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Kim Kardashian Has Bailed on Her Final Australian Commitment:

The other day, KHLOE KARDASHIAN beamed with pride about how her sister KIM was going through with her commitments in Australia despite all the pain and anguish she's feeling. --Well, it was good while it lasted. Yesterday, Kim announced that she and Khloe are skipping their final scheduled appearance, which was some kind of horse-racing event tomorrow, and heading home. --Meanwhile, a source says Kim and KRIS HUMPHRIES are still talking on the phone and texting. --And while Kim is, quote, "truly surprised and shocked at the backlash she has gotten since she decided to file for divorce," there's pretty much no chance of a reconciliation. --The source says, quote, "Kim clearly sees that they are just two completely different people, that never should have gotten married. --"Even though Kris said earlier in the week he would do whatever it would take to save his marriage, he is now accepting that the relationship is over." --And, as if on cue, Kris was spotted in his hometown in Minnesota yesterday with a BARE RING FINGER. (--Check out a pic here.) (Us Weekly)

Kris Jenner Used the Phrase "Indian Giver" . . . And Now Native American Groups Are Mad at Her:

How many dumb things are the Kardashians going to do before this whole divorce controversy blows over? Maybe we should start an office pool. -Yesterday, KRIS JENNER ticked off Native Americans when she used the phrase "Indian Giver" on "Good Morning America". --She was talking about whether or not KRIS HUMPHRIES should get the engagement ring back that he gave KIM KARDASHIAN. And she said, quote, "I hate an Indian giver . . . It's a gift. So, you know, keep your gift." (--Check out video here.) --And here's a statement from the National Congress of American Indians . . . quote, "Once again American Indians and Alaska Natives have been misrepresented by a single misinformed statement . . . --"The phrase 'Indian giving' is wrong and hurtful. The cultural values of Native Americans are based on giving unconditionally and empowering those around them. --"Instead this cultural value is forgotten when negative stereotyping of Native people occurs." (--They group also pointed out that November is Native American Heritage Month.)

IT'S ON! Between Wendy Williams and Kathie Lee Gifford:

People, IT IS ON between WENDY WILLIAMS and KATHIE LEE GIFFORD. Earlier this week, Kathie Lee said that during KIM KARDASHIAN'S wedding reception, KHLOE came up to her and said, quote, "I give it six effing months." --On her show yesterday, Wendy lit into Kathie Lee, saying, quote, "You know what that was? That was a no-good friend trying to one-up the rest of us in the media by telling something big." (--Here's video.) (--Kris Jenner is scheduled to be on Wendy's show on Monday. Could be interesting.)

Vivica Fox's Fiancé Says He Dumped Her Because There Was Too Much "Negativity and Drama":

Last we heard, VIVICA A. FOX was engaged to Omar White . . . a man 19 years younger than her. Well, it's over. And Omar says HE'S the one who pulled the plug . . . because Vivica is too high-maintenance. --He says, quote, "She's a good woman, it's just one of those situations where in life people outgrow each other. --"I'm highly intelligent, very wise and one thing I hate is negativity and drama, I hate arguing, and I value communication no matter what the problem may be. So as in any relationship, tension can build up and I finally had to walk away." --He adds, quote, "I was only in it for love and it just didn't work out. Even though she was older than me the age difference didn't play a part." --Vivica hasn't responded to Omar's statement, but yesterday she Tweeted, quote, "I'm excellent! All is good thankx!"

Drew Barrymore and Eddie Murphy Are the Most Overpaid Actors in Hollywood:

The unstoppable list-makers at have released their annual tally of Hollywood's Most Overpaid Actors. --This year's champ is DREW BARRYMORE . . . whose movies make a mere 40 CENTS for every dollar studios spend on her. --EDDIE MURPHY finished second with $2.70. --The list was calculated based on each actor's last three NON-ANIMATED movies. --Drew's last three movies were "Going the Distance", "Everybody's Fine" and "Whip It". --Eddie's were "Imagine That", "Meet Dave" and "Norbit". (--If not for the ban on animated flicks, "Shrek Forever After" would have been on Eddie's list in place of "Norbit", and his name might not even have come up. So it goes.) (--But Eddie has "Tower Heist" coming out this weekend, and it could very well be a hit. And he's hosting the Oscars. So maybe his fortunes are reversing.)

Jennifer Lopez Fired a Manager Who Told Her to Lose Weight:

A lot of actresses will tell you you're perfect the way you are, that it's okay to have a little extra weight on you, that beauty is on the inside . . . you know, all that inspirational-type stuff. --And yet you NEVER see them with even an ounce of fat on their bodies, and you can totally tell they're going to insane lengths to remain as skinny as possible at all times. --Which is why this is refreshing: JENNIFER LOPEZ once FIRED a manager who told her to lose weight. --She says, quote, "I was just so infuriated that somebody said you couldn't have a little extra meat on you . . . because I was by no means fat! That was so mean and closed-minded. --"I was like: 'No, this is who I am and this is the type of woman that I grew up with and it was beautiful and there's no reason to be anybody but myself.'" --HOWEVER . . . J-Lo might not always be so confident in her looks. Therefore, she's not willing to rule out plastic surgery. She says, quote, "Honestly, I'm not going to make a judgment on it because I don't have to yet. --"I mean, I'd like to think I'll feel great about myself and age gracefully, but then I think: 'Well, what if I do want a little bit of something?' I'm open to being open."

Showbiz Death - #1: Leonard Stone from "Willy Wonka":

Character actor LEONARD STONE died of cancer on Wednesday . . . one day short of what would have been his 88th birthday, which was yesterday. --Stone made tons of TV guest appearances over the years. He had one of those faces you recognize even if you don't know his name. --He's probably best known for playing Sam Beauregard . . . father of the gum-chewing Violet Beauregard . . . in the 1971 classic "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". (--Here are a few pictures of him with Gene Wilder, who played Wonka.) (New York Daily News)

Showbiz Death - #2: Wyatt Knight from "Porky's":

WYATT KNIGHT . . . who played Tommy Turner in all three "Porky's" movies back in the '80s . . . committed suicide in Maui last week. He was 56 years old. --Wyatt's wife says that he recently overcame cancer, but the radiation therapy left him in both "physical and emotional pain." --She added, quote, "He was tired of the pain and after much contemplation, chose to end his life in a beautiful and a serene place." (--Here's a picture.) (


"Tower Heist" or the "Harold & Kumar" Christmas Movie? I'm So Torn!

#1.) "Tower Heist" (PG-13) (Trailer)

Alan Alda is a Wall Street billionaire under house arrest for stealing $2 billion from his investors . . . including the pension fund for the staff at his luxury condominium. Ben Stiller convinces the rest of his staff to help him steal back their money, which they're convinced is hidden somewhere in Alda's penthouse. But since they're all amateurs, he recruits Eddie Murphy to plan the heist. The rest of the cast includes Matthew Broderick, Téa Leoni, Gabourey Sidibe, Casey Affleck, Judd Hirsch, and Michael Pena.

#2.) "A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas" (R) (Trailer) (Restricted Trailer)

John Cho is Harold and Kal Penn is Kumar. In the six years since Guantanamo Bay, the boys have grown apart and now lead separate lives with new best friends. Tom Lennon from "Reno 911" is Harold's new friend, and Amir Blumenfeld from MTV's "Pranked" is an annoying neighbor who's the closest thing Kumar has to a friend. But when Kumar inadvertently sets Harold's Christmas tree on fire, the four of them have to find a replacement before Harold's disapproving father-in-law gets home. Look for RZA from the Wu Tang Clan as a tree lot salesman, and "Machete's" Danny Trejo as Harold's father-in-law. And of course, no "Harold & Kumar" movie would be complete without Neil Patrick Harris as that hilarious womanizing version of himself.

#3.) "The Son of No One" (R) (Limited) (Trailer)

Channing Tatum is assigned to reopen a double homicide cold case in his old neighborhood that may have been covered up by Al Pacino, who was the lead detective on the case. Katie Holmes, Ray Liotta, and Tracy Morgan are also in it.
The "Twilight" Sex Scene Had to Be Re-Shot Because of Kristen Stewart's Thrusting:

When ROBERT PATTINSON and KRISTEN STEWART shot their love scene for "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1", things got a little too intense for a PG-13 movie. So they were called back for some re-shoots. --Director Bill Condon explains what happened . . . quote, "[There are] guidelines on thrusting intercourse. [Kristen] got very into it." --But Condon says the scene was, quote, "so much more about romance than it was about hot-and-heavy action." And thus, eliminating some of Kristen's INTENSE THRUSTING was, quote, "a very kind of simple adjustment to make."

The New James Bond Movie is Called "Skyfall" . . . And Daniel Craig is Still 007:

It's official: The 23rd James Bond movie will be called "Skyfall" . . . and DANIEL CRAIG will play 007 for the third time. JAVIER BARDEM is playing the villain, and BERENICE MARLOHE and NAOMIE HARRIS are your new Bond girls. --Berenice is a French actress / model and this will be her first American film. You know Naomie as Tia Dalma in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies. (--Here are some pics of Berenice, Naomie and Daniel Craig.) (

"Glee's" Gay Couple Will Have Sex on Next Week's Episode:

Next Tuesday's episode of "Glee" is titled "The First Time" . . . and it'll feature two couples having sex for the first time. --The ones that get some action are: Finn (CORY MONTEITH) and Rachel (LEA MICHELE) . . . and Kurt (CHRIS COLFER) and Blaine (DARREN CRISS). Yeah, the episode will break some new ground with some delicious, homosexual relations. --Now, this will probably incite some "controversy" from the kinds of people who are NOT down with "Glee" pushing the so-called "gay agenda," but it sounds like it's done in a tasteful way. --An "Entertainment Weekly" writer who's seen the episode says that the sex is, quote, "handled delicately." And someone from E! Online says, quote, "[It] gives both couples more depth of emotion than we've seen so far this season." (--I've read the comments under multiple versions of this story online, and it seems like most people . . . particularly those who watch "Glee" . . . are NOT surprised that the show is taking Kurt and Blaine to the next level.) (--But for anyone who DOESN'T watch "Glee", and has a problem with this . . . remember: It's fair for you to oppose a primetime show depicting the "sexual awakening" of high school students . . . whether it's a hetero awakening or not.) (--But at this point, everyone knows that "Glee" is what it is. If you personally don't like it, don't watch it.)

