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Tsunami Tsurviving Tsupermodel Petra Nemcova Tspeaks!

Tsupermodel PETRA NEMCOVA tsurvived the tsunami in Thailand in 2004 . . . and now she's speaking out about the tragedy in Japan. --She says, quote, "It's very hard to look . . . at those videos. Seeing people trying to escape from their cars and knowing this can be prevented. I think it's such a crime not to have disaster preparedness in curriculums." --She adds that one of the keys to survival is to just stay calm . . . quote, "That's very hard to do, but if you are not calm and focused you miss the opportunity to either help someone or help yourself to survive." --And she said, quote, "There's the famous saying 'six degrees of separation,' but if a natural disaster happens, there's no degree of separation. We are all connected." (--Here's audio.)

The Cast of "Twilight" Was Evacuated Due to the Tsunami:

Vampires are susceptible to natural disaster, too. The "Twilight" cast had to be evacuated from the Vancouver Island beach area in British Columbia, where they've been filming the last two movies in the series. --Chances are that they wouldn't have been in any danger, but they decided not to take the risk. --The producers issued a statement saying, quote, "Due to the tsunami advisory, filming of 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' has been delayed. All cast and crew were evacuated to the movie production's base camp. Everyone is safe and sound." --The tsunami also displaced LINDSAY LOHAN and JIMMY KIMMEL. --Lindsay left her condo in Venice, California, and went to the Peninsula Hotel. Apparently, she wasn't worried about the tsunami, but her sister Ali was worried for her. So she moved inland to ease her mind. --Jimmy Kimmel had been vacationing on an island in French Polynesia . . . but he had to leave until the danger passed. On Friday morning, he Tweeted, quote, "We are evacuating the island. Dogspeed." --Speaking of CHARLIE SHEEN . . . Charlie had this to say about the tsunami on Twitter . . . quote, "Curveball; Warlock edict; pain & devastation in Japan demands us all to dig deep & LOVE THEM VIOLENTLY Dogspeed my cadres of the Far East! c." (--Not surprisingly, TONS of celebrities are Tweeting about the disaster. You can read a huge selection of them here.)

Charlie Sheen's New Catchphrase: "Sheenis Envy":

CHARLIE SHEEN'S act is getting pretty stale. But he's still able to bust out a new classic every once in a while. --In a video hyping his upcoming live shows, Charlie had this to say . . . quote, "Trolls need not apply . . . you all suffer from SHEENIS ENVY." --The video was posted on Charlie's brand new website . . . where you can now purchase official Charlie Sheen T-shirts, with some of his "classic" sayings like "Duh, Winning!" and "Gnarles Gnarlington". --The site is easy enough to remember. It's --Speaking of Charlie's live shows . . . they sold out in a mere 18 MINUTES on Saturday. --There's no word how much he made, but he says a dollar from each ticket is going to the Red Cross to help the earthquake / tsunami victims in Japan. --Charlie's "Violent Torpedo of Truth / Defeat is Not An Option" show hits Detroit on April 2nd and Chicago on the 3rd . . . with plans to add more dates.

John Stamos Bows Out of the Race to Replace Charlie Sheen:

ROB LOWE can't replace CHARLIE SHEEN on "Two and a Half Men" because he's committed to NBC's "Parks and Recreation". And now, the OTHER guy whose name keeps getting mentioned is taking his hat out of the ring. --On RYAN SEACREST'S radio show Friday, JOHN STAMOS said he has no intention of taking the gig. --He said, quote, "It's really not part of my career plan right now. I'm just on a different trajectory. --"Charlie's great on that show and people love Charlie. I hope it works out and I hope he goes back and I hope people get the show they love." --He added, quote, "I'm ready to have my own show. I don't want to replace anyone, especially Charlie Sheen." (--Here's audio.)

Alec Baldwin Says Charlie Sheen Should Sober Up and Beg For His Job Back:

ALEC BALDWIN has some advice for CHARLIE SHEEN: Sober up and beg for your job back. --In an online piece written for "The Huffington Post", Baldwin says, quote, "Take a nap. Get a shower . . . And then beg for your job back. Your fans demand it." --He also tells Charlie that he will NOT win his battle with his former bosses . . . quote, "When executives at studios and networks move up to the highest ranks, they are given a book. The book is called 'How to Handle Actors'. -"And one principle held dear in that book is that no actor is greater than the show itself when the show is a hit. And in that regard, they are often right.
--"Add to the fact that the actor who is torturing their diseased egos is a drug-addled, porn star-squiring, near Joycean Internet ranter, and they really want you to go --"Go on 'Letterman' and make an apology. Sober up, Charlie. And get back on TV, if it's not too late. Beg for America's forgiveness. They will give it to you." --In closing, he gives Charlie this last piece of advice . . . quote, "Buy [JON CRYER] a really nice car."

