:00 P.M. on NBC. (--The eight remaining singers compete. The results, and the final four singers, will be revealed tomorrow.)

--"Memphis Beat" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on TNT. (--Thomas Lennon from "Reno 911" guest stars as an accountant.)

--"101 Ways To Leave A Game Show" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on ABC. (--A new multiple-choice quiz show.)

--"Hardcore Pawn" [4th Season Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 9:30 P.M. on TruTV.

--"Combat Hospital" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on ABC. (--A medical drama set in a military hospital in Afghanistan with doctors and nurses from allied countries. It stars Deborah Kara Unger and Elias Koteas.)

--"Nail Files" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. on TV Guide. (--A reality series about a former comedienne Katie Cazorla who owns an up-scale Hollywood nail salon that serves clientele like Debbie Gibson and Lisa Rinna.)

--"16 & Pregnant" [3rd Season Finale]. . . 10:00 to 11:30 P.M. on MTV.

--"The Cupcake Girls" [2nd Season Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. on WE.


--"The Eagle" - Channing Tatum is a Roman soldier hoping to restore his father's honor by recovering the eagle standard of the missing Ninth Legion . . . which was lost when the legion was destroyed by 2nd century British tribes. Jamie Bell plays a British slave who guides him into the Scottish highlands. (Trailer)

--"The Adjustment Bureau" - Matt Damon learns that fate is controlled by menacing "agents" in fedoras, who guide events to keep everyone on some sort of master plan. But when they try to keep him apart from Emily Blunt, he risks both their futures to stay together. (Trailer)

--"Unknown" - When Liam Neeson comes out of a four-day coma, his wife acts like she doesn't know him and introduces him to some other dude who's pretending to be him. He starts to think he's crazy . . . until someone tries to kill him. (Trailer)

--"Electra Luxx" - Carla Gugino plays a porn star pregnant by a dead rock star. Joseph Gordon Levitt is a sex blogger, and the eye candy includes Marley Shelton, Malin Akerman, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and new Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki. (Trailer)

--"Ceremony" - "Sky High's" Michael Angarano plays a younger man who crashes Uma Thurman's wedding in a desperate effort to try to win her back. (Trailer)

--"Cedar Rapids" - A comedy starring Ed Helms as a naïve insurance agent who has a wild weekend at an Iowa convention with John C. Reilly and Anne Heche. You'd know Ed Helms from the "The Hangover", "The Office", and "The Daily Show". (Trailer)

--"HappyThankYouMorePlease" - Josh Radnor from "How I Met Your Mother" befriends a kid who got separated from his mom on the subway. When the kid refuses to stay with social services, he agrees to take him in for a few days. Josh also wrote and directed the movie. (Trailer)

--"Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules" - Wimpy Kid Greg is forced by his parents to "bond" with his older brother, Roderick . . . who threatens to reveal the diary if Greg doesn't keep a secret from their parents. (Trailer)

--"Big Time Rush: Season One, Volume Two" . . . a single-disc DVD set.

TV Series On DVD:

--"Medium: The Seventh and Final Season" . . . a four-disc DVD set.

--"The Closer: The Complete Sixth Season" . . . a three-disc DVD set.

--"Louie: Season 1" . . . a two-disc DVD set.


This Week's Games Range from "Cars 2" to the Horror Games "F.E.A.R. 3" and "Shadows of the Damned":

--"Cars 2" (E) . . . on Xbox360, PS3, DS, PC and Wii. This game will also be able to connect to the browser-based World of Cars Online, where you can unlock rewards in the video game. Two players can race with more than 20 different characters. (Trailer) The new "Cars" movie comes out this Friday.