Ricky Gervais May Be Back to Host the Golden Globes After All:

Remember how there was all that "controversy" over RICKY GERVAIS' jokes at the Golden Globes earlier this year? --At the time, the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organization behind the Golden Globes, said, quote, "He definitely crossed the line . . . and some of the things were totally unacceptable. But that's Ricky." --Well, it sounds like they ENJOYED all the attention. The "New York Post" reports that Ricky has been invited back to host the Golden Globes in January. There's no OFFICIAL word on the invite . . . or if Ricky would accept it.

Eddie Murphy Says He's Buried the Hatchet with "Saturday Night Live":

EDDIE MURPHY had a bitter falling out with "Saturday Night Live", but during an appearance on "Ellen" yesterday, he said he's buried the hatchet. --When Ellen asked if Eddie had beef with "SNL", he answered, quote, "Not anymore. Now, I'm cool. I would go back [and host] if it was the right stuff, situation." --Ellen did ask him what the whole thing was about, but Eddie didn't mention anything specific. He said, quote, "It was a couple . . . over the years . . . they did little [crappy] stuff where I was like, hey, [eff] y'all." --But he added, quote, "I'm not trippin'. It was years ago. I don't have any bad blood with that show. And that show is such a big part of my past. I love being part of it. Yeah, I wanna go back." --It's been long-rumored that his problem with "SNL" started with one of DAVID SPADE'S "Hollywood Minute" sketches. A picture of Eddie came up on screen, and David joked, quote, "Look children, a falling star . . . quick, make a wish!" --Eddie didn't address this on "Ellen", but he recently told "Rolling Stone" that he, quote, "felt [crappy]" about David's jab. (--You can find the clip on Ellen's website. The part about "SNL" begins at the 1:08 mark. For a comprehensive rundown of the history between Eddie and "SNL", hit up this post at
Lady Gaga and Katie Couric Are Doing a Thanksgiving Special:

LADY GAGA will sit down with KATIE COURIC for a special called "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving", which will air on ABC on Thanksgiving night. --The 90-minute special will include an "intimate look inside the private life" of Lady Gaga. She will also be performing eight songs. (--That's Lady Gaga . . . not Katie Couric, sadly.) --Katie says, quote, "We all know Lady Gaga is a phenomenon. This is a chance to see more of who she is beneath the wild costumes and staged musical numbers. She will impress you, delight you and surprise you." (--Recommendation: Wait 30 minutes after eating before watching this special.)


Friday TV Reminders:

--"Chuck" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on NBC. Carrie-Anne Moss from "The Matrix" guest stars as the head of a rival security firm.

--"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" . . . 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. on ABC. Glenn Close nominated the family of an Iraq-war veteran with PTSD to receive this new house which she helps the team build. It's interesting to watch the huge crowd fall silent for the reveal, because noise is one of the biggest triggers of PTSD.

--"Bad Sex" [Series Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Logo. Therapist Christopher Donaghue holds group sex-therapy sessions where he deals with issues like infidelity, frigidity and compulsive public sex.

--"Give Me the Banjo" . . . 9:00 to 11:00 P.M. on PBS. Steve Martin narrates the history of the banjo. Pete Seeger, Earl Scruggs and Bela Fleck all perform.

Saturday TV Reminders:

--"True Life: I'm Occupying Wall Street" . . . 6:00 to 6:30 P.M. on MTV.

--"Grand Ole Opry Live" . . . 7:00 to 9:00 P.M. on GAC. Sarah Darling, James Wesley, Jimmy Dickens and Mark Wills perform.

--"Wendy Liebman: Taller on TV" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on Showtime. Comedienne Wendy Liebman performs her stand-up routine.

--"The Pastor's Wife" . . . 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Lifetime. Rose McGowan and "Stargate's" Michael Shanks star in this true story of an abused wife who kills her overbearing husband in cold blood.

--"Austin City Limits" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on PBS. Miranda Lambert and Jeff Bridges perform.

--"Celebrity Ghost Stories" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Bio. Dyan Cannon, "The Blind Side's" Quinton Aaron, and Playboy skank Bridget Marquardt from "The Girls Next Door" share their ghostly encounters.

--"Pablo Francisco: They Put It Out There" . . . 11:00 P.M. to Midnight on Comedy Central. Comedian Pablo Francisco performs.

--"Saturday Night Live" . . . 11:30 P.M. to 1:00 A.M. on NBC. Charlie Day guest hosts and Maroon 5 is the musical guest.
Sunday TV Reminders:

--"Sunday Night Football" . . . 8:15 to 11:15 P.M. Eastern on NBC. The Pittsburgh Steelers host the Baltimore Ravens at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.

--"The Simpsons" . . . 8:00 to 8:30 P.M. on Fox. Homer gets a new assistant at work. She's voiced by Jane Lynch, who plays Sue Sylvester on "Glee".

--"Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on OWN. Will. I. Am is profiled.

--"Susan Boyle: An Unlikely Superstar" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on TLC.

--"Third Annual TeenNick Halo Awards" . . . 8:00 to 9:30 P.M. on TeenNick. Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Jessica Biel, David Beckham and Jason Derulo join host Nick Cannon to honor teens who take leadership roles in helping out their communities.

--"Black Girls Rock!" . . . 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. on BET. Mary J. Blige, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Melanie Fiona and Shirley Caesar perform . . . and your co-hosts are Tracee Ellis Ross and Regina King.

--"Family Guy" . . . 9:00 to 9:30 P.M. on Fox. Ryan Reynolds guests as himself.

--"John Sandford's Certain Prey" . . . 9:00 to 11:00 P.M. on USA. "NCIS" stud Mark Harmon plays a deputy chief of police hunting down a mysterious hit woman.

--"Swamp Wars" [2nd Season Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Animal Planet.

--"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" [4th Season Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Bravo.

--"Bridezillas" [8th Season Finale] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on WE.

--"Las Vegas Jailhouse" [4th Season Finale] . . . 9:30 to 10:00 P.M. on TruTV.

--"CSI: Miami" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on CBS. Drea de Matteo guest stars.

--"Hell on Wheels" [Series Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on AMC. Anson Mount plays a former Confederate soldier seeking revenge on the Union soldiers who killed his wife. (--He starred in the Britney Spears movie "Crossroads".)

--"Long Island Medium" [1st Season Finale] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on TLC.

--"Police POV" [2nd Season Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on TruTV.


Detroit Lions Fans Are Upset That Nickelback Was Chosen to Play the Thanksgiving Halftime Show:

NICKELBACK was selected to play the halftime show of the Thanksgiving football game between the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers. The game is being held in Detroit, and the local fans do NOT want Nickelback to be there. --In fact, there's an online petition making the rounds . . . asking the band to be replaced, because the fans are apparently DISGUSTED by Nickelback. --Here's the full explanation, from the petition: Quote, "This game is nationally televised, do we really want the rest of the U.S. to associate Detroit with Nickelback? Detroit is home to so many great musicians and they chose Nickelback?!?!?! --"Does anyone even like Nickelback? Is this some sort of ploy to get people to leave their seats during halftime to spend money on alcoholic beverages and concessions? --"This is completely unfair to those of us who purchased tickets to the game. At least the people watching at home can mute their TVs. The Lions ought to think about their fans before choosing such an awful band to play at halftime." (--You can view the petition on They do have a point . . .) (--Nickelback is Canadian . . . and a pretty terrible band. Plus, there are a ton of great artists that are actually from the area, including Bob Seger, Aretha Franklin, Alice Cooper, Kid Rock, Iggy Pop and Eminem, just to name a few.)

The Top 10 Metal Bands . . . According to "Rolling Stone" Readers:

"Rolling Stone" recently polled their readers to come up with a list of the Top 10 Metal Bands of All Time. They released the results yesterday. --If you're a REAL metal fan, you're probably going to question how "Rolling Stone" readers define "metal." For example, LED ZEPPELIN made the Top 10, and DREAM THEATER came in second place, behind METALLICA.

--Here are the results:

1.) Metallica

2.) Dream Theater

3.) Black Sabbath

4.) Iron Maiden

5.) Slayer

6.) Megadeth

7.) Judas Priest

8.) Led Zeppelin

9.) Pantera

10.) Tool
(--Dream Theater and Led Zeppelin are GREAT bands . . . they just feel out of place on this list, no? There are write-ups on each band at What do you think? What are YOUR top ten metal bands of all time?)

GWAR Guitarist Cory Smoot Was Found Dead Yesterday:

GWAR guitarist CORY SMOOT was found dead yesterday. He was 34. --The band was traveling at the time . . . and Cory's body was discovered just as they were preparing to cross the Canadian border to play a show in Edmonton. There are no further details on what happened. --Cory joined GWAR in 2002, taking over the character of Flattus Maximus. His costume featured "a red face, white dreadlocks, dinosaur-head shoulder pads and reptile feet." Several other guitarists played Flattus before Cory came along. --Naturally, GWAR's plans are up in the air now, while they deal with Cory's death. --GWAR leader Dave Brockie . . . a.k.a. Oderus Urungus . . . had this to say: Quote, "Cory was found deceased this morning . . . and the members of GWAR are completely shocked and devastated that this has occurred." (--Here are two pictures of Cory . . . including one in costume. You can read the band's full statement at

Check Out a Track That Amy Winehouse Recorded with Nas:

AMY WINEHOUSE recorded a duet with NAS in 2008, but it just now surfaced. It's called "Like Smoke" . . . and it'll be on Amy's album "Lioness: Hidden Treasures". (--You can listen to "Like Smoke" at, where the song premiered.)