Donald Trump Warned Brooke Mueller's Mother Not to Let Her Daughter Marry Charlie Sheen:

BROOKE MUELLER'S mother, Moira Fiore, is a member of DONALD TRUMP'S country club in Palm Beach, Florida. -And years ago, when he heard that Brooke was going to marry CHARLIE SHEEN, he told Moira NOT to let it happen. --He says, quote, "I told her, 'You cannot let your daughter marry Charlie Sheen.' I said, 'Don't let your daughter marry this guy. It's the wrong guy.' And she was impressed with Charlie Sheen . . . 'Isn't it wonderful, and isn't it great?' --"And they had a beautiful wedding, and it's a disaster. So she told me, 'I made a mistake,' and she did make a mistake." --Of course, Trump added that he'd LOVE to have Charlie on a future episode of "Celebrity Apprentice". (--Meanwhile, Brooke had a birthday party for the twins, Bob and Max, which Charlie did NOT attend. It might have had something to do with that RESTRAINING ORDER she has against him.) (--The party was held at the home of PARIS HILTON'S parents, RICK and KATHY . . . because Kathy is the twins' godmother. Bob and Max officially turn 2 today.) (--Meanwhile, DENISE RICHARDS threw a party for their daughter Sam . . . who turned 7 last week. Charlie wasn't at that one, either.)

And Now: A Classic Quote from Brooke Mueller That In No Way Came Back to Bite Her on the Ass:

Here's a classic quote from BROOKE MUELLER that in no way came back to bite her on the ass. It was printed by "People" magazine on May 14th, 2009 . . . two months to the day after she gave birth to their twins, Bob and Max: --"It's hysterical to me that [Charlie] has this reputation. He's such a family man. Charlie will still be the brunt of all jokes when it comes to hookers, but I'm not worried. It's out of his system." --This has been, A Classic Quote From Brooke Mueller That In No Way Came Back to Bite Her on the Ass.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller Both Took Drug Tests:

CHARLIE SHEEN and BROOKE MUELLER both took drug tests on Friday as part of their ongoing custody negotiations. There's no word on the results. (--Here's video of Brooke leaving the facility.)

Random Sheen-Anigans:

#1.) BREE OLSON . . . or Rachel Oberlin, if you prefer . . . did a pro-condom PSA for a porno company. It's the last thing she did within the smut industry before retiring to become one of Charlie's goddesses. (Video)

#2.) An obsessed, 26-year-old WINNER who desperately wanted to meet Charlie was arrested for sneaking into his gated community and hopping a fence into his backyard over the weekend. (Full Story)

#3.) An hour-long special called "Charlie Sheen: On the Brink" will air on TLC this coming Saturday night. (Full Story)

#4.) Charlie Sheen gave a little tour of his home, which included a pack of cigarettes left behind by SEAN PENN . . . taped to his refrigerator. (Full Story)

Mel Gibson Got Probation and Counseling for Assaulting Oksana Grigorieva:

As expected, MEL GIBSON avoided jail time for assaulting OKSANA GRIGORIEVA last year. --He pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor count of battery, and was sentenced to three years of probation, a year of domestic violence counseling and community service. He was also hit with a whopping $400 in fines. --Mel will perform 16 hours of community service with a group called Mending Kids International. His ex-wife Robyn is on the board. --Mel's attorney said that entering the plea allows Mel to, quote, "maintain his innocence" . . . adding, quote, "He's entering his plea because it's in the best interest of his children." --Meanwhile, prosecutors confirmed that they will NOT charge Oksana with extortion. (--She wasn't at the hearing.) --Here's something else in Oksana's favor: Because she has a restraining order against Mel, the D.A. said she's well within her rights to, quote, "record any prohibited communications made by the restrained person." (--Here's the courtroom video.)
Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Wanted Different Things . . . Is Mila Kunis One of Them?

A source close to JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and JESSICA BIEL says that they broke up because they were growing apart . . . quote, "It really was mutual. There really wasn't a final straw. --"They're just two people who realized they wanted different things in life and were headed in different directions." --One of the things Justin may have wanted and Jessica did not was MILA KUNIS. The two of them shot a movie together called "Friends with Benefits" . . . and now, Justin reportedly wants some of those benefits in real life. --Another source says, quote, "Justin is very interested in Mila. They've been flirting, but so far nothing has happened." --But yet another anonymous source says Mila had nothing to do with the breakup . . . quote, "They're not in a relationship. They star in a movie called 'Friends with Benefits' but they're just friends. That's it. They are not together." (--There were also rumors last year that Justin was nailing OLIVIA MUNN behind Jessica's back. Those were denied, of course.) (--"Friends with Benefits" comes out in July.)

David and Victoria Beckham Are Finally Having a Girl:

After three boys, DAVID and VICTORIA BECKHAM are finally going to have a girl. --David says, quote, "We're still in shock. Having three boys, you kind of expect another one, so finding out a little girl is in there is surprising. Obviously we're over the moon. Our three boys are happy and excited and Victoria is doing well." --Victoria is due in July. Their three sons, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, are 12, 8 and 6, respectively.