--"F.E.A.R. 3" (M) . . . on Xbox360, PS3, and PC. Paxton Fettel was resurrected in the downloadable expansion to the second game. This one has a co-op mode where the Point Man can team up with his psychic brother Fettel on his mission to stop Alma. (Trailer)

--"Shadows of the Damned" (M) . . . on Xbox360 and PS3. You play a demon hunter trying to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend. You get help from Johnson, a former demon who can transform into various weapons. (Trailer) (Enlarge Your Johnson)

--"The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" (E10+) . . . on 3DS. The re-release of this Nintendo classic features a few new features in addition to 3D. You will be able to use touch screen interface to manage your inventory as well as use the motion control feature to aim certain weapons and look around. (Trailer)

--"Dungeon Siege III" (T) . . . on Xbox360, PS3, and PC. A role-playing game that includes an online co-op mode and support for up to four players to play at once so you can scour dungeons and search for loot with your friends. (Trailer)

ESRB Game Ratings: (E) for Everyone; (T) for Teen; (M) for Mature (18+)


--"Alpocalypse", Weird Al Yankovic (--It includes parodies of Taylor Swift's "You Belong with Me", Miley Cyrus' "Party in the U.S.A.", B.o.B and Bruno Mars' "Nothin' on You", T.I.'s "Whatever You Like" and Lady Gaga's "Born This Way". The complete album is streaming, here.)

--"Bon Iver", Bon Iver (--Check out his new song "Calgary" at his MySpace page.)

--"Sorry for Party Rocking", LMFAO (--It includes the single "Party Rock Anthem".)

--"180/365", OK Go [LIVE] (--The tracks were recorded on their tour last fall.)

--"Modern Love", Matt Nathanson (--Listen to the single "Faster" on MySpace.)

--"Gems: The Duets Collection", Michael Bolton (--Some of the duets include Rascal Flatts, Seal, and Australian singers Orianthi and Delta Goodrem.)

--"Planet Pit", Pitbull (--His guests include NeYo, T-Pain, Enrique Iglesias, Marc Anthony, Sean Paul, Kelly Rowland, and Chris Brown. It's streaming, here.)

--"The Remedy", Jagged Edge (--Rick Ross appears on a track called "Lipstick".)

Lady Gaga Doesn't See Herself as a Leader in the Gay Rights Movement:

It's hard to argue with the attention and initiative that LADY GAGA has brought to the gay rights issue. --But not everyone in the LGBTQA community wants to be DEFINED by Lady Gaga. And she's OK with that, because she merely considers herself part of it . . . not the FACE of it. (--And yes, we've added YET ANOTHER LETTER. It's not totally widespread yet, but some people drop the "A" in there to represent ALLIED . . . which is another way of saying STRAIGHT BUT SUPPORTIVE.) (--For those of you who don't know, the rest of those letters stand for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and QUESTIONING.) --Lady Gaga said this backstage at the MuchMusic Video Awards on Sunday, when a member of the "gay press" asked her about accusations that she was, quote, "taking over gay rights." --She responded, quote, "I would say that I'm just part of the voice . . . I've always had gay friends and I have been very rooted in the gay community since I was young and I feel a moral obligation to defend my fan base and make the world a better place. --"If some people don't want to be defined by me as their mother, that's wonderful. I don't view it in that way. I view it as being part of the generation, not as the leader." (--Here's video. The comments begin at the 1:35 mark.) --Meanwhile, Lady Gaga was sporting fake turquoise armpit hair during her performance at the show. She also had another patch over her costume in her nether region. (--Here are a few pictures.) --Like her "bald" stunt last week, she's probably doing this to hype her song "Hair".

The Video for "Weird Al" Yankovic's Lady Gaga Parody Is Out:

"WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC has released the video for his new single "Perform This Way", which of course is a parody of LADY GAGA'S "Born This Way". --The video, like the song, pokes fun at Gaga's ridiculous costumes, including her plastic bubble outfit and her infamous "meat dress." He also brings out a MADONNA impersonator to mock the "controversy" over the similarities between "Born This Way" and "Express Yourself". --And at the beginning of the video, he mocks the egg "vessel" that Lady Gaga rode into this year's Grammys. Weird Al plays Gaga . . . by having his face superimposed onto a woman's body. (--Here's the video.) --Weird Al's new album "Alpocalypse" hit stores TODAY.