Showbiz Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

DR. CONRAD MURRAY'S fate is in the hands of the jury now. During closing statements yesterday, prosecutors accused the defense of offering JUNK SCIENCE to prove their client isn't guilty of killing MICHAEL JACKSON. (Full Story) (--You can see videos here, here and here.)

The man who killed the father of "Glee" actress CHARICE PEMPENGCO turned himself in. (Full Story)

"Life & Style" magazine says CAMERON DIAZ and DIDDY are more than just friends. (Full Story)

There's a rumor going around that ZAC EFRON and VANESSA HUDGENS are back together. They're not. (Full Story)

JENNIFER LOPEZ might play the title character in a movie version of the children's TV show "Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego?" (Full Story)

Check out a picture of BILL MURRAY as FDR in the upcoming film "Hyde Park on Hudson". (Photo)

The OCTOMOM told DR. DREW she's so broke she can't fix her tub . . . so she's bathing her kids in the sink. Drew gave her some handouts. (Full Story)

COHEED AND CAMBRIA has lost another band member. Drummer Chris Pennie has announced that he's leaving to focus on other projects. It sounds like an amicable split. Chris joined Coheed back in 2007. (Full Story) (--Earlier this year, Coheed fired bassist MICHAEL TODD after he HELD UP A WALGREENS before a gig in July.)

KELLY CLARKSON admits that she wants to collaborate with ADELE so badly that she's been "stalking" her. (Full Story)

Steven Tyler, ROGER DALTREY and JULIE ANDREWS are among the people helping to fund a special gel that could help to save the voices of singers with damaged vocal chords, throat cancer patients, and people suffering from other vocal problems. (Full Story)

There's talk that ROBERT PLANT married PATTY GRIFFIN, who's in his current group BAND OF JOY. People claim to have seen them wearing wedding rings . . . and have heard Robert introduce Patty as his wife. But their reps say they don't know anything about a marriage. (Full Story)

During an interview on the "Today" show, former KISS guitarist ACE FREHLEY revealed his old code word for cocaine. It was: "BETTY WHITE". (Video) (--That part comes at the 1:25 mark.)


Our Busy Lives Make Us Forget Five Things Every Day . . . Here are the Top Ten Things We Forget:

This is one of the unfortunate side effects of modern life. On the bright side, if it's true, most of us will immediately forget it. --According to a survey by the office products company Avery, the average person forgets FIVE things a day . . . all because of our hectic lifestyles. And these are the top ten things we forget most often, in order . . .

#1.) To return phone calls

#2.) To reply to emails

#3.) People's names

#4.) Sending birthday cards

#5.) Charging our phones

#6.) Passwords to different websites

#7.) Taking meat out of the freezer to defrost it

#8.) Watering the plants

#9.) Grabbing print-outs from the printer

#10.) Taking out the garbage
Waiting for the Cable Guy and Other Service Appointments Costs You $243 a Year:

TOA Technologies conducted a study to see how much it costs us waiting for the cable guy and other service appointments. --The average American waits about 4.3 hours a year for the cable, satellite TV, telephone, and utility service guys to show up. That's two and a half hours longer than they'd planned to wait. --That lost time costs the average American $243 a year. Overall, it costs America $37.7 billion in lost productivity. --It costs some people even more. One in four people say they've lost wages because they had to be home waiting for their appointment, and one in two have spent a sick day or vacation day. --It also costs the company whose service guy is late. Three in four people say they'd recommend a company simply because they kept their appointment time. If the guy is 15 minutes late, that drops to one in four people. --If a service appointment is an hour late, half of people say they'd post a complaint on social media. (

Good News! There's No Reason for You to Drink Wine That Costs Over $3:

I'm about to save you a FORTUNE. Next time you're buying wine and you're choosing between a good looking, moderately-priced bottle of wine and the two-gallon jug that costs $9 . . . go for the hobo wine. There's no reason NOT TO. --In 1995, 59% of the wine purchased in the U.S. sold for less than $3-a-bottle, adjusted for inflation. By 2006, that dropped to 29%. It's most likely even lower now. Meanwhile, wines over $14-a-bottle have seen sales go up 400%. --And . . . there's really NO REASON. At that level, there's barely any difference between the cheaper wine and the more expensive wine. Brand and stores are marking up wine because we let them get away with it. --Studies have shown that unless you're a seasoned wine expert, in a blind taste test, most people can't tell the difference. In fact, more people prefer the taste of the CHEAPER wines. --The main reason we praise more expensive wines is . . . a psychological trick that tells us we're supposed to. --ERNEST GALLO . . . who is one of the pioneers of cheap wine in America . . . used to do a test where he'd have people try two glasses of wine. He told them one wine cost 5 cents and the other cost 10 cents. --People ALWAYS said they preferred the more expensive wine. The only problem . . . both glasses actually contained the exact same thing. (Slate)

A 50-Year-Old Woman in Los Angeles Has Been Named the Happiest Woman in America:

(--We told you about the "Happiest Person in America" earlier this year. It was a 69-year-old man living in Hawaii. Well now we know who the happiest WOMAN in America is too . . .) "USA Today" has just named the HAPPIEST WOMAN IN AMERICA. And no, somehow, the winner ISN'T "whatever woman's getting the good stuff from you tonight." --Based on a study they did to find the demographic breakdown of the country's happiest woman, they found that 50-year-old Mary Claire Orenic of Manhattan Beach, California perfectly fits the profile. --Here's are the seven criteria she meets that made her the happiest woman in the country . . .

#1.) Women are the most content between ages 45 and 55, and Mary is 50.

#2.) They want to work, but have some flexibility. Mary has a good job as a business administrator for a health care company where she can telecommute a few days a week.

#3.) Women want a good marriage and a good support system. Mary's husband comes home to make her lunch, and they have about ten close friends.

#4.) They're happiest when their children are old enough to drive themselves around. Mary has one son, who's 17.

#5.) They want to have money, over $120,000-a-year . . . but it's not the top priority. Mary's household income is over the threshold, but they don't obsess about it.

#6.) They want to live in walkable communities outside of large urban areas. Mary's in Manhattan Beach, a walkable community outside of Los Angeles.

#7.) Good health: Mary eats well, walks a lot, and plays volleyball on the beach.
(USA Today)

Airport Security Finds Four or Five Guns a Day in People's Luggage:

Airport security is time-consuming and annoying, but a government report Wednesday shows that it's also NECESSARY. --According to the Transportation Security Agency, screeners have found 940 guns so far this year at U.S. airports. --TSA administrator John Pistole said that works out to about four or five guns a DAY that airport screeners stop from being taken onto planes. (--Not to argue guns with a guy named Pistole but that would work out to about THREE guns a day, assuming the data is from the start of the year through Tuesday. The TSA didn't specify the dates in their report.) --John said they found six guns on Tuesday, including one at Bradley Airport in Hartford, Connecticut that was loaded with seven rounds. --Most of the guns are in people's luggage, which means the baggage screeners find them, not the scanners that cause everyone to wait so long. And most travelers say they forgot they'd left the gun in their bag before leaving for the airport. (Gawker)

The Hot New Trend in China is . . . Couples Wearing Identical Outfits:

See, THIS is why the people of China try to latch onto OUR trends . . . and we never latch onto theirs. --According to CNN, the hot new trend in China is . . . couples wearing identical outfits. --Sounds horrible, right? We've got some photos of it in action . . . and it LOOKS even lamer than it sounds. (CNNGo)

A Man is Suing His Wedding Photographer to Redo the Wedding and Retake the Photos . . . Even Though He's Now Divorced:

Let's go ahead and add this to the "our court system desperately needs to be rebooted" list. --Back in 2003, Todd Remis of Manhattan, New York got married to a woman named Milena Grzibovska. They hired a company called H & H Photographers to take pictures at their wedding. --Well . . . according to Todd, H & H screwed up by missing the last 15 minutes of the day. They didn't get his last dance with Milena, and they missed her tossing the bouquet. So now, eight years later . . . HE'S SUING. --He filed a lawsuit demanding that H & H pay $48,000 to recreate the ENTIRE wedding, including the original 40 guests, so it can be reshot by a different photographer. --And now, for the ultimate twist. In the eight years since the wedding . . . Todd and Milena GOT DIVORCED. She's back in her home country of Latvia. --And Todd DOESN'T CARE. As part of the lawsuit, he's demanding that H & H pay to fly Milena BACK to the U.S. so they can stage all their wedding photos again. EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE NOW DIVORCED. --Dan Fried is the owner of H & H. He called the lawsuit, quote, "an abuse of the legal system." (New York Times)


When a Prostitute and a Client Get Into an Argument Over Payment, They Decide to Call In Help From . . . the Cops:

I will NEVER understand people who get ripped off doing something illegal and think their best plan is to call the cops. It's over. Learn your lesson and move on. --Last week in Southfield, Michigan, a prostitute and a client were having an argument over payment. Apparently she told him it would be $50 upfront . . . but right before they started, she wanted the full $125 payment. --He refused, decided to call things off, and grabbed her purse to get his $50 back. At some point, one of them . . . the police aren't sure which . . . called the cops to settle things. Instead, the cops came and arrested both of them. (Detroit Free Press)

