Friday, May 27, 2011


Did January Jones get pregnant By Claudia Schiffer's Husband?

This one is just rumor and speculation at this point, but it's out there, so we'd better address it: --There's talk going around that director MATTHEW VAUGHN is the father of JANUARY JONES' baby. And that's sort of complicated, because Matthew is married to model CLAUDIA SCHIFFER. --January met Matthew on the set of "X-Men: First Class". He directed it, she plays Emma Frost. (--The movie comes out a week from today. You may also know January as Betty on "Mad Men".) --And sources say they were, quote, "very close" throughout the shoot. But that's not the only circumstantial evidence we have. Check it out . . . --Matthew and Claudia were renting a house in Beverly Hills, but multiple sources say they left town rather abruptly in late April . . . right around the time January announced that she was pregnant. --As you probably recall, January has never revealed the name of her baby's daddy . . . and said right from the get-go that she'll be raising the kid alone. --Then it was announced that there wouldn't be a premiere for "X-Men", just a "cast screening" in New York. It took place on Wednesday. January was there, but Matthew wasn't. --His rep claims he had a severe case of tonsillitis. --BUT . . . it turns out that Matthew was actually giving interviews to hype "X-Men" that same day . . . and according to E! Online, it didn't seem like there was anything wrong with him. --Matthew and Claudia's rep is denying the affair, of course. As for Matthew and January being "very close" on the set, the rep says, quote, "Matthew had a very good working relationship with all the actors during the making of this film." --On a related note: In an interview with "People" magazine, January said her pregnancy is humming along . . . quote, "I feel great. I haven't had any weird physical side effects. I feel pretty lucky so far." --But she's a little sad that she hasn't had any odd cravings. She said, quote, "Everybody is asking that . . . It's a bummer. I wish I had something weird to tell."

15-Year-Old Kendall Jenner Is On Birth Control:

KENDALL JENNER . . . the 15-year-old half-sister of KIM, KHLOE and KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN . . . is on BIRTH CONTROL. And her dad, BRUCE JENNER, flipped when he found out. --At least he flipped out for the CAMERAS . . . and his fit was captured for the coming season of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians", which premieres June 12th.--In an interview with E!, Khloe says, quote, "She is on birth control . . . But I'm the one who has all the talks with her."

Liv Tyler Recently Shot Her First Nude Scene in 15 Years:

In the new movie "The Ledge", LIV TYLER has her first nude scene in 15 YEARS. --The last time Liv got naked was for the 1996 film "Stealing Beauty". (--"The Ledge" opens in limited release on June 8th . . . but it's available now through IFC On Demand on various cable systems.)

Ryan Reynolds Isn't Interested in Dating Yet:

--But Ryan isn't moving so fast. He says, quote, "I have no interest in dating right now. It just seems so kind of alien to me at this point. I've been in relationships pretty much since high school. --"Some people look at that as a good thing. I think wiser people might see that as a house of cards. I'm very happy not to be in a relationship right now. That's okay. I didn't plan on it, that's for sure . . . but that's okay." --Ryan says he's still feeling a little pain from the divorce . . . quote, "Anyone who gets divorced goes through a lot of pain. But you come out of it. I'm not out of it yet. At all. --"But I sense that as I do come through it, there's optimism. How can there not be? I don't think I want to get married again, but you always reevaluate these things. --"Any kind of crisis can be good. It wakes you up. I gotta say, I'm a different person than I was six months ago."

Justin Bieber Has Another Tattoo:

We have more pics of JUSTIN BIEBER and SELENA GOMEZ doing the beach thing in Hawaii. And in these pics, we see that Justin actually has TWO tattoos. --We already knew about the BIRD he has on his waist, which is a tribute to the inspirational book "Jonathan Livingston Seagull". --Well, he also has the word "Yeshua" on his side. It's Hebrew for JESUS. (--Check out the pics here.) (Gossip Center)

Lindsay Lohan is Officially Under House Arrest For the Next Month:

LINDSAY LOHAN is officially under house arrest, as of yesterday morning. --Lindsay surrendered herself to the Lynwood Correctional Facility yesterday morning at 5:00 A.M., where it was determined that she was eligible for home confinement. --She was fitted with an ankle bracelet and sent packing in less than an hour. A Sheriff's Department spokesman says, quote, "She is now confined to the interior premises of her home at all times." --Lindsay's bracelet does NOT test for drugs or alcohol. It just keeps tabs on her whereabouts, so they know she's not leaving her house. If she sets it off, Lindsay gets automatic jail time. (--Theoretically, of course. That's what the authorities say NOW. But for some reason, L.A. doesn't have a judge or jailor who can stand by his or her word when it comes to holding Lindsay Lohan accountable for her actions.) --And when they say Lindsay is confined to the "interior premises", they mean it. She literally can't go outside. --Which also means she's not allowed to work off any of her community service while she's on lockdown. But she IS allowed to have visitors. --Lindsay was sentenced to FOUR MONTHS . . . but she was given a release date of June 29th . . . which means she'll only serve ONE month. --For those of you who like to keep track of such things: Lindsay's booking sheet lists her at 5-foot-7 and 117 pounds. --A source says Lindsay wanted to get her prison requirement over with so it doesn't affect her role in the upcoming JOHN GOTTI movie. (--Lindsay plays Gotti's daughter-in-law . . . while JOHN TRAVOLTA and KELLY PRESTON play the mob boss and his wife.) (--And because it is illegal in all 50 states to make a mafia movie without them, AL PACINO and JOE PESCI are in it, too.)

Mariah Carey Was Investigated by Child Services for Drinking Guinness Beer in the Hospital After Giving Birth . . . But She's in the Clear Now:

The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services just finished an investigation of MARIAH CAREY . . . and she's in the clear. -The investigation was launched after someone anonymously complained that Mariah was drinking GUINNESS BEER at the hospital after giving birth to her twins . . . whom she was breastfeeding. --Well, the DCFS interviewed Mariah yesterday and she ADMITTED to drinking the beer. But she said she was just following the advice of a hospital staffer who told her dark beer would assist the lactation process. --According to TMZ, they let her off the hook.

Nancy Kerrigan's Brother Got Two and a Half Years for Fighting with Their Dad:

NANCY KERRIGAN'S brother Mark was given the maximum sentence . . . two and a half years . . . for assault and battery, in connection with the fight that resulted in the death of their 70-year-old father last year. --Technically he got off easy, though . . . because the jury acquitted him on the much more serious charge of manslaughter.

Jeff Conaway's Family May Turn Off His Life Support: said yesterday that the family of former "Grease" and "Taxi" star JEFF CONAWAY was going to take him off life support. --A source said, quote, "Doctors advised the family that Jeff has had no brain function since he was brought into the hospital. The feeding tube has already been removed. --"The ventilator, which is breathing for Jeff, will be removed sometime this afternoon." --He added, quote, "No measures will be made to try and revive him once the breathing tube is removed. Jeff has remained unconscious and is unaware of what is going on." --Meanwhile, Jeff's trainwreck of an ex-girlfriend, Vicki Lizzi, is reportedly trying to stop them, claiming she has power of attorney. (--You can read more about that here.) --Conaway has been hospitalized since he suffered what was reported as a prescription drug overdose on May 11th. He was also said to be suffering from pneumonia and sepsis, which is a severe infection of the bloodstream. --He's 60 years old.

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Will Only Eat Animals He Kills Himself:

Facebook founder MARK ZUCKERBERG is on a new quest to appreciate the meat he eats . . . by killing it himself. That's right: Mark tells "Fortune" magazine, quote, "The only meat I'm eating is from animals I've killed myself." --Because of that, he's actually eating a mostly vegetarian diet. And he says, quote, "I'm eating a lot healthier foods. And I've learned a lot about sustainable farming and raising of animals. --"It's easy to take the food we eat for granted when we can eat good things every day." --Zuckerberg takes on a personal challenge every year. In 2009, he wore a tie every day. Last year, he learned Mandarin Chinese. --He got the idea for this year's challenge after a pig roast. He says, quote, "A bunch of people told me that even though they loved eating pork, they really didn't want to think about the fact that the pig used to be alive. --"That just seemed irresponsible to me. I don't have an issue with anything people choose to eat, but I do think they should take responsibility and be thankful for what they eat rather than trying to ignore where it came from." --A chef named Jesse Cool has been advising Mark in his latest challenge. She says, quote, "He cut the throat of [a] goat with a knife, which is the most kind way to do it." (???) --Zuckerberg has also killed . . . and eaten . . . a pig, a chicken and a lobster. (--You can read more about this here. Mark is also chronicling his butchery on his personal Facebook page. But it's private, and you're not one of his friends . . . so tough luck.) (???)

Lisa Lampanelli Donated $50,000 to the Gay Men's Health Crisis:

Remember when LISA LAMPANELLI vowed to donate $1,000 to a gay charity for every protester from that hate-mongering Westboro Baptist Church who showed up at one of her gigs in Kansas? --Originally we heard that there were 44 protesters . . . and so Lisa was going to give $44,000 to the Gay Men's Health Crisis. --Well, it turns out Lisa wasn't sure of the exact number of protesters, so she just rounded up to $50,000. (--Here's video of Lisa presenting a big-ass check to the GMHC. WARNING!!! It includes bleeped profanity.)

Amy Poehler Gave the Commencement Address At Harvard This Year:

AMY POEHLER gave the commencement address at Harvard on Monday. --Her advice to the Class of 2011 included this . . . quote, "Would it kill you to be nicer to your parents? They have sacrificed so much for you and all they want is for you to smile and take a picture with your weird cousins. --"Do that for them. And with less eye-rolling, please." (--You can watch the entire, 15-minute speech here.)

The Daughter of Arnold's Mistress Speaks:

The 27-year-old daughter of ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER'S mistress spoke with the Spanish network Telemundo earlier this week . . . and the interview was rebroadcast yesterday on the "Today" show. --JACKIE ROSO left Arnold out of it, but she spoke highly of her mom, MILDRED "PATTY" BAENA . . . even calling her a SUPERWOMAN. --She said, quote, "She's like a superwoman pretty much. She's always been there for us, me and my brothers. That's why me and my brothers will always be there for her." --Roso learned the identity of her brother's real dad when the rest of us did. But that doesn't taint her opinion of her mom. --She said, quote, "I love my mom very much, and she's a great inspiration for any woman out there, working for their kids." --She added, quote, "My mom doesn't need to justify herself. It doesn't matter what any newspaper says or anything, because I know my mom and her friends and her family, they all know her. The Mildred that they put out there is all gossip, rumors." --So why is Mildred (slash) Patty getting such a bad rep in the media? It's a RACE THING, of course. Roso said, quote, "It's just a big thing because she's Hispanic, and he's a celebrity." (--Check out video from the interview here.)

Was Arnold Dating the Maid Regularly for Years?

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and his maid, PATTY BAENA, didn't just make one little mistake. They were pretty much asking for it . . . because they'd been carrying on for YEARS. --A so-called "source" says, quote, "Arnold and the housekeeper had a sexual relationship that stretched over years. This wasn't a case of Arnold being unfaithful just once. Far from it. --"This was a sexual relationship that played out right in front of Maria and in her own house for years." (--Just to underscore how devious and amoral Arnold was being all those years, check out these pictures of Arnold, MARIA SHRIVER and the kids at the boy's christening.) (TMZ) (--Arnold was able not just to attend this party with his wife and kids . . . but to smile like everything was fine . . . all the while knowing full well the kid was secretly his.) (--And he would keep up with this charade . . . even in his own home . . . for another 13-plus years.)