Irony of the Day: Leslie West Had Part of His Leg Amputated, and Now He Might Have to Play in a Wheelchair Just Like His 2005 Album Cover:

65-year-old guitarist LESLIE WEST is recovering from having part of his leg amputated in an emergency surgery. Leslie is the lead singer and guitarist of MOUNTAIN. --There aren't any specific medical details, but Leslie's rep said that his leg began to swell on Saturday after he flew into Mississippi for a concert this weekend. --Leslie is a diabetic, so he got it checked out immediately . . . and apparently the doctors told him that the amputation was necessary to, quote, "save his life." (!!!) --The surgery removed his right leg up to his knee. It was a success, and he's expected to make a full recovery . . . although obviously, he's going to need some extensive rehab. --Not to make light of Leslie's situation, but we can't help the IRONY of the fact that Leslie may have to perform from a wheelchair in the future . . . just like the cover of an album he put out in 2005 called "Guitarded". --The cover art is a play on the blue and white handicapped parking sign . . . except that the stick figure in the wheelchair is holding a guitar. (--Here's the cover.)

Aretha Franklin Tripped Over "Fancy Footwear" and Broke Her Toe:

ARETHA FRANKLIN has a broken toe. --It happened when she stumbled over "a pile of her own fancy footwear" in a Dallas hotel recently. According to a bizarre statement that has surfaced online, Aretha said her toe, quote, "hurt like heck for a minute but seemed to subside." --A few days later she went to the hospital to get it checked out . . . and an X-Ray showed that her left index toe was fractured. It was no big deal though. They set and wrapped her foot, and she was on her way. (--You can read the whole ridiculous story of her broken toe, here . . . or just forget about it, and mourn her inexplicably abandoned magnificent hat.)

No One in Limp Bizkit Likes "Rap-Rock" . . . But They're Willing to "Own Who They Are" in Order to Continue On:

LIMP BIZKIT'S new album "Gold Cobra" hits stores next Tuesday. It's their first album with their original line-up in 11 YEARS . . . since "Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water" came out in 2000. --Singer FRED DURST admits that it took a little while for them to get back into the groove after they reunited in 2009 . . . and there's an AWESOME reason why. --It's this: NO ONE in the band actually likes the kind of music Limp Bizkit plays. (???) But rather than argue and struggle to find a new direction, they all just agreed to suck it up and accept what Limp Bizkit is. (--That is . . . a terrible band that's an embarrassment to the people who liked listening to them in their high school weight rooms in the late '90s.) --Fred explains, quote, "The epiphany was, we've got to own who we are and stay true to what we are. We're a rap-rock band. We're Limp Bizkit. --"We might individually like different things, and none of us listen to rap-rock, but when we get together in a band room, that's what we make. There's no reason to search and find a newer Limp Bizkit or an evolved style or fit the radio format. --"I don't think we have to prove anything. We just have to own it." --Fred, who's going to turn 41 this summer, also says he misses the glory days . . . quote, "I miss that whole genre . . . rap-rock or nu-metal or rapcore, whatever we were called. There was a minute there when you had Bizkit, Deftones, Korn . . . --"There was something really special about those times. I feel like if we all got back together and did something, went on the road together, it could be really big."
50 Cent Is Writing a Book . . . on Bullying:

If you're a celebrity these days, you're essentially worthless to society unless you've come out to denounce BULLYING in some way. Well, 50 CENT has decided to chip in his two cents. (--That's barely more than 0% of the fortune he has to his name . . . but exactly 4% of what he has IN his name.) --Get this: He's writing a NOVEL called "Playground", which will be a first-person story about a 13-year-old bully "who finds redemption as he faces what he's done." --50 explains, quote, "I had a strong desire to write 'Playground' because I wanted to explore how a kid becomes a bully. I drew on events from my own childhood and adolescence, but was excited to see the story take on its own life. --"This book would have been very helpful for me growing up and now that I have a teenage son, it is my goal that this will have a positive influence on all teenagers." --The book is expected to be out in January. --Of course, as an adult 50 has been a bully. He's instigated high-profile beefs with other artists like JA RULE, SHYNE, FAT JOE, RICK ROSS and CIARA. (--50 has written two other books: A 2005 autobiography called "From Pieces to Weight" and a 2009 book on power strategy called "The 50th Law". He wrote that book with Robert Greene, the author of "The 48 Laws of Power".)