Gallagher Had a Minor Heart Attack . . . And Now There's Video of His Onstage Collapse:

Turns out it was a minor heart attack that caused GALLAGHER to collapse onstage last Thursday night during a gig in Rochester, Minnesota. --He's already out of the hospital . . . and while he did have to cancel a few shows, he plans to be back onstage smashing watermelons next Saturday night in Texas. --Not surprisingly, the Almighty Internet coughed up VIDEO of Gallagher's onstage collapse over the weekend. --As we'd heard, it did indeed happen during his classic Sledge-O-Matic routine. (--You can check it out here. WARNING!!! There appears to be an unedited F-bomb from someone in the audience at about the 1:21 mark.)

Oprah Winfrey is the Top-Earning Celebrity of 2010:

"Parade" magazine decided to horn in on the territory of, by publishing a list of the Top-Earning Celebrities. Not surprisingly, OPRAH WINFREY is #1. She earned an estimated $315 million last year.

--Here's what other celebs are earning . . .

--The estate of Michael Jackson, $275 million

--Tyler Perry, $125 million

--AC/DC, $114 million

--Johnny Depp, $100 million

--Beyoncé, $87 million

--Dr. Phil, $80 million

--Jay-Z, $62 million

--Lady Gaga, $62 million

--Sandra Bullock, $56 million

--Ellen DeGeneres, $55 million

--Ryan Seacrest, $51 million

--Donald Trump, $50 million

--Judge Judy, $45 million

--Taylor Lautner, $33.5 million

--Charlie Sheen, $30 million

--Kristen Stewart, $28.5 million

--Leonardo DiCaprio, $28 million

--Robert Pattinson, $27.5 million

--Daniel Radcliffe, $25 million

--Chelsea Handler, $19 million

Richard Hatch is Going Back to Prison:

Original "Survivor" winner RICHARD HATCH has been ordered BACK to prison for another nine months. And this is STILL because he didn't pay taxes on his $1 million "Survivor" prize. (--His tax bill also includes the government's cut of $350,000 he was paid for a radio job and rent from a property he owned.) --Hatch already served more than three years over it. But he was supposed to re-file his taxes and pay what he owed . . . and he never did. He's set to report to prison TODAY. --Hatch owes the IRS more than $2 million when you include penalties. When he gets out of prison, they're going to start garnishing his income. --If you're wondering how this will affect "Celebrity Apprentice" . . . well, there's a good chance it won't. --The season has already been shot, except for the live finale on May 22nd. So unless he's one of the two finalists, he probably won't be missed.

"Battle: Los Angeles" Raked in Twice As Much As "Red Riding Hood":

AMANDA SEYFRIED may look quite fetching as Red Riding Hood, but that didn't help her too much at the box office. "Red Riding Hood" opened down at #3 with $14 million. "Battle: Los Angeles" earned twice that. It hit #1 with $36 million.

1.) (NEW) "Battle: Los Angeles", $36 million

2.) "Rango", $23.1 million. Up to $68.7 million in its 2nd week.

3.) (NEW) "Red Riding Hood", $14.1 million

Check Out the Trailer for "The Smurfs":

The first real trailer for "The Smurfs" hit the web over the weekend. --It features NEIL PATRICK HARRIS and JAYMA MAYS as the live-action allies of the Smurfs . . . and HANK AZARIA as their live-action nemesis, Gargamel. --Not to mention KATY PERRY as the voice of Smurfette. The movie comes out in August. (--Check out the trailer here.) --The legendary JONATHAN WINTERS voices Papa Smurf. Other Smurf voices are provided by:

--George Lopez

--Pee Wee Herman

--Alan Cumming

--Kenan Thompson

--Jeff Foxworthy

--B.J. Novak

--and celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck

Is "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" the Greatest Comedy of All Time?

The website polled its fans to determine the 100 Greatest Comedies of All Time. "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" took the Top spot.

--Here's the Top 10

#1.) "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"

#2.) "The Hangover"

#3.) "Anchorman"

#4.) "Superbad"

#5.) "The 40-Year-Old Virgin"

#6.) "Shaun of the Dead"

#7.) "Happy Gilmore"

#8.) "Old School"

#9.) "Dodgeball"

#10.) "Office Space"

(--Obviously, when you poll Internet users, your results are going to skew younger. Sure, "Holy Grail" came out in 1975. But other than that, the oldest movie in the Top 10 is "Happy Gilmore" from 1996. Check out the Top 100 here.)