Sequels to "The Hangover" and "Kung Fu Panda" Hit Theaters This Week:

#1.) "The Hangover Part 2" (R)

This time Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis head to Thailand, where Ed Helms is getting married. But when they wake up after the spiked toast, Zach's head is shaved, Ed's got a Mike Tyson-style face tattoo, and they've somehow lost the bride's little brother. --Ken Jeong shows up again, and Tyson does another cameo. He even recorded a cover of the 1984 Murray Head one-hit-wonder "One Night in Bangkok". (Trailer)

#2.) "Kung Fu Panda 2" (PG)

Gary Oldman is the new villain . . . a peacock who's figured out how to defeat kung fu, and wants to conquer all of China. The only thing standing in his way is Po, the chubby panda played by Jack Black. --He gets help from the Furious Five: Tigress, Monkey, Viper, Mantis, and Crane . . . a.k.a. Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu, Seth Rogen, and David Cross. And Dustin Hoffman is back as their mentor Shifu. (Trailer)

Disney Is Re-Releasing "The Lion King" in 3D:

Disney is shoving "The Lion King" back into theaters this September . . . in digital 3D. Released in 1994, "The Lion King" is the highest-grossing hand-drawn animated film of all time . . . with $783.8 million in worldwide box office.

Alan Rickman Has Written a Goodbye Letter to "Harry Potter":

ALAN RICKMAN . . . better known to "Harry Potter" fans as Severus Snape . . . wrote a goodbye letter to the franchise for "Empire" magazine. --He said, quote, "Three children have become adults since a phone call with Jo Rowling, containing one small clue, persuaded me that there was more to Snape than an unchanging costume . . . --"And that even though only three of the books were out at that time, she held the entire massive but delicate narrative in the surest of hands. --"It is an ancient need to be told stories. But the story needs a great storyteller. Thanks for all of it Jo." (--You can see the whole thing here.) (Source)


Scotty McCreery Isn't Dating Lauren Alaina . . . But They Are "Really Close Friends" Who Shared "A Lot of Special Moments":

For whatever reason, everyone seems to want to make 17-year-old SCOTTY MCCREERY and 16-year-old LAUREN ALAINA a couple. --Perhaps that's because they were "American Idol's" youngest Final Two ever . . . they were both country singers from the South . . . and they definitely seemed to have a little "chemistry." Lauren even showered Scotty with kisses on the finale. --But they insist they're just friends. --When asked if the kisses meant they were dating, Scotty said, quote, "Oh, no. We've been getting that question a lot today. It's more like the brother-sister thing. She told me before the show that she was gonna do that, kind of like a joke. --"She's a character. But she's lovely, we're really close friends." --In another interview, Scotty said, quote, "Every day's been a special moment with Lauren . . . we've been together a whole lot. We talk about a lot of things. We've had a lot of special moments . . . [but] there's no romance." --As for Lauren, she said, quote, "I gave him a kiss, yes, in case anyone is worried. I love Scotty . . . he's my best friend, one of my best."

Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina Both Kinda Want to Eat Junk Food Now:

SCOTTY MCCREERY and LAUREN ALAINA are both high school kids . . . so when you ask them what's next for them, they're probably not thinking about celebrating at a soiree and dining on escargot and foie gras. --Nope. Instead, they both kinda want to veg out and eat junk food now. --In the immediate future, Scotty said he's looking forward to, quote, "watching SportsCenter and eating some chips." And Lauren said all she wants to do is, quote, "get some sleep and eat unhealthy food." --But then she added, quote, "Actually, I'm not gonna do that." (--Apparently, she's enjoying her new figure. Lauren lost 20 pounds and three dress sizes during the competition.)

Scotty McCreery's "I Love You This Big" Has Hit #1 on iTunes:

SCOTTY MCCREERY'S first single "I Love You This Big" soared to #1 on iTunes yesterday morning. When someone told him about it, Scotty said, quote, "Is it, really? That's amazing. That's wild. I love the song . . . --"The song is a great song to start off with. When they pitched it to me, I fell in love with it and when I sang it at the finale it was kind of a choked-up performance . . . and that's really amazing that it's #1."

The Ratings for the "American Idol" Finale Were Up from Last Year:

The ratings for the "American Idol" finale were up significantly from last year. An average of 28.2 million people watched the finale on Wednesday night, which was 17% higher than the 24.2 million viewers that tuned in last year. -Naturally, the number peaked as RYAN SEACREST was announcing the winner. According to the "Hollywood Reporter", 38.6 million people watched Ryan name SCOTTY MCCREERY as the new American Idol.

Lauren Alaina Is Cool with Finishing Behind Scotty McCreery: Yesterday, LAUREN ALAINA had a great attitude about losing to SCOTTY MCCREERY in the finale. She said, quote, "I didn't lose . . . I came in second place. How could I be unhappy with second place? --"There's a million people out there that would love to be in my position and I'm blessed. I feel like things happen for a reason and God has a plan for me and his plan was to give me second place." (--Maybe God's "plan" was to give Scotty first place, because he's a big Scotty fan. Ever think of that, Lauren?)

How Much Money Are Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina Getting?

SCOTTY MCCREERY will get a recording contract worth $250,000 for winning "American Idol". LAUREN ALAINA will get $87,500 for being the runner up, but that could double to $175,000 once she actually records an album.

The Mystery of the "Idol" Audience Filled with Tom Jones Fans Has Been Solved:

You may have noticed that the entire audience at the "American Idol" finale was singing along to some of the songs . . . even the TOM JONES one, and the one from that "Spider-Man" Broadway musical, which hasn't even officially opened yet. --It was kind of bizarre. --Well, that mystery has been solved. E! Online says the audience was asked to join in . . . and the lyrics to the songs were up on screens throughout the theater.

And Now . . . the Obligatory Video of a Crazed "Idol" Fan Freaking Out Over the Results:

Every season, there are videos of crazy people reacting to the results on the "American Idol" finale. This year, we like one of a middle-aged woman who's a creepy, DIE-HARD SCOTTY MCCREERY fan. (--He's 17 . . . just sayin'.) --Before the results, the woman shouts, quote, "C'mon Scotty. I voted for you, had to be at least 500 times. 500!" Once she hears Scotty's name, she screams and jumps around . . . and then yells, quote, "To AT&T!!!" (--Here's the video.)

Judas Priest Singer Rob Halford Says James Durbin's Performance of Their Song "You've Got Another Thing Coming" Was a "Dream Come True": (???)

JAMES DURBIN performed the JUDAS PRIEST song "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" on "American Idol" this year . . . and Priest singer ROB HALFORD says it was, quote, "a dream come true." --And no, we don't have that mixed up. --Because of James' performance, Priest was invited to do a song with James on the "Idol" finale . . . and they agreed. They ended up performing a medley of "Living After Midnight" and "Breaking the Law". --On the red carpet before the show, Rob was struggling to take it all in. (--Not to sound like PAULA ABDUL or anything.) --He explains, quote, "We've lived so long and done so much stuff in heavy metal and we've seen so many crazy things and heard so many crazy things, when we heard this we went, '(Eff)! That's incredible, man. Let's do it, you know? This is insane.' --"So as it progressed from 'Another Thing Comin'' until this point now, when we're on the carpet and we're about to do the show, it's just a dream come true for Priest . . . for metal . . . and, mostly, for James Durbin."
The "Oprah" Finale Had the Show's Best Ratings in 17 Years . . . and Oprah Celebrated By Spending a Day in Her Pajamas:

The last episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" drew a huge rating on Wednesday. The number of total viewers won't be released for two weeks, but according to Nielsen, the show had its biggest audience in 17 YEARS. --That dates back to an episode that aired on February 21st, 1994 . . . titled "People Shed Their Disguises" . . . in which Oprah tried to convince her guests "to stop hiding behind their questionable style and grooming choices." (--Apparently, nothing else was on that day.) --Meanwhile, Oprah celebrated her first day off yesterday by lounging around at home. She Tweeted, quote, "Staying in pj's all day. Getting hair braided for summer vacation. Reading all ur emails. Watched Gayle [King]'s [OWN] show with Stedman."

A Reality Show About Swingers Is in Development:

A reality show about swingers . . . "suburban couples who swap partners" . . . is in development. It's called "Bedroom Community", and it's currently being shopped to cable networks. And don't worry . . . the couples on it will be YOUNG and HOT. --The show's creator says, quote, "What we have seen on shows about swingers are primarily older hippies, fringe people who are a little bit dirty. --"We found elite groups of people in upscale communities, who are good-looking and have money and access. That glossy version is much more interesting to watch."

Friday TV Reminders:

--"CMT's Next Superstar" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on CMT. (--The three remaining contestants must make their own music video from writing, casting, directing and editing them in the span of four days.)

--"20/20" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on ABC. (--Cheryl Burke, Mark Ballas and Derek Hough discuss how they handle their "Dancing with the Stars" fame.)

--"Four Weddings" [3rd Season Finale] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on TLC.

--"Storytellers" [Special Presentation] . . . 11:00 P.M. to Midnight on VH1. (--Death Cab for Cutie discuss their music and perform "Title and Registration", "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" and "The Employment Pages".)

Saturday TV Reminders:

--"Grand Ole Opry Live" . . . 7:00 to 9:00 P.M. on GAC. (--Sarah Jarosz, Josh Turner, Vince Gill and Jean Shepard perform.)

--"Austin City Limits" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on PBS. (--Steve Martin and Sarah Jarosz perform.) (REPEAT)

--"Ozzy Osbourne: Thirty Years After the Blizzard" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on VH1 Classic. (--A documentary on Ozzy Osbourne and his solo career.)

--"2011 Revolver Golden Gods Awards" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on VH1 Classic. (--Wrestler Chris Jericho hosts the metal awards with appearances by Avenged Sevenfold, Lars Ulrich, Robert Trujillo, Alice Cooper, Duff McKagan, Vinnie Paul and Sebastian Bach.)

--"Saturday Night Live" . . . 11:30 P.M. to 1:00 A.M. on NBC. (--Zach Galifianakis guest hosts and Jessie J is the musical guest.) (REPEAT)

Sunday TV Reminders:

--"NASCAR '11: Coca-Cola 600" . . . 6:00 to 11:30 P.M. Eastern on Fox.

--"National Memorial Day Concert" . . . 8:00 to 9:30 P.M. on PBS. (--Performers include B.B. King, Hayley Westenra, Yolanda Adams, Pia Toscano, Kris Allen, NYPD tenor Daniel Rodriguez and the National Symphony Orchestra.)

--"My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on TLC.

--"Amazing Wedding Cakes" [4th Season Finale] . . . 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. on WE.
--"Ice Loves Coco" . . . 10:30 to 11:00 P.M. on E! (--Ice-T and his hot blonde wife Nicole "Coco" Austin are spread out for this new reality series preview.)

Memorial Day TV Reminders: (--Check your local listings.)

--"The Bachelorette" . . . 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. on ABC. (--Ashley Hebert takes one of the guys to a private Colbie Caillat performance.)

--"The Secret Life Of The American Teenager" [3rd Season Finale] . . . 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. on ABC Family.