Showbiz Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

PARIS HILTON and Cy Waits may have broken up. (Full Story)

SEAN KINGSTON is recovering nicely from that near-fatal jet ski accident. Yesterday he Tweeted a picture of himself giving the peace sign, with a caption reading, quote, "Feeling alot better! GOD IS GREAT! Thanks for all the prayers and support! Love you ALL!" (Full Story)

ZSA ZSA GABOR was feeling well enough to knock back some bubbly over the weekend to celebrate her husband's 68th birthday. (Photos)

The lawsuit over ED HELMS' face tattoo in "The Hangover Part 2" has been settled . . . which means they won't have to digitally change it for the DVD release. (Full Story)

Check out MTV's list of the 10 Most Racist Moments in Wrestling. (Full Story)

Chris Lambton . . . the runner-up from the last season of the "The Bachelorette" . . . is engaged to Peyton Wright, a contestant from Season 10 of "The Bachelor". (Full Story)

(--Wow, those shows are becoming better at creating couples by sheer HAPPENSTANCE than they are when they're actually going through the whole ridiculous elimination process.)

Comedy Central has canceled "Sports Show With Norm Macdonald" and "Onion SportsDome". But they will bring "Tosh.0" back. (Full Story)

JUSTIN BIEBER wore a Kelly Kapowski shirt to the MuchMusic Video Awards on Sunday. Justin was born in 1994, a year after "Saved By the Bell" ended its run. (Photo)

Louis Farrakhan Says President Obama is an "Assassin":

When BARACK OBAMA was running for President, LOUIS FARRAKHAN supported him. Considering Farrakhan's controversial past as the leader of the Nation of Islam, I'm not sure Obama necessarily wanted the support, but he got it anyway. --Well that support is GONE. A video has surfaced of Farrakhan talking about Obama last month, and his stance has gone from "support" to "think of the most inflammatory thing I can think of, and say it." --Which . . . if you know anything about Louis Farrakhan . . . is pretty much what he ALWAYS does. --In the part of the video that's got everyone talking, Farrakhan says, quote, "We voted for our brother Barack, a beautiful human being with a sweet heart, and now he's an assassin. They turned him into them." --Later in the speech, when it's not clear whether he's talking about BUSH or Obama, he says, quote, "When you lie to the American people saying that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, when you lie and then take innocent young men who come to serve their country and send them to die . . . that's a murderer in the White House." --Farrakhan is also mad that Obama has sent troops to Libya and is battling with MUAMMAR GADDAFI . . . who Farrakhan described as a, quote, "decent man." --There's been no word from the White House about Farrakhan's comments. (The Root / YouTube) (--You can check out the full video here.)


It's Official . . . Whining is the World's Most Annoying Sound:

There's a reason kids learn quickly that whining is the key to getting their way. It's because we'll do anything to make them stop. And now, science has confirmed it. --A psychology professor at SUNY New Paltz named Rosemarie Chang just released a study confirming that whining is the most annoying sound in the world. She ran a test where people did subtraction problems while different sounds played in the background. --The noises were: Crying, talking, silence, whining, a loud high-pitched table saw, a grown woman doing horrible baby talk . . . and people universally made the most mistakes when they had to listen to the whining. They were also able to get through fewer total math problems. --It happened to both men and women, parents and non-parents, and all ages. Whining was the most crippling to EVERYONE'S mental abilities. (MSNBC)

Can You Mess Up Your Kid By Being Too Perfect?