A Man Commits a Robbery . . . To Pay a Friend's Bail:

31-year-old Brandon Abraham of Prescott Valley, Arizona REALLY didn't think this plan through. --Over the weekend, one of Brandon's friends was arrested for a robbery at a local apartment complex, and asked Brandon to pay his bail. And Brandon's strategy was . . . to go to the SAME apartment complex and rob some different people. --He stole more than $600 from a few victims, then took the items to a pawn shop. Before he could pawn them, the cops arrested him and HE was booked into jail with his friend for robbery, assault, disorderly conduct, threatening, and intimidating. --And because he didn't think his plan through, there was no one there to bail HIM out . . . so now both he and his friend are in jail. (AZ Family) (--Here's his mugshot.)
A Woman Burned Down Another Woman's House For Defriending Her on Facebook:

I don't know ANYONE who takes their Facebook friends THIS seriously. I mean . . . if someone defriends you, you can always just quickly grab another long lost acquaintance to take their place. --30-year-old Jennifer Christine Harris of Des Moines, Iowa does NOT see it that way. --Last week, she BURNED DOWN another woman's house . . . because that woman defriended her on Facebook. -On October 27th, around 1:00 A.M., Jim and Nikki Rasmussen of Des Moines heard some strange popping sounds. They woke up to find their house on fire. As the siding melted off and the roof of the garage collapsed, they got out safely. --When the police asked them what had happened, Nikki immediately told them it was Jennifer. She said they were friends, but have been fighting . . . and that day, Nikki had defriended Jennifer. --Apparently, Jennifer asked Nikki to create an invitation for a party on Facebook. But as the party got closer, a lot of people were declining. Jennifer blamed Nikki. Things spiraled from there, leading to the defriending . . . and then the fire. --Jennifer was arrested for first-degree arson. (Des Moines Register)

A Man is Now Going to Represent Himself at Trial . . . After He Just Stabbed His Third Defense Attorney:

28-year-old Joshua Monson of Everett, Washington is about to go on trial for felony possession of meth. And he's going to have to be his own lawyer. --Because he won't stop ATTACKING his real lawyers. --Back in May, when he was supposed to start his trial, he freaked out in the courtroom and ATTACKED his court-appointed attorney. That lawyer was taken off the case, and he was given a new lawyer. --A few days later, he attacked THAT attorney during a hearing. That lawyer was ALSO removed from the case, and Monson was given a third lawyer. --And you can see where this is going. On Tuesday, Monson was in court . . . and attacked that THIRD attorney. He tried to stab the attorney in the head with a pen, but just ended up scratching his temple. --Fortunately, none of the three lawyers were seriously injured. --And now, the judge has ruled that they're DONE giving Monson lawyers . . . he's going to be representing himself. (Everett Herald Net)

A Woman Got Groped on a Subway Platform, Followed the Guy on the Train, and Beat Him Up:

Shayne DeJesus is a 22-year-old senior at City College in New York . . . and our HERO of the DAY. --Shayne was waiting on the subway platform at Union Square last Monday when some guy next to her began rubbing against her thigh. --As the train approached, the guy reached up her skirt for a grope. Then he jumped onto the train. --But Shayne was out for revenge. She FOLLOWED the guy onto the train, and KICKED him in the FACE. --She announced to the train that he had just groped her, and then punched him in the head several times. No one on the train came to her aid . . . or his, for that matter. --When she was finished, she whipped out her cell phone and took a photo of the guy, which she then gave to police. They're still trying to identify him. --Shayne finished her attack by pointing at him and shouting, quote, "Don't you EVER." Then she got off the train. --Shayne said, quote, "I want him caught. I want him on the list for sex offenders." (NY Post) (--Here's the photo Shayne took, along with her photo. The groper's a little blurry, but give her a break. Her arm was shaky after all those punches.)


Random News Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

Two parents in Iowa were called into school to discuss their teenage son getting in a fight . . . and afterwards they started a fight in the parking lot that landed the wife in the hospital and the husband in jail. (Full Story)

An unpaid parking ticket could lower your credit score as much as massive credit card debt? (Full Story)

The 280 most profitable U.S. companies shelter half their profits from taxes . . . and 30 of them paid LESS than no taxes in the last three years? (Full Story)

The McRib is under attack! The Humane Society has filed suit against one of their pork suppliers, saying they keep the pigs in poor conditions. (Full story)

#1.) Rick Perry Says He Wasn't Drunk or on Prescription Meds During His "Animated" Speech Last Week in New Hampshire:

RICK PERRY has finally responded to the allegation he was DRUNK during a speech in New Hampshire last Friday. He says he was just a little more, quote, "animated" than usual, and he hadn't taken prescription pain pills for his bad back either. --If you haven't seen the highlights video, check it out. He was definitely acting goofy compared to his usual stern demeanor. And he seemed to sway back and forth and giggle too much. (--Search for "Perry's Cornerstone Speech Highlights." Highlights include :52, when he talks about state slogans . . . 1:12 when he talks about his budget plan . . . 1:30, when he uses a card in his coat pocket for a tax plan prop . . . ) (--Giggling at 2:50 . . . Swaying at 5:32 . . . Giggling and blowing kisses at 7:35 . . . and more swaying and giggling at 7:52.)

#2.) Someone Turned Mike Tyson's Best Quotes Into Song Lyrics:

MIKE TYSON has said some ridiculous things over the years, and someone took the best quotes and turned them into the lyrics of a SONG. It's not Iron Mike singing, it's just some guy who posted a video on YouTube. But the quotes are hilarious. --One of the best lines is, quote, "I'll fight any man [or] any animal. If Jesus was here, I'd fight him too." Then the next line is, "He called me a rapist and a recluse . . . I'm not a recluse." (--Search YouTube for "Mike Tyson Quotes: The Song." WARNING: This video includes the F-word, B-word, a**hole, and "hoe.")

#3.) A Reporter Doing a 'People Behaving Badly' Segment Took Insult After Insult from a Guy Getting a Traffic Ticket:

A reporter in San Francisco named Stanley Roberts does a regular segment called 'People Behaving Badly' where he films people in their worst moments. And earlier this week, he filmed a sassy effeminate dude who got busted for driving in the carpool lane. --First, the guy threatened to break his camera. Then he repeatedly called Roberts a "fat ass," and told him to start a new segment called "People Overeating". He also called Roberts a hack, but not before adding, quote, "1-800-Get-Thin, chubby-butt." --Here's the guy's BEST line, quote, "They've got your fat, lazy, non-relevant, non-factor [butt] out here filming highway patrol [crap]." (--Search for "Driver in Elmo Shirt Goes Ballistic on KRON 4 Reporter." WARNING: It includes the S-word and A-word.)

#4.) The Answer on "Jeopardy!" Was 'Love Triangle' . . . But a Female Contestant Guessed 'Threesome':

Answer this question: "If Andy yearns for Brenda, and Brenda cares about Charlene, who pines for Andy, the three of them form one of these." --If you answered "threesome" . . . you're too dumb to win on "Jeopardy!". The correct answer was "love triangle." --But yesterday, a reporter for the "Chicago Sun-Times" named Kara Spak guessed threesome, and Alex Trebek had a good time making fun of her: He said, quote, "Kara has obviously had much more experience than I." --By the way, the question RIGHT BEFORE THAT in a different category was, quote, "A foursome is required to play this game, where you try to win the rubber." (???) (--The answer is 'bridge,' you pervert.) --Kara also said that during a commercial break right after that, Trebek kept making fun of her and called her a quote, "saucy wench." (--Search for "Jeopardy! 2011 Tournament of Champions Threesome Moment .")

Six Things You Shouldn't Reveal on a First Date:

It's important to be honest in a relationship. But if you're too honest too soon, it can kill your chances of STARTING a relationship. So here's a list of six things you're not supposed to reveal on a first date . . . according to Rich Goose, the chairman for something called the Society of Single Professionals. (???)

#1.) Your Age. It's rude for the other person to ask . . . especially if they're a guy . . . so he probably won't. And you don't have to offer it up either. If you're slightly older than they think you are, it probably won't matter by date four or five. --But according to Goose, quote, "Every man has a number in his head." And if he finds out too early that you're older than he thinks you are, he might write you off.

#2.) That You're Unemployed. If they ask what you do, it's okay to say you're between jobs, and downplay it as much as you can. A LOT of people are out of work right now, but it's obviously still a big red flag on a first date.

#3.) An Illness. There's no reason to talk about your health problems on a first date, or even a second date. And if your problems are so severe that they're life-changing, maybe you shouldn't be dating new people just yet.

#4.) An Addiction. If you're a smoker, go ahead and tell them, because they'll find out anyway. But you definitely shouldn't mention you come from a long line of alcoholics.

#5.) That You've Cheated on Someone. On a first date, it's best to not talk about your exes AT ALL. So definitely don't mention that you slept around on someone. Even if the other person was unfaithful FIRST, you'll still look like a chronic cheater.

#6.) That You Want to Get Married Soon. If you're a guy, it MIGHT scare her off. If you're a woman, it'll DEFINITELY scare him off. (

Four Things That Make it Seem Like You'd Be Bad in Bed:

Everyone wants to be great in bed . . . but you might be hurting your chances before you even get to the bedroom. --Today we've got four things that make it SEEM like you'd be bad in bed. They're all pretty obvious, but we all need a reminder sometimes.

#1.) Fidgeting. Making quick, jerky movements makes you look nervous. And people are going to assume that lack of confidence transfers to the bedroom.

#2.) Indecision. The phrase that really hurts you here is, "I don't know . . . what do YOU want to do?" Don't say it. Ever. You should be able to plan a basic date. It doesn't have to be amazing . . . but putting in a tiny bit of effort goes a long way.