--"Basketball Wives" [3rd Season Premiere] . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on VH1.

--"American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Discovery Channel. (--Father and son compete against each other when Cadillac challenges OCC and Paul Jr. Designs to a father-son bike build off.)

--"Cake Boss" [4th Season Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on TLC. (--Cake builder Buddy Valastro designs a space-shuttle cake for NASA.)

--"Single Ladies" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 11:00 P.M. on VH1. (--Stacey Dash costars with LisaRaye McCoy from "All of Us" and a white chick named Charity Shea as three friends with different philosophies on sex and relationships.)

--"Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on ABC. (--Fitness trainer Chris Powell help chubbies lose weight over a year.)

--"Platinum Hit" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on Bravo. (--Jewel is your host and Kara DioGuardi is the judge for this new reality competition show for 12 songwriters. Jermaine Dupri is this week's guest judge.)

--"Breakout Kings" [1st Season Finale] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on A&E.

--"Khloe & Lamar" [1st Season Finale] . . . 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. on E!

--"The Dance Scene" [1st Season Finale] . . . 10:30 to 11:00 P.M. on E!

--"Hard Times of RJ Berger" [2nd Season Finale] . . . 10:30 to 11:00 P.M. on MTV.

Lady Gaga Claims She Went Bankrupt Funding Her Monster Ball Tour:

LADY GAGA is willing to go bankrupt for the experience of standing on a stage . . . and watching tons of people collectively showing off their "WTF" faces. That's because she says she spent ALL her money funding her Monster Ball Tour. --She tells the "Financial Times", quote, "The only big things I've purchased are my dad's heart valve and a Rolls Royce for my parents, for their anniversary . . . --"And that was only because my dad had a Lady Gaga license plate on our old car and it was making me crazy because he was getting followed everywhere, so I bought him a new car. --"Other than that, I put everything in the show and I actually went bankrupt after the first extension of the Monster Ball." (--Of course, by now, she's probably made way more money than she could possibly pump back into her show.) --By the way, was once again selling Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" album for 99 cents yesterday. --It was only supposed to be a one-day promotion . . . for this past Monday . . . but Amazon decided to give it another run because there were so many glitches with the site the first time around. This time they promised they were "ready." (--If you missed out on yesterday's deal, you might want to keep an eye on Amazon. I mean, they brought it back once . . . it's entirely possible they could do it again.)
Do You Want a Butt Like Lady Gaga's? Try Curtseying a Lot:

Have you ever watched LADY GAGA traipsing around in one of her skimpy costumes and thought: "Gee, what I wouldn't give for a butt like that"? I know I have. --Well, there's good news. Lady Gaga's trainer is revealing some of her fitness "secrets," so you can make your little monstrous body look more like Lady Gaga's. Here's a quick rundown: --For Lady Gaga's LEGS: Try "reverse lunges" . . . six sets of 20 . . . while holding a 10-pound weight in each hand, above the knees. The trainer says, quote, "[Lady Gaga] can do this move in hotel rooms."

--For Lady Gaga's ARMS: Try "overhead dumbbell triceps extensions" . . . six sets of 20 . . . and "lateral dumbbell raises" for your shoulders. The trainer says, quote, "Gaga wants to look like she has long arms . . . we wanted to tone every ounce of her body."

--For Lady Gaga's ABS: Try "bicycle crunches" . . . six sets of 20. The trainer says, quote, "They train her abs from every direction . . . most of what she wears shows her stomach, so her goal was to have the best abs ever."

--For Lady Gaga's BUTT: Try "skater lunges" . . . six sets of 20. The trainer says, quote, "You cross your right leg behind your left and drop your right knee like you're curtseying. Then switch sides and do it again to complete one rep.

--"Getting a great rear-end was another priority for Gaga."

Check Out the Video for the New T-Pain / Chris Brown Track "Best Love Song":

T-PAIN and CHRIS BROWN have put out the video for their new collaboration, "Best Love Song". And there's PLENTY of Auto-Tune, which is sort of a given considering T-Pain is involved. (--You can check it out, here.) (--Wow. OK. I know that T-Pain has kind of been given a free pass to continue using Auto-Tune, since he was one of the originators of the movement . . . but man, I don't think I can take it anymore.)

Eight Things You May Not Know About "American Idol" Champ Scotty McCreery:

If you didn't watch this season's "American Idol", then you probably don't know much about the newly crowned champ, 17-year-old SCOTTY MCCREERY. put together a few facts about him. Here they are . . .

--He is from Garner, North Carolina.

--He's an honor roll student at Garner Magnet High School.

--He was a cashier at a Lowes Foods grocery store.

--Some of his first singing gigs were at the First Baptist Church in Garner.

--The words he lives by come from Philippians 4:13: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

--The first concert he ever went to was GEORGE STRAIT and REBA MCENTIRE.

--His musical influences are Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Conway Twitty, Elvis, Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, Randy Travis and his idol, Josh Turner. (--Here's Josh surprising Scotty at a recent show.)


Showbiz Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD . . . the 30-year-old daughter of RON HOWARD . . . is pregnant again. This will be the second child for Bryce and her husband, "Fringe" actor SETH GABEL. They also have a 4-year-old son named Theo. (Full Story)

TONY ROMO is marrying Candice Crawford . . . the sister of actor CHACE CRAWFORD . . . tomorrow. (Full Story)

CHARLIE SHEEN'S "Sober Valley Lodge" is on the market for $7.2 million. (Full Story)

What kind of money did you make when YOU were 15? ABIGAIL BRESLIN earned $275,000 for a single week's work on the upcoming movie "New Year's Eve". That's more than $39,000 PER DAY. Oh, and she gets a $100,000 bonus if the movie makes more than $150 million at the U.S. box office. (Full Story)

ROSEANNE is in talks to make some guest appearances as CHELSEA HANDLER'S aunt on NBC's midseason comedy "Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea". LAURA PREPON is actually playing Chelsea on the show, while Chelsea herself will play her sister. (Full Story)

BILL O'REILLY has branded KIM KARDASHIAN and her fiancé KRIS HUMPHRIES "pinheads" . . . because of the $2 million engagement ring he gave her. (Video)

Left-wing moron ED SCHULTZ apologized for calling right-wing moron LAURA INGRAHAM a slut . . . and Ingraham accepted. (Video)

CINDY CRAWFORD likes to see her mom naked. She says, quote, "A good sign is my mom looks great for her age. I always find excuses to see her naked. And her boobs still look good." (Full Story)

There's a new trailer for "The Muppets" . . . and it includes a cameo by Machete himself, DANNY TREJO! (Video)
A Dog Is Blown Away by a Tornado . . . and Walks Home 23 Days Later with Two Broken Legs:

The tornados that hit the U.S. in the past couple months have led to so many tragic stories, it's almost hard to keep track. This one's a reminder that sometimes amazing things can happen in the face of disaster. --Back on April 27th, a tornado hit Birmingham, Alabama. A dog named Mason, who's a terrier mix, was outdoors when it hit . . . and he was BLOWN AWAY in the storm. --His owners searched for him everywhere but couldn't find him. Their house was destroyed in the storm as well. (--They asked for their names not to be released.) --Twenty-three days later, they went back to look through the debris of their house . . . and against all odds, Mason SHOWED UP. He had two broken legs, but had managed to figure out his way home . . . and dragged himself there. --He had surgery earlier this week to fix his legs and should be able to walk properly again in about six weeks. (Yahoo News) (--Here's a video showing Mason.)

Would You Rather Have a Perfect Body or One Million Dollars?

In a new survey by Nutrisystem, they asked people: Would you rather have your dream body for the rest of your life . . . or win $1 MILLION in the lottery? --And . . . 22% went with the body. The other 78% of Americans would rather take the cash.
--Here are some other findings from the survey . . .
--17% of people said they've lied about their weight on their driver's license.
--50% of people refuse to use a full-body photo of themselves as their primary photo on Facebook because they're self-conscious about how they look.
--68% of people say they've tried a diet at least once in their lives.
--And 80% say that losing weight is better for improving sexual performance than Viagra. (Time)

The U.S. Transportation Secretary Unveils New Fuel-Economy Window Stickers . . . And Arrives in a Chevy Suburban:

Here's an all-time CLASSIC "do as I say, not as I do" moment from Ray LaHood, the U.S. Transportation Secretary --Yesterday, LaHood was at an event where he unveiled new window stickers that dealers will have to put on cars and trucks to show their gas mileage, fuel costs over five years, and pollution ratings. --He announced, quote, "We're not just sitting around waiting for high gasoline prices to come down." --And LaHood was driven to the event in . . . a Chevy Suburban SUV. Which gets 12 miles to the gallon. (Jalopnik) (--Here's a photo of the Suburban arriving.)

Almost 37 Million Drivers Would Fail Their State's Driving Test If They Had To Retake It Tomorrow:

Based on what you see on the roads every day, this probably won't shock you . . . but about one in five drivers out there are completely unqualified to be behind the wheel. --GMAC Insurance just released the annual results of a study where they test licensed drivers to see how they'd do if they had to retake their written driving test tomorrow. And . . . 18% of people would FAIL. --That comes out to almost 37 MILLION Americans. --Believe it or not, that's actually an IMPROVEMENT . . . last year, 38 million would've failed. --Washington, D.C. drivers got the worst scores in the country . . . only 71.8% passed the test. Wyoming drivers got the best scores, with 95.5% passing. (--Check out the results for every state here.) --And stereotypes came true, as men did much better than women. 27.2% of women failed the test, versus 13.6% of men. (GMAC Insurance)

The Government Has Spent Millions Funding Research on FarmVille, Educational Rap Videos, Shrimp on Treadmills, and More:

Tom Coburn is a Republican senator from Oklahoma. His office just put out a report about some of the ways our tax money is being wasted. And it's BRUTAL. --Coburn focused on the National Science Foundation, which gives out research grants. And while some of the grants are for fantastic purposes . . . some of them are tragically ridiculous. Here are some of the ones he spotlighted . . . --$315,000 to Michigan State University to research if playing FarmVille on Facebook helps people develop and maintain friendships. --$1 MILLION to Indiana University to analyze whether parents respond to trendy baby names. The finding: They do. Which is probably why they're trendy. --$50,000 went to the University of California-Davis to develop educational rap and music videos with titles like "Money 4 Drugz". --$80,000 so Duke University could figure out why the same schools always seem to win March Madness. --$2 MILLION to Cornell University to figure out if people who post photos from the same place at the same time are probably friends or somehow connected. Their finding was . . . yes, generally, those people ARE friends or connected. --$1.5 MILLION to the University of California-Berkeley to create a robot that folds laundry. The only problem is that it takes 25 minutes for it to fold just one towel. --And $559,681 to the College of Charleston to figure out how long a shrimp can run on a treadmill. (ABC News)

And Now, Seven Random Facts From the Census:

More info from the 2010 U.S. Census was released yesterday. Here are some of the random stats we pulled from the data . . .

#1.) Women still outnumber men, but it's inching closer. There are now 5.18 million more women than men in the U.S., but that's down from 5.3 million.

#2.) Men are gaining on women. In the past decade, the number of men in the U.S. went up 9.9%, the number of women went up 9.5%.

#3.) Our country is getting older. Thanks to modern medicine, people are living longer, and the average age is going up. In 2000, the median national age was 35 . . . in 2010, it was 37.