This is the biggest "You can't win" slap in the face ever. --Lori Gottlieb is a therapist and an author. And she's been stirring up some controversy with her new theory that it can mess up your kid if you're TOO PERFECT of a parent. --Gottlieb says that basically, by being TOO caring and TOO attentive and TOO protective, you make it harder for your kid as they get older. --They aren't trained to handle pain or setbacks or difficulty . . . and they expect you to always be there with support and solutions. When you aren't, they're lost. --Now . . . Gottlieb says that given the choice between being a great parent and a neglectful parent, you should obviously choose being a great one. --But by taking a step back and not being overindulgent and over-nurturing, you do your kid an even bigger service in the long run. (Parentdish)

People Rank Vacations as More Joyous Occasions Than the Birth of their Children?

Aren't you supposed to say that the birth of your child was the happiest day of your life? And if you're not willing to go THAT far . . . could you at least say the birth of your child was better than your Spring Break in Cancun? --In a new survey by the website Shutterfly, people actually ranked VACATIONS as the most joyous moments of their lives . . . even more joyous than the birth of their children. --But keep in mind, it's possible that not everyone in the survey HAS children, so that could be factored into the results. --Vacations came in first on the list of joyous occasions, followed by the birth of children . . . Christmas . . . your wedding . . . and milestone birthdays. --Based on the results and the level of happiness that people reported, Shutterfly also released a list of the top 10 most joyous cities in the U.S. --They are: New York . . . Baton Rouge, Louisiana . . . New Orleans . . . Miami . . . Lafayette, Indiana . . . Greenwood, Mississippi . . . Lafayette, Louisiana . . . Corpus Christi, Texas . . . Santa Barbara, California . . . and Boston. (PR Newswire)
Doing Extracurricular Activities in High School Leads to 11.8% More Money as an Adult:

They mocked you for being in the student government, on the yearbook staff, and president of the debate team when you were in high school. And now you can laugh at them . . . while you sleep on top of your giant pile of money. --According to a study out of Cleveland State University in Ohio, people who participate in extracurricular activities in high school average 11.8% higher earnings in adult life. --The theory here is that those clubs help teach leadership and social skills . . . and how to operate and manage a team . . . all of which serves you well as you move up to higher-ranking jobs in adult life. (Good.is)

Thousands of People Dressed Like Waldo From "Where's Waldo?" to Set a World Record:

They'll make ANYTHING a world record these days, man. In Dublin, Ireland this weekend, 3,657 people showed up dressed as WALDO from "Where's Waldo?" to set a record for the most Waldos in one place. --If you're not familiar with Waldo, he wears a red-and-white horizontal striped shirt, a matching hat, blue pants, and thick black glasses. And in Europe, where the books started, he's known as Wally, not Waldo. --The gathering of Waldos is still being counted but they should easily set a world record. Seeing as no one has ever tried to set a "Most Waldos" record before, even if two people had showed up it technically would've been a record. (Daily Mail) (--Here are some photos of all the Waldos.)

The Average Person Has Never Met 7% of Their Facebook Friends:

Here's more proof that Facebook has changed the definition of the word "friend." According to a new study, the average Facebook user has never even met 7% of their Facebook friends. That works out to about one out of every 14 "friends." --And there's another 3% who you've only met ONCE. That's one out of 10 friends who you've met zero or once.

--Here's the full list of how the average Facebook numbers broke down . . .

--The average person has 229 Facebook friends.

--22%, or about 50 of those friends are from high school.

--12%, or about 27, are extended family.

--10%, or about 23, are coworkers.

--9%, or about 21, are from college.

--8%, or about 18, are immediate family.

--7%, or about 16, are from extracurricular groups or clubs you belong to.

--2%, or about five, are neighbors.

--And of course, 7%, or about 16, are people you've never met.