Zach Galifianakis' "Saturday Night Live" Highlights:

"Hangover" superstar ZACH GALIFIANAKIS hosted "Saturday Night Live" for the second time this weekend, and he was pretty great. --For starters, he NAILED his opening monologue. Instead of turning it into a skit, Zach basically did a short stand-up routine . . . packed with quick, random one-liners. --For example, he joked, quote, "I have a DVD of my stand-up, and it's selling like . . . whatever the opposite of hotcakes is." --And he followed that up with: Quote, "I wear a lot of Axe body spray . . . but I live in a black neighborhood, and it's called 'Ask' body spray." Then he paused, and added, quote, "And if you don't get that joke . . . then you're not racist." --He also joked, quote, "The only time it's good to yell out 'I have diarrhea' is when you're playing Scrabble . . . because it's worth a crap-load of points." (--You can watch Zach's monologue, here.) -Zach also did an amusing Digital Short in which he interviewed little kids to be his new assistant. (--Here's video.) --And he SHAVED HIS HEAD like MR. T at the end of the show, and then joked . . . we assume . . . that they didn't have time to get to the Mr. T sketch after all. (--Here's that video . . . and you can watch the rest of Zach's "SNL" sketches, here.)
"American Idol's" Casey Abrams Had Two More Blood Transfusions:

"American Idol" contestant CASEY ABRAMS had two more blood transfusions last week, after being hospitalized before Thursday's live show. This is the second time in two weeks that Casey has been hospitalized and received a transfusion. --There's still no official word on his condition . . . but a "source" tells "People" magazine that Casey has ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease, which causes cramping and abdominal pain. --On Twitter, Casey said, quote, "Thanks for the well wishes, I got some nice fresh blood in me and feeling better. My health is always first, but this is my dream, I'm going to keep fighting to stay in [the competition]."

Sarah Palin Says She'll Grit Her Teeth and Bear It When Julianne Moore Portrays Her:

SARAH PALIN doesn't seem all that thrilled that JULIANNE MOORE will play her in the upcoming HBO movie "Game Change". --Sarah told Sean Hannity, quote, "I think I'll just grit my teeth and bear whatever comes what may with that movie . . . I am all about job creation, and I guess I could provide some of these gals who pretend like they're me some job security. --"I would ask, though, that . . . if they're of the mind of spreading the wealth around . . . that perhaps they want to spring for one of my kid's braces or something as they capitalize on pretending to be me." (--You can find video, here.)

Monday TV Reminders: (--Check your local listings.)

--"Inside the Actors Studio" . . . 7:00 to 8:00 P.M. on Bravo. (--Bradley Cooper is interviewed.)

--"Chuck" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on NBC. (--"Old Spice" guy Isaiah Mustafa and wrestling minx Stacy Keibler guest star as new operatives who may threaten Chuck's future as a spy.)

--"The Bachelor" [15th Season Finale] . . . 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. on ABC.

--"Basketball Wives: Reunion (Part 2)" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on VH1.

--"Wedding Wars" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on VH1. (--A bridal competition that pits 12 engaged contestants against each other in a "Survivor" type format for a chance to win a dream wedding.)

--"Outrageous Kid Parties" [1st Season Finale] . . . 9:30 to 10:00 P.M. on TLC.

--"The Bachelor: After the Final Rose" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on ABC.

--"Shatner's Raw Nerve" [3rd Season Finale] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on Biography. (--Walter Koenig and LeVar Burton are his guests. Walter was Chekov on the original "Star Trek" and Levar was Geordi La Forge on "Star Trek: The Next Generation".)

--"Beverly Hills Fabulous" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. on VH1. (--Celebrity hairstylist Elgin Charles searches for a second salon location in this new reality series.)

Aretha Franklin Denies Having Gastric Bypass Surgery:

ARETHA FRANKLIN is still refusing to give up any details about the mysterious surgery she had back in December . . . but despite being 85 pounds thinner, she denies that it was a gastric bypass procedure. --She tells "Access Hollywood", quote, "It was gradual, it wasn't all at once. Somewhere I heard somebody thinks I got some 'bariatric' surgery, I think that's it . . . That's a surgery that I would never ever ever ever ever [get], believe me." --When specifically asked if she had gastric bypass surgery, she added, quote, "Definitely not, and would not." She called gastric bypass surgery "scary" . . . and said that she had a cousin who had it, and she "turned green, and she did pass, too." --Aretha did admit that the weight came off "from the surgery" she had, but again refused to reveal the nature of the procedure. (--She previously denied rumors that she'd been treated for pancreatic cancer.) --She said, quote, "The doctor did say to me, he said, 'Mrs. Franklin, you are going to feel better than you have felt maybe in 10 or 15 years. The surgery that you had is going to add 15 years to your life.'" Aretha's 69th birthday is next Friday. (--"Access Hollywood" will air the interview in two parts, tonight and tomorrow.) (--You can watch a preview, here. And here are a few pictures that show how much weight Aretha has lost, along with our favorite picture of Aretha . . . in the magnificent hat she wore to PRESIDENT OBAMA'S inauguration.)

D'Angelo Has Pleaded Guilty to Disorderly Conduct:

D'ANGELO was arrested in New York City last March for allegedly offering an undercover policewoman $40 for oral relations. He initially denied the allegations, but on Friday, he made a deal to put the case behind him. --D'Angelo pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. There's no word on his punishment, but it might just be a fine. Disorderly conduct is a "violation," not a crime. Neither D'Angelo nor his lawyer have commented.