#4.) Old age keeps the number of women higher. Above age 85, there are twice as many women as men. It's because life expectancy for women is now 81 years, and life expectancy for men is 76 years.

#5.) Believe it or not, there are more Mexicans in this country than before. In the past decade the Mexican population increased by 11.2 million people. Mexicans make up 63% of all the Hispanics in the U.S.

#6.) Maine is oldest, Utah is youngest. Maine has the oldest average age, at 43. Utah has the youngest, at 29.

#7.) Married households are at an all-time low. 48% of households in the U.S. are married couples. That's the first time ever that number has been below 50%. In 1950, it was at 77%. (Associated Press)

Flint and Detroit Lead the List of the 10 Most Dangerous Cities In America:

Time to check out the top 10 most dangerous cities in America. And by that we mean 'check them out' by hearing us talk about them. Don't actually check them out in person. That would be dangerous. --The website 24/7 Wall Street put this list together based on the 2010 violent crimes statistics from the FBI . . . and also factored in things that keep crime rates high, like unemployment and income levels. Here's the list:

#1.) Flint, Michigan

#2.) Detroit, Michigan

#3.) St. Louis, Missouri

#4.) New Haven, Connecticut

#5.) Memphis, Tennessee

#6.) Oakland, California

#7.) Little Rock, Arkansas

#8.) Baltimore, Maryland

#9.) Rockford, Illinois

#10.) Stockton, California

(24/7 Wall Street)
Spammers Have to Send 12.5 Million Emails to Sell $100 Worth of Viagra:

I don't know anyone who's ever bought anything from a spam email. You probably don't either. But we always assume SOMEONE out there must be responding to spam . . . otherwise people would stop sending it, right? --Not exactly. According to a new study, spam has a HORRIBLE sales rate. But by sending enough of them, spammers do get results. Researchers found that a spammer has to send out 12.5 MILLION EMAILS just to sell $100 worth of Viagra. --They also found the average spam campaign sends out about 18 BILLION messages. So at that sales rate, it would bring in about $144,000 in revenue. (New York Times)


Follow-Up: The Mullet Bandit Strikes Again . . . But Is Now Strategically Tucking His Mullet Up Into His Hat:

In case you missed it, there was a story last week about a guy called the MULLET BANDIT. He's robbed two banks in the Columbus, Ohio area and had a distinct look, thanks to the hardcore mullet spilling out from under his Seattle Mariners cap. -Well . . . the Mullet Bandit has struck again. On Wednesday, he robbed a Key Bank branch in Grove City, Ohio. But there was a twist. --It's clear that the Mullet Bandit realized he'd been identified by his mullet. And that if he was going to rob another bank, he couldn't have it on display, or he might get caught just walking in the door. --And God knows he would NEVER want to cut off his beloved mullet. That just wasn't an option. --So according to the FBI, this time he tucked his mullet up INTO his Mariners hat . . . that way he could rob the bank AND keep his mullet. --The police and FBI are still trying to track this guy down. (Reuters)

A 15-Year-Old Shoots Her Dad With a Bow-and-Arrow For Taking Her Phone:

Let's do a quick check on the status of today's kids. Yep . . . they're still psychopaths. --On Wednesday night, in Tahuya, Washington, a man grounded his 15-year-old daughter and took away her cell phone. And she had a perfectly reasonable reaction . . . she SHOT HIM with a bow-and-arrow. --The dad was airlifted to the hospital and is in critical condition. A SWAT team eventually arrested his daughter . . . she's been arrested for first-degree assault. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

A Man Seduced a Woman with "Real Big Thighs" . . . Then She Stole His Car and His Silver Pants:

This is one of those stories that's so ridiculous it HAS to be true . . . because you couldn't make something like this up. --In Vero Beach, Florida, a 24-year-old man . . . whose name hasn't been released . . . was driving his friend's Dodge Avenger and stopped at a park . . . where he met a woman with, quote, "real big thighs." --They talked for about an hour before the guy, quote, "talked her out of her pants" and they went to a motel that rents rooms for $30-an-hour. They drank some gin, they did their thing, and the man fell asleep. --When he woke up, the woman with "real big thighs" was gone, and she'd stolen his gold bracelet, his watch, $282 in cash, the Dodge Avenger . . . and his SILVER PANTS. The police are still looking for her. (Treasure Coast Palm)


Not-so-good Samaritan: A guy in Ohio pulled up to the site of an accident to help three cops identify the drivers. But the police suspected he might have been drinking, because he: Smelled of alcohol, was unsteady on his feet, lost his balance, bumped into a cop, and had peed his pants. He was arrested. (Full Story)

Dana Rohrabacher is a Republican Congressman from California who doesn't believe humans cause global warming, and he has a solution: Cut down the older tress in rainforests, because the problem is rotting wood? (Full Story)

A Special Olympics coach in Massachusetts was arrested on Monday for repeatedly hitting one of his players with Down's syndrome . . . because he played tennis badly. Oh, and the kid is also his son. (Full Story)

Subway is testing out a "Subway Cafe" concept, with the idea that customers will want to hang out like they do at Starbucks. (Full Story)

The founder of PayPal is giving out 24 $100,000 fellowships to students under 20 . . . if they drop out of college and start their own companies. (Full Story)

Check out's list of America's 'Most Well-Read' cities, based on sales of books, magazines, and newspapers, in both print and Kindle downloads: Cambridge, Massachusetts was number one, followed by Alexandria, Virginia . . . Berkeley, California . . . Ann Arbor, Michigan . . . and Boulder, Colorado. (Full Story)

A fight between 'roommates' at a trailer park in Florida led to a brawl involving cinder blocks and a machete. (Full Story)


#1.) A Little Girl Played With a Dead Squirrel . . . and Instead of Freaking Out, Her Dad Made a Video:

If your kid found a dead squirrel and started hugging it like a teddy bear, would you: A) Freak out and immediately throw her in the bathtub? Or B) Grab your cell phone and start recording? --There's a video online shot by a guy who went with option B. The best part is how much the little girl loves the thing, which was killed by the family dog. (--Search YouTube for "Little Girl Plays With Dead Squirrel.") (--WARNING: This video includes the F-word.)

#2.) Zach Galifianakis Eats a Strawberry Out of Will Ferrell's Mouth in a Hilarious New Episode of "Between Two Ferns":

WILL FERRELL is in the new episode of the online series, "Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis". Among other things, they feed each other strawberries . . . and while one is sticking out of Ferrell's mouth, Galifianakis starts CHEWING ON IT. --Then JON HAMM shows up looking for his keys from when he was on the show in 2008. (--Search for "Between Two Ferns Will Ferrell." They share the strawberry at 3:00, and Jon Hamm shows up at 3:18.) (--WARNING: This video includes the F-word, the word genitals, and shows graphic footage of a monkey fornicating with a frog.)

The Top Four Things You Shouldn't Buy at a Memorial Day Yard Sale:

A lot of people have yard sales on Memorial Day weekend, so "Reader's Digest" made a list of things you should NEVER buy at a yard sale. Here are the top four.

#1.) A Bike or Motorcycle Helmet. If it looks brand new, chances are it's fine. But helmets are only designed to protect you from one accident. That's it. --And sometimes you can't tell if a helmet's been damaged. So it's better to buy a new one and make sure you're safe.

#2.) Car Seats. According to a survey done in England, about one in ten car seats has been through an accident. And just like helmets, they might not be safe afterward. So it's not worth saving a few bucks in exchange for your child's safety. --New car seats cost as little as $50.

#3.) Mattresses. The first thing to worry about is bed bugs, which will infest your entire home if they're in the used mattress you buy at a yard sale. But you could also end up sleeping with some stranger's mold, mites and bacteria. --Plus, mattresses only hold up for about ten years. And if someone's selling one at a yard sale, it's probably older than that.

#4.) Shoes. You don't realize it, but when you wear shoes for a long time, they mold to your feet. So if you buy a pair of shoes at a yard sale, chances are they won't fit quite right, which can cause blisters as well as knee and back problems. (Reader's Digest)
Five Signs Your Man Might Cheat:

Somehow, Arnold Schwarzenegger kept his love-child secret for ten years. Today, from "Ask Men", we've got five signs YOUR man might stray. Because if we learned anything from Arnold, it's that cheating has NOTHING to do with your hotness.

#1.) He Has a Bunch of Angry Exes. History has a tendency to repeat itself, and if he's cheated before, he's likely to cheat again. And it's backed up by science. --Swedish researchers recently identified an "infidelity gene" that's present in four of ten men. The gene may explain why some men are more prone to rocky relationships and cheating. So if your man has a history of bad relationships, it's a red flag.

#2.) He Doesn't Feel Guilt. If he's comfortable bending the rules at work, or cool with breaking the law, he's much more likely to have an affair than a guy who acts responsibly or at least feels guilty when he screws up.

#3.) He's Having a Mid-Life Crisis. Although cheating can occur at any age, it's particularly popular in the 40-to-50-year-old age group, thanks to the mid-life crisis.

#4.) He Believes Relationships Should Be Perfect. Men who think arguing is unacceptable, and that relationships should be absolutely perfect, are more likely to have an affair out of anger and retaliation than guys grounded in reality.

#5.) He's an Idiot. No, really. Studies have linked monogamy to intelligence, and found that the smarter the man, the more likely he is to be faithful. --The idea behind it is that monogamy is a conscious decision in the interest of providing better for our kids, and that it goes beyond our animal instincts to mate with anything that moves. (

Five Memorial Day Date Ideas:

Memorial Day is on Monday, and if you're single and want to make the most of it, we've got five date ideas that are perfect for the long summer weekend.

#1.) Go to a Drive-In Movie. They're hard to find these days, but if you have one near you, there's no better time to hit up an old-school drive-in theater than the beginning of summer. (--You can find a list of drive-ins across the U.S. here.)

#2.) Get Your Adrenaline Pumping. Studies that show that being adventurous and getting your adrenaline pumping helps couples bond. So if you're a daredevil, try something like skydiving, bungee jumping, or whitewater rafting.

#3.) Go to a Baseball Game. It's the classic summer date. The game might be boring but the seats are crammed together . . . so it's a perfect way to be close and have time to talk.

#4.) Take a Last-Minute Trip. Yeah, airline prices suck. Yeah, gas prices suck. But if you're lucky, you might be able to find a last-minute deal somewhere. And even if you have to shell out some cash, spontaneity is a great way to keep your relationship fresh.

#5.) Remember Our Veterans. Sure, we're all excited we get a day off from work. But let's not forget the REAL reason for the holiday: to honor the U.S. soldiers who died protecting our country. --So check what Memorial Day-related activities are going on near you, and hit up a parade or plan a picnic. (Yahoo Shine)

What Is Memorial Day’s Real Meaning?

What is Memorial Day? It’s more than a day off work, sales and barbeques. A new poll by The National WWII Museum reveals the nation is in danger of forgetting. Eighty percent of all Americans confess to having “little” or “some” knowledge of the holiday. Just 20% claim to be “very familiar” with the day’s purpose, which is to honor those who have died while fighting the nation’s wars. In response, The National WWII Museum has unveiled a new website,, featuring 10 ways to honor those who have fallen while in service to the country. “The site offers ideas for all,” said National WWII Museum President and CEO Gordon H. “Nick” Mueller. “A family can visit a military site, or an individual can read a book about WWII history. It’s a way to honor, remind and remember why this day is important.” On May 30th, The National WWII Museum will commemorate Memorial Day with a series of events featuring veterans from World War II to Afghanistan who will talk about the importance of honoring those who died. Others will speak about family members they have lost in battle. At 3:00 pm, the Museum will participate in the National Moment of Remembrance.