--The rest come from miscellaneous other places. (TechCrunch)

A Woman is Saved After a Fall at Home When She Posts an Emergency Facebook Status Update:

Here's another reminder that while Facebook ruins a lot of lives . . . it also SAVES LIVES, too. --Cindy Lincoln of Stuart, Florida was doing laundry at home, alone, when she slipped and fell. Her age wasn't given, but from photos we'd estimate she's in her late 50s or early 60s. --As soon as she fell she heard her femur CRUNCH, and she was in excruciating pain. She couldn't stand up, she could barely move, and she couldn't get to a phone to call 911. --After almost TEN HOURS on the floor, she realized her laptop was across the room on a table. So she managed to drag herself across the floor, reach up to the laptop, sign on to Facebook, and type a status update: "Call 911, I need help." --All of her kids are adults and carry their smartphones on them, so she hoped one of them would see it. And a few minutes later, her daughter-in-law did . . . and called 911. --EMTs came to Cindy's house and took her to the hospital, where she's still recovering. (Treasure Coast Palm) (--Here's a local news video with Cindy's story.)


A Man Robs a Bank For $1 So He Can Go to Jail . . . And Get Health Care:

There aren't many stories that sum up the problems with health care in the U.S. better than this one. --Last Thursday, 59-year-old James Verone of Gastonia, North Carolina went into a branch of RBC Bank to rob it. He handed the teller a note that read, quote, "This is a bank robbery. Please only give me $1." --The teller did. Then James walked away, sat down in a chair in the bank, and told the teller he was going to wait for the police. --His reason? James is unemployed, doesn't have health insurance, and has some medical problems. --So he says he's HOPING to get three years in jail where he can have his issues taken care of . . . and by the time he gets out he'll be old enough for Social Security. --James has an unknown growth on his chest, two ruptured discs in his back, and a problem with his left foot. --He's a little worried that he was TOO loose about his bank robbery though. He didn't use a weapon and only stole a dollar so he was charged with larceny, which is a lesser charge than bank robbery. (New York Times)

A Teenager Plants a Bomb Outside a Police Station, Then Calls In to Report It for Reward Money:

By the time you're 19, you should REALLY know the difference between a get rich quick scheme and a FELONY. --19-year-old Sergio Chaves of Chicago clearly does NOT. On Saturday, he came up with one of the dumbest plans EVER to get a few grand. --Sergio built a BOMB out of fireworks, nails, glass shards, and a bullet, and planted it in a garbage can outside a police station in Evanston, Illinois. --Then he called the station and told them about the bomb. The station was evacuated and the bomb squad defused the bomb. They say it would've had about a 40-foot radius if it had gone off. --Then Sergio showed up at the station looking for a cash reward for reporting the bomb. He told the cops it was planted by a drug dealer. But as he talked, they started seeing holes in his story. --Eventually he admitted that HE planted the bomb to try to get some cash. --He was arrested and charged with possession of an unregistered destructive device, which is a felony. He could get up to 10 years in prison. (Chicago Sun-Times)

A 30-Year-Old Man . . . Not a Senior Citizen . . . Shoots Two Teenagers Who Wouldn't Get Off His Property:

We all know the stereotype about the old man, sitting home with a rifle, threatening kids who won't stay off his damn lawn. But if that starts becoming a trend among younger men too, it won't be safe to go on ANYONE'S lawn. --In Brooklyn, New York, a 30-YEAR-OLD man was arrested after he shot at two teenagers who wouldn't get off his property. --On Saturday night, 30-year-old Thomas Dunikowski was at his home in Brooklyn and two teenagers . . . a 17-year-old and 14-year-old . . . were hanging around on the stoop outside making a ton of noise. --He kept yelling at them to leave and they wouldn't. --So Dunikowski grabbed his hunting rifle . . . and shot at them. --He hit the 17-year-old in the NECK and the 14-year-old with fragments in his left thigh and arm. Both of them were rushed to the hospital, and amazingly, both of them are going to be alright. --Dunikowski was arrested and charged with assault, intent to cause serious injury with a weapon, unlawful use of a loaded firearm, reckless endangerment, and resisting arrest. He has a prior record for domestic incidents. (New York Daily News)