Does Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" Rip Off a South Korean Girl Group?

The LADY GAGA single "Born This Way" may or may not bite off MADONNA'S classic, "Express Yourself" . . . but now, she's being accused of plagiarizing someone else. --That someone else is a South Korean girl group called SNSD . . . a.k.a. GIRLS' GENERATION. Their song is called "Be Happy". --The production team behind "Be Happy", E-TRIBE, says they just became aware of the situation . . . and they DO believe Lady Gaga may have stolen from them. --A rep says, quote, "Someone this morning told me that there were reports of Lady Gaga plagiarizing SNSD's 'Be Happy'. I listened, and I do feel that there are similarities. The way the song flows and the arrangements are, honestly, the same. --"I am currently working to get in contact with Lady Gaga's publishing label to find further information." (--They haven't mentioned a lawsuit yet, they're probably just gauging whether or not they can capitalize on this somehow.) (--You can listen to SNSD's "Be Happy", here . . . and for comparison, you can find Lady Gaga's "Born This Way", here. I'm no audio expert, but I don't hear any similarities here. At least not any significant similarities.) (--I think "Born This Way" DOES sound a little too much like "Express Yourself" . . . but nothing like "Be Happy".)

Lady Gaga Is Selling Wristbands to Raise Money for Japan:

LADY GAGA has designed a bracelet, which she's selling on her website to raise money for Japan tsunami and earthquake relief. The wristbands are white, with "We Pray for Japan" written in red. --They cost $5 a pop . . . however you're able to add up to a $100 donation if you choose to do so. The wristbands are only available for PRE-ORDER now. They'll begin shipping on March 25th. (--You can see the bracelet . . . and / or put in an order in for one, here.)

Bret Michaels Says There Doesn't Have to Be a "Lovefest" Between Motley Crue and Poison for a Tour to Work:

BRET MICHAELS doesn't think POISON and MOTLEY CRUE need to live in perfect harmony all summer long in order for their tour to work. --Bret explains, quote, "It doesn't have to be a lovefest between our two bands. I don't want the fans to be separated. Motley fans are Poison fans are rock fans. Music is a universal language." --"I think the bottom line, Motley probably made a couple bold statements in the press that were probably unnecessary, and I think the bottom line is, it all came around to us going and out and playing to a lot of fans, and I think it will be the tour of the summer."

Diddy Doesn't Have $475 Million in His Basement:

DIDDY came in at #1 on's list of the Five Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists, with an estimated $475 million fortune. But Diddy would like you to know that those aren't his liquid assets. --He tells MTV News, quote, "I don't really get caught up into the list. I think people think that I have that money actually sitting at home in the basement." --But he doesn't deny the number. He adds, quote, "It's really like if I sold all my companies, and I take pride in [building] something as a black man that's worth that much. [But] to everyone calling me for a loan today, I do not have that money today!"

Boxing Promoter Don King Says He's the Godfather of Hip-Hop:

The "Godfather of Hip-Hop" is boxing promoter DON KING . . . or at least he is according to Don King. --Don claims that it was his influence over musicians like JAMES BROWN that set the wheels in motion for the eventual creation of hip-hop music. -King tells "Seen" magazine, quote, "James Brown was the 'Godfather of Soul' . . . Don King was the 'Godfather of Hip-Hop'. We changed the game. The game used to be cup and hold, and hold tight and don't let go! --"So the thing here that you have to understand is we are like when Shakespeare and them were going round and playing on a ukulele or little banjo and they would tell the state of the union. --"All the rappers would tell the story of the community and the story of the ghetto, the stories and of the high profiling." --"I took them across the world to a continent they held from their ancestry ethnically. From BB King, James Brown, Sister Sledge, all of the songwriters and producers. --"I took them there to Africa and then again I took them to the 'Thrilla in Manila'."


OLIVIA WILDE has officially filed for divorce from her husband, Italian prince Tao Ruspoli. (Full Story)

69-year-old MARTHA STEWART is a grandmother. Just don't call her that. Her daughter Alexis says, quote, "Martha is going to be called, 'Martha.' I was like, 'Do you really want to be 'grandma'? I don't like the term grandma!" (Full Story)

JAKE GYLLENHAAL was in the bathroom taking a leak during a film and music festival in Austin, Texas . . . when some dude took a picture of him. There's a rumor going around that Jake slammed the guy into a wall . . . but it turns out he just talked to him and asked him to delete the photo . . . which he did. (Full Story)

Did JANE and PETER FONDA smoke pot at the "Vanity Fair" post-Oscar party? (Full Story)

KATHERINE HEIGL cut her hair short. (Full Story)

There's an arrest warrant out for MICHAEL MADSEN . . . of "Reservoir Dogs" and "Kill Bill" fame . . . because he allegedly owes $570,000 in child and spousal support. (Full Story)