Pay Tribute On Memorial Day Virtually

Not everyone will spend the Memorial Day weekend consumed with backyard barbecues, beach parties and sales. Plenty of people also will take the time to honor the day’s original purpose: to remember all those who have given their lives in military service to the country. The Arlington National Cemetery will hold its Memorial Day event. The National Mall will host a concert, parade and other events. The annual Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally will honor prisoners of war and those missing in action. Individual branches of the service and many local organizations also will hold observances. But Memorial Day, created in 1865 as Decoration Day to honor those who died in the Civil War and since expanded to cover all wars, can also be observed in other ways, one of them being a virtual tour of one or more of the websites attached to the nation’s war memorials. Here are a few: The National Park Service’s World War II Memorial website not only commemorates WW II, it includes a link to the American Battle Monuments Commission’s World War II Registry, where you can search for names of those who died. The National Archives and Records Administration’s Veterans’ Service Records site offers a searchable records database and genealogy tools for finding family members. The Vietnam Memorial is the most interactive of the memorial sites. It lets visitors search the Wall that makes up the monument for the names of those who died and offers an expansive list of other features including a photo gallery, literary section, Women on the Wall and a list of Medal of Honor winners. Visitors can also sign a virtual guest book and leave their comments. NPS’ Korean War Veterans Memorial site doesn’t offer a virtual experience, but it does offer history and will help you plan a visit. For servicemen and women who have died in the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, a new application, Map the Fallen, employs present-day tools such as Google Earth to ensure they are not forgotten. The map provides links to personal histories and photos of the fallen, along with memorial websites with comments from friends and family members. The project is a collaborative effort, and is soliciting input and corrections to the map from visitors. / If you want to honor those who died in World War I, you can visit the site of the World War I Memorial Foundation in Washington, D.C., or the National World War I Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri.

To go back to the origins of Memorial Day, there are a host of sites that mark the Civil War, from the National Civil War Memorial to National Park Services sites that commemorate major battles of the war, such as Gettysburg National Military Park or the Antietam National Battlefield.


10 Ways To Commemorate Memorial Day

To help educate all Americans on Memorial Day’s importance, the National WWII Museum is launching a number of initiatives, including a new website,, which offers 10 things anyone can do to share and commemorate the holiday. The Museum’s Memorial Day suggestions include:

•Thanking a veteran.
•Placing an American flag on the grave of a veteran.
•Visiting a military museum or historic military site.
•Writing a veteran and thanking them for their services to the nation.
•Organizing a community-wide observance.
•Honoring a veteran with a brick at The National WWII Museum.
•Changing their Facebook profile to an American flag.
•Writing a letter to the editor of a local newspaper to remind their community about Memorial Day’s significance.

Things You Should Know About Memorial Day History

1. Three years after the Civil War ended, on May 5, 1868, the head of Union veterans – the Grand Army of the Republic – established Decoration Day as a time for the nation to decorate the graves of the war dead with flowers. Major General John Logan declared that Decoration Day should be observed on May 30th. The date was chosen possibly because flowers would be in bloom all over the country, according to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

2. The official birthplace of Memorial Day was declared in 1966, when Congress and President Lyndon Johnson declared Waterloo, New York the “birthplace.” At the close of the 19th century, Memorial Day ceremonies were being held on May 30th throughout the nation. State legislatures passed proclamations designating the day.

3. Memorial Day was expanded after World War I to honor and remember those who died in all American wars. Memorial Day was declared a national holiday in 1971.

4. U.S. Congress and the president signed into law in 2000 the National Moment of Remembrance Act and created the White House Commission on the National Moment of Remembrance. The National Moment of Remembrance encourages Americans to pause wherever they are at 3 p.m. local time on Memorial Day for a minute of silence, to remember and honor those who have died in service to the nation.

5. Memorial Day is also celebrated annually at the Arlington National Cemetery, where about 5,000 people attend, and place American flags on each grave.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Olivia Wilde . . . Is Bradley Cooper Dating her?

BRADLEY COOPER and OLIVIA WILDE were apparently getting close at a party following the New York premiere of "The Hangover Part 2" Monday night. --Sources say they spent a lot of quality time together . . . quote, "They would touch each other to get a point across, and Wilde had her hand on Cooper's leg at one point." --It's not clear if they left the party together. Some say they did, some say they didn't. (--Bradley is 36 . . . Olivia is 27.)

Courtney Love is Looking for a Rich Boyfriend:

COURTNEY LOVE has made millions on top of millions on top of millions from KURT COBAIN'S estate. But apparently, she still needs a sugar daddy. --In an interview with an addiction / recovery website called, Courtney says, quote, "These days I'm only interested in plutocrats. Like really, really rich guys. I'm determined to land one sooner or later. --"The thing is, I think I can be a real asset to a wealthy man." --And while she claims to be clean, Courtney is also thinking about trying a hallucinogenic tea that makes everyone who drinks it see the same old black man. --She says, quote, "You couldn't pay me a billion dollars to take marijuana. I don't really like coke anymore. I'm scared of ecstasy. The one drug I'd like to try one day is Ayahuasca, which should be mandatory for everybody. --"It's apparently this crazy tea that gives you these intense hallucinations. Everyone who takes it sees a wise old black man who takes you on a wild journey. --"I'm not going to name names, but everyone who takes it sees the same black guy. I'm not kidding you. Everyone!" --Despite her professed desire to try a drug, Courtney says she's getting tired of being considered some kind of DRUG FREAK . . . or some kind of expert on the subject of getting high. --She says, quote, "Lindsay Lohan called me after she was arrested. I told Lindsay to just get it together and trust the judge. --"For some reason, Kim Stewart also called me when Paris Hilton got pulled over for her last DUI . . . I'm not even that friendly with these girls. What am I, a junkie Auntie Mame?" (--You can read the complete interview here.)

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are Engaged:

KIM KARDASHIAN and her boyfriend, New Jersey Nets forward KRIS HUMPHRIES, are ENGAGED. --It actually happened last Wednesday. Kim walked into her bedroom and found Kris down on one knee, with the words "Will You Marry Me?" spelled out in rose petals. --She said yes, and he slipped a $2 MILLION, 20.5-carat rock on her finger. It's a 16.5-carat emerald cut center stone flanked by two, 2-carat trapezoids. If you're a girl, you're jealous. If you're a STRAIGHT guy, you have no idea what I just said. (--And just to be catty, Kim's got PRINCE WILLIAM'S new wife, KATE MIDDLETON, beat by 2.5 carats. So WE WIN AGAIN, ENGLAND!!!) (--Kim shows off her ring on the cover of this week's "People". Check it out here.) (People) --Kim says, quote, "I didn't expect this at all. I was in such shock. I never thought it would happen at home, and I never thought now." --E! Online has no comment as to whether the reality TV cameras were there to record this moment for basic cable posterity . . . but a so-called "source" says they were. (--The new season of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" premieres June 12th.) --Kim and Kris have been together six months. She's 30 . . . he's 26. --And if you'd like to see what Kim is locking down, Kris did some SHIRTLESS POSING for "GQ" magazine. Check out the photos here.) (GQ)

Kim Kardashian Stopped Some Music Producers from Using a Topless Photo of Her As an Album Cover:

Remember when KIM KARDASHIAN did that photo shoot for "W" magazine where she was NAKED and covered in nothing but silver paint? --Well, two music producers named Terrace Martin and Devi Dev tried to use one of those images for an album cover. But the picture they used is tinted purple, so you can't tell the body had silver paint on it. And Kim's head is cut off. --Well, somehow Kim found out about it and had her lawyers fire off a cease-and-desist letter. --Now, Martin and Dev say they had no idea the breasts in the photo were Kim's. So I guess they're claiming they came across the pic they used as-is, and not in its original form. --They've supposedly replaced it with a photo of another woman's bare breasts.

The Kardashian Sisters are Writing a Novel:

KIM, KOURTNEY and KHLOE KARDASHIAN are writing a novel, and you'll never believe what it's about. --Their publisher says it takes a look inside, quote, "the lives of three gorgeous celebrity sisters, their complicated relationships with Hollywood, each other, and the glamorous lives they lead in front of the cameras and behind the scenes." (--Dear Lord, here we go again. Although after SNOOKI wrote a book, can we really be shocked by this stuff anymore?) --Oh, here's the best part: They're asking their FANS to come up with the title. And if they pick YOUR suggestion, you get your name mentioned in the book. (--You can find all the details here.)
Nancy Kerrigan's Brother Was Found Not Guilty in the Death of Their Dad:

The brother of former Olympic figure skater NANCY KERRIGAN was found NOT GUILTY yesterday of manslaughter in the death of their father last year. --But Mark Kerrigan was convicted of assault and battery for engaging in the fight that preceded his father's death. He'll be sentenced today, and he could get up to two and a half years in prison. --46-year-old Mark and his 70-year-old father Daniel got into a physical altercation over his use of the telephone at the family home in Massachusetts back in January of 2010, during which Daniel suffered a fatal heart attack. --The coroner ruled Daniel's death a HOMICIDE. --But the Kerrigan family . . . including Nancy and her mom . . . always supported Mark, and claimed Daniel's death was caused by multiple illnesses he'd been battling. --After yesterday's verdict, Nancy said, quote, "My family has never believed that my brother had anything to do at all with my father's death, and my dad never would have wanted any of this." --Mark . . . who was drunk at the time of the fight . . . has a history of violence and mental illness.

The "Jerry Maguire" Kid, Jonathan Lipnicki, Has Filed for a Restraining Order Against an Ex-Girlfriend Who Wants to "Annihilate" Him:

Remember JONATHAN LIPNICKI . . . that adorable kid from "Jerry Maguire"? Well, he's 20 years old now and FEARING FOR HIS LIFE . . . because an ex-girlfriend wants to TAKE HIM OUT. --The would-be assassin is 20-year-old Amber Watson . . . who's listed as 5-foot-7 and 100 pounds. She's an actress . . . and they dated after meeting in an acting class. -Jonathan got a temporary restraining order against Amber after she allegedly attacked and threatened him earlier this month. --In his petition, Jonathan said that he was asleep in his bed when Amber came to pay him a visit . . . and his idiot roommate let her in. --Amber proceeded to pull off his sheets and try to pin him to the bed. He says, quote, "I had to move her off me physically . . . she threatened to ANNIHILATE me." --Amber has to stay at least 100 yards away from Jonathan . . . and his dog.

Katherine Jackson Wants Jaden and Willow Smith to "Mentor" Michael's Kids:

We have an explanation for why MICHAEL JACKSON'S kids were hanging out with WILL and JADA PINKETT SMITH'S kids the other day. --According to TMZ, KATHERINE JACKSON wants JADEN and WILLOW to mentor her grandchildren, because she feels that they're good role models and examples of young success in Hollywood. --The website says, quote, "Katherine wants Michael's kids to enjoy their childhood . . . and is actively encouraging them to become involved in all kinds of activities, including acting."