A Groom Was Upset Over the Cost of Renting a Castle For His Wedding . . . So After the Ceremony He Set It On Fire:

There HAS to be a better way to tell the people who run your wedding that it was overpriced and disappointing. --Over the weekend a groom had his wedding at a venue called Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England. (--His name wasn't released.) He felt like the people who own the castle overcharged him and didn't deliver what they promised. --So after the wedding and the reception . . . and while about 70 of the wedding guests were sleeping in rooms in the castle . . . he SET THE PLACE ON FIRE. --Fortunately, everyone got out okay . . . but about a quarter of the castle was gutted. --It took firefighters more than 12 hours to put out the fire, and it's estimated that it caused more than $1.6 MILLION in damage. --The man was arrested but no charges have officially been filed yet. (Daily Mail) (--Here are photos of some of the exterior damage to the castle, as well as some of the wedding guests sitting outside after they were evacuated.)

News Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

Have fun at the water park this summer! Only 26% of parents say it's important to have their child shower before getting in the water . . . although the parks require it. But 64% think it's important that their kids don't swallow the water. (Full Story)

Introducing 'micro-drones' . . . spy drones in military development the size of hummingbirds and bugs. (Full Story)

According to the "LA Times", California has spent $4 billion on capital punishment since they reinstated the death penalty in 1978. At 13 executions since then, that's $308 million per execution, and $184 million per year. (Full Story)


#1.) The Miss USA Contestants Were Asked About Evolution . . . and the Winner Was the Only One to Admit She Believes in It:

Miss California won the Miss USA pageant on Sunday . . . and she was also the only contestant to admit she believes in evolution. (--Attica!!!) The contestants were asked in the preliminary round whether they supported teaching evolution in schools. --Some reports say she and Miss Massachusetts were the only two contestants to "unequivocally support" it, but that's kind of misleading: Miss Massachusetts basically just said she was glad HER school taught it. --Most of the other girls said it SHOULD be taught in school . . . but stressed that it was a theory, and kids should learn about creationism and other ideas too. --Miss California ALYSSA CAMPANELLA was the only one who said flat-out that she believes in it. And she added, quote, "I'm a huge science geek." There's a montage on YouTube that shows all 51 of their answers. It's somewhat painful. (--Search for "Miss USA 2011 Evolution Taught in Schools." Miss California answers at 1:49.)

#2.) Betty White's New Ad for the AARP:

BETTY WHITE stars as the host of a telethon in a new ad for the American Association for Retired People. And she also plays all of the 20 to 30 people answering phones in the background . . . and all four members of the house band. --The tagline in the ad is "Get Over It," and Betty tries to convince people over 50 to join AARP even if it makes them feel old. (--Search YouTube for "AARP & Betty White.")

Five Questions That Can Protect You From Online Scams:

On average, the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center gets 25,000 letters about online scams every month. So to help make sure it doesn't happen to you, here are five important questions you should ask yourself before you buy anything online.

#1.) Have You Heard of the Business? There are lots of businesses you've never heard of, but if you search online and can't find any reviews . . . good or bad . . . it might be a scam. --You should also just try Googling the name of the website and the word "scam" together, and see what results you get. Just because a website looks professional doesn't mean it is.

#2.) Are They Offering Something for Free? A lot of scams start with a "free" offer, but then you have to buy something else to get it. Some real companies do the same thing too, but it should at least make you suspicious.

#3.) Is the Price Unbelievably Low? If you feel like you're getting TOO good of a deal, be careful. Most scams look too good to be true because they are.

#4.) Do They Ask for Personal Information by Email? You should NEVER send credit card information, passwords, or social security numbers over email. And no legitimate business would ask you to.

#5.) Do They Accept Credit Cards? This is probably the most important one. Almost all credible businesses accept credit cards now . . . especially if they're based online. --So if they say you can only pay with cash or by money order, it's almost definitely a scam. (Mint.com)


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