The FOO FIGHTERS will release an album of covers next month, in celebration of Record Store Day. It'll include their versions of: Pink Floyd's "Have a Cigar", Paul McCartney's "Band on the Run" and Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street". (Full Story)

The FOO FIGHTERS' new "Rope" video was shot exclusively on VHS tape. (Video)

Former SLIPKNOT member DONNIE STEELE will replace the late PAUL GRAY on bass for the band's upcoming tour. Paul died last year after an accidental overdose. (Full Story)

SARAH MCLACHLAN says Lilith Fair is NOT coming back. She brought the tour back last year after a decade-long hiatus, but it was not a success. (Full Story)

50 CENT dropped some Tweets about the disaster in Japan that some people might find a bit insensitive.

Women Want Casual Sex Just as Much as Men . . . As Long as They Feel Safe, and the Guy is Attractive:

There was a famous sociology study back in 1989. The researchers would approach a random college student of the opposite sex on the street and ask if they wanted to have a no-strings-attached one-night stand RIGHT NOW. --69% to 75% of the guys they approached said YES. As for the women, the number of them who took the guy up on the offer was . . . ZERO. --That study confirmed what pretty much everyone believed: Men love the idea of random, casual sex . . . but women aren't interested. --WELL . . . according to a new study out of the University of Michigan, that might not be true anymore. Researchers there found that sometimes women DO like casual sex just as much as men. But there are two rules women seem to follow.

#1.) They have to feel SAFE. So a random stranger approaching them on the street sets off an alarm . . . but if they met someone at a friend's party, they might not be as worried.

#2.) The guy has to be ATTRACTIVE. Turns out they're not interested in having one-night stands with rich guys . . . they want someone who's handsome and good in bed. --Terri Conley is a psychologist who led the study. She says that women are motivated by PLEASURE SEEKING when it comes to sex, just like men. So they're not averse to casual sex. --BUT, they're more worried about safety than men . . . and they're worried about being left UNSATISFIED. That's why they'll happily have a one-night stand, as long as they feel safe and believe the guy is going to be a PRO in bed. (Alternet)

52% of Women Say They Sometimes Avoid Having Relations Because They Feel Chubby:

According to a new survey, there are two main reasons women say they sometimes avoid having relations with their partner. Those two reasons are feeling CHUBBY . . . and feeling TIRED. So which one causes MORE people to skip out on sex? --The answer is . . . a lack of sleep. --72% of women say that tiredness leads to them skipping out on sex. 52% of women say that feeling chubby leads to them skipping out. --Feeling unattractive was the third-biggest reason for skipping out on sex, at 34%. --Illness came in fourth, at 33%. --Stress came in fifth, at 32%. --Of the women in the survey, 13% say they only have relations with the lights off because they're embarrassed at being seen naked. (Daily Mail)

A New Line of Condoms Prints Advertisements Right On the Latex:

We always say that it's just a matter of time until every single INCH of available space in this world is covered in advertising. Well a company in New York just figured out a way to cover an extra four inches on me. -A company called Graphic Armor just released a new line of advertising-covered CONDOMS. --The condoms meet all of the FDA requirements and are made with full-color images on the latex. --Graphic Armor is contacting companies to put their ads on the condoms. Their first batch was done in a partnership with KISS and feature GENE SIMMONS and his tongue down the side of the condom. --They're for sale at for $9.95 for a three-pack. (Washington Post)

The Pope Is About To Join Facebook:

When old people get into a trend, it usually kills the trend. But this old person just MIGHT be exempt from that. The Vatican has announced that, this week, the POPE is going to join Facebook. --We're guessing the Pope won't be updating his status or playing Farmville . . . the Vatican says his fan page will feature links to videos and will be part of their push to connect with the younger generation worldwide. (MyWay)
A Guy in Iowa is Giving Up Food For Lent . . . And Just Drinking Beer:

I'm not the Pope or anything, but if observing Lent causes you to drink MORE alcohol, you're doing it wrong. --A man named J. Wilson in Corning, Iowa is giving up FOOD for Lent. And instead, he's just going to DRINK BEER. --It's not just any beer, though. Wilson says he was researching Franciscan monks and found that they sometimes sustained themselves during Lent on a special, high-carb beer. --So he brewed some of that beer himself, and now he's going six weeks on four glasses per day. --Each glass has 300 calories, so he'll get a total of 1,200 calories each day. A doctor is going to be monitoring his health. --Wilson says, quote, "I want to educate beer-people about God . . . and I want to educate God-people about beer." (CBS News)

Pilots On Alaska Airlines Locked Down the Cockpit and Called the FBI When a Group of Orthodox Jews Performed a Prayer Ritual:

It's a bad sign when people aren't just freaking out about Muslims praying on flights these days. Now we're afraid of ANYONE practicing their religion in the air. --Yesterday morning, three Orthodox Jews were on an Alaska Airlines flight from Mexico City to Los Angeles. And they started performing a Jewish prayer ritual on the plane as part of their daily morning prayers. --And during the prayers, some religious Jews use a device called tefillin (--tee FILL in). It's two small boxes that have a prayer scroll inside. The men attach the boxes to their forehead and arm using a thin leather strap. --Well . . . when the flight crew saw this going on, they got worried. Prayer and airplanes apparently don't mix too well anymore . . . especially prayer rituals that aren't commonly known and involve leather straps. --So they alerted the pilots, and the pilots locked down the cockpit and called the FBI. --When the plane landed in Los Angeles, the plane was met by the FBI, customs agents, police officers, and fire crews. --The Jewish men were escorted off the plane and questioned by the FBI. They were released and no arrests were made, obviously. (Jerusalem Post)

More Schools are Getting Rid of Co-Ed Lunches To Cut Down On Fights . . . and Eating Disorders?

More and more schools across the country are moving away from co-ed lunches, and making boys eat with boys, and girls eat with girls. And the reasons are pretty sad for both genders. --For the boys, schools have found that if they're not around girls, they're less likely to show off and FIGHT. For the girls, schools find that if they're not around boys . . . they're more likely to EAT. --There's no official count on the number of schools that have unisex lunches . . . but there is a count on schools that COMPLETELY divide up the sexes so they can focus just on their classes and not on their hormones. --As of January, there were 524 public schools nationwide that have single-sex classrooms. That's up from TWELVE gender-divided schools in 2002. (Hartford Courant)


A Man Is Busted For Proposing with a Stolen Ring, When His Girlfriend Posts a Photo of It On Facebook:

Over the weekend, 21-year-old Robert Driscoll of Trafford, Pennsylvania wanted to propose to his girlfriend, 20-year-old Crystal Yamnitsky. But he didn't have any money. --So while they were at a party at a friend's house, Robert STOLE that friend's engagement ring. And then he gave it to Crystal. --She immediately took a photo of it and posted it on Facebook. She wrote, quote, "Look what Robby gave me. I love him so much." --But, ya know, when you post pictures of things you stole on Facbeook, other people see them. One of Crystal's Facebook friends was her cousin . . . and he saw the photo and recognized the ring. --He told the friend who threw the party . . . that friend called the police . . . and they went over to Crystal's house. --When they got there, she told them Robert was out getting the ring resized. Turns out he'd actually taken it to a pawn shop and sold it for $250. It was a three-carat diamond ring that was ACTUALLY valued at $12,000. --He was arrested for theft . . . Crystal was arrested for conspiracy and receiving stolen property. (NBC 11 - Pittsburgh)

A Man Leaves His Four-Year-Old Home Alone So He Can Go Outside and . . . Pretend To Be a Ninja Warrior:

How is it possible that a woman had a child with this guy? Blows my mind, man. --Earlier this month, 28-year-old Ross Hurst of Scottdale, Pennsylvania, was home with his four-year-old son. The boy was asleep. So Ross decided it would be OK to leave the kid home alone while he . . . went outside and pretended to be a NINJA WARRIOR. --Again, he's 28. --Around 1:20 A.M., police spotted Ross, dressed from head-to-toe in black, walking down the street. --The police say Ross told them he was, quote, "acting out a fantasy of portraying a ninja, a Japanese martial arts expert employed for espionage and assassinations." --When they asked him why he was playing by himself, he told them, quote, "there are not a lot of people who want to play ninja." --Then, the police found out he'd left his four-year-old home alone . . . and he was arrested for endangering the welfare of a child. The child was turned over to his mother --Meanwhile, these ninja-related abandonment charges aren't the only ones against Ross. He was arrested again a few days later because he threatened a witness who was testifying against a friend of his in a meth case. --The police say Ross called the witness and told him, quote, "You know that skin around your neck? I hope you cherish it, because it's gonna get cut." (Connellsville Daily Courier)

Undercover Agents at a Strip Club In Oklahoma are Shocked To Find the Owner's 14-Year-Old Son Working There:

Yeah, this is REALLY illegal and irresponsible . . . but when I was 14, I literally would've chopped off my own arm to have a job like this. --In Miami, Oklahoma, undercover agents were running a sting on a strip club called The Body Shop and were shocked to find there was a 14-YEAR-OLD BOY working there. The 14-year-old was the owner's son. --The owner is 40-year-old Tammie Pennel of Afton, Oklahoma, and she was arrested in the sting for selling alcohol to people who were already drunk, allowing drunk people to stay on the property, and allowing simulated sex acts at the club. --Charges for having her 14-year-old working there are still pending. They could result in the club losing its liquor license. --The agents say they're not sure what the boy's job was. They say he was behind the bar but didn't seem to be serving drinks. --Several of the club's customers were arrested in the sting for drunkenness, and four of the strippers were cited for performing simulated sex acts. (CBS 6 - Tulsa)

A Man Successfully Hides From the Police In a Crawl Space . . . But Gets Caught When He Decides To Smoke While He's Up There:

Last week, police in South Greensburg, Pennsylvania were tracking 30-year-old Daniel Block, who was suspected of stealing a car. And they couldn't find him. --A gas station employee had called the police on Daniel as he put gas into a stolen car. When they got there, they tried to arrest him but he got away. He ran into an office building nearby and seemed to VANISH. --After a few hours, when they were close to giving up, Daniel finally messed up. --He had actually gotten into a crawl space and was above the ceiling of the fourth floor of the building. And he needed to feed his raging nicotine addiction. --So, while he was still hiding, HE LIT A CIGARETTE. --Two of the office workers on the fourth floor smelled smoke coming from the ceiling, so they brought the cops up to their office. --The police figured out what was going on, crawled into the crawl space themselves, and arrested Daniel. (Lebanon Daily News)


Suck On This, Cancer: In the Past Six Years, the Number of Cancer Survivors Is Up 20%:

I don't think it's time to hang up the "Mission: Accomplished" banner when it comes to fighting cancer . . . but this is still something that deserves a celebration. --According to the latest numbers from the CDC and the National Cancer Institute, the number of cancer survivors is up an OUTSTANDING 20% in the past six years. --Dr. Thomas Frieden from the CDC says, quote, "There's still a concept that cancer is a death sentence. But [this shows] for many people with cancer . . . they can live a long and healthy life." --The number of cancer survivors went from 9.8 million to 11.7 million. --The study found that 65% of people with cancer survived at least five years after their diagnosis . . . 40% at least ten years . . . and almost 10% have lived 25 years or longer. --Most of the credit for the increase in survival rates goes to fewer people smoking, better early detection and cancer screening, and more advanced treatments. (New York Times)


Let's try to keep this one mature, shall we? The famous astronomer James Elliot has died. If you don't recognize the name . . . he's the scientist who discovered the rings around Uranus. (--I know, I know . . .) (Full Story)

A research team claims to have found the lost city of Atlantis. Seriously. It's in an area of mud flats in southern Spain, and they say it was buried by a tsunami thousands of years ago. (Full Story)

The FAA is requiring airlines to remove the oxygen masks from airplane bathrooms due to a security risk. They're worried that terrorists might try to turn the oxygen canisters into explosive devices. In other words, from now on if you're in the restroom and the plane decompresses . . . you might die. (Full Story)

An 11th grade honor student on a field trip jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge on a DARE last Thursday . . . and SURVIVED. He has a broken tail bone and a torn lung though. Authorities estimate that someone jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge to commit suicide an average of once every two weeks. And 99.9% of those jumps are fatal. (Full Story)

A guy in Florida was arrested after he failed a drug test . . . because he tried to bribe the testers afterward with five bags of pot. (Full Story)


#1.) Here's a Collection of the Craziest Earthquake and Tsunami Videos:

If you're like most people and you're fascinated by all the earthquake and tsunami footage, "The Washington Post" put together a collection of some of the craziest videos. And the BBC website also has a bunch. (--Search for "Washington Post Japan Tsunami in Videos" and "BBC Japan Earthquake Footage.")

#2.) A Dog Trainer Performed CPR and Saved a Dog's Life:

There's amazing footage on YouTube of a dog trainer in Washington State named Ron Pace saving a dog's life by administering CPR. --The video's hard to watch if you're a dog lover, because the owner screamed and cried the entire time. But a few minutes later, the dog was fine. (--Search for "Dog Trainer Saves Dog with CPR." He starts CPR at :15, blows in the dog's nose at :45, and the dog starts breathing again around 1:40.)

Five Sneaky Ways to Save Money on Gas:

Gas has gone up more than 40 cents in the last month, and according to Triple-A, the national average now sits at $3.54 a gallon. -You probably know that having enough air in your tires is important, because it can improve your gas mileage by about 3%. But here are five more sneaky ways to save money on gas.

#1.) Buy Gas at Night or Early in the Morning. Gas stations store their gas underground, and it's denser when the ground is cold. So you actually get slightly more gas for your money if you pump before the sun comes up.

#2.) Try to Hit the Pump Midweek. Gas prices tend to rise slightly on Thursday, then drop back down on Tuesday or Wednesday.

#3.) Don't Get Gas Until You Need To. It's heavy, so driving with a full tank burns more fuel. But don't drive around on fumes either . . . it can screw up your fuel pump.

#4.) Don't Use High-Octane Gas If You Don't Need It. It seems obvious, but apparently some people still think high-octane gas is good for their low-octane cars. -So just to be clear, unless you're driving a high-performance car, a motorcycle, a truck, or an SUV, the higher octane level won't improve your car's performance, and it's a waste of money.

#5.) Don't Drive Aggressively. According to the Department of Energy, 60 miles per hour is the most fuel-efficient speed on the highway for most cars. --And according to a recent article on, speeding can cost the equivalent of between 21 and 71 cents per gallon. (Reader's Digest / MSNBC)


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