25 Things You Don't Know About Paris Hilton:

PARIS HILTON is the subject of "Us Weekly's" latest 25 Things You Don't Know About Me. Here are the highlights . . .

--I love scrapbooking and creating albums as gifts for my friends and family.
--I have naturally curly hair.
--I have pet rats.
--My most prized possessions are the dresses my grandmother left me.
--I've seen "There's Something About Mary" countless times.
--I own my own motorcycle team, and they just won their first race in France this week!
--I can play the violin.
--I speak French but want to learn more languages.
(--Check out the complete list here.)

John Edwards May Be Indicted for Using Campaign Funds to Cover Up His Affair and Illegitimate Child:

The government is said to be nearing a decision whether to indict former Democratic presidential candidate JOHN EDWARDS for allegedly using campaign contributions to hide his affair and illegitimate child with RIELLE HUNTER. --John's attorney jumped out in front of the story yesterday and denied his client broke campaign finance laws. He said, quote, "John Edwards has done wrong in his life . . . and he knows it better than anyone . . . but he did not break the law. --"The government's theory is wrong on the facts and wrong on the law. It is novel and untested. There is no civil or criminal precedent for such a prosecution."

Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Use Taxpayer-Funded Services to Cover Up His Sexual Indiscretions? says that the California Attorney General's Office is going to investigate whether ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER used taxpayer-funded services to cover up his sexual indiscretions while he was governor. --The main issue here appears to be a claim that Arnold used California Highway Patrol officers and vehicles to bring women in and out of his luxury suite at the Sacramento Hyatt Regency. --Meanwhile, two retired cops assigned to Arnold when he was governor have come out publicly to DENY ever seeing him do anything inappropriate. --Former Sergeant Mark Hammond was with Arnold constantly for seven years. --He says, quote, "I can say without a shadow of a doubt as a supervisor of his protective detail that at no time did I see Governor Schwarzenegger say or do anything that could be deemed inappropriate. --"As a supervisor, if anything had occurred, I would have been notified, even if it was technically off the record on his private time." --And Officer Manny Trevino says, quote, "I never witnessed the Governor acting in a less than honorable manner." (--One last note on Arnold: The website X17 Online says that 17-year-old Patrick Schwarzenegger is currently living by himself at the family's $23 million home. You can read more about that, and see pictures of the joint, here.)


Sequels to "The Hangover" and "Kung Fu Panda" Hit Theaters Today:

#1.) "The Hangover Part 2" (R)

This time Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis head to Thailand, where Ed Helms is getting married. But when they wake up after the spiked toast, Zach's head is shaved, Ed's got a Mike Tyson-style face tattoo, and they've somehow lost the bride's little brother. --Ken Jeong shows up again, and Tyson does another cameo. He even recorded a cover of the 1984 Murray Head one-hit-wonder "One Night in Bangkok". (Trailer)

#2.) "Kung Fu Panda 2" (PG)

Gary Oldman is the new villain . . . a peacock who's figured out how to defeat kung fu, and wants to conquer all of China. The only thing standing in his way is Po, the chubby panda played by Jack Black. --He gets help from the Furious Five: Tigress, Monkey, Viper, Mantis, and Crane . . . a.k.a. Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu, Seth Rogen, and David Cross. And Dustin Hoffman is back as their mentor Shifu. (Trailer)

#3.) "The Tree of Life" (PG-13) (Limited)

A kid grows up having to reconcile what he learns from his loving, nurturing mother, and his much-harsher dad . . . who tries to teach him that the world is tough, and that he has to be tougher. --Sean Penn plays the kid as an adult . . . and Brad Pitt is his dad in the flashback scenes. (--It's by Terrence Malick . . . the reclusive genius who's only made five flicks since 1973 . . . and it just won the Cannes Film Festival.) (Trailer)

(NC-17) If You Buy a Ticket to "The Hangover Part 2", Be Prepared to See Tons of Penis:

From the commercials I've seen, I expect the "Hangover Part 2" to offer more of the same stuff we saw in the original. But it also offers something more: TONS OF NAKED PENIS. --And this time it's not just KEN JEONG . . . a.k.a. Mr. Chow . . . who shows his goods. Don't get too excited: None of the other main characters flash their bits and pieces. But several other characters apparently do. --One talent manager who attended the premiere says, quote, "The amount of penises on screen is at a new level. It's pretty crazy." --In case you haven't noticed, the male member has been slowly snaking its way into mainstream, R-rated comedies for a few years now. --Two recent examples include "Borat" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" . . . which included TWO Full Monties from lead actor JASON SEGEL. (--You could probably also toss in "Superbad", for the HI-larious flashback in which the younger version of JONAH HILL'S character battles a compulsion to draw penises.) (--The "Hollywood Reporter" goes into a little more detail on all the man-meat you'll find in "The Hangover Part 2". You can read the article here. WARNING!!! It contains several SPOILERS.)
Disney Has Withdrawn Its Application to Trademark the Phrase "SEAL Team 6":

Just two days after SEAL Team 6 took out OSAMA BIN LADEN, Disney had the GALL to apply for a trademark on the phrase "SEAL Team 6". --They said they wanted to do a show about the unit. They took a lot of flak for it . . . but it took them THREE WEEKS to withdraw their application, which they finally did yesterday. --Despite no longer seeking the trademark, Disney is still reportedly interested in doing the show.

"3D Sex & Zen" Is Apparently NOT An Actual Porno Flick:

A while back, we heard about "3D Sex & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy". It's a Hong Kong-made flick that EVERYONE in the media described as the world's first 3D PORNO. Well, it sounds like everyone was WRONG. --The movie is apparently SOFTCORE . . . meaning it's a sex flick, but the sex ISN'T REAL. --As disappointing as that may be, the movie did recently pick up a U.S. distributor. And it's still a sex flick in 3D. So it's got that going for it. There's no word yet when it'll be released here.


Scotty McCreery Is Your New "American Idol":

--17-year-old country singer SCOTTY MCCREERY beat out 16-year-old country singer LAUREN ALAINA in the unofficial Year of the Country Singer on "American Idol". --RYAN SEACREST said that 122.4 million votes were cast, which is a record . . . and more than 750 million votes were cast throughout the season. (--Voting is free, but if "Idol" merely charged $1 per vote, the show could've purchased TWO Lockhead Martin F-22 Raptors, which are arguably the best combat planes in the world. Look how cool this thing is!) (???) --After the announcement, Scotty said, quote, "It's been a year since Lauren and I tried out. We've been together since Day One and we're going to stay together. Never in my wildest dreams . . . I've got to thank the Lord first, he got me here." (--Here's video of that . . . and here's video of Scotty celebrating afterwards.) --Even though she didn't win, Lauren did lose some weight. On Ryan Seacrest's radio show yesterday, Lauren said she lost 20 pounds and three dress sizes during the competition. --The finale included performances by a bunch of celebrities, including Carrie Underwood, Tom Jones, Jack Black, Beyoncé and Tony Bennett.

Cheryl Cole Is No Longer an "X Factor" Judge, Because Her Accent Was Too British for America?

"X Factor" has already lost a judge, but thankfully it isn't one of the two interesting ones. TMZ says British singer CHERYL COLE is out. (--She's judged the British "X Factor" alongside SIMON COWELL for the past three seasons.) --NICOLE SCHERZINGER will replace her at the judges' table. --Nicole was originally supposed to co-host with STEVE JONES. It's unclear if Steve will now be the sole host, or if someone else will be brought aboard. (--Something tells me BRIAN DUNKLEMAN is available.) --So what happened to Cheryl? --Supposedly, the producers were concerned that her accent was TOO British for Americans to understand. Yes, they could've just used subtitles . . . (???) . . . but there was another problem. --TMZ says there was a "lack of chemistry" between Cheryl and PAULA ABDUL . . . and it was much easier to send Cheryl back across the pond than it was to separate Simon and Paula . . . again. --No one connected with the show has confirmed or commented on this report.

Video of Oprah's Goodbye Monologue:

"The Oprah Winfrey Show" finished its incredible 25-year run yesterday, and as expected, it was a rather subdued affair . . . or at least, there wasn't an endless parade of celebrities streaming through the door. --Here's video of Oprah talking about knowing what makes you unique . . . and how to make a difference in your own life. --And here's video of Oprah's super-dramatic, well-written closing monologue, which was poetic enough to have been an outtake from OBAMA'S 2008 campaign. --By the way, put together a comprehensive list of Oprah's "Favorite Things" . . . dating back to 2002. -They tallied everything up, and get this: Every item on her list . . . multiplied by the 300 or so audience members who each got one . . . equals more than $23.8 MILLION worth of stuff she gave away. (--And remember, that's only the things featured on Oprah's yearly "Favorite Things" episodes. She gave away TONS more stuff outside of that.) (--Here's the link to the full breakdown.)

VH1 Is Bringing "Pop-Up Video" Back . . . Thanks to Twitter?

Remember VH1's '90s sensation "Pop-Up Video"? --Of course you do. It was the music video show where bubbles would pop up with various trivia "nuggets" and sarcastic remarks. It was all over VH1 from 1996 through 2002. (--Here's the pop-up video for R.E.M.'s "Losing My Religion".) --Well, it's coming back . . . in part, thanks to Twitter. --The show's co-creator . . . who seems unnecessarily bitter . . . explains, quote, "I have sat on the sidelines for the last decade and watched as everyone and their brother has ripped off 'Pop Up' in some way or another . . . --"With the internet coming out of nowhere and Twitter being hauntingly familiar and all of these devices that are using snarky, pithy text . . . they're [using social networking] to create their own pop-ups in a way." --VH1 has ordered 60 new episodes, which will start airing sometime this fall. --Only a few differences from the original show have been revealed: This time, they're taking on hip-hop videos, too. (--Those videos were "off limits" during the original run, because hip-hop was considered the, quote, "domain" of VH1's sister network, MTV.) --And they're planning to include some "user-generated content" . . . although it's unclear how that's going to work. (--Perhaps they could utilize Twitter?)

"Jersey Shore's" Ronnie and The Situation Have "Worked Out Their Issues":

"Jersey Shore" stars RONNIE and THE SITUATION allegedly engaged in FISTICUFFS in Italy on Monday night . . . but supposedly, they're "fine now." --"Multiple sources" tell TMZ that they had a long heart-to-heart after the fight and "worked out their issues." --There's still no official confirmation on the fight, but judging by the pictures . . . SOMETHING happened. The word is that Ronnie was all worked up after an argument with SAMMI, and started mouthing off to The Situation. --Then they began fighting . . . it was broken up . . . and Ronnie capped off the meathead-ery by punching the wall. (--Remind me again why they bothered to film this season in Italy? Does it even matter where these knuckleheads are?)

Thursday TV Reminders: (--Check your local listings.)

--"NBA Playoffs: Bulls vs. Heat" [Eastern Conference Finals Game 5] . . . 8:30 to 11:00 P.M. Eastern on TNT. (--The Chicago Bulls host the Miami Heat.)

--"So You Think You Can Dance" [8th Season Premiere Audition Show] . . . 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Fox. (--Auditions are held in Atlanta and the Bay Area with returning judges Mary Murphy, Nigel Lythgoe and Cat Deeley.)

--"Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on MTV. (--Lady Gaga is profiled.)