#3.) Poor Hygiene. We shouldn't even have to mention this one, but if you can't take care of basic things like flossing or bathing, why would anybody want to sleep with you?

#4.) Being a Perfectionist. On the other end of the spectrum, if you're grossed out by every stray leg hair or bodily function, you're going to look uptight. --And if you come off as judgmental or overly.

Thursday, November 3, 2011



Lindsay Lohan Has Been Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail . . . But Will She Actually End Up Behind Bars This Time?

LINDSAY LOHAN admitted in court yesterday that she violated her probation by getting booted from her community service at a Los Angeles women's shelter. And, as a result, she was slapped with a 30-DAY jail sentence. --Judge Stephanie Sautner told Lindsay she COULD end up with 300 days behind bars. She's on a strict schedule of community service deadlines and therapy appointments over the next several months. If she sticks to it, her sentence remains 30 days. --If not, she gets the other 270 tacked on. Judge Sautner said, quote, "This is known as putting the keys to jail in the defendant's pocket . . . the first time you violate, you will go to jail." --She added, quote, "From what I can see, you need a structure, and this is a structure." --By the way . . . Lindsay will be doing all of her community service at the morgue now. --Judge Sautner decided not to send Lindsay back to the shelter that booted her . . . and another shelter for homeless women refused to take her, because they think she sets a bad example for women who are trying to get their lives back together. --Lindsay wasn't taken into custody immediately. Sautner gave her until November 9th to surrender. Why? Because Lindsay's attorney said she needed time to finish her "Playboy" magazine shoot. --She said Lindsay has a contract with "Playboy" worth close to $1 million. --There's no official word why "Playboy" needs Lindsay back. At least one source claims HUGH HEFNER wasn't happy with the pics that were shot last week, and he's hiring another photographer to do them over again. --Here's something else we've heard that's a little disappointing: Despite earlier reports to the contrary, Lindsay is NOT taking everything off. Which probably means she'll go topless and show bare buttocks, and that's it. (--Here's courtroom video.) --The big question now is . . . Will Lindsay actually spend any time in jail? Trying to get a conclusive answer from the Internet is like trying to count a handful of water. The so-called "sources" on the various sites are all over the place. --One thing we know for sure is that Judge Sautner has refused to let Lindsay serve any of her time under house arrest. So her sentence, whatever it is, will be served at the Lynwood Correctional Facility in downtown L.A. (--This will be her FIFTH time checking into the joint.) --Some sources say that Lindsay will only have to serve 20% of her sentence . . . which would be SIX DAYS. But other sources claim they're going to check her in and then back out again immediately. --In both scenarios, the justification for letting her off would be jail overcrowding. And Lindsay would be getting the same treatment as any other nonviolent offender, famous or otherwise. --But then there's this: A few weeks ago, L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca said that if Lindsay got sent back to jail, quote, "We have room for her." (--Check out the video here.)

Kim Kardashian Was Just Following Her Intuition When She Decided to Bag on Her Marriage:

KIM and KHLOE KARDASHIAN are in Australia pimping their new handbag line. And yesterday, they appeared on a TV morning show, where Kim revealed it was INTUITION that led her to end her marriage to KRIS HUMPHRIES. --She said, quote, "I think when you know so deep in your heart, that you just have to listen to your intuition and follow your heart. There's really no right thing to do. I don't think I'm ready to get into the details of it." --She also reiterated that she's a little disappointed in us for doubting her motives in getting married in the first place. (--Anyway, here's a quick clip from the interview. And here's the whole thing.) (--If you'd like more, you can find videos of Kim on another show . . . and of her mom, KRIS JENNER, on the "Today" show . . . here.) (--And here's one of those lame Taiwanese animated clips "explaining" what happened.)

Random Kaos:

#1.) DR. DREW says KIM KARDASHIAN'S marriage and subsequent rush to divorce is INSULTING to gay people who are fighting for the right to get married. (Full Story)

#2.) Kim is no longer following KRIS HUMPHRIES on Twitter. He's still following her, though. (Full Story)

#3.) "Sources" say Kim knew she was making a mistake before she even walked down the aisle. She wanted to call off the wedding but figured she, quote, "couldn't turn back." (Full Story)

#4.) A bunch of people held a sidewalk vigil to mourn the end of Kim and Kris. (Photos)

#5.) KRIS JENNER teared up while discussing Kim's divorce on "The View". (Full Story)

#6.) E! is denying it had a hand in orchestrating the wedding. (Full Story)

Justin Bieber Is Going to "Ignore the Rumors" . . . Plus, Additional Fallout from the "Is Justin a Baby Daddy?" Scandal:

Now that the "Is JUSTIN BIEBER a BABY DADDY?" scandal has torpedoed the Internet, there's plenty of fallout. Here's a quick rundown of all the new details and updates:

#1.) The court papers filed by 20-year-old Mariah Yeater have hit the Internet. --There are more details about the alleged sexual encounter that weren't in the initial story that "Star" magazine dropped on Tuesday night . . . including some stuff about how Justin promised it wasn't going to be just a one-time fling. (CAREFUL) --Here's more of Mariah's version of the events, from her sworn affidavit: --Quote, "He said he'd give me his phone number after we had sex, and told me he wanted me to be at his future concerts too and he would give me backstage passes. --"[But] he was clearly embarrassed about how the sex did not last very long. He immediately put on his clothes and blew me off when I asked about seeing him again. --"I asked him for his private phone number, but he insisted on taking my phone number. We had no paper or anything to write it down on, and Justin was clearly not interested in getting his cell phone or any paper. --"He said he would just remember the number, which I told him." (--Yeah . . . she HAD to know things were really turning south at this point.) --SHOCKINGLY, Justin never called her. Mariah says that she tried to contact him through his representatives to tell him that she was pregnant, but she says, quote, "no one ever called me back." --Mariah's statement continues: Quote, "On July 6th, 2011, I gave birth to a baby boy. That was exactly 36 weeks and 2 days after the sexual encounter with Justin. --"Based upon the timing . . . [and] that there were no other possible men that I had sex with that could be the father . . . I believe that Justin is the father of my baby." --It concludes: Quote, "I swear under the penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America and the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct." (--You can download a .PDF of this document at

#2.) Mariah did NOT list a father on the baby's birth certificate. By the way, she named the boy Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater. (--Well, she sure named the kid as if he were a celebrity's offspring.)

#3.) Justin Bieber has personally responded to this accusation on Twitter. (--His people previously called this girl's statements, quote, "malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false claims.") --He Tweeted, quote, "All the rumors . . . the gossip . . . I'm gonna focus on the positives . . . the music. So I'm going to ignore the rumors . . . Judge me on the music! Love yall!"

#4.) Justin's reps would not comment when asked if he'd submit to a paternity test.

#5.) This probably goes without saying, but Justin Bieber's fans have already begun sending Mariah death threats. (--This happens any time any woman interacts with Justin in any way.) --Here's an example: Quote, "Roses are red, violets are blue, Mariah Yeater we are gunna kill you." And this was posted on one of the new anti-Mariah Facebook pages: Quote, "UHHHH SHE'S A DISSCREASE!" (???) (--Here are some pictures of Mariah that various sites dug up online . . . along with a shot of her and the baby from the cover of "Star" magazine.) (FoxNews) (Celebuzz)

Hugh Grant's Baby-Mama Has Been Identified:

The identity of HUGH GRANT'S baby-mama has been revealed. Her name is TINGLAN HONG, and she's a Chinese actress. --Hugh went to her home in London yesterday to visit their new daughter. He stayed for about 45 minutes. (--The British tabloids say Hong is 19 years younger than Hugh. He's 51 . . . so that would make her about 32. Here's a picture of Hugh arriving at Hong's house . . . and of Hong before she gave birth.) (Daily Mail)

Did Bruce Willis Reduce Ashton Kutcher to Tears . . . And Make Him Promise Never to Cheat on Demi Again?

The "National Enquirer" claims that BRUCE WILLIS got in ASHTON KUTCHER'S face and delivered a verbal beatdown that reduced Ashton to tears. --A source says, quote, "Ashton kept avoiding Bruce's calls and texts, but finally agreed to meet his wife's ex-husband at a private location. Bruce was livid! --"He reamed Ashton for his cheating . . . and humiliating not just ex-wife Demi, but his three daughters as well. He went at Ashton full force, giving him no time to make excuses for his embarrassing behavior, demanding that he get his act together FAST! --"Ashton finally broke down in tears, weeping uncontrollably as he begged for forgiveness . . . [And he vowed], 'I will NEVER, EVER cheat again!'" (--Meanwhile, "In Touch Weekly" says that Demi wasn't entirely innocent. Sources say she had a fling with 27-year-old actor BEN HOLLINGSWORTH.) (--Apparently, she and Ashton were guiding his career . . . and in 2009 they even got him a part on the CW show "The Beautiful Life" . . . which Ashton was producing.) (--As for the sex, a source says, quote, "[Ben] said she was really hot and she took care of him." You can read more about this here.)
Kelly Osbourne Says Having to Tell Her Parents Her Fiancé Cheated with a Tranny Was "Humiliating":

When you grow up the child of OZZY and SHARON OSBOURNE, there shouldn't be anything you have to tell your parents that would embarrass you. Except maybe this: --KELLY OSBOURNE says, quote, "Having to tell my parents my ex-fiancé Luke had cheated on me with a tranny was so humiliating. --"It's hard enough to get your head around someone cheating on you . . . but when that someone is a chick with a [penis]? I'd always thought the worst way to get cheated on would be with an ugly girl."