--"4th & Forever" [SERIES Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Current TV. (--Under the direction of Head Coach Raul Lara, the 2010 football season for Long Beach Polytechnic High School is chronicled.) (--Long Beach Polytechnic High School's football program has been touted by Sports Illustrated as the "Sports School of the Century", boasting the largest roster of high school players who have gone on to play for the NFL.)

--"Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on MTV. (--Kanye West delivers dance challenges to the three remaining dance crews.)

--"Secret Diary of A Call Girl" [SERIES Finale] . . . 10:30 to 11:00 P.M. on Showtime.

--"Gigolos" [1st Season Finale] . . . 11:00 to 11:30 P.M. on Showtime.

Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" Is Expected to Sell 800,000 Copies in Its First Week:

LADY GAGA'S "Born This Way" is expected to sell between 800,000 and 850,000 copies in its first week . . . according to early estimates. The sales week runs through Sunday, and the official number won't be announced until next Wednesday. --But the numbers could be better than that. Some people say it's possible that it could hit the ONE MILLION mark, which would make it only the third album in the past three years to pull that off. (--The other two were TAYLOR SWIFT'S "Speak Now", which did it in October of last year . . . and LIL WAYNE'S "Tha Carter 3", which did it in June of 2008.) --Still, 800,000 would be a big number these days . . . and even that isn't happening without a little help. offered "Born This Way" for 99 cents on Monday, and Best Buy is giving it away with the purchase of a new smart phone. (--"Billboard" will count Amazon's sales in its overall tally, but they're NOT including Best Buy's promotion . . . since they're not actually SELLING it.)

Lady Gaga Is Close to Signing a $10 Million Deal to Sell Laptops:

Apparently, LADY GAGA and her "ART" are cool with taking a boatload of money to hawk laptops. reports that Gaga is close to signing a $10 million deal to be the "face" of a new line of Google Chrome laptops. --The laptops hit stores on June 15th. Lady Gaga's people haven't commented.

Lady Gaga "Feels Dead" When She's Not Onstage, and She Was Born That Way, Naturally:

LADY GAGA is on the cover of the new issue of "Rolling Stone". In the corresponding interview, she talks more about how she was "born" . . . compares the music industry to "Rocky 4" . . . and explains how her fans make up 50% of her.
--Here's a rundown . . .
--On Being Born to Perform: Quote, "When I am not onstage I feel dead . . . I don't feel alive unless I'm performing, and that's just the way I was born."
--On How the Music Industry Is Like "Rocky 4": "My favorite part [of 'Rocky 4'] is when Apollo's ex-trainer says to Rocky, 'He is not a machine. He's a man. Cut him, and once he feels his own blood, he will fear you.' --"I know it sounds crazy, but I was thinking about the machine of the music industry. I started to think about how I have to make the music industry bleed to remind it that it's human, it's not a machine." (--Lady Gaga has previously talked about how much she loves the "Rocky" movies . . . and how she always wanted to be Adrian.)
--On the Bizarre Way She Looks at Her Relationship with Fans: "We have this umbilical cord that I don't want to cut, ever. I don't feel that they suck me dry. --"It would be so mean to say, 'For the next month, I'm going to cut myself off from my fans so I can be a person.' What does that mean? They are part of my person, they are so much of my person. They're at least 50%, if not more."
--On the Critics Who Say Her Outrageousness Is a Ploy for Attention: "I have attention. Is it that [people] believe that I am attention-seeking or shock for shock's sake, or is it just that it's been a long time since someone has embraced the art form the way that I have?
--"Perhaps it's been a couple of decades since there's been an artist that's been as vocal about culture, religion, human rights, politics. I'm so passionate about what I do, every bass line, every EQ. (--That's a recording term for sound balancing.) --"Why is it that you don't want more from the artist, why is it that you expect so little, so when I give and give, you assume it's narcissistic?" (--She's right . . .) (--Before Lady Gaga came along, there was a long line of superficial, interchangeable pop artists. And she does display the kind of commitment to the art form that was everywhere in the '60s and '70s. But talent-wise . . . that's still up for debate.) (--The issue comes out tomorrow. You can find some pictures from it, here.)

Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas Has Another Solo Album in the Works:

If there's anyone who just CAN'T GET ENOUGH of WILL.I.AM . . . anyone at all . . . this should be very exciting news: Will.I.Am has another solo album in the works. --That's according to FERGIE . . . the bladder-challenged member of the BLACK EYED PEAS, not the life-challenged former member of the British Royal Family. --She says, quote, "I believe Will is coming out with a solo album. I've heard it. It's called 'Black Einstein' and it's amazing. I've been waiting for him to come out with this for so long because I want it. He won't give it to me. I want it for the gym. --"He's so amazing . . . just such a genius lyricist . . . and I'm really excited for his project." (--Will.I.Am's last solo album "Songs About Girls" came out in 2007.)

Music-Related Pictures: Justin Bieber's Bling and Usher's Open Fly:

#1.) Contrary to any rational explanation, a $25,000 "Family Guy" necklace exists. JUSTIN BIEBER has it . . . and he helped "design" it. It's features Stewie, and is packed with 12 carats of rubies and diamonds. (--Here's a picture.) (TMZ)

#2.) Sometimes USHER forgets to check his zipper before stepping onstage. When that happens, he looks like this. (TMZ)

Adele Just Notched Her Ninth Week On Top of the "Billboard" Chart . . . But the Streak Will End Next Week:

ADELE sold another 137,000 copies of "21" and easily took the top spot on this week's "Billboard" chart. It's her ninth, non-consecutive week at #1. Adele had a good run, but her streak will end next week when LADY GAGA'S "Born This Way" debuts to an expected 800,000-plus in album sales. --This week's highest debut comes from the rock band SEETHER. Their new album sold 61,000 copies in 2nd place. Here's the rest of the Top 10 . . .

1.) "21", Adele (137,000 copies)

2.) (NEW) "Holding Onto to Strings Better Left to Fray", Seether (61,000 copies)

3.) "Now That's What I Call Music! Volume 38" (50,000 copies)

Showbiz Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

The "National Enquirer" says that SARAH PALIN is upset with her daughter BRISTOL for shacking up with her "Dancing with the Stars" co-star KYLE MASSEY to do a reality show. She thinks it makes Bristol look like she's, quote, "going so quickly from man to man." (--Even though there's no concrete evidence that Bristol and Kyle are actually dating.) (Full Story)

Check out a new trailer for "The Smurfs" here.

"Shark Night 3D" hits theaters in September. It looks kind of like "Piranha 3D", but with sharks . . . which isn't necessarily a bad thing. (--Check out the trailer here.)

ICE-T is sad that CHRISTOPHER MELONI is leaving "Law & Order: SVU" . . . but he'll be happy if JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT joins the cast because, quote, "I think she's a great actress." (Full Story)

If you're one of the four or five people who were still listening to SILVERCHAIR, your time just ran out. They broke up. Or, as they call it, INDEFINITE HIBERNATION. (Full Story)

Only Half of Guys Say They Hold It Against Politicians Who Cheat On Their Wives:

At this point, it's more surprising to find out that politicians HAVEN'T cheated on their wives. So I think people are realizing that if we base our voting on adultery, pretty soon there's not going to be anyone to vote for. --The social networking and dating website Zoosk just put out the results of a 12,500-person survey about cheating. And they found that people really don't hold cheating against politicians as much as you'd think. --Only 57% of women say that it would influence their vote if they found out a politician cheated. Only 50% of men say it would influence them. --And those numbers are actually HIGH compared to the rest of the world. In France, only 20% of people care if their politicians have affairs. It's 22% in Denmark, 30% in Italy, 32% in Germany, and 44% in the U.K. and Australia.--The survey also found that in couples where people have a "free pass" to hook up with one celebrity, only 20% would actually follow through with it. --The U.S., U.K., Australia, Sweden, Germany, and Denmark all ranked TIGER WOODS as the worst cheating offender. France and Italy went with the prime minister of Italy, SILVIO BERLUSCONI, with Tiger coming in second. --Only 7% of Americans say they prefer an open relationship to a monogamous one. --31% of Americans say they could forgive someone for cheating on them. 69% say they couldn't. But 55% believe that a cheater is capable of changing and entering into a monogamous relationship. (PR Newswire)

Women Are More Attractive When They Have a Sarcastic or Juvenile Sense of Humor:

Supposedly the first thing single people look for in another person is a sense of humor. So apparently hot girls and rich guys are much funnier than the rest of us. --Anyway, eHarmony ran a major survey to figure out what styles of humor are most attractive to the opposite sex. And it's pretty simple: Men are better off with dry, sarcastic senses of humor . . . and women are better off making fart jokes. --The study found that men are 7% more attractive when they're sarcastic . . . 16% more attractive when they're dry . . . and 6% more attractive when they're ironic. --For women, JUVENILE humor added 7% attractiveness . . . sarcasm added 14% . . . geekiness added 5% . . . and being dirty and raw added 4%. --Now, as for what kinds of jokes make people UNATTRACTIVE . . . --For men, dark humor makes you 14% less attractive . . . being dirty and raw knocks you down 9% . . . and practical jokes also knock you down 9%. --For women, POLITICAL humor makes you 12% less attractive . . . practical jokes make you 9% less . . . and being ironic knocks you down 4%. (eHarmony)

This Year, Just as Many Americans Are Overeating, Smoking, and Not Wearing Seatbelts as Last Year:

Well, at least we're not getting LESS healthy, right? --Harris Interactive just released the results of its annual poll on Americans' unhealthy habits . . . and there haven't been any significant changes from 2010. --18% of American adults smoke, compared to 17% to 20% between 2008 and 2010. But that IS down from the 23% to 25% rate a decade ago. --63% of adults are overweight and 28% are obese, at least according to the flawed Body Mass Index system which just looks at weight and height and not muscle mass or body fat percentage. Those numbers are basically identical to 2010. --9% of adults skip wearing a seatbelt in the car, exactly the same as the past two years. --So . . . even though there hasn't been any year-to-year change lately, if you compare us to Americans who took this survey in 1983, which was its first year . . . this country is a completely different place. --Twenty-eight years ago, 30% of adults smoked, versus 18% today. 81% skipped wearing seatbelts, versus 9% today. And yeah, only 15% were obese, versus 28% today, but whatever. Food tastes better now. (Harris Interactive)

What Do Rich People Do Online? Check Their Bank Accounts and Watch Porno:

A new survey from the Affluence Collaborative asked people who earn more than $500,000-a-year what they do online. And the answer is just perfect: Mostly, they check their bank accounts . . . and watch porno. --86% of the people surveyed use the Internet for online banking, which is pretty similar to the rest of the population. --38% admitted they visit adult websites . . . which is MUCH HIGHER than the rest of us poor people. Only 23% of us admit to watching online porno.--The wealthy are also more likely to visit news sites and make online restaurant reservations than the general population. --The one thing we do that rich people don't do? Waste time. Rich people were far less likely than the general population to say they, quote, "casually surf the web and pass time." (Wall Street Journal)

First There Was the Ferrari Hatchback . . . Now Lamborghini Is Following With Their Own "Everyday Car":

Last week, Ferrari started selling a HATCHBACK designed for day-to-day, family use. And we were horrified at the thought of someone buying a Ferrari so their kids could spill Cheerios in the backseat.--And now we're even MORE horrified . . . 'cause this is getting dangerously close to becoming a trend. --Lamborghini just announced that they're ALSO adding a, quote, "everyday car" to their line. --Like many companies, the recession has hit Lamborghini hard . . . they're down from about 35,000 sales in 2007 to about 26,000 last year . . . so they're starting to look into new ways to get more customers. --Right now they only sell two models . . . the Gallardo and the Aventador . . . and they're both sports cars that every single man in the world would kill for. This family car would be their third model. --The new Lamborghini will take at least four years for them to manufacture before it hits the road. There aren't any more details, and there's no info on price. Right now a Gallardo starts at $250,000 and the new Aventador starts at $440,000. (Reuters)

Americans Didn't Use $67 Billion of Vacation Time Last Year:

I'm not sure how countries can call Americans LAZY with stats like this. Not only do we receive less vacation time than the workers in every other country . . . we're not even using the time off we DO get. --According to a survey by Expedia, in 2010, the average American got 18 vacation days . . . but only used 14 of them. --In comparison, the French got an average of 37 and took 35, and the British got 28 and took 25. --Added up, American workers left 448 MILLION unused vacation days on the table. Based on the average full-time salary of just over $39,000, that means Americans wasted $67.5 BILLION worth of vacation time in 2010. --BUT . . . a lot of people feel like they kind of HAVE to skip vacation days. People are clinging to their jobs and trying to show they bring value to the company . . . and sometimes that means showing up every single day. --72% of the people surveyed also say that when they do take a vacation day, they check in with the office at some point. (CNN)

Idiot of the Day: A Magazine Writer Compares Airplane Travel to Slave Ships:

This is one of those things where you think, "This MUST be a joke, right?" And then it turns out it's not. And then you wonder how someone could ever, in a billion years, think THIS was a good idea. --Steven Heller is a graphic design expert and magazine writer. Yesterday, the website published an article by Heller where he compared modern airline travel to . . . SLAVE SHIPS. --He put up images of the layout of a modern commercial airplane next to blueprints from ships that brought slaves from Africa over to the Americas. --Quote, "I don't want to trivialize the inhumane horrors that African slaves endured . . . but after a recent airplane trip, sitting tightly next to my neighbor in steerage seats, I feel the discomfort and pain . . . has certain curious similarities. -"Ever notice how similar the seating plans of airplanes resemble the more horrific layout (yet efficient design) of those slave ships? Could airplane designers be unconsciously influenced by them?" --As you'd expect, the comments section under the article EXPLODED with people outraged by the comparison. Basically, no matter how similar they might kind of look . . . it's just not AT ALL appropriate. --Heller apologized a few hours later, but, as of right now, the article is still up on PrintMag's website. (PrintMag) (--Here's one of his images comparing a plane to a slave ship.)

A Man Turns Into a Human Balloon When He Falls Butt First Onto a Compressed Air Hose:

This sounds straight out of a cartoon . . . incredibly painful . . . and something I would've literally paid $50,000 to witness. -48-year-old Steven McCormack is a truck driver in Wellington, New Zealand. On Saturday, he was standing next to his truck . . . slipped and fell . . . broke the hose off a compressed air tank that powered his brakes . . . and landed on the nozzle. --And by "landed on the nozzle," we mean . . . the nozzle PIERCED HIS LEFT BUTTOCK. --Suddenly an extremely powerful stream of air rushed up into his body at 100 pounds per square inch. He says, quote, "I was blowing up like a football . . . I had no choice but just to lay there, blowing up like a balloon." --Some other truckers heard him screaming . . . ran over . . . and rather than reach down and pull out the hose, they turned a safety valve to stop the air flow. --Steven was rushed to the hospital. The air hadn't just inflated him and left him swollen . . . it had actually separated fat from muscle inside his body. --He's going to recover, but says his skin, quote, "feels like a pork roast, crackling on the outside but soft underneath." (Houston Chronicle)

The Four Most Dangerous Cities for Pedestrians Are All in Florida:

I'm not sure why the people of Florida are so focused on running over pedestrians. But this can't be a coincidence, right? --According to an annual report on pedestrian safety in the U.S., the top four most dangerous cities are all in Florida. Orlando is number one, Tampa is number two, Jacksonville is number three, and Miami is number four. --The rest of the top 10 most dangerous are: Riverside, California . . . Las Vegas . . . Memphis . . . Phoenix . . . Houston . . . and Dallas. --In general, the most dangerous cities are ones that are large and sprawling . . . and have a lot of high-speed streets. --Boston, Cleveland, New York, Pittsburgh, and Minneapolis ranked as the five safest. --In the past decade, more than 47,000 pedestrians were killed in the U.S. To put that in perspective, one airplane full of passengers would have to crash every single month to equal that total. (Transportation For America) (--Here are the full rankings for the 52 largest cities in the U.S.)

Just One Speeding Ticket Can Make Your Insurance Skyrocket:

After you hear this, you're probably going to want to stop speeding for a while. Either that, or you're going to try a LOT harder to seduce the next cop who pulls you over. --According to a new analysis of more than 32,000 car insurance policies by, even ONE speeding ticket or other significant moving violation makes your premiums go INSANE. --One speeding ticket leads to an 18% increase on average. Two lead to an average increase of 34%. And if you get three moving violations, your insurance will go up an average of 53%. (Yahoo Finance)


A Male Dentist and an 85-Year-Old Female Patient Get Into a Brawl Over her Dentures:

Maybe when I'm 85 I'll finally have the "eff it" attitude that this woman has . . . and I'LL also be able to fight my dentist when he treats me wrong. --On Tuesday, 85-year-old Virginia Graham of Deltona, Florida was at an appointment with her dentist, 57-year-old Michael Hammonds. He was adjusting her dentures . . . and causing her a LOT of pain. --Finally she couldn't take it anymore so she pulled out her dentures and THREW THEM at the dentist. Then she demanded a refund. --He refused, so she grabbed to get the dentures back. He wouldn't give them back. She bit . . . or, I guess, gummed . . . his fingers to try to get them back. --And then things turned into an ALL-OUT BRAWL. And when Virginia tried to get away, Michael physically kept her from leaving the office. She even tried climbing onto the receptionist's desk and out the window. --When the cops got there, Virginia had blood on her arms and shirt. --Michael was arrested and charged with false imprisonment, battery, and assault on a person over 65. (The Smoking Gun)

A Woman Tries to Stab Her Boyfriend Because She's Jealous of How Much Time He's Spending With . . . A Sick Baby Cow:

This is the kind of PSYCHOTIC JEALOUSY that keeps the "women are crazy" stereotype alive and well. --34-year-old Christina Cantu lives with her boyfriend, Fernando Rodriguez, in Greeley, Colorado. --A few weeks ago, Fernando was taking care of a SICK BABY COW. He was trying to nurse it back to health. And Christina's response was . . . jealousy, because he was spending time with the sick calf and not her. --So that night, when Fernando came home, Christina confronted him . . . with an EIGHT-INCH KITCHEN KNIFE. --They argued, he told her that clearly things between them were not working out . . . and she responded by trying to STAB HIM. He managed to dodge the knife and lock himself in the bathroom. --She tried to kick in the door . . . and even stabbed the DOOR a few times . . . but then eventually gave up when the knife broke. --Christina was arrested and charged with felony menacing and misdemeanor criminal mischief. --There's no word on how the calf is doing. (Greeley Tribune)

High school egging gone wrong: A bunch of teenagers in California hit a house with eggs and paintballs Sunday night . . . but a 16-year-old girl fell out of the getaway pick-up truck, got run over by another teen, and dragged 100 feet. She's in serious condition, with a BAD case of road rash. (Full Story)

A new survey found that younger employees . . . despite being free from the biggest responsibilities at work . . . are more concerned about stress levels, long hours, personal health, and work-life balance than their older co-workers. (Full Story)

Please don't eat this: Want a sandwich but wish there was a convenient way to carry it? Try the new 'Candwich' . . . sandwich in a can. Really. (Full Story)

A 19-year-old Brit fell 90 feet off his seventh-floor hotel room balcony in Spain . . . landed on a poolside lounge chair . . . broke his arm and his ankle . . . but lived. Authorities think he was trying to jump from his room, into the pool. (Full Story)

A woman in Canada responded to an online job ad . . . was sexually assaulted at the end of her interview . . . got the job . . . went back for her first day of training . . . was sexually assaulted again . . . and finally called the cops. (Full Story)

Two men tried to steal a woman's purse in North Carolina, not realizing that she had 15 relatives within shouting distance. They ended up severely beaten, shot, and stabbed in the street. (Full Story)


#1.) Check Out Some Hilarious Outtakes From "Bridesmaids": has a montage of some awesome outtakes from the movie "Bridesmaids". The best part is the beginning, when JON HAMM lists crazy sexual positions while he's in the sack with KRISTEN WIIG. (--Search for "Bridesmaids Outtakes." WARNING: This video includes strong sexual content, the F-word, the S-word, and a lot of other profanity.)

#2.) Footage of a Tornado Ripping into an 18-Wheeler:

A news chopper in Oklahoma got amazing footage of a tornado passing directly over an 18-wheeler, knocking it on its side, and ripping it to shreds. The driver was in the truck at the time, and survived with just a broken arm. --The whole thing was broadcast live on the local news . . . and the guy's dad was watching, and recognized the truck. (--Search the ABC News website for "Tornado Tears Through Truck.")

#3.) The Website Has Inspired a Catchy New Song:

You're probably heard of the website PeopleOfWalmart, where people post pictures of the freaks they encounter at America's biggest retail store. But now the pictures have inspired a catchy song, aptly titled the "People of Walmart Song". (--Search for "People of Walmart Song.") (--WARNING: This video includes mild profanity, including the words "boobs" and the phrase "took a poo.")
#4.) Check Out Helmet Cam Footage of a Firefight Between U.S. Troops and the Taliban:

If you're into the "Modern Warfare" video games, get ready for the real thing. There's a new video on the "New York Times" website you've gotta check out: It's helmet cam footage of U.S. troops fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan this past December. --Video games are pretty realistic these days, but they're still not as intense as the real thing. You never get to see the enemy, but the Company fights off a couple dozen insurgents during two ambushes over six hours. Luckily there were no casualties. (--Search the New York Times website for "A Year at War." The bullets start flying about a minute in.) (--WARNING: This video includes several F-bombs.)

Four Things You Didn't Know You Could Cook on the Grill:

For a lot of people, Memorial Day is the first day of the year they fire up the grill. And obviously, hot dogs and hamburgers are the staple at most barbecues. --But if you want something a little different this Monday, here are four things you didn't know you could cook on the grill.

#1.) Lettuce. Before you make a salad, throw a couple heads of romaine lettuce on the grill for a few minutes. It'll stay crisp but give the salad a smoky taste. Add grilled chicken to the salad to make it more of an entrée.

#2.) Breakfast. If you're having an EARLY barbecue, try cooking French toast and breakfast sausage on the grill. It'll be different than usual, but still delicious.

#3.) Green Beans. Maybe you've cooked things like asparagus and corn-on-the-cob on the grill. But it's great for green beans too. Just make sure you have a pan, or a flat surface to put them on so they don't fall through the grate. --If you don't snap the ends off before you cook them, they work as a finger-food you can use with dip.

#4.) Clams. If you put them in a pan over the fire, they'll open right up. Then grill some lemons, add some garlic, and you're good to go. --You can check out recipes for all four at (