The Latest on Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney from "The Vampire Diaries":

We've been hearing that LADY GAGA is nailing actor TAYLOR KINNEY. He plays Mason Lockwood on "The Vampire Diaries" . . . and he was the love interest in Gaga's "You and I" video. --The latest rumor comes from a source who says, quote, "They're hooking up and getting to know each other. Gaga can't be too committed because she works 24/7. But she thinks he's supercute!" (--Check out some pictures of Taylor Kinney here.) (TV Guide)

25 Things You Don't Know About Kal Penn:

With the "Harold & Kumar" Christmas movie hitting theaters tomorrow, "Us Weekly" decided to make KAL PENN the subject of its latest "25 Things You Don't Know About Me". Here are the highlights . . .

--"My favorite drink is water."

--"Once I was in line behind a woman who was telling her friend what a horrible actor Kal Penn is. I tapped her on the shoulder and told her I agreed."

--"I've always wanted to be on 'Sesame Street'."

--"I like NASCAR."

--"I once talked about elections to someone who said his Ls like Rs. It was hard to keep a straight face."

--"I want to know who decided to run those commercials with a panicked man saying, 'Stop using those old, dirty catheters now!'"

--"I have one of those leg lamps from 'A Christmas Story'."

(--Check out the complete list here.)

Bubba Smith Died From an Overdose of Diet Pills and Heart Disease:

NFL legend and "Police Academy" star BUBBA SMITH died from an overdose of DIET PILLS . . . combined with heart disease. --Bubba died back in August at the age of 66. The drug that did him in was phentermine, a supplement used to speed weight loss.

Serena Williams Hid In Her Panic Room from an Intruder . . . Who Turned Out to be a Drug Tester:

TMZ says that SERENA WILLIAMS retreated to her panic room last Wednesday morning after spotting a potential intruder on a security cam. --An assistant called 911 . . . but the whole thing turned out to be a mistake. The "intruder" was actually a DRUG TESTER for some tennis association. He showed up unannounced to collect some urine. --There's no word if he got what he came for.
Check Out Video of WWE Superstar Randy Orton Getting a Cut on His Head Stapled Shut:

You can call pro wrestling "scripted", "choreographed", "fixed" or "predetermined". But wrestlers HATE it when people call it "fake". --That's because these guys put their bodies through the ringer. They do things most people can't do, and they endure pain that most people couldn't handle. --Case in point: Check out this video of WWE superstar RANDY ORTON getting a cut on top of his head STAPLED after a taping of "Friday Night Smackdown" earlier this week. (--WARNING!!! It's kind of graphic.)


"Tower Heist" and the New "Harold & Kumar" Are This Week's New Flicks:

#1.) "Tower Heist" (PG-13) (Trailer)

Alan Alda is a Wall Street billionaire under house arrest for stealing $2 billion from his investors . . . including the pension fund for the staff at his luxury condominium. Ben Stiller convinces the rest of his staff to help him steal back their money, which they're convinced is hidden somewhere in Alda's penthouse. But since they're all amateurs, he recruits Eddie Murphy to plan the heist. The rest of the cast includes Matthew Broderick, Téa Leoni, Gabourey Sidibe, Casey Affleck, Judd Hirsch, and Michael Pena.

#2.) "A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas" (R) (Trailer) (Restricted Trailer)

John Cho is Harold and Kal Penn is Kumar. In the six years since Guantanamo Bay, the boys have grown apart and now lead separate lives with new best friends. Tom Lennon from "Reno 911" is Harold's new friend, and Amir Blumenfeld from MTV's "Pranked" is an annoying neighbor who's the closest thing Kumar has to a friend. But when Kumar inadvertently sets Harold's Christmas tree on fire, the four of them have to find a replacement before Harold's disapproving father-in-law gets home. Look for RZA from the Wu Tang Clan as a tree lot salesman, and "Machete's" Danny Trejo as Harold's father-in-law. And of course, no "Harold & Kumar" movie would be complete without Neil Patrick Harris as that hilarious womanizing version of himself.

Johnny Depp Almost Died While Making "The Rum Diary":

The world almost had to make do without JOHNNY DEPP . . . because he came pretty close to DEATH while filming his latest movie "The Rum Diary" . . . after a plane he and director Bruce Robinson were in broke down in mid-air. --Johnny says, quote, "The plane just shut down. The sound of the engines stopped. There was silence. Bruce and I were looking at each other and I think I said, 'Is this it?' --"It was like this weird extended moment when you're just floating for a second and you could feel this unpleasant descent. --"Nobody said a word except for Bruce and I, sitting next to each other saying, 'Oh [crap]! This is death; I guess this is how it goes down.' Then we burst into hysterical laughter at the idea that this was how we were going to die." --Obviously, the engines kicked back in, and everything was cool. Johnny says, quote, "I guess you could say that was a big bonding experience for Bruce and me. For a moment there, we were going down together."

Jessica Biel Wanted to Be in "The Notebook":

Every actor loses out on a role they really wanted every now and then. For JESSICA BIEL, one of the big ones was "The Notebook". --She says, quote, "That's one that I wanted so badly. I was in the middle of shooting 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre', and I auditioned with RYAN GOSLING in my trailer, covered in blood. --"[Director] Nick Cassavetes put me through the wringer in an interesting, excitingly creative way. But there's a million that get away. We're gluttons for punishment. It's just rejection."

Check Out an Uncensored Trailer for "21 Jump Street":

A new, uncensored trailer for the "21 Jump Street" movie starring JONAH HILL and CHANNING TATUM hit the web yesterday. (--You can check it out here.) (WARNING!!! This thing is loaded with UNBLEEPED PROFANITY.) (--The movie comes out in March. And while Jonah Hill promised a balls-out action flick, there's definitely a good amount of comedy on display in this trailer.)
Ashton Kutcher Joked About Sex in a Hot Tub on "Two and a Half Men" . . . Which Is What He Allegedly Did When He Cheated on Demi Moore:

ASHTON KUTCHER'S character on "Two and a Half Men" . . . Walden Schmidt . . . made a very interesting joke on Monday night's episode. --He was talking about redecorating his home, and he asked, quote, "Can I have a Jacuzzi on the balcony? Because I'm single now, so I'm going to be having sex with a lot of women I haven't met yet." --That's ironic because that's exactly what Ashton did when he cheated on DEMI MOORE . . . according to the tabloids, at least. --Back on October 5th, "Us" magazine reported that Ashton partied with two girls in a hot tub on the balcony of his hotel suite . . . before taking one of them to his bedroom and having sex with her. --This happened on September 24th, which was Ashton and Demi's sixth wedding anniversary. (--Later, another woman who was there "confirmed" the hook-up, amusingly telling, quote, "Ashton and Sara [Leal] definitely boned. They definitely hooked up, there was definitely sex involved.") --It's unclear when the episode was written or shot. (--The episode is up on The Jacuzzi line is at the 10:40 mark.)

Snooki Says The Situation Is Broke . . . and That If It Were Up to Her, "Jersey Shore" Would Show Less Debauchery:

SNOOKI thinks "Jersey Shore" could be more interesting . . . if the producers didn't insist on only including the drunken debauchery. --She tells "GQ" magazine, quote, "I wouldn't show as much drinking and partying. I would show more of us chilling out and having a good time, which they don't show. We don't even drink those nights, but we laugh all night. --"They don't show anything but us drinking and hooking up. I don't know [why] . . . --"Maybe they think that if they don't show us drinking and hooking up then it wouldn't stay successful, but I think that if they showed the sober side of us people would like it even more . . . and it'd even change people's minds about us." --Of course, if MTV did that, "Jersey Shore" would NOT stay successful. Would you watch these morons having a quiet night at home, "chilling" and laughing? --Regardless, Snooki is prepared for the end . . . unlike THE SITUATION, who she says has already blown through all of his money. She explains, quote, "'Jersey Shore' is going to end soon. I'm not going to spend money like Mike. --"He's already broke!" That would be quite an achievement . . . The Situation reportedly made around $5 MILLION last year. And with the sharp increase of their "Jersey Shore" paychecks, he should be in line to make even more this year. (--Continued on next page . . .) --By the way, the fifth season of "Jersey Shore" will premiere on January 5th. (--A Season Five preview is up at Yes . . . it's all about them drinking and preparing to go out. Although due to a subplot involving Pauly D's tanning nightmare, the first shot of alcohol doesn't come until 58 seconds in.)

"X Factor" Will Get a Second Season:

It's official: Fox has announced that "X Factor" will be back next year. -This isn't all that surprising. Even though the ratings were NOWHERE near the 20 million viewers that SIMON COWELL expected, the show still pulls a respectable average of 12 million viewers. --That's good enough for Fox. One suit even called "X Factor" a, quote, "monumental success." We're assuming that Season Two would premiere next fall, but Fox didn't elaborate on that. (--Naturally, Simon is thrilled. Among other things, he'll get to keep his absolutely absurd, two-story, 1,100-square-foot trailer . . . which is probably cooler than your HOUSE. The "Hollywood Reporter" has a few photos.)

Do "Dancing with the Stars" Pros Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Derek Hough "Hate Each Other"?

There may be some BEEF behind the scenes on "Dancing with the Stars". (--And no . . . we're not talking about a return of CHAZ BONO.) --"Us" magazine claims there's some serious bad blood between dancers MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY and DEREK HOUGH. A so-called "insider" says, quote, "They hate each other." --It's unclear why they dislike each other, but Maks briefly dated Derek's sister JULIANNE HOUGH before she moved on to RYAN SEACREST. --And there's talk that Maks was so bitter about it that he "retaliated by planting false rumors that Julianne was cheating on Ryan with Maks." --And when Maks had his little feud with the judges a few weeks ago, the word behind the scenes was that Derek was on THEIR side . . . and that angered Maks, who claimed Derek was KISSING UP.
Thursday TV Reminders:

--"The X Factor" [Results Show] . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on Fox. One finalist from each of the four categories is sent home.

--"Bones" [7th Season Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Fox.

--"Grey's Anatomy" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on ABC. Alfre Woodard guest stars and Debra Monk returns as George's mother when she seeks medical help after a botched surgery at another hospital.

--"The Office" . . . 9:00 to 9:30 P.M. on NBC. Dwight attempts to improve office efficiency.

--"Call Me Fitz" [2nd Season Premiere] . . . 9:30 to 10:00 P.M. on DirecTV.

--"Burn Notice" [5th Season Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on USA.

--"Cellblock 6: Female Lock Up" [2nd Season Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on TLC.

--"Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution" . . . 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. on Comedy Central. Zhivago Blea, Cleto Rodriguez and Edwin San Juan perform.

--"Project Accessory" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on Lifetime. Nadja Swarovski guest judges when the designers are asked to create a pair of shoes inspired by Swarovski crystals.

Chris Martin Says Jay-Z Is "Cool as [Eff]" . . . and They Play Football Together:

COLDPLAY singer CHRIS MARTIN is a big admirer of JAY-Z . . . but not from afar. They're actually pretty close buddies. --Their wives, GWYNETH PALTROW and BEYONCÉ, are also friends . . . but even Chris seems surprised that he and Jay-Z get along so well. --He says, quote, "I think more people wonder why he's friends with me. Of course, I want to be friends with Jay-Z . . . he's cool as [eff]. In Britain, they're like, 'How are you friends with Jay-Z?' It's almost like they're jealous. --"It's the same with my wife: 'How the [eff] did you manage to do that?' And my answer is: 'I have no idea.'" --Chris adds, quote, "I love [Jay-Z's] music, and he's a super cool guy, and he's genuine. I respect his decisions, and we have the same feelings about trying to be true in your art. --"It just happens that one of us is a nerd and the other is the coolest multi-entrepreneur on the planet." --So what do Chris and Jay-Z do together? Chris says, quote, "We do play touch football. He's very good at American football . . . not only does he have all these other talents, but he can throw a perfect spiral. --"And then, on the other end, it smacks me in the head. In England, no one teaches you how to throw a spiral, so mine looks like an egg slowly limping through the air."

Coldplay Now Has Their Third #1 Album:

COLDPLAY has scored their third #1 album, selling 447,000 copies of "Mylo Xyloto". Five new albums debuted in the "Billboard" Top 10 this week, but Coldplay sold more copies than the other four COMBINED. --KELLY CLARKSON took the runner-up spot, moving 163,000 copies of her new one, "Stronger". MICHAEL BUBLE was right behind with 141,000 copies of his holiday album, "Christmas". --And further down the list, TOBY KEITH'S new disc "Clancy's Tavern" sold 69,000 copies in 5th place . . . and TOM WAITS scored his first Top 10 album ever, moving 63,000 copies of "Bad As Me".

Justin Bieber's Christmas Album Is on Pace to Debut at #1 on Next Week's Charts:

JUSTIN BIEBER'S Christmas album, "Under the Mistletoe", is on pace to sell 200,000 to 220,000 copies in its first week, which would probably make it a #1 album. --The album came out this Tuesday . . . and the first week sales continue through Sunday. So "Billboard" won't release the final tallies until next Wednesday. --Justin's last release . . . the "Never Say Never: The Remixes" EP . . . debuted at #1 in March after selling 165,000 copies.

There's a Six-Minute Documentary on Rebecca Black's "Friday" . . . Sort Of:

It's sad that no one talks about REBECCA BLACK or her ingenious hit "Friday" anymore . . . but we're going to put an end to that right now! (--Do you feel something strange and palpable right now? You should! It's excitement.) --A Welsh writer named Jon Ronson made a six-minute documentary on the phenomenon . . . but unfortunately, it doesn't feature any new footage of Rebecca. --Instead, it includes brief interviews with a friend of Rebecca's who was in the "Friday" video, and Patrice Wilson, the rapper from the video, who also created the song. (--It's actually kind of funny. You can find it on YouTube.)


Showbiz Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

MICHELLE WILLIAMS says most straight guys HATE her short hair . . . but HEATH LEDGER loved it. (Full Story)

Actress JENNIFER LAWRENCE says her upcoming movie franchise, "The Hunger Games", is NOT "Twilight". (Full Story)

Check out a cool "trailer" of sorts, featuring clips from all of TIM BURTON'S movies. (Video) (--CAREFUL: There's an uncensored F-bomb in the "Ed Wood" part of the clip at the :59 second mark.) (--After the video finishes, you'll see links to similar videos featuring the movies of RIDLEY SCOTT and GUY RITCHIE.)

WILL FERRELL'S Spanish-language comedy "Casa de Mi Padre" hits theaters in March. (Full Story)

ALKALINE TRIO has postponed a European tour because singer MATT SKIBA suffered a gnarly injury while riding his motorcycle last week. Matt was stopped at a light, when a semi truck RAN OVER his right foot. Obviously, that's a mess . . . so he's going to take some time off to recover. (Full Story)

Sad news: Last month, "Survivor" star ETHAN ZOHN has learned that his cancer is back. He'd been in remission for 20 months. He says, quote, "It's localized in my lung area . . . but it's good that it's not all over my body." (Full Story)

CBS has won the latest legal battle over JANET JACKSON'S infamous "wardrobe malfunction" at the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show. Yes, it's been seven-and-a-half years . . . and this thing is STILL being litigated. Absurd. (Full Story)

KATE GOSSELIN is going to be blogging about COUPONS!!! (--That seems dangerously close to living a "mediocre" life to me.) She's writing for the site Her first post won't be up until November 22nd . . . but it's never too early to get pumped. (Full Story)

Here's Why Fingernails on a Chalkboard and a Fork Scraping a Plate Make Your Hair Stand Up:

Odds are, you hate at least one, or maybe all four of these sounds: Nails on a chalkboard . . . chalk on a chalkboard . . . a fork scraping against a plate . . . and Styrofoam squeaking. --A new study in Germany tried to figure out WHY we hate those sounds . . . and why they make our arm hair stand up. And the researchers have an answer. --Those sounds are all in the range of 2,000 to 4,000 Hertz. Our ear canals are designed to amplify sounds in that range. So when we hear them, they're LOUDER on our ears than we realize . . . and that makes our brains think we're in DANGER. --That makes our arm hair stand up, because we're on high alert, which changes our blood pressure and the electrical conductivity of our skin. It also makes us hate those sounds, because we perceive them as dangerous. (Toronto Star)

"Angry Birds" is the Most Popular Video Game of All Time:

For the billions of dollars that's being spent making video games as sophisticated, gorgeous, realistic, and mind-blowing as possible . . . the most popular video game of all time now involves flinging two-dimensional birds into green, body-less pigs. --Yesterday, the video game company Rovio, which makes "Angry Birds", announced that the game has now been purchased 500 million times. Which makes it the best-selling video game OF ALL TIME. --Bigger than "Super Mario Bros.", bigger than "Tetris", bigger than "Grand Theft Auto" . . . even bigger than "Pong". --And "Angry Birds" has only been around for two years.--It's much cheaper than other games . . . it costs a few bucks, while games for the Xbox or Wii generally cost $40 to $60 . . . but sales are sales. And thanks to an explosion in people playing games on their phones, "Angry Birds" is number one. --For comparison, "Tetris" appears to be the second-most popular game ever, with over 175 million sales. The entire "Super Mario" franchise . . . which includes 16 games . . . has sold approximately 262 million. (Reuters) (--You can see all of the best-selling video games for consoles here.)

The Cost of Owning a Dog is Up 47% in a Decade, and Owning a Cat is Up 73%:

I would say these numbers show that owning a dog or cat isn't really worth it anymore. But the way we love our pets, it would probably take a few million dollars before we'd even THINK about giving them away. --According to the American Pet Products Association, the cost of owning a dog or a cat has SHOT UP in the past decade. --Last year, the average household spent $655 on routine doctor and surgical visits for their dog . . . that's up 47% in a decade. For cats, health care costs are up 73% in the past decade. --For what it's worth, neither of those jumps are as big as the jump in HUMAN health care costs in the past decade. Those are up 76.7%. --There are about 165 million pet dogs and cats in the U.S. In a survey five years ago, people were asked how much they'd spend to save their pet's life . . . and 70% picked "any amount." (Wall Street Journal)

Fewer People are Having Affairs . . . But More are Getting Caught:

There's an online dating site for rich people called, and they just did a survey on infidelity. --They found that fewer people are cheating on their significant others . . . but more people are getting caught. --Basically, fewer Sugardaddie members admit to being unfaithful to their partner, but there's been a significant rise in the number of members who admit to getting caught cheating. --Nearly one in five people have been caught cheating. Men were twice as likely as women to get caught. --The most common way that a cheater gets found out is through incriminating information on their cell phone. Three out of five people said that their phone provided their partner with evidence. --The survey didn't specify what the most common evidence someone got from the phone was, but sexting photos and incriminating texts were mentioned. Some people even said their phone's GPS locator gave them up. --One out of five people were tripped up by information their partner found on their computer. One in 10 got caught through suspicious purchases on their credit card. And one in 12 people left physical evidence that their partner uncovered. (PRWeb)

Five Ways to Get the Upper Hand in Dating . . . with Passive-Aggressive Texting:

Texting is an important part of dating these days, since we're obsessed with our phones and texting is instant. According to a psychologist from MIT named Sherry Turkle, quote, "It's perfect for manipulation. We can create anxiety because it's so intimate." --As long as you're willing to play passive-aggressive games, here are five ways texting can give you the upper hand when you're dating.

#1.) Make them wait: Texting is instant, so if your response isn't immediate, it means something. The longer you wait, the longer you're delaying the instant gratification someone else wants. And if you respond too fast, you look needy.

#2.) Act clueless: This one's risky, but you can make someone jealous by 'accidentally' sending them a flirtatious text that's clearly intended for someone else. --You can also respond to one of their messages with, "Who is this?" Or just say you didn't get a text that you actually received.

#3.) Have a friend text you: Have a friend text you over and over when you're out on a date. Even if you don't actually check the messages, your phone vibrating will make it look like you have plenty of options.

#4.) Send a fake drunk text: Some girls send a fake drunk text to see if a guy will take advantage of the moment. If the guy suddenly wants naked photos or a booty call, he fails. If he says something like, "I like you too. Let's talk tomorrow," he's a keeper.

#5.) Send a blank text: If you want to break the ice but make the other person reach out first, a blank text might do the trick. They'll probably assume there was a mistake, and text back to find out what you meant to say. But you also run the risk of looking like an idiot. (Wall Street Journal)


Police Find a Gun Hidden in a 66-Year-Old Man's Artificial Leg:

I'm sure this guy NEVER thought he'd be caught with a concealed weapon. Because hiding places really don't get better than this. --On Sunday, a 66-year-old man . . . whose name wasn't released . . . was at St. Vincent's Hospital in Sydney, Australia. His doctor saw a GUN in his room called the cops. --When they got there, they didn't see any gun . . . but decided to search. And they eventually DID find where the 66-year-old hid it. It was stashed inside his ARTIFICIAL LEG. And it was loaded. --He was arrested and charged with illegally possessing a gun and ammunition. (Sydney Morning Herald)

A Woman Pulls on Another Woman's Super-Short Skirt to Try to Hide Her Exposed Butt Cheeks . . . and a Fight Breaks Out:

On Saturday, around 2:00 A.M., a 23-year-old woman was waiting to get her car out of a parking garage in Hoboken, New Jersey. --A 30-year-old woman was in line in front of her . . . and her SUPER-SHORT SKIRT was hiked up so high that her butt cheeks were hanging out. The 23-year-old woman decided to help her out . . . reached over, and PULLED her skirt down a little bit. --The 30-year-old freaked out. They argued . . . and a BRAWL broke out. In the fight, the 30-year-old's left ring finger was BITTEN and she was hospitalized. But . . . no one pursued a criminal complaint, so no charges have been filed. (Jersey Journal)


More Than One in Seven Americans Now Use Food Stamps:

It feels like every statistic these days points to the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer . . . but this still SUCKS. --According to the Department of Agriculture, almost 15% of the U.S. population now relies on food stamps. That's more than one in seven Americans, or 45.8 million people total. --And . . . things are getting WORSE, not better. Food stamp use is up 8.1% this year, and looks like it's going to keep growing. --Mississippi has the most people . . . 21%. That's one in five people in Mississippi relying on food stamps. --That one-in-five number is also the case in New Mexico, Tennessee, Oregon, and Louisiana. --Wyoming has the fewest people using food stamps, at 6%. New Hampshire, North Dakota, Colorado, and New Jersey are all under 9%. Nebraska and Minnesota are just under 10%. Every other state is in double digits. (Wall Street Journal) (--You can see the rate in every state here.)

The U.S. Ranks 10th in the New Global Prosperity Index, Based on Wealth and Quality of Life:

Yesterday, the annual Global Prosperity Index was released. It ranks 110 countries in the world on wealth and quality of life. And there's good news and bad news for us. --The good news? In spite of how poorly things have gone for the past few years, we're still top 10. The bad news? By "top 10" I mean "we're 10th." --Norway came in first, followed by Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Canada, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, then the U.S. --The Central African Republic came in last. The rest of the bottom 10 are mostly countries in Africa . . . Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Yemen, Sudan, Nigeria, Mozambique, Kenya, and Zambia. --For the U.S., our average life satisfaction ranked an eight out of 10. We scored very high on health and entrepreneurship and opportunity, but struggled on economy and on safety and security. --On the economic factors they use, we actually scored below China for the first time. We did considerably better than them on every other comparison, though. (Legatum Institute) (--You can see all of the rankings and get more insight into other countries here.)

The U.S. Finished Tenth in the List of Places Where Companies are Least Likely to Use Bribery:

The Occupy protesters might not want to hear this, but the reason American companies are slipping worldwide might be because they're not dishonest ENOUGH. --An organization called Transparency International just released their Bribe Payers Index, and it ranked the world's 28 leading economies on how likely their companies were to engage in BRIBERY. --The Netherlands and Switzerland tied for first with the most-honest companies. Belgium was third . . . Germany and Japan tied for fourth . . . Australia and Canada tied for sixth . . . and Singapore and the UK tied for eighth. --And American companies? They're in 10th place on the list of companies least-likely to take a bribe. --Companies from Russia are the most likely to use bribes to land foreign contracts. They finished the lowest of any country . . . although their score on the index was up slightly from the score they got in 2008. --China's companies were the next most crooked, followed by Mexico, Indonesia, and the United Arab Emirates. --Companies were equally likely to bribe other businesses as public officials. Public works and construction were the industries with the most bribery, while agriculture and light manufacturing were the cleanest. (Washington Post)


Random News Extras . . . Random Links to Additional Stories:

Check out 14 car models that are being discontinued for 2012, including the Buick Lucerne, the Ford Crown Vic, and the Mitsubishi Eclipse. (Full Story)

There's a weird artsy dress that has sensors attached to your body . . . and turns transparent when you're in the mood. (Full Story)

A woman in Ohio says she filmed two ghosts having sex in her house. (Full Story)

46% of doctors admit to using Google and Yahoo to get help diagnosing patients. (Full story)

A woman in England passed her driving test while in labor, then drove herself to the hospital to give birth. (Full Story)

New research says nail salons and barbershops might put you at risk for hepatitis. (Full Story)

In addition to matching wine with food, you should also to match it with the right music . . . because different sounds affect the taste. (Full Story)

#1.) A TV Station in Canada Held a $2 Million Lottery Drawing . . . and Their Sports Anchor Won:

The Global BC TV network in Vancouver held a lottery on Halloween, and the grand prize was a $2.5 million house. And when they did the drawing on live TV, the winner turned out to be . . . the station's SPORTS ANCHOR. --His name is Barry Deley (--pronounced "delay"). And he wasn't in the studio. But as soon as they found out he won, the two news anchors called him, and put the call on the air. He was at the grocery store when he got the news. --The lottery benefited the British Columbia Children's Hospital. And it turns out Deley's daughter was a patient there when she battled leukemia seven years ago. --Deley and his family get to choose from five different prizes. There are four different properties . . . including an estate worth $2.5 million. Or they can take $2 million in cash. --Barry told his colleagues he had a DREAM this would happen. (--Search for "Global BC Sports Anchor Wins Lotto." They show the houses at 1:10, the drawing is at 1:30, and they tell him he won at 2:48. Then they get him on the phone at 3:38.)

#2.) Police in Brazil Stopped a Group of Criminals from Taking Off in a Plane . . . by Ramming It with Their Car:

Apparently the police in Brazil are pretty badass. About 400 miles west of Rio, a group of five men were trying to smuggle $115,000 worth of electronics out of the country. --But the police prevented them from taking off in their plane . . . by RAMMING it with their CAR. And it gets better: One of the cops got cell phone footage of the whole thing from the back seat. (--Search for "Brazilian Police Hit Plane Wing with Vehicle." They ram it at :16.)

#3.) Is This the Greatest Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Ever?

If you haven't seen it yet, there's a wedding dance video online that some people are calling the best father-daughter wedding dance EVER. It's from a wedding in Houston . . . and I've gotta admit, the dad was pretty great. -It's four minutes long, and starts with a slow-dance to the song "My Girl". But then it breaks into a new song and dance every 20 or 30 seconds. And they choreographed the whole thing, so they're next to each other the whole time, doing the same moves. --A few highlights are their Michael Jackson moves, and the dad doing 'the robot.' Then at the end, they do Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" dance. (--Search for "Greatest Father Daughter Dance Medley Ever." And also, check out today's Lifestyles Nonsense: 'Five Things You Should Never Talk About in a Wedding Toast.')

Five Things You Should Never Talk About in a Wedding Toast:

Bad wedding toasts are so common, it's almost like a tradition. And one mistake a lot of people make is getting nervous and DRINKING before their speech . . . which can make things A LOT worse. --But even sober, wedding toasts are pretty easy to screw up. Here's a list of the top five topics you should NEVER talk about in a wedding toast.

#1.) The Bride or Groom's Past Relationships. Don't do it, even if you're saying something nice. Comparing your friend's new spouse to some reject from five years ago might get a laugh. But it also might make things uncomfortable. --Someone's wedding day should be about their NEW relationship, not their old ones.

#2.) Money. That includes saying something nice like, "Wow, this must have cost a FORTUNE!" The thing is, if it LOOKS like it cost a fortune, it did. And at least one person in the room is probably stressed about it. --So leave the money aspect out of the toast, and just talk about how BEAUTIFUL the wedding is.

#3.) Hard Times in the Bride and Groom's Relationship. A lot of people want their toast to be funny, which is fine. But make sure it's a toast, not a ROAST. If they broke up ten times before they finally got engaged, leave that detail out.

#4.) Your Own Failed Marriage. There's no way to bring it up without embarrassing yourself. It just makes you seem kind of pathetic.

#5.) Backhanded Compliments. People do this all the time: They're just joking, but they say something like, "Wow, I can't believe someone like JERRY landed someone like YOU." --JERRY might think it's funny. But HER side of the family might be offended, because you're suggesting she just married a loser. (Huffington Post)